SINtendo makes sure you’re fit

SINtendo StayFIT by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo StayFIT by Kris P. Kreme

Cassie is a cute girl whose biggest love is all things exercise. Over the years, many guys might have pursued her, but Cassie could outrun them all.

No interest in anything else, she’s always looking for new opportunities to do what is healthy and fit. So when she finds a new training app that promises AI guided optional exercise opportunities as she runs, she’s eager to try it.

Unfortunately this app was developed by a notorious gaming company, SINtendo, and when she chooses professional settings, the choices are taken from her hands and given to the AI to decide for her.

Cassie may be staying in a whole new shape… at least for the next nine months thanks to SINtendo StayFIT.


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Cassie has long been a girl worthy of pursuit by any number of guys, but unfortunately for them, Cassie has always had just one love in her life… running.

Exercise has been a love of Cassie’s since she was a child, but as any man can see she’s no longer a child and no man can keep up with her. Flawless in every way a man could think of, Cassie never actually needed to run. She was never with a single ounce of extra weight on her, but something about jogging, about getting out there and knowing she was doing something healthy made life that much more exciting to live.

But even the healthiest obsessions can come at a cost eventually, and Cassie was about to discover that cost on the day her brother popped in to tell her to be careful if she went jogging down near the park. There’s been some unsavory and quite possibly drug dealing characters seen down there, but even they won’t be the source of Cassie’s real danger today.

Excited about trying a new training app on her run that day, Cassie barely tells her brother any of the details before leaving the house. Yet what she does say catches enough of his interest that he asks her what gaming company she mentioned made this app. It’s only too bad for her she’s so speedy since she’s out the door and down the street before her brother can even register that she said the name SINtendo.

SINtendo StayFIT is an app that promises to use advanced health and fitness stats on her phone along with her filled in information to properly calibrate an AI led series of healthy options during an ordinary jog. Supposedly the AI through earbuds she wears will offer encouragement and feedback throughout the run, as well as using global positioning advanced satellite navigation to spot opportunities to heighten pulse rate, to improve blood circulation, and to otherwise exercise more efficiently.

But Cassie has no idea what SINtendo is known for, just the kind of manipulative games they are masters of, and exactly the kind of ‘opportunities’ for extra exercise SINtendo StayFIT might focus in on. Having chosen the professional setting, seeing that she is not new to jogging or exercise in the least, Cassie unknowingly has also handed over all decision making to the app. Whereas on lesser settings it might offer her the choice between optional exercise opportunities… all decisions on this jog are up to the app.

She discovers just how wrong it feels when at the first street corner while waiting to cross, the StayFIT app essentially controls her body, making her do stretches over a nearby public mailbox. And while it isn’t all that embarrassing, Cassie is horrified by the fact that for those moments she is not in control of her own body.

But what begins as just a bit invasive and wrong quickly escalates when opportunities are spotted for protein replenishment… opportunities in the form of two punk skaters in the park, in the form of Cassie walking up and offering to suck their dicks.

The app has complete control of Cassie and so for those humiliating moments, she’s little more than a gorgeous jogging cock sucker in the park… and she can only talk freely once the opportunity has passed, jogging on her way.

Just how bad can things get as she continues her jog through the park? Will she encounter the gangbangers her brother warned her about… and will she enjoy being banged? What is the ultimate score of SINtendo StayFIT for Cassie?

Find out how many steps one can take… to becoming a complete slutty whore… with SINtendo September.


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