Jan 23 2021

8 Dreams for the 800th Tale from the Kreme

8 Dreams to Wake From by Kris P. Kreme

8 Dreams to Wake From by Kris P. Kreme

Jeff and Amy have handled being quarantined in their rental home just fine, even if the months and nearly year have resulted in a lot of boredom.

Fortunately Jeff is a fiction writer and has still managed to work from home, but Amy, a college graduate barely before the pandemic began was left with little to do besides keep Jeff company.

All of that is about to change.

Taking what seems an innocent nap one day while Jeff writes, Amy finds herself waking within dream after dream, each one more crude and corrupt than the last. But are these mere dreams, or is Amy just being used as a character in someone else’s dreams?


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The 800th Tale from the Kreme!

Over 12,000 Words!

It’s been a rough year, a strange year, and yet Amy has endured it all with a smile… but there does come a time when boredom being stuck at home all the time can affect everyone. It just might affect Amy and her older boyfriend Jeff a lot stranger than most.

When the pandemic hit, Amy and Jeff were fortunate to have a nice rental house since that was where they found themselves almost all the time. Luckily Jeff was a writer so working from home wasn’t an issue for him, and escaping into the fiction he writes can help save sanity when you spend almost an entire year looking at the same walls each day. But Amy is definitely the best thing for Jeff, and they have only grown closer over the year.

Barely out of college, Amy never had time to get a career going before the situation everywhere left her stuck with little to nothing to do all the time. And it’s on an otherwise absolutely ordinary day, bored and tired, that Jeff suggests she take a nap on the old brown couch that came with the rental house.

While it’s a completely innocent suggestion, and Amy could certainly use a nap, this nap may come with dreams that are anything but innocent. And waking from those dreams may change Jeff and Amy’s lives forever.

As Jeff works on his writing in the downstairs office, Amy sleeps on the couch and the dreams come quickly… or has she already been dreaming the entire time?

Waking to find new photos showing that she and Jeff were married, Amy discovers a man with little more on his mind than putting some babies in her. Yet when she happily passes out from more than just wedded bliss, Amy wakes yet again on the old brown couch.

Was that just another dream, or could this be a dream she now finds herself in, one where the older Jeff isn’t hers at all, but her mothers, with plans for her while her mom is out of town?

Just when Amy feels like these dreams are getting a bit too close to reality, she finds herself waking, dreams within dreams, one after another. In each Amy finds herself different and those differences go from subtle to extreme. One dream might find her in a world where Jeff and his friends have cruel plans for her. Another dream finds Amy as never having been real at all… just a very real doll Jeff uses whenever he feels like it.

But what is reality and what is dream? Does it have something to do with the old couch… or could the truth be more sinister than Amy ever suspects? Is she dreaming or is she merely a character in someone else’s thoughts put into stories only a true dreamer could dream up?

Tales from the Kreme presents the 800th tale… specially dreamed up for readers everywhere by the Kreme himself. Just be careful not to fall asleep while reading it.


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