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Booby Trapped: Mad Cow Cora by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped: Mad Cow Cora by Kris P. Kreme

Coed Cora lets everything anger her, whether it’s her roommate’s sarcastic taunting, her ex-boyfriend ruining her scholarship she tried to cheat on, or her boss at the Happy Hamburger Hut who she thinks is a serious creep.

Everything and everyone angers Cora into fits of rage. But when she finds herself receiving a creepy call at work one day, Cora’s own temper may do her in.

Told that she has been Booby Trapped, Cora is given the difficult task of not losing her temper for three hours. Each hour if she does, her boobs fill with milk. Losing her temper three times brings a worse fate. But who is behind this, when everyone seems a likely suspect?


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It isn’t unusual at all for Stacy to hear the shrill shrieking angry voice of her roommate Cora. The truth is, it would be remarkably strange not to hear such a common temper tantrum. But on what seems like any other frustrating day in the life of a spoiled coed named Cora, her temper may get her in more trouble than she ever imagined.

At one time she was best friends with Cora, but Stacy does her best to tolerate the overacting, quick-tempered blonde who thinks the world revolves around her. And on a day when Cora is supposed to be heading for a shift at the Happy Hamburger Hut, Stacy is only too happy to poke fun at her while reminding Cora that the earrings she is freaking out about were taken by her boss, Norman.

Cora is equally as pissed off at Norman for taking them as she is Stacy for teasing her about it, but that isn’t much of a surprise. Cora has the shortest fuse on earth and seemingly dedicated to making it only shorter as everything sends her into such quick rage. Another source of anger lately is ex-boyfriend Graham who as Stacy points out was only trying to help her, but accidentally got Cora’s scholarship revoked because she had been having him do some of her required work. If it wasn’t for Graham, Cora points out, she wouldn’t be working such a demeaning job for an obvious creep like Norman.

Whatever the case, Cora is about to start her shift working the Happy Hamburger Hut with her usual enraged self-entitled anger well on display. But on the way there, a call comes in, and as she is walking in the door, phone to her ear, Cora is told by a distorted creepy sounding voice that she has been Booby Trapped.

Assuming it is some lame attempt at a joke, refusing to believe in the urban legend about being given three tasks to complete or having her boobs grow, Cora is already going through the suspect list in her head. But after quickly assuming wrong when she confronts her boss Norman, who happens to be on his cell phone, Cora isn’t sure who it is.

At her drive-thru booth in the back of the fast food restaurant, Cora usually takes orders and gives attitude, but during this shift she’ll spend more time trying to control her anger as the voice on the phone explains that her Bobby Trapping is different from others. Instead of three tasks, she just has one task not to do over three hours, and that is lose her temper. Each hour if she loses her temper, a call will come in, and that will mean her boobs are about to grow. But there is much more to the fate awaiting this short-fused girl. Instead of just growth, she’ll feel what massive surges in milk production feels like, instant growth of sloshy heavy weight pulling her down.

Will Cora be able to control herself long enough to not forever ruin her tight attractive figure? Will Cora be exploding milk as much as anger as little things cause big angry reactions during her work shift? And who is behind this? Could it be Stacy her teasing roommate, Graham, her ex-boyfriend she dumped, or could Norman, her creepy boss still somehow be behind it? Find out in one of the most twisted Booby Trappings yet… Mad Cow Cora.

Readers Choice Month is nothing to lose your cool over, and nothing’s cooler than a cow named Cora this month.


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