Mar 14 2021

The SINtendo Dungeon Crawl Continues

SINtendo Dungeons and D-Cups: The Next Level by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Dungeons and D-Cups: The Next Level by Kris P. Kreme

When their dungeon master couldn’t make it, Nathan tried to save game night. Angry at his friends for leering at his redhead milf of a mother Marissa, he wanted to destroy them. But after finding an App called SINtendo Dungeons and D-Cups, his friends destroyed Marissa after they got sucked into a game world becoming their game-selected characters.

While they all returned unchanged, Nathan woke to find his mother just as defiled as his friends left her. Now he has a new quest… revenge. But will using Dungeons and D-Cups to forever alter and corrupt each of their mothers only further his own mother’s corruption, or is this one game Nathan is finally going to win?


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Nathan has always been a bit of a hot head, especially when it comes to his friends giving him a hard time about how hot his redhead milf of a mother, Marissa is. But on the night their usual dungeon master friend couldn’t show up, his friends ended up giving a hard time to his mother in much more literal ways after all of them got sucked into a roleplaying game like they never imagined.

SINtendo was the maker of an app called Dungeons and D-Cups, and Nathan just assumed it would randomly provide each of them character stats for their usual fun, a fun that only took place in their imaginations. But Dungeons and D-Cups took things to an extreme only SINtendo is known for, changing each of them into their characters. His friends became Wendall the Wizard, Owen the Ogre, and Dwayne the Dwarf, and all of them had only one thought in mind, defiling an innocent maiden. But until he woke up the next morning, Nathan never knew that the maiden in game who looked just like his mother, was in fact his actual mother, sucked into the game along with them, changed into a character like the rest.

Now on the morning that Nathan has discovered his depraved looking preggo looking mother just the way his friends left her, the heat of his temper is flaring to all new levels and he has only one thing on his mind… revenge.

He’s done playing the good guy; it’s time to make his friends pay, one at a time, and thanks to Dungeons and D-Cups he knows exactly how extreme that revenge can be. He’s going to take fantasy roleplaying to the next level… and each of their mothers are going to become every bit the thoroughly ruined milf his mother became at their twisted hands.

First up, Wendall, whose wicked wizard character was responsible for so much of the impossible changes Marissa underwent. And Wendall always was the peacemaker among his friends, so if anyone is going to understand and accept the consequences of his action, it’s likely to be him. Calling and letting Wendall know that what he did was real, his mother changed and not just in the game but seemingly permanently, Nathan is off to confront his first friend.

As if Wendall didn’t have enough on his plate that morning, dealing with an overprotective mother, called Miss Tammie by his friends. She’s been on his case ever since he got home so late the night before… and finding out that what he thought was just a game character was in fact really his buddy’s actual mother has Wendall more than just worried.

Nathan arriving with his slowly recovering mother, Marissa, has Wendall realizing there’s no use fighting what has been done, and ultimately what will be done. Besides there’s one bonus, if Nathan plays the game and truly ruins his mother like he claims he plans on doing, then at least Wendall won’t need to worry about her being on his case all the time anymore.

But will Nathan’s game go according to plan? It might seem that way when he becomes Nathan the Nonsensical Sorcerer, eager to cast depraved if mixed-up spells on Tammie the Temptress. Yet, while Wendall the Wicked as he has become steps outside the tower his own home changed into, he finds that Marissa was once again sucked into another game, this time as Marissa the Merciless.

Dungeons and D-Cups takes players well beyond the playing of roles, and while Nathan may just succeed in forever changing Tammie from tall and thin to filled out just right in only the most extreme ways imaginable… his own mother may be corrupted by growing desires no one can control, least of all her.

It’s time for another quest to begin, but in this quest there might be more satisfaction than just winning the game. There may be more to smile about than just getting revenge. And there will be more to what’s possible than anything impossible, thanks to SINtendo.


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