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HallowKreme begins with a Booby Trap

Booby Trapped Undercover by Kris P. Kreme

Agreeing to help out her cop husband by wearing a wire, along with a black skintight bodysuit that very much embarrasses her, Alicia could never imagine how little she might be wearing by the end of the night. Owen has a plan to catch the local crime boss, Blake Crichton, saying or admitting to anything …

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It’s a new kind of Trap Readers

Booby Trapped: Mad Cow Cora by Kris P. Kreme

Coed Cora lets everything anger her, whether it’s her roommate’s sarcastic taunting, her ex-boyfriend ruining her scholarship she tried to cheat on, or her boss at the Happy Hamburger Hut who she thinks is a serious creep. Everything and everyone angers Cora into fits of rage. But when she finds herself receiving a creepy call …

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It’s the right time of year for a Booby Trap

Booby Trapped Tricked and Treated by Kris P. Kreme

Brock is upset he won’t be able to help his mom with the candy like they usually do for Halloween, but it may be Vanessa who gets more upset, once she is alone and ready for trick or treaters to arrive only to get a menacing phone call instead. With her husband out of town …

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Get Trapped at the Shack Readers

Booby Trapped: Blindspot by Kris P. Kreme

Leah hit a man named Jack after he pulled into her blind spot in traffic. It was completely an accident, unavoidable in her mind, but it may have led to a fate she will be unable to avoid all the same. Waiting on this Jack guy in a public café, occupying herself on her laptop, …

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Krismas has a thing for being Booby Trapped

Booby Trapped Milk and Cookies by Kris P. Kreme

On the sixth day of Krismas, Maggie has a new house and after an argument and then an unexpected phone call she may have a pair of something else new as well. Refusing to follow the ridiculous traditions that her mother always insisted on at her new house, Maggie upsets her mother and accuses Brad, …

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Fashion gets Trapped

Booby Trapped CLOCKdown by Kris P. Kreme

Joselyn Jacobs is the daughter of ultra-wealthy high fashions business owner Oliver Jacobs. While much of the world struggles with quarantines and lockdown, Joselyn lives in lavish isolation in her father’s palatial mansion. Protected from the virus, the riots, and protests, there’s one thing nobody can escape. Finding an alarm clock oddly placed in the …

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Readers get Trapped once more

Booby Trapped: Last Sister Standing by Kris P. Kreme

Connie and Kalah have always gotten along, but that’s probably not a surprise as fraternal twins. Yet they know the same can’t be said for their father and poor older brother Seth who constantly gets mistreated. Unfortunately they may never get along again with each other after someone hacks Connie’s laptop informing the girls that …

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Is there a way out of a Booby Trap?

Booby Trapped: Breaking Free? by Kris P. Kreme

Is it possible to reverse a Booby Trap? Chloe and Zoe may be the first, assuming they figure out why a year after cheerleader Chloe’s Booby Trapping each has random moments of clarity. During intense orgasms at the seedy strip club they work at, each remembers everything. They remember who they were, all they used …

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The 600th book of Kreme arrives!

600 Hours of S.M.U.T. by Kris P. Kreme

Get ready for the chaos to return, get ready for some serious S.M.U.T. Kendra is a smart dedicated graduate student working on a news breaking final thesis paper that will shed light on the terrorist organization known simply as S.M.U.T. But while hacking into their server collecting details of their organization, Kendra is caught, and …

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It’s a holiday Booby Trap

Booby Trapped Betrayal by Kris P. Kreme

After a previous party mistake led to Amy accidentally drinking alcohol and denting her expensive car, the teenager is grounded while all her friends attend the senior Christmas party. Bored and alone in her father’s lavish home, Amy gets a call that quite possibly is from someone she knows, their voice electronically distorted. She’s told …

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During Krismas there’s no such thing as bad weather

Booby Trapped Blizzard by Kris P. Kreme

Bad weather is something Teresa Simpson specializes in handling. As the lead emergency meteorologist for a region of her state, she’s trained to handle white out conditions like the current blizzard guarantees. Facing the potential of being stuck in the station with only station manager Joel to keep her company, the last thing she expects …

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Get cheered up with a Booby Trap!

Booby Trapped: Cheering UP the Crowd by Kris P. Kreme

Over 14,000 Words of Kreme! Chloe is the girl with everything to lose, but she’s only gaining in this twisted tale. A friend to all, cheerful and kind, Chloe is loving her first year in college. She’s studying well, making friends, and is one of the biggest talents of the cheerleading squad. However someone may …

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Get in on the Booby Trap before the next one is sprung!

The Booby Trapped Threesome By Kris P. Kreme

An instant new Kreme Klassic, three tales of titillating telephone calls called Booby Trapped now available as a single collection! Watch for the next work in the series, appearing June 2016: Booby Trapped BUSTing the Glass Ceiling   Find it on Smashwords now! Now On Amazon!   Kollecting the entire Booby Trapped series so far …

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The Seventh Day of Kris-mas is a Booby Trap

Booby Trapped Brenda's Bowls are Full of Jelly by Kris P. Kreme

Brenda definitely isn’t crazy about the outfit her job as Santa’s assistant at the mall has her wearing. She’s even less crazy about the perverted older man playing Santa, Todd. Todd has been staring at her far too much, and in her mind he has been trying to cop feels of her too. She’s ready …

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