Apr 24 2021

SINtendo knows who sucks

SINtendo SUCKER by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SUCKER by Kris P. Kreme

Tobias returned from the most anxiety inducing year of college ever… only to find his hometown back under temporary stay at home orders.

But when inspiration results in him taking to VR gaming to escape the boredom at home, games hacked onto a thumb drive by his buddy Gage may turn a year that sucked into fantasies Tobias never knew he had.

SINtendo SUCKER offers the immersive experience of fighting colorful alien suckers called Fearsome Foes in his very own neighborhood, using intensely lifelike recreations of his neighbors as game characters to suck or be sucked.

But what happens when the game turns out to have very real effects on those same characters in the real world?


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The 100th Kustom Kreme!

Over 14,000 Words of Kreme!

Once upon a time there was a Tale from the Kreme so enormous it couldn’t even be surpassed by the size of the assets many of its characters came to possess. And in that epic tale, Fifty Shades of Kreme, there was mention of a SINtendo game, a game never mentioned again… until now.

Tobias has just gotten home from college, a spring break like no other after a year like no other in his or even his parent’s lives. To say that the past year has brought with it stress, anxiety, and isolation would be an understatement, but the last thing Tobias was imagining when he got home was that his hometown would be under temporary stay at home orders yet again.

Having looked forward to finally being home, away from college, going to the local hangouts, now Tobias has just gotten a ride home from his stepmother Maddie and been informed what she thought his dad would have told him at least before leaving town on business.

Yet just when it seems Tobias will be stuck in more mind numbing boredom and frustration, a moment of inspiration strikes. Spotting a cute redheaded neighbor heading inside her own house with a book, the idea of escaping to another world occurs and Tobias realizes he has the perfect way of still having fun, and still getting out into a world, even if it’s a virtual one.

Gamers know perhaps better than most how therapeutic gaming can be for all kinds of stress, and after a year like 2020 there’s no better time for gaming. Before leaving college, Tobias had gotten a brand new VR headset, a standalone gaming system built-in. He hasn’t even had the chance to try it, and before he left, his buddy Gage had offered a parting gift, showing him a thumb drive before plugging it into the port on Tobias’ new headset system.

Now is the perfect time to see just what games Gage illegally managed to port or download, his buddy having a bit of a reputation on campus. Easily the last thing Tobias ever expected to be on that thumb drive was anything made by SINtendo. But the VR world seems enhanced to a realism like he’d never thought possible by the notorious gaming company, Tobias so amazed he has to remove the headset just to confirm he isn’t simply seeing the real world.

Searching among the game titles his buddy hacked onto the thumb drive for him, Tobias spots one which has the subtext Enhanced for Social Distancing and selects it figuring if anything would be fitting to start his stay at home fun with, it would be that one… and that game happens to be a game called SINtendo SUCKER.

After selecting the game, Tobias is further amazed by the gaming tech when he chooses a version of the game, something called Neighborly Nemesis. Once he chooses it, his virtual world blurs and suddenly Tobias finds himself standing in front of his own house, in his own neighborhood. But taking off the headset confirms, this is all just a game world, a photo-realistic recreation of his very own neighborhood, complete with every home on the street, and quite possibly a lot more than he could ever dream of.

SINtendo SUCKER works easily enough, the Neighborly Nemesis version adding the element that alien creatures are released from a massive saucer which descends over the neighborhood. These colorful little enemies called Fearsome Foes are hellbent on sucking the life out of everyone. His only defense to defeat the Fearsome Foes and win the game is to take control of available characters throughout the neighborhood and follow the simple rule of suck or be sucked. But if a character is sucked too severely by the SINtendo SUCKERs then they are no longer of use to the player and the game difficulty increases.

Walking around this incredibly lifelike recreation of the very neighborhood he lives in is one thing, but when Tobias first sees the available characters and realizes they are identical perfect replicas of his neighbors, the game takes on a whole new dynamic.

Tobias has found an escape from the isolation of being stuck at home over spring break, but will his escape end up breaking everyone else in the neighborhood? As Tobias is playing, using others to suck away the Fearsome Foes, how could he ever imagine that they aren’t VR replicas at all, and that everything he does playing his game is actually happening and changing and in many ways destroying those he knows so well.

Will any neighbor ever be the same again? What about Maddie, who went out for a jog with a friend after bringing Tobias home? And what happens when Tobias realizes the virtual reality he is escaping to is having lasting effects on the reality he intended to escape?

The last year may have sucked, but nothing turns sucking into a fun time quite like SINtendo SUCKER… the one hundredth Kreme Kommission!


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