It’s a holiday Booby Trap

Booby Trapped Betrayal by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped Betrayal by Kris P. Kreme

After a previous party mistake led to Amy accidentally drinking alcohol and denting her expensive car, the teenager is grounded while all her friends attend the senior Christmas party.

Bored and alone in her father’s lavish home, Amy gets a call that quite possibly is from someone she knows, their voice electronically distorted.

She’s told that she has been Booby Trapped, that she will have to do three tasks or else her small breasts will balloon up to massive proportions. When she discovers the threat is somehow real, will Amy figure out who is betraying her, whether it could actually be her own father since the tasks seem to involve him?


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Adam has a wonderful new wife and a wonderful daughter, to say nothing of the lavish home and plenty of success in business he has always enjoyed. But wealth can’t buy everything and behind all that good fortune might be some very unexpected bad intentions this Christmas season.

After a recent incident involving some idiots Amy didn’t even know slipping alcohol into the punch bowl at a party the eighteen year old attended, she accidentally dented the car on the way home. She isn’t like some of the girls her age, girls whose daddies bought them implants at age eighteen to further spoil and make them look as cheap as they acted.

Amy’s always been a good girl but tonight is the night of the big senior Christmas party and she’s being grounded, kept home while her father and new stepmother go to some fancy party at a restaurant downtown.

But is there possibly a reason why Adam is refusing to show any leniency toward Amy, why his new wife Wanda can’t talk him into letting her go out with her friends just this one time? Could there possibly be hidden motives no one could suspect?

Amy’s never been a bad kid but according to Adam she needs to learn a lesson, but after her father and stepmother leave, as the snow falls outside, a phone call could change everything about what that lesson might ultimately be.

Picking up the phone, Amy is informed by a clearly distorted voice that she has been Booby Trapped, that she will be given three tasks she must do and for each one she fails to do, her small perky breasts will swell up bigger and bigger.

Ignoring the impossible threat what is Amy to do when that threat quickly is proven real, especially when each of the tasks she is told over the phone to do involve very very wrong things involving her father?

Could it possibly be that Adam is behind the distorted voice on the phone? Or could it be one of those spoiled bitches from school trying to ruin Amy’s life after she insulted their implants?

It’s a true Krismas mystery that won’t be solved until the very last scene, but one thing is certain, young Amy is faced with a genuine Booby Trapped Betrayal, and the consequences could be very very big.


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