Jan 19 2021

You can’t run from this circus

Running Away with the Circus by Kris P. Kreme

Running Away with the Circus by Kris P. Kreme

Kellyanne has never been the wild one, though her best friends Dina and Nelly couldn’t make such a claim. That’s why it’s no surprise when Kellyanne forbids them from planning a bachelorette party with adult entertainment, the two friends find a way of still having fun.

Dragging Kellyanne and her conservative married friend Uma to a mystery location one evening, that location turns out to be far from civilization at the big top tent set up by a particularly adult traveling circus.

It’s here at the circus where they all meet a sexy clown girl named Horny Quinn, and after becoming the VIP guests of the evening, none of them will ever be the same again.


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Sweet, wholesome girl Kellyanne is getting married, but before that happens this shy young woman is surprised by her closest three friends with something that might involve more clowning around than she can handle.

Having assured her friends she does not want anything crude, no bachelorette party, no strippers, nothing weird like that, Kellyanne might’ve known that two of her best friends, Dina and Nelly, would never give up without some sort of debauchery.

As it turns out, they’ve found out about a particular kind of traveling circus, one that takes the innocence out, the animals out, and features depraved acts even an animal might blush at. It’s an adults only circus, featuring all sorts of kinky performances and mind bending as well as body bending entertainment.

The only friend Kellyanne can count on to be every bit as reserved and conservative as her is Uma, her married friend who happens to be a contradiction in how perky and sexy she looks and how even the mention of sex makes her embarrassed. But as soon as the blindfolds come off Kellyanne and Uma tonight, they know they are about to experience something neither were ever prepared for.

That’s because this circus is more than merely a traveling adult form of isolated entertainment. Where this circus goes, others tend to disappear, and the guests who do leave don’t always leave the way they arrived.

But how could sweet shy Kellyanne know that her fate is practically sealed from the moment the four friends meet a busty sexy harlequin dressed clown woman who calls herself Horny Quinn? And how could they ever suspect that the pink sparkly confetti shooting air horn looking device Horny Quinn carries is in fact slowly but surely keeping their suspicions and anxiety at bay long enough for these quickly declared VIP guests of the circus to get with the acts.

From kinky contortionist sex acts to a mentalist named Mister Mesmer who can change minds and desires, there are countless forms of adult entertainment in store for Kellyanne and her friends, but little does she and her reserved friend Uma know, they will never be leaving this circus again, at least not as themselves.

The only question is, just what will they become and can certain acts truly steal much more than the show? Clowning around was never quite so literal as the night a soon to be married woman found herself Running Away with the Circus.


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