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A Fill-Up from the Fear Fairy by Kris P. Kreme

A Fill-Up from the Fear Fairy by Kris P. Kreme

Brooke is a skinny young bride-to-be with a lot weighing on her mind. After an encounter at a gas station on the way to meet her soon to be father-in-law and brother-in-law for the first time, a lot more may be weighing on her physically.

Meeting a mysterious and creepy costumed woman at the next pump over claiming to be a Fear Fairy, Brooke isn’t sure if the stress has finally pushed her to imagining things.

After all, how else would this woman know all the fears she has about today and her soon to be married life? But once she leaves the gas pump behind, is it going to be time for Brooke to be thoroughly filled up… at least in a couple of severe ways?


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Brooke has a lot weighing on her this October, but little does she know that what she thought was weighing her down mentally is nothing compared to just what may soon weigh her down physically.

Stopping to get gas on the way to the church where she will be meeting with her fiancée and wedding planner, meeting her new father-in-law to be as well as her brother-in-law to be for the first time, Brooke definitely has a lot on her mind. She’s distracted and barely notices the Out of Order sign on the pump she pulls up to. By the time she does, there’s no other pump available and it looks like she will be late, which just would add to the piled up stress she is feeling.

Noticing that the car at the pump on the opposite side of the broken one isn’t getting gas, Brooke figures she can just use that pump but just after she has stretched it over and put it in her gas tank, a clearing of the throat reveals the owner of that car who doesn’t look very happy.

The woman is wearing a costume, a very odd one Brooke thinks, but then it is October and it’s not unlikely the closer it gets to Halloween to see someone wearing a costume. Still, this woman seems a little off from the very beginning, saying she is on her way to her yearly feast at the local River Run Galleria, talking about fears, breathing in and sniffing Brooke as the flustered brunette bride tries to explain the situation and apologize.

In the oddest conversation ever while her car’s gas tank is filled, Brooke has little choice but to listen as the woman explains who she is. According to her she is a Fear Fairy, a being that feeds on fears, but more specifically feeds on making those fears come true in the most twisted way possible.

Brooke is just about to assume the woman might be a little unhinged, at least she is until that creepy apparent Fear Fairy explains what Brooke fears most right now.

She fears not being able to stand up to the pressures of the upcoming wedding; she fears making a fool of herself in front of her fiancée’s father and brother. Brooke also fears gaining weight, a natural fear for any bride-to-be, and worst of all fears being seen as little more than a pretty prop for her new married life.

When the woman reveals her car was already full of fuel but she pulled up anyway, Brooke is really just wanting to get back on the road. But the pump is still flowing in her car and so she listens as the crazy Fear Fairy woman explains how she smelled such a delectable mixture of fears from miles away. She stopped for a fill-up and ironically that is exactly what she will get, but nothing compared to the fill-up Brooke has coming.

Grabbing Brooke by the wrist, the Fear Fairy explains in sinister sincerity that Brooke will make a fool of herself in front of her fiancée’s father and brother. She will gain more weight than she imagined possible, though not how she thinks. She definitely won’t be able to stand the pressures of married life, even if marriage will work out fine for her. She’ll also be quite happy as a pretty prop that gets plenty of use… not just from her fiancée.

Gasping, feeling as though the breath was sucked out of her, confused, suddenly Brooke realizes several things. The pump has finished filling her gas tank, and the crazy seeming costumed woman claiming to be a Fear Fairy is gone, along with her car.

Assuming she must’ve just imagined everything, since no one else is even looking her direction, Brooke continues on to the church but will her meeting with her fiancée Cameron’s dad unleash the pressure she’s been holding back in ways she never imagined?

When Brooke seemingly goes crazy and tears her own top off, the pressure too much, it only sparks a bizarre conversation about whether she is good enough for Cameron. His dad, Mason, believes she needs some improvements… and what else would family be there to do than help out with those improvements?

A skinny bride is usually the perfect bride, but not for Brooke as her fiancée, wedding planner, and soon to be in-laws decide she needs a serious fill-up… and thanks to the Fear Fairy, Brooke will be living and loving every fear she had in only the most kinky ways imaginable this Halloween.

There’s a lot to fear this Halloween with the Kreme… but gaining weight never filled a girl with fear like this before!


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