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Last updated December 31, 2015.


Humping the Homeless

Humping the Homeless by Kris P. Kreme

Humping the Homeless by Kris P. Kreme

A young woman calling to promote her charity organization, Hug the Homeless, finds herself caught up in a surprisingly deep Konversation.

Hugs are meant to be warm and encouraging, but Carrie soon realizes there are much more intimate ways of providing both warmth and encouragement to homeless men out there, ways they might just be as eager to experience as she suddenly is to provide.

The 12 days of Kris-mas ends with a real bang.

Carrie Carpenter has been a major entrepreneur in cracking down on the troubles facing homeless in our society. She’s worked valiantly to establish and further her cause, the organization she created to bring public awareness to such an overlooked problem.

Hug the Homeless is her idea, a simple reminder that homeless are people too and a hug is a simple way of showing support, encouragement, and warmth to their often cold and hopeless seeming lives.

Naturally Christmas time is a very important time to remind everyone about the sometimes urgent needs homeless have. During the winter months they are often in even more dire conditions than other times of the year due to the cold, and the simple fact that everyone is so focused on themselves they forget about the less fortunate.

This year, Carrie has decided to take on the task of cold calling, quickly getting used to hang ups or less than positive remarks at her phoning them to seek support for Hug the Homeless. It isn’t until one friendly sounding man actually starts a conversation with her about her organization that Carrie feels the true spirit of her endeavors.

He’s not only friendly about letting her make her pitch but also seems to recall seeing her in the recent mailers her organization sent out around town, mailers featuring Carrie on the front wearing a festive if revealing blue Christmas outfit.

Carrie is assured that she looked fine and that it was a clever way to promote her organization, many men probably not tossing the thing out without a second look thanks to a lovely attractive young blonde on the front. Still, as she is quick to point out, the true purpose of it all is to raise awareness of the homeless problems faced all over.

She feels that a hug is a warm and positive embrace and that is what so many homeless people need, but imagine her surprise when the friendly man on the phone offers his own advice on just how she may help the homeless more herself.

Carrie is always up for listening to ideas, but this man’s ideas seem a little extreme, don’t they? Maybe not, or maybe she’s just getting lost in the conversation, but something seems odd about his suggestions concerning ways she can give homeless men in particular something much more warming and encouraging than a mere hug.

It’s the time of year everyone should be thinking about giving what they can, but for one young charitable entrepreneur, she might just be giving of herself more than she can handle, thanks to a most interesting Konversation. Help yourself on the twelfth day of Kris-mas by Humping the Homeless.


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Plucking the Peaches

Plucking the Peaches by Kris P. Kreme

Plucking the Peaches by Kris P. Kreme

A stranger bearing the bizarre gift of fresh peaches steps into the life of one suburban family this Christmas. His influence is as instant as the reflex to catch one of the peaches he tosses each of them and soon father, mother, and finally daughter will be doing whatever he suggests.

It’s the time to visit home for the holidays, and for one mysterious man, he doesn’t care if it isn’t his home he visits.

A Chance happening might seem an everyday occurrence but not when the mysterious man named Chance happens to be behind whatever happens. It’s Christmas time and nowhere is better to spend the holidays than with family at home. Chance just might not care which family it is, because it certainly isn’t his own.

As father Felix reads the newspaper, his lovely wife Jane cooking in the nearby kitchen first notices the odd stranger in their driveway, approaching the house and seeming to be holding a small bowl of something.

Even daughter Madison looks up from her texting at the revelation that this man, whoever he is, seems to come bringing fresh peaches, definitely adding to his unusual presence there. As Jane seems worried, Felix simply brushes off the concern and heads out to check on the man.

Chance has always had a knack for handling fresh fruit and one toss of a peach to Felix has the man somewhat dazed, an open book about his family inside, about details he ordinarily wouldn’t share with a stranger like Chance.

Believing Chance to be an old buddy, Felix is only too happy to let him go on inside and see the girls while he offers to clean off the road salt from Felix’ car in the driveway.

As surprised and concerned as Jane is to see a man walking right in their home like he knows them, she’s more surprised by his tossing her a fresh peach from the bowl he carries, and soon her daughter Madison is the most shocked of all by just how calm and accepting her mom suddenly is, by the perverse way Chance keeps throwing peaches at her chest, and by the escalating way her mother is suddenly working against her best interests.

Can anyone resist the urge to pluck some fresh peaches around Christmas, particularly when the tastiest peaches of all happen to be an attractive mother and her rebellious teenage daughter? Find out and take a real Chance during the eleventh day of Kris-mas.


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Stuff-Her Stockings

Stuff-Her Stockings by Kris P. Kreme

Stuff-Her Stockings by Kris P. Kreme

Christmas time in the tropics brings all new heat as Travis and Selena decide to visit one of the local beach vendors for some unique gift opportunities.

The huge friendly Theo offers many items from the back of his truck, from fancy looking festive capes to exquisite pearls, and even holiday stockings, but just what are these things doing to Selena as she tries them on?

Find out just how stuffed with fun a holiday vacation can get when impulse buys create all new impulses.

Not all parts of the world are quite so frigid and snowy for Christmas, particularly when those parts are on tropical islands in the Pacific. Travis and his girlfriend Selena find themselves on vacation for the holidays, spending Christmas and New Years in Hawaii during a particularly warm winter even by their standards.

No one can say Travis would ever complain about some beach time with his bikini clad redheaded girlfriend, but something just isn’t the same about not having a traditional Christmas.

Bothered and yet not bothered since the vacation was Selena’s idea, Travis almost misses the snow and the decorations, at least decorations beyond what little red and white bows or wreaths or Santa hats they frequently see while on their vacation.

Naturally Selena has an idea, always good at finding solutions whenever they rarely disagree on anything. She suggests they visit a beach vendor, perhaps find some little gifts to buy each other and they can be Christmas gifts, even as non-traditional as they might be.

Travis accepts, and even mentions seeing a man in the parking lot near the remote beach they’ve been enjoying the sun in. This man was obviously selling goods from his truck and while it was not a crowded last minute sale store back home it was still a fun memory to make, spending some time choosing special gifts for his special girl.

How could either of the two young lovers ever suspect that the hulking friendly black man who currently has brought his truck such a long distance to the tropics offers gifts neither of them might ever forget, and not necessarily in a good way?

Theo might ordinarily travel the back country roads, but Christmas brings new opportunities and selling his latest oddities beach side is a nice change of pace. Of course Travis just has to make a joke about Selena, one even she gets but Theo takes a bit too seriously.

The gift buying begins after Theo asks if they need any fixin’ and Travis kids about his girlfriend’s tendency to feel cold all the time. As he puts it, Selena is just a bit too cold and could use some warming up, a typical sore spot between them as Selena is so cold natured only a tropical winter vacation would do.

From the moment Travis wraps the silky red cape around his girlfriend, a series of mistakenly extreme changes begin taking place, from Selena getting quite a bit hotter for action to her instant desire for only the most embarrassing things when Travis sees a length of pearl necklace he thinks she deserves.

It all goes a bit too far and it’s clear that Selena isn’t just playing games when she gets the stockings which make her truly want to get stuffed for Christmas.

Will Travis find his holiday vacation in Hawaii hotter than he ever could have imagined? Will everyone on the beach this year be getting a visit from a sexy redhead in a Santa hat with stockings and cape? Find out just how many gifts are too many gifts on the tenth day of Kris-mas in Stuff-her Stockings.


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Night of the Temp Imps

Night of the Temp Imps by Kris P. Kreme

Night of the Temp Imps by Kris P. Kreme

After a mysterious illness leaves all of the elves sick in bed, Santa has to hire a couple of temp imps to help with his yearly big night event.

Of course, where elves are subtle and sweet in their magic, imps are quite famously known to be blunt and perverse. Will these temp imps be able to pull off a Christmas miracle and not blunder everything?

Or will the Night of the Temp Imps be one hellish twisted night of naughtiness like never before?

It’s Christmas Eve, and this year there’s panic at the North Pole, an unfortunate illness spreading like a blanket of snow over all the elves, leaving Santa without the much needed assistants for his all night journey.

Despite all the legends and stories of Santa, it never was quite made clear just how vitally important the elves were on this special night. Where the older elves worked in the toy shops and desk duty helping plan and maintain the near impossible task of preparing for this night, the younger ones still had powerful magic and that magic was what kept Santa from being discovered prowling around people’s homes at night.

In modern times a man couldn’t simply sneak in and out without alarms, people freaking out, parents who themselves were playing Santa horrified to find the man himself doing their jobs. It would be chaos and Santa’s elves always ran interference, a little magic dust here, some sweet dreams there, keeping the world none-the-wiser to Santa’s continued existence.

As the sleigh launch is ready, reindeer on the runway, Santa realizes that with the rampant illness overtaking the elves this year there’s simply no one left to call… but the Temp Imps.

The Imps were largely vile creatures, the lowest of the supernatural beings, relegated to serving temporary positions for which even those they were famed at blundering. Where elves were wholesome and moral, Imps famously followed no moral codes, either caring too little or misunderstanding the ethics of human morality.

It was more than just a dangerous proposition to bring imps along, particularly last minute, but Santa can’t handle the work load alone, his magic not strong enough to account for all scenarios.

Seeing no other options, Santa makes the call, just two temp imps for the night, hoping beyond hope that they can’t totally screw up when their main purpose is just to create distractions and prevent his discovery.

At the first home however, Santa couldn’t have predicted that while always good boy Tommy slept peacefully in his bed, his father Dan would be busily preparing to bring gifts down from the attic and place them under the tree. And since Dan’s wife is currently at her mothers until the next morning, Dan has his own helper in his stepdaughter, Leila.

Together, the two of them are dressed up in fitting costumes, just in case little Tommy should happen to wake up and spot them out in the hall. It’s a tradition the always big kid at heart Dan has done for years, just usually with his wife.

Unfortunately it isn’t Tommy who discovers the two of them, Santa and the elves making entry through the attic as this particular home has no chimney. But then this is the test, Santa thinks, the imps knowing what their purpose is, ready to prove themselves capable, but what happens when their method of distraction is anything but sleepy, when instead of perhaps casting a spell of forgetfulness or instant napping, they push loving husband and stepfather Dan into being quite distracted at thoughts of Leila?

As one bumbling mistake becomes another and another, Leila and Dan might find themselves far too distracted and busy to worry about putting presents under the tree. They might have their hands full and in the case of Leila, other parts full before Christmas morning, but no one can say the imps didn’t do their job and that the two once normal members of the household witnessed Santa.

With the things on their mind, they likely wouldn’t notice if they had an audience by the time Santa is ready to leave and move on to the next home. It’s the night Santa has dreaded and never thought possible, a night his reputation might never recover from with rampant naughtiness released throughout the world. It’s the Night of the Temp Imps, following the ninth day of Kris-mas.


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Shaken by the Snowglobe

Shaken by the Snowglobe by Kris P. Kreme

Shaken by the Snowglobe by Kris P. Kreme

When loving son and brother Brent brings home some surprise gifts for Christmas, the ones getting them might be getting much more than they bargained for, and much more than Brent ever intended.

From the gag gum for Bree which has her unknowingly blowing out her bra to the fitted sweater for Laura which soon has her more fit to strip it off, everything is changing and all thanks to a special little snow globe that might just have more power than Brent ever imagined.

On his way home for the holidays from college, Brent finds himself lulled into nearly forgetting something he always makes sure to do for his mother and sister back home.

It’s been just the three of them for nearly as long as he can remember and so he always held them in exceptionally high respect. Sure his younger sister, Bree, could be a rather typical bratty pain now and then, but she was pretty great even so and his mother, Laura dealt with a lot, not the least of which was raising two kids after being dropped by their deadbeat dad.

The long drive home is rural and quiet, even more so when the snow begins to rain down, and about then is when Brent realizes in all the rush to get home he totally forgot to pick up little gifts to have for them when he walked through the door.

It wasn’t right to just go home with laundry to do and little more than a hug hello so Brent considers himself very lucky when barely a matter of miles from his neighborhood he passes a quaint country store during a break in the blizzard.

Even the sign outside read Last Minute Christmas Gifts and Brent couldn’t be more pleased with his luck, heading inside to browse the oddities and fun little inexpensive gift items.

His mother and sister naturally would never expect him to spend much on them, but Brent wants to make the gesture and so before too long has found perfect gifts for each of them, small gestures and little more. The gag bubblegum he finds is perfect for Bree, always smacking gum and blowing bubbles like the bratty little sister she is, although even he knows that at eighteen she’s certainly not the brat she used to be.

As well, Brent knows his mom will just love the Christmas sweater he found, the material seeming nice and festive but not tacky or uncomfortable looking. Before paying and leaving, Brent can’t resist going past the one section of the store the odd old man running it seemed to steer him away from.

It’s truly bizarre the man wouldn’t want a sale considering the many Christmas items in the store with it being days away, but something about the mention of him shopping for his family made the man hesitate, and even when Brent finds the perfect little snow globe, the man still insists that those snow globes are costly… but not when it comes to money.

Unsure what the man means and running short on time, Brent buys the little snow globe for an unbelievably low price and rushes back to his car, home just miles away and now wearing a smile as he knows that homecoming will be much brighter.

Welcomed outside by the neighbor he has known since childhood, welcomed inside by his mom and loving sister, Brent is just relieved to be off the winter road, ready to rest inside the warmth of home.

Of course things might just be heating up more than he expected after handing out his gifts, or more correctly after the special little snow globe gets its first shake.

The Christmas Coal gag gum is much enjoyed by Bree, but as she blows up a bubble, are her own bubbles blowing up as well? His mother, Laura, loves the sweater but is she getting not just warmer but hotter wearing it? And what is with the little scene in the snow globe, a scene that looks remarkably like his home in the snow… but with little changes each time it is shaken?

An escalating series of more and more disturbing behavior by the women in his family has Brent concerned until a surprise visit by his neighbor and that neighbor’s two sons spins Brent’s world out of control, or rather shakes things up more than even a snow globe can do.

What is the mystery of the snow globe? Just what powers do these quaint country store gifts possess? And will Brent ultimately find his Christmas much more merry than he ever expected, with the closeness in his family taking on entirely new meaning?

On the eighth day of Kris-mas, things truly get Shaken by the Snow Globe.


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Booby Trapped Brenda’s Bowls are Full of Jelly

Booby Trapped Brenda's Bowls are Full of Jelly by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped Brenda’s Bowls are Full of Jelly by Kris P. Kreme

Brenda definitely isn’t crazy about the outfit her job as Santa’s assistant at the mall has her wearing. She’s even less crazy about the perverted older man playing Santa, Todd.

Todd has been staring at her far too much, and in her mind he has been trying to cop feels of her too. She’s ready to complain to management… but a phone call might change everything.

Informed by a disguised voice that she has been Booby Trapped, Brenda discovers that sometimes the biggest gifts of the season unwrap themselves.

Brenda is young and has it all this Christmas season, at least everything but the Christmas spirit. She absolutely can’t stand the job she has much less the outfits she has to wear for that job, working as the sexy Santa assistant to a man she just knows has been perving on her the past several weeks.

Todd has been known as Santa Todd the past ten years at the mall and every year he has two helpers. This year those helpers are Brenda, the spunky young brunette, and Eric, another around Brenda’s age who unfortunately has to wear the elf costume.

As the days grow closer to Christmas, the kids and the parents and the mall in general are more and more chaotic, further stressing young Brenda who is absolutely positive Santa Todd has been eyeballing her, trying to cop subtle feels of her when she is nearby, being in her opinion a total and complete creep.

She’s to the point that now a complaint to mall management is just one short break away and when that break comes, she assures Eric that ten year history with the mall or not, Todd is going to have a major complaint filed. It’s creepy enough that with her age, she was probably once in this very mall when Santa Todd was playing the role, but the fact she’s being stared at all day by plenty of men isn’t helping any.

When the five minute break she has been angrily waiting on finally comes, Brenda is off, stomping to make her complaint. Only a sudden ringing from her cell phone pauses her plans but when the mysteriously disguised voice on the other end informs young Brenda that she has been Booby Trapped, she might just find herself filling with much more than the holiday spirit she has sorely been lacking in lately.

Playfully rhyming a Christmas poem into perverse lyrics special just for Brenda, she is all but positive Santa Todd is behind this little harassment call and she isn’t about to give in to his apparent three tasks required to prevent her boobs growing massively huge.

Naturally when her refusal of the first task results in explosive growth she never believed possible, Brenda is defeated enough in spirit to listen to what the creep has to demand of her next.

But just who is behind this elaborate Booby Trapping? Is Santa Todd really the perverted lech of an older man she assumes him to be? Find out in the present you don’t need to wait to unwrap, just let it burst free on its own.

On the seventh day of Kris-mas, you’ll truly love Brenda’s Bowls Full of Jelly.


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The Indomitable Sperman

The Indomitable Sperman by Kris P. Kreme

The Indomitable Sperman by Kris P. Kreme

A scientist falls into a vat of experimental sperm and becomes a true monster that strikes more than just fear into the attractive fertile women he encounters.

It’s a terrifying tale of twisted science told by the man himself… the Indomitable Sperman.

During the long dark months of winter, some tales may be cold and terrifying. This is the story of one man’s transformation into the terrifying monster that keeps those winter months hot and sticky. This is the tale of how Doctor Caleb Green became The Indomitable Sperman.

He was always into science, a brilliant mind like no other, working in a private mountain lab with generous grants, Caleb Green had worked very hard to discover the ultimate cure to male infertility, to all forms of sexual dysfunction in men. Through years of research, trial, and error, Caleb developed Indomitable, a kind of artificial sperm, a treatment that proved massively successful in tests and was literally days from being broken to the public.

Indomitable was so named for the simple fact that there was no resistance to it when it came to fertilizing an egg. It was absolute and impossible to deny; it was simply Indomitable.

On a particularly cold winter night when everyone else in the lab was home for the holidays, Doctor Caleb Green was finalizing things for a big press conference, making sure nothing was going wrong. Unfortunately when it came to his branch of science, temperature was key.

While it was a near blinding blizzard outside, inside the machines and computers all kept it toasty warm, but a little too toasty for the large vat containing thousands of gallons of Indomitable. So Caleb did what any determined scientist would do, climbing up to manually adjust the cooling fans which brought in chill from outside to maintain the right temperatures.

A fateful precarious balance and an even more fateful drop of a heavy pipe on one foot sent Doctor Caleb Green hurtling down, splashing unconscious in the vat of Indomitable.

The highly dangerous artificial sperm was made to be a topical cream, to apply to the skin and absorb into subjects suffering various deficiencies. But it was never made to be absorbed in such massive amounts as Caleb was exposed to.

Waking up hours later, he finds himself seemingly unharmed, amazingly having not suffered any horrible side effects besides a slight pale complexion and some bloodshot eyes. Sadly the vat he fell into was ruined and there was simply no way the research could be fully recreated, at least not for many years.

Accepting the horrible truth, thankful to be alive, Caleb Green left the lab and drove through snowy conditions back home. His thoughts were preoccupied with so many things, but when he reached a stoplight and looked over, seeing a pretty redheaded waitress cleaning up a diner before closing, his thoughts changed.

Caleb Green was now picturing this woman, picturing all women as mere objects to fuck, to bend over or lay back, to take over and over, and most importantly to breed with.

The Indomitable had changed him and he discovered too late just what monster it made of him when around a pretty female form. Doctor Caleb Green had become The Indomitable Sperman and no woman would be the same when he was done with her as the poor waitress soon found out.

Read the origin story of this holiday’s most menacing and merciless monster, straight from the monster himself, on the sixth day of Kris-mas.


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Brain Drain Financing

Brain Drain Financing by Kris P. Kreme

Brain Drain Financing by Kris P. Kreme

Bambi and Gwen are coeds and siblings, but they couldn’t be more different. Where Bambi thinks things through to a fault, redheaded Gwen is quick to try things.

It’s Gwen’s impulsiveness that leads them to an online site called Drainazon, which promises amazing holiday buys, at bargain prices, with no tax or shipping.

Unfortunately it requires special financing to complete the purchase of a gift basket for their parents, and neither girl will be the same after draining their funds and filling up their bodies with more than the holiday spirit.

For over two years, Bambi and her sister Gwen have been attending college together, and every year they tend to procrastinate on shopping for their parents for Christmas. This year spunky redheaded sister Gwen has found the perfect solution to cost concerns and it comes in the form of a special website offering fast and free shipping for the holidays.

Her more levelheaded and reasoned brunette sister Bambi has her doubts, especially when looking at the online retail site, some place called Drainazon. As the two chat about old times, Bambi pushing Gwen’s buttons with laughs over some of the less smart things she tended to do growing up, they push past the bickering and the oddly named retailer, finding the perfect gift basket they can custom compose and send to their parents in time for Christmas.

Unfortunately neither of them is entirely sure what the lines next to certain purchasable items means, the one that reads Price subject to financing approval. Bambi feels almost sure that means the site might not take their student credit cards, preferring more mainstream high interest forms of payment.

Assuring her sister that she already messed around on the site and it says nothing about taxes, no shipping costs, and seems really legitimate, they push on, finalizing their purchase and going to complete payment.

That is when the pop up message appears, mentioning special financing and asking if they wish to apply for Brain Drain Financing. As Bambi puts it, this clears up the mystery and the site obviously is some scam, the deals too good to be true anyway.

Their arguing stops only when both realize that somehow the laptop camera has come on, both of their images in the background of the final payment page they have been looking at.

They are asked to confirm application for Brain Drain Financing by removing primary impulse control from the purchaser.

Even though Bambi wants to close out and just hit the mall instead, Gwen acts as she quite frequently does, taking action before thinking things through, assuming it’s just a joke.

As the young college girls will soon learn, financing is never a joke and now they’ve already started the process to further sacrifices, beyond their no longer maintained impulse control.

Impulse purchases like a card with their gift, like custom graphics on their card, like the overall size of the card, all come with costs and the costs are made very clear on the screen, each sister impulsively buying one or the other, forcing each into any number of extreme payments they never would have thought possible before logging on to Drainazon for their Christmas purchases.

Only one thing is certain, Bambi and Gwen’s parents aren’t going to forget the Christmas gift they get in the mail this year, and neither will any boy on campus for the holidays.

Apply for some Brain Drain Financing, to make it through the fifth day of Kris-mas.


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Milk’n Cookie

Milk'n Cookie by Kris P. Kreme

Milk’n Cookie by Kris P. Kreme

When a girl named Cookie finds herself trapped in a living nightmare, on an elevator with some demented opposite of Santa, one by one things are taken until she has little more to give.

Just who is this powerful man that clearly is more than a man and how much will he actually milk from Cookie’s formerly bitchy life?

Cookie is a good looking girl and she knows it, that knowledge combined with a natural arrogance of youth making her a real bitch this Christmas to guys who simply are drawn her way.

The last thing she could ever expect is that her looks and her attitude would draw the kind of man she finds herself on an elevator with in the busy mall.

Barely even noticing he was there until the elevator began to move, Cookie was gabbing away as usual on her cell phone, bragging about some losers who tried to take a picture with her. The man is startling though when he finally speaks up, her cell signal inexplicably going dead at the same time.

He’s dressed as Santa, but that certainly doesn’t mean this man is fat and jolly. He seems like so many other men, Cookie has encountered, leering and creepy. He’s also not afraid to share his opinion of a bitchy snob like Cookie.

As they get into a quick argument, their little discussion takes a decidedly bizarre turn as Cookie suddenly looks for the mace in her purse, only to find her purse missing.
She had it when she walked on the elevator, but now it is gone, and soon even the elevator buttons are gone, impossible little disappearances that the creepy man dressed as Santa informs her are just part of his plan.

He’s definitely not Santa, and this man doesn’t give but take this time of year, take from those who have bad attitudes and lack any inkling of the Christmas spirit.
The more freaked out she gets, the more things vanish without a second to even process their having been there. The doors vanish, her bra vanishes, one by one things maintaining Cookie’s hold on sanity vanishing as the man chats with her.

Ultimately he makes his intentions clear, at least with her. After all, Santa does love a good cookie for Christmas. As bitter and bad as Cookie is though, he’ll need something to wash it down and that’s where Cookie’s most attractive assets come into play.
Will Cookie ever escape the elevator from hell? Who is this mysterious opposite of Santa? Will it be a happy holidays culminating in milk and Cookie like never before?

Find out on the fourth day of Kris-mas.


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Bimbo Bombed Mistletoe Mayhem

Bimbo Bombed Mistletoe Mayhem by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed Mistletoe Mayhem by Kris P. Kreme

When a terminally shy cute young blonde gets an unexpected email directing her to her front porch, she finds a most unexpected thing taped to her door.

Carissa knows what mistletoe is for this time of year, but is shocked to find she has been Bimbo Bombed.

She now has ten minutes or less to claim one hundred kisses with the mistletoe. Otherwise, she can say goodbye to being anything close to shy or innocent… as well as kissing her intelligence goodbye in the process.

Carissa has always loved this time of year, Christmas time, the decorations and lights, the feel in the air. This Christmas is particularly special as it’s going to be the first Christmas in her new neighborhood, the new home she saved up and bought, thanks to a helpful if intimidating real estate agent.

Of course every man is intimidating to Carissa, not just the one who helped her find the right home. She’s terminally shy, has been for as long as she can remember, and in a way that’s what she likes most about living alone in her own place.

Having settled down at her computer, even dressed as festive as she can for the simple task of doing some online shopping, Carissa notices a little blinking message, new mail in her email box. Assuming it to be another of the endless holiday promotions sent out, she’s quite surprised instead to find no return email address and the simple three words YOUR FRONT PORCH.

Unnerved and as shy as ever, Carissa debates what to do, but curiosity gets the best of her and she heads to the front door. Maybe it’s just her brother playing a prank on her. He always did have a warped sense of humor, or maybe there’s nothing there.

Standing and looking out in the chilly day, Carissa feels just how cold the year has become, but she sees nothing unusual. Across the street her twenty something neighbor and his roommate are clearly having a football party or something, bunches of similar aged men gathered, some cheery celebrations happening. Otherwise the neighborhood is quiet, typical for the reasons she moved here.

And then she turns and sees what has been taped to her front door. It’s an ordinary clump of mistletoe, the one part of Christmas she never liked being the shy girl she is.
Walking back inside, Carissa has no clue what this could be about, and decides to reply to the email, ask why they put a mistletoe on her door. The response comes very fast, and when she clicks to open that response, a near blinding animation flashes in her eyes, boldly written words informing her that she has been Bimbo Bombed.

Even as shy as a girl who keeps to herself like Carissa is, she knows what Bimbo Bombings are, having heard the stories, seen the articles from around the world. She also read of a number of copycat pranks and she is seriously hoping this is just that, nothing worth freaking out about.

Accused of being a tease, Carissa is instructed quite simply in the one way to avoid ending up a slutty bimbo. She has exactly ten minutes to use the mistletoe to claim one hundred kisses from as many guys as she can.

Carissa stares for nearly a minute, heart pounding, worried about it being real, a genuine bimbo bombing. She never has been great under pressure, and can’t imagine kissing complete strangers like that, but as she realizes the risk might be far too high, Carissa bolts into action, running with the mistletoe to the only place she thinks might help her out.

Will Carissa claim one hundred kisses and save herself a slutty bimbo fate? Will her friendly neighbors respond well to an attractive girl showing up with a mistletoe? Just who is behind Carissa’s bimbo bombing?

Find the answers to all sealed with many special kisses on the third day of Kris-mas.


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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas by Kris P. Kreme

Dreaming of a White Christmas by Kris P. Kreme

As Christmas nears, Josephine finds herself suffering the same dream over and over again each and every night, but is she really suffering?

The dream is vague, taking place she believes on Christmas morning, her face up, white raining down on her, but is this really snow? Find out when Josephine does, as her dreams might just come true in a way she never could have expected.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Josephine has been plagued by dreams, but she honestly can’t call them bad. They are disturbing and yet hazy upon waking each day. She can recall generally what the dreams are about but never the details, each night closer to Christmas, the images and feelings associated with the dream getting more and more vibrant and intense.

She’s generally a happy woman, married to a man with twin boys just seven years ago and having practically raised the rambunctious and sometimes fittingly nerve-wracking twins to the eighteen year old rebels they are today. Of course the dream isn’t related to her daily life, at least she doesn’t think so at first.

Each night more and more details of the same dream come out, sticking with her and plaguing her thoughts the following day. It’s Christmas, she thinks, and she knows it’s a white one by the fact snow is hitting her face. But then why is there snow if she’s almost sure the dream takes place inside? And why is the snow warm, not cold?

Every night brings the dream again, and every morning brings a progressively more and more unhinged feeling Josephine, her behavior in her sleep becoming disturbing to her, but more than that the dream itself slowly clearing and settling more in her mind until she begins to worry just when it all will stop recurring.

As the days pass, Josephine’s dreams continue, her husband clueless to just what the big deal is about an odd repeated dream, the boys too busy working on some elaborate surprise they have planned for their father on Christmas.

Ultimately, as things become stranger, as Josephine feels more and more lost in thoughts of the dream, she may just find that everything is coming to a head on Christmas morning, the time she sees herself in the dream, covered in raining warm white splashes.

Something or someone is making Josephine dream of a white Christmas, but is it the kind of white she thinks it is? Find out on the second day of Kris-mas!


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SINtendo Santa: Nice and Naughty

SINtendo Santa: Nice and Naughty by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Santa: Nice and Naughty by Kris P. Kreme

Not every Nick this time of year is an old saint, and one of those young Nick’s is about to find some SINful entertainment on the street.

After lifting a wealthy man’s phone and finding it unlocked, Nick downloads a very special app game called SINtendo Santa: Nice and Naughty.

The game promises what no other game can, to finally take a Nice girl and truly button mash her into 100% Naughtiness. Imagine Nick’s surprise when he finds that this is no mere game.

Nick is a kid of the streets, a mother who doesn’t care much, a father who is gone, and he’s built up a tough outer shell and skills that serve him well. Today he’s certainly not feeling the Christmas spirit, intent on a little taking instead of giving, but when a perfectly executed bump and grab gives him a wealthy man’s fancy cell phone, Nick finds that maybe this will be a happy holidays after all.

Normally he’d just pawn it off for some quick cash, maybe buy some games for the old video game consoles he owns. Nick loves gaming, but sadly rarely has gotten to play a modern game, that is until he settles down with his stolen score and finds it unlocked.
Thumbing through to the app store, Nick finds endless options of games he never has heard of and what he has heard is that phone games are getting incredibly advanced, more so than some of the old console games he enjoys.

Scrolling past endless little options, Nick finds a game he simply can’t ignore, partially because of the little dancing girl in the holiday apparel. It’s called SINtendo Santa: Nice and Naughty, and he is just bored enough to sit on this city bench and give it a try.
Even after the warning that proclaims this app contains mature themes and is for adults only, Nick has no clue just where this game will take him and who it will take him to.
According to instructions, the player takes on the role of SINtendo Santa and the ultimate goal is to leave every woman around over the age of eighteen nice and naughty.

It definitely sounds like fun and especially when Nick reads that the game accesses the phone’s camera and data network of nearby cell phone holders. All he has to do to begin is press the button labeled Checking His List.

Nick isn’t used to this kind of fun on the streets but almost feels a little disappointed when the game turns out to be little more than button mashing, the general rules that an overhead map showing his immediate area will appear. On that map will be little labels of available players to incorporate into his fun. He then can select a NICE player and by pushing the right sequence of random buttons that will appear, buttons labeled NICE or NAUGHTY, he will either lose points for hitting NICE or win points for hitting NAUGHTY.
The end game goal is simple, make the chosen player 100% NAUGHTY. As likely disappointing as it seems, the part about mature content still has Nick too interested to just give up before trying, so he checks the list, checks it twice, and finds two perfectly nice pawns for his fun.

One is a younger brunette, cute but tough looking, leaning against a brick wall across the street from him. She seems to have an attitude just by her posture but Nick could tell even before the game could that she’s all nice. The other option for his game is a woman down the street from him, her rich looking husband pacing and talking on a phone, seeming to ignore her for the moment. She’s definitely hot, so Nick can easily imagine playing with her, in his mind.

Nick settles back on the bench, eyes on the phone, and starts to play SINtendo Santa, but what he never notices is that the moment he presses a thumb to the first NAUGHTY button appearing over the younger brunette, the actual girl herself flinches as she feels an invisible punch to her gut exactly where the labeled button appeared over her image on Nick’s phone.

As a giant phantom finger punches into various parts of her, this girl begins to change, begins to feel both pain and pleasure, and never knows that each successful punch is making her only naughtier.

Nick’s always been good at gaming, but what will happen when this game offers rewards like none other? What will happen when he reaches 100% Naughty? And is anyone safe from a most un-saintly Nick during Christmas time?

Find out on the First Day of Kris-mas!


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Selfies #4

Selfies #4 by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies #4 by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Teddy Bare, Zack is out shopping for bitchy beautiful Jessica. He finds a store where giant stuffed bears promise wishes come true.

Zack has a problem. His problem is an all too simple one, a common one among men everywhere. He’s forgotten an anniversary with his girlfriend, Jessica. However the twist for Zack is that Jessica makes up anniversaries just to get gifts. This one is the one year anniversary of actually seeing her nude. As though that is a banner event in his life and something worthy of bestowing her with tributes each year.

It isn’t like Jessica has been much fun since then, as though she’s anywhere near as giving to him as he is to her. No, Jessica is a good little girl, a religious girl, the real virginal type, and despite all that, she remains a cold and selfish bitch. Why doesn’t Zack toss her to the curb? It’s simple. For some reason Jessica is his. She’s ten times as hot as any girl Zack could ever have, but her bitchy side is beginning to take its toll.

He has stalled her though, enough for him to make a quick run to the mall, to try and find anything that can qualify as a gift. That is where he finds Teddy Bare, a strange little store with giant stuffed bears that the quirky owner claims will bare the true soul she is meant to be, to bring Zack’s wishes true of a happy relationship where he gets what he wants and Jessica gets what she deserves.

Zack’s wishes might just go a bit extreme but in the end even he agrees, it’s the best anniversary ever.


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The Grab Bag #4

The GrabBag #4 by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #4 by Kris P. Kreme

Tis the season for a return to Kris-mas Past with these two Klassic Kreme stories of the season! Straight from Santa’s Grab Bag, two twisted tales of Christmas Chaos! Find out what happens when the time of the season gets naughty in Cum all ye Faithful and Petey the Pervy Elf!

This Grab Bag holds…


Cum all ye Faithful

Cum all ye Faithful: Selina Drake strikes back at two annoyingly pure college carolers by ensuring that they will be too busy giving of themselves to ever bother singing on her lawn again. Using audio expertise and wearing a tight corset, Selina twists Marissa and Jessica’s minds from saintly to slutty, from caroling coeds to cum collectors.

Petey the Pervy Elf

When Santa decides to punish Petey for being a truly naughty elf, the tables soon become turned as Petey gets a hold of some of Santa’s magic wishing dust and discovers that not all letters to Santa are from children or asking for merely toys. Using the wishing dust and his own perverse mind, Petey begins granting wishes, corrupting unsuspecting individuals all over with post-Christmas chaos.


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Black Magic Friday

Black Magic Friday by Kris P. Kreme

Black Magic Friday by Kris P. Kreme

Intending to shop the bargains and come out on top, Katherine never suspects that someone might be shopping her, and she’ll be cumming all the same.

Boris, the security guard at a popular electronics chain has quite nefarious plans in store for the perky young redhead. She will be his guinea pig for testing some black magic symbols that once inked on her flesh make her his to control and manipulate.

With stock boy Bobby along to assist, everyone will discover that the best deal on Black Friday is a girl named Katherine.

Katherine is an expert shopper, and proof that it doesn’t take age and wisdom to shop the best deals. At only eighteen, she’s a better shopper than most twice her age, particularly around Black Friday. The last thing Katherine could anticipate though is that the magic might not be in the bargains this year. It might just be in her.

Passing through the doors to an electronics store giant, Katherine is all set to casually shop the noon lull on Black Friday, ready with all her research done to find the absolute best prices and all while avoiding the chaos from Black Friday morning.

Wearing a smile and her cheery shoulders back with pride, no one can avoid noticing the perky young redhead ready to be the best gift giver for many years running. Unfortunately for Katherine, one of those who notices her most is Boris, the otherwise friendly seeming security guard by the door.

Around this store, Boris is known as a bit of a loner, an odd character originally from overseas. He has a great interest in very dark magic, sinister goals and dreams of power like most men can’t imagine. Fortunately for Boris he has two things needed to make Katherine the perfect guinea pig in proving that true empowerment can be quite satisfying.

First, Boris has the perfect partner in Bobby, an otherwise fairly ordinary stock boy who is nearby when Katherine walks in. Together with Bobby, Boris has studied and trained using the black magic from his homeland, discovering specific symbols that once inked onto human flesh give the one drawing them power over that person.

Knowledge and confidence is the second thing needed and Boris quickly decides that Katherine will be theirs before she leaves this store and will be suffering humiliation and perversion like never before.

Somewhat nervous, Bobby agrees and as Boris watches the door, the stock boy assistant is off to distract and place the initial mark on lovely young Katherine’s supple flesh.

It only takes a brief moment during fairly ordinary conversation, pointing off to another department, and Bobby has her marked. The initial symbol only subjugates the will, ensnares the individual and Katherine is quickly little more than a lifeless doll, her body and will taken momentarily away from her.

Lifting up her shirt, Bobby marked her for the second time, releasing her will and yet locking her to his every command, no matter what it might be. So far everything is going just as he and Boris planned and so far this is turning into a very black Friday for Katherine, her mind aware of everything happening to her.

Boris is ready to get involved, to truly put his black magic to the test, to make sure Katherine is entirely loyal even if every fiber in her being doesn’t want to be. Together with Bobby, Boris proceeds to give the ultimate test, telling Katherine to find and seduce the next man she sees, to drop to her knees right in the aisles and do what no good girl could even imagine doing.

When all goes according to his nefarious plan, good girl Katherine is caught by other shoppers doing a very naughty thing and who should be best equipped to handle such disruption on a popular shopping day… but security guard Boris.

Will Katherine get the deals she really wants on Black Friday or will she get a whole lot more than she ever dreamed? Find out when the final symbol is applied, when black magic rules the day and Black Friday becomes a day where bargains come in quite shapely once innocent forms.

Everyone dreads the chaos of Black Friday, but everyone can truly enjoy a little Black Magic Friday.


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Stuffing the Turkey

Stuffing the Turkey by Kris P. Kreme

Stuffing the Turkey by Kris P. Kreme

Stressed by the unmotivated and completely irresponsible students in his special two week sociology course, Noah Pilgrim tries an unconventional experiment.

Using a turkey stamp given to him by a bizarre man named Theo who helped him on the side of the road, Noah stamps the girls wherever they like to display the most inappropriate skin.

What he never imagines is that the stamps are changing more than the girls’ attitudes and soon he may be enjoying some Thanksgiving stuffing like never before.

Professor Noah Pilgrim has always been one to let stress get to him, to let the little things build up into big things and this Thanksgiving is no exception.

Unlike many of the professors, Noah has no family to use as an excuse to take time away from the university. As such he has been relegated with teaching a special two week extra curricular course in sociology to the students each Thanksgiving that need more school credit for their degrees.

These are the students that couldn’t care less about studies and responsibilities. They are the athletes who get by on their skills on the field and the perky bubble-headed girls who mostly just like partying and living off their Daddy’s dime at school.

Noah Pilgrim has been growing more and more frazzled by the idiocy of youth, the girls doing nothing but providing distractions for his important lessons, wearing or rather not wearing enough to keep most boys’ eyes firmly on them. Each day seems worse than the last in this two week course and it all boils over for Noah one morning when he breaks down several miles from the college.

That’s when Professor Noah Pilgrim meets the unusually friendly and gentle giant in Theo. An enormous black man, Theo is there to help, but Noah can’t help but feel that there’s an oddness about Theo that words can’t describe. Even so, the man fixes his car, gets him back on the road, even listens to his rants about the girls in class.

When Noah is just about to leave though, Theo stops him and gives him a most unexpected little gift from the back of his truck. It’s a turkey stamp, just an ordinary little ink stamp shaped like a cartoon turkey.

Assured that the turkey stamp will solve the problem with his girls in class, Noah isn’t going to argue with the man who could break him in two. He gratefully accepts the little gift and thinks nothing more of it.

But then two days later the stress is threatening to break yet again, the girls keeping all eyes on them, some wearing low cut or revealing tops, others always showing off their midriffs, their legs, or their pert little backside in various indecent classroom attire.

That is when Noah is inspired by the little turkey stamp, inspired to perform a little social experiment, as he calls it. Calling the girls to the front of class, he informs them that all they need to do is wear the stamp, no rubbing it off, nothing to keep track of, just wear the stamp.

He then carefully applies it generally around whatever skin they most seem to want to show off. For some, they get a stamp around the neck, near where the neckline of tops should be; for others it might be applied on their bellies, but each of the six girls in his two week course get a turkey stamp.

Even Noah isn’t sure why he does this, assuming the stress is making him snap, particularly when it soon becomes obvious the turkey stamp is not helping with the problem.

What he fails to notice though is how the turkey stamps are affecting the girls over time, beginning with some tingling, advancing to constant thoughts and needs, each related to the specific part of their young nubile bodies where the stamp now resides.

This stamp can’t be washed away, and the effects can’t end, but what happens when Noah is ultimately confronted by a student in a way no man can resist? Find out in the Thanksgiving tale truly stuffed with tasty characters.

Around this time of the year, no one can resist Stuffing the Turkey.


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Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control by Kris P. Kreme

Air Traffic Control by Kris P. Kreme

Flights will soar to new heights of depravity above one city as a loss of radio communication from the tower has them circling to land for an extended period of time.

Captain and crew soon learn that a terrorist organization thought disbanded and left in the past has returned to bring all new chaos to the skies.

Pulsing static invades their brains as lust invades their thoughts, and before the flight lands, everyone is joining the mile high club in truly chaotic fashion.

Millions of passengers fly the friendly skies everyday and yet the skies over one city are about to get much friendlier before the day is done.

In the cockpit, Captain Lance Foster, an experienced pilot and his very knowledgeable co-pilot of many flights, Miranda, are trying to figure out why the tower hasn’t given them the go ahead to land. Planes are circling at various altitudes and all communication with the tower seems gone, just minor static on the line.

Unknown to any of the passengers, many of them need not know the potential chaos cluttering the skies to be bothered by an extended flight. Alexis never has been one for flying, especially spontaneously, so when the man she has been dating for a long time asked both Alexis and his son Jake to fly up to the city after he got a big architectural contract, she is both nervous and excited.

Will is a brilliant architect, driven and highly motivated in all he does. His son Jake, however is a slacker college student who rarely has much to say to Alexis unless it’s oozing sarcasm, so the delay in landing is not settling well for the attractive woman.

Apparently behind her things are even worse, the passengers in the row directly behind Alexis having been arguing in whispered tones since the flight began. The truth is that neither Vince or Kelly care much about the plane settling into a holding pattern before landing. Vince just wishes Kelly would stop berating him for barely looking at another woman, the figment in Kelly’s imagination that Vince is interested in anyone besides the hot blonde he is in truth very serious about.

Kelly has been insecure about things for a while now and her anger refuses to let up often when it’s totally unwarranted. It’s the least attractive quality in a very attractive package Vince thinks, but it’s mostly best to remain quiet when Kelly is bothered by something. All she really seems to want is to have some honesty and know he is serious about her for the long haul.

Further back from the bickering couple, Rebecca is no stranger to long hours spent on a plane, flying frequently back and forth to many cities around the country for her job. She’s rarely ended up stuck in such an annoying seat with a plane that for some reason refuses to land though.

The man behind her has been clearly on edge since the flight began and his nervous habit is her annoyance, the constant kicks and taps at the back of her seat bouncing her uncomfortably more and more the longer the flight goes. Even worse, her seatmate is a teenage boy who obviously doesn’t care about her predicament as he simply uses it more as an excuse to check her out, the very curvy young brunette certainly worthy of more than a few glances during an otherwise boring flight.

Rebecca may be simply curious what is going on and why the plane is circling, but on a deeper level she’s getting desperate to leave the tight claustrophobic confines of this airliner.

When the static finally breaks into communication up front, Captain Foster feels it couldn’t be soon enough, however the somewhat distorted voice on the other end isn’t communicating clearly and every whine and squeal of static is bringing new mystery to just what the situation truly is.

Adjusting the radio, the static grows thick as the voice speaks, and beyond that static, the volume is blaring louder and softer at random intervals, thumping more than just headaches into the backs of pilot and co-pilot’s skulls. Only as the static momentarily fades is the message from below suddenly crystal clear.

Captain Lance Foster is to do a lot more than move about the cabin on this flight, auto-pilot controls holding the plane in the air as he looks at his co-pilot in an entirely new way.

As Miranda learns what a real cock pit is like, the passengers have no idea what is happening until the captain decides to share the chaos up front, flipping a switch and putting the pulsating static on intercom for all passengers to listen to.

Needless to say, this is one flight where everyone is joining the mile high club, Alexis coming up with quite successful ways of getting to know her future stepson, Jake proving that he really is the slacker college motherfucker she thought he was.

Behind them Vince and Kelly, though delayed from hearing anything by the earbuds in their ears, are resolving all differences soon enough. Vince knows one way to prove he’s serious about a future with Kelly and that’s to start a family right here, right now, as brutal and public as it gets.

Further on, Rebecca discovers that the annoyances from both sides this entire flight can ultimately transition to pleasure from both sides quite easily, and thus just one of many flights circling above the city are thrust into chaos, emphasis on the thrusts.

Only when it ends, when the static is broken and the tower actually makes contact with the flight is anything known, and the group responsible for this chaotic attack is no stranger. They’ve been away for a while, but their message is clear. They are back.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #3

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #3 - Words can often Help You by Kris P. KReme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #3 – Words can often Help You by Kris P. KReme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Words Can Often Help You, Aaron solves marriage troubles using a rare word tile game rumored to change those who play it in ways he can only imagine.

Sometimes fixing a game can fix much more in life. Aaron believed life was going to be finally going his way when he met and married Audrey. She came with everything he loved, a hotter than hot body, brilliant red hair, and a healthy sexual appetite. She also came with an uptight daughter. Christina, along with her friends Lauren and Nicole, have made Aaron’s dream life a living nightmare.

Aaron thought all hope was lost until he found games called Mind Scramble and Word Connect. Aaron found one of these rare games and he has stacked the deck, planned and plotted everything out, setting up a game where the four women will play quite literally right into his hands and the power of words are taken to new extremes.


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The Grab Bag #3

The Grab Bag #3 by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #3 by Kris P. Kreme

Two popular stories written by the Kreme now in a single book, at a very special price! From the time to be thankful to the deal of the season, this pair of tales is sure to stuff your appetite and have you satisfied with your retail experiences.

Something in the Stuffing & Trading Up: New and Used tell of the time of the year when everyone’s minds are on a deal!


This Grab Bag holds…


Something in the Stuffing

One year not long ago, there was a company that sought to offer the perfect stuffing for tables all over the country, the perfect flavor to add to Thanksgiving. They succeeded… The results were quite filling, if not in the way intended. Waistlines will grow and limits will be crossed, all thanks to there being Something in the Stuffing…

Trading Up: New and Used

Kim is a young mother who loves running her store and offers the best trades on used games and systems. When three newcomers bring in a rare system and games, she finds herself offering much more than ever before to make sure they leave satisfied.


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BeWere the Wolves of Fertile Fields

BeWere the Wolves of Fertile Fields by Kris P, Kreme

BeWere the Wolves of Fertile Fields by Kris P, Kreme

Dragged by her friend Shana on a camping trip, Jessica is not looking forward to this little escape from their troubles. Stopped and warned by a local sheriff on the way, they might find that for some troubles there is no escape.

Fertile Fields, the sheriff warns, was a town that appeared and took sanity with it, leaving chaotic pleasure in its wake. In the woods outside Fertile Fields there existed wolves, but when merged with the local men, these new beasts were something different, something much worse.

BeWere the Wolves of Fertile Fields marks the epic return of the town that changed everything.

There is one place feared by all who find themselves there, even if fear transforms quite quickly to pleasures beyond imagination. A place that was a trap ensnaring countless travelers, perverting their souls and corrupting their desires, this location now exists as legend.

The answer to whether that place is truly gone is about to be answered, on the most frightening night of the year. Fertile Fields was deceptive, its true purpose hidden from the world, and what disguised it the most was the forest and mountainside surrounding it. There are creatures in those woods no one ever sees and talks about, but they do not perish.

Jessica is not the type of woman one sees on a camping trip to the remote wilderness. She’s definitely a city girl and has been much of her life. Unfortunately even Jessica can’t deny that some time away from the city, from her daily stresses and work, will do her some much needed good.

Dragged on the long drive by her best friend Shana, the goal is simple. Shana intends to escape the stresses that have plagued them, stresses like work, the city, and particularly men.

Having only recently discovered the truth about men being little more than animals, the stunning red hair of Jessica contrasts sharply with her dulled attitude. She isn’t looking forward to much of anything, having planned on just burying herself in work, occupying her thoughts. Shana though is ever insistent and after printing up a copy of some old faded hand drawn map she found, the two find themselves barreling down forgotten and rough roads, rising steadily towards some mountains, the forest closing in on them.

Neither has ever heard of the oddly named Tileeds Bypass, a road referred to on the map, and apparently bearing the same name as some town referred to vaguely in one spot of the poorly labeled map. There might be very good reason for that when a local sheriff stops Shana and Jessica on the way up the mountain.

Sheriff Duggins is a big man, strong, with striking blue eyes, but unlike many country sheriffs, Duggins seems to be hiding something. There is concern in his eyes and mannerisms, concern that pushes on the idea of both women continuing to drive, never stopping, and definitely not considering camping out in the nearby wilderness overnight.

As Duggins informs the two, the map is horribly faded and what they made out to read Tileeds is actually a place called Fertile Fields, and no one wants to find themselves there, even if he assures them the place doesn’t exist.

As the somewhat concealing sheriff warns, Fertile Fields was like The Flying Dutchman, a town that appeared only to those lost on the forgotten roads. It was a town that changed those who were trapped there and it was a perverse place women would never be the same from visiting.

What many didn’t know about the legend, Duggins says, is that when Fertile Fields first appeared, the locals who lived on the mountainside were changed. They became corrupted like all others touched by Fertile Fields but in a much more frightening way.

As a child growing up nearby, Duggins claimed he was warned about the wolves in the woods, but when Fertile Fields came, the wolves and those mountain folk merged, twisting their existence in a way never imagined before. The men would be men by day, but at night under a full moon, those men would change.

Sheriff Duggins claims to have lost a partner to the wolves of Fertile Fields, their vicious nature as beasts under the moonlight the least of the concerns for Jessica and Shana. As he puts it, one bite and the women will be theirs, the perverse lust of Fertile Fields spread by the bite.

Warning them, telling them to beware the wolves of Fertile Fields, Sheriff Duggins recommends they drive quick, straight through, past their intended camping site, down the old Fertile Fields Bypass until they find another place to stay twenty miles down the road.

As they drive off from the encounter with Duggins, emotion is running high in the tiny car Shana drove for this camping trip. Freaked out and highly considering his somewhat odd warning, Shana is ready to just keep on driving, but Jessica has had just about enough of a cramped car trip, frustrated and annoyed at even being dragged into this little escape of Shana’s.

Ultimately Shana comes around to seeing the clear plot holes in the story Sheriff Duggins told, the ridiculous nature of some old local urban legend. Joking and kidding about horny wolves, the two women find a nice spot, pull off the road, and head into the woods to set up camp before nightfall.

Of course maybe there was very good reason for the holes in Sheriff Duggins’ story and maybe the wolves of Fertile Fields are no laughing matter. One thing is certain as the sun sets and the moon rises, full and bright overhead. No one will be escaping tonight and Jessica and Shana each will find out just what animals men can be.

Readers Scare Month concludes with the epic return of Fertile Fields, more frightening and mysterious than ever before with more twists and unexpected turns than you can handle.


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Blanking Out

Blanking Out by Kris P. Kreme

Blanking Out by Kris P. Kreme

When longtime friends Heath, Eva, and Simone enter the huge Halloween Emporium, the last thing they expect to find is a frightening mystery.

The cluttered Halloween store is filled with props and decorations but some of those props may not be fake at all. Something has frozen everyone in place, locking them in a moment of time.

When Heath discovers that some blinking lights marked down because the box says Blanking Lights might just be the cause of everything, will he be the hero or the villain in this mystery?

Longtime friends Heath, Eva, and Simone are visiting the local Halloween Emporium, an incredibly large warehouse store cluttered full of all things Halloween. Everything from costumes to candy to full size decorations for the yard are found piled high and towering over the three college students as they walk in the doors. Perhaps the only odd thing is the distinct lack of other shoppers.

For Heath, he’s always had a frustration in life, particularly with his two closest and longest friends, Eva and Simone. Over the years Heath had tried many times to have one of them, to be with either the perky blue eyed blonde Simone or the curvy girl next door Eva. Unfortunately the two girls were something of experts at avoiding his poor attempts at advances.

Hoping in the back of his mind for a chance at offering firsthand feedback on some potentially sexy Halloween costumes, Heath is again frustrated as both girls assure him that he’s not there to creep on them.

It’s all in good humor, Heath the accepted pervert he can sometimes be as much as Simone is the accepted free spirit or easy girl she can sometimes be. Simone is planning to surprise some guys from Omega Beta at a party they are having on campus and she figured this place might have something to do the trick.

But even in Heath’s tag along role for this outing to the Halloween Emporium, he quickly becomes aware of something they all should find incredibly disturbing. Despite all the brightly colored and festive decorations, there is hardly a single sound to be heard in the entire store.

No one talking, no registers ringing up items, nothing at all seeming to move an inch besides the three of them. The girls don’t think much of it, ignoring his warnings for the most part until they find the bargain section of items that appears to have been ransacked.

Marked 75% off and Factory Flawed, the Halloween Blanking Lights are in a large bin with a display above offering demonstration of how they work. Assumed to be Halloween Blinking Lights, the simple misspelling offered shoppers a huge savings on some brightly colored lighting. What freaks Simone out though isn’t the massive markdowns, it’s the mannequins standing in a crowd nearby.

Most of the mannequins look rather normal, just the kind of full size displays people purchase and dress in costume, Heath assumes, at least that is until Simone points out that one looks uncannily like Derrick, a boy she used to date.

Everything begins to add up as Heath walks up and pokes the mannequin, nothing plastic about the figure. Derrick it seems is just one of countless others in a cluttered crowd there, each of them appearing frozen in a moment of time.

Torn between running and getting away from this insanity, as the freaked out Simone wants to do, and investigating to discover what actually has happened to apparently most of the shoppers or staff, the three are thrust into a most unexpected and scary mystery.

Always a bit of an admitted perv, Heath is the one who discovers an all important clue. The Halloween Blanking Lights are made by a company he is only too familiar with, one he has read about, a company called Trance-tory.

Supposedly they make millions of common products, and while their production varies, one thing remains the same. Every product in one way or another relates to sexual kinks. But were these lights actually mislabeled at all or has Heath just discovered what Blanking Lights are really meant to do?

Will Heath be the hero and free a crowd of Halloween shoppers and staff from a moment frozen in time? Will he finally be respected by his two closest friends, Eva and Simone? Or will Heath use the Blanking Lights to have as much time as he wanted with his two friends, discovering some truly twisted fun that can be had by stopping time with a couple of cute coeds at your disposal?

Find out in the ever building mystery of fearful frights that is Blanking Lights. Everyone blanks out now and then; what’s the worst that could happen?


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Tweak R Teats

Tweak R Teats by Kris P. Kreme

Tweak R Teats by Kris P. Kreme

Erin and Morgan are pledging Zeta this year, suffering hell week and approaching the final task to be initiated at midnight on October 31st.

The problem is that this task is the most humiliating one yet, both of them told to wear only too tight underwear and collect candy by trick or treating door to door in neighborhoods off campus.

Even worse, they must only speak with giant lollipops in their mouths, and when those lollipops twist their words, one man with a knack for handling disobedience will truly get a handle on the both of them.

If Erin and Morgan are going to finally become Zetas on campus, they have just one task left to do, one task in a week of humiliating tasks decreed down by the top elite in this envied sorority on campus. Still, even the more outgoing Erin is joining the always shy Morgan in being a little iffy about sorority girl Vanessa’s latest demand.

They’ve put up with a lot this week, but to finally make it through hell week, the girls are told they must go trick or treating in nearby neighborhoods and that is only the start of the humiliation this final task will involve. Blonde beauty Erin and busty shy girl Morgan will have to wear only tight panties and bras while trick or treating, sizes of undergarments definitely not meant for girls as curvy as they are. They will also have to fill two pillow cases full of candy and return by midnight to complete the task.

Of course Zetas on campus are known as girls who can handle a little public attention, but more than that they have a reputation as being experts in a certain oral art. While Erin and Morgan are suffering their humiliation at being a spectacle on people’s doorsteps, they will only be able to trick or treat with giant lollipops in their mouths, perhaps the most truthful part of the truly sucky initiation task.

Even if Morgan blushes and finds herself horrified at the thought of what they have to do, Erin knows they can manage. It’s just a little embarrassment and only for one night. Heading off into the off campus neighborhoods, they get an early start and for the most part it seems to go fine. If anything, the most embarrassing part turns out to be how lisping they sound speaking around lollipops, their words coming out totally wrong.

Muffled and lisping words may be just the beginning of what they eat when the two sorority hopefuls find themselves on the doorstep of a man named Gil Graven. Gil is quite well known in his neighborhood as a man who enjoys his peace and quiet, the solitude and privacy of his home and yard. He tolerates no disrespect and certainly no disobedience, and Gil Graven finds it extremely disobedient for two underdressed coeds to be standing on his doorstep so late at night.

As soon as the girls lisp out the words trick or treat, their lollipops twisting the syllables into tweak r teats, Gil has his answer for how best to handle these nuisances.
They made a dumb decision ringing his doorbell tonight, and therefore Erin and Morgan are destined to be dumb animals. With a little of just the right tweaking, their teats will ensure them to be exactly the dumb animals Gil intends them to become.

Remember readers, it’s Halloween so milk the most fun you can. Just try not to do so with any disobedience… or else you might be surprised what happens.


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Pump-kin Time

Pump-kin Time by Kris P. Kreme

Pump-kin Time by Kris P. Kreme

Readers Scare Month takes readers on a family road trip, where the family is about to find that sometimes a little drive into the country can bring everyone closer than they ever imagined.

Fear of the unknown is far too common, and Ryan is taking his blended family to an unknown destination. Found on a flyer at a gas station, the event is proclaimed to be “Pump-kin Time” where the biggest attraction is “Da Annual Pump-kin Judgin.”

There’s hardly any pumpkins there though, but a few sips of cider has them seeing all new reasons for sticking around.

There are plenty of fears to have about being cooped up together for a family road trip, but one blended family is about to find their fears met with pleasures in a whole new extreme.

Ryan loves his wife Brooke, even if he and his son Noah certainly don’t love the new health kick Brooke’s daughter Jamie has pulled her mother into. The two of them are quite constant in their exercising and eating and drinking right lately, something that even persists on a family travel across country for their fall break.

Leading the family, trying to further the bonds they have, particularly since his son Noah recently started college and his stepdaughter Jamie is a senior in high school. Life is moving fast and so a nice steadied trip by car seems the perfect solution, especially when opportunities come up like the one Ryan spotted at a recent gas station pit stop.

Unfortunately Ryan is the only member of the family that finds excitement in driving off into the unknown rural countryside, seeking out a local annual pumpkin festival.
Besides the bickering between the lovely yet hardheaded Jamie and his admittedly chauvinist son Noah, even Brooke is getting car cramped and the bad back roads are certainly not raising spirits any.

Finally, and just in time to save some sanity, the four find themselves pulling into the country event they were seeking, the large banner near tents and a barn proudly proclaiming Welcum ta Pump-kin Time!

Everyone seems to be at the event, crowds flocking to the entrance, many of the friendly locals happy to see some newcomers, quick to talk about how amazing their local cider is, even quicker to offer some to Brooke and her daughter.

As Brooke and Jamie insist on having the cider put in their own water bottles, just for safety and sanitary reasons, Ryan and his son are too busy noticing some distinct oddities about this October festival.

For one thing, there are hardly any pumpkins to be found, and for another, there are some fairly aggressive looking public displays of affection taking place, and often with large age gaps between the couples.

Just what is the secret behind Pump-kin Time? Could there be more to the odd way they have printed the words in their banners than just local lingo? The truth will be more shocking than anything, but for Ryan, no stop on their trip will bring the family quite so close together in quite as competitive a way.


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Hot Spots

Hot Spots by Kris P. Kreme

Hot Spots by Kris P. Kreme

A small ghost hunting team led by the bold redheaded beauty, Erica, and backed up by the equally levelheaded dark haired Justine is about to have a very successful investigation.

They always fear failure as a team but tonight they’d best get ready to find frightening fear in the success of finding undeniably paranormal evidence inside a home.

Cold spots are ghosts but hot spots are something much more powerful, and Erica and Justine are about to stumble right into the hottest spot around, coming out so much hotter in the end.

Erica has led her small team of paranormal investigators on many outings, and the most popular time of year to do so is during the cooling late hours of nights close to Halloween. For ghost hunters like Erica, the fear becomes a thrill, but this one investigation might just come with thrills none of them were expecting.

The truth is that only two members of the four member team are really genuinely there for investigative purposes, Erica and her friend Justine having the most passion for the hunt. Justine’s stepbrother, Lonnie, was drawn to the team by the secret love of Erica and Zane was pulled in by no less than lust for Justine.

For Lonnie’s part, crushing on a ghost hunter like Erica has at least given him the passion for research, and tonight he is very concerned about a recent thought-provoking article he read about hot spots.

Every ghost hunting team out there knows about cold spots, the supposed dramatic lowering of temperature in a space of a room associated with spirits drawing energy and heat away from the air. Though Lonnie feels that cold spots are not what they should be watching out for. Hot spots are apparently very dangerous, believed to be the presence of something inhuman, something that never existed on earth, nothing less than a demonic spirit.

Trying to impress upon the others the importance of the new findings in the article he read, Lonnie is sadly met with little respect. Erica knows he isn’t fully into the paranormal investigation scene and Justine of course knows her stepbrother is mostly after Erica’s attention. Zane is meanwhile too busy making jokes and trying to get Justine’s eye by using the totally wrong methods.

Sent outside by team leader, the fierce redheaded Erica, Lonnie and Zane are as usual dismissed from the serious beginnings to another ghost hunt. But as Lonnie and Zane check the perimeter, take some EVP recordings and get some digital pictures outside the home, inside Erica is about to discover that sometimes the less motivated team members might be best listened to.

In one of the bedrooms, using their thermal imaging camera, Erica discovers exactly what Lonnie had warned about. A hot spot is floating, roughly human shaped but suspended in space, warmer with brighter reds and yellows on the thermal camera.

First trying to debunk and dismiss the hot spot as a source of some warm ventilation, Erica and Justine find nothing. There just is no logical explanation, no normal one. They both know that where there is no normal explanation, whatever is left may just be paranormal and that is when Erica has the idea to record as Justine steps inside the hot spot, to see how it feels, make sure the reading isn’t a malfunction of the equipment.

It seems safe, seems perfectly valid to do so, Erica having led dozens or more investigations and never having had a problem, ghosts never able to harm a living person. The last thing she suspects is that the real danger isn’t from ghosts, as hot spots are not signs of ghosts and this hot spot has a taste for the paranormally perverse.

Something evil has set a trap, no different than a Venus fly trap and two pretty ghost hunting flies are about to get lured right into it, Justine and then Erica finding the hot spot enveloping them. Possessed by a presence they’ve never encountered before, both are soon very much interested in an all new investigation, ones where they investigate thoroughly just how much sexual punishment their bodies can take.

Some tales are tense and terrifying, others are titillating, but in the end the men of a small paranormal investigation team will find everything they ever wanted in a terrifyingly titillating tense night that takes them from spooky and cold all the way to the hottest of hot spots.


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How Pumped Are You?

How Pumped Are You? by Kris P. Kreme

How Pumped Are You? by Kris P. Kreme

Two men in suits are outside the Halloween Haunts specialty store, surveying random shoppers with only one simple question.

“How pumped are you?”

These men may not be what they seem and the question certainly is far from simple as upon answering each finds that being pumped can be taken so many different ways, but in the end they truly are nothing less than taken.

Readers Scare Month surprises with some unexpected guests, bringing expected chaos.

Halloween was always one of the most popular retail seasons, a rare time with Halloween specialty stores did exceptional business, crowds in and out all day. One specialty store though has something scarier happening outside the doors than inside this year.

Two odd men in suits stand outside the Halloween Haunts superstore, accompanied by little more than a bunch of brightly colored balloons, often lost among the huge Halloween yard decorations on display in the parking lot. They are calling out to customers, only asking for a moment of their time and posing one simple question.

“How pumped are you?” they ask, leaving whoever they ask to interpret the question for themselves, most simply confused and ignoring the strange men on their way to or from the popular holiday themed store.

Those unfortunate enough to fall prey to the seemingly harmless men and their question include a young woman dressed in ballerina costume, a girl who after shrugging and saying she’s super pumped, finds that being light on her feet can truly be a humiliating horrifying way to go… up into the sky that is.

Assisted only by their mysteriously large air compressor the men are only waiting for an answer, then offering to quite literally pump everyone up in various forms.
A man and his wife, as well as a pretty sorority girl are helpless against the impending changes coming their way, changes that can only be described as pumped up fun of one variation or another.

But just who are these two remarkably ordinary looking men and are they even men at all? Find out in the twisted tale that will definitely keep readers pumped about where Readers Scare Month is taking them.


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Jack is Back

Jack is Back by Kris P. Kreme

Jack is Back by Kris P. Kreme

Jack O’lantern became who he is countless years ago, cursed and trapped within the innocent looking form of a jack-o-lantern.

Now he corrupts all innocence with a glance, women driven into immediate fits of depraved perversity as they lock eyes with his glowing flame.

This year he is decor for an otherwise ordinary Halloween festival, but for Jason and Deanna, it’s going to be anything but ordinary.

Countless years ago Jack was cursed and transformed, turned into a vessel of corruption for innocence, able to change any truly harmless and hopeful woman with just a glance of their gaze into his glowing jack-o-lantern eyes.

Over time the corruption of others has corrupted him. One look into Jack O’lantern’s smiling and seemingly harmless face, one look into the flames that eternally glow within, and all innocence is lost forever, all inhibitions gone, a driving urge that cannot be denied to defile and deprave themselves lower than ever imagined.

This year, Jack is back, and he finds himself having somehow ended up as decor at a Halloween festival, where games won’t be the only thing played, and rides want be the only thing ridden.

Jason and Deanna have been together a while but Jason clearly has different goals for where there relationship is headed than Deanna. He is looking more to a future with Deanna as mother to his children where Deanna wants to have her own say in the matter, and hates feeling like the only place for her in Jason’s life is on her back.

The Halloween festival was a nice date until he started bringing up sore subjects and now Deanna would rather look anywhere but Jason’s eyes. That is when she suddenly sees the little jack-o-lantern, just an ordinary looking Halloween decoration, and yet the feelings coming over her are anything but ordinary.

Instantly Deanna is rethinking everything about Jason’s wishes, rethinking just why she ever would have wanted to be treated as an actual person when she’s just a pussy to knock up, just a bitch to get fucked. Desperately and practically attacking Jason, Deanna is now all in on his plans, though not for any future date. She wants it right now, right this very minute.

Will Jason give in and give her what the corrupted Deanna wants? Will she find others to give her what Jason only wants but can’t seem to man up and provide? Find out when Readers Scare Month revisits an old inanimate friend. It’s Halloween and this year, Jack is Back.


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There Goes The Neighborhood

There Goes The Neighborhood by Kris P. Kreme

There Goes The Neighborhood by Kris P. Kreme

Three best friends are chatting outside their homes one evening, ignoring the crazy lady across the street who always watches from her window.

There’s much more than gossip in the air tonight though, a meteor or something scaring them all and crashing in the woods nearby.

Chasing it down, to their amazement they find aliens, but are zapped with alien technology and told to go home and forget what they saw.

The problem is, the aliens have left them highly suggestible, both mentally and physically and now commonly said things are turning their lives upside down.

In the typical suburban neighborhood everyone knows Berta Jones, the woman constantly spying on everyone else through the windows in her home. She’s nosy and annoying but everyone just puts up with it and ignores her, a tactic even her husband Hank has mastered. Tonight though something is about to be seen that can never be explained nor believed, and it’s taking the whole neighborhood with it.

Carmen, Abigail, and Maggie have grown up in the neighborhood together, risen through to the cusp of adulthood, three seniors and best friends at the local high school. Each of them has their own unique personalities, whether it’s the exotic Carmen dealing with an overbearing stepfather, the spoiled yet sweet Abigail who enjoys being an only child, or the frustrated Maggie whose stepbrother Van is becoming more of a nuisance each and every day. They all enjoy their time together, chatting one evening on the lawn outside, fully aware that batty Berta is staring their way as usual.

A huge sonic boom and flaming fire from the sky above changes everything, and sends the girls diving for cover as something crashes into the forest nearby. Fearful that it could have been a plane, though assuming it was a meteor, the three curious teenage girls go running off into the woods to investigate as Berta tries to convince her disbelieving husband of what she saw.

Most it seems are easily writing off the sound, the crash, as nothing more than some low flying plane, possibly a military jet on maneuvers, but the girls are finding the absolute last thing they ever expected.

Aliens have crashed outside the neighborhood, and two odd little creepy looking men are currently working on repairs to their glowing spherical ship. Immediately upon being spotted, one of the little aliens loads a strange cylinder device and fires a bright beam at each of the girls, shocking and freezing them instantly.

As the creatures determine the local language by tapping into the teenagers’ minds, they reveal that they too are just adolescents out for a spin in Dad’s ship. Of course they can’t get caught so they offer a simple treatment, mind manipulation by just informing the girls that they are to return home remembering nothing of what they saw or what happened here.

It’s an easy solution with one slight flaw, the beam they used to make the girls both physically and mentally suggestible doesn’t wear off right away and as Carmen, Abigail, and Maggie return home, they find that anything spoken to them in even a slight suggested way becomes instantly true.

When Abigail is told by her father to hop to it on her homework, she literally can’t stop hopping. When Maggie is told she sucks by her annoying bratty stepbrother, she finds her body literally turning into a sucking machine, no less than the best vacuum on the market. And when Carmen hears her overbearing stepfather complain to her mom that her daughter is an idiot, she finds her once bright young mind popping into dull stupidity and a simpleness she has never known before.

Simple often overlooked turns of phrase are turning three best friends into freaks and bimbos and the neighborhood unknowingly is descending into chaos at the hands of aliens who simply want to fix their ship and get out of there.

Ultimately it’s summed up best in the ramblings of the neighborhood gossip who witnesses so much of the chaos. There Goes the Neighborhood.


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Virtually Innocent

Virtually Innocent by Kris P. Kreme

Virtually Innocent by Kris P. Kreme

Shy virginal Autumn liked living alone in her apartment before the creepy new guys moved into the building. Now she just wants to escape their leering looks.

Virtual Escape offers the solution, a newly available advanced program that connects someone to a virtual world like never before.

It all seems fun until Autumn encounters her virtual duplicate in the imagined computer generated world and witnesses what a whore she can truly be.

Autumn has always been a shy girl, especially as long as she has lived in her apartment. Most of the time, these past three years, she just keeps to herself, quiet and content, but after her closest neighbors moved in recent months they were replaced by men who give her the creeps.

There’s Burt, the creepy guy old enough to be her father but unafraid of being caught leering at her or smiling a very unsettling gaze in her direction every time she comes home. Then there’s Billy, more subtle, in her age range, but unnerving in the lengths he will go to just to be alone with her.

For the most part, avoiding the men is the best reaction, and the least confrontational which Autumn prefers, having never been one to just aggressively deal with fears or troubles.

It’s this very thought process which has Autumn so excited as she gets the mail one brisk October day, a brand new computer program arriving that she has been eagerly waiting on. Avoiding anxious and fear inducing situations can be easy cooped up in her apartment but it also can be boring.

Virtual Escape offers the solution, a program she found out about online, having always been a bit of a techie despite her model good looks. Autumn read about it originally being for military use, applied to advanced virtual world training, an advanced form of virtual reality never before seen on the home market.

Using Virtual Escape, one simply runs the program while connecting medical monitoring pads to their temples and closing their eyes. The virtual reality comes in the form of lucid dreams activated while awake and connected to the program. Basically Autumn can literally take a trip inside her mind, go somewhere, anywhere she can imagine, without ever leaving the apartment.

It’s the perfect thing for a girl with creepy neighbors who stare at her like a piece of meat all the time. She is safe in her apartment and ready to explore new worlds.

Firing up her laptop, connecting the medical monitoring pads, Autumn dives right into the virtual world, finding herself on a street in a city, a true sense of being outside. It’s so real, so incredibly vivid with only the barest hints that it’s just a composition of electronic virtual environment and her own imagination.

She can talk, interact, go anywhere she wants and the variety of seemingly real characters to see is amazing, no repeats of the same person which definitely is impressive for a computer program.

As she walks along from the city streets to a park, Autumn suddenly becomes nervous as she hears a woman cry out. For the most part the virtual characters seem silent, but one of them is out there screaming, and the closer she gets, the more she realizes the screams are moans and this woman isn’t in distress at all.

Around the back of a virtual building in the virtual park, Autumn is shocked to find a virtual woman getting somewhat violently fucked from behind. As she stands and just watches, the man finishes up his climax and rather stiffly steps aside with lifeless eyes as another man takes his place, the woman getting one fucking after another, only moaning and crying out for more.

It isn’t until Autumn gets a close look at the woman’s face, mostly hidden behind her thrashing hair, that her virtual reality comes crashing down around her.
The woman is the mirror image duplicate of Autumn herself, doing horrible perverse things an innocent shy girl like Autumn never would dream of… at least she doesn’t think she would. The world is supposed to come from her own mind and thoughts, but could this really be somewhere locked inside her?

As the duplicate Autumn notices the genuine article watching her, taunting begins, continued depraved acts impossible in the real world, actions clearly intended to further abuse Autumn and make her only more shocked and horrified.

What began as a fun escape is quickly becoming an escape from sanity, but will Autumn survive it? Find out just how real the changes from a virtual world can be when Readers Scare Month frightens with the advancement of technology and our own hidden fantasies.


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Elevated Anxiety

Elevated Anxiety by Kris P. Kreme

Elevated Anxiety by Kris P. Kreme

Dressed as a sexy maid, eighteen year old Harmony was just sneaking out to a costume party some cool kids are throwing from school. Of course sneaking out from a high rise apartment can be difficult, especially when you become trapped on a broken down elevator with a stranger.

Is the stranger, a man named Randall, as friendly as he seems, or will Harmony soon find herself becoming much more friendly than she ever normally would, especially to a stranger?

The biggest fears Harmony has are about to be realized all at once, though her priorities are not on fears but on avoiding getting caught as she sneaks out of her parent’s downtown apartment to hit a popular costume party the social elite in her school are throwing.

Harmony never had issues sneaking out when she and her parents lived in the suburbs, but that was back as a freshman and now she’s a senior, and worse her parents moved to a high rise apartment in the city which means sneaking out takes that much longer and there are that many more chances of getting caught.

Unfortunately for Harmony tonight, she won’t be caught by her parents but by something and someone totally different. The first is quite simply her worst fear, the elevator. If anything could go wrong and ruin her night of intended costumed fun, it’s a breakdown in the elevator and that is precisely what occurs midway down from the tenth floor.

Harmony finds herself trapped on an elevator dressed as a sexy maid, and she isn’t alone. At least the man seems friendly enough, certainly not as bad as if she’d been trapped with her parents or some creepy pervert.

Randall is a nice guy, joking and kidding, seeming to handle stress better than Harmony does. Living on twelve, he was only on the elevator so late at night because that is when he works, late at night, however as they begin to talk more during the frustration of the wait for help, Harmony notices that maybe there’s more to Randall than she first suspected.

As Harmony gets extremely sore in the heels of her costume, Randall’s offer of helping seems a bit odd to say the least, offering to carry her weight for a short while, basically holding her up so her feet can rest. Something about it seems off, but Harmony just isn’t fully aware what that might be, what might be the problem as Randall seems so genuinely disarming and friendly.

Much more than anxieties get elevated as her plans for a night of fun dressed in costume take a distinctly more adult twist, an adult named Randall guiding the way. But is there more to Randall than just his being fortunate enough to get trapped on the elevator with Harmony? Find out in the claustrophobic tale that demonstrates even the worst fears can be fun this Readers Scare Month.


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Traffic Bombed

Traffic Bombed by Kris P. Kreme

Traffic Bombed by Kris P. Kreme

Traffic alert message boards are intended to help those on the road, but for a bunch of motorists in standstill traffic on the freeway the message boards are about to carry a very special alert.

You have been Traffic Bombed, and everyone from kids headed to a fancy party to a blended family heading for a Halloween Costume Ball are about to discover just how much in car entertainment they can have… with each other.

Bimbo Bombed takes to the road for Readers Scare Month.

Traffic can be a real nightmare, particularly on the roads no one can easily turn off of. On a Saturday in October when everyone is heading somewhere, traffic has come to a complete standstill for many travelers.

There are three friends on their way across town to a fancy party, dressed in their best, and riding unfortunately in a tiny sports car, at least one of them feeling more than a little cramped. Don, Seth, and Wila have been friends since childhood, but Don isn’t liking the tiny passenger seat just sitting in a parking lot on the road.

As Willa tries to reassure them that traffic is moving at least a little, the next vehicle over, Lucy and Norman are nothing but enthused about the Halloween Costume Ball they are going to with Lucy’s daughter Jennifer. Sure the traffic is a nuisance but Norman isn’t letting much bother him, his wife, his stepdaughter, both taking it easy, all three of them dressed as pirates, or as in the case of Jennifer pirate wenches.

Life is at a standstill and no one knows what the traffic jam is caused by, especially thanks to the apparently busted traffic message board suspended over the road ahead.

But is it truly busted? What happens when a message suddenly appears for just a brief time, a message that Wila looks up and sees, that Lucy and her daughter both gasp and stare at, a message so disconcerting that they can’t even say much about it, shocked that someone has printed such a message where so many can see it.

According to the message, they all have been Traffic Bombed. All women stuck in traffic should begin providing in car entertainment or else become the biggest slut they can imagine in just one minute.

The message scrolls across the board, and after a minute, the sign goes back to blank and blinking. Blank and blinking is just the looks coming over Wila, Lucy, and Jennifer seconds later as their fellow passengers notice the odd behavior.

Traffic has just gone from bad to worse, but this is one traffic jam no one will end up minding all that much, especially when Wila is going wild for her two closest friends, closer than ever soon enough. And of course, especially when Norman suddenly has a couple of slutty pirate costumed women begging him to rape and pillage them, to truly be the gruff man who takes what he wants and enjoy their bountiful chests like a treasure he’s just swindled.

As woman on the freeway will soon be finding out, sometimes you get stuck in the traffic and sometimes the traffic gets stuck in you.


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Revving Her Engine

Revving Her Engine by Kris P. Kreme

Revving Her Engine by Kris P. Kreme

Many avoid the interstates altogether for fear of breaking down there and so Readers Scare Month takes readers on a road trip to madness and mayhem with Winnifred J. Vandamere.

She was simply heading to a meeting for her father, treated as little more than the eye candy to distract while he talked business with some rivals.

Interstate 13 has a history though, everything from lurid encounters to odd electrical occurrences and poor Winnie is about to get a bit of both, finding that sometimes dressing like a bimbo is just asking to become one.

Today definitely isn’t the best day for Winnifred J. Vandamere, the wealthy and successful daughter of a corporate giant. It’s always been bad enough that her father never seemed to respect her as an equal in his company, when she was top of her class and easily is smarter than the CEOs of many rival corporations. Today though is worse.

Winnifred finds herself stuck in the breakdown lane on Interstate 13, having dressed in her best distracting outfit, talked into yet another lunch meeting with rivals where her father would handle the business side of things as Winnifred was relegated to just serving as eye candy.

It’s icing on the cake of her horrible day that she has repeatedly told her father about this damn SUV and how it seems to have constant issues. As with pretty much anything practical and informative that Winnifred brings to the table, her father never paid much attention, focused on his business dealings and seeing her only as a tool of distraction, something to use and not a real person who can contribute.

The fact it’s Interstate 13 is just the topper to everything, the stretch of road rumored to be the site of mysterious lights, strange electrical fields, abductions, and disappearances over the years. It’s any girl’s worst fear to be stuck alone on the side of the road, but especially this road, which is dangerous enough simply from the passing big rigs and speeding traffic.

What seems destined to be the most unlucky day ever has a turn though when an old truck pulls up to help, a very friendly giant of a man named Theo offering to provide Winnifred with a jump, at least to see if it might get her started so she can get off the dangerous road.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and Theo is pretty much the size of a horse, Winnifred quickly agrees, getting inside the car and waiting for Theo to give her the sign to crank the engine.

All the urban myths about Interstate 13, about strange electrical phenomena, everything comes to mind as Winnifred turns the key. It isn’t simply a static charge that startles the bright young business woman, it’s a downright electrocution and Theo isn’t aware at all, head under the hood of the stalled SUV, making sure the cables are good and using his mechanic knowledge to rev the engine, make sure it’s running well.

With every rev, jolts of electricity surge into Winnifred, thoughts popping away inside her, memories fading, her mind dulling quite literally from the brilliant intelligence she once had.

They say strange things happen on Interstate 13, and Winnifred J. Vandamere is about to become one of them. But is there more to her being there? Was this all planned and was she set up? Will she get her engine revving in more ways than one?

Find out in the Readers Scare Month tale that demonstrates just how terrifying it can be to break down on a stormy afternoon with that certain charge in the air.


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Dawn of the Brain Dead

Dawn of the Brain Dead by Kris P. Kreme

Dawn of the Brain Dead by Kris P. Kreme

Dawn is having one hell of a morning, particularly after the intelligent woman receives an urgent plea to chat online from one of her more nutty friends.

Her friend Greta claims that the unexplained disappearances lately of successful intelligent women all over the world is caused by reality television.

Apparently television has finally become so mindless it is literally killing women’s brains, leaving them empty lifeless lumbering bimbos, or zimbos as she calls them.

Is this all just crazy rambling paranoia, or will Dawn truly rise to believe and become what she never wanted?

Dawn has never been all that much of an early morning person, definitely a bit of the lumbering zombie in her. Today though she has no idea just how true such a fact about herself that will become.

She was always a very intelligent highly motivated woman, as far back as she can remember, and today as she is getting her morning coffee, just one thing is baffling her intelligent mind and it’s the latest news on satellite radio.

Lately it seems there have been more and more of what has generally become known as adult amber alerts, mysterious disappearances of high profile women, women who are heads of corporations, brilliant scientists, and other successful females.

As she’s only just really waking up, Dawn’s laptop notifies her that a friend wants to chat and she’s fine with that, even if Dawn knows this specific friend, Greta, can be a bit bizarre and a true worrywart about things she half the time is simply imagining.

Today though Greta is much more serious seeming, asking strange questions of Dawn, concerned that something may have happened to her, something the news hasn’t covered but something that might just tie together all the oddness in the world lately, particularly the adult amber alerts for attractive intelligent and successful women.

Video chatting with her friend, Greta, the woman seems freaked out, relieved to see that Dawn is still Dawn, but the morning is about to get stranger and possibly sillier as Greta launches into an overly amped up warning for Dawn. Watch out for reality TV, she says. It is turning women stupid and killing their brains.

Assuming her friend to have finally slipped off into the deep end of bizarre conspiracies, Dawn sips her coffee, simply waking up as Greta continues. She explains that for years everyone claimed that TV rotted the brain and that reality TV came along and sped up the process. She says that all over the news those famous and successful women vanishing mysteriously were somehow connected to reality TV.

Whether it’s being featured on a reality show, coming down hard in the news against it, or just watching it, all of the major disappearances are related and it seems to be striking attractive intelligent women first.

Having a cheerleader mother and athletic father, Dawn always had good looks, and that was why Greta was concerned. Of course Dawn isn’t taking much of this seriously, the very idea of it all ridiculous, particularly when Greta claims that what women are succumbing to is Zimboism, or the simple state of becoming a zimbo.

As she explains it, there have been recoveries, unreported in public news. Some of the women have begun to turn up and they are no longer themselves, reduced from the intelligent females they once were to crazed mindless hungering sluts, brainless bimbos desperate for sex. According to sources online that only a conspiracy nut like Greta would find, the women are literally brain dead, no activity, only the endless hunger to feed but not on food, simply on sex in every form.

It isn’t until later when Dawn is getting dressed casually for what she plans to just be a quiet day off around the house, that her nutty friend’s warning is realized. Pulling on her jeans, she accidentally knocks the television remote in her bedroom onto the floor and inadvertently changes the station.

What it changes to will change everything and bring a whole new Dawn to life, a literal awakening inside her as her most prized quality suffers an immediate demise.

They’ve said it for years, television is mindless. Now prepare to welcome an all new Dawn. Zimbos are real and one of them will be Dawn of the Brain Dead.


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SINtendo Camera

SINtendo Camera by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Camera by Kris P. Kreme

Constance is prepared for the unwanted task of cleaning up her stepson’s room while he’s at school. What she isn’t prepared for is an unexpected appearance on his television, thanks to inadvertently kicking his video game controller.

She’s caught on the SINtendo Camera, and curiosity gets the best of her, impressive changes she makes to herself onscreen ultimately leaving the well intended stepmother much dirtier than the room she came to clean.

Readers Scare Month takes readers to a new level in the game of fear with yet another SINtendo special.

The last thing Constance wanted to spend her day doing was cleaning up her eighteen year old stepson’s room. Alex takes after his father and while she certainly doesn’t mind her husband Daniel being carefree and easygoing, she can’t stand it in Alex.

The messy room is made worse by the fact she has guests over occasionally and with the split entrance to their home, no one can avoid looking down and seeing the chaotic room where clothing, trash, and who knows what is strewn everywhere.

As she heads in full speed, tossing trash in trash bags, carefully grabbing the unpleasant but typical dirty magazines and stacking them neatly on Alex’s dresser, Constance realizes that unlike his father, Alex seems to just lack the drive and ambition. For him the easygoing life is all there is, and he seems to never socialize, never date, and spend all his time playing video games in his room.

Accidentally kicking a game controller that was hidden beneath some magazines, Constance is about to come face to face with much more than just Alex’s favorite game system. She’s about to come face to face with herself.

The television has glowed back to life, clearly not turned off and simply in sleep mode as Alex is off at school for the day, but she never anticipated seeing herself on the big screen and no matter what buttons she pushes on the controller, the image doesn’t change, constantly focused on her as she moves about the room.

Giving up, Constance resolves to just clean up and leave, ignoring the slight feeling of being watched as one gets when constantly on camera. Of course much more is happening than a simple camera on Constance, something made much clearer when she is carrying a bag of trash out and notices that there are written labels appearing on the television screen, overlaying her and many of the things she has been collecting and cleaning.

The flashing words beneath her very own name draw Constance back to the mysterious SINtendo game system Alex has, words which simply ask one question. Do you wish to make changes?

Before Constance knows it, she is playing with the controller, sidetracked and watching some impressive visual effects overlay her image on the screen. Like some photo manipulation software on computer, the SINtendo Camera appears to be able to enhance her look, remove her flaws, even make her mirror image look younger.
But what happens when Constance looks down at herself and finds the changes haven’t just been happening on the screen?

Confused, horrified, and embarrassed, Constance is quick to close out her session with SINtendo Camera but in doing so, what happens when she merges all the labels on screen, everything from dirty magazines to trash bags and of course Constance herself?

Find out when Alex gets home and discovers that sometimes an unwanted cleaning can make things downright dirty, but only in the best way thanks to SINtendo Camera.


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Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex

Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex by Kris P. Kreme

When Donnie’s ex, a demoness from hell, shows up ready to help sell costumes during his busiest season, dimwitted Donnie is fine with it.

Trusting and clueless, Donnie never imagines that her true motive is revenge on Donnie the best way she knows how, by torturing and ruining what he loves most, humans.

This Halloween season, the costumes won’t even need to be worn for the hellish magic to work some wonders. Readers Scare Month reminds readers never to anger an ex who happens to be truly demonic.

Everyone’s favorite time of the year naturally means everyone’s favorite dimwitted but lovable lug of a demon is back and this year is extra special for Donnie’s Costume Castle.

He’s always done well selling costumes, even if so many of his customers from the local college seem to change their life plans so drastically after visiting his store. This year though, he’s had a most unexpected face from his past come crawling up from hell for a visit and she’s taking over the sales floor, leaving Donnie to his favorite snacks by the door.

Donnie the Demon never much cared for hell, having only dated one demoness a long time ago. Trust Donnie to be too clueless to realize that Desda might not be a demoness of good intentions, particularly feeling dumped by Donnie due to his love of humanity and the life up above.

Unknown to the simple fool, Desda isn’t here to help his sales. She isn’t working the floor to sell to the customers. Desda is here for one reason and one reason only, revenge.

Desda has finally escaped hell and just in time for that part of the year when humans just love getting all dressed up, Halloween. Those humans Donnie loves so much have been corrupted in the past by the joking demonic bullies, Melgrim and Grimmel, but this year those two have been cleared out, as no one stands in the way of what Desda wants.

Where their pranks in the past were twisted and funny, Desda has a much more cruel torture in mind, a corruption of much more than the minds of the customers but a corruption of their bodies and souls, no costumes needed.

For some unfortunate local university students, Desda is about to make their fantasies and nightmares come true simultaneously, without a moment’s notice.

Mitchell and Will are guys who think they have a plan to finally score with their favorite three chicks, girls who have a truly obvious love for nature. Two blondes and a redhead, Lynn, Ivy, and Shay are easily swayed into visiting the costume shop, with hopes of finding an earthy green costume to match their deepest passion. When Desda finds them though, passions will be deeper and darker than ever imagined.

Will Mitchell and Will get what they want from the girls? Will Ivy get rooted to her choice of costume before she even puts it on? Will Lynn discover that choosing a frog costume has her jumping out of her shirt? And what about Shay, who can’t seem to find a costume; will she find out how much that can really suck?

Find out in the all new twisted tale of terror and torture, courtesy of Desda the Ex, as Donnie happily enjoys another Halloween with the tastiest treats besides his customers, mini-pizzas.

Readers Scare Month reminds you that a rejected ex is fuel for both fire and fear, particularly when that ex just happens to be a demoness from hell.


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Midnight at Moo Mall

Midnight at Moo Mall by Kris P. Kreme

Midnight at Moo Mall by Kris P. Kreme

On an exotic island in the South Pacific, Moon Mall has many tales of the eerie and bizarre. Since it was built strange things happen in the late hours of night.

With hours extended and hardly anyone shopping during the Halloween season, two arrogant and selfish women are about to find that not all evil spirits go BOO!

Sometimes they prefer not to speak at all… and make you go Moo! Readers Scare Month takes readers on an all new paranormal trip, one where no possessions are left behind.

There are so many tales told of exotic islands in the South Pacific, some of sea creatures, others of the more paranormal variety. One such locale is perhaps the most surprising to hear and yet far too common in a modernizing world.

Moon Mall was haunted long before anything actually happened to prove it. When workers cleared the jungle site to build it and found mysterious stones, carved with unknown markings, many claimed it was burial markers, cemetery stones, but nobody who mattered paid much mind to their fears.

The stones were taken to a museum, the mall completed as scheduled and barely another thought was given to restless spirits or desecrated bodies that may or may not have been underneath.

For two decades the tales of odd occurrences grew, the legend of Moon Mall growing among many locals, becoming a spooky story for the modernizing American territory residents. Back in the States they may have startling tales of ghosts and spirits, but Moon Mall was real, exotic, and as such its tales were always a bit different than the norm.

People would vanish, particularly at night, be heard one second, gone the next, often with pens they had held laying where they stood. Unfortunately no one ever connected the dots to see the truth, that all the strongest evidence, all the strangest occurrences took place when the moon was high overhead, in the darkness of night.

The spirits of Moon Mall are strongest in the night, and this October a regrettable decision has been made to extend mall hours well past midnight. For the most part it’s regrettable only because no one shops at the mall past the usual closing time of 8. But for two somewhat moody and arrogant local women, Moon Mall is about to set them straight… on a path to better attitudes and darker destinies.

Wee Ying, or Ms. Wee to many where she worked, is a young professional with as far more attitude than her diminutive frame should hold. She is perfect in her eyes, intolerant of almost anyone else, and as far as she is concerned, the most superior female professional to ever walk the earth.

In truth she is an office girl but the way she bitches and acts so high and mighty, everyone would assume she ran the place. Tonight though, a simple twist of fate is sending her unexpectedly to Moon Mall after a late night encounter with some drunken idiot tourists results in a ruined business blouse she simply must replace right away.

Meanwhile, Denise Lee, another local and a salesgirl forced to stay much later than usual at a high dollar clothing store in Moon Mall is about to discover some jobs have benefits you never asked for. If ever there was an island beauty contest, Denise Lee might just win it, but her beauty is literally skin deep.

An ugly soul and a horrible attitude means she looks down on everyone and the late hours alone in a store doing hardly any serious business means that she isn’t much better to deal with.

In Moon Mall the mysterious powers of paranormal grow strongest with a moon overhead and tonight two new entries into the spooky stories about it will be added.

Are the mannequins breathing behind Wee Ying as the exotic young professional finds the blouse she needs? Are they moving in the corner of her vision? The truth may just be as terrifying as it is pleasurable in the end, as she quickly finds that her arrogance and attitude can quite literally be milked out of her.

Is something up with Denise’s register drawer, the otherwise inanimate item seeming to lash out at her before she can offer one of her usual tongue lashings to a fellow employee of Moon Mall? Having always looked down on everyone, the true irony is that the mall seems to want her being looked down, brought literally to her knees.

Tonight it seems, Moon Mall may well be known by the name the sign outside reads, the N in Moon flickering to darkness. While no one may ever know what fully happened once the morning comes, during the darkest hours of night, plenty of milking may happen, both from a bitchy salesgirl finding out where her true place is milking and squeezing to please those she once hated, and from a once petite professional with a huge attitude getting an all new lesson in animal humility.

Some spooky tales are anything but normal and Midnight at Moo Mall is downright paranormal. Discover the exotic side of fear and the truly possessing quality of angry spirits setting right those whose own spirits are selfish. Readers Scare Month continues to scare up all original fears in only the most moan inducing manner.


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SINtendo DLS

SINtendo DLS by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo DLS by Kris P. Kreme

Terrified not just of making a bad impression, Nate is scared of his girlfriend, Miranda’s father. The man gives good reason as a hard nosed cop.

However, after Miranda clicks on what she believes is downloadable content sent to Nate while he’s getting cleaned up to leave, she might just find herself more interested in getting her nose in a hard cock than anything remotely law abiding.

Readers Scare Month begins, and some fears are not a game, especially when SINtendo is involved.

Nate is more than a little nervous about going with his girlfriend to meet her parents for lunch. There’s very good reason that one of his biggest fears is the man Miranda calls dad and not the least of which is the fact he’s a man who always carries a gun.

As if naming his only daughter Miranda isn’t enough of a clue, Nate’s girlfriend is the little girl of a cop and as such she is always a good girl. Nate fully respects her, cares for her, and has no doubt of her good nature, but her father scares the hell out of him.

In fact the biggest fear Nate has this spooky month of October isn’t ghosts and goblins or ghouls that haunt his nightmares. The biggest fear is an angry cop waiting at the family country club for a personal lunch with his good little girl and her boyfriend.

Struggling with his tie, trying to look his absolute best, Miranda is getting a little concerned they will be late. As she is talking him down from the edge of anxiety, Miranda happens to be standing near Nate’s computer when a friend of his online messages him.

Nate is too busy to respond but tells her it’s probably just a guy named Kevin that he met online, a guy who seems more into gaming than even Nate is and has offered some special downloadable content.

Miranda’s only confusion is what DLS stands for. Asking Nate about the message, he simply calls out assuring her that it’s DLC, short for downloadable content. Kevin had mentioned sending something about sending it and since it might take awhile to download anyway, she might as well click it and start the process while they rush over to be on time for his face to face time with the most intimidating man he knows.

What neither of them could possibly know is that by the simple act of clicking that mouse, Miranda’s world is going to be turned upside down, and Nate will face fears he never imagined, though surprisingly in a quite positive mood.

What begins as some fidgeting and subtle groping of herself in the car quickly escalates until it is quite obvious something is up with the always good cop’s daughter.

Something is happening with every mile they drive, with every minute that passes, something only noted on an unseen progress bar on his computer back at his apartment.

By the time they reach the classy club for lunch, Miranda may be interested in doing things with little or no class considered. In police lingo, the Miranda refers to rights, but for Nate’s girlfriend, Miranda will be doing many wrongs before this day is over.

Let the fear of Readers Scare Month begin with one of the most basic, the fear of a girlfriend’s father and yet a fear that sometimes can’t be avoided because in the world of SINtendo, sometimes you aren’t just afraid, sometimes you’re fucked.


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Massaging Up Morale

Massaging Up Morale by Kris P. Kreme

Massaging Up Morale by Kris P. Kreme

Hoping to boost the morale of employees, Griffin has purchased fancy new chairs.

These chairs, Leathertech Automassagers, adapt to whoever sits in them, providing the perfect massage. Unfortunately even a fancy chair can’t solve the problem of a bitchy production manager like Courtney, can it?

When two employees play a prank and turn the intensity dial on her chair as high as it will go, past safety levels, the intelligence might just get massaged and shocked right out of her, leaving Courtney truly ready to boost every man’s morale.

In the corporate world morale is everything, especially in an office environment where cubicle life can be tedious, crowded, and stressful for the lowest of employees. As the manager of one such business, Griffin has always sought to do best by his employees, to keep morale safely high enough to avoid any lags in production and efficiency.

Such was the reason he hired Courtney, a brilliant and stunning redhead with all the intelligence and qualifications to manage over production. Barely a year in as production manager and Courtney has successfully killed morale, her beauty often first seen but seldom remembered as her cold and ruthless attitude towards the employees kills any benefits of having her around.

Unfortunately there is no recourse to fire her, Courtney having done no wrong technically, only guilty of being a bitch and making the primarily male employee’s lives miserable. Thus Griffin believes he may just have come up with the ultimate solution, though even he is quick to believe that there’s little hope his idea might fully solve the Courtney problem in the office.

An entire shipment of Leathertech Automassage chairs has just arrived, highly expensive and advanced smart massagers to replace each and every chair in the building. Every employee will have one, and according to the company, these chairs once set up feature a smart sensor array within the seat that detects and responds to countless stimuli from the user. They adapt and can react to stress, tense muscles, uncomfortable seating, general daily nuisances which never help the overall morale of people spending so much time staring at a computer.

The only hope is that somehow these generous new technological marvels in seating will distract everyone from just how annoying the bitchy know-it-all Courtney can be. Leaving diligent employees, Cal and Ted, at the loading dock to assemble and distribute the fancy chairs, Griffin returns upstairs, unaware that there is a decent if fairly easy amount of work to be done in basic assembly. One such task neither Cal nor Ted were expecting, particularly from something proclaimed to be an Automassager, is the required intensity setting adjustments they need to make to each chair before zipping up the back leather cover and placing the chairs out for use.

The funny little stick figure diagrams seem to warn that the intensity settings should never be set too high or else some sort of head injury might occur, but there’s no way of telling what sort of injury the warning speaks of. It literally is as simple as a stick figure in the chair with little lightning bolts around the head. Assuming it’s just a risk of mild electric shock, the chairs having three prong plugs, neither Cal nor Ted feels too bad at plotting a little revenge on the one and only Courtney who’s barely at work that day and already jumping on their case about productivity.

Having demanded they hurry up and bring her chair to her office so she can get right to work, Cal and Ted hide their amusement and turn the intensity dial inside the back of the chair all the way up, as far as it can go, hoping that she gets a nice healthy zap when she sits down in it. It certainly isn’t going to make up for everything she does to make life in the office hell but it also won’t hurt any.

Walking into her office shortly after, Courtney realizes the moronic employees didn’t even plug her fancy new chair in. With a roll of the eyes, she plugs it in and takes a seat, instantly getting one hell of an intense jolt straight up her entire body, along with the most intense and thorough massage of her life.

Attempting to move is impossible, the Automassager literally frying her insides with electrical surges, pulsing in time with the massaging motors within the chair. She thrashes wildly, losing focus, feeling her thoughts grow hazy and as suddenly as the pain struck her, the feeling changes to perhaps the most pleasurable sensation the uptight woman with a disregard for men has ever felt.

Unknown to Courtney, Griffin is planning a confrontation with her about the attitude she has had with the employees, finally ready to stand up for the men whose morale he is trying to boost. What awaits him when he walks in the former fierce professional’s office and finds a drooling pleasured bimbo in her place is anything but a routine day at the office.

For those whose work life has been hell, Courtney was never much of a morale booster but one way or another the new fancy high tech chairs in the office are definitely going to see to it that morale will never suffer again and Courtney will personally see to it.


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Sunny Dispositions

SunnyDispositions by Kris P. Kreme

Sunny Dispositions by Kris P. Kreme

Lauren is eighteen and going through what her parents desperately hope is just a goth phase. Dark makeup, dark hair, dark attitude; it all proves too much for Melanie her mom.

Melanie and her husband Ben decide to try some parent trickery by replacing Lauren’s sunscreen she uses each day with a product called Sunny Dispositions. Reportedly it has a blend of natural ingredients to improve attitude and social behavior.

Over the next month, Lauren becomes more than just social. She becomes the most popular girl on their block, for all the wrong reasons.

Both Melanie and her husband Ben have been increasingly concerned over their eighteen year old daughter Lauren lately. It’s her senior year and unlike so many other girls in the neighborhood her age, she’s become moody and unsocial, keeping to herself, hardly even talking to friends much less her parents.

Where Melanie would have shined at Lauren’s age, popular and healthy, a center of attention with positive attitudes about just about everything in life, Lauren has been going through some goth phase, dying her hair black, staying so out of the sun that she looks even paler than her already naturally pale complexion. She’s moody and alone, hardly even saying a few words before spending most time alone in her equally dark and drab room.

It’s been a concern for a while and Melanie just can’t help but feel hopeless, watching the other girls Lauren’s age out in the neighborhood doing normal fun things at the beginning of fall. Like his wife, Ben has shared the concern, been quite aware of the changes as his little girl grew up and started becoming darker, both in how she dressed and how she acted. Having known his wife might appreciate the support, Ben found something online that might… just might help.

The product is called Sunny Dispositions, and while Ben is still a bit skeptical and concerned for the complete safety of an unregulated all natural product, Melanie is quick to jump at the possibility of helping her beautiful young moody daughter to be a little bit more normal. Sunny Dispositions reportedly provides full SPF protection under sunlight while being formulated with a natural blend of neuro-enhancers and mood stimulants to encourage healthy attitudes and as the name says, a sunny disposition even when not under the sun.

Melanie knows that her daughter is quite regular with her sunscreen, at least somewhat to keep her complexion but also due to the depressing goth phase she currently is stuck in. She also knows that it might be tricking Lauren to replace her sunscreen with this stuff but it really can’t make things any worse can it?

Ben lets his wife talk him into trying it and they both figure it is just for their daughter’s benefits, to hopefully in some way help her enjoy life more and have a more outgoing social attitude towards others.

Over the next four weeks, everyone will notice as Lauren’s attitude, behavior, and entire outlook on life and her place in it begins to change. Week by week as she regularly applies the sunscreen morning and night, Lauren mostly notices the secret chats her parents seem to be having, convinced they are keeping a secret from her.

Over time, Lauren decides to go back to her natural hair color, decides to smile more, to be more open to people, and ultimately discovers that there are things she never knew about herself when she was not socializing. One big thing, is that Lauren… despite never knowing it before… might just be a skanky girl, a girl one guy isn’t good enough for but several is perfect.

Sunny Dispositions is an all natural product with side effects reported in only one percent. For parents, Melanie and Ben, they are about to meet the one percent that lives under their very own roof.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #2 – Brain Drain Medical

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #2 - Brain Drain Medical

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #2 – Brain Drain Medical

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Brain Drain Medical, we are once again thrust into the world of Brain Drain as med-student Angela Maeda stumbles upon Brain Drain Medical, a special release of Brain Drain on her new hospital tablet.

In Brain Drain Medical, we are once again thrust into the world of Brain Drain, the original Kreme Kreation that allows both physical and mental modifications of individuals in exchange for payments that might just leave the buyer brainless if they spend too quickly. This time top med-student Angela Maeda stumbles upon Brain Drain Medical, a special release of Brain Drain on her new hospital tablet that offers her an opportunity she can’t refuse. A way to impress her lead physician, satisfy the patients, and stay at the top. Everything is perfect, or is it?

Brain Drain Medical really shouldn’t be left where someone else might make purchases the buyer has to suffer the payments of. Angela might just find herself satisfying patients in ways she never imagined and might find her brain tapped out.


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Booby Trapped: Teach or Be Taught

Booby Trapped: Teach or Be Taught by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped: Teach or Be Taught by Kris P. Kreme

Brianne’s new stepson happens to be in the biology class she’s substituting for, though he seems to be more interested in studying her biology.

That’s why when she gets a strange phone call conveniently after he uses the bathroom pass to leave the room, she is positive it’s from Sam.

Still, would Sam really disguise his voice to call and threaten her that her tits are going to grow should she refuse his tasks?

Only one thing is sure. This is one lesson no one will forget.

Brianne has been trying her best to be a good stepmother to Sam, having only married his father over the recent summer. Unfortunately nothing seems to be making him see her the same way she sees him, as family.

Eighteen and a senior in one of the high school classes she substitute teaches in, Sam seems always distracted, constantly sneaking looks at her which worries Brianne. Her husband, George, though finds nothing to worry about as he drives both her and his son to the high school, assuring Brianne that his son is just doing what comes natural for a kid his age, checking out attractive women. As he says, there’s no telling how many substitute teachers he checked out when he was Sam’s age.

Brianne is worried though, very much wanting this family to work out, but more so worried about the fact she is subbing for Sam’s biology teacher today. It isn’t purely the fact he’s been staring at her from time to time, but the fact that over the last few months Sam has been distant, cutting himself off from the world, having an attitude about every little thing.

Fortunately during biology class, there is only a filmstrip to show while she can spend time privately in the small glassed in office off the main bio lab classroom. It means two things, darkened room so less chance of Sam staring, and she can be at the back of the room where she doesn’t need to fear being the unintentional center of attention.

It’s surprisingly fine when Sam’s class comes in at the end of a long day of teaching, none of the concerns she worried all day about playing out. At least there’s no concerns until Sam asks to use the bathroom pass.

Barely a couple of minutes after he leaves the classroom, Brianne’s cell phone buzzes from her purse. Answering the phone, Brianne listens as an electronically disguised voice informs her that she has been Booby Trapped. Told that she will be given three tasks and must perform each one in the allotted time, Brianne is warned that refusal or not fulfilling the task in time will result in massive growth to her already nice sized tits.

Just the mention of her tits, which Sam was checking out that morning and the convenient way he excused himself from the classroom have Brianne sure that he is the voice on the phone. But what exactly is his game and why would he do something like this during class?

A day that seemed to be better than she had feared quickly takes a serious turn for the worse when after refusing the first task, Brianne finds that maybe the impossible threats of that voice on the phone weren’t so impossible after all.

Is it really Sam doing this to her? Will Brianne ever substitute teach again? Or will she be taught one hell of a lesson in educating the male student body?

Find out in the all new chapter of Booby Trapped, the newest Kreme series and one guaranteed to tit-illate until the very end.


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The Grab Bag #2

The Grab Bag #2 by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #2 by Kris P. Kreme

Two popular stories written by the Kreme now in a single book, at a very special price! From the very first Klassic to the very first of an all new instant Klassic series, enjoy this bargain double-feature of extra special Kreme!

Fantasy Fashions: Selective Shopping & Hand Me Down tell of the dangers of paying too much attention to fashion!


This Grab Bag holds…


Fantasy Fashions

Selective Shopping: Stephanie’s shopping trip to the mall takes her to a new mysterious store called Fantasy Fashions, where the fashions not only fit the wearer but fit their deepest fantasies as well. What happens though when fantasies get a bit extreme, and Stephanie’s lust for being rather mechanized in her control creates a change even the store isn’t ready for?

Hand Me Down

A mysterious gift from her birth mother has Dakota Trent discovering more than she ever cared to know about what sort of woman her mom was. It all begins with the simple hand me down necklace, a hand delivered gift which will soon have Dakota offering her own hand delivered surprises. This Kreme Klassic shows the untold dangers of wearing hand me downs, and size is no issue.


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BADvertising by Kris P. Kreme

BADvertising by Kris P. Kreme

Some brainy geniuses convince the head of a local television station that their newly developed digital filter can boost ad revenue dramatically.

To demonstrate, they run the filter during a single commercial break of a popular college football game, promising to take whatever the ad is selling and make it irresistible to those watching at home.

Unfortunately the ad is an over-sexed up ad for a fast food chain. Bella and her mom are first exposed to the ad then exposed to Bella’s dad and boyfriend in ways never imagined.

Cody and Bella are the perfect couple, eighteen and unlike many their age taking things slow, enjoying time with each other and not letting thoughts of sex ruin an otherwise meaningful relationship. They have a bond greater than most young people but for Cody, Bella’s suggested family cookout date might be far more than advertised.

He’s nervous enough as it is, heading to her house, the promise of spending a nice day with her and her parents, cooking burgers outside with Bella’s dad, watching college football as they eat. It’s not that Cody isn’t a good kid and certainly not that he doesn’t respect Bella, but alone time with her dad is definitely not the ideal way to spend a Saturday in the fall. And that isn’t even mentioning the fact that Bella’s mom is a very attractive woman, an older version of Bella in every way.

What Cody doesn’t know is that not too far away a local television station is preparing to test a new digital filter on the big commercial break at the start of the very college football game Bella’s parents have on the television.

This advanced digital filter promises to enhance advertising by combining the commercial with subliminal layers programmed to magnify the effectiveness of the ad. As the two geeky inventors of it claim, it Subliminates the Competition by making an ad so good no one can resist whatever it advertises.

Naturally as they say, advertisers in movie theaters have been using subliminal filters for years with varying degrees of success, driving up hunger and thirst to help sell more from the lobby. Additionally candy manufacturers have been researching subliminal cues in color of wrapping, and other hardly noticed details that resonate deep in the subconscious.

The hope is that the filter will run layered over any commercial without the need for making a new commercial and the result will be a dramatic increase in success of the ad. If a television station or network has greater success for the advertisers, they make more revenue in ads, and so everyone wins. While the local network manager isn’t entirely convinced he’s game to try it out, and the big game is what everyone is watching this weekend so where better to try it than the sponsor’s initial minute long at the beginning of the game?

Sometimes though a simple concept is not so simple when it comes to actual results. Back at Bella’s house, Cody is outside with her dad, cooking up the burgers and having a good chat about all things life. Inside, Bella and her mom are on the couch, watching for the start of the game and then comes the commercial that will change everything.

They say there is often too much sex in advertising, but the commercial for a popular fast food chain is particularly lacking in subtlety and little do mother and daughter know that as they watch the commercial, they are viewing it through an unseen filter that makes it that much more successful… only not in selling the food.

Bella and her mother find themselves sold on hunger but what they hunger for is far from a meal, and far from innocent. As soon as Cody steps back in from the deck, he’s in for one hell of a surprise, along with definitely getting to know both his girlfriend and her mother in ways he never imagined.

Sometimes there is bad advertising, and then again sometimes there is Badvertising, where a wholesome mind is sold on very unwholesome thoughts and desires. Discover the craziness of what happens to a nervous guy whose date with his girlfriend’s family takes on some extremes he never prepared for, and the scoring on television is more than surpassed right there in the living room.


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Collecting for the Bank

Collecting for the Bank by Kris P. Kreme

Collecting for the Bank by Kris P. Kreme

Lionel Philips has put together a program that uses light, sound, and more on a computer to effectively create instant hypnosis.

There are so many practical applications for it he’s sure he’ll be raking in profit soon. Unfortunately right now he has debt and today is when Vanessa Price has come to collect from his bank.

Ten seconds viewing the program, Vanessa’s job may not change, but in her mind the type of bank she works for will, and it’s a bank no man minds making deposits to, especially when pretty young Vanessa is taking them.

Lionel Philips has struggled in recent years, working hard to make ends meet, often letting those ends stretch past the point he should have. It’s all been worth it though because today he has finally finished his work.

As a computer programmer, Lionel knows a lot about machines, a lot about what makes things work but with people, not so much. Having gone to school late for his degree, he suffered the fate of always being left out when applying for jobs after college. The younger and more techno savvy graduates snatched up every job, even the freelance ones, and yet Lionel never stopped dreaming big, thinking outside the box about what he could put his skills to use in, what breakthrough in his life would set him up to only succeed.

After an admittedly expensive trip to Vegas post graduation, Lionel was inspired by a hypnotist act he watched. As the master hypnotist explained behavior couldn’t be changed to anything someone wouldn’t normally do but it could be manipulated and nudged using the right triggers or methods. Focus was the key, a certain combination of sounds, sights, and the spoken word would have someone falling under and being controlled for the amusement of the audience there.

Lionel Philips however saw potential, potential for a whole new program, a computer program that used lights, motions, and sounds on screen to effectively create instant hypnosis, putting someone into a relaxed and suggestible state with no need for a hypnotist or lengthy time focusing on anything. As Lionel sees it, such a program will sell big to so many industries. Whether a corporation needs to ensure instant loyalty on sensitive projects they bring people in on, or whether a medical practice wants the ten second cure for negative thoughts and patient uncertainty about procedures they needed, the applications were almost limitless.

Unfortunately the day of Lionel’s biggest success, his program finally complete and loaded onto a convenient flash drive for demonstration purposes, is also the day he will receive the most unwanted visitor to his home.

Vanessa Price is in collections for Lionel’s bank, and both his car and home are behind nearly six months, meaning it is time for the the young collections employee to make a visit and negotiate terms of payment to avoid repossession. Having what many might think a sexy secretary look about her, Vanessa almost always catches men off guard, and she never shies away from confronting a debtor. She’s fierce and yet fair, and looking over Lionel’s case she knows there is nothing to worry about from an otherwise upstanding computer programmer.

Lionel knows that something like this has been coming, a visit he never thought would happen on such an uplifting day. Needing more time to fish his idea out there for industries to fight over, he has no funds immediately available to settle a plan with the bank, to get Vanessa off his case. She also isn’t willing to give him even a day, needing his signature and a payment to take back to the bank.

Desperation pushes Lionel and Vanessa on a collision course neither will be the same after, and Lionel finally snaps, agreeing to Vanessa’s demands but pointing out that she really needs to check his finances first. Having brought her own laptop to initiate the payment collections, Vanessa is fine with checking the man’s financial records, and it makes perfect sense such records would be on flash drive.

What will happen when Lionel Philips gets the first trial run of his new genius instant hypnosis program and it works better than expected?

One thing is certain, Vanessa Price never expected that working in collections for the bank would leave her so full at the end of the day, but of course until meeting Mr. Philips she never realized just what kind of bank she collected for.

Cash in your checks on an all new tale that shows sometimes an unexpected collections call can be an unexpected pleasure, thanks to a little creative programming.


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Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind by Kris P. Kreme

Three of a Kind by Kris P. Kreme

There’s nothing closer than three best friends, no bond stronger, except maybe the bond between Anna, Amber, and Amy as they power up a strange and seemingly joke metal detector they uncover in the sand by the shore.

It’s the summer before college and they are three of a kind, each unique and each ready for some fun in the sun. None of them is ready for the kind of kinky fun this innocent looking metal detector is about to unleash.

Anna, Amber, and Amy are best friends. Yet while their names seem suitably similar, they each have their own unique personalities. In many ways it is their differences which bind them closest yet during an end of summer trip to the beach, they might just find that no matter what their differences, ultimately nothing can separate them from sharing a very unfortunate fate.

Playing and enjoying the summer sun in the sand, a misstep to catch a beach ball by the always sweet Anna lands her upon what seems a potentially exciting discovery. A buried and seemingly forgotten metal detector is uncovered and the three friends are definitely intrigued. Intrigue quickly becomes embarrassed curiosity as dusting the sand off the odd metal detector reveals a most unusual display, the needle pointing towards three possible words, words each of them is quite familiar with.

Apparently some sort of novelty product, the detector apparently works by solar panel meaning it still could have some life in it, but who would build such a device, put such an expensive solar panel in a seemingly ordinary metal detector whose gauges read only three simple words… SLUT, WHORE, and BIMBO?

Of the three girls, Amber has always been the adventurous and bold type, never shying away from a little fun, especially the kind of fun people who make products like this are into. Of course the brainy one of the bunch, Amy knows it’s a joke. She just doesn’t entirely see what the point of turning on such a device could be, outside of embarrassing the three of them with what it might say when aimed in their direction.

In the end it all comes down to the basics. This is a silly discovery, degrading, insulting maybe, but the three best friends are at the beach for silly fun, the final fun before they all head to college, the most serious step they’ve stumbled upon in life lately. If there’s anything that provides silly entertainment and promises nothing serious or worth worrying about, it’s firing up a novelty metal detector and teasing each other with whatever it detects about the three of them.

As Amber flips the power, the sun shines down on three best friends, three bikini clad teens, three girls who have no idea just what turn their innocent fun in the sun is about to take.

Gauges glow, the needle moves, and one by one they each are revealed to be either a slut, a whore, or a bimbo. It’s only a joke, right, nothing can actually make them what some silly detector determines them to be, right?

Find out when three best friends discover they are more than Three of a Kind. Find out when they discover just what kind they actually are. Only one thing is sure; it’s bound to be the kind some unsuspecting guys on the beach are definitely going to enjoy before the summer is over.


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Selfies #1

Selfies #1 by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies #1 by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Kreative Konsequences Rob gets back at his girlfriend and her friend by messing with photos in a program called Kreative Memories, bringing new meaning to ‘photo manipulation’.

In Kreative Konsequences, Rob has been planning a surprise for his girlfriend Abby, a way for her to be included in his passion for photo editing on the computer. Lately things have been tense between the two of them and Rob has found his Saturday nights freed up by the problem, a problem in the form of a slutty girl Abby calls her best friend.

Emily has always been around and lately she’s taken to persistent pushes for Abby to set aside Saturday nights so they can hit the clubbing scene. Naturally, her evil intentions are to get Abby free of such a drab ordinary guy like Rob. Rob knows her feelings well and he also knows that Abby is too sweet to ever turn her friend down.

Tonight was going to be different though. Rob has a brand new scrap-booking and image manipulation program called Kreative Memories that he downloaded, one recommended by an internet pal who assured him it would be a blast for both of them. Unfortunately plans change as always and the change is caused by none-other-than the evil top-heavy bitch herself.

Rob has fantasized so many times about putting Emily in her place, about her finding the balance of power shifted where men don’t bend over backwards to do everything she says but instead bend her over backwards to enjoy the little slut like she deserves. Tonight he takes his frustrations out by creating photo manipulations in this new program, manipulations based on photos he takes before Abby and Emily head to the club. The only thing is, this program may just bring entirely new meaning to photo manipulation.


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You Asked For It

You Asked For It by Kris P. Kreme

You Asked For It by Kris P. Kreme

Warning his friend Lena about the cursed jars in his great uncle’s collection of oddities only brings out her teasing sarcastic nature.

As she puts it, curses are ridiculous and especially the one Franklin mentions, a curse the one struck by the curse chooses for themselves. She intentionally opens a jar, releasing only a dust cloud as far as she is concerned.

What happens though when her over the top crazy sexual curse proves to be a little more real than either of them bargained for?

Franklin and Lena are college friends, a fact Franklin regrets often, having never been decisive enough to let a girl know how he felt until it was too late. The friend zone is a place he’s quite familiar with but that never meant Franklin couldn’t daydream or appreciate the latest love of his life with some lingering stares.
For gorgeous redhead, Lena, she’s all too familiar with the stares, the attention from guys, but Lena has no boyfriend and even Franklin knows the reason why. She’s always teasing, rarely serious, and always one to speak her mind when she finds something unbelievable or ridiculous.

Having invited Lena along to go and check on his great uncle Nigel’s country museum of oddities, once a sort of roadside attraction and now a dusty tomb of various items he collected in the second World War, Franklin never imagines that fate has something special in store for the both of them. For Franklin the place has always been creepy, childhood nightmares attached firmly to many of the items stored there. To Lena though, it’s just a bunch of curiosities, things to check out even as she knows Franklin is occasionally checking her out.

Caught up in his own idle fantasies, Franklin is embarrassed to lose his thoughts to the subtle strain of Lena’s nipples against her shirt, the air chilly in the old house of oddities. Naturally Lena isn’t bothered, teasing Franklin and moving right on as she explores the creepy old place.

Only when she reaches some particularly dusty clay jars does Franklin shake off his fantasies and speak up, warning her that those jars are very dangerous. Lena doubts him but Franklin assures her that his great uncle gave strict warning of those jars, that they are never to be tampered with, definitely not opened.

Franklin explains that the jars hold curses inside and should one be released, whoever opens the jar will be cursed with a fate ultimately fatal to them, but one that they choose, a curse they decide. He tells the tale of his great uncle’s war buddy who once dropped one of the jars and how his own overwhelming fear of tight spaces ultimately did him in.

Rolling her eyes and doubtful as always, Lena laughs at the superstition, the idea of a curse someone chooses for themselves to suffer. As she says, it’s ridiculous and before Franklin can do much to prevent it, she has decided to prove just how ridiculous it is.

Popping open the lid on one of the jars, nothing but thick dust plumes out, little more danger than to their allergies. However is there more to this dust and has Lena just been cursed forever? Only Lena can decide her own fate and so when Franklin seems freaked out, she thinks back to his checking her out and gets the idea for a truly devious and wicked curse, one so over the top and ridiculous it will prove forever that curses aren’t real while still managing to tease and taunt her friend’s overactive male tendencies to fantasize about a girl.

Her fate she decides will be simple, that any man who checks her out no matter how casually, as long as he’s thinking certain thoughts in the back of his mind, will be instantly compelled to dominate her. As she jokes, he will be an animal and simply have to fuck her, to brutally do her. Further, since it’s ultimately her curse, she will want whatever he does twice as much as he does, eager to be violated again and again.

It’s kinky and extreme, a definite turn on to hear but certainly nothing to joke about, Franklin thinks. Of course nothing has happened and he is staring right at her as she shares her idea of the most ridiculous curse to suffer. Unfortunately, curses sometimes aren’t instant and the moment they leave great uncle Nigel’s collection of curiosities to head back to the car, everything takes a decidedly fateful turn.

Sometimes a little sarcasm can be a real curse. Lena finds this out the hard way when she pushes her teasing nature just a bit too far. Of course any guy that sees her can look her in the eye and say “You Asked For It” but plenty of guys are going to be doing a lot more than looking from now on.


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The Grab Bag #1

The Grab Bag #1 by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #1 by Kris P. Kreme

Anime DNA & Bimbo Bombed together at last! Two popular stories written by the Kreme now in a single book, at a very special price!

From the very first Klassic to the very first of an all new instant Klassic series, enjoy this bargain double-feature of extra special Kreme!


This Grab Bag holds…


Anime DNA

Keith’s poster of a sexy overly busty Anime girl is not a hit with his conservative prude of a girlfriend Courtney. While tearing down the poster, a paper cut might just change more than her mind about it. It’s the beginning of a week of changes where Courtney ends up becoming a living Anime girl with proportions and desires to match.


Bimbo Bombed

No one is safe, no one can predict who is next, and no one will escape the rash of Bimbo Bombings. From computers to cell phones, women everywhere are finding themselves victims of an all new crime. Witness five women getting their just desserts for everything bad, cruel, or mean they’ve ever done and follow the detective who must solve the case.


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Mooving Day

Mooving Day by Kris P. Kreme

Mooving Day by Kris P. Kreme

An ugly divorce from Jon has Jackie and her daughter Leah on the road to their new home, truck packed and ready to be unloaded.

When the movers waiting at the new home offer the women some refreshing bottles of water while they relax, everything takes a twisted turn and nothing about this move may quite be what it seems.

Sometimes when faced with a change as serious as a new town and a new home, it’s best to truly milk the most out of it and make the best of Mooving Day.

Jackie and her daughter Leah are on the road, truck packed, entire life boxed up and ready for a fresh start. It isn’t under ideal circumstances though, Jackie’s divorce messier than it should have been, all thanks to her ex-husband Jon.

Jon wasn’t Leah’s real father but he was around most of the girl’s life and now that she’s just turned eighteen, about to be a senior in high school, everything in her life is being uprooted, leaving the shy girl alone without friends at a new school in a matter of months.

Something changed in Jon, Jackie knows, something very bad, his attitude shifting, the affairs starting. It was as though Jon became a different man and the man he became was both obsessed with farming, an entirely new career, and a real foul-mouthed jerk, speaking horribly towards both Jackie and her daughter during those last few weeks.

A new beginning will be good, Jackie thinks, at least she hopes it will. It won’t be easy though and Leah is really who she worries the most about. It’s time to move on from bad places and move into good ones, time to head to a new place in the country, a smaller and quieter neighborhood, far away from Jon and all his bizarre crude behavior.

When Jackie pulls the big moving truck into the driveway at their new home, she and Leah are greeted by friendly faces, the moving men she’d called beforehand already there and waiting, ready to unload the truck and help move Jackie and Leah in.

Jim and his sons Frank and Joe seem like nice friendly small town folk, the exact kinds of faces both women needed to see on a stressful day like this. Jim is even kind enough to have brought bottles of water, offering as many as Jackie or Leah would like as they rest and just take it easy while he and the boys unload the truck.

Everything seems perfect, a stressful move already calming and a new place seeming like the right place before they’re even unpacked. The only odd thing is the taste of the water, so very much refreshing, so oddly addicting, more so than Jackie would have thought, even Leah finding herself far more thirsty than she ever would have imagined.

Sent off to choose a bedroom inside, Leah is mostly caught up in her thoughts, concerned about a new school her senior year, having to make new friends, dealing with all that Jon had said to her before the divorce. She’s feeling a little sick, though maybe it isn’t sick as the water she seems to be drinking is oddly making her feel strange all over.

Is it Leah’s imagination or are her breasts bigger than they were and what is up with her mother acting almost drunk from just a few bottles of water on the front porch? Find out how thrilling a move can really be and how good a few bottles of water can be on the most important final day of Readers Choice Month.

It’s Mooving Day and this is one month you won’t want to leave behind without milking the most from it.


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Flipping Fiona

Flipping Fiona by Kris P. Kreme

Flipping Fiona by Kris P. Kreme

Fiona has always been able to sell homes, but the home she is selling today is much more important. It’s the first home she herself has money in, buying and flipping it, hoping to add to slumping real estate income in recent years.

When she meets a potential buyer named Mast, Fiona discovers quickly that more than just his name is unusual, his sense of humor seeming to get more and more perverse as the house tour goes on.

Will she sell the house, or will she sell herself?

Fiona has been in real estate for years, many in the area familiar with her very attractive face on all the For Sale signs in neighborhoods all across town. However, the real estate game has taken a hit in recent years and so she’s decided to start flipping homes herself.

It’s a big leap, going from selling a home for a client and taking a percentage to selling a home for herself and taking it all, but Fiona feels confident that she has chosen the right home, done the right upgrades, and made the right decisions that will sell this home on the day of her open house.

The home is a nice one, plenty of space, nicely upgraded in almost every room, definitely a house she knows she should have no trouble selling, but still Fiona can’t help but be nervous. Her nerves are particularly thin after waiting for hours on the morning of the open house and seeing nobody show up.

Pacing and imagining the worst, Fiona is thrilled when finally a man comes to the door, a rather odd gentleman by the unusual name of Mast. As nobody else is there and she’s wanting to make the absolute best impression possible, selling the home completely, Fiona offers to take Mast on a tour of the house herself, room by room, pointing out all the upgrades or amenities this home can offer.

It’s going well and Mast seems impressed, definitely liking the rooms, the space, but seeming to have a rather odd way of speaking, making little jokes that increasingly begin to seem more than a little inappropriate to Fiona, as she seems to be the subject of most of these joking comments.

Determined to make the sale and not let anyone’s comments cause her to be rude, Fiona keeps right on leading Mast through the house, pushing aside what she thinks she hears him saying and focusing on the fact he is interested in the home.

The ultimate question though is whether by the end of this tour Mast will be more interested in buying the house or Fiona? Find out what happens when flipping a house flips more than just profits and discover an all new way of walking the property with a lovely young real estate agent during Readers Choice Month.


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Donnie the Demon’s Church Charity

Donnie the Demon's Church Charity by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon’s Church Charity by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie’s back and things aren’t going to be the same again!

Five very good church girls are about to have a very bad day, when their appointed leader Dominique strikes up a deal with Donnie for some free costumes on loan for their annual church charity.

The costumes are animal themes, but why is there a devil costume on top of the bunch and what will happen when Dominique decides to put that costume on? Find out what happens to good innocent girls when Donnie’s demon friends play yet another joke on our favorite dimwitted mini-pizza loving demon.

Every year Dominique and her friends organize and plan the children’s church charity event, and every year it has a theme. For this year’s big summer charity event they’ve chosen the theme of Noah’s Ark and so animal costumes are needed.

Ordinarily they might make their own or go somewhere and find cheap costumes but Dominique has an idea, one that might result in costumes a bit more intense than she was ever anticipating. All of the girls know Donnie’s Costume Castle, and more importantly all of them know of the rather eccentric seeming owner of Donnie’s Costume Castle, Donnie the Demon, apparently called that because he always wears an amazingly detailed demon costume.

Dominique has the thought that maybe the two can work together, the church getting costumes donated in exchange for free promotion to all the parents of the children who will be attending the charity event. It’s a perfect plan, and from what she has heard Donnie is a really nice guy, beyond all the sinful demonic look he seems to go for in his daily costume.

The other girls, twin sisters Candy and Sandy, the fiery redheaded Jessica and the mousy shy Amy are not too sure about this plan, but Dominique has always been a take charge dominant girl, ultimately with good intentions.

Everything seems to be going well, Donnie showing up with a selection of animal costumes he picked out after speaking with Dominique on the phone. He’s just as quirky and friendly as she said and seems quite thrilled about helping out. Of course when it comes to demons, Donnie is harmless. It’s his two mischievous friends one has to watch out for and as usual those two friends and former bullies, Melgrim and Grimmel are not too far away, watching events unfold at the church, events they have put their typical twist on.

Upon opening the box Donnie brought, the girls are shocked to see not only the animal costumes promised but a bright red devil costume on top. As with many of the costumes, this devil costume is overtly sexy, a bit too much for typical church costume events, but what is worse, there are only four animal costumes in the box, leaving one girl either without a costume or stuck with the devil costume, complete with little plastic pitchfork.

Donnie assumes it’s a mistake, somehow the wrong costume getting mixed in the bunch, but his old buddies from hell are behind it, this devil costume key to creating chaos among the church girls.

Dominique agrees since it was her idea to call on Donnie, she will try on the devil costume, assuring the girls that at the very least a devil costume might can work with a church event. For twins Candy and Sandy, they find a peacock costume and cute horse costume. Jessica finds the sexy cat costume leaving their shy friend Amy quite appropriately with the deer costume.

As odd an assortment of animals as it might be, the real point is to have full costumes and entertain the kids, so Dominique assumes it will all work out fine, but Donnie decides to wait while each of the girls try on the costume inside the church, make sure they fit okay.

As soon as Dominique slips on her devil costume, a whole new influence is released inside her, the already dominant confident girl becoming more than a bit more devilish and definitely dedicated to some truly evil acts concerning her costumed friends.

It seems the little plastic pitchfork isn’t such a cheap prop after all, thanks to Melgrim and Grimmel and Dominique becomes Demonique, anyone she pokes with the pitchfork subject to her whims of transformation, both mind and body.

Her four innocent church girl friends are dressed as animals, and when Dominique joins them, each will discover what it’s like to become those animals, in only the most twisted way possible with nothing but depravity in their future as they go from sweet and wholesome to downright animalistic and slutty right there in the church parking lot.

There’s only two things you can count on when Donnie provides the costumes. One is good mini-pizzas and the other is a downright hellish good time to be had by all. Join Donnie the Demon, in the most unlikely place ever for Readers Choice Month, and head to a very special Church Charity.


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Booby Trapped

Booby Trapped by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped by Kris P. Kreme

It’s a trap Readers! A Booby Trap!

Zoe’s at the beach with her parents, enjoying time away from her studies in molecular physics at college, something that surprises most about the attractive young blonde.

Everything about this vacation may take a turn for the twisted when Zoe gets a phone call walking on the beach one morning, a call that claims she has been Booby Trapped.

Complete three tasks or suffer massive breast growth for each failed attempt, is this real and what will Zoe do? Readers Choice Month introduces truly TITillating terrorism.

Zoe is actually enjoying her vacation on the beach, even if she is there with her parents. She’s never been a real party girl anyway, quiet, intelligent, quite a contrast to the stereotype most associate with her when seeing the young blonde college student.

The truth is that anyone who got to know Zoe would quickly find out that she’s smarter than average, earning a degree in molecular physics, spending most of her free time reading and hardly any thoughts given to what typical blonde bimbos might be into.

Some people fit the stereotypes, Zoe realizes and she has always been thankful she doesn’t. Unexpectedly though, Zoe may soon question everything she knows during a morning walk on the beach.
Taking her cell phone with her, just because her parents weren’t up yet when she left their condo, Zoe is surprised to get a call, but not from them, from someone she has never spoken to before.

Nobody would have her number here at the beach, certainly nobody around besides her parents, but whoever is on the phone seems to indicate they can see her, that they are watching, and that if she doesn’t complete three tasks something very bad will happen.

The voice is disguised electronically, no way of telling male from female, and Zoe is quick to dismiss the severity of the tone as some horrible idea of a joke, particularly when the first task is assigned, to kiss the next three men she sees on the mouth.

It has to be some warped gag, she thinks, even more so when the supposed penalty for not completing each task is claimed to be a sudden growth of her breasts. Zoe has been Booby Trapped, the voice on the phone says, and unless she wants to be much more massive up top in a hurry she better complete the three tasks given to her.

Only after refusing the first task, definitely not the type of girl to kiss random strangers, does Zoe discover the horror that she truly has been Booby Trapped, a strange feeling quickly followed by painful sudden stretching growth, her tits growing so quickly her bra snaps off and into the sand.

Zoe realizes somehow someway this is actually happening and now she faces the severe possibility of ending up so busty she can’t even stand or giving in and following through on two more tasks which only become much more perverse and depraved with each word of the mysterious voice on the phone.

Will Zoe end up the bimbo she never wanted to be? Will she discover who the voice is holding the fate of her bra size with each assigned task? Find out in the tale sure to be an instant new Kreme Klassic, the brand new tale of titillating terrorism, Booby Trapped.


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Well Done

Well Done by Kris P. Kreme

Well Done by Kris P. Kreme

Time to fire up the grill Readers!

Kim has enjoyed living in her new house for six months, but the neighbor remains a mystery, at least one particular man next door who always seems to have an eye on the lovely Kim.

When he seems to appear and introduce himself while Kim cooks a couple of burgers on the grill, she may just discover that her neighbor Logan has a very particular appetite, and he likes more than just his meat Well Done.

Kim has seen her mysterious neighbor many times since she moved in six months ago. Whether he was watching her on the day the movers unloaded her boxes from the truck or watching her as he cut the yard next door, the man was always watching.

Even though they’d never met, at least not face to face, Kim felt she knew something about the man, something different about the way he focused so intently on her, the way he could be felt staring before she even really looked back at him.

It isn’t until a summer barbecue, Kim out by the grill on her deck cooking up just a small meal for herself, that the man finally makes a move to meet her. His name is Logan it seems and Logan enjoys a woman who eats meat.

The man has a way with words, a strange way of disarming Kim, putting her both at ease and making her tense as he steps so close, pushes so tight against her, personal space a thing of the past.

Before Kim can even really understand what is happening, her mysterious neighbor Logan is taking the tongs from her, explaining how he likes his burgers well done, insisting he likes many things well done, things which soon seem to include her as well.
Kim has always enjoyed time by the grill, the smell of burgers cooking, her appetite a healthy one on summer days like this.
However appetites change and she might just find herself hungry for something ultimately appetizing to Logan, her new neighbor with a special charm for getting what he most wants.

One thing is certain this Readers Choice Month, the burgers may be burned but the woman cooking them is going to be perfectly Well Done.


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Anime AIR

Anime AIR by Kris P. Kreme

Anime AIR by Kris P. Kreme

Anime DNA returns Readers!

Anime DNA put fantasies in the bloodstream, making a girl what she hated most. Anime AIR will have a girl gasping for a fresh breath.

Horrified to discover her boyfriend Joey likes kinky anime movies with busty child faced Asian girls getting violated by tentacles, Allison rips his favorite posters down, ripping them apart. When the scraps are accidentally sucked into an open return on their AC, a series of sleepless nights begin for Allison.

Will Allison become what Joey always wanted or will the house itself get some tentacles on Allison first? Find out in the most extreme Anime tale yet.

Allison has had enough of her weirdo boyfriend’s perverted fantasies. She always knew he had a thing for Anime but until the night he shared watching an anime in their home together, she never knew just how sick some of the stuff in those animated adult movies was.

Almost as soon as the movie is over, Allison explodes, her tendency to go off like a feral cat and lash out with claws nothing new to Joey but certainly nothing he’s experienced to this extreme. Crazy and angry, Allison marches off from the living room to their shared bedroom, a place she has generously allowed Joey to display several posters of his favorite anime movies.

Despite pleas from Joey that it was only a movie and that she is the one he loves, not some fake cartoon Asian schoolgirl looking character that gets violated by tentacles, Allison is done dealing with his perverse fantasies. She’s also done looking at them, ripping the posters from the walls and tearing them into shreds.

Joey is helpless to stop her, once Allison is enraged, nothing stopping her from getting her way. Besides, it isn’t like Joey ever had chances with a girl as hot as Allison before, her dark hair coming close to at least looking vaguely Asian, easily closest he could get to his fantasy anime girls in real life.

Lecturing her pervert of a boyfriend as she pulls down and trashes his prized posters, Allison is also quick to point out the open filter cover on the AC return in the hall, yet another around the house project Joey has put off completing.

Quick to try and pull himself from the doghouse, Joey offers to run to the hardware store, to get the right size filter and finish the simple task of changing the air filter. It isn’t remotely helping Allison feel better towards him, but even she agrees the time apart will do some good.

Unfortunately for Allison, while Joey is gone and she is sweeping up the shredded remains of Anime posters to toss in the trash, the AC kicks on and with no filter in place, most of the shredded poster she took her aggression out on, the movie they’d just watched, is sucked right into the walls of the small home.

Angry and too frustrated to deal with anything more, Allison simply makes sure that all of Joey’s anime junk is in the trash by the time he returns. He is only given one choice, the anime or her.
Naturally, Joey relents and chooses her, but that doesn’t win him too many points, sent to sleep on the couch for several days because of all this.

That night, Allison wakes for the first of several sleepless nights, nightmares she can’t remember startling her, the cool flowing air from the vents cooling her and helping to calm unsettled nerves. Looking at herself in the mirror, Allison is startled yet again, her skin pale, but not just pale, different seeming, subtle and nothing too alarming, but concerning.

Each night is the same, the air seeming strangely scented, the sleeplessness continuing, and something very odd happening with the bathroom fixtures, both faucet and shower head dripping or rather oozing a strange substance which almost seems familiar to her.

Complaining to Joey, Allison assumes it’s yet another series of household projects he should get off his perverted lazy ass and take care of, but something is different this time, and Joey might be the only one who seems to suspect it, too afraid to just point it out to Allison.

It isn’t until the night she wakes with the swelling that Allison really begins to freak out, just positive that something bad is in the air, something she is breathing in at night and something which clearly her body is having some extreme reactions to.

Joey calls in an expert, at least on checking the AC and ventilation. However when the man discovers pieces of a certain Anime poster clogged in sections of the home ventilation, particularly right around the bedroom and bathroom, will Joey make the decision to have those scraps of paper removed or will he realize just what might be affecting his girlfriend so much in recent nights?

Find out what happens in the surprise Readers Choice tale that takes you beyond the extremes of Anime DNA, to a place where every breath a girl takes, she’s taking in more and more Anime AIR. Longer than Anime DNA and twice as twisted, discover the dangers of discovering your boyfriend has perverted fantasies and the even more extreme dangers of discovering you might just be becoming those fantasies.


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Nine Month Abs

Nine Month Abs by Kris P. Kreme

Nine Month Abs by Kris P. Kreme

Time for a workout Readers!

Gaby is about to be heading off to college and is counting on maintaining a cheerleading scholarship, Gaby finds a new video exercise program to tone and tighten her abs like never before.

Promising a unique experience combining an advanced camera system while the video plays with special self hypnosis, Gaby hopes this will be nothing like those cheap eight or nine minute ab programs.

It isn’t and she won’t be the same after Nine Month Abs.

Gabrielle has always been in shape, working hard to not cut corners or expect anything to come easy in life. She’s worked out and stayed strong, being the very example of a fit and healthy high school cheerleader.

Now though is the time when college is coming and as she’ll be attending on a potential cheerleading scholarship, extra effort is required to ensure she not only is in the best shape of her life, but definitely not cutting any corners with fads or cheap exercises with little time or effort.

On a weekend when her parents are out of town and Gaby has the house to herself, she first receives the new exercise program she studied testimonials of online. Abs are always important, the core of strength, not to mention something cheerleaders typically expose during their routines, so Gabrielle has decided to focus on her abs, tightening them, strengthening them, giving them the stretch they need to move beyond the flat perfection most would already assume she has.

With so many cheap fad programs like Nine Minute Abs or whatever the latest short time frame workout is, Gaby is just certain she has stumbled upon one that really might have some potential. The program uses a video workout session and special form of self hypnosis by way of a camera that captures her during the workout and lets her view herself on the screen.

It definitely has potential, and with all the posted testimonials there’s hope that this program will work where any of those cheap fad ones won’t. Best of all, it doesn’t make outrageous claims of significant changes in just nine minutes. This program is Nine Month Abs, a program that guarantees the tightest abdominal muscles possible at the end of nine months, a realistic time table Gaby can get behind.

Another benefit she quickly discovers as the program begins is that Nine Month Abs requires no special equipment, the exercise only needing a chair and special positioning to raise and lower in front of it, holding the body at such an angle to keep those abs tightened and working, feeling the burn.

Working out, Gaby is hopeful about this working, about being in the best shape of her young life, but she isn’t prepared for the advanced illusions such an exercise program can create through the use of both the camera and the claimed self hypnosis to calm and focus the body during the exercises.

When Gabrielle finds herself on the television doing the exercises on a beach, a special augmented reality benefit to this program, she barely has a moment to react when the virtual environment goes from relaxing and isolated to quite unexpected sexual, an attractive virtual beach guy appearing.

One thing is certain for Gaby by the end of this first trial run with Nine Month Abs. With the new motivation and ideas quite comfortably worked into her mind her abs are going to be stretched tighter than ever nine months down the road, and her new exercise regimen will be making sure she continues to cheer men on, even if it isn’t on a sports field.


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Bimbo Bummed

Bimbo Bummed by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bummed by Kris P. Kreme

It’s time for Readers to find a Bimbo who’s Bombed…

A high maintenance princess goes from riches to rags in the latest Bimbo Bombing. Beverly has always been above everyone, but thanks to her being above the requests of a simple text message she’ll find herself lower than ever.

Lower intelligence, lower morals, and lower on her knees in an alley with the bums she once ignored but now can’t get enough of. No matter how low in society one is, everyone will get a chance to enjoy Beverly’s hills.

Beverly is a rich girl, the elite of society, a snobby girl with class and standards, all of which are about to be tossed in the trash, thanks to a text message she is quick to laugh off. Assuming the message is merely the latest attempt at humor by her boyfriend’s loser pals, Beverly has no time for games. She is on her way into one of the most expensive stores in town, intending to treat herself to some jewelry, possibly expensive imported pearls.

According to the message, she has been Bimbo Bombed, targeted due to her always being the most important girl around, at the top of society. If she refuses to help the next person she sees, she will find out what life at the bottom is like and become a bimbo bum in 100 seconds.

It’s laughable, even for her boyfriend’s buddies, who are truly beneath her, certainly not worth her time. Still, as Beverly snubs her nose in the air at the homeless man outside the fancy store begging for change, she receives another text and this one has her concerned.

An animated counter has loaded on the screen of her phone, numbers counting down from 100 and for some reason she can’t close the message. Angry at her boyfriend, assuming his friends somehow hacked her phone just to mess with her, she heads on into the store, determined to cure her annoyance with retail therapy. However as soon as the counter reaches zero, Beverly finds her mind spinning and her priorities shifting.

She came for a pearl necklace but the expensive ones in the case just don’t seem what she is after anymore. Her highly educated vernacular begins to diminish, her vocabulary simplifying, and a once uptight rich bitch is discovering the carefree enjoyment of bimbo bumming.

She especially enjoys finding that pearl necklace she always wanted… and much much more, when she goes back and rejoins the nasty dirty old bum in the alley near the store. The man may be out of his element with a girl like her, but he sure isn’t afraid to enjoy Beverly’s hills as classy meets trashy like never before.
Watch out for dangerous texts this Readers Choice Month, and treat that special lady to a pearl necklace with Bimbo Bummed.


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Whore-ticulture 101

Whore-ticulture 101 by Kris P. Kreme

Whore-ticulture 101 by Kris P. Kreme

Time for Reader’s Choice month to go to school…

All set for her first college class, Horticulture 101, Danielle is quick to discover that maybe she misunderstood just what class she was signing up for.

After being volunteered for demonstration to the rest of the class by Professor Adams, Danielle will discover a lot more changes than she anticipated in heading off to college and a whole new way of making the grade.

Most college freshmen were nervous about many things, from the new locations and new people to the pressure of the classes and how their professors may or may not like them. Danielle is different though, and she’s actually proud of herself for taking the time to think her freshman courses through.

Unlike those that load up on too many core classes, Danielle has taken a light load to ease in and grow accustomed to college. One of those classes just happens to be a non-traditional course she has always been fascinated by, Horticulture 101.

Enrolling over the phone, listening to various course offerings for freshmen, Danielle was surprised to hear about the class. She’s always been drawn to gardening, having a natural green thumb, loving plants and now looking forward to learning even more. It’s relaxing and naturally stress calming, and nothing could be better for a college freshman new to the university.

Arriving on the first day of Horticulture 101, Danielle is a bit bothered how crowded it is, and by almost all boys, just a few older women who clearly are coming back to school later in life. She’s surprised to find that she is the only female freshman it seems but even more surprised, if not shocked by what is written on the board at the front of the classroom.

Someone, likely one of the many guys who seem to be checking her out, has played a horrible joke, changing the spelling of Horticulture 101 to Whore-ticulture 101, and she has little doubt the professor will be ticked off when he arrives.

When Professor Adams does arrive, he’s a nice looking guy, semi-casual style it seems, and naturally charming. He doesn’t seem to even pay much attention to the misspelling though, and the more he talks the more Danielle begins to wonder whether she somehow misunderstood the entire point of the class she signed up for.

Before she has too much of a chance to question being in the class, Professor Adams has chosen her as a volunteer to help demonstrate his day one lessons, lessons like choosing where to plant your seed, hands on preparation, and going deep… lessons Danielle naturally assumed referred to gardening.

Danielle has enrolled in Whore-ticulture 101 and under the charming words and manipulation of her new professor, she might just pass the class and become quite the finely cultured whore. It’s time to enroll in Readers Choice Month, take the classes you want, and meet the student body in whole new ways.


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Making a Comeback

Making a Comeback by Kris P. Kreme

Making a Comeback by Kris P. Kreme

Reader’s Choice month is ready for a workout!

A promising young athlete, Melissa Lawrence suffered a torn calf muscle that tripped up her destiny as one of the greatest female athletes around. Now she has been trying everything to recover even past her former glory.

An unconventional idea about visiting an old man in the local woods who reportedly can create magic potions might just give Melissa everything she wanted, or it might just make sure she gives every guy around exactly what they always wanted.

Melissa Lawrence is a born athlete, dedicated to her body and not in the ways fellow college guys would prefer. She’s achieved more success through athletic pursuits like marathon running and endurance events than most will in a lifetime, but recent setbacks have pushed her frustration to new extremes.

A freak accident resulted in a torn calf muscle, something she would recover from but struggle with, especially given how hard Melissa always pushed herself. Going well beyond the training recommended by her doctors, Melissa spent three solid months preparing, training, doing the best she could to heal faster and stronger.

An athletic coed like Melissa had a body firm and fit, even sweaty from a race able to toss her hair and make models jealous, but for Melissa Lawrence that wasn’t good enough. She wanted to make the headlines again in sports. She wanted to be the comeback kid, to be known all over for her ability to make a real comeback.

After training one day with fellow college student, Danny, Melissa has an idea, and an admittedly off the wall idea. Having been training on the trails of the forest that cover much of the old college town, she spots a place rumored and storied among the locals, an old stone house in the forest.

The man who lives in that home is supposedly some feared old wizard, people saying he performs all sorts of dark magic and makes potions from his wooded cabin home.

Melissa’s idea is a simple one, go and actually meet this old man, ask for a potion, one to make her the comeback she has dreamed of being, the biggest comeback in the world, the comeback kid. Of course as her friend, Danny, points out, the odds are it’s just a creepy old crazy guy and the potions are nothing.

As Melissa puts it, even the thought that it might work could be just enough to push her that extra mile, over the hill she has been struggling to recover and train towards. Mind over matter is better than not trying, so reluctantly dragging Danny along, Melissa Lawrence treks the hike up the wooded hillside towards the old stone house.

As it turns out, the rumors of a strange old man who makes potions are true, and he does seem to at least think his potions are capable of real magic. Unfortunately for Melissa and quite possibly more fortunate than ever for Danny, this man is pretty hard of hearing and misunderstands what Melissa desires to become, a simple one word mistake changing her into exactly what she probably never wanted to be, but just what Danny and pretty much every guy on campus wanted.

Melissa Lawrence was always a top athlete, her body in perfect shape, and now it seems that body might just be getting the workout of a lifetime, all because she wanted to really make a comeback.

Readers Choice Month provides a real workout of reading. Enjoy a break, and then make a comeback of it with this potion of a tale.


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Brain Drain Driven

Brain Drain Driven by Kris P. Kreme

Brain Drain Driven by Kris P. Kreme

Reader’s Choice month takes you in a new direction!

Rachel is a model used to posing beside powerful sports cars. When she has the chance to own her very own, purchasing from a police auction of seized property, she quickly discovers that some cars come with a much higher price.

Having the advanced Brain Drain Driven navigation and security equipment installed, Rachel must make basic choices to even drive the car and those choices may just cost her more than she is ready to pay.

Rachel and her husband Vic are happily married, just three years now, but while the honeymoon might not be entirely over, the happiness is being strained. Rachel needs her own car, and she knows exactly the kind of car she wants, having been a model for years so quite used to all the sporty cars she has posed beside in the past.
It’s at a local police auction of seized vehicles that Rachel finds the perfect car, a sleek looking black Mustang, and so there she finds herself, new to the police auction world but determined to drive off with her brand new wheels.

The auction is fairly simple enough, just bring the cash and bid against others using the paddles assigned. Right from the start when the Mustang comes up for auction, Rachel knows she is going to win, and at a much better price than she ever expected.

It seems only one other couple is bidding and the man quickly stops the woman he is with when he notices what car she is bidding on. Some people, Rachel thinks, some people just can’t get over the history of the cars at these auctions, the fact they were vehicles used in crimes of some sort.

The Mustang was not even a serious crime vehicle, merely used during some sex trade run from someone’s home, certainly nothing that sways Rachel from bidding highest and realizing her dream of owning the car she always wanted.

As she was told when the car was up for bidding, this particular Mustang has a very high tech security and navigation assistance device installed. What Rachel wasn’t told was that there are no manuals or anything included in the sale, so figuring out the navigation, assistance, and security system in this fancy sports car will be entirely up to her.

It isn’t until she’s on her way back, driving her winning car home, happy to hear the powerful thrust of the engine, that Rachel realizes maybe this car wasn’t the best choice after all.

The engine shuts itself down, letting her drift to a stop in a neighborhood a few blocks from her driveway, the navigation screen instructing her that new owners must complete the registration process for the car to function.

Brain Drain Driven is the name of this fancy high tech automotive assistance system and for some strange reason that Rachel assumes is someone’s idea of a joke, the system requires her to make choices.

According to the colorful touchscreen on the dash, she can choose everything from the fuel efficiency to the engine functionality, each choice having a price. The prices are outlandish and not because of any dollar amount. It seems someone, likely the previous owners, set it up to claim that percentages of her intelligence or inhibitions can be taken as payment, that choosing certain higher quality options results in larger breast size, and that vehicle reliability is somehow related to her own willingness to let strangers fuck her.

Given the fact the car was previously involved in some sex trade crimes, the joke isn’t entirely surprising, but the point remains, Rachel can’t drive the car until she answers the questions, makes her choices.

The last thing she ever expects is for one of these choices of payment to actually be accepted, for the car of her dreams to quickly turn her into every man’s wet dream.

In the end, Rachel might just discover that this is the kind of sports car that drains more than a wallet at the gas tank. This is the kind of car that takes Brain Drain on the road, in Brain Drain Driven. Readers Choice Month takes readers on a ride they will never forget.


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Disobedience by Kris P. Kreme

Disobedience by Kris P. Kreme

Reader’s Choice teaches a lesson!

Gil Graven has reined in his temper for years now, a quite particular set of skills for managing stress. He has done everything to just find peace and relaxation in his own backyard, but the annoying college kids next door are about to push too far.

After they refuse to stop hitting his fence with a basketball, Gil takes the confrontation with them to all new heights by testing their disobedience and seeing to it that doing the opposite of what he asks gets them a lot more than they bargained for.

Gil Graven is a nice neighbor, keeping his property exceptionally well manicured and maintained, adding beauty to the landscape, and preferring to live quietly and with peace of mind.

Unfortunately for some very rude neighbors, Gil Graven is also a man you don’t want to mess with. He’s hidden a secret for a long time, an ability or focus that most would much rather not find themselves under. On a peaceful summer afternoon in his backyard, Gil is about to find himself pushed over the limit by the annoying teenagers next door, kids who should be off to college but instead live at home and find new and more creative ways of ruining his afternoon.

The reason Gil even put up the large privacy fence was for just that, privacy and of course peace of mind. Gil is getting none of that when a constant THUMP keeps happening, someone beating on the other side of the fence.

Upon investigating the noise, he’s not terribly surprised to see the college teens next door, Ben and his stepsister Bella, taking turns tossing a basketball at his fence.

It’s the stupidest form of entertainment and Gil knows it’s purely to annoy him, their family having been nuisances since they moved in, pushing Gil many times to the edge of his own self control.

When he notices that their parents are on the patio next to their house, not even caring what sort of trouble the two get into, Gil has had enough and it’s no longer time to reason with the kids. It’s now time to test the true power of their disobedience.

It begins with a simple comment to the cute redhead Bella, saying she should at least put on some more clothes and dress decently in the neighborhood. Her response is only natural and predictable, resistance, disobedience. Only when she decides that not only will she not put on more clothes but remove even more clothes does the power of their neighbor become clear.

Every complaint, every comment, Ben and Bella are quick to refuse and do the exact opposite, until casual comments and usual complaints are resulting in completely indecent acts and more than just unusual behavior.

Every neighborhood has the unruly kids, the pure disobedience, but one family in Gil’s neighborhood is about to find out that when they fuck with Gil Graven, they’re the ones that are fucked. Enjoy some peace and quiet this Readers Choice Month.


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Party Favors

Party Favors by Kris P. Kreme

Party Favors by Kris P. Kreme

Reader’s Choice Month is ready to party!

Everyone in the office knows they can count on Eleanor to do all the thankless favors. She’s hardworking, deceptively smart, and puts up with anything.

Inflating a bunch of balloons purely by her own lung power for a party prep one evening, Eleanor discovers the dangers of party favors… and the risks of becoming one.

Eleanor is a highly professional and deceptively intelligent young woman, who would be having most of the men in her office working beneath her if not for the somewhat sexist practices in this corporate office.

She’s used to it though, to the idiots she has to put up with, to the stupid tasks they always pass onto her just to keep her busy. Eleanor has always had a very strong drive to advance and sexism or none she will endure, even if she has to bite her tongue more than a few times a day.

Around the office, Eleanor is called Frumpy, and she knows the nickname has nothing to do with her looks. She’s always been attractive, staying in shape, but she assumes it really all boils down to having the name, Eleanor, an admittedly old style name for a modern unsophisticated office environment.

The latest chore it seems for Eleanor to waste her own time doing is getting things prepped for some office party, a party she apparently isn’t even invited to and has no idea about what it is celebrating. She is used to these tasks handed down to her, these office girl favors the executives just expect from her.

What Eleanor isn’t used to is just where this particular party favor will lead her.

Assuming she was supposed to do the basic party prep, some streamers, some plates, getting things in the company break room ready, Eleanor assumed they would have some sort of tank there to inflate all the balloons. No such luck it would seem and so Eleanor is left with little choice but to spend much longer than she expected blowing up the balloons one at a time.

Nearly instantly the rubber of the balloons and the constant huffing and puffing to blow up balloon after colorful balloon is giving Eleanor a headache. The headache grows as she slowly inflates every last balloon, finding that with each balloon blown up she’s feeling a little more dazed, a little more out of it, and a little more easily frustrated.

When the buttons begin popping as the balloons grow bigger, Eleanor realizes too late that something is making her inflate just as much as the balloons she presses to her lips, and in the end she might just find that the most popular party favor at this surprise party… is her.

It’s time to party like it’s Readers Choice Month, because it is and this party don’t stop till the IQ drops as the brainy office girl becomes the best bimbo in the building.


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SINtendo App-gasm

SINtendo App-gasm by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo App-gasm by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo is back for Reader’s Choice Month!

When Kevin’s cousin Vince calls and is bored out of his mind at the local DMV, Kevin has just the cure, in the form of an all new SINtendo phone App called SINtendo App-gasm.

Now at merely the swipe of his thumb across his phone, Vince is free to give spontaneous orgasms to various attractive women waiting in the large DMV room with him. They are only too happy to pay Vince back as the usual chaos of the DMV meets with SINtendo’s special blend of excitement.

Kevin has gone through a lot in his life, given the SINtendo Whee as a kid really, growing up in many more ways than one, growing to hate SINtendo for the chaos it brought to his family, to his wife with her father in law, and yet he has finally passed all the regrets, embracing the SINtendo way of life.

Kevin’s wife Amber is pregnant, but then that is no surprise with all the games men play with her, the only surprise ultimately being whose this one will be before someone else takes a turn. Kevin takes everything pretty lightly, easy going given new meaning when every woman around is potentially easy to enjoy.

He’s even gotten past the differences with his dad, and on an otherwise uneventful day when Kevin is working in the garage, he is not too shocked to hear Amber inside moaning. He’s not even shocked to see his dad there in the room with the orgasming woman, but surprisingly his dad is nowhere near her, across the room messing with something on his phone.

It seems that his predictably perverse uncle has sent something new back to the family, a link to a new phone app from SINtendo and this app takes mindless phone fun to new extremes, really proving to be the most exciting game ever for those the game is played with.

SINtendo App-gasm is a game to play when truly bored, no controller needed, no game system, just a phone and your thumb, the app providing the standard overhead view of wherever the player is and anyone close by whose phone happens to be on the same network.

Anyone on the same network is open to being played with and playing purely consists of giving them intense orgasms at the swipe of a thumb. By pushing various colored bars in sequence multiple orgasms can be achieved increasing the overall score.

It’s a very simple game, and when Kevin gets a call out of the blue moments later from his cousin Vince, the family gaming addiction is about to get passed along.

Vince it seems is bored out of his mind, sitting at the DMV waiting on his turn to get vehicle registration over with. He’s been sitting in the crowded waiting room all morning, everyone messing on their phones to pass the time, and he decided to call up Kevin.

It seems, at least from Vince’s perspective that Kevin’s living the good life, definitely no stress there, and as Kevin explains, he has the perfect solution to boredom now, particularly Vince’s kind of boredom.

Ending the call, Vince receives the SINtendo App-gasm and soon you can truly say many of the women waiting for car renewals, tag renewals, or licenses, are getting more than just excited about being at the DMV. They are getting downright orgasmic, to the point that girls are stripping in pleasure, moaning and losing their minds to sexual bliss.

Needless to say boredom doesn’t last long when this little phone game ends, the women so turned on they can’t even think about anything but getting more action the only way their orgasm-blown minds can fathom.

Celebrate the 4th during Readers Choice Month. It’s so much better than fireworks, it’s SINtendo App-gasm, the truly explosive new app everyone has to have.


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He’ll Talk Your Bra Off

He'll Talk Your Bra Off by Kris P. Kreme

He’ll Talk Your Bra Off by Kris P. Kreme

Reader’s Choice 2015 has arrived!

Katie was just traveling home for the summer, out west attending college, looking forward to seeing the sights during the long bus ride.

A fellow traveler named Roger with a bad habit of talking too much might just ensure that everyone sees a lot more of Katie than she sees of the sights.

The last think Katie asked for on a cross-country bus trip back home for the summer is a fellow passenger who just won’t shut up. Of course Katie is also the last one anyone would ever call rude so she’s more than happy to let the friendly Roger take the empty seat beside her and chat about pretty much everything imaginable.

Roger’s a generally sweet guy, complimenting her, chatting about the open road, about the people you meet, and naturally talking about how he tends to have the habit of talking a girl’s ear off.

Of course in Roger’s opinion that’s always the worst thing he can hear, close to insulting, and he never really understood the phrase anyway since an ear can’t really be talked off. Other things can though, like shirts, panties, bras, since they naturally can come off.

Roger is distracting to the view Katie came on this bus trip for but his conversation is strangely soothing and before she knows it, Katie is just as involved as he is in chatting the miles away, passing across the beautiful American southwest where the outside heat is about to step inside a certain young traveler.

Unfortunately for Roger and Katie, his talking is worse than even he intended, and he brings all new meaning to the term mind-numbing conversation. Find out how the truly Kremed Konversation ends as Readers Choice Month begins, an entire month of giving the readers what they have asked for more of during the past year, every other day of the month.


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Independence Déjà Vu

Independence Déjà Vu by Kris P. Kreme

Independence Déjà Vu by Kris P. Kreme

For Megan, graduation from college meant freedom, the ultimate independence from a life planned and scheduled for nearly her entire life.

The day after graduation though, she sees something on the way into town that shakes everything about her independence. People she knows and people she doesn’t know are doing perverted inappropriate things in public and the biggest mystery for Megan is not why they are doing it, but why it all feels so familiar.

Can Megan save herself from ending up just like them?

On the morning after Megan graduated college, the first day of her own personal independence… everything went crazy with the world, everything went insane with those she knew. For Megan though, the most crazy and insane thing of all was the feeling that all of this had happened before.

Her life had been rigorously maintained and scheduled for over twenty years, but the day after graduation, Megan for the first time did not know what to expect, a new adventure ahead, one where her own independence might lead down many roads. On a drive into town that day she hardly traveled any distance before seeing an old friend, Janie, just a couple of years behind her in school.

Right there on the side of the road for any passing traffic to see, Janie was showing that she truly was a daddy’s girl and despite the sick public nature of it all, Megan just knew this had happened before, as though seeing such a shocking thing struck a memory in her mind she wasn’t even aware of.

Further down the road, Megan spotted a cop having pulled over a young woman, the cop doing anything but frisking her, his activities no less public than Janie’s had been, the woman getting no less than Janie had. Again, the feeling all of this made sense somehow, that it had happened before somewhere else, to someone else.

When Megan arrived at her hometown mall, already expecting something to be going on, she almost isn’t even surprised to see a local reporter outside, pumping some kids for more than a story. She isn’t even that shocked when she goes inside, having arranged to meet a friend at the food court, and spots a couple of younger girls at a nearby table.

The girls are sisters and apparently like doing everything together, including the boys they are chatting up. Witnessing the perverse little tryst this group has near the restrooms off the food court, Megan once again can’t help but find all of this familiar, as though it was all scripted to occur, as though there was no independence, only the feeling it has happened before and will happen again.

Finding her friend she’d been waiting for, things only get stranger and more perverse as it seems everyone is behaving in ways no normal person would behave, crude depraved ways, no thought given to where they are or who they are with.

Will Megan finally understand her Independence Déjà Vu or will she find out that freedom is an illusion and fate has special plans for her, plans that start the moment she sets foot back home, the moment she greets her family after a crazy day like this?


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A Crime of Fashion

A Crime of Fashion by Kris P. Kreme

A Crime of Fashion by Kris P. Kreme

The sequel to A Mind for Fashion…

Terry Taylor became famous practically overnight thanks to Liqui-cloth, the miracle advancement in fashion where clothing was made up of nano-machines that offer changes and resizing at the push of a button.

His old buddy Duke back in the small town they grew up in never had such success. Shady Crest police officers, a small town number but big time troubles for Duke, are all women he used to hit on and tease.

Thanks to a little assist from his famous friend, Duke is about to get a special remote that can change everything about being handled by the cops.

They once said Terry Taylor had a mind for fashion, and thanks to his genius invention of Liqui-cloth, they were right. He’s living the good life with all the wrongs of his past righted and a majority of the population wearing variations of Liqui-cloth clothing and accessories.

The amazing clothing that can resize itself, change styles and colors purely by manipulation of millions of microscopic machines within has taken the world by storm and no one but Terry knows about the secret risk of wearing it. None are wise to his breakthrough discovery that over time a small percentage of the nano-machines leech into the bloodstream and that those nano-machines can still be controlled, in effect reprogramming and reshaping the wearer just like the clothing itself. Even if someone does find out, Terry has taken precautions to take care of such a threat to his success.

Once less than a success with the opposite sex, women are no longer a challenge for Terry Taylor, but the same can’t be said of his old buddy Duke, who Terry hears from for the first time in years on the way to an important flight from the country. Duke it seems has been hassled constantly in the small town he lives in, a town the two of them practically grew up together in. Old friends, Terry lost track of what Duke was up to past his teens but it seems he was mostly up to hitting on girls and making more than a few enemies out of them.

Now that he’s all grown up in the real world, a surprising number of those girls have become cops, in fact the whole small town department run by women, most of which he used to tease as children and hit on later. Small town means small population and an over-abundance of women might seem great to most men, but unfortunately for Duke they are on him at every turn, citing him for noise complaints when he has no neighbors for miles, citing him for broken tail lights when he knows one of them busted the light. The officers of the small town of Shady Crest are being real bitches, but Duke’s hands are tied… or sometimes handcuffed as he frequents the jail enough times.

While catching up with his old buddy Terry, congratulating him on the success and women he seems to have according to all the tabloids, Duke is surprised when his now famous pal offers a little assist. Holding back on most of the details, Terry offers to send out a special remote, one specially programmed to manipulate and enhance and do whatever Duke can imagine to the local police. Thanks to their wearing Liqui-cloth uniforms, this little remote will give Duke all the advantages he’s been denied, and naturally Duke is up for it.

Once the mysterious remote arrives, it’s time to attract the attention of the local police, babes in blue that Duke now has special plans for. He may be planning the crime of the century against Shady Crest law enforcement but it’s really just A Crime of Fashion.


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Trance Tramped

Trance Tramped by Kris P. Kreme

Trance Tramped by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone knows Kasey, the sweet bubbly blonde cheerleader a favorite among the Weyland University’s Wildcat Whistlers.

Not everyone knows of her petrifying fear of tattoos, which has kept her from having her own matching lower back tattoo, a cute little winged wildcat.

For her twenty-first birthday, best friend Jenna takes Kasey to see a hypnotherapist with promises of a trance to overcome her fears. When the trance goes further than intended, Kasey may just come out willing to do anything with anybody as long as tattoos are involved.

Thanks to a lackluster football team, the Weyland Wildcat Whistlers are the focus at every game. The college university may be small, but Weyland has a lot of pride in their cheerleaders, known quite famously as the Wildcat Whistlers. There aren’t all that many of them, just a half dozen or so, but nobody can deny that they take the show and it’s for that very reason that the cheerleaders are planning an ambitious fundraiser to purchase all new uniforms and equipment.

With new uniforms, they will look their best and with the equipment they can better master the new routines they will need if they are to have a chance at the International Cheerleading Expo in Cancun, a trip all of them are excited about.

While all of the cheerleaders have unique personalities, nobody can deny the sheer charm and pull of their most down to earth girl next door bubbly blonde, Kasey. Kasey is the girl everyone admires, an all-American cheerleader through and through, and planning for the upcoming calendar photo shoot, the calendars to be their method of raising funds, falls second to only one event. That event is Kasey’s twenty-first birthday, a big milestone and one all her cheerleading friends want to make very special.

A casual mention of Kasey finally getting the matching tattoo that all of the others have leads her best friend Jenna to the perfect birthday gift. The tattoo is simple, classy, and even if it is a lower back tattoo, there is nothing tramp stamp about it. Just a simple little winged wildcat, one every Whistler has and something that would make a great entry in the calendar, a nice spread with all of their backs shown and the tattoos in line.

The only real hurdle for Kasey is her petrifying fear of all things tattoo, whether it’s the needles, the potential pain, or the risk that people might think less of her for having a lower back tattoo. The last thing this sweet bubbly girl needs is someone labeling her a tramp.

By the night of her birthday, Jenna has a plan though, a surprise she has lined up that will take care of everything. Diverting on the way to the bar to meet their fellow Wildcat Whistlers, Jenna takes Kasey to Doctor John Green, an experienced hypnotherapist who specializes in helping handle irrational fears. Through a simple process he can put Kasey in a trance and have her slowly relieve her fears of needles, her fears of tattoos, her fears of most everything, and in a simple one time session.

Everything seems completely perfect, the doctor having good referrals, his office still new but purely professional. Several things will conspire to mess up this perfect plan and make sure Kasey comes out more unafraid of tattoos than anyone would ever have wanted, especially her.

As the doctor explains during the session, fear is just a negative association of something, and it exists at the opposite end of the spectrum from pleasure. By picturing herself climbing a ladder from the pit of fear to the heights of pleasure, Kasey can reach a healthy medium where fear does not rule her but she still maintains a healthy respect for needles, tattoos, and the entire process in general.

Doctor Green has everything going fine, Kasey in the trance, counting slowly with each step up she takes, but a phone call and other distractions cause the well intentioned doctor to step out of the room and leave Kasey alone, counting much higher than he ever intended her to count, higher than any patient ever has.

Kasey ultimately leaves Doctor Green feeling much better about getting a tattoo, but even Jenna notices it seems to be just a bit too extreme of a shift. Passing it off as merely recovering from a trance and then having some drinks with their fellow cheerleaders, Kasey is soon put in a cab, directed back to the dorms.

What happens though when Kasey sees a cheap tattoo parlor in the bad part of town? What happens when she insists on stopping at the fittingly named All Night Tattooing? And more importantly what will become of the once virginal sweet all-American cheerleader when some horny low moral tattoo artists get a hold of her?

Find out in the Kustom Kreme Single that shows sometimes a tramp stamp is just a tramp stamp; other times it’s the beginning to becoming a whole new girl, one whose pleasure knows no boundaries all thanks to a little trance.


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I’m No Angel

I'm No Angel by Kris P. Kreme

I’m No Angel by Kris P. Kreme

A mysterious man who may not even be a man takes a stroll through the city, just a simple shared experience to better explain the story of who he is.

He’s powerful in ways most can’t fathom, with abilities that could ultimately lead to so much good in the world. Of course, the truth is, he’s no angel and has always had a taste for the perverse.

So many ordinary encounters take extraordinarily depraved diversions when the man in this Kreme Klassic is around.

He’s been around for a very long time, has abilities most would envy, and could easily do a world of good with those abilities. Unfortunately for most, he’s no angel. He has an appreciation for messing with people, particularly attractive women, changing more than their minds at the snap of a finger.

His story is a lengthy one, but cutting out all the filler and getting right to the good stuff he can sum it up by telling about one simple day, a day that quickly became anything but simple for those in the city he chose to take a stroll through.

No one is safe from a casual whim, an idle fantasy, not when he is around. His name will not be known and his origin remains a secret, but everyone can witness what happens as he takes very average everyday encounters and twists them on end, literally turning heads and making sure everyone has a very good time.

From the attractive female executive waiting to cross the street to the patrons of an outdoor cafe, where his eyes fall, inhibitions and clothing are sure to drop as well. Coming upon a group of attractive young girls in the park, away from the busy city, he ultimately concludes his day with a classic, just a simple twist of thoughts, twist of motives, and the girls are no longer content to simply waste time laying in the grass, not when they can spend the afternoon getting mindlessly screwed.

He’s good at what he does, but definitely not good, and this is his story. Only one thing is certain; he’s definitely no angel as this Kreme Klassic clearly shows.


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The Fertile Fields of Imagination

The Fertile Fields of Imagination by Kris P. Kreme

The Fertile Fields of Imagination by Kris P. Kreme

Riley Sloane has taken a journey through depravity in the small town of Fertile Fields. He has witnessed innocence corrupted and purity drowned in lust. He has seen impossible technology and lurid fantasies made real.

He hasn’t seen anything yet. Fate has led him to Niles Loarey, a man every bit as mysterious as Riley, a man on the opposite end of the spectrum from the good Riley represents.

Can Riley destroy the trap that is Fertile Fields or will he find a truth beyond his own imagining? Find out in the final pages of this epic tale.

They once said that in the Fertile Fields of Imagination anything is possible and the same can quite possibly be true of the mysterious town of Fertile Fields. A town found on no maps but found by all at some point in their lives, Fertile Fields exists separate from the reality most will ever know.

Roads lead in but no roads lead out and all roads lead to one place in Fertile Fields, a place no one goes, and a place the locals believe no one returns from. That place is a mansion on a mountain that shouldn’t exist and that mansion belongs to Niles Loarey, the man behind the power in Fertile Fields.

Riley Sloane has lived his life helping others, possessing a unique talent even he never fully understood, only knowing that his life as a wanderer, as a loner, has put him on the road to where he needed to be. That road like many led to Fertile Fields, a place where fantasies come true but perversity and depravity reign supreme.

Having witnessed the insanity firsthand, Riley knows why he is here, how he is to help the citizens of Fertile Fields and it all comes down to the ultimate confrontation with the mysterious man behind it all, the man everyone fears and no one questions.

Niles knows he is coming, and has even opened the gate, a welcome invitation but when Riley arrives at the most impossible home he ever has seen, the last thing he expects is to find a woman desperate to leave.

Dedicated to helping, Riley can put his final face off aside, if only to help get the lovely young Emma Jean out of this twisted place, a literal fun house without the fun.

However, something isn’t quite right about Emma Jean, something Riley knows is both connected to his past and his future. In Fertile Fields, your imagination can run away with you, but can Riley discover the truth in time to reset the clock? Can he fight past the illusion of lust to come face to face with the man who walks in shadows and runs the impossible town of Fertile Fields?

Find out the twisted truth behind this twisted town and discover the true connection between Riley Sloane’s destiny and Fertile Fields’ past. The tale of the century is finally ending and all secrets will be revealed, revelations too impossible to believe, but easy to conceive of in The Fertile Fields of Imagination.


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The Changing Room

The Changing Room by Kris P. Kreme

The Changing Room by Kris P. Kreme

Bekah and Megan are close sisters, having put up with many moves living with their dad. The latest move has them in a new town but this town seems to at least have a nice clothing store worth browsing.

A comment from Megan about how slutty the clothes would probably make Bekah look begins a challenge and more than a couple visits to the changing room to prove her wrong.

When Bekah refuses to accept that Megan was right and she looks slutty, is it all a game or has more than just Bekah’s clothing changed?

Bekah and Megan are used to moving and finding new places to shop. This time they are very new in town, barely having unpacked from the latest move with their dad. Taking time away from the boxes, the siblings decide to browse selections at a local clothing store called Perception. However, as Megan will soon discover, much more than Bekah’s perception is about to change.

All of the women’s clothing seems to be rather skimpy, but when Bekah finds a style of tank top she likes, Megan can’t believe she doesn’t see the problem with wearing it. First of all, Daddy would have a fit and second of all, as she is quick to point out, Bekah has enjoyed a rather generous recent growth spurt up top.

Bekah, however, seems insistent that the top would look fine and while fitted, not be too bad or inappropriate. In order to prove it, she finds the nearest changing room, a small enclosure at the center of the store.

A few minutes later, Bekah emerges proudly wearing her chosen green tank top, and Megan is only ready for the sister to admit that she was right as usual. Bizarrely though, Bekah seems to love how it looks, no mention of the way it wraps her breasts so tightly it seems anything but proper or dignified.

So she has big breasts, Bekah complains, everyone likes big breasts. Megan is sure her sister is playing some sort of game, though she isn’t sure what it might be, especially when she decides the rest of her outfit needs a change to better match the top. One more visit to the changing room and Bekah has a nice short skirt to go with the fitted top, a skirt Megan says completes the look as their daddy is fond of saying of a teenage harlot.

Bekah doesn’t care, and the usual levelheaded girl hardly flinches at the comments, not even when Megan explains that harlot means whore. As she puts it, she’d never charge a guy, but something definitely needs to be done about her shoes.

As the joke continues and Bekah takes an innocent trying on of clothing to new extremes, Megan gets more and more worried about their dad showing up to pick them up, finding even one of his precious daughters dressed in such a way. But is this really a joke… and will Megan ever be able to talk some fashion sense into her stubborn older sister?

At Perception, they say Change your Clothing, Change your Perception, but much more may be changing for sisters Bekah and Megan when their shopping is done.


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Piper’s Bank Heist Bust

Piper's Bank Heist Bust by Kris P. Kreme

Piper’s Bank Heist Bust by Kris P. Kreme

Piper Perkins is one of fifteen unfortunate bank patrons and employees, bound tightly to a chair, no hope at escape while three bank robbers empty the vault.

However, Piper has a unique and unconventional talent. Years ago she first discovered she could manipulate the size of her breasts.

While the particulars are largely unknown to her, the ability is real. Can she use it to escape and free the others… or will her talent somehow lead to even further chaos in the bank?

Most would have called Piper Perkins an ordinary girl until the day of her high school graduation. She was average looking, average build, average everything, the kind a guy could easily overlook and the kind who despised the way early developed girls became cruel bullies.

It was at graduation she first discovered a talent, a mutation perhaps, some sort of freakish ability she had. It was simply intended to be a joke, to flirt with the cruelest girls’ boyfriends in the line to receive their diplomas, to make sure those girls saw it all happen and suffered a little embarrassment of their own for once before high school was completely over.

The flirting took a turn though when Piper found she could literally control the size of her breasts. Focus, breathing in, the various methods of her talent would take years to understand, and quite frequently Piper would find things out of hand.

Of course Piper was never a girl to give up using what she had, to finally get some things she deserved, to show that a girl with her particular mutation or ability could manipulate others and control without bullying.

It failed time after time though, one little bizarre twist or unexpected loss of control ruining her plans but teaching her more about herself and her ever changing chest size. When she went for an interview and tried to remain flat chested and totally nonthreatening to a potential boss with an overbearing wife, the fact he was handsome pushed her into unwanted growth. The time she tried a simple joke, wanting to tease a guy on the elevator with a little extra oomph up top, the oomph grew out of control and nearly suffocated them both inside the confined space.

Now, however, the time has come to use that talent, to escape the bindings she and a number of other bank patrons find themselves in. Having intended to just use her abilities to distract a loan officer into getting the business loan she wanted, Piper might just be the others’ only hope against armed bank robbers, two masked men and their female cohort in crime.

Can Piper bust free, literally? Will she save the others and stop the dangerous gunmen… or will her plans once again go bust, and everyone around her discover there are more than just loads of bullets to shoot in this particular bank on this particular day?


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Truth in Advertising: Burying the Hatchet

 Truth in Advertising: Burying the Hatchet by Kris P. Kreme

Truth in Advertising: Burying the Hatchet by Kris P. Kreme

Handling claims against companies that falsely advertise or make outrageously impossible claims in their commercials, Truth in Advertising Incorporated has seen a lot of ridiculous excuses.

They’ve never had a case though that dragged on as long as the one against Hatchet Body Spray, a company whose commercials indicate women lose control and sexually are drawn to any man who uses their products.

Leon Stinson is the latest man to investigate Hatchet and he might just be surprised by where his investigation takes him.

Truth in Advertising Incorporated investigates cases of false advertising, particularly keeping a handle on exaggerated commercials, unsubstantiated promises, impossible product claims. They are the one force against total lies to the consumer and a new case has just been handed over to investigator Leon Stinson.

Unfortunately for Stinson, it isn’t exactly a new case. In fact three former TIA inc investigators were handed the case, month after month, and each month only leads to the sudden vanishing of those investigators with the case being handed along to yet another TIA representative.

Hatchet Body Spray is the company behind this mysteriously impossible case and their commercial claims are infamous and quite well known. According to the claims, the promises all but made by every print and media ad for their Body Spray, Hatchet can make a man irresistible to women.

The commercials are quite popular, seen worldwide, scenes of average men spraying on the latest variation of Hatchet Body Spray only to be bombarded by female affection, nearly attacked and accosted for their sudden sexual prowess.

One particular case which comes up repeatedly for many cases of false advertising is over-sexualizing the products and Leon Stinson is ready to dive right in and play hardball with Hatchet, no pun intended.

Heading to the corporate tower central to Hatchet Body Spray operations, Stinson demands to see their media relations manager. He is only a bit surprised how quickly he is granted access, heading up to see Edward Farragut, Media and Marketing Manager.

The man is already quite upset before Leon even walks through his door, but it has nothing to do with TIA inc. His argument on the phone has Edward Farragut far too distracted to have time for Stinson, however before quickly ushering Leon out, he tells him what he claims he has already told the other three investigators who clearly didn’t get the message back to their bosses.

Hatchet Body Spray has not falsified anything. The ads show the truth, at least the truth of what undiluted pure Hatchet Body Spray can and does do. To prove his company’s claims and as a measure of good faith he offers a free sampler case, three brand new scents Hatchet will soon be bringing to market.

With that the meeting is over and Leon Stinson rides down the elevator nearly sure he was just given the runaround, rushed and given yet another clearly impossible claim that anything in their exaggerated ads are true.

It’s in the cab ride home that Leon looks over the three tiny bottles of Hatchet Body Spray scents. Orgasmic promises a rather instant response to the scent, Nuzzle-n-Guzzle promises a scent that will have a woman hungering for a mouthful, and Oh Baby claims to cut past the burdens of relationship or ceremony leaving women longing for a man inside her with obvious repercussions.

The claims are ridiculous, textbook cases such as the ones Truth in Advertising Incorporated handles all the time. However, one little spritz of Orgasmic might just change Leon’s rush to judgment and lead him on an investigative trial like no other in his career.

Still, what happened to the other three investigators; why has the case against Hatchet never been buried? Follow along with investigator Leon Stinson, a man given a gift many might wish for, but discover just as he does that sometimes a gift can be both a blessing and a curse one can’t escape from.


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I See Horny People

I See Horny People by Kris P. Kreme

I See Horny People by Kris P. Kreme

When a renowned and respected female psychologist learns that her newest patient is from South Gable, a town where chaos made the news in recent years, she is intrigued.

When she hears from the patient, Rebecca Landers, that she can apparently see horny people… but they don’t know they are horny until she sees them, she is confused.

However, when Doctor Karen Whitman lets Rebecca share her entire story she might find some problems are too big to handle, without a man around.

A highly respected psychologist, Karen Whitman is not used to keeping her patients waiting, especially brand new ones referred to her in need of desperate help. This morning though has been a rough one, traffic bizarrely snarled by abandoned big rigs, chaos pushing her late to an appointment at her office.

Thankfully as she is assured by her temp, Ted, the patient is still there, terrified at every movement, waiting quietly in Karen’s office. In reading over her file, Doctor Whitman discovers this is a most unusual case, Rebecca Landers, 21, otherwise perfectly healthy and normal looking. As she’ll soon discover in talking with Rebecca, nothing could be further from the truth.

Laying back on the couch, Rebecca Landers tells her story, the tale of how she discovered that she can see people… horny people… but they don’t know they are horny until she sees them.

Assuming the strange fixation to be somehow related to how attractive Rebecca is, Karen lets her continue sharing but as she goes on, it soon becomes clear that something is wrong with Rebecca, what she simply describes as a look she sees in people’s eyes, a look that leads to others, and a look which she simply calls the horny look.

According to Rebecca no one knows they feel this way until she looks at them, until she notices the trail of lust leading from their eyes elsewhere. Believing at first it was all mere coincidence, that she happened to be witness to unbelievable acts of perversion, acts like the one which happened in the middle of a high school class between a teacher and a student, Rebecca found out too late that she is responsible… she has to be.

Will the renowned Doctor Karen Whitman prove to be the one psychologist finally able to help Rebecca or is she too doomed to be one of the horny people before this appointment is over?


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A Breakdown in Fertile Fields

A Breakdown in Fertile Fields by Kris P. Kreme

A Breakdown in Fertile Fields by Kris P. Kreme

A breakdown of a bus diverted onto the seldom traveled Fertile Fields bypass is about to leave everyone on board trapped in a town where the laws of reality frequently break down.

As Riley Sloane journeys onward and upward to a mysterious mountain inexplicably located within the city limits of Fertile Fields, his trip is diverted to a small power substation where five stranded travelers discover the perils of clowning around with electricity.

What he finds there will be truly shocking in this second to last book of the Fertile Fields epic tale.

A mysterious drifter who has spent much of his life traveling the roads alone finds himself alone in a fight he might be unable to handle. Riley Sloane has always helped those he found in his travels, a man of unmatched character and the unique talent to feel where he is needed the most. His most recent travels have finally landed him in the lost town of Fertile Fields.

Wayward travelers find themselves in Fertile Fields through any number of back roads and forgotten routes, but once there, they never want to leave even if the way out ever presented itself. Lost to their passions, to their darkest fantasies, are they truly getting what they always secretly wanted… or are they puppets manipulated and controlled by some unspeakably evil man who pulls all the strings in Fertile Fields other than Riley Sloane’s?
As Riley journeys on to what he hopes is the mountaintop home of the man behind everything perverse in the town below, other travelers are about to cross over into Fertile Fields from the most rarely traveled entrance.

Lawrence has driven for Skyline City Bus for years, but never has he been diverted to the old Fertile Fields bypass and it’s a road that seems in much need of repair, treacherous and more than a bit scary for the only four passengers he has. Those passengers, two college kids and a mother traveling back with her soon to be college daughter, are about to experience the bumpiest rides of their lives, though most of the bumps won’t take place on the bus.

When they suffer a breakdown and find the closest place within walking distance the Fertile Fields Substation, they will quickly discover that the ultramodern design is only a small hint at how different the power is surging within this power station’s walls. Everything is about to get hotter than any circuits or current, and the five of them will discover quite literally that clowning around with electricity can be deadly… and fun.

The epic tale nears its conclusion with this second to last book in the Fertile Fields saga. Find out what happens to the unfortunate bus travelers, discover the shocking twists within the Fertile Fields Substation, and finally learn the identity of the dark figure Riley Sloane is now pursuing to end this madness.


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The Four Whoresmen

The Four Whoresmen by Kris P. Kreme

The Four Whoresmen by Kris P. Kreme

Dylan Reed never had a problem writing, even if sometimes people might have had a problem with the erotica he wrote. Then came the day he lost inspiration, stumbled and grew frustrated.

A trip to local Mount Colette changed all that with the discovery of a strange rock and coincidental spark of inspiration when four people rode by on horseback.

His writing had never flowed easier in the nights that followed, but were the characters he wrote about fictional… or were they becoming real in those around him?

My name is Dylan Reed, and until the incidents surrounding my first big erotica novel in quite a while, I was just a typical author suffering typical author issues. Inspiration Dysfunction was what I liked to call it, and sadly no late-night marketed pills could fix it.

I’d never had much trouble writing, usually finding inspiration in the most seemingly bland and ordinary places, but lately it had been tough. I’d always been into nature so why not try a hike on Mount Colette to clear my head, to get the blood flowing and hopefully inspiration would follow? The strange thing was, it worked, and possibly too well.

I found a rock, and while it was unique, brightly colored and something I dubbed purple pyrite, I never suspected that there might be more to this rock than what shined back at me from the surface. As luck would have it though, on the way down from the mountain I was struck with inspiration as four people on horseback rode by.

Erotica can be a niche market but I always liked writing variety, spicing up the niche as it were, and so I quickly returned home, set what I now thought of as my lucky rock on the old monitor in my office and began writing The Four Whoresmen of the Apocalust.

It was never meant to be a deep read, nothing too heavy, just the tale of four lowlifes in a town who messed with the wrong man and were manipulated into changing their individual lives and those in them. A man in the story made sure his stepdaughters and their mother earned their keep in the house, a coach took to whoring out the cheerleaders for his team, a drunk pastor made every girl confess their dirty secrets, and an artist found inspiration in art verging on porn. It was all fine and good, until that is I realized what my own inspirational writing had been blinding me to.

Somehow the characters I wrote in the story were affecting the real life inspirations for them in my own town. I’d never had trouble writing until this bout with Inspiration Dysfunction, writer’s block to those outside the author world, but never did I imagine my own dramatic return to writing would inspire all new lust and perversion as it did while writing that story.


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Save the Planet

Save the Planet by Kris P. Kreme

Save the Planet by Kris P. Kreme

Uptight and frigid Mary is privileged, wasteful, and cares nothing for the earth.

After getting a flyer in the mail with a little waving earth offering some tips on how she can save the planet, things quickly begin to change.

Her attitude slowly changes to one of conservation, but her willingness to do many things her husband Harrison enjoys will be anything but conservative and definitely not uptight or frigid.

Join Mary, and Save the Planet, with a little help from the Kreme.

Mary is a high society girl, a woman who enjoys many luxuries like driving her bright red Hummer and leaving the engine running, leaving every light in the house on, littering local landfills with all the chemical makeups and plastics she uses. She doesn’t care much for the liberal crap about protecting the planet and nothing is going to change her mind about it.

At least that is how Mary’s return home on Earth Day one year starts out. She isn’t really all that interested in saving the planet, but a little card in with her mail might just change much more than Mary’s attitude.

The little colorful Earth Day card has a smiling globe with little arms that wave at her whenever she tilts the card a certain way. Celebrate Earth Day – Save the Planet it reads and Mary quickly laughs at the liberal piece of junk mail, off to shower and clean up before her husband Harrison returns from work.

After a nice shower, Mary finds herself returning to the odd little flyer that came in the mail, watching the way the little hands wave at her as she tilts the card. She finds herself actually reading the simple tips for how to better save the planet, tips which oddly enough she soon finds herself taking to heart.

There’s no harm in being a bit more frugal with the use of electricity around the house after all. But using less plastic… is there really plastic in her bra, in her panties, should she really go without them? Spending more time at home and not driving as much seems easy enough, especially when some rather entertaining ideas of how she and her husband can occupy themselves occurs to her. As for eating more organic, Mary’s hunger for something organic only her husband can provide her with might just lead to orgasmic satisfaction with a whole new type of meal.

Follow Mary’s example this Earth Day and you too can Save the Planet.


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AbracaBOOBra by Kris P. Kreme

AbracaBOOBra by Kris P. Kreme

Friday the 13th wasn’t all that bad for Annie but Saturday is going to be a complete bust.

Out with her best friend Lola and younger brother Jeremy, Annie is forced to play the responsible one. Her brother is always in so much trouble, a big lumbering clumsy oaf she can barely keep an eye on much less control.

When Jeremy gets frustrated in a novelty shop and jokingly grabs a magic wand to smack Annie in the chest, he makes up a silly magic word, and everything goes crazy.

Can they reverse what the magic word does or will any of them even want to?

Jeremy has always been a big kid, literally as he’s eighteen and behaves as impulsive and childish as a ten year old half the time. They say everyone has a talent but if that is true then Jeremy’s natural talent is getting into trouble, and suffering much of that trouble lately is his big sister, Annie who has to keep him in line as best she can.

Unfortunately with a guy like Jeremy who’s huge at nearly seven feet tall is difficult to manage, much less put up with for the nearly two foot shorter college girl. If it wasn’t annoying enough dealing with Jeremy on a shopping trip to the local strip mall, Annie has to deal with her best friend Lola making eyes at her brother and being unashamed in her flirting teases.

It’s in a novelty shop where everything takes a turn for the troubling, in ways none of the three could ever predict. Jeremy is messing around as usual, stumbling his awkward way, knocking over things and generally getting into trouble, though to be fair none of it is entirely his fault.

Even when he picks up the little wooden wands on display he doesn’t mean any real harm, but Annie is constantly harping on him, jumping his case and playing the demanding older sister. Her simple exasperated comment on if he wants to play magician to just disappear lands everyone in a world of trouble and changes so bizarrely magical they never could have seen them coming.

Having enough of the berating for the day, Jeremy tries to play mean, taking the little wand and waving it at his busty older sister, saying his own variation on the magic word AbracaBOOBra!

Smacking the wand against his sister’s chest, Lola and Jeremy join her in gasps of shock and humiliation as the biggest feature on the petite girl magically vanishes, her chest flattening like deflated balloons.

Desperate to figure out what is going on, the three quickly find a store worker who only can explain that there was a mix up and originally the wands like the one Jeremy found were supposed to be sent to professional magicians not some novelty shop in the mall. He doesn’t seem to know anything else and Annie is nearly freaking out to fix the mess her brother has once again caused.

When she snatches the wand and repeats the magic word he made up, smacking her best friend Lola on the chest, everything goes from bizarre to chaotic as Lola suddenly has boobs, but not just any boobs. Lola has Annie’s boobs.

Will the three figure out how to fix all the magical mistakes before leaving the novelty shop? Will Annie calm down and find something better to focus on than her annoying little brother? Will Lola finally go beyond flirting with Jeremy?

Find out in the tale of one silly word and several sexy bits of magic, AbracaBOOBra.


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Lotion Potion

Lotion Potion by Kris P. Kreme

Lotion Potion by Kris P. Kreme

Kara is a good girl, far too disappointing a truth for her boyfriend, Brad. She’s always been as prudish and uptight as her parents despite a body that even the most uptight guy would lust over.

Another night of giving in to her wishes, no prospects of the kind of fun he’d be into, Brad is taking a shower when everything changes. At her request he tries the new body lotion she purchased and as the label says, it makes skin irresistible to touch… in ways neither of them ever could have imagined.

Coeds Brad and Kara might seem like the ideal couple. Each are quite attractive and they’re young and on the path to success. For Brad though, appearances definitely have been deceiving in regard to his super hot girlfriend, Kara. While she might have a sizzling figure, a body that makes the blood boil, and a searing habit for wearing revealing clothes, she is at best lukewarm.

After dating a year, Brad has seen little more than some over the clothes action from the hottie. She’s insistent on no sex before marriage and there’s about as much potential to break through her rules as there is of getting her to cut the strings with her conservative prudish parents.

It’s nearly hell for Brad and several times he has considered just breaking up with her. She’s demanding, controlling, and far too tempting. All that is about to be washed away, and Brad has no clue how.

Showering and getting ready to accompany the ever hot but frigid Kara to her parent’s cocktail party, Brad is trying to think about anything but just how little like a party it will really be. Her parents are as controlling as she is, and definitely where she got her attitude about sex.

Just about done though, Kara knocks on the bathroom door, insisting that Brad use the body lotion she put in there for him. As she puts it, it’s supposed to smell nice, not that Brad figures she’ll ever have much interest in seeing his body the way he’d like to see hers.

Lotion Potion is the name and according to the bottle it makes skin irresistible to the opposite sex.

Rolling his eyes, using the lotion, Brad just wants to get to the party soon so he can get away from it just as soon. There’s little prospect of true excitement this night, at least that is until Kara gets a whiff of how his freshly showered skin smells.

Almost instantly she feels the urge to touch his skin, but just why is she so suddenly open to touching all of him and how far will she go? Find out in the Klassic that proves sometimes all it takes to give a girl a dirty mind is to give yourself a nice hot shower.


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The Fertile Fields Diner

The Fertile Fields Diner by Kris P. Kreme

The Fertile Fields Diner by Kris P. Kreme

Picking up right where Downtown Fertile Fields left off, appetites will grow, fantasies will become reality, and only one place can satisfy both hungers, The Fertile Fields Diner.

More unlucky travelers find themselves getting lucky in ways never imagined. More importantly, Riley Sloane finally arrives in downtown Fertile Fields, just in time to glimpse the man behind the chaos, the one who somehow manipulates all who enter the town found on no maps.

An entire town hungers for depravity thanks to this man, but can Riley truly help as he feels led to do?

Sam and Richie have nearly forgotten their lives before Fertile Fields, a life when they never saw the craziness happening in an otherwise ordinary drugstore, when greeting cards were just greeting cards and didn’t leave the women who read them with screaming orgasms. Although Sam struggles to maintain the young man he once was, to fight the perversions slowly saturating into his very mind, Richie remains the devil on one shoulder and a serious concern for his health leads both to a very unique way of checking blood pressure. After this simple test, Fertile Fields has more than just a literal firm hold on the boys.

Meanwhile they’ve barely thought of poor Alice, the young girl they were enjoying a trip across country with, a friend Sam had practically helped raise. Trapped in an ever more maddening twisted wonderland with a mother determined to make more girls into mothers, Alice has her own set of problems.

Carol Heart will take care of those problems, use the warped technology found only in an impossible town like Fertile Fields to change Alice, to enhance Alice, and ultimately to help the girl realize her own dark fantasies dwelling within her, bubbling to the surface and leading to a climactic reunion with her friends she never would have expected.

As with all things appetizing, and there are many hungers to consume in Fertile Fields, everything culminates in a rather surprise reunion at The Fertile Fields Diner. There’s more on the menu than Sam and Richie can imagine, but not more than their imaginations can enjoy, particularly one lovely slice of pie served up and offered by a man in a chef’s hat known only as Hatter.

However as Alice and her friends satiate one another, another is finally arriving in downtown Fertile Fields, the mysterious drifter who feels a need pulling him ever onward, a need to help and not to hurt. Riley Sloane has helped many but never has he come across so many in need of help, although none in this town would ask for it.

Arriving in the dead of night, the town seems normal enough, but someone is there, a dark figure, the dark figure spoken of in only the most vague terms by any of the residents. Riley can feel the darkness, the power, the influence this man has over all else, over everyone who has crossed the town border except Riley himself.

Fertile Fields is serving up all new twists and turns, perversions on top of perversions, and a mystery that is fast approaching the unseen conclusion, one which can’t possibly be imagined… or can it? Find out where all is served up, The Fertile Fields Diner.


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Fifty Shades of Kreme

Fifty Shades of Kreme by Kris P. Kreme

Fifty Shades of Kreme by Kris P. Kreme

Welcome to the 200th book, welcome to Grey Manor. No Kreme epic has dared to take readers on a journey so massive in scale, to a destination so mysterious in nature.

After a bus carrying fifty seniors breaks down, they find themselves at the home of an eccentric billionaire named Mr. Grey. This man has one rule, a warning. The rooms on the second floor of his colossal home are off limits. There, behind twenty-five doors lies control, given, taken… unknown.

Giving into curiosity, pairing up, all fifty students will soon discover the surreal secrets in those rooms, ones which will forever change them and unleash passions no control can handle.

Penelope Price, or as most of her students know her, Penny, is a prim and proper young school teacher, but nothing can prepare Penny Price for the turn an otherwise regular school field trip is about to take. Their high school is small, the school bus old and well past its prime. Rough roads have taken their toll, and rougher roads lay ahead with an untimely breakdown off old route 13.

Traveling back from a trip to the city, Joseph does his best to steer the old bus packed with fifty seniors, each and every one of them merely a passenger unprepared for the ultimate destination of their trip home. Broken down in a desolate overly wooded region where traffic seldom passes by, with no cell phone reception and a storm fast approaching, it seems that little can go right for chaperoning school teacher, Penny Price. Fortunately though, Joseph remembers seeing a private drive barely a mile back down the road.
Maintaining control of fifty seniors in high school is never easy, but Penny decides the best option of what limited options are available is to gather together and make the walk back, gambling on the home at the end of that private drive offering a haven of help when otherwise they are on their own. She never imagines the man she will meet in that home, and the students could never fathom the home itself.

Beyond the tree-lined brick driveway off old route 13 lies Grey Manor, a mansion of such scale and grandeur it could stun the most casual observer speechless. Soaring ceilings, massive brick and stonework, countless rooms and luxuries, the home has stood silently, perhaps like a predator waiting in the wilderness these unfortunate souls find themselves in.

The owner and sole occupant, a mysterious and eloquent man known only as Mr. Grey provides welcome relief from the drizzling rain outside, offers the teacher and driver an immediate available phone to use in reporting their breakdown, and hides something none of the fifty students can imagine.

A man of wealth and a man of power, Mr. Grey is used to having control. He has worked his life to acquire it, and therefore very little can faze him, much less fifty-two unexpected guests on a rainy evening. Inviting them all in, he only has one solitary rule for the fifty students waiting in the parlor as he takes Penny and Joseph off to his private study where the nearest phone is: Never go up to the second floor, and if by any chance they were to go up there, absolutely never open one of the doors to the twenty-five rooms waiting there.

Beyond the thresholds of those twenty-five doors resides his life’s work, collections of pure control, a mysterious subject he isn’t open to explaining. Control can be taken, control can be given, but Mr. Grey ultimately holds control over all.

Upon leaving the fifty students, a natural curiosity common to all once they reach the age of eighteen and still feel the world revolves around them arises. A plan is hatched, a scheme to sneak away for just twenty minutes while Mr. Grey is off with Penny and Joseph. With such limited time, the plotting teens conspire to pair up and check each room simultaneously, snooping around to find what this mysterious billionaire might be hiding in such an estate as Grey Manor.

What follows is a surreal journey to the depths of their imagination and to the heights of their raving passions in ways none of them could ever have predicted. From bedroom to bathroom to billiard room to kitchen, many ordinary seeming rooms await the fifty minds clever enough to concoct such a simple plan. However nothing simple, nor ordinary lies beyond those doors.

The rooms hide secrets, some more than others, and each varying secret is all about control. Can the control of the angles in billiards change the minds of the players? Can the control offered by something simple as a remote control manipulate much more than electronics? Can a video game control the player? So many questions, so many surprising answers await, along with the occasional unexpected figure within those rooms, figures like the little man dressed as a leprechaun, the big man dressed as a demon, and the even more odd character of a humanized bunny. Are these merely costumes, is Mr. Grey merely an eccentric man who has sought control as a rich man’s hobby?

Discover for yourself in the ultimate trip beyond the walls of reality, past the limits of fantasy, to a place like no other, to a mansion with secrets so sinister they can’t be told. There are fifty students, fifty minds, and Fifty Shades of Kreme.


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Corporate Voodoo

Corporate Voodoo by Kris P. Kreme

Corporate Voodoo by Kris P. Kreme

In all of Technofirm, one of the world’s leading advanced technology corporate centers, Sarah Long is one of the most ruthless in her climb to the top. The firm has employees from all over the world and Sarah’s cute petite Asian heritage may often fool some into thinking she isn’t a threat. Perhaps that is why she has been so successful in crushing men beneath her on her way to further advancement.

She is aiming on busting through the glass ceiling forever, becoming one of those select at the top rung of the ladder, but one man she has left in her wake is out to bust more than just the bubble of her corporate ambitions. Harold was always a good worker, with good ideas, a man who held a passion for the non-technical while being brilliant with technology, just what a firm like Technofirm needed. Unfortunately, he fell for the lovely innocent eyes of Sarah, letting her manipulate and then leave him in her dust his position demoted to security head.

Having seen so many victims of Sarah’s feminine charms through the elaborate network of building cameras, Harold has had enough. Thanks to his old world interests, and a lucky find on vacation in the south pacific, he has the perfect method of busting Sarah Long in every sense of the word.

According to the old man it was a magical doll, similar to voodoo but far older and far more powerful. The tiny little doll doesn’t even look that old, seeming made of some primitive rubber, but really of a kind of wood which flexes and bends like no other. Harold has been told this doll can control every action a person makes, control everything about them but their thoughts, and just the idea that he can finally manipulate Sarah Long, humiliate her in her ever constant quest for corporate climbing is something he can’t resist.

After he learns of Sarah Long’s planned meeting with the board of top executives, Harold has to put his plan into action, stop fantasizing about the old world magic working, and get straight to some new world testing. Imagine his astonishment when he writes Sarah Long’s name on the little doll in ink only to find the real Sarah Long suddenly stiffening up in the middle of her office, incapable of moving unless he directs her by moving the doll.

Finally someone has the ability to use Sarah Long like she has used everyone else and Harold is only too happy to lead Sarah on a very embarrassing visit to some fellow workers on her floor, testing out his puppetry and manipulation of the most manipulative bitch many have ever known.

Walking her stiffly, confusing others and terrifying Sarah, Harold watches from the comfort of the security room, the initial test with her coworkers more than a success.

Humiliation is only too kind for repaying Sarah and Harold can’t get enough of it. Only by the fate of sweaty palms smearing her name on the doll does Sarah escape her office floor fate.

Finding Sarah at a popular lunch spot in the city, waiting in line to order, Harold takes his special voodoo just a few steps further, squeezing the little flexible doll, seeing that such crushing pressure only shifts the real Sarah’s shape into something more than entertaining, certainly memorable to the crowd of hungry people waiting behind her and patrons watching. After years of squeezing her way past the men in Technofirm, Harold puts the real squeeze on Sarah, using all his aggression to squeeze the little doll until Sarah’s top literally explodes open, her tits massive swelling in one quick burst.

She may have been on her way to busting the glass ceiling but now she is the one whose dreams are busted and she is going to be just as busted when he is finished. It all culminates in the meeting she never anticipated, but one no man at the top will ever forget.

Witness the much deserved justice for women manipulating men out there in the corporate world, a modern voodoo where one attractive executive takes on all new positions and makes her way to the top only to be taken down like the puppet she treated others as. Her strings pulled, her body changed, one thing is certain. Sarah Long will put the firm in Technofirm.


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Blessed Swell

Blessed Swell by Kris P. Kreme

Blessed Swell by Kris P. Kreme

If there is one thing furthest from the minds of college coeds Olivia, Jamie, and Kate, it’s being a mother. They are faced with the real world just a short two semesters away, a real world where careers may succeed or fail, but where the option of choosing motherhood isn’t considered.

Taking a road trip, the three find themselves at the Blessed Swell Hospital after a minor accident injures one of them. Their future goals are about to change once the true secret of Blessed Swell is revealed.

Life after college means jumping right into the world, and that is one dive three coeds are not quite prepared for. Best friends, Olivia, Jamie, and Kate, are taking a semester off before their final year, before the final two semesters decide whether they succeed at a career or fail.

To ease into the real world, to gain a small foothold in preparation, the three are on a road trip, traveling across country, getting out and seeing the real world they soon will be a part of. Unfortunately, as diverse as the three may be, none is prepared for the unexpected in the form of a small accident which leaves one of the girls with a nasty bump on the head.

Seeking out a nearby hospital, in the backwoods mountains they so happen to be traveling through, the three girls come across Blessed Swell Hospital, apparently the town hospital for some bizarrely named place called Blessed Swell.

Oddly enough the facility looks incredibly modern, contrasting sharply with the wooded surroundings, and hopefully modern outside means not to big a delay in their trip.

Once inside the doors though, everything begins to go wrong, in ways none of them ever could have predicted. Olivia, their friend with the minor head wound is taken up to be examined, Jamie and Kate told to wait in the lobby. After time passes and the reading material available proves to Jamie and Kate that something is not quite right with this hospital, something just not what is seems, the two of them demand to go see their friend, heading up in the elevator when not being ogled by the creepy guy behind the desk.

In a hospital as fancy as the one this seems to be, there are several very noticeable peculiarities, not the least of which is the fact that there are no stairs, the stairs claimed to be out of order. The most puzzling though quickly becomes the strange music playing on the elevator, music which over time sinks inside, swaying the girl’s thoughts, swaying their focus and attention.

When they find Olivia in her examination room doing something the old Olivia never would have done, both Jamie and Kate know they have to report this and call for help.

No matter where each of them turn, all roads lead to the elevator and floor by floor, music playing, something is manipulating these girls, changing them into what Olivia already has become.

They chose this journey to explore the real world but things may just be getting more real than they can handle. Will they find success in their future or will they find failure? Will they find neither and discover that Blessed Swell has a hold of them, destining all three girls for a fate much more pleasurable, one which gives them more than their own blessed swells?


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A Mind For Fashion

A Mind For Fashion by Kris P. Kreme

A Mind For Fashion by Kris P. Kreme

Terry Taylor was laughed at in college, his ideas so out there no one paid him any real attention. Ridiculed by teachers, by the Dean, even behind his back by his best friend, Terry pushed past it all and succeeded more than they could have dreamed.

In less than a year, Liqui-cloth, the nano-technology programmable clothing, has become a worldwide sensation, and now Terry has returned to campus to settle a few scores.

Liqui-cloth when worn can allow those who wear it to be programmed as well. Three women are about to find their minds melting with the heat only Terry can control.

One thing no one on campus ever would have accused Terry Taylor of is having a mind for fashion. A Mind for bio-mechanics, sure, a mind for math, maybe, a mind for the sciences of course, but never would anyone say the somewhat fatally geek Terry Taylor would be the next big name in fashion.

Humiliated at times, ridiculed by most, Terry Taylor proved everyone wrong and in less time than many college courses took to be instructed he invented and found worldwide success in Liqui-cloth.

What is Liqui-cloth? To most it has quickly become the latest fad, the mysterious goop that can be purchased, slapped on the skin and then programmed to take the shape of nearly limitless possible fashions.

The true genius is that hardly anything is better for the planet than Liqui-cloth. Replacing machine sewn clothing, Liqui-cloth is composed of millions of nano-machines, microscopic molecular technology that in simple terms bonds together on a microscopic level to take on the appearance and texture of clothing. Need a change of size? No problem, just program it into your online profile which communicates via airlink technology to the Liqui-cloth already on your skin. Desire a change of pattern, thickness, comfort, color, nearly any conceivable detail? The Liqui-cloth does it all. One single Liqui-cloth outfit can replace an entire closet since it can be reshaped, reprogrammed any number of times.

There is only one single tiny side effect of wearing it… a side effect only Terry Taylor knows.

Now Terry Taylor has returned to the university where his research all began, where the most successful invention of the century first was dreamed up, and often ridiculed. Terry, who never saw even the slightest chance of popularity merely a year ago, is ready to capitalize on the instant popularity of Liqui-cloth and one teeny tiny side effect no one has ever considered.

Nobody would ever think twice about Liqui-cloth nano-machines absorbing into the skin, and even so, they’d assume like Terry did that the nano-technology fails to work once absorbed. He learned early in testing that a tiny and often imperceptible portion of the microscopic building blocks which give Liqui-cloth its shape shifting and on the go programming ability leeched directly into the bloodstream of the wearers. Unknown to any of the millions wearing a Liqui-cloth outfit, Terry Taylor can now reprogram much more than just the clothes on someone’s back. He can quite literally reprogram the wearer into whatever he imagines.

His return to campus is not just to relive the hurdles he fought past to succeed with Liqui-cloth. Terry’s ambitions are no less than fittingly justified revenge against three women who nearly ruined his success before it happened, and the revenge will fit them as only the finest fashions could.

An attractive professor who publicly ridiculed Terry for such an unthinkable idea as programmable clothing will find that the student has become the teacher, and Terry has many new lessons planned for her. The Dean of students whose overbearing strict conservative manner cost him the use of school labs for development and nearly destroyed his research will find herself selling off more than just her conservative values. Finally, the worst of them all, the brainy class president he once considered his closest and only friend will see what it’s like to have betrayed that friendship in favor of her own success.

The world has embraced Liqui-cloth, and now Terry Taylor is setting out to show that what you wear can truly define you. What you wear is what decides whether the world sees you as professional, conservative, intelligent… and what three particular women wear is about to change, almost as much as they are.

The best thing about having a mind for fashion, is changing others.


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Downtown Fertile Fields

Downtown Fertile Fields by Kris Kreme

Downtown Fertile Fields by Kris Kreme

Fertile Fields is a destination no one chooses, where an unleashed uncontrollable power rules over all through the fantasies unspoken.

Only Riley Sloane seems separated from the influence, but even he is overwhelmed by this town.

Meanwhile, Sam, Richie, and the younger Alice have arrived in downtown Fertile Fields. For Sam and Richie, more than a headache may be cured by a trip to the drugstore, but for Alice, this isn’t wonderland and she finds herself in an increasingly frightening and arousing position.

As the mysterious drifter, RIley Sloane, heads further and further into the lost town of Fertile Fields, he discovers just why fate seems to have led him here. He has always felt the need to go where his help is wanted, but Fertile Fields may be the one place no one wants help and everyone needs it.

The town has given way to a perverse twisted lust, one where fantasies come true but only in the most unusual ways. Someone is behind this though, one man, an unspoken name who rules over all reality in the small but growing town of Fertile Fields.

Venturing inward from the outskirts where Riley Sloane is, we find longtime friends Sam and Richie arriving in the center of town, a town that challenges everything they expected and more. Waiting on their friends who are spending quality eternity at the drive-in, Sam is the responsible one in the group, barely keeping Richie from exploiting their younger traveling companion, the lovely eighteen year old Alice.

Alice has had a rough life, losing her parents at an early age, being practically raised in some ways by the always caring older brother type that Sam is. Fertile Fields is about to take Alice on a journey her namesake never could have imagined, and this time she won’t be following any white rabbit, though she may just end up sharing certain traits with all bunnies.

While Alice finds herself quickly separated from the others, spiraling deeper into a dangerous and mysterious situation, Sam and Richie check out downtown, unaware of their friend’s troubles. Whether it’s the charity car wash in the church parking lot or the bizarre products and behavior at the Fertile Fields Drugstore, something about this town is overpowering, beyond twisted, and taking them with it.

It’s a typical day in Fertile Fields, but will this day be the last that Sam, Richie, and Alice experience as the individuals who drove into town? Will Sam’s somewhat throbbing headache give way to an all new and inappropriate throbbing for Alice? Does the Fertile Fields Drugstore have what it takes to change everything?

Find out in the epic mystery of the town that doesn’t exist and yet somehow continues to grow. If you thought the road into town was intense, wait until you arrive in Downtown Fertile Fields.


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The Kuickies #9 – Mind Toggled

The Kuickies #9 - Mind Toggled by Kris Kreme

The Kuickies #9 – Mind Toggled by Kris Kreme

Out for a stroll through the city on a very pleasant day, things are about to go from pleasant to perverted for Justin and Lizzie.

Lizzie has always been into shopping and her latest purchase is a recycled and re-purposed toggle switch turned bracelet.

What happens when her joking boyfriend makes a comment about turning her on and then flips her toggle switch? One thing is certain, Lizzie is about to make the day much better for more than a few men in the city.

Justin and Lizzie are the very example of the happy couple, Justin always easy to enjoy the company of his younger girlfriend. Today just happens to be a very nice day in the city, and nice days call for a nice walk, from shopping to just relaxing in the park. There’s maybe only one tiny little thing that could make today better for Justin and that’s the guarantee of a little action from Lizzie to say thanks for taking her out.

Even Lizzie knows that Justin has always had a perverted sense of humor and a rather active imagination. If reality were his fantasies they’d practically be doing it in the streets but still Justin is a lovable guy, silly as much as kinky. As long as the two of them are together nothing ruins his day, at least nothing until he gets a nasty shock from pressing the crossing button on an old light pole.

Shock survived, Justin turns his attention to one of Lizzie’s rather typically quirky purchases of the afternoon. It’s a bracelet, one made up of the recycled remnants of an actual toggle switch, just like the ones seen in hardware stores. Everything is there,
re-purposed and reshaped, accented by the toggle switch itself, the whole bracelet seeming pretty strange to Justin. Of course as proven by her tastes in guys, Lizzie has a love for the odd.

Their casual walk takes a turn when Justin, in one of his pervy musings makes the comment about what it would be like if turning Lizzie on was as simple as flipping a switch, like the little toggle switch on her new bracelet. Playfully doing just that, flipping her switch, Justin isn’t quite prepared for what follows.

In what at first seems a game to be playing along, Lizzie makes as though she is near instantly turned on, to degrees Justin has never witnessed before. No matter the lesson she might be trying to teach her imaginative pervy boyfriend, Justin isn’t going to deny that her behavior is kind of a turn on for him as well. At least it all is until she takes things a bit far… approaching some seedy looking bikers in a nearby parking lot.

Will the day go from nice to nasty for Lizzie and Justin? Will Justin learn his lesson to appreciate what he has before others appreciate it multiple times? Just what is the power behind this innocent looking toggle bracelet, or is the true power somewhere else entirely? Find out in the all new Kuickie Mind Toggled.


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My How the Family has Changed

My How the Family has Changed by Kris P. Kreme

My How the Family has Changed by Kris P. Kreme

In the Klassic My, How You’ve Changed, we met Eric, a loser turned success who seems to have left his awkward bullied years in school far in the past.

Eric has a unique way of turning a conversation into a series of changes, changes one never sees coming. Melinda, friendly, sweet, but making one mistake too many in high school discovered how she had changed since. Now it is Jeff’s turn, the bully himself, who has a sexy Asian wife and hot eighteen year old daughter.

Needless to say when Jeff receives an unexpected visit from Eric, the family is about to change.

Once upon a time, way back in high school, Eric Friedman was the sensitive boy who saw ridicule each and everyday. He once thought that he’d met the perfect girl in the sweet and always kind Melinda, but Melinda gave in to the peer pressure when Eric showed some kindness and her giving in gave the bullies like Jeff all the power they needed to ruin Eric’s high school years forever.

Those days might be long behind him, but Eric never truly got past the humiliation. He did however learn a few tricks of his own powers, the powers of suggestion which can change everything about those who once did him wrong, setting everything quite right in his book.

Already having dealt with the sweet but flawed cheerleader, Melinda, (see My, How You’ve Changed by Kris P. Kreme) now Eric has patiently waited, let the years pass just right in order to pay a very special visit to the home of the old jock Jeff himself, the source of so much ridicule.

Jeff has done quite well for himself, nice home, nice neighborhood, gorgeous model wife with exotic Asian heritage and their daughter Kelsey who has just turned eighteen and clearly has much success in her way. Of course all it takes to change everything is some friendly conversation, catching up with Jeff’s old high school buddy Eric.

For some reason though, Jeff can’t seem to remember all the friendly conversations they’ve had over the years, keeping in touch after the awkward high school years. He can’t seem to recall giving Eric so many details about his wife and daughter, about the family and their rather unique home-based business. Then again, nothing Eric says is entirely untrue. In fact, it’s all completely factual which means Jeff must simply be forgetting, overlooking just how much the family has changed over the years.

While it was certainly true that he married a hot Asian model, a classy woman of refined tastes, it all changed after Kelsey was born, after their daughter began to grow into a beautiful woman who challenged her mother in the looks department. When did Veronica become so obsessed with competition she insisted on implants? When did the bright college bound Kelsey begin earning her straight As through sexual favors to her teachers? Maybe, most concerning of all, when did the family business become home-made porn where Jeff filmed other guys doing his wife and now legal daughter all over their home?

Whatever the case, whatever the confusion, Jeff is only too happy to finally see his old buddy Eric. He’s also more than happy to let Eric step in front of the camera and truly show the talents his wife and daughter have. He once called Eric a homo back in high school. Clearly though that isn’t the case, though as Eric is so fond of pointing out, many things have changed since high school. The family just happens to be one of them.


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Valentines Vex Dolls of Salem

Valentines Vex Dolls of Salem by Kris P. Kreme

Valentines Vex Dolls of Salem by Kris P. Kreme

On Halloween, coed twin sisters Malerie and Valerie crossed paths with real witches, ones leading their own sorority in Salem.

They became hex dolls, their bodies manipulated and changed at will by the sisters, for purely lustful cruel and humiliating purposes.

Now Valentines Day has arrived and the twins have been working on a plan, to escape the control and daily humiliation. Will their plan work or are any chances at freedom truly vexed forever?

When Malerie and her twin sister Valerie joined the campus of the University of Salem, neither had any idea just how familiar they would soon become with the student body. Though to be fair, it’s the students who have become quite familiar with their bodies. Wishing to socialize and break out of her shell, Malerie the smarter of the two did a very dumb thing. She took Valerie and went to a Halloween party at the Omega House.

Rumored and whispered about, the Omega House is a sorority led by three of the most deceptive and evil girls the campus has ever known, and thanks to their powers of witchcraft, the campus only knows and says what they allow them to. Nobody escapes Omega House once they have caught the eye of Circe, Lilura, or Maeve.

At the party, such delectable twins as Malerie and Valerie were quick to be caught, quick to be held in a warped witchcraft like they would never recover from, and their bodies would never get over. They became dolls, toys for the three sorority witches to play with, to humiliate and use. An attempt at learning their secrets was foiled the first time by Malerie’s first boyfriend on campus, but now it’s Valentines Day and thanks to her new boyfriend she and her sister might just find a way out of forever being Hex Dolls.

Matthew was a boy who once dated Lilura, the witch specializing in enchantments and curses. Once he learned what she was, he tried to break things off but she cursed him with remembering her, giving him the knowledge to help Malerie and Valerie.

According to Matthew, an incantation spoken at dusk on Valentines Day by a rival sorority house will break the spell holding Malerie and Valerie in the Omega sister’s power. The trick is that their power exists and embodies lust, so love is the only counter to that control.

It seems a perfect plan, and nothing can spoil a perfect plan, can it? Unless of course, Circe and the other two planned this the entire time, planned to let the twins try gaining freedom, only to use them and their supple controllable bodies to vex the rival sorority house forever, taking a house of brainy girls and forever ridding them of anything resembling true intelligence.

Find out the true powers of the scariest and kinkiest sorority house in Salem, with the all new Valentines Vex Dolls of Salem.


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Nymphos of Neptune

Nymphos of Neptune by Kris P. Kreme

Nymphos of Neptune by Kris P. Kreme

The Propagators of the Planet Pluto came to Earth and brought chaos in the form of their Propagation Pistols. Now, it’s Neptune’s turn.

After seeing the respect earned by Pluto’s strike at the Earth, Neptunian scientist Gleewad and his nubile niece Talina have a plan. Carrying the prototype Neptunian Nympho Knocker Upper, Gleewad plans to zap and breed with every Earth woman he can, earning both fear and respect.

At least that’s the plan until he gets struck by a bus and the Nympho Knocker Upper falls into the hands of a hapless Earth man.

A year has passed since the once ridiculed dwarf planet Pluto spread chaos and overpopulation to Earth through their Propagator attacks. They earned back the respect of most planetary neighbors… most that is but one. Only one planet has lacked the fear and respect planets like Jupiter and Saturn command. Only one planet has a civilization that has suffered more ridicule than the planet Pluto, and that planet is Neptune.

Throughout the solar system, except on the clueless planet of Earth, everyone knows of the Nymphos of Neptune, slutty humanoid beings who see sex and procreation as little more than a sport, one they challenge all others at in terms of obsessive efficiency. In the wake of Pluto’s success against Earth, Gleewad, a Neptunian scientist, has stolen and reverse engineered a genuine Propagator Pistol. He has finally perfected it into something he calls a Neptunian Nympho Knocker Upper.

Now, assisted by his busty beautiful niece, Talina, Gleewad is on his way to Earth to use the same testing grounds as Pluto, and to prove that Neptune is a planet best feared, especially as they are quite compatible with humans in a procreation manner of speaking.

Gleewad plans to broadcast his success to all other planets, and to use the Nympho Knocker Upper in a random setting on Earth. Once hit by the invisible beam from an NKU, women forget all decency, all thoughts whether work, family, or public behavior and instantly become dedicated purely to breeding with the one who pulled the trigger. In direct relation to the women hit by the beam, the one pulling the trigger will be enhanced with endless stamina and semen production, quite literally being able to inflate the fertile wombs of his victims.

Gleewad will breed with the women of Earth, creating so much chaos the entire solar system will take notice and the half breeds of Neptune and Earth will finally prove once and for all that Neptune is the planet most to be feared and respected.

Unfortunately for Gleewad he doesn’t account for simple Earth technology such as the rudimentary braking systems on their transportation. Taking aim at a beautiful female copon Earth, Gleewad crosses the street, gets struck by a bus, and knocked unconscious. The Nympho Knocker Upper falls right into the hands of a hapless Earth man, a loner who has never had much luck with the ladies.

His simple life is about to turn upside down, and with interplanetary consequences.

Will the man discover the wonders of the Neptunian Nympho Knocker Upper? Will he create plenty of chaos all by himself, leaving a preggo path of destruction? Will the lovely Neptunian Talina be able to rescue her uncle and save Neptune from humiliation?

Find out in the surprise sequel to the silliest sexy story in the solar system, Nymphos of Neptune.


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Propagators of the Planet Pluto

Propagators of the Planet Pluto by Kris P. Kreme

Propagators of the Planet Pluto by Kris P. Kreme

Once idolizing humans on Earth, the arachnid residents of Pluto were devastated when their world was downgraded to a dwarf planet. No one likes being called small, and now the Plutonians are going to ensure that Earth knows what being small and overcrowded is all about.

The Propagators are coming, Plutonians with Propagation Pistols to test. No one is safe from the mass chaotic breeding that is unleashed. Families and friends will fall into lust, no one spared from the silliest space story ever.

The last thing anyone on earth may have ever expected when Pluto was downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet was for the local residents there to be more than a little perturbed.

Unfortunately humans have remained clueless about the real possibilities of life in their own solar system for many centuries and now that clueless self-importance is about to come back to bite them. Pluto has launched a mission to earth, a mission led by the Propagators.

Throughout human history, Plutonians have picked up their stories, their television shows, their digital signals. They have based their entire culture on humans, seeing earth as a fun world worth emulating. However, the large arachnid Plutonians know there are very big differences between a human being and their somewhat frightening spider-like bodies. The last straw that broke all love for the earth was having their home planet called a dwarf planet, size quite important to all Plutonians.

Now the Propagators are going to test out some new experimental technology, individual guns called Propagation Pistols. Each gun will have a different level of effect on any human female it is fired on, all of them no doubt ensuring that it won’t be too terribly long before earth seems a little bit smaller itself, mass overcrowding just around the corner.

In basic terms, Propagation Pistols can do something as simple as overpower a female’s natural urges and push them to mate relentlessly in hopes of getting pregnant. Or, depending on the model of Propagation Pistol it can do a whole lot more, speeding up the pregnancy, ensuring immediate visible results, pushing humans far past any limits they ever thought they had, limits regarding what they will do, who they will do it with, and where they will do it.

Pluto has been called small and now it is Earth which has a not so small problem. Never let it be said though that Plutonians don’t know how to enjoy themselves as they transport to Earth and create crazed breeding chaos everywhere from public beaches, to fitness clubs, to the human’s own homes and families. Nobody is safe from the Propagators of the Planet Pluto… and yes… it’s a planet.

A long overdue Kreme Klassic gets its own book release with the silliest space story ever, a story so over the top it may just take multiple readings to find all the Plutonian puns liberally spread throughout. It’s the one story that not only breaks every boundary imaginable, it smashes through at the speed of light and keeps on going. And now… this silly story had an even sillier sequel to be released right alongside it.


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The Fertile Fields Drive-in by Kris P. Kreme

The Fertile Fields Drive-in by Kris P. Kreme

The Fertile Fields Drive-in by Kris P. Kreme

Fertile Fields, a town not found on any map is a destination whether travelers know it or not. Ethan and Dana simply wanted to join their friends already in downtown Fertile Fields. Their trip is about to hit a pothole… literally.

After a flat tire, Ethan and his girlfriend find their only source of help may come at an old drive-in theater, but this drive-in hides many secrets.

Will the help they get be the help they wanted. Find out what’s really showing at The Fertile Fields Drive-in.

Fertile Fields is a town like no other, one that welcomes all but never lets them leave. The truth behind the mystery of Fertile Fields is that most residents never would want to leave even if leaving was an option. They have it all, everything they can imagine, and even some things they can’t.

The problem with a town like Fertile Fields is that one mind remains stronger than all others, a mind which solely is responsible for keeping the population growing, reaching out to those traveling back roads, side roads, the lost highways of America, and pulling them in, drawing them into a web of twisted manipulation where they soon are helpless to the smallest perverse curiosity they ever once had.

One man though, is about to enter Fertile Fields, a man who unknowingly has power to resist the influence which spreads across every cell of every being in the lost town. Always led by chance, by fate, Riley Sloane is a wanderer, a drifter whose felt a calling in this direction for some time now. Entering Fertile Fields, he may just find the one place in the world where only a wandering mind can survive, most others already imprisoned and controlled.

Meanwhile, Ethan and his girlfriend Dana are hurrying to catch up with their friends, three who already have entered the town of Fertile Fields and have quite the cryptic description of downtown to describe over the phone to him. Unfortunately the only dangers in Fertile Fields are not mysterious. Some are more basic like the pothole he hits talking on the phone, the one which sends Ethan and Dana swerving off with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

Fortunately there is an old drive-in theater just down the road and Ethan is sure he can use the phone there to call for help, his cell busted in the crash. Something is in the air, something Dana has felt as a slight throbbing headache and arriving at the Drive-in only furthers the confusion both are feeling.

Ethan and Dana find help at the Fertile Fields Drive-in but maybe it isn’t the help they wanted, and maybe what they are helped with won’t get them back on the road, but in fact will ensure they stay right where they are. Having always had a relationship based on games, on pushing each others buttons, what buttons will be pushed when Fertile Fields intervenes?

Will the real entertainment in Fertile Fields be on the big screen or behind the projector? Will Ethan and Dana discover new kinks or reinvent old ones? Find out as the epic journey into a town of pure unbridled fantasy, lust, and mystery continues. Find out at The Fertile Fields Drive-in.

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Gimbo Gloss

Gimbo Gloss by Kris P. Kreme

Gimbo Gloss by Kris P. Kreme

Meet the Gimbo. Combining the empty-headed ditz of bimbos with the pale pierced edge of goth girls, read the tale of Katherine, out for a drive after fighting with her boyfriend.

The fight began over an insulting suggestion she’d look better with huge obviously fake tits. Finding his wallet, Katherine decides he’ll treat her to a makeover she chooses.

Unfortunately for her, the salon she stops at specializes in rather extreme makeovers, beginning with a little Gimbo Gloss.

Katherine is fuming mad, enraged actually, and all of that anger and hostility is quite justifiably aimed at her no good boyfriend, Andrew. After believing him a different kind of guy, a guy who loved and respected her for who she is, he had the nerve to suggest she have work done.

Unable to believe that her once loving boyfriend wanted her to have breast implants… and not just any implants but horribly big fake ones, Katherine has to leave their apartment, if only to clear her head. The irony might be that her angered drive might just set her on the path to a much clearer head than she anticipated.

Driving along, just killing time as she thinks over the pig her boyfriend turned out to be, Katherine realizes she ran off without her usual rigorous morning beauty treatments. Even so, she still looks gorgeous, long brunette hair, naturally large breasts, and a thin figure. She has no idea why Andrew would prefer her as some fake bimbo. If there is one thing Katherine will never be, it’s a bimbo.

Then it occurs to her, the perfect way of getting back at Andrew for being an ass. She’ll treat herself to a makeover on his dime, his wallet having been left in the car from the night before. Spending a little of his money is the least she can do, so when she happens to see a sign for SPECIAL MAKEOVER in the window of a salon downtown, Katherine is confident this will be an excellent way to both get back at him and take her mind off the stress and frustration she’s feeling about the whole situation.

It isn’t in the part of town she usually frequents, surprisingly a lot of the more goth types, dressed in black, pale, frighteningly serious looking. Still, a hundred bucks of Andrew’s money is about to go down the drain.

The odd thing in the salon is just how ditzy and dim the women operating it seem, but not because real life bimbos are uncommon. No, Katherine realizes, what is odd is that they look goth and yet behave bimbo. They’re dressed in black, pale flesh revealed, and numerous piercings complementing their look. As she sits down to get her makeover, Katherine has no idea just where this day will lead her.

What begins with a hot towel facial treatment quickly becomes a strange alteration of Katherine’s image, one she can’t quite understand, and oddly can’t quite see a reason not to continue. It isn’t until they begin applying a special gloss to her nails, a simple product called Gimbo Gloss, that everything begins to spin out of control.

Katherine left the apartment complex angered with her boyfriend, determined to get back at him for wanting a bimbo in his life. It’s needless to say that her plan to get back goes better than expected and thanks to an extreme makeover like none other, a new Gimbo is happy to move on from one boyfriend to many.

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The Kuickies #8 – Free Bimbo with Purchase

The Kuickies #8 - Free Bimbo with Purchase By Kris Kreme

The Kuickies #8 – Free Bimbo with Purchase By Kris Kreme

Taking a break from working at home, Jason heads down to the brand new grocery store, Dorman’s Deals, to take advantage of a grand opening special.

Surprisingly the special turns out not to be free bread but instead a free bimbo and when all the bimbos are already given away what will Jason think of the manager’s offer to give his smart sexy wife Dana some bimbo improvements?

Jason is hard at work from home, the new convenience of being able to work from home not all it’s cracked up to be as he has potential stress with the Peterson Account. Maybe the only real benefit is that he gets to spend more quality time with his intelligent sexy young wife, Dana.

On this particular day though, Dana is excited about a grand opening week bargain at a new local supermarket. Her reason for the excitement is two simple reasons. First, it will be a new experience actually getting to shop with her husband instead of for him. Second, the store is offering something he just loves.

Confused by the advertisement his wife shows him, Jason isn’t entirely sure what Free Bimbo with Purchase means. Until his wife points out the obvious, that it’s that brand of bread he loves so much, his mind is heading on a less family friendly path. Still, he does love the bread and he could use a break from the Peterson Account.

Only when the happy couple arrives at the store does anything seem genuinely bizarre. Even from outside, Jason and Dana notice the incredibly busty blondes wearing the Dorman’s Deals shirts, the double D letters quite appropriate considering most the women’s generous cleavage. Dismissing it as simply a promotional event, free t-shirts as well, the pair heads inside to do their weekly shopping.

What begins as a fun experience for Dana quickly takes a downward turn as Jason can’t help but be distracted by all the sexy girls in the store, most of them employees it would seem. Dana is soon disgusted at the way Dorman’s Deals is clearly using sex to sell but still she vows to shop for their items, get the free bread with their purchase and never come back again.

Finally done and checking out, the rather ditzy girl behind the register seems confused when Dana asks for their free bread. Fortunately a friendly sales manager is on hand to come and answer the couple’s questions but what will happen when he informs Dana and Jason that the advertisement wasn’t referencing bread but an actual free bimbo with purchase?

Even more concerning for Dana, what will happen when the manager apologizes but admits they are out of bimbos to give Jason? Or when the man offers to instead make some bimbo improvements to his intelligent wife, Dana?

Find out in this Kuickie shopping trip, where Jason returns home more satisfied with the new grocery store than he ever could have imagined, and Dana returns home already anticipating next week when Dorman’s Deals has Free Sluts with Purchase.

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Heads, I Win… Tails, You Lose

Heads, I Win... Tails, You Lose By Kris Kreme

Heads, I Win… Tails, You Lose By Kris Kreme

Despite the glasses and brainy exterior, Callie isn’t confident about passing her exams.Frustrated after a failed study session in the campus library, she meets a friendly old man who might have the solution, no matter how bizarre it seems.

He offers to flip a special lucky coin, and that flip will change everything.

Experience both sides of the coin in the only Kreme tale ever to feature two opposite outcomes. Will Callie end up super slutty and simple, or an unbelievably brainy babe?

Callie is a stressed college student, a girl near her wits end after a late night study session in the campus library. Her exams are coming up the following day and she is finally beginning to worry her adviser was right and she should have taken a lighter load of classes this semester.

Always a smart girl, Callie knows that sometimes it takes more than merely being smart and studying to make the grades. Unfortunately it could be too late as she has left the study session more confused about the subjects than when she went in.

It isn’t at all surprising that she hardly notices the rather innocent looking old man sitting on the park bench near the entrance to the library. It’s even less surprising that when the man calls her over, she worries nothing about her safety. After all the man is harmless looking, kind eyes, friendly smile, and much less threatening than the threat of failing her exams.

The old man has called her over for a specific reason though, having overheard the frustrated rant as she leaves the library concerned about her academic future. As he puts it, he has a solution, a way of putting things into perspective and letting Callie leave her future up to the fate that rests on the flip of a coin.

Everyone knows that a coin decides one of two paths and in this unique Kreme original tale, you’ll get to follow along as Callie follows both paths. Heads and Callie never will need to worry about grades again, tails and she will be blessed with perfect grades and a bright academic future.

What Callie doesn’t know is that the old man possesses a very unique ability, his coins changing her fate whether she wants that fate changed or not. Will she become the brainless slut on campus with giant tits and an even bigger appetite for sex? Or will she become the smartest girl on campus, with enough free time from acing all her exams to use her body for kinky scientific experimentation?

Find out in the tale that proves sometimes either flip of the coin leads to very similar fun, and that not all bimbos are dumb. Discover the fun Callie will be having as she goes from a full load of classes to just plenty of full loads.

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Welcome to Fertile Fields

Welcome to Fertile Fields by Kris P. Kreme

Welcome to Fertile Fields by Kris P. Kreme

In all the years that the Kreme has been bringing readers to the edge of their seats and quite possibly the edge of orgasm, there exists one tale that was never finished, one tale that since then has been constantly asked about, requested, hundreds of times over the years.

That tale tells the story of a mysterious town, a town where fantasy becomes reality, and one man’s mind has turned fantasy into perversion. The only hope for the citizens of this town lies with a stranger, a drifter wandering the forgotten roads, a man named Riley Sloane.

Welcome to the beginning of that epic tale; Welcome to Fertile Fields.

Imagine a town where your every desire comes true, where anything and anyone you ever wanted can be yours. Now imagine the sheer insanity of what that warped reality might bring crashing down around you.

Far away from the busy cities and yet not fully in the countryside there exists such a town, a place of wondrous fantasies, and a place of depraved nightmares. Everyone who considers this town home was once a traveler, taking the back roads of America, the scenic routes, the uncrowded ancient paved paths, never knowing, never imagining that their true destination was not up to them to choose.

Welcome, the old sign reads, welcome to Fertile Fields.

Prophetic words were once spoken that in the fertile fields of imagination anything is possible. In the small town of Fertile Fields, one man’s imagination was too strong, too powerful, and now the town has become a trap, a beautiful flower hiding the deadly imprisonment that follows entering it.

Once a traveler enters Fertile Fields, they never leave. Sure, they might try to leave, some might even make a real effort, but efforts are futilely made in Fertile Fields. A man’s idle fantasy about the girl behind the counter in a store come true, his barely aware desires for the cute waitress change that very waitress in ways she never imagined. A man’s mind can take anything and make it possible, as long as the end result is depraved sexually perverse chaos.

All that goes on in Fertile Fields is the result of one mind, one powerful entity nobody ever refers to by name, a dark figure with power that could wipe the town out in a single thought, but a mind focused purely on sexual fantasies.

It has been this way for years, maybe even decades, but now Riley Sloane has entered Fertile Fields and everything is about to change.

A drifter, a loner, hiking the forgotten roads across the country, Riley has a gift he’s fully aware of, a gift to see the world as so many are too busy to see it. Cramped up in an office, lost among paperwork, those people never see the mystery of the real land surrounding their offices and homes. What Riley never suspects is that that mystery is about to get quite uncharacteristically intense in ways he never has dealt with.

Possessing a gift he isn’t aware of, Riley’s life will reach a new chapter, and that chapter begins on the road in to Fertile Fields.

At long last, the epic mystery filled with as much suspense as it is sensuality will be released as it was meant to be released. The Kreme’s masterpiece will be available in installments each month, new books to add to the library that is Fertile Fields. And finally, at long last, the many questions about how it will end will be answered.

Get ready for 2015; get ready for Fertile Fields.

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