There’s a Remote Chance that things change

Remote Chances: The Son ALSO Rises by Kris P. Kreme

Remote Chances: The Son ALSO Rises by Kris P. Kreme

Josh Berry was never the coolest kid around, but one thing he always had going for him was an uncanny knack for having hot girlfriends, even if he couldn’t keep them.

Most of his bad luck was due to his father Luke Berry, who Josh never knew was stealing those girlfriends, an enhanced gift in his pants that one mere glance at would corrupt and forever alter even the most pure and innocent coed.

But this Christmas break when a fluke during a phone call causes a surge of electricity from the same experimental remote that once changed his father, Josh may rise to his own greatness like never before.

The question is, how many stockings will he stuff and who will be wearing them?


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Not too many years ago, an ordinary electronics store salesman got the shock of his life, literally. Luke Berry went from dud to stud thanks to a fluke lightning strike passing through a television showing porn into his body while he was in possession of an experimental remote control. He grew a massive erection like no realistic man ever had, and gained the stereotypical musclebound body of only the top tier porn actor. And despite his struggles to resist the urges he was feeling, Luke soon would embrace his own porn persona, one look at his enhanced manhood changing others, particularly women, into their own porn personas as well.

Perhaps what truly sunk in his brand new personality and depraved desires was the first time he stole his own son’s girlfriend. When he watched her change into a true slut only good for porn, a bimbo with little more than her enhancing body to offer the world, Luke Berry knew his life from then on. And he would go on to steal many of Josh’s girlfriends, many of his son’s coed hotties he either befriended or dated. But this Christmas, the always tricked and betrayed Josh is getting one gift he never asked for, and it might just be one he is helpless to refuse.

On his way out of town, already at the airport dealing with a ticket issue, Josh calls his father and not surprisingly his father is not alone. Josh has always been a bit of a slacker, so it’s not like he puts too much thought in the unlikely reality that his dad doesn’t really make exercise videos for a living these days, workout sessions. Only Luke Berry knows of his porn ventures, more than a few of Josh’s ex-girlfriends starring in those online pay videos. Despite what Josh’s innocent mind might want to think, it’s not a workout his dad is giving the beautiful Japanese girl from across the street who just turned eighteen.

All that is in Josh’s mind is his beautiful new girlfriend Angela, a sexy girl of Colombian heritage whose family out west has invited Josh over for Christmas this year. But during the course of the conversation, Luke refusing to slow down the fun that neighborhood girl is enjoying, he brings up the moment his own life changed, how you never know when everything will change. Reminiscing about the old remote, Luke pulls it out of a drawer, holding it, right at the moment he has a phone wedged between ear and shoulder, the moment he happens to climax as only a porn star can.

Who can really say why it happens, whether it’s Luke’s saturating spattering climax, the crushing strength of his hand on the old experimental remote, or just a long overdue twist of fate, but that remote lights up, a bit of power left in it… and it sends a rather jolting shock throughout Luke Berry’s body, and right through the phone striking Josh at the airport.

In a shockingly similar style to what he never knew happened to his dad, Josh finds his pants tightening, and little does he know that he has just been gifted the same supernaturally porn-altering enhancements his dad once received. Ending the call, rushing to make his flight, the college slacker will quickly find himself slowly morphing into the porn stereotype of a college slacker, buff and easy-going, but always ready to go. And as security spots his bulge, assuming he is trying to sneak something on board the plane, it won’t be long before he witnesses firsthand what happens when a woman lays her eyes on his most enormous enhancement.

Reacting like any college kid would, Josh is both freaking out and turned on, but can he resist these encounters forever changing him? From an airport security officer to a couple of hot flight attendants on the plane, to his own girlfriend’s mother and little sister, Josh will find his Christmas more truly Merry than an ordinary man could handle, and they will all be helpless to stop themselves from changing forever into porn versions of who they once were.

Josh always got the short end of the stick thanks to his dad, but this Christmas in the world of Remote Chances, the son also rises… and he might never fall limp again. Santa comes early with this kustom Tale from the Kreme that brings new meaning to the idea of it being better to give than to receive, and has a truly happy ending.


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    • Breg on December 1, 2020 at 12:51 pm

    This is one of my favorite series from you and nice how it is developing.

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