Jan 30 2021

The Selfies return for a New Year

Selfies From Kastle Kreme #50 - I'm No Angel & Elevated Anxiety by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies From Kastle Kreme #50 – I’m No Angel & Elevated Anxiety by Kris P. Kreme

It might be a new year but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some old troubles, and up first this month we have the tale of an old being with less than angelic ambitions. And if that doesn’t leave your anxiety elevated, next there’s a literal tale of getting stuck… in an elevator. But at least the company is friendly… if a bit more than just persuasive.

This Selfies includes:

I’m No Angel: A mysterious man who may not even be a man takes a stroll through the city, just a simple shared experience to better explain the story of who he is. He’s powerful in ways most can’t fathom, with abilities that could ultimately lead to so much good in the world. Of course, the truth is, he’s no angel and has always had a taste for the perverse

Elevated Anxiety: Dressed as a sexy maid, Harmony was just sneaking out to a costume party some cool kids are throwing from school. Of course sneaking out from a high rise apartment can be difficult, especially when you become trapped on a broken down elevator with a stranger. Is the stranger, a man named Randall, as friendly as he seems, or will Harmony soon find herself becoming much more friendly?


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