Apr 10 2021

The Dungeon takes an unexpected turn

SINtendo Dungeons and D-Cups: Head 2 Head by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Dungeons and D-Cups: Head 2 Head by Kris P. Kreme

Nathan’s mother was sucked into a game she never intended to play. Once in the immersive world of SINtendo Dungeons and D Cups, his friends took advantage, using his mother Marissa like they’d always wanted.

But games have consequences, permanently changing once innocent Marissa. Enraged, Nathan stopped playing the good guy and began a quest for revenge against his three friends.

One friend has fallen, but now it’s time for the cocky smart-ass Owen to face punishment, a punishment involving his intelligent mother Nadine.

Yet will this Head 2 Head battle be a victory for Nathan, or is the hunger for revenge blinding him to what is becoming of his own mother each time they play?


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Over 10,000 Words of Kreme!

SINtendo created an app called Dungeons and D-Cups, and one night when their regular dungeon master couldn’t show up for game night, Nathan thought using the Dungeons and D Cups app would just randomly provide each of them character stats for a new D&D quest, a fantasy fun that only took place in their imaginations.

But Dungeons and D-Cups took things to an extreme only SINtendo is known for, actually changing each of them into their characters and changing the world around them into the setting for the randomly generated quest. When Nathan’s hot mom Marissa was seemingly generated as a non-playable character, his friends took advantage of their altered forms to use and abuse the hot redhead like they’d always fantasized about.

Yet everything was real, and while the four of them went back to their original forms after completing the depraved quest, Nathan’s mother did not, and was enhanced and corrupted, leaving the typical hot heat Nathan downright scalding for nothing less than revenge.

Considering what was done to his mother by his friends, the way to exact his revenge was quite clear. He would take his friend’s mothers and change them in quests of his own, and they would be well aware of exactly what was happening and why.

First came Wendall, the one friend who had always been the peacemaker in the group, and aided by his corrupted mother Marissa, Nathan made Wendall’s mother Tammie into a real piece that he thoroughly enjoyed as Nathan the Nonsensical Sorcerer, his randomly generated character for this first quest of revenge. Tammie the Temptress as she became, was truly squeezed for all she was worth in ways both literal and metaphorical, but in the end Nathan discovered another quirk to this method of revenge he hadn’t expected.

Marissa was once again sucked into the game world and given a new character, and once again she was left altered once the game ended, her corruption seeming to build, her insatiable appetite for only more kinky transformational quests growing, and the boundaries of morals and decency as his mother definitely dropping.

Yet revenge was achieved on one of his friends and Nathan remains determined to continue his quest, even if his once innocent sweet mother is just as eager for all the wrong reasons now.

Next up is the one friend who definitely has made Nathan the angriest of all, the one who over recent years made the most crude comments about Marissa, calling her more than merely the milf she has become, playing games with Nathan’s head well before he played literal games with his mother.

Owen has always been the asshole of the group, a loud mouth who never thinks before he speaks, who has an arrogance about him that is just begging to be put in its place. Since Dungeons and D Cups has made it clear that women don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to end up that way, Nathan has special plans for Owen’s mother, a highly intelligent and very disciplined local college professor.

Coming up with a plan that his mother Marissa is only too interested in helping with, they head to Owen’s house where Nathan texts warning that the game was real, his mother was changed, and she ran off claiming she wanted more, Nathan just knows that will play into Owen’s cocky ego perfectly. He asks his ‘friend’ to watch out in case his mother shows up there, then sends Marissa to sneak up and tap on the window.

Just as he expected, Owen is too much a horny idiot not to let Marissa in, and heading around to knock on the door and play his role, the only other one there is Owen’s mother Nadine. Putting on a good sob story about Owen claiming he was banging Nathan’s mother in his room, the trap is set and the always quick to punish her son Nadine heads there and finds the shock of her life, during which Nathan manages to swipe her phone and install the Dungeons and D Cups app.

Owen never has a chance to even explain before Nathan has a new quest started, all four of their phones buzzing, the world again changing around them as revenge step 2 is ready for action.

Unlike with Wendall though, Nathan plans on this being a Head 2 Head game, a direct competition with his friend turned rival, but will the game go as Nathan plans?

When Nadine becomes Nadine the Narcissist, a peasant woman so obsessed with her looks that she will sacrifice anything and undergo all manner of magical means in order to further enhance those looks, Nathan the Necromancer feels he has the advantage. But his mother Marissa has become Marissa the Medusa for this quest, a sexually obsessed woman with such striking eyes that any male she looks at becomes as hard as stone and can only think of fucking.

This time Owen has become Owen the Orc, a lower being of piggish traits whose only advantage might be a stubborn stamina and competitive nature to outdo rivals. But who can do the most damage to the other’s mother, and in the end will Nathan realize that his own mother is both recovering her seductive natural beauty and corrupting her very soul with each and every quest she is a part of to a point that even he won’t be able to stop what she ultimately becomes?

If magic and mischief are the mayhem you’re after, take a top-heavy trip with Dungeons and D Cups once again, where ogres and orcs and all sorts of creatures face wizards and warlocks and ultimately face a battle quite busting with the potential to change your very world.


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