Oct 02 2020

HallowKreme 2020 begins with a scary movie

Scared Stupid by Kris P. Kreme

Scared Stupid by Kris P. Kreme

For their date tonight, high school senior Michael is taking his beautiful intelligent girlfriend Victoria to see the one movie everyone is talking about.

Unfortunately for her most of the talk is about how horribly produced the movie is, a typical scary movie called Scared Stupid.

But is there more to this poorly plotted, badly cut together horror movie? Why do the biggest idiots in their class think it’s the perfect date movie? And what real harm can come from sitting through the mind numbing feature presentation?

Victoria will find out, and she might just discover that there are some movies so bad, they literally make you stupid for having sat through them.


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Probably the last movie senior high school student and last year’s valedictorian Victoria has any interest in seeing is the one movie she has read absolutely horrible reviews about, a seasonably fitting horror movie called Scared Stupid.

Unfortunately her boyfriend, Michael, one of the only guys her own age the mature, intelligent, and quite beautiful girl has ever dated, thinks differently. As the always casual and rarely serious Michael puts it, it’s the best date movie of the season and he’s clearly excited to see what all the hype is about.

On the way to the theaters, Michael mentions that a couple of buddies told him how awesome the movie was, how they took their girlfriends to it, and the always sharp Victoria knows just what buddies he speaks of. Harrison and Jason are guys with bad reputations, guys who as Victoria simply puts it are idiots and genuine assholes. They kid around all the time, and they had to be kidding when they said the movie Scared Stupid was anything but a stupid waste of time.

But Michael is convinced there’s more to a movie than reviews, even bad movies can be worth seeing. So he makes a friendly bet with his girlfriend, one Victoria knows is a sure win for her, since there’s absolutely no way she’s changing her mind on a movie where even the title has the word stupid in it.

Whatever the case though, it’s just a date and Scared Stupid might not be fine cinema, but it’s what’s playing. Only what is the story behind this particular scary movie, and not merely the story on screen of a creepy masked killer that stalks after innocent victims, making bad jokes after the kill? Who would possibly produce a movie so horrible, so poorly cut together, with so many glaring mistakes in production? And is it actually possible that sitting through a movie that bad can leave a viewer dumber for having watched it?

Everyone knows there are bad movies and then movies so bad they are good, but Victoria may find out something much scarier. She will discover just how truly mind numbing a bad movie can be when someone tries to follow a plot leading to nowhere.

Halloween with the Kreme begins during the scariest year ever… so sit back, grab your popcorn, and get ready to be Scared Stupid!


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