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Last updated January 1, 2018.


The Grab Bag #16

The Grab Bag #16 - Koed Kursed: Bigger Boobs, Bigger Brains & Trading Up: New and Used by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #16 – Koed Kursed: Bigger Boobs, Bigger Brains & Trading Up: New and Used by Kris P. Kreme

A brand new year brings brand new bargains, and more to get your hands on with the latest Grab Bag and there’s plenty here to grab, more than mere handfuls. Start the year with Koed Kursed: Bigger Boobs, Bigger Brains & Trading Up: New and Used!

This Grab Bag includes:

Koed Kursed: Bigger Boobs, Bigger Brains: Two years after the events of Koed Kurses, we find a much changed Emmy Shaw, former pristine virginal coed with an attitude, now whorish bimbo who has a body everyone recognizes. Upon receiving her diploma, Emmy takes on a new curse, one that promises to restore her intelligence, at the cost of massive growth up top. Soon, Emmy is becoming smarter as she gets less capable of standing upright.

Trading Up: New and Used: Kim is a young mother who loves running her store and offers the best trades on used games and systems. When three newcomers bring in a rare system and games, she finds herself offering much more than ever before to make sure they leave satisfied.


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Mark Up Marie

Mark Up Marie by Kris P. Kreme

Mark Up Marie by Kris P. Kreme

The sequel to Pop-Up Paula has arrived!

Marie isn’t clueless when it comes to what most coeds spend their time obsessing over, but she also isn’t one to let temptation sway her from her academic goals. She’s smart, and she’s cute, but this holiday break has been enough time away from campus as far as she’s concerned.

Having never liked being in a crowd, even her family is too much for her, particularly the creepy uncle and cousins she always puts up with, but now the holiday break is finally ending and just after New Years, Marie is returning to campus.

Having been so quick to leave campus, mostly due to the creepy guy in her dorm that fortunately spent more time obsessing about her roommate than leering at her in the computer science lab, Marie forgot to check on a very important project.

Biomechanical Physics is a subject rarely taken by freshmen, but Marie is no ordinary freshman, having the mind to tackle things most professors wouldn’t even achieve. Unfortunately her online project of a running simulation wasn’t properly calculated before she left campus and now it’s all that is on the nerdy girl’s mind.

At least that’s what occupies her thoughts until she kicks open the dorm room door and drops her heavy book bag.

Something has definitely happened, the room a total mess, her roommate Paula nowhere to be found, random panties and bras tossed all over the place and some of them sticky in substances Marie would better not know about.

As though the mess wasn’t odd enough, Marie finds a note which was on the dorm room door, a note informing her that Paula will be back later, apologizing for the mess.

It isn’t the note which bothers Marie, but whose handwriting the note is in. Marie’s no slouch when it comes to basic study and observation, always having held her nose deep in a book, and it doesn’t take book learning to tell that Paula didn’t write this note.

If anything, the note is quite clearly Randall’s handwriting, but that doesn’t make much sense as Randall bugs Paula more than he creeps out Marie. Unless Randall broke in for an old fashioned panty raid, and by some reversal left panties and bras instead of taking them.

It would certainly explain the mess, but whatever the case, there’s one thing about the note Marie fully intends to ignore. The note says to not touch Paula’s computer, and while Marie has no need of an old desktop, she could use the linked wifi connection to boost her own much needed checking of her online simulation in testing biomechanical properties for class.

Marie can deal with the mess of the dorm room later, or better still, Paula can help deal with it whenever she gets back, but for now, Marie has to get her work on track since classes will resume in just a few days and she can’t risk crucial academic excellence for which she is known.

A quick series of mouse clicks on Paula’s machine is all it takes to link wifi and internet to Marie’s laptop, but as though there weren’t enough annoyances already on campus, Marie’s frustrated to cut the tip of her finger on some stupid little wire sticking out of Paula’s mouse.

No time to worry about what amounts to a paper cut, Marie is fully focused on her work, but little does she know that she has just been infected by a carefully engineered computer virus which Randall had only planned Paula to receive.

As it so happens, Randall is out living his dreams with the best little Christmas present he could have gotten himself, a brainless little bimbo fuck toy named Paula. After pricking her finger during holiday shopping online, Randall’s carefully monitored pop-up ads online did the rest, both mentally and to a definite degree physically changing Paula through a combination of internal and external stimuli.

Marie is quite familiar with Randall’s loner geek time on the computer, having walked in before to see him reading up on perverse fantasies of controlling and using women as mere objects. She is totally unfamiliar though with just how much a part of those fantasies she has inadvertently become by simply linking her laptop to Paula’s computer.

As her finger throbs, her frustration begins and Marie is finding it difficult to push past all the random pop-up ads flooding her screen. Without Randall keeping tabs, the pop-ups are more extreme than ever, the extent of his perverse mind unleashed full force, and each and every ad that Marie manages to close only closes a chapter of her own life, the changes she is experiencing hardly noticeable as she focuses on her work.

It’s after an ad for tattoos that Marie truly falls victim to an ever-deepening perverse desire to fully merge academics with pleasure in ways never imagined.

Tattoos are appearing on her body, starting in the throbbing tip of her finger, stretching and winding up her arms, marking up the pristine virginal flesh of a girl who always knew she was cute but never used that quality to its fullest potential.

Marie always had a mind for studies but when she gets the idea of a new experiment for class, a better experiment than her online simulation, that is when Marie’s mind truly gets marked up by depravity.

Determined to test the elasticity of her own skin, to literally pop her pussy on the biggest things she can fuck inside it, Marie grows ever more and more desperate, the marks she finds herself permanently holding far from limited to just tattoos.

Will Randall and Paula stop fucking long enough to return and discover what bizarre accidental fate Paula’s roommate has gotten herself into? Will Marie truly succeed in pushing her own skin elasticity to the limit? Find out in the twisted sequel you never saw coming, one that hits on all the marks with Mark Up Marie.

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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #16 – Red Light, Green Light

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #16 - Red Light, Green Light by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #16 – Red Light, Green Light by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Red Light, Green Light, Ashlynn Chan finds herself stuck overnight in Amsterdam, after an unfortunate train delay. She is not happy to be in such a disgusting place, having long heard the stories of the whores of Amsterdam. She finds the city to be only worse than she could have expected and for some reason other drunken visitors to the city believe that an exotic beauty like her must be one of the famed whores herself.

She’s bothered by their assumptions, angered by her predicament, and finding out she will need to stay the night only makes things go from bad to worse. Fortunately a kindly, if strange old woman, offers her directions to a place she can stay the night. As Ashlynn makes her way to this mysterious location, she finds herself in the Red light district and quickly discovers that the communication gap may have just given the old woman the wrong impression.


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Thirsty by Kris P. Kreme

Thirsty by Kris P. Kreme

Elsa has always been a shy woman, though not purely in the sense most would assume. She’s in no way mousy, a quite beautiful petite brunette, but she’s more what her husband calls a thinker. Quiet and contemplative, very little slips past Elsa’s keen eyes but when her husband leaves the country on business, a spontaneous trip to visit a friend from when she grew up awakens a mystery Elsa may never recover from.

Something about married life has left Elsa with a thirst for some of the old adventure she felt growing up with her best friend Nina. They would frequently hike the trails among their remote mountain community of Victoria and wander what tourists called The Dark Forest. There were rumors of all sorts in such a forest, tales of magic and witchcraft, but were those tales all rumors or is a local girl come home for a visit about to uncover the truth so few ever find out.

It’s on the train into town that Elsa meets a local detective, a man who has been attempting to crack a rash of disappearances, missing people who always vanish in pairs but yet are always nearly immediately reported found, even though he never saw them. In this detective’s eyes there is something strange happening, something he feels worthy of warning Elsa about, but then Elsa is quite observant and as quiet as she might be around new people, she’s well aware of how to read someone.

Her friend Nina meets her at the station, but this is not the Nina of old, a veritable adult growth spurt taking place with Nina seeming bustier and quite a bit beyond the stick she was last Elsa saw her. According to Nina, it’s largely thanks to the totally natural non-hormonal milk her new friend Vicky has supplied.

Vicky runs a small milk farm on her family land deep in The Dark Forest surrounding Victoria, but when Nina tells Elsa the two of them have been invited to stay for her entire vacation, something just doesn’t seem right.

Just what is it about the mysteriously beautiful woman, Vicky, and her admittedly incredible tasting milk? Exactly why has Elsa never seen her before if her family has been in the Victoria area for generations? And what is making Nina grow a bit simpler and ditzy every single day of Elsa’s vacation?

There are seven days of the trip, but is that enough time to solve a mystery which stumps even the always cautious thinker, Elsa? Is it going to prove too difficult, particularly when she too begins to exhibit similar behavior changes to her old best friend?

Only one thing is clear, a thirst for adventure and reconnecting to old hometowns has never led to such a truly thirst quenching discovery… and before the week is up, Elsa may learn what it’s like to be Thirsty, in ways she never imagined.

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Mother F-ing Friends

Mother F-ing Friends By Kris Kreme

Mother F-ing Friends By Kris Kreme

Jane Treesum has always been the hot mom, but her son Cory never seemed to mind until the day he stormed in so upset he couldn’t even talk about what happened.

Attractive, smart, and easily younger looking than her age, Jane has made quite the impression on Cory’s two best friends, but on this day, Cory discovered that those two friends may well have just been using him to get to his mother.

Rambling, ranting, Cory doesn’t even want to talk about it, the day having taken a turn he never saw coming, he never imagined it taking, and the fact Jane is sitting there looking anything but the housewife isn’t helping. All he can think of is avoiding or preventing what wheels have been set in motion by his selfish motherfucking friends.

Quite the liberal parent, Jane isn’t as upset about Cory’s language, his rather repetitive rants against his motherfucking friends Blake and Will, but she is upset about why he’s so worked up, what has him clearly freaked out and horrified, incapable of even saying what is on his mind.

Never one to ignore his mom for long, a close supporting family, even with his dad who fortunately still has work until late that night, Cory eventually breaks and admits that it was all Blake and Will’s idea, a contest between the three of them, a contest involving their mothers.

Confused, but always one to talk issues through, to show support and not anger, even if her son is seeming a bit boiling over at his two best friends, Jane finds the confusion ending when Cory explains that this contest was to see which of them had the hottest milf for a mother.

It’s certainly not a surprise that the winner of that contest would feel humiliation or embarrassment at his mother taking the prize, but as Cory explains, this contest had slightly different rules.

It seems Blake was the one who discovered a spell book, and the three of them agreed it would be fun to apply a little magic to spice up the contest. They’d even shaken on a blood oath, pricking their thumbs to follow the rules laid forth in the spell book. All they needed to do was cast their votes and the one whose mother won the contest… they held the power to change everything.

Naturally Jane assumes that boys being boys, Blake and Will played a rather elaborate prank on Cory, the boys always rambunctious ones, and they messed with her trusting son’s mind, and now he was not only humiliated but frightened to even touch her. Unfortunately for Jane, there might have been a bit more to it than a prank, and she has no idea just why Cory is so afraid to touch her.

The rules set forth in the contest were simple. Whichever mother won the vote as hottest milf among their three attractive mothers, she would become the quite willing prize for the other two sons, but that transformation would only happen upon the lingering touch of her own son, be it a hand holding, hugging, or even casual brush of their skin.

Cory is terrified beyond his anger at the motherfucking idiots he let sucker him into believing they were friends. He’s terrified because the spell book ritual they performed seemed real, and if it was real, isn’t the threat he now poses even being around his mother real?

Blake and Will are on their way and when they arrive to jokingly collect on their prize, what will happen? Is it as Jane assures Cory, a silly game of wild youth, or is it as Cory fears a fate he set in motion by agreeing to the contest, a fate no one can escape?

There might just be a twist of magic no one saw coming, at least no one in the Treesum household… a twist to end this tale that only is seen by a pair of Mother F-ing Friends.

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The Wager

The Wager by Kris P. Kreme

The Wager by Kris P. Kreme

A wager has become a regular weekend thing for Dana and Ethan since the kinky couple tied the knot not all that long ago. To anyone else they’d call the couple cute, well suited for each other, but were anyone to look beneath their blissful surface and see the rather perverse kinks they shared, they’d definitely be in for a shock.

Before the marriage Dana knew Ethan was perfect for her, as he knew she was for him, but each also was quite openly depraved in some of their willingness to outdo the other, and that was where Ethan came up with The Wager, a sometimes weekly challenge that so far he’d failed to win at.

Typically these challenges were things he bet Dana would be either unwilling, or incapable of doing, and Dana was always up for proving her dear stud of a husband wrong. Whether it was betting Dana that he could resist sex with her for a week, which he lost a day or so in, or betting Dana that she wouldn’t willingly wear tight clothes and spend her nights propositioning random cars one week, Ethan had quickly discovered his animal in the sack was as wild and willing as they came.

This time though he has it, the perfect bet, the wager that will end his losing streak for good, a bet of something he has meticulously thought over and planned his victory out long before bringing it up to her one morning as she slumbers in bed.

Curious and confident as ever, absolutely nothing the kinky vixen of a young wife won’t willingly do to win a wager with her hubby, Dana is naturally up to anything, but quite confused and rolling her eyes at the wager Ethan makes.

This week is simple, a quite friendly wager that before the next weekend comes, Ethan can turn Dana into a bimbo.

An agreement is made, Dana so sure she’ll win this one, she isn’t even considering setting any limits but is setting the terms that should she prove her track record and survive the week without being a stupid brainless busty bimbo, she’ll get access to Ethan’s credit card whenever and however she likes the remainder of the year.

Risking a spending spree by the lovely Dana, Ethan is positive he has this in the bag, starting at breakfast by presenting Dana with a bunch of pills he purchased in preparation for the wager, pills he calls Bustimins, from Japan. According to Ethan, these pills are specially made to basically result in natural breast enhancement, but just to make sure, he’s ignoring recommended dosages and giving the entire bottle to his dear confident wife before a couple days are even into this latest kinky wager.

Soon enough as the week progresses, Ethan is offering an injection to Dana as well and considering he’s a trained medic by trade, Dana knows Ethan is perfectly knowledgeable about what he’s doing. According to him the shot is a special hormonal concoction that will have her aroused instantly, desire flooding her a hundred times more than usual, and just to make it interesting Ethan is abstaining from any sex until he wins this wager.

Sure enough, Dana is struggling barely a few days into the week long wager, her tops being literally busted, her mind so overwhelmed with horny desires and amped up arousal she’s literally feeling stupid and dumber just trying to think beyond what she soon desperately needs.

It seems that Ethan might have finally outdone his kinky wife, but just what is the secret behind his confidence? Did Ethan really get those pills and the shot for what he claims, or is there something Dana just isn’t knowing… something she definitely won’t be any closer to knowing if she wins him the wager and turns into his sex toy little bimbo?

An open relationship, a healthy sexual appetite, and plenty of kinks have filled Dana and Ethan’s lives since they met and continued on since they married, but what truly might change everything can only be described as The Wager.

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SINtendo Super Slut Sunday

SINtendo Super Slut Sunday by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Super Slut Sunday by Kris P. Kreme

Ever since Jack got engaged to Kendall, his two longtime buddies Quinn and Gareth have become distant. Guys he used to spend all his younger days with being rowdy and raising hell were suddenly bugged that the man who once saw women just as they did, mostly as amusements and fun in the sack, suddenly was maturing and settling down with one girl he respected and admired.

Kendall has only heard tales of his buddies, and in her early twenties is much younger and more excited about just an opportunity to meet the best friends of the man she loved. It’s for that reason alone that she’s so nervous and excited on the way to Quinn’s house to watch the Super Bowl together.

For whatever reason it seems Quinn and Gareth have finally decided to make peace, only for the first time inviting Jack over with his new fiancée instead of without her. It’s a good sign, Jack assumes, until that is he arrives at his wealthy buddy Quinn’s palatial home and discovers little has changed about how his two immature friends see a woman like Kendall.

Making unsubtle leers, checking out the sexy woman near half their ages that Jack landed, Quinn and Gareth quickly pull Jack aside to tell him of a special game they invited him over to play, and it promises to be much more entertaining than the one on the big screen Kendall is settling down in front of.

Apparently Gareth, who always was into avoiding work by being a game tester, has gotten access to play a new game by a company called SINtendo. It’s one Jack has never heard of, but one he quickly realizes must be as fake as his friend’s good intentions were.

According to Gareth and Quinn, the tablet game is called SINtendo Super Slut Sunday, and as they put it so bluntly, today Kendall was invited to be the game. It works simply enough, each of them taking the tablet and placing a verbal bet while they hold their hand over it. It must be a bet on an upcoming play during the Super Bowl, or pretty much anything about what will happen during the game.

Bets can be quite unusual or about the next play or score. The only rules are that the bet must be about some upcoming action during the televised game. If the one holding the tablet and making the bet wins, they get a reward in the form of Kendall and she will do whatever reward they select from the screen of the tablet which shows her seated already watching the big screen.

However, bets can be doubled down to cut off the next player’s turn but if those bets are lost, Kendall suffers a punishment which must be chosen by the loser. It’s a simple set of rules for a Super Bowl companion game, but the entire thing sounds ridiculous to Jack. Not only is it depraved looking to read what the options are for rewards and punishments but it’s crude and horrible of his buddies to be acting this way towards the love of his life.

Kendall has made a nice honest respecting guy out of Jack, but nothing about even entertaining this game would be any of those. Unfortunately Quinn has offered a choice since it’s his house. Either Jack confirms Kendall as the prize for all bets or he goes out and tells her it was a mistake and the two of them were never invited and must get out before the game even begins.

Having seen her anxiousness and excitement for days now, having seen how she did her best to even learn about football and feel ready for watching the biggest game of the year with her soon to be husband’s oldest friends, Jack knows he can’t simply break her heart and take her away from something she was looking forward to. He also knows that no such game such as the one Gareth has set up could possibly exist. It’s stupid to even entertain that idea.

Reluctantly he gambles on their silly bullshit game and confirms Kendall as the prize, not noticing the brief stiffening posture and odd closing of Kendall’s eyes in the next room.

Only when his buddies take their turns and place their bets, each one winning, and each one getting something from Kendall they never possibly could have gotten, something she never would have done, does Jack realize the warped game he has mistakenly agreed to put his sweet fiancée in the middle of.

Forced to make his own bets to try and sway the game his way so that nothing more humiliating happens to Kendall, who remains clueless of her actions after the rewards are complete, Jack quickly finds his luck is not with him for this year’s Super Bowl. Before long he’s watching the girl he respected and looked forward to a long loving life together with get perverted and used in nearly every imaginable way, and worst of all are the impossible depraved methods of those perversions thanks to this ridiculous company called SINtendo.

Will Jack shape up and win the final bets on this year’s big game, or will he lose a lot more than a simple Super Bowl bet among old buds? Will Kendall ever realize what she is doing during her brief blackouts more and more frequent during the game?

It’s time for the biggest sporting event of the year, and this year no balls will be deflated. Kendall will make sure of that as she unknowingly becomes the star of SINtendo Super Slut Sunday.

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The Grab Bag #17 – I’m No Angel & Disobedience

The Grab Bag #17 - I'm No Angel & Disobedience by Kris Kreme

The Grab Bag #17 – I’m No Angel & Disobedience by Kris Kreme

Fight the chill of the season with some hot naughty tales of omnipotence. Sometimes when something isn’t the way you like, or your neighbor just will not stop annoying you, the best solution is to literally change their mind. Change is spreading and February is going to be a hot month in the Grab Bag.

This Grab Bag includes:

I’m No Angel: A mysterious man who may not even be a man takes a stroll through the city, just a simple shared experience to better explain the story of who he is. He’s powerful in ways most can’t fathom, with abilities that could ultimately lead to so much good in the world. Of course, the truth is, he’s no angel and has always had a taste for the perverse.

Disobedience: Gil Graven has reigned in his temper for years now, a quite particular set of skills for managing stress. He has done everything to just find peace and relaxation in his own backyard, but the annoying college kids next door are about to push too far.Now he will be testing their disobedience and seeing to it that doing the opposite of what he asks gets them a lot more than they bargained for.


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AgreeABEL by Kris P. Kreme

AgreeABEL by Kris P. Kreme

Abel never was much of a morning person, though a wife like Kelly could inspire him to still be up just past dawn. It was a morning when everything changed for Abel, everything eventually changed for Kelly, and their relationship changed forever.

Always an average guy, Abel had a number of years on Kelly, finding his early forties like most men did, still wanting to be the man but slowing down as life always tended to do. It was for that reason alone that Abel made the habit of taking walks in the forest behind his home, and it was shortly before this walk one morning that he was half asleep watching Kelly flip pancakes over the stove.

Always focused, always a woman for details, Kelly somehow managed to look wide awake and perfect before Abel could even form a coherent thought, and so Abel blamed his morning brain, still refusing to awaken, for the slip of the tongue which led to a typically tense situation with Kelly.

A man was a man, and it didn’t matter the age, at least for Abel. He loved his wife, found her the sexiest thing alive, and naturally when a man’s mind began to wander, it wandered about the woman in front of him, his wife of five long very happy years.

He’d learned long ago never to suggest his idle fantasies to Kelly, because logical practical and always in focus Kelly did not appreciate immature ideas. So naturally the idle thought of going up to Kelly and bending her over the stove while she cooked pancakes to quite thoroughly fuck her brains out was a bad thought to have… not in thought, but a bad thought to admit to Kelly.

When a slip of his tongue revealed he’d been distracted by a thought he had, there was little hope of getting past the always inquisitive Kelly, and so Abel had to fess up to another idle fantasy, a rather tame one involving his lovely wife, but one which she found anything but tame.

Naturally Kelly never remained angry for long, at least when Abel admitted the fantasy, but she did tend to exaggerate such fantasies, saying that it was crude and unsanitary at the least, and he probably shouldn’t think she was the type to enjoy some man just attacking and raping her over a hot stove.

It was hardly an argument, and Kelly was over it before Abel even left to go on his walk, but his mind was running over and over in his mind just why his lovely young wife couldn’t be more agreeable to a little spontaneity.

Sure, she didn’t need to be the type that loved getting screwed all over the house, the kind that as she put it got off on getting randomly raped. She just could be a bit less rigorous and methodical about their love making. Abel wouldn’t have minded a bit more than once a week, a bit more than just making love. They could fuck once in a while and still be a happy couple.

It was these thoughts which distracted Abel upon discovering the crashed object in the forest.

Was it a satellite, or was it something else? Abel couldn’t tell, but clearly the storm last night had brought more than just fallen limbs and thunder and lightning Something had fallen to earth, and that something gave Abel the literal shock of his life as he tripped and fell against it.

All Abel thought of was his wife, was Kelly and how he’d been so focused on their differences, how she wasn’t all that agreeable to his perspective on things. He was a pretty average guy, but the luck of having her was far beyond average and this chance encounter reminded him how lucky he was.

Stumbling back to the house, Kelly found Abel muddy and bruised from his fall, but as she rushed to him and touched her fingers against his skin, some of the jolts inside him traveled like a static burst right into her and after that everything changed.

Just what possibly could have explained Kelly being so willing to agree to a spontaneous blow job right there in the driveway? Was it because she simply felt bad about their argument and almost losing her husband to his accidental fall in the forest… or was it something more?

Abel has only just realized that sometimes even an average stand up guy can sink into depraved fantasies when he has a wife who suddenly will agree to any of them.


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HuggABEL by Kris P. Kreme

HuggABEL by Kris P. Kreme

You could say that life was just finally agreeing with Abel, and not in the settle in your stomach kind of fashion. No, Abel was the ordinary guy given what most guys couldn’t imagine, the ability to have anyone agree with any idea he had, no matter how outlandish or off base the idea was.

Abel had first explored it with his wife, and for good reason since Abel was still as ordinary and true to his wife as he ever was. Sure, she was a lot more eager for sex, his idea, and sure she was agreeable to any kind of sex, any place, anytime, but Abel had quickly noticed that everyone agreed with him… just not to the extremes of his sweet sexy wife, Kelly.

Life was indeed good and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Abel had requested time off from work which naturally his bosses agreed to. It was on one of the trips home from the office, carrying a bunch of reading material to still keep on top of during his time off that Abel chanced a run in with one of the more notorious neighbors he had.

Justin was a great guy, youngest in the neighborhood with a wife most men fantasized about far more than they should. But Justin had one quality which was impossible not to notice the first time someone met him. For all his casual easy going demeanor, Justin… was a hugger.

Some guys were just huggers, Abel figured, but Justin would hug all the time, not just when first meeting someone or saying goodbye for the final time. Justin hugged, and so when Abel struggled to carry the books up to his front porch, his vision blocked and Kelly clearly out at the store or somewhere, the last thing he expected was to see Justin’s lovely young wife quickly offering to help.

Anna was the woman even Abel blushed about sometimes, perfectly cute, vivid red hair, sweeter than ever, and she and Justin were about the happiest young couple around. It wasn’t too difficult to see why Justin was so much of a hugger, so incredibly friendly and generous with those hugs. When a guy had it all like he did with Anna for a wife, what was to stop him from being in a good mood all the time?

Chatting with Anna barely a moment or so, Abel heard that familiar happy tone and Justin was running over to join them. As with most young couples it was rare to see them without their hands all over each other, but leave it to Justin to make hugging look downright sinful.

Bragging on his sweet wife, Anna, Justin has Abel’s mind just a bit off focus and before he can even think twice about it, Justin’s pulling Abel in for a quick bro hug before leaving. Of course when visible sparks of electricity surge forth from Abel into Justin, any plans for leaving might quickly be replaced with plans much less innocent.

Justin the hugger, has just performed a dangerous hug, and it’s the hug on his mind which will change so much on Abel’s street for some time to come. Quickly offering an excuse after pulling free of the hug, Abel hopes they just buy that it was static electricity, a fluke really, but Anna’s concern for her husband results as it should in Justin reassuring her with a quick hug.

Even Abel, witnessing the whole exchange, can see the clear stunned pleasure Anna feels from that quick hug, and clearly Justin feels that and more, quickly hugging Anna again, and again, his hugs taking on all new power, new strength, Abel nearly wondering if Justin is just going to squeeze the life right out of the pretty redhead.

Fortunately it’s nothing so severe, so terrifying, but that doesn’t mean what happens will be any less shocking or depraved. Clearly Abel’s encounter with that fallen satellite isn’t left in the past, the charge still alive and well inside him, and that charge has awakened an all new lust in Justin, a lust for hugging his wife into something far more slutty than she ever was in even the most crude fantasy of any man.

Spinning her around, demonstrating his desires for his wife, Abel witnesses a hug like no other, more of the Heimlich Maneuver of hugs which somehow, in some impossible way, crushes Anna’s middle and shifts her proportions quite dramatically, tank top nearly bursting as her tits swell up from the squeeze.

Has Abel discovered that the gift he got can be passed on, that anyone who is zapped by his touch will find their thoughts directing their actions? Is this just a fluke encounter, his already amorous and affectionate neighbors losing control of their arousal for more reasons than just Abel’s hug?

It’s Valentine’s Day, and every Valentine’s Day finds countless hugs being shared, but no hug was ever as perverse as a hug on Abel’s street, and Abel may just find his marriage meeting new challenges after inviting the young neighbors in for a little tight squeezing fun.

Reshape more than your mind during Abel Bodied Month and remember, huggers are out there so be careful. You never know when a hugger might squeeze just a bit too tight.


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KissABEL by Kris P. Kreme

KissABEL by Kris P. Kreme

Abel had left normal behind in his relationship with Kelly, at least ever since that mysterious object crashed behind his house in a storm and he discovered it in a most shocking way.

Ever since then he’d discovered that his wishes for agreeable solutions to his every thought were merely as difficult as asking, particularly of his dear sweet wife, Kelly. He’d also quickly discovered that upon touching others, his skin against theirs for the first time, some of the shock in his system could pass through and whatever was on their mind when that spark entered their system, it became a new perverse ability to exploit, quickly corrupting their minds and actions.

His neighbors had simply been helping him when the notorious hugger of a husband brought it in and soon was bringing out a lot more in his sweet young wife. Abel found the actions quite neighborly when they took things inside and now Abel had a wife with hug squeezed tits that left her braless and kinky in ways he never imagined before.

But like all good things, his time off work for Valentine’s Day had to end and it was upon returning to the daily grind that Abel might just start to see the ultimate struggle he soon would face between being the everyday ordinary stand up guy and giving into the fantasies unleashed from an unknown imagination which zapped these abilities into him.

Danny had been Abel’s friend maybe longer than any at the office, even if Danny was years younger. It only spoke to the younger Danny’s skills and energy for achieving and succeeding. Unfortunately he never succeeded in love or women, having spent the past three years lusting after Samantha, the cute coed office girl.

A friendly guy, Danny never could bring himself to ask her out, to even make much more than small talk but with some unintended pushes from Abel, nothing will be small about Samantha again.

Abel knew he needed to help encourage Danny, and the solution was simple. All he needed to do was suggest it, present it as an idea that Danny stop admiring the girl from afar, stop dreaming about one day kissing her, and just be aggressive, tell her how he felt, take chances.

Naturally Danny agrees and all is well but will a halfhearted slap of brotherly support on the shoulders change everything about this matchmaking effort?

Forgetting himself, the slap sends shocks into Danny and Danny suddenly has all new levels of kissing in mind for the sweet unassuming Samantha. Witnessing it all, Abel realizes that Danny’s new ability gives all new ability to sucking face, and Samantha’s once cute coed body will be nothing like it once was, sucked flat and then perverted in ways Danny likely never imagined when imagining his true love.

Has Abel found the bad side of the coin his life has flipped lately? Will he choose to find an end to his powers? Discover the latest Abel Bodied fun in the tale that locks lips as tight as you ever imagined, but only Danny is capable of, KissABEL.


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PredictABEL by Kris P. Kreme

PredictABEL by Kris P. Kreme

After his once responsible friend at work, Danny, got in real trouble for inappropriate conduct during business hours, Abel made a decision to stop using his influence, his agreeable persuasion over others. He also has completely avoided any skin on skin contact with anyone new, desperate to avoid shocking more perverted abilities into others.

But was that a wise decision?

Nobody knows what the future holds for Abel, and each and every day has become a struggle, a paranoia about accidentally touching someone and setting them off on a path of depravity even Abel can’t predict. Having the ability to have every remark or suggestion made readily agreed with means that Abel is stuck never knowing if he’s doing the right thing.

A once ordinary guy with ordinary troubles, Abel’s life has gone to highs and lows he never anticipated thanks to the mysterious crashed object in the forest behind his home.

The real question is whether the effects from that encounter are wearing off over time, or only getting stronger. Abel fixed the issue with Danny at work by taking the blame for his behavior, making up a story about borrowed meds for a headache which clearly caused Danny some extremely poor judgment in the workplace. Of course that just led to a mandatory two week leave for Abel as punishment.

Sure, many might have just used the special talent he’d acquired to have those bosses agreeing to no punishment, maybe even agreeing to forget anything ever happened, but Abel made a promise to himself.

Now he has spent time contemplating what the future might hold, unaware as he walks the streets in thought that his future may be on a collision course with a man who sees and knows all.

That man is the Great Mesmos… also known as a street hustling performer who is well past his prime, but who happens to be right in the way as Abel rounds a corner and bumps into him.

Fortunately for this Mesmos character, Abel has taken every precaution, including gloves, to avoid any accidental bare skin contact. The Great Mesmos though has a performance in full swing with a small gathered group of more skeptics than believers.

Claiming the ability to see the immediate future of any chosen subject, Mesmos quickly latches onto the accidental run in with Abel and holds him from continuing on his way, offering to prove their meeting was more than just chance.

As Abel lets the old kooky man try and guess his name, he notices the huge heckler in the bunch, a bulky muscular biker with a submissive seeming girl at his side.

It’s as he’s paying more attention to the others watching this sidewalk performance that Abel feels Mesmos pulling off one of his gloves, making claims of human touch needed to truly perform impressive predictions.

As soon as the old man touches Abel’s hand, bringing it up to his head as part of the show, sparks like never before shoot right out from where they touch, the poor old man sailing back and even his eyes glowing as he stammers and seems jolted by a surge of power like nothing Abel has seen so far.

Resisting using his abilities, holding off on human contact, both have simply built up a reserve of whatever now resides inside Abel and the Great Mesmos has taken a shock that soon gives the old pretender actual abilities beyond anyone’s belief.

Pulling away, Abel can only watch as the old harmless street magician discovers a way to serve up some truly harmful revenge against his biggest heckler of the day.

Will Rocko the Biker and Becca, his girlfriend, find their immediate futures predicted or manipulated? Has Abel uncovered a flaw in his plan not to use his abilities? Just what will ultimately happen and where is Abel Bodied Month leading?

Find out in the tale that truly puts the dic in PredictABEL.


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InflateABEL by Kris P. Kreme

InflateABEL by Kris P. Kreme

Abel had gained something many would consider amazing that day in the forest. He’d gained a power, a persuasion, and even more so the ability to share that power with others, each in their own unique way.

But the power was corrupting, perverse, always more than a little depraved, and before all of this Abel had been an everyday ordinary guy, one whose worst worry was putting his foot in his mouth by suggesting something his wife Kelly didn’t agree with

Now everyone agreed with everything, most of all Kelly, and Abel had seen how his touch could change them, just one shock and their inner most thoughts at the time twisted into an ability like nothing he’d seen before.

Ever since the incident with that street performer, Abel had tried reining in his ability, not simply bottling it up. He’d used it sparingly, getting Kelly to agree to one thing or another, restraining the use but not fully eliminating it. In many ways, Abel saw it as an alcoholic might see learning to drink purely in social situations, difficult and sometimes near impossible.

It was far too tempting, so many temptations, and each of them was becoming a bit more depraved and perverse than Abel ever used to be. He supposed it was the freedom of knowing he could do and say anything, to anyone, have nearly anything he could imagine since anyone would agree to anything.

That was how he found himself at the mechanic shop out off the beaten path, not as many temptations, not as many people. He’s spent a great deal of time lately in thought, trying to resolve the way his life had taken a turn.

As it happened the mechanic shop was joined to a small cafe or roadside diner by the very waiting room Abel found himself in. It was as the mechanics busily worked away over the spread of a number of garage bays on the other side of the glass across from Abel that he found himself overhearing a young couple arguing in the cafe.

Amber and Devon are small town sweethearts that definitely aren’t too sweet tonight, the always passionate Amber very upset. She’s always been an emotional girl, but this time her boyfriend has truly pissed her off.

Seniors in high school, there’s a lot left to focus on in the future but Devon as Amber has noticed certainly seems to focus a bit too much on certain things. Lately he’s been quick to offer help to strangers, enthralled by spending time with certain girls at school, as long as those girls or strangers have that quality Devon always loved… big boobs.

As he puts it in a badly defended excuse, he’s always been a boob guy, but Amber knows that naturally that means he just doesn’t have what he wants with her, eighteen and still not having anymore boobs than two years earlier when they began dating.

Frustrated and annoyed, the couple seems to have reached the boiling point, where something is going to give, and it’s Amber who gets up to walk out, never intending to have anything to do with a shallow idiot who obsesses about boobs and can’t control himself enough not to ogle every decent sized pair.

Running, never paying much attention due to the clear and obvious anger at Devon, Amber goes to leave that cafe through that adjoining waiting room and collides with Abel, the two of them falling to the floor

The pretty girl with the lacking chest and plenty of rage towards her boyfriend never has much of a chance as she steadies herself and quickly apologizes, going to push up from the floor, her hand just managing to graze Abel’s bare wrist.

It was instant, the electricity, the jolts which Abel had now seen too many times before, ones he knew were giving all new power to Amber, some ability that others only could imagine, but just what was that power to be?

Each time he’d witnessed it, the person immediately changed, their mind corrupted it seemed by either the spark or some other quality of the exchange, something primal which typically left them with sex on the brain.

Watching Amber walk off, Abel knew he was no longer in this waiting room waiting merely on his car to be repaired. He was now waiting to see what became of a sweet passionate girl whose possibly ex-boyfriend had a thing for big boobs.

As Amber walked into the mechanic garage bays nearby instead of leaving as she’d intended, Abel knew that this might be the one which finally pushed him over an edge, left him in a place he’d simply relent to.

Just what will Amber do when she quickly finds a man working on a motorcycle and asks to borrow his air compressor? What will both Abel and that man witness her becoming? And will anyone ever be able to look at a pair of boobs and not compare them to what Amber soon has?

Abel Bodied Month comes to a conclusion and this might be where Abel either embraces his new life, or escapes to his old ordinary one, but one thing is certain… there’s just no inflating how big an ending this is to the month.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #17 – Passion Fruit

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #17 - Passion Fruit by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #17 – Passion Fruit by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Passion Fruit, meet Mike, a man who has a job in the tropics but spends most his days locked in a stuffy office. When the company Mike works for plans a Corporate Adventure, a retreat where randomly selected employees will join together in a team building weekend, he wonders just who he might end up with. Naturally Mike briefly fantasizes about ending up out in the wild with two tropically steamy female employees. However reality is cold but not as cold as the one female employee who ends up leading he and fellow employee Jim out into the exotic landscape.

Cherry Long is nowhere near as tasty as her name might indicate. Outside she’s attractive, nothing over the top, but inside her small chest beats the chilled heart of an icy queen who has only ever gotten by in the office using her looks. Cherry is an exotic beauty that every man fears being trapped with and so a weekend of team building might just be a test of survival where nature is not the primary force to deal with.

After a grueling slave drive by Cherry, Mike and Jim end up on an island, forced to work together to build shelter and find food, all while the leader of their group lounges and does nothing but spout off orders. It’s during the scavenging that Mike discovers an ancient looking fruit tree surrounded by even more ancient ruins. Is it all the heat and exhaustion causing him to hallucinate or is the encounter with a mysterious entity within that tree real? Find out just what holds the power of the passion fruit and just what that fruit can do to thaw the inner ice of a tropical girl like Cherry.

Passion Fruit cums in many flavors and all of them might taste delicious.


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The Grab Bag #18 – Falling into S.I.N. & You’ve passed your Expiration Date

The Grab Bag #18 - Falling into S.I.N. & You've passed your Expiration Date by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #18 – Falling into S.I.N. & You’ve passed your Expiration Date by Kris P. Kreme

Another month, another special double dipping Grab Bag. This month as winter fades and spring is definitely springing, can you handle the thaw? Will you catch a case of S.I.N. or quite possibly pass your expiration date in these twisted tales?

This Grab Bag includes:

Falling into S.I.N.: Warning of a new virus, one that spreads rapidly resulting in pronounced behavioral changes, changes no one can resist, a fever that doesn’t warm the head so much as it overheats the body. Dina and her family will find life changing, falling victims to a plague like never before, one that doesn’t eradicate life, but might erase the way life used to be as the world is Falling into S.I.N.

You’ve passed your Expiration Date: With discoveries about the human mind and body, is it gullible to believe something as crazy as aspects of one’s life having an expiration date? Brian presents the evidence to Natalie, girl of his dreams, who might just live out his fantasies after an encounter one afternoon at home. Her angry rants are evidence she’s lost her self control, or did it actually expire?


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Booby Trapped: Cheering UP the Crowd

Booby Trapped: Cheering UP the Crowd by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped: Cheering UP the Crowd by Kris P. Kreme

Chloe has it all her first year of college, a key spot on the cheerleading squad, plenty of good friends, and the support of a great cheer coach who has her in the best shape ever.

However, all of that may just change thanks to a most unexpected call on the day of the big rivalry football game, and whatever the truth behind the caller’s sinister intentions, one of Chloe’s more unusual friends may just hold the answer… but unfortunately she’s to dumb to reveal anything.

Yes, Chloe has always been one to accept anyone, to be friendly when others would be dismissive, and during the first practice she ever had at college, Chloe noticed Zoe on the sidelines watching. Of course to be fair, everyone notices Zoe, and if they don’t something may be more wrong with them than whatever is wrong with poor Zoe.

Zoe was the type everyone would call a bimbo, and even Chloe would be tempted to say that if she didn’t feel it disrespectful to a sweet and sometimes almost sad looking young woman whose bust line threatened the strength of nearly all fabrics.

In college to study hard and get her degree, to cheer and cheer others up while staying fit, Chloe never asked for Zoe to come along, but something told Chloe that maybe once upon a time Zoe felt the same ambitions as she did.

If only Chloe knew that Zoe was the very first of many to suffer the fate of being Booby Trapped, of getting a call from someone close to them, someone with ulterior motives of madness which would challenge their very body in accomplishing three tasks.

It’s not long after practice, walking along with Zoe who seems oddly insistent on the two of them going and doing something away from the game that night. That’s when Chloe gets the call. She has been Booby Trapped, and unless she completes three tasks, she will experience cheerleading career ruining explosive growth, her breasts expanding as punishment for failing a task.

Naturally who would ever believe such ridiculousness and Chloe would hang up forever if not for the simple threat that whoever is calling knows her parents will be visiting and attending that big game tonight with the intent of visiting their pride and joy for the first time since leaving for school. Someone is threatening her family, forcing her to listen to graphic crude claims and requests, but just who could it be?

Does Zoe know more than she says, as she certainly seems to, at least behind those bimbo smiles of hers? Just what will happen when Chloe refuses the first task because she simply can’t humiliate herself by doing what is asked? Will the sweet virginal girl who never met a stranger, find herself meeting and doing all sorts of nasty things with many many strangers?

Find out in the truly twisted tale which re-introduces Zoe from the very first origin story of Booby Trapped, and packs a lot more than action into a collegiate football game.

Good cheerleaders are always full of spunk, but Chloe might just prove that bad ones bring new meaning to just how stuffed with spunk they can be.

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Lecherous Lenny’s Lecherous Leer

Lecherous Lenny's Lecherous Leer by Kris P. Kreme

Lecherous Lenny’s Lecherous Leer by Kris P. Kreme

As difficult as it was to make the decision to go back to college in his forties, Stan never thought all that much about just how difficult it would be surviving in the realm of hormone rampaging always assuming the worst college kids. One thing he quickly had learned was that avoiding them on party days was best.

It just so happens that St. Patrick’s Day is yet another easy excuse to party for much of the campus, and the best place to avoid it all while actually getting something productive accomplished is the rarely occupied campus library.

On the first day in school, Stan had learned a few things about this large three story school structure. First, his old buddy from younger more wild days, Joel, worked the entrance security, checking student ID’s, and second hardly any students even used the place anymore with the internet and laptops bringing anything they might have needed straight to their dorms, frats, or sororities.

Stan also learned just what a creep his old pal Joel was, using any excuse possible to spend more time leering at the coeds instead of simply checking their student ID’s. Whatever the case though, Stan has never been the dirty old man college kids seem to for whatever reason accuse him of being, and he does need the quiet time away from those same students since he has no interest in partying with them for St. Patrick’s Day.

Unfortunately for Stan, a perfect plan may just go wrong in the best way possible, at least for most red blooded straight men. Finding himself in his preferred quiet spot, the top floor, far corner of the campus library, Stan isn’t alone.

It would seem that a couple of quite studious coeds had the same idea as Stan, and are currently hovering over a laptop at one of the tables getting some course prep done for their World History class.

Riley and Betty are the types of girls any guy in school would thank their luck to be stuck alone with, but when Stan shows up in an abandoned library and walks right up past them, it only gives the girls more of the wrong impression, that he truly is a pervert into young girls and not the guy who simply thought this would be the least likely spot in the building to find cute coeds.

Dimly lit, boxes and books stacked all around, Stan quickly moves past the quite clear assumptions the girls are making about his intentions when he witnesses something downright frightening emerging from one of the boxes just beyond Riley and her best friend Betty.

As they just stare at him, naturally creeped out that he is leering at them, Stan can’t even speak up how freaked out he is to see a somewhat disgusting looking little man, dressed of all things just like a leprechaun climbing from within a large box behind the girls.

It all happens so fast, the creepy little man crawling out, only seen by Stan, Riley and Betty getting enraged and calling for security, and Joel showing up to confront the accused pervert which Stan most definitely isn’t.

If anyone is the pervert it’s Joel who has more than a few non-subtle looks for the cute redhead and her darker haired friend, seeking to be the hero by naturally assuming their accusations are true and quickly grabbing Stan to escort him from the building.

Only at the stairs does Joel stop and elbow his buddy, making some crude comments about the hot freshmen girls. And only then does Stan finally speak up and tell his old friend about the real creep in the library, the little costumed man who somehow slipped away.

All confusion aside, it isn’t long before Lenny the Leprechaun makes formal introductions, having been seen by Stan, soon being seen by Joel, and each of them entitled to wishes.

Even if Joel screws his wish up, Stan is completely unaware of just how famed Lenny is for equally screwing up the intentions of well spoken wishes. As Stan simply wishes that no one would overreact and constantly freak out to every look he gave them, as Riley and Betty did, assuming him to be some old leering lech, Lenny puts a very special twist to just how that is granted.

A leer is simply a look with most specific intent, but Stan will find himself incapable of looking without leering, and everyone who becomes aware of that leer will themselves become desperate to earn only more leers… to do unthinkable and downright depraved things as they soon wear a similar leer themselves.

Stan’s quiet day in the campus library will be anything but, and even Joel may find his every perverted wish coming true by the end of the day. As for Riley and Betty, they came to study but soon will be cumming to all new conclusions.

Lenny the Leprechaun had a quiet hiding spot to avoid a busy St. Patrick’s Day of cursed wishes, but just as Stan discovered, sometimes a library just isn’t nearly as quiet a spot as one might hope.

Back in green and nice not mean, Lenny satisfies when he is seen. An all new tale fresh just for you, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, what will you do?


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #18 – Boyfriend Troubles

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #18 - Boyfriend Troubles by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #18 – Boyfriend Troubles by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Boyfriend Troubles we are introduced to a bright young girl with a very responsible attitude, a successful path laid before her, and nothing to stand in her way. Elora is an honor student, taking advanced courses during her senior year of high school. Everything changes on the day a new student transfers in and enters one of her classes.

Something is different about Daman, something Elora notices right away. He seems to instantly be drawn to her and nearly from the first moment they speak, Elora finds life more complicated. Over the weeks and months that follow, Elora slowly begins to embrace the mystery that is Daman, finding herself not just interested in the few things he says he would change about her but eagerly allowing herself to take on those changes.

Grades begin to slip and Elora’s focus begins to wane. She goes from bright young girl to dim little slut and in the final months of her senior year everything changes for both Elora and her family. As mother begins acting more docile and accepting of her daughter’s new personality, father goes from questioning to supporting her and Daman’s plans, plans which ultimately include making sure Elora’s body goes through as many changes as her personality has.

Sometimes when a boyfriend enters the picture he brings with him certain troubles, but sometimes the troubles work themselves out and in this case the troubles tell the tale of how you take a smart student and transform her into a bimbo who only exists to be enjoyed.


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Stuffing the Animal

Stuffing the Animal by Kris P. Kreme

Stuffing the Animal by Kris P. Kreme

Mike has always been the loyal boyfriend, even through rough and sometimes unfair relationships like the one he has with Grace. Originally from Korea, Grace is a real beauty, though lurking beneath that gorgeous exterior is an animal.

Whether it’s the stereotypical bitch of an animal, cruel, demanding, selfish, or as his friends came to calling her, she’s the cow in need of a serious attitude milking, Grace is someone nobody messes with.

When Mike takes a long surprise trip to Brisbane, Australia, where Grace is attending Uni while living in a nice home with two roommates, all three may just find a lot more than their lives thoroughly and enjoyably messed with… but not by any ill-intent from Mike.

He simply knows Grace, and nobody, especially a boyfriend, shows up unannounced without gifts. Stopping midway between the airport and her tropical lush rental home, Mike spots a small shop which sells all the requirements of a good surprise for Grace, chocolates, flowers, and even a giant custom stuffed teddy bear he purchases especially with Grace in mind.

Unfortunately for hapless easygoing Mike, he fails to fully understand the traditions of a culture in this part of the world, misunderstanding the specifics of the friendly conversation the old shop keeper has with him.

It seems that after sharing the trials and troubles of a girl like Grace, each gift was customized to work a bit of aboriginal black magic on her.

However, Grace as usual throws a wrench even into plans unknown to both she and Mike. She’s far too busy studying for some serious exams at Uni this week, a horrible week for Mike to be around. She essentially orders him to find a hotel near the airport and maybe check in each day, see if she has some time for actual visits.

She accepts the gifts but also has little use for anything but the teddy bear, which she finds mostly amusing and tosses to forget on one side of her bed. Little does Grace know that when her roommates Christina and Jack get a whiff of the flowers she lets them have, it turns up the heat on a relationship they already had going, and when Christina can’t stop eating the chocolates until they are gone, it has a most pronounced affect on her once athletic small figure, curving her into a bombshell of a bimbo ready to blow more than Jack’s mind.

Frustrated, kept up constantly by her roommates sudden insane sexual kinks, Grace can’t even hardly sleep, but she barely has a clue that when she does eventually find that sleep a couple of days later, the bear in her bed wakes up… with full intent on providing his own sort of special stuffing to Grace.

Each and every day Mike finds himself making the long drive, enjoying the exotic tropical part of the world less and less, seeing the distractions and chaos seeming to take place at Grace’s place.

Is he just a sucker to the girl he fell for, a real cruel unfeeling animal? Or is Grace getting truly stuffed with an all new attitude, a special stuffing that might ultimately leave her the cow he can milk a lot more than attitude from?

Will Mike find out what is going on and when he does will he save the girl he loves or love the girl she becomes?

Find out in the epic new Kustom Kreme that takes the Kreme world in all new directions, down under, in more ways than one.


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SINtendo Solit-AIRheads

SINtendo Solit-AIRheads by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Solit-AIRheads by Kris P. Kreme

Twins may be close but that never means they are the same, and the case couldn’t be any truer for twin girls Dehlia and Dahlia. Identical in every way on the outside, they couldn’t be much more different inside and today is a very important day for the levelheaded realist Dehlia… a day that can only be ruined as most things are in life by her clingy sister Dahlia.

Set to interview at a big company downtown, Dehlia can only roll her eyes as Dahlia is right there with her for the same interview. Dahlia has always been a flirt, a carefree spirit, way too perky and positive when the world isn’t all puppies and rainbows. She has made Dehlia seem like the bad twin far too many times in life, whether it’s merely flirting her way with Daddy or generally making Dehlia seem gloomy and sullen by always insisting on wearing her hair and makeup the same, the comparison quite apparent when Dehlia can hardly ever get rid of her.

Today though might just change everything, a day that finally sets them both onto the paths of their soon to be adult lives as they interview at this company.

When they arrive in the fancy lobby, both girls are told it will be about a half hour wait until called upstairs for their interviews. Dahlia is predictably perky and happy until discovering that the half hour wait will need to be spent without internet or outside wireless networks due to company security blocking of their cell phone devices.

As annoying as ever, not at all to Dehlia’s surprise, Dahlia is wanting in on whatever Dehlia is spending her time doing on her phone, playing a game she downloaded, a game that does in fact offer a two person option of game play even if it’s one of the most famously single person games around, solitaire.

Noticing the maker of the game, as well as the unusual spelling, sweet innocent Dahlia thinks nothing, only seeing the 2 player head to head option and finding hope for a less boring time spent waiting in the empty lobby.

What poor Dahlia never could suspect is that her twin has taken enough assumptions of being the bad twin to heart and today she has ensured that a predictable series of events all lead to Dehlia being included in this little head to head match up, a match up only a company like SINtendo could create.

Reluctantly letting Dahlia link up to her game on her own phone, only Dehlia can truly see the rewards offered for each sister attempting to clear the same solitaire hand in a shorter amount of time.

Having never even played solitaire before, there’s little hope for Dahlia from the first round but when each successful win gives Dehlia the reward to add solit-AIR somewhere within her identical twin’s body, very soon they are looking anything but identical.

Will Dahlia somehow survive a head to head round of solitaire, or will it leave her head full of air and ready for the company men upstairs? Just how bad a twin is Dehlia? Find out as SINtendo Selects Game of the Month returns with Solit-AIRheads.


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The Grab Bag #19 – Getting Spun and Cummin’ Round the Mountain

The Grab Bag #19 - Getting Spun and Cummin' Round the Mountain by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #19 – Getting Spun and Cummin’ Round the Mountain by Kris P. Kreme

Spring arrives, and you just never know what twists and turns will arrive with it. Will you find yourself spinning out of control, or will you enjoy the outdoors and take a right turn on the wrong mountain?

This Grab Bag includes:

Getting Spun: On Halloween, teens gather for a friendly version of Spin the Bottle. Instead of kissing they will challenge each other to act out their costumes. Things quickly get perverse and friendly becomes kinky.

 This bottle is unique, feeding off twisted challenges that corrupt these friends. It isn’t the bottle that gets spun, it’s the players.

Cummin’ Round the Mountain: Anna spends the day hiking on Mount Chawore, but finds herself lost in finding her way back to her car when the day grows late. Will she find her way back, or will she meet some locals who change much more than her perspective on life and her purpose in it?


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The Lost Kreme #5: Sweater Stretchers

The Lost Kreme #5: Sweater Stretchers by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme #5: Sweater Stretchers by Kris P. Kreme

Every so often what would become an instant Kreme Klassic falls into exile, lost among the forest of tales new and old, but fear not readers, for these are sought out and recovered as part of The Lost Kreme, tales you may find familiar but have never read in their final form, their uncut extended and often entirely new intensity. Prepare to have your mind blown and your sweaters stretched this month, with The Lost Kreme #5.

Corporations are always about themselves first and foremost, but with a lighthearted amusing name like Sweater Stretchers Incorporated, just how bad could their product be to give it a try?

Three diverse test subjects are about to find that out. Meeting with the secretive man in charge, brash young attorney Kelly Spencer, typical housewife Lindsay Reynolds, and attention seeking coed Hillary Hall are ready to be implanted… to be the first trial recipients of Sweater Stretchers, the all new natural way of getting any size breasts they can imagine at the push of a button.

Each has differing reasons for the trial, whether it’s simply as an added advantage at playing the male monopolized legal world and winning more cases like Kelly Spencer, or it is simply to boost self confidence, possibly drain away some shyness as with Lindsay Reynolds. Young Hillary Hall is the only one purely excited about using the Sweater Stretchers as much as she can.

After explaining that Sweater Stretching Bio-gel will be injected into the breast tissue which uses advanced nano-technology to link with the Sweater Stretchers remote each will have, the trial is set to begin, all results to be closely monitored regarding usage and size and ultimate effectiveness.

Only as these three women return to their lives looking the same as ever until up buttons are pushed per their desires, the man behind Sweater Stretchers Incorporated hides something sinister none will ever know about.

Sweater Stretchers do indeed work just as described, simple pushes on up increasing their breast size and down decreasing them back, however there are side effects from continued use, progressive side effects the three will become aware of in very different ways as each use the implants for their own purposes.

Each time the Sweater Stretchers are used, each feel of growth within their soon to be larger chests will cause hormonal shifts, releasing immediate pleasure and desire. It’s minor at first, but as with anything stretched, eventually it snaps and so all three women are walking time bombs for losing themselves to the pleasure and desire, losing literal brain cells as their minds numb to the unbelievable pleasure of having their tits inflated and deflated and ultimately stretched beyond their wildest dreams.

These three test subjects will be everything Sweater Stretchers Incorporated needs to land huge contracts in the adult entertainment industry. No one will be spared drooling in envy at the results of what becomes of Kelly, Lindsay, and Hillary, and like it or not, they are mere pawns in a perverse game they never could imagine.

Just who will stretch the furthest, who will lose their mind the fastest, and what sort of future will three once flat chested and now forever busty bimbos have? Find out in the Lost Tale that is so big it’s difficult to imagine how it got lost, the epic tale Sweater Stretchers.


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Happy Humpy Easter

Happy Humpy Easter by Kris P. Kreme

Happy Humpy Easter by Kris P. Kreme

Easter can be one of those stressful times of the year, especially for a few unsuspecting young women who have no idea just how their Easter is about to take a turn for the truly twisted.

At a nice friendly church, Pastor Caleb Finn is feeling anything but friendly towards his own unfortunate luck. He’s made it through the services, the week leading up to Easter always stressful and demanding of his every moment, but it’s the small little Easter Bunny tradition for children after church that may just ruin his day.

The problem is that the Easter Bunny suit never came back from the cleaners and the parents are waiting with their children behind the church for the annual photo op fun that comes from letting their kids meet the Easter Bunny.

After being calmed by his lovely daughter Mindy, they might just have a workable solution though, provided someone in the recent yearly donation drive left something that will pass for a bunny mask, maybe some ears, something that Mindy can slip on and pretend to at least be the Easter Bunny’s helper, there to make the kids smile.

Fortunately for Caleb and his blood pressure, Mindy quickly finds both bunny ears and puff ball tail while the two sift through donation boxes, but unfortunately neither has a clue just the unnatural influence slipping those bunny ears and puff ball tail on will have.

Always a good girl, definitely the preacher’s daughter, Mindy is overcome by the feeling of the ears and tail, a powerful scent overcoming her every thought as she wears them. Pastor Caleb Finn never even suspects that it won’t be the two children still remaining who have smiles on their faces when his daughter makes her appearance… but instead those children will be off playing on church grounds while Mindy makes their daddies more than just smile.

Something about the bunny ears, something about that tail, the smell turns Mindy from good girl to good bunny and bunnies just love to do little more than mate.

Only Mindy won’t be the last unfortunate soul to suffer the fun filled fate of mating the afternoon away. When the bunny ears and tail are angrily torn away by a freaked out pastor, tossed into the dumpster, barely any time has passed when a down on their luck couple happens upon the discarded bunny items.

Randy and Monica have been dumpster diving in nice neighborhoods, trying to make ends meet after each losing their jobs in the past year, but when Randy finds nothing but the bunny ears and puff ball tail. As Monica touches the soft fuzzy material she simply can’t resist slipping them on over her long dark hair and very soon this couple is finding luck on their side and all new perverse ways of Monica bringing some money into their bank account.

Yet even this doesn’t end the titillating trail of the mysterious bunny ears as they are lost and found by the annoying eighteen year old Charlie, a kid too immature to be trusted as his parents are out of town for the holiday.

Charlie has been obsessively annoying his baby sitter, the beautiful young Leah, the entire time, and Leah is in full agreement he’s too old to be watched after like a baby, but when Charlie finds the bunny ears and jokingly runs up to slip them on her head without warning, it might just be baby making the two find themselves up to before long.

It’s Easter, and this year get plenty of Kreme filled goodies in your basket with an all new adventure which is sure to wish everyone a very Happy Humpy Easter.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #19 – Ghost Humping 101

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #19 - Ghost Humping 101 by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #19 – Ghost Humping 101 by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Ghost Humping 101, a paranormal investigation team discovers the rumors about an old brothel might be more than just true.


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SINtendo Extinguis-HER

SINtendo Extinguis-HER by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Extinguis-HER by Kris P. Kreme

High school senior Cory has had the worst week of his life, humiliated at school by his best friend’s older sister, a tantalizing bitch who was held back a year and has been ruining what was to be Cory and Sam’s year on top.

Worse still is the fact they’d made plans well in advance of the humiliation dished out by Alexis, plans to spend the weekend gaming and hanging out at Sam’s house. So now Cory finds himself ranting and steaming when he should be excited, wanting to be anywhere but the home of the bitch who caused his humiliation.

Sam, always the easygoing guy, is simply trying to help Cory forget about the past, even if the past most recently includes vivid memories of Alexis telling everyone in school that she caught Cory jacking off outside the girl’s locker room, and even worse that the loser couldn’t cum more than an ounce so apparently is closer to being a girl than a guy anyway.

Suggesting they play any game Cory would like, his choice, knowing that Cory is well aware Sam’s father tests and develops video games so has pretty much every game ever made, Sam can only roll his eyes as Cory has already been thinking about one game in particular. Unfortunately his choice is one of ‘those’ games, the games his father keeps locked in a closet never played, never opened. They are the dangerous adult games from a company every horny kid has discovered through urban legend or online rumor, and of course what other game would Cory want to play than a SINtendo game.

Grinning, Cory tells of the game he found information on, the one he wants to finally end Alexis’ bitchy reign with, SINtendo Extinguis-HER. The game as most are is simple, giving the player the ability to use the portable SINtendo Whee YOO touch controller to literally turn up the heat on any part of a chosen woman’s body, building that heat slow or amping it up fast. And naturally the only way to put that heat out is to Extinguis-HER with the player’s special enhanced fire hose.

As much as Sam can agree that his sister is such a bitch she might well deserve ending up a massive cum bloated perversion of her former slender self he just can’t condone literally ending her the way Cory wants to. Of course when Alexis herself ends up walking in and demanding use of the great room to practice her gymnastics routines because the ceiling height is better, ruining a weekend of gaming she knew her brother had planned with his friend well in advance, the gloves are off.

Her insults and cruel streak has finally struck deep, and with everything Cory was saying, Sam only has one thought in mind, leaving the room to Alexis, taking his best friend to the closet where ‘those’ games are kept. The plan is simple, he says, handing Cory the key to that locked treasure trove of SINtendo games. Sam will get his mother Melinda out of the house, his father already out of town on business. With Melinda, Sam’s attractive mother, out of the way, there will be nothing to keep Cory from playing his special chosen game and truly teaching Alexis a lesson she won’t forget.

But as with all things SINtendo, sometimes the game plays you as much as you play the game, perverting even already intended perverse intentions to a degree beyond anything ever imagined.

Will Cory find himself going a bit too far in heating up and extinguishing the flames of orgasmic passion with the sexy bitch Alexis? Will Sam survive his mother dragging him around shopping for embarrassing things like lingerie and bras? Will Alexis ever do gymnastics again with the warped bloated figure she receives? And just how twisted is this gaming weekend among best buddies going to end up?

Find out in the SINtendo Selects Game of the Month, a game that promotes safety in hot situations the way only SINtendo can, by as much unsafe sex as possible.


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The Grab Bag #20 – Booking Brooke and The Changing Room

The Grab Bag #20 - Booking Brooke and The Changing Room by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #20 – Booking Brooke and The Changing Room by Kris P. Kreme

Temperatures are rising, and it’s time to leave the stuffy library and get some stuffing, time to make a change… for the better. Two twisted tales of changing ones perspective and enjoying the aftermath.

This Grab Bag includes:

Booking Brooke: Shy, bookish Brooke finds her desires shifting far from simply reading a book when one falls from a high shelf in the library, smacking her in the skull. She suddenly needs to live out that book, to embrace the story in ways far more intimate, and that particular book just happened to be the Kamasutra. Now Brooke will discover just what it’s like to be inside the book.

The Changing Room: Bekah and Megan are close sisters, having put up with many moves living with their dad. The latest move has them in a new town but this town seems to at least have a nice clothing store worth browsing. A comment from Megan about how slutty the clothes would probably make Bekah look begins a challenge and more than a couple visits to the changing room to prove her wrong.


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The Seamen Shack

The Seamen Shack by Kris P. Kreme

The Seamen Shack by Kris P. Kreme

For Joseph Chapman and his family, along with his son Cameron’s girlfriend, Allison, it was a trip down memory lane. However this is one trip where memories are the least which will be changing once they stumble into a remote seaside restaurant known as The Seamen Shack.

Always the family man, always the old softie, Joseph Chapman has it all, a beautiful blonde wife who could nearly pass for their children’s older sister, equally a stunning redheaded daughter who is the apple of his eye, and a strapping son who makes him proud daily.

Beyond the usual friendly sibling bickering and the typical family squabbles nothing has ever ruined the relationships he values most, and yet one day spent visiting his favorite old sea fishing spot will do much more than ruin family values for all of them.

A brisk morning, a beautiful day, perfect weather for fishing the old remote pier by the ocean where Joseph used to go fishing with his dad back in the day. Much has remained unchanged, but little does he know that the quaint little rustic fishing restaurant down the shore has undergone many changes, thanks to a special new owner.

Laughing and love give way to lust when Eva Chapman volunteers to take the hike down the shoreline to the rustic old restaurant intending to retrieve some ice for their day on the pier.

She gets anything but a cold reception, walking into The Seamen Shack, a restaurant for men of all types, featuring women of quite particular types. Disgusted, embarrassed, Eva is all set to turn and leave, to never again think of the strippers on stage, the slutty waitresses she stumbles upon, this depraved looking dive entertainment by the sea.

And then a dashingly handsome and quite disarming man by the name of Jack Jones steps in, quickly introducing himself to Eva, quickly saying the words that only Jack knows can change everything about his guests.

As he puts it, at the Seamen Shack, “it’s all about having a Good Time,” and when those two words are spoken, reality swirls and where it stops nobody but Jack knows.

Fighting the oddly pleasurable sensations hearing those words has on herself, Eva is caught up in a strange conversation with Jack, fighting him at every turn, ranting about the wrongful objectification of women, never even realizing until it is too late that somehow The Seamen Shack and its owner have a very particular way of getting under someone’s skin… of changing even that very skin as soon enough, Eva is becoming the next fake titted act to take the stage, the very thing she once hated, barely looking like she once did but still giving every man who sees her a truly Good Time.

However Jack Jones is soon to have new guests as first Eva’s daughter Ella goes looking for her mom, then Allison goes intending to catch up with Ella.

The stunned girls each find themselves caught up in the trap that is The Seamen Shack, their minds and memories altered thanks to a handsome owner with two very special words to frequently work into his candid conversations. And those two special words quite quickly have two subtly enhanced and curvy coeds eager to compete as brand new waitresses at The Seamen Shack.

Just where will the chaos end, particularly when Joseph Chapman and his son Cameron walk right in, assuming their loved ones are just enjoying a break, maybe catching an early lunch?

Leave it to Jack Jones, owner and proprietor of the hottest attraction in the small seaside town to have an answer for everything, including two shocked and angry Chapman’s seeing that the ones they loved have been perverted both mind and body to depraved immoral caricatures of their former selves.

A little fancy lighting, some special words with Jack, and Joseph realizes the simple truth of it all. He’d always wanted to bring his son to his favorite fishing spot, always wanted to make a man of his boy… and what better place to do so than The Seamen Shack, where every man has a very Good Time, thanks to the hottest talent on the coast.

Eva, Ella, and Allison may have started the day innocent and sweet, may have begun with the intent on handling a certain kind of rod… but thanks to a twist of fate and some twisted fun, they all will be caught in the net, different lives forever ahead of them.

Three things remain constant for these three women. They will handle more rods than they can handle; they will have a seriously Good Time; and it all begins and ends where reality bends… at The Seamen Shack.


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Working Out All the Kinks

Working Out All the Kinks by Kris P. Kreme

Working Out All the Kinks by Kris P. Kreme

Cliff and Laura have what most would call a comfortable marriage, and that includes Cliff, who’s perfectly content to let things stay the way they have been.

There’s give and take, even if mostly Laura runs the show, but like any couple in their upper forties, life has caught up. They aren’t as thin and energetic as they once were, Cliff isn’t the muscle bound guy of youth and Laura isn’t quite holding onto the curves she once had, her black hair having touches of gray which doesn’t bother Cliff in the slightest.

However when Laura gets an idea in her head, Cliff has learned to just go with it, even if that idea seems about the least comfortable thing for them to do as a couple… join a gym.

Maybe it won’t be as bad, he thinks, but when was joining a gym ever easy? Simply known as The Gym, the place is nice, and when Cliff and Laura walk through the doors, lights flash, sirens go off, and streamers drop. They have just become the thousandth couple to walk through the doors, and as such have won an all expenses paid week long workout trip to a very unique tropical island.

Too good to be true, Cliff assumes any vacation called a workout vacation can’t be as relaxing as he hopes. Soon enough though, the couple is arriving at this mysterious island along with many other couples from around the country, all there for a week of special training with the natives who speak absolutely no English and only communicate by clicks, pops, and gestures.

Something is different though, and each of them know it from that first morning after arriving, the first time Laura heads off with the women to one cabana and Cliff heads off with the men to another. There’s a power in the exercises, a strange influence which is affecting not just their bodies but their minds in ways more mysterious than the island itself.

Making friends with another couple, each day sees dramatic improvements in muscle tone, energy, years literally being erased in an impossibly short time. But more than that, the exercise is working out kinks in their marriage they never had, giving Cliff an aggression he never felt, and Laura a submissive do anything attitude she never would have dreamed of.

Dubbed The Island of Dreams, this island gives Cliff and Laura more than they ever asked for, each night dreams taking them into perverse pleasures they never imagined before in their comfortable marriage.

Before this week is over, will these two still be so comfortable, or will they truly work out all the kinks in a depraved kinky marriage like nothing before? Is there anything they won’t give in to enjoying, any limit to the abuse Cliff can put on Laura’s much younger looking body?

Find out in the twisted tale that proves, sometimes working out really sucks… and sometimes the sucking can be one of the best parts.


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Frightening Fun when Desda’s Done

Frightening Fun when Desda's Done by Kris P. Kreme

Frightening Fun when Desda’s Done by Kris P. Kreme

There are times of the year where Donnie the Demon doesn’t have a lot of costume customers, but that’s not stopping everyone’s favorite mini-pizza loving demon from throwing a party.

Of course the last thing Donnie expects is for that party to be crashed by a most unexpected visit from Desda his ex. And when she’s bearing gifts in the form of some exotic mini-pizzas from around the world, who is Donnie to turn her away? After all Donnie’s just entertaining six of his oldest and closest friends, several from as far back as the days he lived off the college campus.

Katy, Mina, and Hope had been friends of Donnie’s back before his success with the Costume Castle, and never before had he managed to convince them to wear costumes, and so for this little gathering, he finally succeeded in creating a theme they could support, even if they aren’t thrilled about what they wore.

The party is all about owning their fears, dressing as the animal they always feared most, but when Desda arrives, the girls may just be owning their fears a little more than ever expected, and their three dates might just be discovering the animal urges they all can so easily have for each other.

Always afraid of cats, a fear based on a time one terrified her as a child, the lovely Katy is Donnie’s oldest friend, and the least thrilled about having to dress in cat ears and tail with little whiskers and other makeup to complete the look.

Frightened by mice and rats, the always shy Mina is just as mousy in her literal mouse costume, makeup, mouse tail, and ears finishing the transition.

Finally the exotic Hope has always had an equally exotic fear, her costume a bit simplistic, mostly green makeup to show that she’s a frog.

Tricking Donnie the dimwitted demon was never difficult for Desda, especially when the opportunity to truly fuck with his oldest friends arises, and so once Donnie is convinced he has to keep a close eye on the exotic mini-pizzas in the oven slow cooking for an hour, Desda is back and serving as hostess for the soon to be party animals.

Wearing a special demonic sulfur perfume, Desda is now free to literally fuck with the reality these poor unsuspecting humans exist in, letting that scent waft over each of them as she taunts and teases them.

Inspiring animal lust in the men, this perfume has a unique effect on human females, particularly ones in even the hint of a costume.

All three girls will be literally transforming into the humanized animals they fear most, Katy a cat in heat, Mina a mouse, and Hope literally hopping right to the extremes of animal mating.

Just what forms of chaos will this little party sink to? Will the frightening fun lead to extremes even Donnie can’t imagine? Will those exotic mini-pizzas taste as good as they smell cooking?

Find out in the twisted tale that puts the growl back in getting laid, the squeak back in getting squeezed, and the hop back in straddling a guy with thick sexy green legs.

Another Kustom Kreme Single demanded by readers just like you, Frightening Fun when Desda’s Done. It may not be Halloween, but there’s plenty to scream about when costumes get kinky.


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Kreme of the Krop 2016

Kreme of the Krop 2016 by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme of the Krop 2016 by Kris P. Kreme

The latest Krop of Kreme has been kollected!

The following five tales represent some of the very best and most popular tales of 2016, a perfect blend of the Klassic, the Kuickie, the twisted, and the tempting. You’ll find something happy, something humpy, maybe even something sad though ultimately as fun as any Kreme tale. You’ll also find something infectious but the freaky fun needs no convincing. Finally you’ll find one very special brand new tale exclusively written for Kreme of the Krop readers like you. It’s that time of the year again, time to bring in the Krop and binge on every last drop of Kreme-y goodness.

This year’s bounty includes:

Leap Day: Every four years there comes a special day, a day that four friends will only see once during their entire time in school together. On that day, they are skipping class and hanging out in a basement, beer and little else on the agenda. When Travis tells how Leap Day can grant any wishes one makes if they make them the right way, Sam and Emma will be much more than just shocked.

ZigZag: Rose has lived a life that went many directions, from a happy childhood crushed by loss, to a rough and often zigzagging series of mistakes and troubles. Finally content and dedicated to her daughter’s future, masked men with mind altering guns holding everyone in a bank hostage may just bring her life full circle..

The InFUCtion: On an otherwise ordinary afternoon in a world where everyone worried about the state of the planet, the state of politics, and the state of society, the end of it all came quite climactically with a literal climax. Pleasure and the obsessive mindless need to fuck was rapid, no one finding immunity unless they avoided contact with the ones afflicted.

Convincing: Every Spring Break, Annie avoids coed chaos at the beach and heads home to relax, to de-stress from studying and books. It’s only too bad that her parents are getting more and more obsessive about her lack of a boyfriend. They harp on her every year, harassing more and more, but what if she had a pretend boyfriend, a boy brought home from college? That’s the opening Annie needs.

Fertile Fears: Finally, enjoy a brand new tale which reminds you of the dangers of seeking what you just aren’t ready to find. Dylan, Veronica, and Kelly are graduate students looking to separate truth from fiction about the widely spreading urban legend that if you get lost on back roads you just might find yourself trapped in a town called Fertile Fields. But what if the truth is more terrifying than they can imagine, turning their fears into fantasies?


But you readers, you know you want to know more about the new Fertile Fields story don’t you?

Veronica has always been a fierce woman, and everything about her demonstrates that strength, whether it’s her dark hair, intelligent eyes, or the choices she makes with her education.

As a grad student, working on a group thesis with her friends Kelly and Dylan, Veronica is as fierce as they come, taking on a wild theory about an increasingly popular urban legend. The story goes that there is a town people find themselves trapped in when they lose their way on back roads. This town… is known as Fertile Fields.

Veronica’s working theory is that perhaps the town has always existed, since man first set foot upon the continental United States, and that Fertile Fields was previously responsible for such infamous unsolved mass disappearances like the lost colony of Roanoke.

Together, the three grad students have done the research, have spoken to every potential witness or those lucky enough to somehow have brushed past encounters with this mythical town. Now the only part left is the actual field work, though none of the three students may be prepared for what Fertile Field work can truly prove the existence of.

Veronica is the brains of the team, the leader, and the pixie haired Kelly has provided the SUV they are traveling in, her father having hooked up a very advanced GPS location beacon in the engine compartment should they actually somehow find themselves lost and yet found within the supposed Fertile Fields.

They have been blindly driving off maps, off back roads, in the middle of nowhere, following the pattern of those who famously have vanished without a trace, and yet soon they may discover that all the preparations in the world cannot prepare someone for what goes on within the borders of a town that doesn’t exist.

Having gone along purely because he needed the credits and Veronica and Kelly are hot, Dylan is not as serious about the truth being anything more than legend. However even so he has paid attention to Veronica’s warnings that they have to control their thoughts, focus, and not let fear dictate anything since fear is a weak emotion and according to witness accounts, Fertile Fields preys on such base feelings, turning them into something more.

Swerving, flying through dusty trails, unpaved barely cleared roads, it isn’t until they stop to set up some GoPro cameras, to get their equipment just right that Dylan spots the first evidence they have found.

The odds of them happening upon a very elaborate hand painted sign that actually seems like it grew up from the trees it is made from are slim to none, but when that sign reads Welcome to Fertile Fields, this research graduate project has just taken a turn for the surreal.

Climbing out and studying the sign, the surreal only grows, the sign discovered to seem both very old and yet somehow new, what was first assumed to be hand painted letters actually letters formed by living roots which incredibly grew into the shapes almost supernaturally.

Dylan is the first to feel the effects of being there, of documenting this evidence, having increasingly distracted thoughts, thoughts mostly centered around his two fellow grad students, and more fittingly what he’d like to do to their nubile supple bodies.

Fighting off the distractions, chalking it up to his own mind playing tricks on him, Veronica is first to notice that despite all her warnings and practice, repressing fears and fantasies isn’t so easy for all of them, the strongest among them physically falling victim to the perverse powers Fertile Fields was rumored to possess.

Rumors and myth give way to absolute truth, the reality of the situation breaking down as quickly as their ranks do, and ultimately these three may just be the newest residents to an all new Fertile Fields, a place reborn again throughout the ages, a place there is no escape from, no matter how prepared one is going into it.

Beyond the fields there lay the fears, and Fertile Fears are about to thrust deep.


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SINtendo SWITCHbitch

SINtendo SWITCHbitch by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SWITCHbitch by Kris P. Kreme

Sunday is for most a day of rest and relaxation, but three can be counted on to work truly hard this Sunday and only one is working for a noble cause.

For the two loners outside of the church where Reverend Stannon preaches, their work is much more pleasure, and all thanks to the latest gaming technology from SINtendo, the SINtendo SWITCHbitch, which is both game and gaming apparatus in one.

Reese is the one who got the device, and as the good reverend preaches his final service of the day, little does he know that his own pure and moral flock have been the pawns in a truly twisted game of SWITCHbitch, the SINtendo device in the form of a metallic headband which can be slipped over the top of any woman’s head, instantly initiating a SWITCH of her innermost personality.

The worst a woman is, the better she becomes, and naturally the more pure and sweet she is, the dirtier and more depraved she is SWITCHed. So far their little game has Tim in the lead, having SWITCHed Julie the choir angel into a cock sucking whore, having SWITCHed Mrs. King the nursery attendant into a baby making slut, and her daughter into a fuck obsessed teenager only willing to sleep with married men.

Of course Reese knows best how the SWITCHbitch works and he has one final plan to win the game, the ultimate SWITCH. As the headband is placed on a woman it sends subtle charges to instantly begin permanently reversing morality, decency, self respect, flipping the innermost switches of the human mind, but in the meantime it numbs them to what is happening to them, making the good women of Reverend Stannon’s church easy pickings for the two loners in the parking lot, but the SWITCHbitch also saves up those it has touched, building the intensity of the SWITCH, and Reese has his eyes set on the one girl who can truly put his victory over the top, Reverend Stannon’s very own daughter.

Each Sunday Charlotte Stannon can be counted on to return to the church just before the last service ends, riding her bike with flowers to give out or hand to those her father usually meets with for a brief church meeting in his office. She is without a doubt the sweetest, kindest, and most innocent girl in town, everyone loving her, but lust is the word for sinful loners like Reese and Tim.

Even if Tim knows he’s likely losing the game, there’s no doubt in his mind it’s going to be the best way to lose, since SINtendo SWITCHbitch feeds off the goodness, and makes the woman only more wicked and sinful.

Just how extreme will things become when Charlotte rides up and Reese surprises her with a supposed gift of a new headband? Just how twisted and depraved can a good girl become?

Find out in the tale that introduces SINtendo SWITCHbitch to the world, and shows that world just how fun it can be.. so much more fun than any other gaming SWITCH out there.


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One Deep Breath

One Deep Breath by Kris P. Kreme

One Deep Breath by Kris P. Kreme

Shy sweet coed Mindy has finally agreed to an actual date, a real in person date with the boy she has fallen for online after being encouraged by her roommate to socialize more.

For as long as she can remember Mindy has suffered severe debilitating anxiety and stress in even the most remote social conditions. She nearly passes out even thinking of public places with others, not to even mention being in those places on a date or in a group with others.

Of course now the date awaits, and Mindy knows that if she is ever to have normal social interactions or actually move on with her life, she has to treat her anxiety and mental blocks on social situations.

Hypnotherapy seemed the best solution she could find online, but unfortunately for her, hypnotherapy isn’t covered by insurance and so it was pure luck she happened to find a local doctor named Dr. DeLauren who not only had surprisingly inexpensive rates, but had an opening the day of her date.

As he awakens her from her session, Mindy is assured that everything has been solved, that through the soothing mental manipulation of his voice and the implanted suggestions within her consciousness any anxiety will be met with the instant solution of just one deep breath

Still worried, still anxious about finally meeting Paul for the first time in person, Mindy feels better, even if the stress is still there leading up to that meeting. She trusts Dr. DeLauren, trusts that all it will take to put off the debilitating anxiety upon being on an actual date with Paul is one deep breath.

However that evening when Mindy shows up to meet Paul at the restaurant, something isn’t right.

With consideration for her, Paul has reserved a very private booth back in an unused section of the restaurant, but Mindy is still nervous and naturally takes her one deep breath. But that breath just refuses to stop.

Unsure what is happening to her, Mindy literally feels her insides expanding, her chest plumping up like balloons, that deep breath doing as Dr. DeLauren promised, releasing her and making her a new woman… but this couldn’t be the woman he intended, could it?

Will one deep breath change everything about Mindy? Will social anxiety be a worry of the past like Dr. DeLauren promised? Is Paul the good guy she thought he was? And just how stuffed will she find herself before leaving this fancy restaurant?

It’s time to take a deep breath, readers… because your special month has begun once again. Readers Choice Month 5 arrives… and the excitement is more than just hot air.


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Knock Up Roses

Knock Up Roses by Kris P. Kreme

Knock Up Roses by Kris P. Kreme

Olivia has made a big mistake, forgetting her mother’s birthday until literally the day itself. But then her biggest mistake is yet to be made as she goes on a very sudden last second gift seeking quest to a local plant nursery.

Having been so caught up in her own world of friends and fashion, she didn’t even change out of the fashionably fit nice white dress she was in the midst of modeling for a designer friend of hers. So now Olivia is frantically wandering the rows of flowering plants, trying to find inspiration for something perfect which won’t seem like a final second gift for her mother

Having always been into gardening and plants, Olivia’s mother is sure to like something from this place, but unlike her mom, Olivia is clueless about what is a good plant to buy, particularly on the budget she has.

Just about giving up, a friendly old woman who works for the nursery offers to help her, and when she tells the woman that her mom’s stupid neighbors hired workmen to install a pool in their backyard, inadvertently destroying some very old rose bushes, the woman has just the thought.

Knock out roses, she calls them, though Olivia is blank on just what knock out roses are. As the woman explains, they are very easy to grow, and unlike regular roses, they bloom constantly throughout the growing season.

Knowing her mother will be away from home all afternoon, Olivia has the solution, find a knock out rose bush, maybe more than one, get over there and have them set up to plant in the place those workmen messed up. She can play it off as an intentional surprise, and that way her mother never knows she actually forgot about the big day.

Searching through all the colorful knock out roses, Olivia finds the price a bit alarming, but shoving some aside, moving several, she does manage to find a couple that are marked unusually cheap and that way she can get two instead of just one little plant.

It isn’t until she is paying that the old woman notices a problem, though nothing worth worrying about she assures Olivia. For whatever reason the tags on the plants are mislabeled, reading Knock Up Roses, instead of Knock Out Roses.

It’s a silly mistake really, but as Olivia says, it’s not like she’ll keep the labels on anyway since she wants to remove the price before her mother gets home.

When Olivia is setting out the plants, she’s already wishing she’d changed out of the tight fitting white dress, those stupid neighbor workers making wolf whistles and generally being creeps behind her back. But when she breathes in the intense aroma of those roses, her thoughts begin to drift, and when she accidentally pricks her finger trying to remove the mislabeled tags… everything about her focus changes.

Will Olivia give those perverted workmen a piece of her mind… or something much better? Were these plants really mislabeled… and if not, who possibly could have labeled them that way? Find out in the twisted tale that reminds readers to watch out for little pricks, because they might just knock you up.

Readers Choice Month continues by promising to go green… with all the Kreme you can handle.


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Re Read

Re Read by Kris P. Kreme

Re Read by Kris P. Kreme

Darren Yaden has enjoyed success as an author, but even so he still finds the time to enjoy his own writing particularly during his occasional re reads.

Sitting on the porch with his writing in hand, Darren will look over his tales during the morning when his mind is fresh, when errors stand out a bit more, when he can better the story for the eventual reader.

On a cool mid-June morning, Darren Yaden wasn’t giving a story of any significance a re read. It wasn’t anything the average reader or fan would ever even likely see in print. This was just a short mundane tale he intended to share with guests and family at his upcoming wedding to the love of his live

Cynthia was perfection to him, and so the story he shared about a rather ordinary trip to the grocery store together should be naturally just as perfectly edited. It was a moment in life when Darren realized her importance to him, an intimate moment of shopping together, exposing their unique appetites and most personal quirks.

Only something about this ordinary morning re read is different, and it’s not until he takes a second pass over the first section of the typed page that Darren even notices it.

Finding a line of intended humor a bit much, he realizes that maybe another re read will better absorb how the line should really go. But upon re reading it, the line has changed, little details have changed, and all of them are more than just a bit much.

Cynthia is a very respectable girl and the last thing Darren would want is to write something crude for her and her family to hear, something which painted her in any other light than the way she is to him.

Of course each re read of this page long typed story, of this average day pushing a cart together in a grocery store, has Cynthia seeming less and less respectable. It also has Darren sounding less and less like the good man he is, at least with words written so wrongly, so depraved sounding, the actions, intent, and even descriptions changing with each and every re read he gives the printed page.

A known gentleman, a dignified author, Darren Yaden is shocked by what he is re reading, by what the words continue to change to each time he looks away and looks back. He’s unable to logically explain any of it, but for whatever reason he’s also unable to explain just why he is so fascinated to keep re reading, to see what changes next, to see just how extreme and crude an otherwise mundane classy tale of daily life can become.

Getting a call from Cynthia about some plans they apparently had, Darren can hardly focus, quickly excusing himself back to more re reads, the action getting downright perverse, the Cynthia in the story becoming little more than a willing whore in such a public place.

Just what is happening? Will Darren Yaden have a truly happy ending to this particular set of re reads? And why did Cynthia sound a bit unlike herself on the phone?

Find out as Reader’s Choice Month continues, and the reader is invited behind the Kreme curtain to enjoy a little Re Read.


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SINtendo AVAtar AVA

SINtendo AVAtar AVA by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo AVAtar AVA by Kris P. Kreme

Ava is not thrilled to be filling out an online dating profile, and it’s not simply because she isn’t ready to date again. Her twin daughters, younger versions of herself with the same vibrant if brighter red hair, have insisted that this program is the best to use in creating a dating profile.

Apparently it helped Rider’s dad out, Erin assures her, Erin and Erika her daughters, Rider Erin’s boyfriend. The problem is the profile is taking forever to fill out, and the questions are easily the most idiotic and frustrating Ava has ever read.

As Erin and Erika head out on a movie date with Justin and Rider, Ava assures them she’ll get through it… she’ll just fill out the profile as best she can. Of course the trouble comes as the questions get increasingly more and more crudely written, many of them multiple choice with none of the choices even remotely correct or decent as far as Ava can tell.

The company that created this dating profile creation program seems to be playing games with her, she thinks, seeing how perverse many of the questions become. Though it also could just have been a trick Rider played on her daughter, getting Ava to actually start filling this ridiculous profile out.

Whatever the case Ava is quickly starting to hate whoever created this program, the mysterious company behind the rotating S in the corner of her computer screen.

It’s after she creates her avatar that things really take a turn, the avatar image offering customization options that are actually pretty impressive, erasing wrinkles, taking years off her face, even subtly seeming to change her expression from smiling pleasantly to some kind of slutty sneer as she is forced to accept the least depraved of the multiple choice questions she is asked.

Whatever this program is, she’ll save it only to show Erin and Erika how wrong it is, how stupid it is, to make sure Rider knows it wasn’t a funny joke suggesting she fill out this profile.

Of course how could Ava ever know that by saving the profile, by hitting accept and apply, she would literally be changing herself in the process. Her avatar is now her, years erased from her skin, but also much more erased from her personality as Ava discovers that maybe her daughters are too sweet and innocent for their boyfriends.

Maybe those boys need a real milf to show them how a woman can treat a man right.

Dating is no game as Reader’s Choice Month continues, and in the end every able-bodied boy around will be the winner once Ava gets a hold on them.


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Bending the Rules

Bending the Rules by Kris P. Kreme

Bending the Rules by Kris P. Kreme

Annabeth is a huge fan of the rarely seen cult underground hypnotist known as Mister Master. And that reason alone is why she’s thrilled to have finally found one of his shows, his performances usually never advertised and always in some seedy hidden location.

Growing up she first discovered his reportedly amazing mesmerizing abilities of mind over matter and mastery of the human mind online, as most have, the man a true legend at pushing adult hypnosis performances to their extremes.

Now she’ll actually get to witness the miracles, to see whether the suspected camera trickery of his online videos is true or whether he truly does possess a stupendously rare natural talent for tapping into the human mind.

The crowd might not be her style, particularly the annoying biker gang that seems to have shown up for a good time, and largely seems to spend time waiting in line leering at a rather conspicuously sweet young girl like her. Still, once that stage lights up, once the man himself walks out to start the show, Annabeth couldn’t care less about anything else. She’s here to see Mister Master and as he seeks out a volunteer for his first performance of the night, Annabeth is quickly pointed out by those crude bikers seated behind her.

It’s fine with her, though, since what better way to experience this apparent mind manipulating wizardry than on stage with the legend himself? Naturally hypnosis has limits, rules, something everyone knows, and where Mister Master surpasses others is in his ability not to break those rules… but to bend them.

As Mister Master puts it, you can’t hypnotize anyone to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do or be capable of doing. Yet… you can bend the rule of what is and isn’t possible, what they would and would not do.

Quickly putting Annabeth under, she is soon on stage, trapped within her mind, the best seat in the house to witness the magic of Mister Master, a man quite known for adding adult flare and content to his performances.

Annabeth would naturally never strip off her clothing in public, but by bending the rules and convincing her she is simply at home, getting ready to take a shower, Mister Master has her stripping as though nothing is wrong.

But Annabeth is just not the most curvy girl, very flat chested, totally of little interest to those bikers who volunteered her. However again, rules may be impossible to break when it comes to hypnosis, but rules can be quite creatively bent based on what the subject believes.

Speaking with his mostly nude cute little subject, Mister Master confirms that Annabeth like many believe that the only time breasts naturally get larger is due to milk.

By bending rules, convincing her that taking in milk makes breasts larger so if she were to… say guzzle down twenty gallons of milk, then surely that would make her breasts larger.

The mind is quite a powerful thing, as Mister Master shows by also bending the concept of time for Annabeth, allowing her to drink such vast amounts of milk in much less time than usually she would be capable of, creating a real side show of audience thrilling degrees as young Annabeth becomes a lot curvier, and soon enough a lot more accepting of an entirely new life she never imagined before.

Breaking the rules is one thing, a thing of fantasy, but bending the rules can be a whole lot more fun, and if there is one way to describe Annabeth after her first Mister Master live performance… it’s a while lot of fun.


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Still Narrated

Still Narrated by Kris P. Kreme

Still Narrated by Kris P. Kreme

Anya never had suspected that a simple nap at her boyfriend’s place would forever change her outlook on life, least of all how depraved her place was in that life. She also never expected to become the next meal of a supernatural being called a Narrator.

Waking up from her nap, she heard the disembodied voice, speaking with a subtle accent, speaking specifically about her waking up, literally describing and yet embellishing in such a way that it instantly had her unnerved.

Her boyfriend, Perry, is the one who puts on a serious face when he finds that his girlfriend has apparently heard a voice, disembodied, a voice from nowhere and everywhere, a voice he recalls reading a story about in recent years.

As he warns Anya, according to a very kinky and famed young Asian fetish model, she fell into her depraved lifestyle upon waking up shortly after her eighteenth birthday, hearing a voice which narrated her actions and soon her thoughts.

The creature is called a Narrator, Perry says, and once the Narrator has his hooks into a girl, he will narrate them right into the most crude perverse persona possible, corrupting their body and soul, feeding off the chaotic energy such corruption releases.

Assuming her boyfriend is playing a joke on her, rolling her eyes at even the suggestion of some demon called a Narrator, Anya ignores the warning, deciding to get changed before Perry’s friends come over as planned later that night.

Of course just when she is choosing what to wear, the voice from nowhere is back, a voice that seems as much inside her head as all around her, and a voice that quickly is pushing her over the edge.

Having always been the good girl, the responsible girl, the sweet and kind girl, only a supernatural being could literally narrate Anya into desiring what she can’t help but desire.

Will Anya give in and suffer the fate another young woman suffered not too many years earlier? Will she choose quite willingly to do as narrated and corrupt her body, use and abuse her body, literally fuck up every supple inch of her flesh? And even more disturbing… was the Narrator sent for her by someone she trusts?

Find out in the sequel you never knew you wanted, as Reader’s Choice Month offers readers more choice than poor Anya, a girl who has little choice how she will end up, but is certainly going to enjoy the ride… as long as she is Still Narrated.


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Filling the Position

Filling the Position by Kris P. Kreme

Filling the Position by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone in town knows Taylor’s Tavern, a popular spot most any night of the week, bustling and bursting with customers to spare. However no one knows the newcomer to town that John Taylor has just hired on as an extra hand around the bar, a quite dashing if dim man named Sebastian Stone.

Brought in on one of the busiest nights of the week, Sebastian is easily out of place, overwhelmed, his casual smile and simple demeanor obvious to most but somehow never concerning.

Sebastian would never quite explain his abilities, his knack for just stumbling aimlessly through life, falling into just the right job at just the right time, somehow making his way purely by his unexplained charm and charisma.

Never having attended college, never having needed formal educational training, Sebastian just usually needs a handshake for whoever he interviews with to simply trust that he is the perfect fit, and that is what the successful business owner, John Taylor assures him as he walks the handsome man around his crowd filling bar before the night shift.

Even if ordinarily one might roll an eye or at the very least raise an eyebrow when a man took a comment like being a good fit to somehow be connected to the fit of his suit he was asked to wear, no one questions Sebastian Stone. They smile, they agree, they usually make his life much easier.

Tonight though, is the first night of Sebastian Stone’s career in the bar industry, and it’s going to be his last, especially after he totally misunderstands what John Taylor’s headstrong confident daughter tells him to do

Bethany Taylor has managed the bar quite well, used to the crazy pace, used to multi-tasking and directing her staff. She doesn’t have the patience for training, nor the unusual confidence in Sebastian her dad seems to have.

As it’s expected to be a chaotic night, and John Taylor has some business to attend to elsewhere until close to closing, Bethany is already strained. She has only one job for Sebastian Stone, something even a moron should be able to handle. She needs him to stay out of her way, watch for holes, and fill in where he can.

Of course leave it to a brainless man beauty like Sebastian to somehow entirely misread her intentions.

Finding lone women throughout the night, Sebastian offers to fill their holes, and naturally with a charm like his, they are eager to accept, no matter who they actually came to the bar with or to meet.

Just what will Bethany say when she finds out what is going on in hidden corners of her crowded popular night spot? Will she be able to resist that charmed doofus with a perfect square jaw and muscles to help him truly fill all the holes he can?

Reader’s Choice Month takes a night out to drink, and the man most in need of replenishing fluids might just be a guy named Sebastian Stone, who’s not good at much… but certainly is at Filling the Position.


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Bimbo Bombed: Corporate Consumption

Bimbo Bombed: Corporate Consumption by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed: Corporate Consumption by Kris P. Kreme

Nobody liked Naomi Decanter, even if every man under her probably lusted for her. Unfortunately none of those men was under Naomi in the way they probably would have preferred.

The busty bitch was truly evil incarnate and soulless, but beautiful and successful well beyond her years. As the youngest female CEO around, Naomi had no time for pathetic peons, those she knew had no drive or ambition, but she did have time for her morning routine, which was where her life was about to drastically change that fateful business morning.

Heading into her office with her usual perfect style, expensive pinstriped women’s suit, dominance in her eyes, Naomi did as she always did, sitting back at her modern desk with tablet in hand, checking her weekly schedule.

That was when a chime indicated a new email, and that email, like it or not, was going to truly bring new meaning to Corporate Consumption.

It seemed Naomi Decanter, the untouchable unattainable, and definitely unlikable, had been Bimbo Bombed. But unlike most out there, Naomi wasn’t stupid. She knew the Bimbo Bombs only worked by being opened, and she wasn’t about to open this email.

But what if not opening it was what did her in? She had to know, and this was where her years of the mastery of using others, of consuming their wills to get her way came in handy.

Calling her secretary in, Naomi has her open the email, then hand the tablet back, but had her secretary always been blonde? Hadn’t she usually worn glasses?

Sometimes there are things in life that are unavoidable, like hunger, and as soon as Naomi realized the error of her ways by reading that email, she also realized the hunger was not to be avoided. She had been Bimbo Bombed, and now… she hungered to feast off herself as much as she always consumed of others.

Will the great Naomi Decanter discover that it’s the fat tits underneath her expensive suit that matter most, and taste the best? Will she find all new success in draining her soon to be massive udders? And what about the poor lugs she recently laid off, those men just trying to earn an honest buck… will Naomi offer much better severance for their packages?

Only Reader’s Choice Month knows for sure, but you can find out by grabbing your own squeeze of the corporate cow in this fun little twisted tale of justice served.


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Temp Talking

Temp Talking by Kris P. Kreme

Temp Talking by Kris P. Kreme

Jessica is on her latest temp assignment, having been with the agency only a month now, still deciding what to do about her career path in front of her. She may just find that decision made for her when the man she’s hired to work for decides to chat with her and get a true feel for the new temp that will be his secretary.

A strange yet charming man, Jessica is never prepared for just where the conversation with this brilliant mind of the psychoanalytical fields will go.

Whether it’s the fact she is there to replace his secretary who left due to pregnancy, or the fact that over the course of their conversation she finds that he himself may have been responsible for that pregnancy, something is off about the entire encounter.

Yet Jessica is just as any other with this particular man, sucked into a conversation that might just ultimately suck away her very intelligence.

Was she always so willing to see things in such obscure ways? Was she always so willing to let the man always be right? And was Jessica always so open about being touched by a man simply because that man pays her temp wages?

Discover the Konversation that leads to twisted temp times with some good Temp Talking. The talk may be temporary, but the results will last… at least a good nine months or so.


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SINtendo Prey and Spray

SINtendo Prey and Spray by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Prey and Spray by Kris P. Kreme

Troy always believed in Hannah, even despite all his buddies telling him she was the kind of girl that pretty much drained a guy. Now that she’s been living with him, finding one excuse after another to avoid seriously looking for a job to pay her fair share, he might just have had enough.

On a day when he’s late for work, has found out she borrowed money from his wallet again to buy some stupid video games, and is listening to the same excuses all over again, Troy doesn’t have a lot of time to finally confront Hannah.

She was a great girlfriend before moving in, but now she always avoids conflict in the relationship by flirting her way out of trouble and her obsessive intense gaming addiction is really beginning to bug him, even if he knows many guys might kill for a girl as hot as Hannah who knows her way around a joystick.

Not much joy, but Troy might have just the game to solve his troubles, something he hadn’t been planning to pull out, only as a last resort, but a surprise he has for Hannah, nonetheless.

She’s been constantly talking about the brand new Prey video game, wanting to play the game about some mutating monsters in super surrounding high definition graphics.

Even mentioning it before leaving for work is enough to get her eyes off the screen, but Troy has found her a very special edition of the game, not one for the systems she usually is into, but all set up and ready if she switches over to channel zero.

Hannah is a diehard gamer girl, serious about beating every challenge, and naturally it doesn’t matter the version, she is excited as hell to get her hands on the game she has been going on about for so many months.

Only as soon as Troy leaves, Hannah finds that this variation of the game might just have mutated monsters getting more than their hands on her.

SINtendo is a silly sounding company, but the game Prey and Spray seems distinctly like she’d expected, at least in certain ways. It has the same vivid first person graphics, and the mutated and ever shifting monsters definitely strike her as the same style… but when she is attacked by one on screen, Hannah discovers she feels every bit of that attack off screen, as though real life invisible mutant monsters are right there in the room with her.

As the tentacle suckers of one monster firmly root themselves in her mouth on screen, the controller drops and Hannah finds she literally can’t close her mouth. What’s worse is that these monsters seem to be less about the violent attacks and more about spraying her full of their slime… a slime she definitely recognizes after getting past the first attack.

Struggling with the controls, Hannah might just soon be struggling to fall into lusty unwanted thoughts as the monsters get much more personal, spraying her insides in ways she never felt a video game do, going well beyond stretching her, and leaving a somewhat recognizable slime swollen remnant of the girlfriend Troy left behind.

Will Hannah ultimately get gamed hard like she always gamed herself before? Will Troy find a way of paying those bills Hannah never wants to help with? SINtendo answers Troy’s Prey-ers like he never imagined, with SINtendo Prey and Spray, the sure way of getting a girl’s ‘full’ attention.


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Horny by Kris P. Kreme

Horny by Kris P. Kreme

Abby has gone beyond her limits putting up with her bratty little brother, though when most hear the words bratty little brother they probably don’t think of someone merely a year younger.

If it’s not one thing it’s another with Tyler, the teenage idiot so practiced at pushing her buttons he barely has to do more than smirk and make backhanded comments before her blood is boiling.

On a day when Abby is simply trying to get dressed for a night of clubbing later with her friend Felicia, Tyler has definitely worn through her last nerve and even their stepfather Caleb can’t fully bring back the peace.

Smirking, cocky as ever, Tyler points out that Abby is dressed like a slut, Abby hiding her special blue dress for the evening underneath a full length robe. When Abby pleas for Caleb believing her over her bratty annoying brother, but calls Caleb ‘Daddy’ he knows that maybe Tyler has a point this time.

The dress is definitely revealing, enough to make Caleb uncomfortable, but Abby assures him it’s just a dress, that you can do anything in it, so it’s not a big deal.

To set the peace or at least get some peace of mind until their mother comes home from a visit to Grandma’s, Caleb instructs Abby to go and work with her brother down in the garage, to pull out some boxes left by the previous owners of the house they recently bought.

Frustrated that she’d said the dress was fine for doing anything in, Abby has no choice, Tyler not looking forward to it either.. until he finds the box with the horns in it.

They’re just cheap old plastic costume horns, but grinning it reminds Tyler of his mother’s favorite old song with something about a devil in a blue dress in it. He can’t resist mocking his sister, talking about how it would go with her outfit, how she’s dressed super slutty, and once again only enraging her further.

However as Tyler slips the costume horns onto his head, he discovers that Abby has instantly shut up, her rants and near murderous rage against him gone… but in their place a very strange look in her eyes.

Abby can’t stop glancing at the horns on his head, and for whatever reason Abby is quite plainly horny. Backed up, freaking out, Tyler can do little as Abby is demanding quite wrong things from her little brother, but just what will happen when Caleb comes down to check on them and he seems suddenly as horny as Abby is?

Will Abby push ‘Daddy’ too far? Has Tyler discovered a way to make Felicia more than his sister’s friend… but his friend as well? Find out in the tale of sibling squabbles gone downright devilish.


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My Eyes are Up Here

My Eyes are Up Here by Kris P. Kreme

My Eyes are Up Here by Kris P. Kreme

Rebecca has never been shy of confrontation, perhaps her dominant head strong attitude the only reason why a woman as attractive as her has remained single so long.

When she sees the mailman driving up on the edge of her pristine manicured lawn, she’s all set to give him a piece of her mind, but along the way three neighbor boys may just claim the whole thing.

Everyone in the neighborhood knows the Robinson triplets, the three teen terrors a true triple threat of arrogant annoyances, yet for whatever reason totally getting away with whatever they want almost ever since they moved in.

As Turner, Tanner, and Trey walk right up before Rebecca can even get the mailman’s attention, they start off right away, tag team questioning her, always playing so innocent when she knows they don’t have an innocent bone in their bodies.

Of course for the triplets it isn’t their bodies they are concerned about, as clearly they can’t even speak looking Rebecca in the eyes.

She knows it’s a bit chillier than she’d anticipated for a June afternoon, but still, those three teen losers can at least try to pay attention to her eyes.

As confident as ever, caring little for embarrassing the troublemaking triplets, Rebecca simply informs them that her eyes are up here, to which they snarkily reply that her tits are down there.

And so begins a verbal argument to end all arguments, Rebecca already pissed off about not getting to confront the mailman. She’ll tell all three of these idiot teens off, at least if her mind doesn’t snap from anger.

However as the argument goes back and forth, Rebecca can’t decide whether the three are actually stupid or just playing a game with her, and it might be a game she discovers too late to have a chance of winning.

Reader’s Choice Month is also women awareness month. Be sure you know where her tits are… but remember or she might just remind you that “My Eyes are Up Here.”


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SINtendo SWITCH-er MOO by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SWITCH-er MOO by Kris P. Kreme

Sadie had assumed she could count on her boyfriend Owen to help out a little with some chores she promised she’d handle when her parent’s left town. Of course getting Owen to focus on much of anything has never been easy, particularly when her parent’s farm is involved.

As Owen seems oddly distracted and amused over by a fence, Sadie simply tries to keep an eye on him and continue the various tasks one has to do on a functioning farm. But if Owen isn’t making lewd suggestions to his girlfriend, he’s looking away beyond the fence and chuckling like he’s up to something.

Knowing ever since the time Owen disassembled her dad’s tractor and reassembled it up inside his hunting blind that her boyfriend has a serious mischievous side, Sadie confronts him. As it turns out, Owen has been staring and laughing at the very dull look of a cow that is just staring right back.

It isn’t the cow though that has Sadie annoyed, it’s whatever the little silver band is Owen clearly stuck on top of its head. Laughing, Owen rolls his eyes talking about how it’s just a headband, but Sadie knows that headband or not it clearly had poor Bessie freaked out, the cow only moving when she snatches the headband off of her.

Heading into the barn to finish up the chores, Sadie makes Owen come along with her this time, and to keep her long blonde hair in place, she decides to just use the little silver headband he claims he just found laying around.

Only when Sadie has placed the headband on her head does Owen reveal the truth, her arms dropping limply beside her as she stares dully ahead, aware and yet momentarily dazed by the feel of the metal band and what it is clearly doing to her.

It would seem Owen still has every bit the mischievous side, and he also is tired of wasting a perfectly good weekend doing chores for her parents. The headband is actually a device called a SINtendo SWITCHbitch, and as Owen explains to the mind numbed Sadie, usually it is just slipped on a good girl to make her bad or a bad girl to make her good.

However, Owen in all his mischievous messing around, has figured out that slipping the SINtendo SWITCHbitch onto an animal will capture the essence of that animal, the most characteristic traits and purpose of that animal within the SINtendo altering technology. And if the SWITCHbitch is then slipped onto a girl’s head, the animal characteristics and traits will be unleashed right inside her already numbing mind.

Owen wanted some fun time at the farm with Sadie, but Sadie was so focused on being the responsible farmer’s daughter she never suspected Owen might change her plans.

Finding herself incapable of even walking upright, helplessly mooing whenever she simply wants to speak, Owen is doing as he has done before, messing around with her daddy’s farm equipment… only this time it’s the old fashioned milking machine, and Sadie definitely won’t recover from the fun Owen has in mind for the weekend.

They say a productive farm is a successful farm, and thanks to SINtendo, Sadie’s parents will have a very productive farm.. even if she is doing most the producing.

Sadie may have been the one in charge of their activities this weekend, but Owen pulled an unexpected switcheroo, or maybe just a SINtendo SWITCH-er MOO.


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Seven Minutes

Seven Minutes by Kris P. Kreme

Seven Minutes by Kris P. Kreme

April Flowers has more than just a funny name; she has the funny distinction of both being genuinely nice and as much a tease as there ever was one. When she throws a final senior party for her fellow graduates of high school at a notoriously haunted house, it might just be funny how April ends up.

Everyone has heard the rumors of the Asylum Attack, a tale told to give goosebumps as it involved partying teens back in the sixties. Those teens held a party quite similar to the one April is throwing, and during the party they played a game that teens have played for as long as teens held parties. It was always called something different; however many might know it as Seven Minutes in Heaven, but those seven minutes turned to hell for the poor victims back in the sixties.

An escaped psychotic inmate from an Asylum nearby hid within that very closet, waiting for the teens to enter that closet. He then killed them in a way he most connected with their worst fears, picking them off slowly, giving rise to a tale of terror any local teen heard more than a few times during high school.

April Flowers though has a different idea, a way to challenge and titillate her friends, having a theme to her party. An underwear party is not the type of party many girls would want to attend, but nobody refused an April Flowers invite, since she was the popular elite. She was the girl every girl wanted to be, and the one every boy just wanted.

So naturally the party is a hit no matter the spooky stories or skimpy undergarments worn. Yet it isn’t until April launches the closet game… Seven Minutes in Heaven, when hell makes an appearance.

Everyone knows the rules, as she says, and everyone knows that this old solid house with the old growth wood doors and thick walls will hide even the loudest of screams from within that closet… though this time they should be screams of passion instead of terror.

At least that’s how it was supposed to go. Told that the couples will have seven minutes, be randomly paired up, and are to admit and feel free to try their wildest fantasies inside the closet, April starts the game out by letting a friend of hers hold a hat, choosing a name from the hat.

Clancy King is the first boy chosen, the one who will then be able to pick from the hat a partner to join him in the spookiest closet in town for just seven minutes. Like April he has a unique and somewhat fitting name, his loner attitude and somewhat morbidly creative streak definitely seeming right on him. And as though fate had stepped in, Clancy draws the name every boy came to the party secretly hoping to draw.. April Flowers.

Naturally she can’t very well turn down her own game, and besides Clancy isn’t bad looking and certainly not some freaky escapee from an asylum.

But once the door is closed, just the two of them in that lighted closet, something about Clancy’s eyes looks just a little bit darker, his posture a bit bolder, and his grin a little more sinister.

They are there to reveal and possibly enjoy their secret fantasies, at the very least to share them, but what happens when Clancy King tells April he always wanted to do very very depraved things to her? What happens when his admitted fantasies become as dark as his eyes do and April realizes no amount of screaming for help will get anyone to open the closet door?

Some closets should never be played in, and some closets can unleash the monster inside you, as poor April Flowers discovers when she gets more than just plucked at her very own party.

Still, it’s a party that will live on in stories for years and years, much like the last one held at that house. A lot can happen in Seven Minutes and a lot of it can be disturbingly fun.


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The Truth Hurts

The Truth Hurts by Kris P. Kreme

The Truth Hurts by Kris P. Kreme

Maddy was a precocious child who spoke the truth and shared things she often should have thought twice about, at least according to her parents. But Maddy was never a bad girl, quite the opposite, believing in respecting others, in common politeness and decency, which is just what gets Maddy on the bad side of a very unpleasant old woman.

She was only going to the mall since it was the start of a nice summer, and Maddy wanted to window shop, see what maybe she could spend her graduation present money on. There were the usuals waiting for stores to open, other teens she knew from school, some normal older shoppers, and then there was the old woman with the beat up car idling and spitting out black smoke all over the parking lot.

Even worse the woman was also smoking some horrible cigarette more pungent than she’d ever breathed in as she walks past. When the woman tosses a used cigarette to the pavement, still leaning against her polluting car, Maddy has seen enough.

She’s honest to a fault and that woman is not doing right, breaking the law by polluting and offending everyone around with her dirty cigarettes and nasty energy inefficient old car. It seemed like no one else wanted to stand up to the bully this woman was basically being, so Maddy marches right over and demands that she turn off her engine, stop breaking the law and polluting or littering.

The heavily accented old woman is not happy to put up with a little girl as she calls Maddy, but she does attempt to warn Maddy to mind her own business. However when determined young Maddy pushes on to the point of threatening to call the cops and let them come deal with her, this old woman is the one who has had enough.

As the woman whispers heavily right into Maddy’s ear, she speaks of how Maddy loves the truth, but will the truth love her. Grabbing her with a death grip, the old woman puts a powerful Gypsy curse on her, chanting, infecting Maddy with a curse that will forever have her embodying the truth… even if the truth is not actually true.

Overhearing the altercation, Paula, the queen bitch of the school in Maddy’s most recent year can’t resist getting a little revenge for the time Maddy insisted on telling everyone Paula’s true weight when she tried to fib about it.

Telling the other girls with her a blatant lie about Maddy, pretending it to be the truth, Maddy finds the curse is very much real… even false truths becoming true the moment she hears them.

Even worse, Maddy is finding out that teenage bitches have no loyalty to a friend like her, not when they can really make her suffer and yet turn on all her morality and decency to ultimately smile a quite sinful satisfied grin.

Another Reader’s Choice Month comes to a close. Unfortunately that’s the truth… but while The Truth Hurts, it doesn’t have to hurt so bad, at least when Maddy is there.


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The Grab Bag #21 – Screwed by the Economy and Independence Déjà Vu

The Grab Bag #21 - Screwed by the Economy and Independence Déjà Vu by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #21 – Screwed by the Economy and Independence Déjà Vu by Kris P. Kreme

Summer sales are here, and you better hope you aren’t on clearance when the economy gets you down. Of course you may just have the feeling you’ve been here and done her before this Independence Day. Another double dose of Kreme is on the barbecue menu this summer.

This Grab Bag includes:


Screwed by the Economy

Everyone at Curious Collectibles is sad to see the final day of business, the economy having forced an end to their unique sales. However on the day of the ultimate clearance sale where everything including the fixtures is open for purchase, Sarah will discover that those fixtures might just include her.


Independence Déjà Vu

For Megan, graduation from college meant freedom, the ultimate independence from a life planned and scheduled for nearly her entire life. She sees something on the way into town that shakes everything about her independence. People she knows and people she doesn’t know are doing perverted inappropriate things in public and the biggest mystery for Megan is why it all feels so familiar.


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Anger MOO-nagement

Anger MOO-nagement by Kris P. Kreme

Anger MOO-nagement by Kris P. Kreme

Darwin Darius might to some men be the ultimate in evolution, a man of great wealth, a man who by all accounts should be able to enjoy the world as he sees fit. Unfortunately Darwin Darius has never mastered one thing, no amount of wealth or education giving him the ability he needed to dominate what has led to a life alone… his temper.

Fueled by a rage that drops full speed in a blink of an eye, Darwin Darius has a unique trait that was with him since birth, an inexplicable control over others but only a control when his temper was lost.

Having never had much success with women, always finding them shallow, self-absorbed, resistant to whatever charm he could muster, Darwin has become impatient, a man of wealth who is used to getting what he wants and equally used to anger doing him in on every attempt at successfully wooing and charming a member of the opposite sex.

Tonight though, he has a goal, and tonight he has avoided spending the early evening at his favorite pub getting drunk, instead focusing down his temperament, pinpointing his aims for where the night will lead him. Tonight, Darwin Darius simply wants to meet a nice Asian girl, Asians typically known for respect, confidence, a dignity most shallow women he hits on lack.

It’s a night Darwin assures himself will go differently than most, but a night Darwin Darius may just have to evolve to accept true disappointment… in the way only an angry Darwin can endure, with udder depravity.

Waiting the night patiently, it’s nearly ten when Darwin spots the girl who might be perfect for him, a girl he truly sees has gorgeous traits quite befitting the limitations he placed on his type of the night. Playing continuous games of darts, this girl is the one… but Darwin will have to wait until her little friend leaves to most casually make his move.

Aki’s parents had come from Japan seeking opportunities and a future, and now Aki studies hard in college to do the same. She’s always headstrong, and definitely keeping her friend at the pub longer than she’d prefer, but Aki knows that practice in a place with distractions will definitely help her master the skills she has.

A dart tournament on campus will give away a top prize of a scholarship boost and Aki has it in the bag. She hardly ever misses exactly where she aims, but little does Aki know that someone has aims of their own for her.

It isn’t until her friend leaves that the real distraction comes, a man much too old for her tastes, even if he does have a rich air about him. He’s far too forward and she’s far too focused on simply practicing her game, and that quickly pisses the man off… something Aki might well live to regret as he definitely doesn’t manage his anger well.

Turned down and finding this anger building, Darwin is quick to use his unleashed abilities on poor Aki, turning a simple toss of four darts into stabbing changes which will forever end any ambitions for success and respect Aki ever had.

As usual for Darwin Darius, he makes a game out of her humiliation, an amusement he will simply observe until calmed enough to continue on his night. If Aki hits a triple score ring on the board, her breasts will triple in size. If she hits the fifteen on her second toss, that’s how many gallons of milk her triple sized tits will produce.

It’s her own skill at hitting what she aims for that truly does Aki in, but what better fate since a cow definitely always has a bull’s eye?

Darwin Darius never gives up easily though, and even though the hour is late, down the street he finds a fancy indoor car show closing for the night, and one of the car models is just perfect for him.

Will she be open to his charms… or is Darwin Darius going to redefine the curves of an impressive attraction at this year’s car show in ways most others witnessing it all have never imagined?

He’s managed many things successfully in life to get to where he is, but Darwin Darius has an ego and a short fuse which tend to end his success with women quite quickly. On this particular night, he might not be managing his anger, but he’s still up for a little therapeutic Anger MOO-nagement.


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Tree Hugged

Tree Hugged by Kris P. Kreme

Tree Hugged by Kris P. Kreme

Doctor Trent Matheson has found himself working beside his gorgeous girlfriend Abigail for the past two months in a very tropical remote village among the jungles of South America.

To most this might seem like a dream vacation but for Trent it’s plenty of work, treating an entire village, offering medical work otherwise unavailable to them through a program called Doctors Abroad.

It might seem fun having Abigail beside him, a vibrant redhead with perfect naturally pale skin that truly makes her the exotic one among so many tanned villagers. However the stress of the job is not leaving enough time for romance, not that Abigail ever let Trent get too far in that department.

They’ve always had playful banter, a good relationship, and yet the nuisance of a village wide affliction is clearly bothering Trent.

Abigail has noticed it, even if she admittedly had been distracted by all the amazing trees surrounding this village, having always loved greenery and lush surroundings.

Asking Trent about the affliction facing the village, a population skewed towards being primarily men, her physician boyfriend quickly changes topics, mentioning that the most he can do is offer them vitamin treatments for the remaining month they will be there, saying there is a long shot solution but it’s not a guarantee.

Instead of focusing on that, he decides that maybe it’s time Abigail finally get an afternoon out, to spend some time closer to the trees she is always staring out the windows at.

But is there more to this little day trip than Abigail suspects? Are the trees truly safe in this remote jungle village?

Abigail is the woman every man would want, but just what is the strange affliction affecting the men of the village, and what does that affliction have to do with her? Why are there so few women in the village, what happened to them?

Most important, what will happen once Abigail finally does more than just look at the amazing trees in a small park on the outskirts of the village? What will happen when she touches them?

Find out when the Kreme promotes third world medical treatments like never before… the cure for what all men suffer at some point, a cure that might just come from seeing a woman get Tree Hugged.


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Guidance Book One: Konversational Konsultations

Guidance Book One: Konversational Konsultations by Kris P. Kreme

Guidance Book One: Konversational Konsultations by Kris P. Kreme

Samuel Cadence is about to have a very interesting conversation with the counselor his company recommended for his daughter Bethany. However that conversation will unveil a story rarely told, a story that explores how this doctor first came upon an exceptional ability to not simply counsel but to change those he spoke with through little more than his words.

The good doctor has gone by many names, under many professions from psychologist to counselor, but when Bethany is delayed in showing up on an otherwise slow day free of appointments, he chooses to open up to Samuel in a way rarely done, telling him how he came upon his talents.

As a company man, Samuel Cadence is well aware of the more subversive techniques in swaying a consumer. He may be new to his company, but it doesn’t take long for any employee of Trance-tory to discover their techniques. However he never knew what the good talkative counselor is about to share, a story of how he once happened upon a quite literally shocking piece of technology and went on a worldwide quest in search of the makers of that technology… a technology that resulted in his voice possessing unique attributes and making any conversation quite Konversational.

From a small but quickly growing adult gaming company named SINtendo to an online purchasing empire gaining steam under the name Brain Drain, the man went on this quest to find answers and ultimately it was a budding corporation called Trandustries that promised to know where the technology came from, where the strange contraption that gave this man such Konversational abilities was created.

But as he tells Mr. Cadence, they would only reveal what they knew if he took care of a problem for them, a problem in the form of an eighteen year old girl and her pesky group of high school friends, a girl that by some ability held an immunity to all their methods of mental persuasion.

As they would later become known, Trance-tory wanted to take over the world, become a corporate giant in all aspects of daily life, from the infrastructure to the products and services, and along the beginning road of that takeover was a town called Traverton, and it was in that town where Jessica and her nosy friends became a nuisance.

Jessica called herself the Mental Mistress, because only she seemed to fight past any influence which frequented the town as Trandustries began to take over. She saved others and prevented the total manipulation of the town, a necessary step for Trance-tory to ever exist.

But under the name of Jeffrey Jaffe, our Konversational doctor would become Traverton High’s new guidance counselor, and it was all a matter of one on one Konversational Konsultations to methodically take down Jessica’s support group and then ultimately the menacing Mental Mistress herself.

For a man of his unique counseling talents, it was a walk in the park, but for the ever feisty Jessica, her diverse friends, and the school librarian who helped them out, it would be an entirely new threat, one no one could escape from, but one nobody would want to escape from by the end of just one week.

It’s the epic origin story of a major Kreme character, in ways which will surprise everyone, tying together multiple worlds like never before and taking you back to the days before cell phones and drones, to the days when high school was complicated enough, before a Konversational counselor came along and offered a little Guidance to change their lives forever.

Some may call it manipulation; others may call it mind control. To a man who went by the name Jeffrey Jaffe, it was better known as Guidance.


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Guidance Book Two: Inappropriate Incantations

Guidance Book Two: Inappropriate Incantations by Kris P. Kreme

Guidance Book Two: Inappropriate Incantations by Kris P. Kreme

Samuel Cadence may not enjoy the fact his independent daughter is late for a company therapist, but he definitely is enjoying the epic tale that therapist is sharing.

A doctor of multiple fields in psychology and counseling, the mysterious man of multiple identities is sharing the rarely heard origin story of where his unique vocal talents came from, and just how he became intertwined with the destinies of a corporation that would become Trance-tory.

Having already dismissed SINtendo and Brain Drain as potential creators of the technology which forever changed the perception to his words in conversation, the doctor was hired by Trandustries, the company that would become Trance-tory, to take care of a problem they had.

This problem was in the form of an eighteen year old prodigy, a girl who somehow remained immune to all Trance-tory efforts to take over her town of Traverton. The good doctor’s talents were the only solution, and having successfully joined the staff as Jeffrey Jaffe, guidance counselor, the plan was already working to take down those closest to Jessica Quinn, the girl who called herself Mental Mistress against the sinister and to her unknown forces of influence which had plagued her high school career.

With the muscle in her little gang of friends thinking more with his dick and less with his heart, step one was complete, and with the popular girl having become a real attention whore, step two was complete. Now Jeffrey Jaffe faced a rather unusual young mind to offer his special brand of perverse guidance to, a young shy redhead named Leila.

Thanks to the efforts of Trandustries the past several years, and of course the saving efforts of Jessica, Leila had explored sides of society often dismissed as myth or fad, and she had discovered thanks to the helpful librarian and all the occult books she could read, that she possessed quite the talent for Wiccan activities.

Unfortunately for this little witch, nothing can stop a conversation from changing tones, both in her shyness and in her ambitions for what spells she might cast.

As the Konversational Konsultations continue, Jeffrey Jaffe proves that even an effortless task as this can come with uniquely entertaining opportunities. Step three takes incantations to an incredibly inappropriate place and more than the students of Traverton High are getting laid.

The path is laid for Jessica Quinn, the Mental Mistress, soon to fall, soon to face a twisted talk like never before. Will she find out what has become of her closest friends before it’s too late? Will we ever learn what source that mysterious technology came from that made an ordinary psychology doctor into a Konversational counselor?

It isn’t mere mind control, it’s Guidance, and Guidance cums in many forms as this twisted tale continues.


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Guidance Book Three: Mental Mistakes

Guidance Book Three: Mental Mistakes by Kris P. Kreme

Guidance Book Three: Mental Mistakes by Kris P. Kreme

He once went by the name Jeffrey Jaffe, at least for a time when on a quest to discover the origins of what made his conversations so powerful. He had been an ordinary man, a talented man in the fields of psychology and counseling, a man with multiple degrees, but education wasn’t what gave his words the power to change others.

An accidental encounter, a jolt of electricity from a device he stumbled upon, a piece of technology that had to have been manufactured somewhere, by someone, for some unknown purpose; that was what gave him such Konversational skills.

He sought the answers from some of the most notorious if then young companies, ones like SINtendo and Brain Drain, but it was a budding powerhouse called Trandustries… later to be Trance-tory that promised to know the secrets to this technology he described. They didn’t manufacture it, but they assured him, they knew where it came from, and they would give him the information he wanted… for a price.

As the doctor of special vocal talents discovered, this price was simply to take care of a problem, in the form of young Jessica Quinn, an eighteen year old troublemaker in the town of Traverton, to be the first town Trance-tory ever took over in their climb to corporate dominance.

Jessica Quinn had proven resilience, near supernatural immunity, to every technological, every infrastructural, every scheming change to Traverton Trance-tory had unleashed. Worse still, she had saved others and stopped the takeover from happening multiple times over her high school career.

That high school career was now over, as Jeffrey Jaffe, guidance counselor, had infiltrated Traverton High and had methodically gathered her closest friends for private one on one consultations, transforming their outlook on life, on themselves, merely through Konversation. Her best friend had been most recent, and most powerful the change, a young shy redhead with an interest in the occult and wiccan spells and incantations.

Unknown to Jessica, that friend was now turning on the self proclaimed Mental Mistress, and very soon Jeffrey Jaffe would forever change this Mental Mistress into one mental mistake of a bimbo forever… unless Jessica proved that she possessed greater power than even Trance-tory had estimated.

What will happen when the doctor once known as Jeffrey Jaffe finally reveals the ending to his epic quest to find his true origins? Will that quest end in success or failure, and just what is the secret behind the technology that forever changed his path in life those many years ago? And will Samuel Cadence’s daughter, Bethany, ever show up for her counseling session with the good doctor… and what twisted counseling shall that be?

All questions will be answered, and minds will be blown… quite literally, as the epic origin tale spanning across the entire Kreme library finally comes to a close.

To find the answers to life’s deepest most depraved questions… sometimes a little Guidance goes a very long way.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #20 – Selfies Brain Drain Special

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #20 - Selfies Brain Drain Special by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #20 – Selfies Brain Drain Special by Kris P. Kreme

One of the most popular series by the Kreme is the series based around the infamous technology called Brain Drain. A mysterious and addictive website where girls of all ages can reshape and perfect their bodies at the mere cost of their intelligence, their morality, their inhibitions, and more. Who needs to be smart when you have a body no guy can resist, and who needs responsible ethical behavior when all a girl wants to do is every guy around?

This Selfie offers:

Drained: Kira Carson, hot neighborhood mother finds that an innocent trip to the store results in purchases she never made, with prices she never would have been willing to pay. Leaving the house as an attractive, intelligent, responsible woman, faithful to husband and family, Kira returns with one overwhelming desire on the brain and less brain cells than she’s ever had before.

Brain Drain Financing: Bambi and Gwen are coeds and siblings, but they couldn’t be more different. Where Bambi thinks things through to a fault, redheaded Gwen is quick to try things. It’s Gwen’s impulsiveness that leads them to an online site which promises amazing holiday buys, at bargain prices, with no tax or shipping. Unfortunately it requires special financing…


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SINtendo Grading on the Curves

SINtendo Grading on the Curves by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Grading on the Curves by Kris P. Kreme

Haley has always been dedicated to teaching, dedicated to her students, and dedicated to doing the right thing even if it doesn’t make her the most popular teacher. However when her summer history course finds five popular school athletes in danger of failing before the regular school year even starts back, she may do something that leads to her being more popular than she ever imagined.

Thomas and Haley are a happy couple on the surface, but Haley isn’t so happy about the choice she is faced with concerning five star athletes, eighteen year old football prodigies who are anything but when it comes to focusing on their grades.

The five seniors have failed at everything she has taught them in a summer school history course and now with mere weeks until the start of their senior year, she has to decide whether there is any way of avoiding making their fail grade official, which would prevent them from playing sports and quite likely leading the team to another state championship as they did the previous year.

Thomas is definitely into sports, as Haley well knows, but he’s also definitely into his wife, the spark well alive as evident by his casual comments and leering looks. But where Thomas can be so casual, Haley knows that even the other teachers are giving her the stink eye for considering failing those five athletes. She could be truly universally hated for doing the right thing, or weak willed and never respect herself as a teacher for doing what others want and passing them.

At least the options seems so limited until Thomas offers a solution, one last effort she can make, a simple test those five athletes can take using the tablets donated to the school just recently.

Willing to try anything if there’s even a chance it helps, Haley hears her husband out, checks out the application he has already set up on the iPad they share. It’s called Grading on the Curves, and as Thomas explains, this app is a state of the art learning game, with proven results. He’s even already set it up for American History, the material those five boys have failed at showing practically any knowledge about.

She’s skeptical, definitely so when Thomas explains that there will only be ten random questions for all five boys playing the game. Two questions a piece seems hardly enough to prove anything, but as he says the questions are very challenging and totally random. One could get a question on constitutional law and the other could be asked about a famous historical figure.

Pushed to her limits on what choice she really has, the young twenty-six year old teacher agrees to give it a shot, but only to see how badly the five athletic boys do… something her husband assures her won’t happen.

Showing up for the scheduled meeting at the school, the meeting Brian, Howie, Justin, Lincoln, and Jamal all feared would be the end to their football season before it even started, Haley informs them of the one last shot, the final chance to save their grades and prove that they do in fact know something about American History.

Naturally this is good news for the five who are willing to try this educational application out, but none of them, including Haley, know that they may all be learning a lot more about their own desires before the hour is up.

Attractive, slender, tall, and somehow busty, Haley has always been the favorite for male students, but when she starts the application game from her desk, syncing with all five boys tablets, Grading on the Curves might just make history for how perfect she becomes.

Unknown to Haley, the game informs all five athletic students that they will be randomly asked a series of questions. If they get their question right, they will be rewarded by getting to permanently alter their favorite sexy teacher in a variety of kinky ways.

As impossible as that sounds, none of them are about to let even the chance slip through their fingers. They’ve won championship games, felt the pressure and intensity of their pulse racing, but with each and every history question they get, these boys will face excitement and action like they never imagined.

The rewards are related to each question in a way only SINtendo could create and even if Haley quickly realizes that something is very wrong, she’s helpless to fight full participation in those rewards until the game is complete.

Will Haley put all new meaning into the words Grading on the Curves? Will she pass her students or end up being passed around by her students? And what about Thomas… could her husband possibly have known what would happen to his sexy young wife by suggesting she try this educational application?

In a rare Kustom Kreme SINtendo Single discover the epic educational endowments that are sure to educate everyone in just how fun teaching can be… and even more how everyone might not enjoy grading, but they always enjoy SINtendo Grading on the Curves.


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The Grab Bag #22 – The InFUCtion and Party Favors

The Grab Bag #22 - The InFUCtion and Party Favors by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #22 – The InFUCtion and Party Favors by Kris P. Kreme

Before summer ends, let’s party like it’s the end of the world. Everything ends with a bang, from an apocalyptic infection like no other to an office party where a girl learns that balloons aren’t the only thing that inflate.

This Grab Bag includes:


The InFUCtion

On an otherwise ordinary afternoon in a world where everyone worried about the state of the planet, the state of politics, and the state of society, the end of it all came quite climactically with a literal climax. Pleasure and the obsessive mindless need to fuck was rapid, no one finding immunity unless they avoided contact with the ones afflicted.


Party Favors

Everyone in the office knows they can count on Eleanor to do all the thankless favors. She’s hardworking, deceptively smart, and puts up with anything. Inflating a bunch of balloons purely by her own lung power for a party prep one evening, Eleanor discovers the dangers of party favors… and the risks of becoming one.


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Shacking Up

Shacking Up by Kris P. Kreme

Shacking Up by Kris P. Kreme

The unexpected Seamen Shack sequel readers were asking for!

On what was to be a pleasant drive up the coast to her daughter Katie’s future college, it’s anything but pleasant with Katie giving the cold shoulder. Always independent, always frustrated at being overly protected, Katie simply wanted to drive up and see her future sorority sisters.

Sandra as well as Katie’s father back home, Nathan, just want the very best for their only child, and have always watched out for her, admittedly maybe a bit too much. They simply wanted to meet the sisters of Delta Tau, where Katie will be pledging and staying in the coming month. Of course Katie sees this trip entirely different, and for both mother and daughter, it may be a trip which certainly defines a difference in their relationship.

Having insisted on wearing a somewhat revealing blue dress, refusing to see the sorority sisters in something less impressive and more conservative, Sandra tries to just explain the concerns, but with Katie she sees things plain and simple. Her father wouldn’t even look at her back home in the dress, refusing to admit his baby girl is all grown up, and her mother is coddling her like an infant and refusing to let her drive up the coast alone.

As it turns out, Katie’s newer car might have been the better choice as Sandra’s not so pleasant drive turns bumpy and then plain bad as blowouts on both front tires leave the two stranded along a desolate stretch of coastal road with hardly any help in sight.

Calling her husband, Nathan says he’ll be on his way, but it might take an hour to catch up to them and that is just too much for impetuous Katie to put up with. Awkwardly climbing a nearby beach berm to look down the coast and hopefully find some more immediately available help, Katie and Sandra soon discover that they just happen to have broken down quite close to a lonely little seaside restaurant looking place called The Seamen Shack.

Even luckier it seems, there is a man leading a work crew closer to their breakdown on the beach, but little do the family members know that the man is none other than Jack Jones, owner and proprietor of a place where you may arrive as family but you leave as something else.

Charming and handsome, Jack Jones is quick to greet the stranded pair with a smile, and even quicker to open up with conversation about his latest venture as a business owner.

The Seamen Shack has always catered to keeping their guests satisfied, in ways Sandra and Katie couldn’t yet imagine, but they also need to take advantage of their seaside location and that’s where the new sand being trucked in and spread leads to a future sandy shored beach in place of the rocky uncomfortable coastline currently covering most of the miles of nearby shore.

As much as Jack would like to chat about the new beach, Katie has no time and wants to know if he can help her get where she is going, to which Jack offers a deal. If Sandra will just take a little walk with him and hear his sales pitch on the brand new beach, he can help them out.

However it isn’t long before such talk about the Good Times that will be had on this beach have Sandra doubting more than just the intentions of a smiling Jack Jones, but doubting herself, her motives, and if she is Katie’s mom or stepmom.

The all new Seamen Shack Slutty Sands of Satisfaction has only just been spread but already a couple of soon to be sluts happen upon it, and with a little creative intervention by Jack, those sluts will be seeing themselves through new eyes, and seeing their relationship entirely different.

Redefining the way Sandra has always been over-protective, Jack rejoins Katie and the girl gets a totally unexpected dose of discipline courtesy of a very dominant Sandra. But just where is this shocking discipline leading… and what will happen when Nathan finally shows up to help his stranded wife and daughter, only to find that he may never have had a daughter but a stepdaughter… and one in need of assistance becoming what Jack calls a beverage beach bimbo?

The sisters of Delta Tau may never end up meeting Katie, whose journey up the coast took her life in new directions, along with the lives of her parents… but it’s ultimately going to be fine, because everyone along this stretch of shoreline has a truly Good Time, no matter who they happen to be Shacking Up with.


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Fictional Reality

Fictional Reality by Kris P. Kreme

Fictional Reality by Kris P. Kreme

The Paranormal series returns!

Over 22,000 Words!

Through two seasons the world has followed an all new style of reality television show, one truly not scripted, the actions on screen captured by thousands of hidden cameras sprinkled throughout a terrifying location, reputed to be haunted, storied to be the stuff of nightmares.

Season three might just take reality beyond any nightmares the contestants have ever had.

Fictional Reality is a television series the network spent hardly any money on yet made a killing in their first season with viewers tuning in to watch contestants chosen from around the world get locked in a scary location for three nights, all of them eventually succumbing to their own fears, to the reality they face within their darkest thoughts.

It was a genius concept, at least Reagan Riley thought so at first, the host introducing the contestants, reporting each night to share which ones got scared and had to abandon the location to maintain their own sanity. Then of course he would naturally share the viewer’s excitement with the decided winner of the reality show after Night Three.

The problem was that the novelty wore off after one season, the second drawing a lot less interest and a lot more criticism. In fact he was surprised it got renewed given how quickly the public fascination had waned. But then they had something truly twisted this season, he’d heard, something which guaranteed Fictional Reality would return to popularity.

Until he got out of his limo to film the intro, Reagan Riley had no idea just where this season would be filmed or what the gimmick was that was so secretive.

Thirteen women from around the world, locked in a scary location, constantly viewed wherever they explored over three nights. Those words alone might already garner some interest, since the first two seasons had been men and women of all ages, but hand choosing thirteen of the sexiest women from countries all around the world, all wanting to prove they were the top bitch in town was a definite last ditch effort, a bit of desperation as Reagan Riley saw it.

And then he stepped out of the limo on a foggy soon to be stormy evening, the sun already setting to film the intro to Night One. Reagan Riley stepped out and saw what chilled him to the bone… that Fictional Reality was filming season three at DeLiniac Tower.

Stories were told of the old tower among mountains which simply couldn’t be true, and yet there were more disappearances, more mysterious freaky occurrences surrounding this tower than any other man-made structure on Earth.

It was rumored the very building itself was constructed using occult knowledge, the structure alive somehow, not just haunted. It was truly the stuff of nightmares, and Reagan Riley had all but assumed it was on a government black site list after scientists and feds vanished without a trace some years back.

Located in total isolation among mountains which contributed to the constant electrical storms, the network had truly done brilliantly if they were seeking a location to shoot, but something just feels wrong about it from the moment Reagan Riley sees it.

Reportedly masked from even seeing the footage caught over the three night shoot, due to agreements made with the building’s owner, a man who only goes by the name Devon D. Reagan only can play his part as host, unaware what is terrifying the contestants each night, and how.

What he does know is that each night four girls are vanishing, supposedly frightened out of their minds, running off and abandoning their hopes at claiming the prize.

On Night Three, only five of the thirteen girls remain, and like most reality shows, they were an alliance formed early on, the Asian Alliance as they call themselves, but even these girls will face freaky reality that simply has to be fictional on that final night.

Just what lives within the walls of DeLiniac Tower, what power grows stronger through the fear and corruption of innocent souls and supple bodies? What horrors have the cameras captured, what sensual seductions gone awry have the girls succumb to?

Nubile girls are no match for a building which feeds off sexual energy, which feeds quite literally off being able to manipulate and possess the girls one by one, turning them on each other… or simply turning them on.

There are plenty of ways to perish in a building like DeLiniac Tower, plenty of paranormal ways to meet an end, but the fear to be found within those walls is anything but fictional. For thirteen bitchy contestants and one tiring show host, the scariest thing to face isn’t fiction… it’s Fictional Reality.


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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning by Kris P. Kreme

Air Conditioning by Kris P. Kreme

The August heat arrives, but for Natalie Pendleton, it might be arriving in ways she never expected. Enjoying a nice gab on the phone with her best friend, Natalie is ecstatic over the fact Mommy and Daddy have just left on a one month yacht cruise around the gulf… leaving the spoiled eighteen year old princess a mansion of a home to call her own for that entire time

The weather outside is tropical and hot, horribly unbecoming of her perfect self, but luckily Daddy installed a very fancy high tech climate control system. Unfortunately for Natalie, like all good expensive systems, they come with expensive problems at the worst possible time.

Barely after hanging up with her friend, Natalie feels the chilled comfy blast of air from all the vents in the house simply go dead… and it isn’t long at all before the heat is building, both in the palatial home and behind her flaring temper.

Unable to reach Daddy on his yacht, there’s little choice but to scour the phone book and find someone that can fix air conditioning. Finally finding one, she makes the call and the somewhat demanding teen is not too happy with the sarcastic sounding older guy on the phone, but then at least he does assure her a man will be out in fifteen minutes to fix her troubles.

What Natalie never suspects is that when the friendly Ed arrives from Trance-tory Air Conditioning, he has plans for a whole different kind of conditioning… one that might involve air in ways Natalie never imagined, and will never recover from.

Checking the nearest of the large condensers outside a fancy shed beside Natalie’s large home, Ed points out some handy tips of why the unit might have gone out, even does some pressure adjustments with his hoses, but when Natalie asks if they take American Express, the only card left for her in case of emergencies, Ed shakes his head. Natalie will have to call and speak to his boss, Bill, the sarcastic older guy she already didn’t like.

But just what is with all the personal details Bill is asking, such as age, measurements, how she looks? And even stranger what is the big disclaimer she needs to hold her phone to her ear to closely listen to?

Natalie Pendleton is a spoiled little rich girl who’s been handed everything all her life, but even if she is a bit of a bitch, that doesn’t mean she won’t be a real doll to Ed and Bill… especially after a little air is conditioned right into her body, and she discovers a whole new heat rising within her, over the course of that month of freedom she’d so recently been looking forward to.

The Hot Kreme arrives with some Air Conditioning, guaranteed only to heat things up in all new ways.


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The Doggy Days of Summer

The Doggy Days of Summer by Kris P. Kreme

The Doggy Days of Summer by Kris P. Kreme

Dave isn’t a bad guy, but any guy might concoct a story to keep their young sexy wife away from gawking neighbors, particularly when the neighbors happen to be a community college that opened recently, and the students have been spotted more than a few times ogling Courtney in ways Dave would rather not have her leered at.

So he isn’t entirely a bad guy for using Courtney’s notorious gullibility against her, thinking up a story on a particularly hot sunny August day when she’s dressed quite sexy in a short denim skirt and cleavage revealing plaid top. Leaving for work he figures the very least such an elaborate story will do is keep Courtney from spending any time outside in the sun, from walking past that community college whose students seem more intent on studying his hot young blonde bombshell of a wife.

The problem might be that Courtney is seriously trusting, a true innocent with a very sinful curvy body, and she’s as gullible a girl as Dave ever met. It’s the damn erection he thinks, the one she gives so easily, that’s what inspires his story about The Doggy Days of Summer.

Courtney isn’t stupid, having heard of the so called dog days of summer, but she’s never heard of what he claims is a much more serious danger… The Doggy Days of Summer, when the UV index is so severe, when the sun is so deadly it can permanently change a woman, but only a woman.

Confused, but fully trusting that Dave would never steer her wrong, Courtney asks about why something called Doggy Days are so much more dangerous to women, and Dave lets his imagination go wild, assuring her that the name comes partly from the idea of dogs in heat, that there is a certain combination of UV factors that can come together just right to send a woman into heat.

However it’s even more complicated, because any exposure to the sun on The Doggy Days of Summer will put a woman into such a state, where her arousal and animal instincts begin to take over, and the longer that exposure lasts, the more severe the effects are, quite permanent he assures her if she were to spend too much time in the sun on a day like today.

Worried, genuinely concerned, Courtney asks her husband of just one year what would happen to her, what would being too exposed to the sun cause. Dave just puts on the most serious face he can, telling her that there’s a reason they call it the doggy style position, that a woman suffering too much exposure would lose total inhibitions and control of her arousal, dropping to all fours, begging total strangers into vile acts of depravity with her.

Grinning at himself that he’s concocted the perfect little story, the craziest and yet warped logic twisted tale his gullible blonde wife will take seriously, Dave heads to work. After all, he knows she’d never risk becoming some sex animal by going outside.

What he never accounted for was a combination of boredom and the television service going out at home to put Courtney into a desperate state for something to do.

Ordinarily she’d just go for a walk, enjoy the weather, maybe stop in and look around the little bookstore on the other side of the community college.

Unfortunately there is no chance of that as long as the dangerous sun is out. But if the sun is behind heavy clouds, does that mean it’s still deadly?

The chance to test that theory out comes as clouds roll in, thick clouds, shadowing the entire neighborhood, blocking that mind altering sun. Carefully, just stepping out to the porch, Courtney feels no effects, no sudden fascination with the idea of dropping to all fours and breeding like an animal

Thrilled that she can take her walk, go by that little bookstore, Courtney feels proud of herself, knowing that she can assure Dave later that clouds make The Doggy Days of Summer better. If anything will make him worry less about her this time of the year it’s news like that.

Book browsing at the little store was fun, a nice way to pass the time, but when the one man running the store tells Courtney he has to lock up while he goes on lunch, that it’s store policy when only one employee is there, she isn’t near as concerned about that as she is seeing that during her time there the sun has come back out full force.

Practically pushed out the door, Courtney can feel the instant warmth of the sun on her skin, the blinding light shining down against her soft pillowy chest, the golden rays casting across her golden mane of hair… but she can also feel more.

Her heart is pounding, her skin is flush, and she feels her legs trembling.

Courtney dreads the reality that Dave was right, like he always is about such things. She’s already feeling a little aroused.

Can Courtney hurry and rush back home, avoiding what in her mind is deadly exposure to a sun which will have her on her knees, begging for any dick in sight? Will she be able to resist thinking of how easy it would be to just crawl doggy style into the grass at that community college and let the boys gawking at her have a go at her?

Perhaps the question she should be asking herself isn’t so much will she be able to resist cheating on Dave with one man… but how many other men will she be enjoyably used by before Dave comes home from work?

There are days a man can take teasing his loving faithful trusting wife a little too much… and for Dave, those days might just be The Doggy Days of Summer.

Turn up the heat and ladies… take that walk under the eclipse carefully, because the sun will come back out… and it might just leave you crawling around like a bitch in heat, begging for any man around to feel the heat between your thighs. Such are the dangers of Hot Kreme, tales which easily eclipse your every expectation.


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A Hot Mess

A Hot Mess by Kris P. Kreme

A Hot Mess by Kris P. Kreme

Henry doesn’t have to question when his life became a hot mess. That much is quite plainly definable as the day married Michelle, a woman now in his past after they married young and stupid, and she insisted on adopting two teenagers.

In Michelle’s selfish logic it was the easy way to avoid all those messy baby infant years, having a family right away, but clearly a family wasn’t the end goal for a real selfish manipulative bitch like Michelle, who ran off two years ago and left Henry to raise the now eighteen year old daughters who only call him Daddy when they want something.

Never liking confrontation, never having the nerve to just put his foot down, Henry has been constantly frustrated by the increasing bitchiness of his adopted daughters, Mia and Chloe.

The pair is always partying when he leaves the house, always making literal messes, which just add to the hot mess his life has descended into, but maybe… just maybe he has found the ultimate subversive solution.

Without direct confrontation, which he knows Mia and Chloe would just further dig in and rebel from, Henry is ready to use the incredible summer heat lately as an excuse to explain what the device is he’s busy one night installing down in the basement next to the utility panel.

Having subscribed to electronic hobbyists magazines for some time, Henry initially assumed the ad in the magazine was a joke, calling the number and sending away for something called a subliminal modification user telefiltration device.

Supposedly it works by sending signals within the electricity itself, within phone lines, even through the sounds of air conditioning cutting on and off. This device can subliminally rewire a thought process, change behavior, and reportedly solve problems of dealing with those who won’t change how they act.

Having spoken on the phone about his troubles, the issues with Mia and Chloe constantly partying and making messes he ultimately had to clean up, the modification for this device was pre-programmed just for him, a program that reportedly would internalize their messes, have them focusing on keeping his home clean, and leaving nothing for him to worry about.

It’s the following day after installing and activating the subliminal modification user telefiltration device that Henry has to go help his older brother move, and that means the ultimate test for how responsible Mia and Chloe will be, but what happens when Mia has a downright wicked way of how to internalize the need to party and get messy while Daddy is away?

Adopted sibling Chloe, with her vibrant red hair and innocent untouched body may just be getting a bit messy… but only on the inside as Mia wants to party like they never have partied before, by inviting five guys from their school over for a day of making a true mess of Chloe’s flat little tummy… with her own plans on how she’ll internalize her own desires to make a mess by partying a little later.

Meanwhile Henry is feeling a bit of a lasting effect from merely sleeping through one night at home the night before with that device active. His thoughts are distracted, his motives shifting, and before long, his older brother is noticing how strangely accepting Henry is of finally ruling his home, putting his foot down, and plotting a little instructional guidance no parent should consider, even an adoptive one.

Just what has happened to solve the hot mess Henry’s life became, and will that solution only lead to an even hotter mess to handle? Who really created the subliminal modification user telefiltration device, and why does that name seem somewhat amusing to Henry’s older brother?

A terrorist cell thought to have been left in the distant past has returned to the world of Hot Kreme this summer, and this time they aren’t merely leaving chaos in their wake. This time, it will be nothing short of A Hot Mess.


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Hot under the Collar

Hot under the Collar by Kris P. Kreme

Hot under the Collar by Kris P. Kreme

Preacher Paul is a pretty easygoing guy, and definitely impressed by even the most common miracles. The way the heat sways and distorts the air from the hot pavement outside his study at the church for example is fascinating. However it won’t be that kind of heat that distorts Preacher Paul’s entire world.

In a short while, Paul is having a pastoral meeting with the four seniors, youths who very soon will be off to college, leaving the friendly familiar church, and of those youths Amy is easily the one who he has the biggest hopes for.

In recent years, Amy has become almost an assistant of his, running errands around the church, even now getting things ready for the senior high meeting in a couple of hours. Unfortunately youthful enthusiasm for life comes with youthful mistakes, and as Amy is bringing Preacher Paul a fresh mug of coffee, the heat of it causes her to bobble it just enough to slosh and spill all over his pastor’s collar which he set on his desk.

Planning to be a preacher herself, heading off to seminary, Amy is mortified at her mistake, at the horrible brown staining to the pure white collar. It’s the most important symbol of being a preacher, she thinks, the one thing Preacher Paul always wears, even casually. It represents so much, and even if Paul is not angry, Amy just knows she has ruined their final meeting as young people before going out into the world to find their way.

Not having another collar on hand, and no possible way to have it cleaned in time, Amy simply can’t handle how dumb she has been, how clumsy, and even if Preacher Paul says it’s no big deal, she has to fix it… somehow.

Running off, assuring Preacher Paul that she has it… the perfect idea to make their meeting go on with none of the other seniors knowing that his collar got horribly coffee stained, Amy hopes the place she saw will have a pastor’s collar she can take him.

What Amy could never know is that while most costume shops might have fake collars she can let him use with no consequences, Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle isn’t an ordinary shop.

Rushing in, breathless from the heat of sprinting down the street to the shop, Amy isn’t interested in the entire preacher costume the two odd looking salesmen have to offer. She’s only interested in the collar, only the collar matters and as she tells Melgrim and Grimmel, it’s urgent.

After some thought, Melgrim is a very generous soul, offering to simply give Amy the collar, no need to charge for such a small costume element. However he does insist she allow him to spray it with a special sanitizing deodorizing spray, which he points out has a nice earthy scent to it. Calling it an altar scent, the truth is that this scent is more altering than altar based, and as soon as she returns to the church and presents it to Preacher Paul, plenty of alterations will be taking place.

Preacher Paul is of course very impressed with Amy’s creativity, thinking of the nearby costume shop for solving the dilemma of his stained collar. She’s always been incredibly smart, and is sure to make a church very happy one day… although after putting on the collar, thoughts of the heat are returning, and mostly it’s a new kind of heat Paul isn’t used to feeling that burn into his thoughts.

Watching Amy run back and forth down the hall, setting up books, papers, all the little gift bags he had for her and the three others, Paul’s starting to notice Amy more and more, finding his thoughts wandering over every curve of her tight teen body, and worse, he’s beginning to focus on how mature she is, how she might look underneath her good girl clothing.

Is it more disturbing to be having such thoughts, or that he’s quickly starting to not mind those thoughts at all… and is wondering whether Amy can be fucked stupid even if she is one of the brightest young minds he knows?

It’s hot outside this summer, but thanks to a demonic twist at a twisted costume shop, it’s always going to be Hot Under the Collar for Preacher Paul, and anyone around that breathes in the scent of that special collar he wheres will definitely feel the burning desires of nonstop sin.


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Selfies #21 – Success!

Selfies #21 - Success! by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies #21 – Success! by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

This Selfie offers a special 99 cent Selfie as a back to school special!

Success! The ever nerdy and brainy Randall has already won the jackpot in college by hooking up with super hot Jessica, but he’s always wanted more. Even his girlfriend supports his kinky desires, letting him continue to seek out the solution to making his hypnoray actually work.

All he wants is what every red-blooded male wants, a hopelessly horny slut to call his own. Jessica is to be that slut, if he can just figure out the science of turning her into one. His hypnoray is just the latest in his experiments and it’s clearly not working.

Something Jessica says though sparks an entirely new train of thought, an idea that modifies his experiment just enough to where it actually works. He can and does make the coed cutie his own personal slut, but something might just be too easy about success this time.


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SINtendo Surprise Stimulator

SINtendo Surprise Stimulator by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Surprise Stimulator by Kris P. Kreme

Noah has never been the luckiest guy in love, so it’s naturally a big step for him to finally admit he may have found the one. Anna came into his life a bit over a year ago and has been a serious shot of positivity as well as a much needed ray of hope for him to turn his attitude around. And for their one year anniversary he has just found the perfect surprise.

Having always loved surprises, Anna is a girl with gorgeous looks and simple tastes, not stuck on the price of a surprise as much as the thought behind it, which is why Noah finds himself at her favorite second-hand store, browsing the cluttered chaotic aisles and shelves, discovering what may just be the most perfect odd ball gift ever.

According to the colorful slightly worn box, it’s a Surprise Simulator, some little device that attaches like medical taped pads to the back of the neck. Judging by the Made in Japan label and the poorly translated English directions, Noah can only assume it’s a typical quirky device from possibly the 80s or 90s and given the brightly colored box and reasonably good condition, it’s the perfect gift for the girl who helped him surprise himself in love.

Of course Anna is thrilled to be surprised as Noah arrives back at their apartment and since they were already heading over to Noah’s dad’s for dinner, someone she has been pestering him for months to meet, they decide to walk there and see if this little gadget still works or does anything at all.

As best they can tell, the device works by attaching to the base of the neck beneath the hair, and whenever the wearer sees a new face, someone unrecognizable to them, it reacts to cause endorphins to be released, naturally simulating the surprise reaction. Anna has always loved surprises, the thrill of a momentary endorphin rush, so the thought of having endless potentials on a walk through the city with so many new faces out there, is definitely appealing.

Testing it out before they leave, Anna looks down from the apartment and the first woman who happens to look up sends Anna into a brief but immensely satisfying sensation, one she describes as a flash of heat, tingling, pulsing, and the feeling one gets when someone jumps out and yells surprise!

Convinced that it works, though a bit surprised by how affectionate Anna feels in those lingering moments following the surprise sensation, Noah suggests they get walking if they are to make his dad’s place by dinner.

It’s only a matter of blocks to his dad’s but barely ten steps down the sidewalk, in under a block, Anna is beginning to be overwhelmed with all the new faces they pass, her reactions slipping from simple gasps to almost orgasmic seizures, and Noah can’t seem to persuade her to remove the little simulator.

As the sweet wholesome positive girl in his life is slowly losing her mind to surprising new faces, Noah can literally see her eyes fading, a blankness there which never existed before, as though she’d being overloaded with pleasurable endorphins, and he knows something is seriously wrong when Anna is propositioning him to stop midway on their walk and fuck in an alley.

Checking the box the little simulator came inside, Noah is horrified to see that the slightly roughed up yet colorful exterior of the box hid one little letter, the device not a surprise simulator but in fact something called a Surprise Stimulator, each new face pushing Anna more and more into a helplessly stimulated place from which ultimately there is no coming back. Even worse, it is made by a company he has heard of, a very dangerous company for good sweet girls like Anna.

Will Noah be able to pry the little medical pad off Anna’s neck before she’s permanently over-stimulated… or will he face an all new challenge which will permanently change the status of his healthy relationship? Will the couple ever arrive at his dad’s place for dinner… and just how happy will Anna be to meet a new face like Noah’s father?

Find out in the truly surprising start to SINtendo September, an all new device from a seedy gaming company’s stimulating past.


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Grab Bag #23 – SINtendo September Special

Grab Bag #23 - SINtendo September Special by Kris P. Kreme

Grab Bag #23 – SINtendo September Special by Kris P. Kreme

It’s the very first SINtendo September… and school is back in session, time to learn that some games don’t play by the rules. Enjoy a special Grab Bag of Gaming to see if you will win or lose.

This Grab Bag includes:

SINtendo Shades: Joel just wants to find a pair of inexpensive internet glasses, those wearable devices that let someone explore the internet in the corner of their eye while looking cool and gaining popularity.

 What he finds is the latest from a company called SINtendo, gaming glasses called SINtendo Shades, which promise to offer full view control and interactivity with the world around whoever wears them.

SINtendo App-gasm: When Kevin’s cousin Vince calls and is bored out of his mind at the local DMV, Kevin has just the cure, in the form of an all new SINtendo phone App called SINtendo App-gasm. Now at merely the swipe of his thumb across his phone, Vince is free to give spontaneous orgasms to various attractive women waiting in the large DMV room with him as the DMV meets with SINtendo’s special blend of excitement.


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The Lost Kreme #6: SINtendo Whee POP!

The Lost Kreme #6: SINtendo Whee POP! by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme #6: SINtendo Whee POP! by Kris P. Kreme

Every now and then a tale is lost to Kreme readers, only uncovered years later, and this is the rare time a SINtendo tale has been discovered, one which will serve literally as a warning. No matter what you do, do not play SINtendo Whee, especially if you are a girl.

Those are the words warned by a once intelligent coed just beginning her college career, a young woman who simply wanted to pass the time and play a game, but discovered the cost of playing certain games can far outweigh the end rewards.

Kaitlyn Stewart was an average girl, living at home, earning a degree, and even keeping a personal video blog about life and her place in it.

For some time though she hasn’t had a blog entry and her latest entry will explain why as she tells firsthand of the incident that occurred when she was house sitting and discovered a SINtendo Whee!

Kaitlyn had never heard of SINtendo but games were games, or at least she thought they were. Figuring it as a fun way of passing the time, intrigued by the claims of being the most interactive gaming system on the planet, Kaitlyn dug through and found a game called Whee Pop! But this game would prove anything but easy, as the same ultimately couldn’t be said for Kaitlyn herself.

The goal of Whee Pop! was simple, stand central to the screen where you will see yourself on the screen and then jump, leap, bend, do whatever it took to avoid a flurry of incoming bubbles… and at all costs do not let them pop against you.

It was basically Asteroids but without shooting the incoming asteroids and the asteroids were bubbles. And it was quite challenging after the first practice session, as Kaitlyn Stewart would discover when she popped her first bubble.

Even though her clothing felt dry, it was as though she could feel the damp moisture of a popped bubble beneath the material, and that was only the first of inexplicable reactions to playing and struggling with SINtendo Whee Pop!

As the game goes along, she quickly discovers a horror she could not have imagined. As the bubbles pop, they swell up a part of her bit by bit, her chest and torso taking the brunt of the bubbles, her perky chest no longer just perky by the time she is struggling to jump out of the way.

With all the swelling, with all the newly expanded curves, it becomes only more difficult to play the game, and by the final regular round of play, Kaitlyn is definitely not the same looking girl on screen, and she’s feeling more than just tingly, more than just shocked, and way more than just jiggly.

But then SINtendo doesn’t finish so easily as she warns about months later in her video blog, SINtendo always has a final twist and the twist was the challenge rounds she was helpless to avoid playing once the game started, challenge rounds with either pink bubbles that aimed directly at her head and threatened with loss of intelligence, or cow shaped bubbles which wherever they struck threatened her already swollen tits with additional liquid weight.

Just how did Kaitlyn finish her fateful game? Did she ever house sit again? And how did she recover enough to even make a new video diary blog entry for her followers? Find out all this and more in the special SINtendo edition of The Lost Kreme, where win or lose, everyone wins in the end.


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SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Modern Orgasmic Farming

SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Modern Orgasmic Farming by Kris P. Krene

SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Modern Orgasmic Farming by Kris P. Kreme

Angela has always been shy, especially since leaving her family farm to head to college on her own. It’s barely been a month and she struggles daily with many things, but the most important thing in her mind is figuring out just what she wants to study.

The entire point of college is to earn a degree, to focus ones interests into a career and that is where Angela finds herself one evening as her roommate is getting set to head out to a party.

Celia is the typical party girl blonde, and about as much a polar opposite of Angela as one can get. Where Angela prefers quiet time alone with her thoughts, with her studies, Celia prefers loud wild parties, and does just about anything a guy could want, particular two campus studs, Bud and Derrick.

So it’s not a huge surprise that Celia wants Angela to finally stop with the shyness, admit she has a nice body, and get out there and flaunt that body to the world.

Having none of that, Angela is perfectly content in her favorite denim dress from back on the farm, a comfort clothing she wears when faced with troubles in life, even if the clothing is a bit snug after a few years of owning it.

Whatever the case, she’s not going out, no one will see her, and with Celia gone for the evening, it’s the perfect opportunity to search on the computer for study techniques, methods of narrowing down her interests and maybe even picking a major, figuring out the whole point to being away at college.

When Angela comes across information about an all new virtual reality learning program called the SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques, she’s definitely fascinated. It promises to educate in merely five minutes through the miracles of VR applications. All she has to do is download a topic or subject from the many many options available to her cell phone, then have access to a VR headset case to put that cell phone into. After that, it’s simply a five minute educational experience like no other.

Angela is intrigued, and considering her roommate Celia has just such a VR headset case sitting there on the study desk they share, it seems like it might be worth exploring. After all if she can’t make up her mind about what to study, where her interests truly lie, then a five minute instant learning course seems a good way to test out options. At the worst it’s only a wasted five minutes, and what harm could that do?

Choosing something that reminds her of home, Modern Organic Farming, Angela assumes she might even learn some stuff she can share with the family, maybe to help her mother and father with their own struggling farm. Either way it’s something she is looking forward to… until slipping that headset over her eyes and beginning the five minute experience.

Bombarded by sights and sounds, a voice narrates her brief journey through the history of farming, covering both good and bad practices, but why does she find herself numbed near instantly, incapable of reaching up and removing the headset, of stopping this virtual learning program?

Struggling with the rapid input of sensations, of dialogue and imagery, the most disturbing thing to Angela is what she feels and can’t see… something that begins when the narrator starts describing how farms in the past altered and enhanced their livestock through hormonal injections and chemicals, a very bad practice, but a practice it seems is somehow happening to Angela as she hears about it.

She can feel herself swelling up, her breasts expanding, her already tight denim dress getting ready to explode, and what is worst of all, she can hardly move at all, much less rip the headset away and free herself of living this horrible educating moment.

Education is no game, but something about all of this feels like a cruel game being played with her, hearing about farming practices such as artificial enhancements which turned cows into dumb animals, which made bulls have enhanced sperm production to serve only as mindless studs, and all of which seems to be having very warped effects on her young innocent body outside the confines of the VR headset.

But just what will happen when Angela actually manages to struggle, to slap at the headset, trying to get it off? Will she actually escape a full five minute re-education treatment or will she merely alter her own body in ways never intended by glitching the lessons she was already learning?

The only thing certain is that in simply five minutes everything about Angela’s life will change, and not in the way you might assume as she finds that the only thing worse than getting a SINtendo education is interrupting that education before it is finished.

How will Angela ultimately end up? What will her party girl roommate think when she returns? And what about the two campus studs, Celia brings back for some extra-curricular fun?

SINtendo expands their technological offerings with a truly educational experience, one where learning is only surpassed by living.


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SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Financing Made Easy

SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Financing Made Easy by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Financing Made Easy by Kris P. Kreme

With her flawless complexion, long silky black hair, and impressive physique, Katelyn has served as quite the distraction during the past year and a half of her college career. Unfortunately for those she distracts, Katelyn has not been so distracted herself to entertain anything but studying.

There’s little room for anything but ambition and dedication to her studies in Katelyn’s thoughts, and she has proven herself so perfect with her courses she even has become quite popular as a favorite among certain professors on campus.

However Katelyn does have one subject she has struggled with, even if the struggle would hardly have been noticed by the ones grading her exams, the ones handing out the grades, or the ones whose chances at grading on a curve she ruined by ultimately passing every challenge. That one subject is the one which she knows could make or break her future as a self-employed independent business owner.

She’s always had the drive and ambition to achieve such a goal, no one questioning it, but Katelyn knows that if financing isn’t tackled and her questions regarding it overcome, she will never succeed in the game of life. Having told of this struggle to several of her favorite professors, it’s not too surprising when one of them, Professor Clark Daniels says he might have just what she was looking for.

Although the older Professor Stanton seems to have some immediate reluctance when Daniels brings up the study assistance, Katelyn is intrigued.

Only the younger Professor Andrews is confused, detecting a strange conflict between his two fellow instructors as one seems quite eager to share the study technique with Katelyn, the other shaking his head.

Despite the confusion, Andrews vouches for Katelyn, their brief argument about her being able to handle it, about it being right to share it only having her more ready to give whatever it is a try.

And so the oddly grinning Professor Clark Daniels shares this radical new study medium, messaging a specific virtual program to her phone, a program he tells her is specific to financing, and she just needs a VR case to hold the phone against her eyes and it will do the rest.

As he tells her, it will only take approximately five minutes to re-educate everything she may have ever found complicated or confusing about financing, making it easy to understand and apply to her own life goals.

Scratching his head at what has Stanton so nervous and Daniels so eager looking, the three professors head off to lunch at a small coffee shop just off campus, the older two intending to reveal details that will soon have Katelyn definitely rising to the top of their classes, if she wasn’t already there to begin with.

Meanwhile, Katelyn is eager to try this new Learning Undergraduate Techniques course, figuring no better time than the present when it’s only five minutes.

As soon as the course launches, Katelyn finds herself flooded by random numbers floating around her in three dimensional space, a virtual world as she hears a voice start to instruct on Macro vs Micro Economics.

Oddly though the virtual experience begins to have real sensations on her body, little numbers smacking into her chest, the most real feelings of her actual breasts being punched lightly over and over again.

If that wasn’t concerning enough, the educational part speaks of larger assets, more readily available assets, and a smaller but dedicated client group willing to support those assets financially. Something about all of it just seems off, but for the life of her, Katelyn feels almost numbed to speak up in protest or so much as lift the headset off her face.

Will Katelyn discover the best way to financially enjoy her assets? Will her assets improve in record time? And what about her favorite three professors… will they prove more than willing to ensure Katelyn’s total success in her chosen career after finishing this study program?

Find out as SINtendo September continues to educate from one topic to the next, reminding you that education is no game… but what you do with it, can definitely be fun.


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SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Patriarchal Liberation

SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Patriarchal Liberation by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Patriarchal Liberation by Kris P. Kreme

Madison is a senior in high school, with at least half the world in front of her, as long men aren’t involved. She’s entered such a fiercely feminist phase in recent years that she prefers to be called Madi, holding only disgust at the thought of having a male associated word like son be part of her name.

With her mother Mindy, the top earner in the household of course, leaving on a week long business trip, Madison is going to be making life miserable for her stepfather. Joe’s never been a man of confrontation, and always tried to simply sit on the sidelines and be supportive, holding no regrets at having a woman who wears the pants in his home.

Mindy just knows the week is not going to be easy for Joe, but naturally Joe won’t complain, and hopefully Madison will just leave the poor guy alone, focus on her studies. It’s her daughter’s studies that gives her hopes as she runs late catching her cab to the airport. Madison has been using her tablet to look up new advanced study techniques for what she plans on focusing her college career on next year.

Leaving Joe on the couch to read or reread the sports page he anxiously can’t get past, Mindy hopes the happy home will at least remain tolerable in her absence. Joe will have his friends coming over to watch football as usual the next day, but other than that, he’s on his own to handle a fairly harsh young blonde, one that has a new VR study course she’s looking forward to trying out.

Called Patriarchal Liberation, Madison just knows this is the course for her, some fancy advanced study technique that takes about five minutes to direct input new knowledge on what she assumes is the women’s war against the society of men, sorry little animals who can’t help but objectify women.

As soon as her mother is out the door, Madison is in her room, loading the app into her phone, slipping the phone into her VR headset case, and preparing to learn just how amazing women really are, and hopefully more ways men are pigs.

As soon as this fancy Learning Undergraduate Techniques program begins, Madison finds herself standing in a three dimensional world with flurries of colors around her. When the narrator, a woman naturally, begins talking, floating television screens appear all around her.

It’s truly a fascinating way of educating one’s self, she thinks, and obviously only women are capable of appreciating such education.

However the program takes a dramatic turn barely a minute into learning anything, the screens showing various women in all phases of life, professions, fields, general social settings. When the female voice informs Madison that liberating herself, means accepting herself, and accepting herself means being comfortable in her body, the feisty teenager knows something is wrong.

But when the narrator informs her that this little instant lesson is geared solely to helping her accept her body and liberating herself from thoughts in order to better inspire lust in a patriarchal society, Madison has had enough.

It’s disgusting and horrible, yet she can’t remove the headset, her mind wanting to, the bright powerful strobes of colored lights inside the headset somehow manipulating her from doing so.

Continuing in a misguided twisted anti-feminist lesson, the narrator’s voice gets less and less ‘strong confident woman’ and more and more ‘simple headed bimbo’.

The floating screens shift from normal settings for women to find themselves in to perverse situations where those women are only pleasing and serving various men. Eventually the screens simply show a first person view as though Madison herself is doing so many horrible depraved things, one screen making her appear to suck a cock, another making her appear to be some eager recipient of multiple dicks.

Madison simply can’t handle the unwanted stimulation of her senses, and ultimately finds herself looking around in VR, up on a darkened stage, dancing and stripping for the imaginary virtual men around her.

Will Madison find an all new perspective to live by in a patriarchal society? Will she manage to resist and be strong, a strong smart confident young woman? Or will Madison be making this the best week ever for poor stepdaddy Joe who has walked on eggshells around her for years now?

SINtendo educates some hard lessons in the battle of the sexes… where sex always wins out as the solution.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #22 – SINtendo Whee!

 Selfies from Kastle Kreme #22 - SINtendo Whee! by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #22 – SINtendo Whee! by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

For fans of my more recent story SINtendo Whee Yoo, see how it all began during the previous generation of gaming, by following in the chaotic mishaps and gameplay of the one, the only, SINtendo Whee! Warning, the following contains graphic and extreme content, adult gaming at its best and likely worst. Enjoy, and remember gaming or reading for more than an hour at a time can cause eye strain, headaches, and lead to permanent loss of intelligence as well as unending arousal.

Enjoy… safely.


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Casting Off Costumes

Casting Off Costumes by Kris P. Kreme

Casting Off Costumes by Kris P. Kreme

Ronny and Kate are born thespians, which Ronny was quite glad to hear didn’t mean Kate frolicked with her girlfriends exclusively. It means they are as dedicated to each other as they are to acting… but this October brings the role they know will start them on the path to success.

At the Central Stage Theater in their small town, a unique production of Beauty and the Beast portrayed from the perspective of beast is to be cast tomorrow, and tonight Ronny and Kate are going to sneak into the wardrobe room backstage and master their lines, assuring them that they will be cast as leads in the production.

No one could say they aren’t talented actors, but as Kate points out, none of the others trying out will have done so in the actual costumes, which always present unique challenges. So sneaking in with a little B and E for the good of all theater is nothing worth fretting over.

What Kate could never suspect is that the costumes specially provided for this small town ambitious stage performance are being generously donated by none other than Donnie the Demon himself, who is set to arrive the next morning for a look at the costumes sent over.

As with anything from his shop, these are special costumes, more than mere fabric and fur, destined to transform any wearer in ways they never could anticipate, nor likely will ever recover from.

When Ronny puts on the Beast costume, fake teeth and fur, horns and a strange yet fitting beastly warmth spreading over him, is the fair Beauty Kate going to get a lot more than a dress rehearsal?

Only Donnie and the stage manager will find out the next morning when they discover that a couple of sneaky dedicated actors are no longer acting. They’re casting off a lot more than costumes with their final roles, and Kate definitely was right… this is one role that will end up blowing up her career… and maybe more.


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Storage Whores

Storage Whores by Kris P. Kreme

Storage Whores by Kris P. Kreme

Cindy has been looking forward to this day all her life, even if she never thought about how chilly the day might start out. Naturally October might not be the best to wear jeans and skimpy tank top but today is the day Cindy will start her path to fame… but may just end up on the road to infamy.

Always fascinated by those reality television programs where the buyers of unclaimed storage lockers are made instant celebrities by becoming rich or losing it all, Cindy has gathered her life savings and come down to a local storage facility that will be filming for a new local access version of the more well known series.

It was intentional to dress the part, since she just knows the camera is drawn to a gorgeous young woman eager to bounce happily as she bids on lockers. She doesn’t even mind the leering pair of storage locker employees who take her name and information for the programming release.

Cindy has always played up her looks, and she figures if she makes money off whatever a locker contains, great, but if she makes money and is instantly famous as a repeat bidder, then she is set for life.

But Cindy isn’t just about looking pretty for the camera, she’s also quite shrewd, asking one of the two employees if they might know a special locker to focus her efforts on, maybe some dirt that can’t be detected simply by looking in the open locker when they cut the lock off.

Ned and Henry seem like decent guys, if a little overly attentive, and it’s Ned who tells Cindy that the third of three lockers to be featured there today is probably the one to wait for.

According to Ned, who seems nervous, the contents are from a very old building downtown, lots of unique stuff, but he warns that there might be some stories behind the stuff inside… scary stories.

Cindy’s all game, never one to let scary stories do more than entertain her, but she could never have imagined that when the third locker comes up for bid, it contains items from the famed Cutters Mill.

Cutters Mill is something anyone who grew up nearby heard tales of, whether seedy stories or urban legends. It wasn’t in fact a mill at all… but a famous brothel. According to jokingly shared legends, it’s the place where men used to get wood in their small town.

As Cindy once heard, the place had women who’d do anything for a buck and back in high school she definitely heard the joke many a local girl heard when they looked as nice as Cindy, that she should apply for an after school job there.

Of course the actual Cutters Mill closed more than fifty years ago, and this locker unit contains dusty but incredibly well preserved items from one of the bedroom suites there.

It’s definitely the locker to win to double her stardom today, and so a bidding war is on, cameras mostly on Cindy simply because she’s been flirty all day.

However, is winning the locker really winning when it comes with something unseen and sinister? It’s more than mere stories as Cindy, Ned and Henry from the locker facility, and one of the remaining camera men sift through the items as the sun begins to set.

As Ned explains, the stories go that Cutters Mill was haunted, and back thirty years ago when a fire destroyed the place, certain rooms were immaculately untouched, reportedly because items in those rooms held the spirits desperate to escape the fire.

The incredible bed, mattress still in great shape, large armoire, antique furnishings, and even period piece corsets and clothing, are all amazing things to bid on and win, but as the dust begins to kick up, maybe it’s the stories finally getting to Cindy… or perhaps it’s something a bit more.

Will Cindy make a profit off her television debut in the storage locker buying business… or will Cindy be making an all new regular profit as a lady of the night?

There’s definitely more to fear than a camera adding ten pounds this Halloween as Cindy discovers the hauntingly secret lives of Storage Whores.


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This Just In

This Just In by Kris P. Kreme

This Just In by Kris P. Kreme

It’s a typical October on a random college campus, evening setting in, thumping music playing from a dorm window, and unfortunately for three cute coeds in only their underwear, it’s the final night of Hell Week to get into a popular campus sorority.

Fittingly blonde, redhead, and brunette, Christina, Charlotte, and Alexis, certainly don’t have anything to be ashamed of, though definitely embarrassed by this humiliating task the one called Mistress Pain has for them.

Naturally Mistress Pain is just the title given the head of the sorority they are pledging, and this final task is full of both humiliation and mystery. The three coeds are to walk the path through the entire campus in only their underwear, and throughout that walk, Mistress Pain has arranged unknown visitors to whom they have to be on their best behavior, no attitude, no disrespect.

Having become friends, the three girls know each other’s strengths and even if Alexis is shy, she can agree with Charlotte that Christina is the smartest girl on campus, so she’ll get them through this final task.

What nobody on campus knows, not even Mistress Pain, is that this random ordinary college campus has been chosen as the setting for a popular reality hosted entertainment show known simply as This Just In.

Unseen by others until fully materialized from a whirling swirl of inverted colors, Gleeble Flog is here on earth for the very first time, far away from his home in the trans-dimensional vortex.

Seeming like a tiny gray man in shiny green, Gleeble Flog may appear just an overzealous early costumed Halloween character, but he’s much more than that, possessing an ability never before seen on this planet, though enjoyed by countless viewers in other realms.

Zany and unpredictable, Gleeble Flog has studied up extensively on earth, though just where those study materials came from is anyone’s guess, since he has some particularly stereotyped and ridiculous notions.

Believing himself to have materialized on what must be a popular earth breeding encampment, due to the prime breeding ages of all the humans he sees, Gleeble Flog is quick to whip out his special pointer, sharing with the viewers back home the fascinating facts about humans.

Indicating some passing boys, he casually mentions how those males will likely roam like animals and copulate madly with all the females they can, never noticing that as soon as he declares it and points his special pointer their way, it becomes true.

So when our three clueless sorority pledges cross paths with this bizarre character, mistakenly believing him to be one of Mistress Pain’s planned encounters, it doesn’t taken an inter-dimensional audience at home to tell that wacky weird stuff is going to happen.

After all, Gleeble Flog is just sure that as a brunette, shy Alexis must be a dominant bitch out to double cross and out-screw her two friends, and that as a redhead, Charlotte is intense, a bit crazy, and willing to truly ruin her body to get the most breeding going with every guy around.

But will Christina discover that being an intelligent blonde just doesn’t fit with her all new destined reality… or can she escape the fate of whatever warped logic Gleeble Flog is using for his popular performance?

This Just In, she probably won’t, but Halloween is definitely going to be a lot happier on one campus this year.


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Charged with Possession

Charged with Possession by Kris P. Kreme

Charged with Possession by Kris P. Kreme

Penny has never been too outgoing, and equally never expected to return to her Aunt Geraldine’s sprawling private mansion. It was a place the shy college girl spent time as a kid, only recalling how her mother had a huge falling out with her aunt, how her aunt earned a reputation as a bit of a party girl who lived for the moment, and never grew up.

Now her aunt has been missing, presumed dead, or just run off on some sporadic new life abroad, and the old mansion is being maintained and kept by Aunt Geraldine’s butler, Milton, who was probably the only thing Penny liked about spending summers at the place as a child.

Yet Milton has reportedly been held by the local sheriff, a stolen pearl bracelet in his possession, a bracelet he rants and raves about with nonsense, claiming he wasn’t trying to sell it for the money a priceless bracelet like it could bring. As the closest living relative to the property owner, Penny has been contacted and requested to visit the mansion and speak to the sheriff, to sign for and reclaim the bracelet, and then decide Milton’s fate.

Driven there by her boyfriend Grant, Penny is a bit more shy than usual, having to dress nicely just to feel like they belong in such a huge home, and upon arriving the sheriff isn’t too helpful in explaining the situation.

Grant is the one to notice that the sheriff seems to have eyes for young coeds, but maybe that’s nothing to worry about since Penny is a beautiful young girl, who earns appreciative stares even on campus, but the sheriff is definitely not telling everything, mentioning that Milton has been off a little lately, refusing to get with the program… some local tradition that he’s betraying.

Claiming the bracelet, Penny can see why someone might want to steal it, though not if they didn’t need the money, and the time has come for her to confront Milton, currently in the library.

It’s on the way to the library with the sheriff, Grant suggested to wait down in the foyer since Milton is a bit unstable around new people That’s when Penny slips the bracelet onto her wrist… and that’s when true betrayal begins.

Something in the bracelet is possessing Penny, sweet kind Penny, and slowly whatever that is, is taking charge, quite literally… feeding on her, making Penny the battery and charging up through pure lust in the unfortunate shy girl.

Just what is the secret behind the stolen bracelet, just what does the sheriff know about all of this, and why was Milton trying to avoid Penny ever know about that bracelet, by getting rid of it once and for all? The answer will certainly possess you, and leave you buzzing with a charge like never before.

Penny never knew her aunt all that well, but now she will be closer than ever, thanks to getting Charged with Possession.


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SINtendo DevilDOLL

SINtendo DevilDOLL by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo DevilDOLL by Kris P. Kreme

Kyle has been a good guy for Deanna, ever since her daughter Victoria encouraged her to start dating again, and today is a very special day, one Kyle actually almost forgot about, since today is Kyle’s birthday.

Fortunately Deanna didn’t forget and when Kyle arrives at her house she knows that a little more time is needed to make sure his special gift is all set to enjoy.

However, sending him off to the grocery store to pick up his birthday cake she ordered, Deanna and her daughter Victoria have no idea the fate Kyle’s gift has in store for them.

Deanna appreciates how mature her daughter is, how quirky her fashions can sometimes be, particularly showing a lot of leg today, but those typical mother daughter issues are nothing when Deanna knows she lucked out finding a guy who isn’t creeping and leering at such a pretty teenage girl.

Even Victoria likes Kyle, which is saying a lot, and both are going to work together quickly while he is gone to set up his birthday gift, something Deanna knows should touch on Kyle’s favorite boyhood memories of playing video games, a brand new gaming system reportedly made for grown men.

Setting this SINtendo system up in the living room, Deanna and Victoria just intend to play a quick game, see what the big fuss is about, and the game that came with it is called SINtendo Devil Doll, a fitting game for the month of Halloween.

Having to choose one player to be the Devil Doll, hardly a thought is given as Victoria volunteers, but after pressing the directional arrows to choose her daughter, Deanna is horrified to see all life drain from Victoria, even her eyes turning all white.

Only after the now motionless empty Victoria sits truly mindlessly on the couch beside her, does Deanna read on the screen just what the point of this game is. Victoria has become the Devil Doll, a doll and nothing more, all of her existence erased from history except to those in the room. In order to get Victoria back as she was, someone of Deanna’s choosing must literally fuck the devil right out of her.

Freaking out, having never heard of such an insane thing, Deanna can only impulsively think of one solution, knowing her daughter has a boyfriend, rushing off to try and get that boyfriend back before time expires and Victoria is a doll forever.

Leaving a note for Kyle asking him to possibly come back by later, saying she had to run some important errands with Victoria, Deanna never even considers one of the key facts about this reality warping game.

Victoria her daughter has ceased to exist, only a doll now, and so when Kyle returns, he reads the note, wondering who this Victoria is, having never heard of her before.

Sneaking a peek in the living room, where Deanna told him his gift would be waiting, imagine Kyle’s surprise to find what he believes has to be that gift, an incredibly lifelike sex doll, something amazing to get from his girlfriend, even noting the resemblance to her, like a younger version of Deanna.

Will Deanna find Victoria’s boyfriend in time, will Kyle resist the temptation to ‘play’ with what he believes to be his birthday gift? And will the lovely young Victoria remain a doll forever?

One thing is certain, SINtendo brings frightening fun for both birthdays… and of course Halloween.


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The Vapid Vape

The Vapid Vape by Kris P. Kreme

The Vapid Vape by Kris P. Kreme

Lucy has never been one to entertain fads, but she has become a good friend to the teenager in the apartment next to hers, a kid she sees as a good kid in bad circumstances.
So when Billy says his older sister away at school told him how much vaping can help someone focus and concentrate, she’s all for trying it.

When Billy’s family suffered a big downturn in the economy, they all piled into an apartment the size of Lucy’s and Lucy knows that poor Billy never has friends over, never seems all that confident, only seems interested in much of anything when she’s encouraging him and chatting after her daily jogs.

Studying for her masters in Philosophy, Lucy is as intelligent as she is rigorous in her workouts, but sometimes lately studying has just not been so easy, so she took Billy’s advice, ordered the special Pumpkin Spice Vape from some company called Trance-tory, and is ready to give it a go when she finds the package waiting for her after her jog.

Billy is there as usual and seems eager to hear how she likes the vape after trying it, so Lucy is happy to invite him over later that night. Heading inside, she’s quick to open, read the limited yet simplistic instructions, and start vaping away while she sits down with her materials and laptop in the dining room. She’s instantly amused by the typo made in the instructions where the word vaped was mistakenly written vapid, but as the pinkish hue smoke begins to settle around her, Lucy might just be discovering that perhaps there was no mistake at all.

Is it her imagination or is her focus and concentration even worse than before? Could it possibly be her imagination that her breasts are starting to fill out and expand over her spandex half top from jogging? And just why is she worrying less and less the more she vapes over any of these strange occurrences?

Find out just how scary focusing on your studies can be, with the help of Trance-tory, and perhaps an equally motivated eighteen year old boy who’s certainly willing to spend quality time with Lucy after she spends time sucking on The Vapid Vape.


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The Devil’s Dress

The Devil's Dress by Kris P. Kreme

The Devil’s Dress by Kris P. Kreme

Alicia has never intentionally hurt anyone, never would dream of doing so, and has always been a shy picked on girl in her school. It’s in those school hallways where she often hears the evil bitchy voices of Skye and Veronica. However it isn’t at school where fate is about to flip things totally around for her.

The traveling Halloween carnival returns to their town each year during the month of October, and this year Alicia thought it might be a fitting place to escape her regular humiliating daily nightmare. The last people she expected to bump into were the self appointed queen bitch of campus, Skye Davis, and her rich bitch friend Veronica Castille.

What poor Alicia could never suspect is that their encounter is nowhere near as annoying as blonde bitch Skye pretends it to be, the girls and their dates at the carnival with an agenda to result in the ultimate humiliation of Alicia, or as they call her the loser.

No one questions Skye when she has a plan for picking on poor pathetic things like Alicia, and her plan this time is a step too far, plotting to steal a reportedly cursed red dress from one of the tents at the carnival and trick Alicia into wearing it.

As Skye and Veronica tell their dates, Brad and Taylor, the Devil’s Dress as it has been called was reportedly created with the silk of deadly spiders, dyed with virgin blood, and was made to be the wedding dress of only the most fitting bride of the devil.

Every woman who ever dared wear this dress throughout history supposedly suffered serious trauma, tragedy, or humiliation, and that is where the plan for poor Alicia comes into play.

Although Brad and Taylor seem more fascinated by the very lifelike mannequin the dress is currently on, they will be instrumental in getting Alicia to wear it. Skye and Veronica plan to confront the loser of campus and intentionally spill slushies all over her, ruining the sad pathetic clothes she has on.

Brad and Taylor will then approach as helpful apologetic gentlemen, offering the incredible red dress as a peace offering, making up whatever story they want about why they had it.

The cruel plan goes off flawlessly, but is there more to all of this than evil bitches can possibly plan for? Just why is the mannequin so lifelike which wears the dress before Brad and Taylor swipe it? Just what happens when a truly innocent soul slips that dress on? And will Skye and Veronica be the latest of mysterious disappearances which surround the cursed items of this traveling Halloween carnival?


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Bimbo Bombed Halloween Hijinks

Bimbo Bombed Halloween Hijinks by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed Halloween Hijinks by Kris P. Kreme

Jonathan and Lance have been friends for years, high school seniors who each know exactly the way to get a rise out the other… commenting on how how the other one’s mom is.

But this Halloween, something is happening that will end their old argument over whether Lance’s mom Brenda is hotter than the brainy but busty Cassandra, Jonathan’s milf of a mother. But is what’s happening actually happening?

After playing some video games at Lance’s house, his phone receives a text alert… and everything gets tense, most notably Jonathan in the pants, as Lance has been Bimbo Bombed.

But can a guy even be Bimbo Bombed? The risk is a lot to take on the assumption that guys can’t be, but the requirements of this particular Bimbo Bombing are too severe to think about. Lance is informed he has just ten minutes to sexually arouse his own mother.

When Jonathan is too busy laughing to bother helping, Lance decides that maybe he can cheat the system, stumbling and pretending an accidental grope or something just to meet the requirements, because the punishment for not doing as this Bimbo Bombing requires is too perverse even for him

Yet even as the planned accidental stumble goes flawlessly, much to Brenda’s shock and horror, something fishy is going on, some definite Halloween Hijinks between old buddies.

It seems that the entire Bimbo Bombing was a ruse, Jonathan playing the prank to end all pranks on his buddy Lance, getting him to do what Jonathan always wanted to do himself, and providing the humiliation to end all humiliation.

Jonathan always was a real motherfucker, but as he happily arrives home, epic cell phone footage of the stumbling gropes over the milf he always fantasized about, his own milf has a surprise of her own.

Cassandra is wearing a seriously sexy outfit, seeming determined to actually turn on her son, but is this just a quick payback from Lance, his buddy having somehow gotten Jonathan’s mother involved on the prank… or has she truly been Bimbo Bombed?

Only one thing is certain when chaotic Halloween Hijinks take a turn for the horny, one of these milfs is getting fucked in more ways than one… and one of these two joke playing motherfuckers might just live up to the name.

Halloween with the Kreme terrifies and embarrasses, all while taking family fun to a whole new extreme.


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Glad to be Mad

Glad to be Mad by Kris P. Kreme

Glad to be Mad by Kris P. Kreme

Throughout his life, Peter has felt like a tiny any lost in a big colony, and his school’s Honor Society long distance field trip to the city has seemed mostly to emphasize that inconsequential status

He’s definitely an easy going guy, and has the best friend a guy could ask for in Meredith, but for years now he’s never wanted to just be friends, falling blindly into that friend zone and too happy being around her to even try changing it

If only Meredith knew the idle fantasies he had about her, the nerd fantasies most any guy would have about a beautiful blonde who is as hot as she is smart, being one of the only girls in honor society to take this trip.

Sadly Peter hasn’t been able to figure out how to take advantage of an opportunity away from all the moronic jocks back on campus, a way of telling Meredith he wants more than a friendship, and so he’s been unable to sleep most nights at the hotel, wandering floor after floor, trying not to accept his forever fate that this is the final year they’ll even be friends, heading separate ways to college, no more better chances than the final days of this school trip.

It’s on one of his insomniac strolls, that he overhears a very large crowd in one of the hotel ballrooms, a room that he knew wasn’t occupied earlier, and it’s strange it would be so busy after midnight.

The sign by the closed doors definitely doesn’t explain what sort of event could be going on, unless it’s someone’s idea of a joke. Yet soon enough Peter finds himself invited in, new recruits always welcome, newcomers even getting a free gift for attending the Mad Scientists Expo 2017.

There are well dressed men of all ages observing various demonstrations all around the ballroom, whether it’s eccentric scientists pouring colorful fluids into beakers or giant puffs of colored smoke, everyone seems to be taking this crazy event rather seriously.

It’s when Peter is offered his free gift for signing in, that his place in the ant hill of life seems to take a turn. This particular Expo is offering free Slut Rays for all new attendees, and as much as Peter would like to believe the crazy little bronze prop gun device he is given actually does anything, he knows it’s probably some sort of gag.

However the next day, Peter shows the crazy device to Meredith, who is more than amused by the idea of a Slut Ray, but even she agrees it has incredible build quality, a true collector’s prop, and she bets it makes silly noises or does something when fired, though Peter has yet to fire it.

When passing the time at the back of a sparsely filled bus on the way to some botanical gardens with their classmates, it’s Meredith who tells Peter it’s as good a time as any to fire the Slut Ray and see what funny noises or lights come from it.

Figuring why not, nothing better to do, Peter and Meredith both are quite shocked by what happens when he pulls the trigger, though her more literally than him. Pink sparks wrap from the gun to her body, buzzing throughout her, sending her reeling back in her seat, and even though she assures him it just took her by surprise, that nothing bad happened… why is Meredith compelled to give him a quick but genuine seeming kiss afterwards?

Does this Slut Ray actually do something, or is it all special effects? There’s only one way to find out if perhaps Meredith was playing along, and that’s to shoot her again later, when she isn’t expecting it, to catch a genuine reaction.

What starts out as a simple experiment to see if this Slut Ray really does anything, quickly escalates throughout their various destinations of the day into a progressively slutty series of events, which soon has Peter convinced this ray gun really is changing Meredith into the girl of his dirty little fantasies.

Will finally getting what he always wanted be the ultimate descent into madness… and will Peter be all too glad to take things that far? What about the strangely hot side effects those scientists at the expo mentioned this Slut Ray having when used too much or too close?

Halloween with the Kreme goes a little mad, but you’d be glad to go this mad, now wouldn’t you?


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Trick or Xadr

Trick or Xadr by Kris P. Kreme

Trick or Xadr by Kris P. Kreme

Each year there has been a typical way the Halloween night ends in one small neighborhood, but this year the night will truly end with a bang for three best friends who have grown up and told stories of the spooky house at the end of the road.

For much of her young life, Becca supposes that Dee and Chad have been more than neighbors, sort of the brothers she never had… if brothers were perverse and more interested in making crude attempts at hitting on her all the time.

Whatever the case though, the guys are harmless, which is not entirely what the rumors say about the old Dunne house. The stories go that not all that many years ago, a man named John Dunne moved into this mysterious contemporary rustic home hidden by much of the forest, so hidden in fact that neighbors didn’t even know the home existed until it was sold and the new family moved in.

However, something happened soon after, something influenced the members of that family and ever since the home has sat seemingly abandoned. Yet rumors say John Dunne still lives there with his family, that the house is possessed by evil.

On a dark Halloween night, Becca is trying to ignore the constant half drunken crude comments by her mindless jock friends Dee and Chad, wanting to find out more about this house, about the place they’ve never dared to investigate. It’s only typical that the two horny goofballs are more interested in leering at the pretty redhead, having friendly debates about who could fuck her the fullest, arguing that she’s given them enough blue balls over the years they’d both probably inflate her and make her pop with all the seed they could spill.

Clearly the boys are beyond focus, and as much as Becca is used to playing hard to get, she’s tired of all the disgusting depraved comments, and that’s when a plan forms in her clever little mind.

As she explains to both boys, she’ll make a wager with them. If she goes up to this mysterious spooky house among the trees and Trick or Treats, bringing back an actual treat to prove that it’s just another normal home, the boys will never again mention her, her body, or anything they want to do to it But if she comes back empty handed, then as she puts it, she’ll be all theirs all night long.

With thoughts of having Becca willingly offering her body for all their fantasies to come true, Dee and Chad are only too happy to let Becca push through the overgrown yard and past the towering trees, heading towards the old Dunne house.

What neither boy knows is that this was a loaded wager all the time, both so busy staring at her tight little curvy body that they didn’t consider she already had candy in her pocket. So basically she can go explore and see if anyone lives in this house, returning to a guaranteed win, and hopefully less perversions leaving her two friend’s mouths from now on.

But what Becca herself doesn’t know is that this really is no ordinary house… for John Dunne and his family did indeed move in and find their world changed through every warped wish they were influenced to make, as this isn’t an ordinary house, but The House of Xadr, an ancient being known as a djinncubus, part djinn, part incubus, capable of granting it’s own wishes, and feeding off every wish made, particularly the twisted and corrupt ones.

Climbing to the front porch, this home really is seeming abandoned, but out of the darkness a voice startles Becca, the voice of John Dunne himself, sitting there rocking silently in an old chair, grinning, knowing a girl like her must only be there on some kind of Halloween dare.

Asking her what she wishes, now that she has fulfilled her dare, Becca wishes to know more about this strange house… and that is how she comes to learn its name but The House of Xadr has plenty more tricks and treats in store for the ravishing young redhead, and as John Dunne heads inside with promises of finding a Halloween treat for her, Becca takes note of the old rocking chair he was seated in, an ornately carved chair that seems ebony black, and designed to almost appear like some kind of creature, arms of the chair literal arms, torso forming the seat and back.

Creeped out by both John Dunne and the chair, Becca has no chance to react as Xadr reveals himself, the evil djinncubus making his own wish, which starts Becca’s descent into a kind of corrupting fulfillment even Dee and Chad never could have drunkenly dreamed up.

Of course this story is far from over, even after John Dunne and Xadr have satisfied themselves at the expense of the corrupted mind and body of this redheaded teen tart… since her two friends are waiting.

Just what will happen when Becca returns with no candy in hand? Will Dee and Chad get exactly what they wanted, quite specifically exactly what they claimed they would do to their hot little friend? And what of Becca… will her night of debauchery reach a climactic end… or is this just the beginning of many such nights?

You can trick or treat at every house, but only at one house can you Trick or Xadr… and it’s the trick that truly treats you like no other place can on Halloween. You couldn’t possibly wish for more, now could you?


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Spell it Out

Spell it Out by Kris P. Kreme

Spell it Out by Kris P. Kreme

It’s senior year and the all important homecoming game is coming up on Friday, and while Dani is busy thinking of a new set of cheer routines to celebrate the big day, her two fellow seniors on the cheerleading squad are overly focused on proving that Xenia, the class freak, is actually a witch.

Xenia is the girl who sits by herself in the lunchroom not because she isn’t popular, but because she simply seems out of her element. While her fellow cheerleaders, Chloe and the ever bubbly Kylie may name her a witch, Dani has more important things on her mind, such as leading their threesome to some epic cheers that will have the team super motivated for the all important homecoming rivals on the field.

But as Chloe puts it, Xenia, the pale freak with the raven hair and neon red streaks, is competing it seems to motivate the team, hosting a special Homecoming Horror House this year, something a witch should naturally be quite good at.

Rolling her eyes, reminding both of her friends that just because someone dresses and acts like a freak doesn’t make them a witch, Dani organizes a special practice after school to share the routines she came up with… but when Chloe doesn’t show up, the rather simpleminded Kylie is convinced that the witch must have gotten her, because last either of them spoke to Chloe, she was going to get a look at the creepy old book Xenia is always carrying around.

Dismissing Kylie’s fears, focusing more on the importance of getting some practice in before the big game, Dani is more than a little unnerved the next day. All day in school no matter what teacher she asked about Chloe’s unexpected disappearing act, her absence in class, the teachers simply seemed confused… almost as though they never remembered having a student named Chloe.

Could Kylie and Chloe have been right? Could Xenia have cast some sort of spell from her creepy old book affecting the teachers of the school?

When even Kylie doesn’t show up for the after school cheer practice, enough is enough. Dani has to know just what if anything Xenia is up to. And that is when she decides a friendly confrontation is due, heading over to Xenia’s address, to where the class freak has been supposedly busy setting up her Homecoming Horror House.

Unfortunately Dani learns the lesson that sometimes being paranoid that someone is a witch, like her friends were, is anything but an overactive imagination. But they were very wrong about one thing… Xenia hasn’t been creating a Homecoming Horror House to motivate the team.

Xenia may be a freak… but she’s a freak with just as much school spirit as the cheerleaders, and she has just the way of spelling victory for the team, truly motivating them like no one else could.

Fortunately for Dani and her friends, they’re going to play the most important part, even if it literally spells out a new chapter in their perky little lives.


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Peter Geist Realtor-ture

Peter Geist Realtor-ture by Kris P. Kreme

Peter Geist Realtor-ture by Kris P. Kreme

On the outskirts of the small seldom thought of town of Jacoby lies an abandoned home, abandoned by time it would seem, but not by the one resident who has lived in it so long he doesn’t even know his true name.

Peter Geist has seen a lot over the many decades he has haunted this home, and over that time has occasionally enjoyed a little late night encounter with some daring teens, but this Halloween the encounter he had just last Halloween is coming back to haunt him.

Enraged after what happened to his niece Chloe, Richard, an experienced salesman of bank owned realty is making it a personal mission to sell the old property where Peter Geist lives.

When Chloe had gone off with those two punk friends of hers, she’d been innocent, but they came back anything but innocent, Chloe knocked up and treated like some sex freak cow, her tits abused, her body used, her mind totally sunken into depravity.

While Richard may not believe any of their claims of some supernatural intervention, nor believe any of the old urban legends told of the old farmhouse, he does believe that the solution is simple to prevent what happened to Chloe from happening to anyone else. And that solution is to get rid of the house.

No farmhouse, no place for teens to sneak off to each Halloween, and he just knows that with some good selling skills, someone will buy the property this farmhouse sits on, level it to the ground and build anything they like, as long as it doesn’t corrupt any other young minds.

Unfortunately on the morning he arrives to get this rundown place prepped for selling, his newly assigned partner is late, and without her, there’s no way this junky place will look appealing to buyers.

Skilled in all methods of sales, once a used car dealer extraordinaire, Richard knows that it takes a pretty face to clinch a sale, and when Mercedes finally shows up, there is no denying she is a pretty face. What neither he nor the beautiful brunette know is that Peter Geist is in full agreement of her being a pretty face, but thanks to being woken from his slumber by Richard, Peter is not up for playing pretty with either of them.

If there’s one thing you don’t mess with, it’s a powerful haunt’s house, and Peter Geist has only grown more powerful over time, frequently expelling his energy on humans by possessing them two and even three at a time, using their bodies to enjoy what a ghost can only dream of, the physical pleasures.

With a pair or realtors threatening his home, it’s time to bring real torture to these realtor bodies, in only the way Peter Geist knows best.

Since she was last to arrive, Mercedes gets cleanup duty inside, while Richard unpacks the signs and colorful flag strings to place outside the old home. Little does the old sales expert imagine what a possessed Mercedes is doing with that vacuum mere moments after turning it on.

Freakishly ruining her own body, sucking it empty, Richard arrives to find out what all the fuss is, her moans drawing him in like a fish on the line for Peter Geist. And once both are possessed, there’s little these two won’t be doing throughout the course of the day, Richard soon far more eager to sell his new partner in realty than any silly old farmhouse.

Just how extreme can realtor torture really be; just how creative can a freaky ghost with pleasure in mind get with that torture? Find out in the tale that proves some possessions really can’t be sold, but they sure can be enjoyed.


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Konversationally Kreepy

Konversationally Kreepy by Kris P. Kreme

Konversationally Kreepy by Kris P. Kreme

At a costume party in the lobby of the building where his offices are located, a familiar psychologist counselor with particularly conversational skills is about to meet his perfect match.

Dressed as the big bad wolf, asking her to simply call him Mr. Wolf, this is a night off from his usual pursuits, which ultimately means anything goes, and for purple haired Bella, a brainy tech girl who works in the building server room, everything is going to go extreme.

Usually it’s the conversational wolf man who has to chat up random strangers, bringing carnal chaos into their lives, but Bella is the one who approaches him, and all with a smile after hearing that her blonde friend named Kimberly was just seen taking random guys upstairs to fuck her brains out.

It seems that while they might be friends on the surface, Kimberly has always been a prissy annoying bitch, and Bella just has to know more about the last man she was seen talking to.

Amused at Bella’s candor, and at the way she seems hardly uptight at all, as easy going as they come, Mr. Wolf is all animal in his comments, pointing out that Bella definitely seems to have the headlights shining bright for attention tonight, her nipples about as hard as possible.

She’s hardly fazed by the comment, proclaiming how comfortable she has long been with her own body, and it was her mistake assuming a crowded costume party would be anything but chilly enough to worry about such embarrassment.

When it seems nothing will really create the opportunity Mr. Wolf is always looking for, he makes the one comment that gets Bella to react just in an entertainingly twisted way. Asking if those things are inflatable, naturally joking rather bluntly about Bella’s large breasts, she says ‘sadly’ no, which starts a very depraved conversation about just how positive she is that they aren’t inflatable.

It isn’t like she ever actually tried it, Bella just always assuming that nothing like that would actually be possible. Through the subtle art of suggestive dialogue that has made our favorite conversationalist famous, Mr. Wolf manages to only amp up Bella’s self obsession with big tits, her enjoyment of the sensations back when they grew, where everyday was a new stretching tightness.

Will he actually manage to convince her of the impossible, that she can literally blow up her own tits? Will the impossible prove anything but? And will the two of them take this party somewhere private where it can end in a real bang?

Find out in the tale that warns about having slightly drunken creepy conversations with strangers, when Halloween with the Kreme goes Konversationally Kreepy.


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Fertile Frights

Fertile Frights by Kris P. Kreme

Fertile Frights by Kris P. Kreme

Jessica isn’t at all surprised about the costume her boyfriend of three years chose for her to wear to the party they just left, but she is surprised about where he took her as a late night Halloween surprise.

Dressed as some variation of a sexy angel, Jessica frequently rolls her eyes at the things she lets Alan talk her into, but staring up at the abandoned dead end alley, she has to raise an eyebrow at what the usually sappy sweet guy considers a special location she supposedly is going to love.

Only after watching Alan fumble with some of the fallen letters of a once ornate sign, does Jessica realize that this seemingly rundown inner city building was once known as The Fright House, a reportedly scary Halloween fun house that used atmosphere rather than jump scares of people in costume to leave visitors truly haunted after getting lost inside.

Having told her boyfriend last Halloween that back in her youth she used to enjoy finding abandoned haunted houses or carnivals and explore them during the most frightening month of the year, Alan hunted this place down. It’s one of the only urban fun houses ever, one which apparently gave people the creeps after wandering the once famed multi-floor haunted maze.

A beautiful redhead like Jessica doesn’t come along every day, and Alan has been nothing but the fun accepting boyfriend, accepting of her sometimes irrational fears, but those fears definitely don’t include The Fright House. Jessica couldn’t be more excited to sneak in and wander the various floors of haunted maze hallways to nowhere, stairs and angled floors which can truly play games with one’s senses.

As they wander the dusty forgotten Fright House with their flashlights aimed wildly, each recalls just how they fell into such a well matched and accepting of each other’s flaws relationship.

Still in college, theirs is one of a unique successes when it comes to young love, and only love could explain why Alan never ran off when finding out that Jessica was actually scared to take things too physical.

She certainly has no physical flaws, a slender body with almost impossibly large breasts, but it was the hormonal shift in her childhood which both gave her the breasts and led to her irrational fears, fears more real world than anything this creepy old abandoned fun house could have hiding in the shadows.

Never able to take birth control, Jessica recalled the film strip in sex ed. about the girl who dropped out due to getting knocked up. It built in her the fear that she could not take a single risk of ending up that same way, and so Alan has been restricted in physical enjoyments, even if Jessica would like more.

It’s probably for that reason that she brushes off his comments, his costume selections for her that show off as much as a bikini. He’s a good guy, because what other kind of guy would seek out and find a weird old place like this in the worst part of town to bring her to on a very special Halloween?

But just what is causing their thoughts to get twisted and turned? What is causing Alan and Jessica both to imagine things that aren’t there… see distorted reflections of each other in the old fun house mirrors? And why on a chilly October night in an abandoned building downtown, is it getting warmer, and ultimately sunnier as they apparently find a most unexpected exit to a place that couldn’t possibly be real?

While Jessica dressed as an angel, her thoughts and desires are slowly becoming anything but angelic. And while Alan, who never so much as visited the country, dressed as a farmer, his thoughts of Jessica are sinking into base urges… to breed and milk her like the farmer’s best heifer.

There is a place where reality and fantasy merge, where time holds no meaning, where there are no laws of physics that can’t be broken, and the only way to find this place is to be truly lost.

On a night of surprises, Jessica and Alan are about to get lost in the twisty mazes of an old inner city fun house… and they are about to enter a place of Fertile Frights, where the only thing scary is just how much fun they both are going to have pleasuring each other.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #23 – Turning Tricks for Treats & Trick’er Treat

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #23 - Turning Tricks for Treats & Trick'er Treat by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #23 – Turning Tricks for Treats & Trick’er Treat by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

Halloween has cum and gone… but no need to feel sad. Selfies has a Selfish treat for you… in two special tales from way back when! Try not to stuff yourself… because the girls in these stories sure did.

Turning Tricks for Treats: A couple with mysterious powers has a delightfully twisted way of dealing with older teens who still trick or treat.

Trick’er Treat: Megan meets an interesting man at one house, whose conversational skills convince her how to make her costume even better.


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A Ri-DONK-ulous Day at the Office

A Ri-DONK-ulous Day at the Office by Kris P. Kreme

A Ri-DONK-ulous Day at the Office by Kris P. Kreme

Isaac never thought there’d be a day when he felt truly defeated, but today is that day, and it’s all thanks to a menial job at a truly demeaning demoralizing place. Of course there’s plenty of irony to come during his unexpectedly last day on the job at Moral Missions Incorporated.

Working as a janitor, cleaning up messes, making repairs, changing light bulbs, nearly nobody respects Isaac as a fellow employee. He does however have a certain advantage of going unnoticed, picking up all the annoying traits of others in the small branch of Moral Missions, a company that basically in his opinion tells people what is and isn’t right, dictating their morals through legal action aimed at curbing good old entertainment.

Whether it’s the spineless branch manager, Stephen Lodge, who rarely leaves his office and certainly doesn’t have the backbone to be a real man, nobody in the building is without flaws.

Stephen Lodge’s own daughter Paige was the princess of the castle, a petite redhead who might seem like eye candy but would rot any man’s teeth with her bitchy arrogance and demands of advancement by some unknown birthright. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Debbie, who works as secretary to Mr. Lodge but truly just sits there all day playing app games on her laptop and doing little in the way of genuine work. She’s a look pretty type of girl, dark hair, low cut top, just out of college.

There’s more though, more to hate about this sad job where the messes Isaac can’t clean up are really the employees, ones like Julie, the office suck up who has ambition but at the expense of anyone she can run right over to get her way. No one doubts a slender busty blonde will eventually get just what she wants either.

Then there are the ones Isaac can tolerate like Kent, who has a penchant for idle fantasies over the office women, Geoffrey, an older man who mostly has a chip on his shoulder towards the fairer sex, and Beverly, the hot milf of a woman who only took the job as an easy career which took no risks.

But of course the story of what sets Isaac’s day in a truly ridiculous direction all starts with a total bitch named Heather, corporate bookkeeper and hiring manager, the one in charge of all things personnel who easily defied her looks with a hellish bitch attitude all had at one time seen.

Gorgeous, brunette, with a penchant for chewing on pens, Heather has a tendency to go against the morality of any man’s thoughts by wearing short skirts, revealing tops, and then using the leers she might earn as justification for firing them. It’s her alone that likely explains why there are a majority of attractive women on staff with this branch of Moral Missions Inc. but when Heather comes to Isaac’s closet of a janitorial office and tells him they will be terminating his employment, life starts a rather interesting journey to hell and back.

Told that he violated the employee code prohibiting public display of lewd material, Isaac is fuming. He has a calendar hanging in his closet office, where no one can see it, a calendar by one of his favorite animators, and a calendar that merely features busty animated women fully clothed, certainly not nude or anything.

Nothing will change Heather’s mind though and Isaac knows it isn’t worth trying, the bitch always determined to chew away the men like she does those pens, smiling the entire time.

Angrily ranting, packing up his things, enraged at the fact others get away with so much, and bitches like Heather, Paige, and Julie are allowed to get by with everything, Isaac never imagines his anger will lead to the discovery of a lifetime, one which will forever change Moral Missions Incorporated, and the lives of those working behind its doors.

Slamming his fist down on the work table in his closet, angry, frustrated, hopeless about his place in life, a wall vent grate clatters to the floor, and it’s behind that vent where Isaac discovers a dusty old DVD case.

Wiping the dust away, Isaac is shocked to see that this little DVD case holds not only some impressive looking animation, but adult animation at that, an actual adult cartoon.

Isaac always appreciated animation, seeing cartoons as an escape, from disease and death, from the dullness of the real world, a place where sex can take limitless methods and measures, and there are no ugly attitudes or bitchy people who escape their fates.

This little DVD is perfect, he thinks, titled A Ri-DONK-ulous Day at the Office, it seems to be the absolute last thing one would find hidden in an office that exists to censor and demoralize the immoral in all forms of entertainment.

Figuring he already has no more job, Isaac decides to take this DVD to the rarely used conference room and see what this animation is all about, and once there, door safely locked behind him, that is when reality and fiction begin to collide like never before.

The cartoon is about a hunk of an animated man named Donk E. Dickthruster, and this man has a magical cock that is shaped like a pen, a cock that when it cums on someone can grant their inner most wishes in the most perverse ways possible, doing the impossible, creating twisted sexual encounters that can only happen in the cartoon world.

However when Isaac drifts off to sleep and wakes to find himself locked inside the conference room, he isn’t sure whether it’s a dream or some warped reality as the DVD on television starts to play scenes of his own workplace, the hunk known as Donk now wearing a janitorial uniform and cheerily meeting all Isaac’s fellow employees, serving up twisted forms of justice for their bitchy, lazy, or just weak willed attitudes.

One thing is certain though as Isaac watches them one by one meet the man named Donk, one by one take his reality altering wish granting loads, and as a perverse immoral chaos overtakes Moral Missions Inc. This may be his last day at work, but it’s going to truly be A Ri-DONK-ulous Day at the Office.


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Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance by Kris P. Kreme

Roadside Assistance by Kris P. Kreme

Jason Warner was once betrayed by his wife, running off and leaving not only his marriage but leaving him a stepdaughter who didn’t deserve such abandonment. Currently though Jason almost wishes the girl who calls him Daddy might abandon her strict exercise regimen he’s trying to get into.

Ever since the fears of a heart attack last month, that turned out simply to be an anxiety attack, Jenny has been taking the lead on keeping her stepfather on the road to better health. And with his doctors insisting on more regular cardio routines, some strenuous but healthy activity daily, she decided that riding bikes together in the country hills surrounding their home was perfect.

Coasting down the hills might be one thing, but each and every push of the pedals up even a slight incline is torture on Jason, not that he’d complain too much to Jenny. She’s really been better to him by far than her mother ever was.

And so it’s one of their typical bike rides that finds Jason contemplating the gleeful destruction of the two wheel torture device as Jenny patiently waits ahead, the two rarely together since Jason just isn’t the bicycling type.

But when one of the rare together time downhill portions of their ride results in Jenny nearly crashing, her front tire flattened, they find themselves in an unusual situation. They are miles from home, along the country roads, where hardly any cars or trucks ever travel. With no way of patching or re-inflating the tire, it seems they might just be pushing their bikes the rest of the way.

That’s when the sound of an old truck engine, quite powerful for the somewhat antique looking vehicle crests the hills around them, and that is when Jason Warner and Jenny meet Theo, a somewhat imposing though obviously very friendly large black man with more than a slight bit of hearing loss.

Speaking boisterously, Theo asks how he can help them and when Jason says his stepdaughter has a flat, Theo totally misunderstands. However Jason doesn’t entirely realize the misunderstanding as he’s finally just enjoying a break from the exercise.

While Theo digs through the clutter in the back of his truck, presumably for a bike pump or patch kit, Jason talks about how much he can’t stand the exercising, but how Jenny’s taken charge and he isn’t going to argue with that.

Offering to help Jason as well as Jenny, Theo finds and presents a very aerodynamic fancy bike helmet to the exhausted stepfather, one he promises will make exercise much more fun, will energize him and keep him excited about the rides Jenny insists on.

But something is strange about this bike helmet, the little plates on the inside sending out static charges when Jason touches them, doing even more when Jenny suggests he try it on. And when Theo asks Jenny to lift up her top so he can fix her troubles of being flat… they both know that sometimes a little Roadside Assistance can change everything in ways they never imagined.

Will Jason feel the constant energy to keep right on exercising with Jenny? Will Jenny never be remotely flat again? Will their daily rides take on a more twisted enthusiasm?

Find out in the Kreme Klassic that first introduced the world to a man named Theo with a truck just filled with all sorts of helpful items that can truly provide some unexpected assistance.


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No means Yes

No means Yes by Kris P. Kreme

No means Yes by Kris P. Kreme

Not all technical support specialists are nerdy losers, even if nearly all of the guys Rebecca works with fall into the fairly typical stereotypes. One thing all of those guys agree though is that Rebecca is the exception, and quite the eye catching exception.

She’s never been at all bothered by the fact the nerdy coworkers stare, never one to compromise her style or her confidence, fully willing to leave a button undone, to slide her skirt up just a bit, to tease and give the poor nerds a thrill on occasion.

However, there have been certain coworkers Rebecca has learned you just don’t give an inch to, as they will almost certainly take a mile. Even if most of the men in her office are fully accepting of themselves, their level in life, their place on the social ladder, and most just appreciate having someone as hot as Rebecca around to smile at, there are those who refuse to accept that they don’t have a chance with her.

Rebecca calls the honest ones, the ones who respect boundaries, the uber-nerds, so smart and focused any conversation is awkward and so they rarely speak up to a woman like her. The others though are men who think they aren’t nerds, that they are just as perfect as Rebecca is, and somehow their ego has only made them unbearable losers, total jerks who hit on her and make comments from time to time.

In any office, getting along with everyone all the time is nearly impossible, but that isn’t the idea behind inviting famed author Mr. Secret to a special mandatory presentation, one intended to boost positivity in the workplace. Mr. Secret is a famed hypnotherapist who encourages saying yes when no could much easier be said, volunteering for more around the office, saying yes to helping on a project, generally boosting morale and the bond between coworkers.

It’s a typical presentation, Rebecca assumes, just some guy making a speech, supposedly relaxing them through his unique methods, putting the suggestion in their minds to consider yes when no otherwise would be their go to response.

Unfortunately Rebecca recalls hearing friends tell her back in college that she was remarkably easy to hypnotize, that she once did silly things like cluck like a chicken and generally embarrassing things at a party. She always thought she was just drunk that night, but when Rebecca finds a huge chunk of Mr. Secret’s presentation missing, zoning out completely, she may be in for some unexpected surprises, most of which are very unwanted.

It’s after the presentation, one she assumed was so boring she fell asleep, luckily no one else noticing, that Richard first shows up at her desk.

Unfortunately Richard is one of the jerks, the loser nerds who think they have a chance with Rebecca, always quick to make comments or hit on her.

When his subtle but directed question asking her if she is going to pick up a pencil results in Rebecca blurting out yes right away and immediately bending to pick it up, giving Richard quite the show, she knows something isn’t right.

However Richard is far from done, seeming to test his boundaries more and more, returning to her cubical and asking several yes or no questions, the constant yes replies Rebecca hears herself saying resulting in more and more indecent office behavior.

Will Richard truly take things too far? Can Rebecca possibly say no to anything asked of her? Or will one of the uber-nerds finally speak up, finally take a stand, and ultimately show that Rebecca may have misjudged them and who her type of man really is?

Find out in the all newly rewritten Kreme Klassic, the one that takes office encounters deep inside the hypnotic mind, No means Yes.


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Fantasy Maker

Fantasy Maker by Kris P. Kreme

Fantasy Maker by Kris P. Kreme

It’s bad enough for Christina that she’s being forced to go out to some fancy restaurant with her family while visiting home from college, but the absolute worst is that she didn’t bring anything fancy to wear, and her mother’s found the absolute last dress she ever would knowingly choose to wear in public these days.

Typically a quiet shy girl, Christina isn’t the kind to show off too much skin, which is precisely what the old dress from way back her freshman year of high school does on her now. At the time it may have been a nice fitted green dress for fancy occasions, but now on her matured form the neckline is obscene, showing more cleavage than it seems to hide, and having grown taller, it now feels more like some miniskirt rising too high on her thighs.

Of course nobody in her family seems to care what Christina thinks, and for the most part no one is even paying attention to her at the fancy restaurant. They are there to celebrate a new business partnership between her father and uncle, both brothers quite happy to celebrate in style with a nice meal.

The restaurant is fancy and fortunately they are eating in a nice private room, but that still doesn’t make the awkward walk past other men, old and young any easier on Christina’s young mind.

It’s once she has her seat and the waiter comes in to greet them that things take a most unexpected turn. Vince is everything a tall dark and handsome man should be, definitely the kind even a reserved girl like Christina can fantasize about.

Maybe it’s just the fact she was so focused on how over-sexualized her dress made her feel, or maybe it is just the looks she got on the way to her seat, but for some reason, once she sees Vince, and hears his friendly greeting, Christina simply can’t stop idly fantasizing about him.

It’s not even the usual fantasies, extreme ones, quite daring, quite sinful, like old romance novels gone bad. Christina simply keeps finding every thought distracted by the fantasies, by Vince just grabbing her, taking her, holding her, doing things to her no man has done, and even doing them right there at the table, no thought given to her family witnessing the crude defilement of her pure body.

Each time he returns, she finds those fantasies carrying her thoughts away, but when Vince returns to take their dinner order just what is the influence that seems to spread when his eyes meet hers?

Is Vince somehow responsible for the fantasies going wild inside Christina? Is Christina somehow influencing Vince to embody those fantasies? Or are they both merely pawns for someone else?

Just how far can a fantasy really take you before the fantasy becomes real? Find out in the twisted tale of embarrassment turned to shock turned to powerful orgasmic lust, Fantasy Maker.


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Billy’s Bully Blitz Backfires

Billy's Bully Blitz Backfires by Kris P. Kreme

Billy’s Bully Blitz Backfires by Kris P. Kreme

It was a crisp morning that Billy walked quite proudly into the school, ignoring the looks of others who probably worried why the most picked on boy in school would ever seem so happy to be there. Today though was a special day, because today was a blitz attack of vengeance for years of torture at the hands of Chet Matthews.

Chet was always a jock, always cruel, and Billy was always his favorite victim. From elaborate pranks involving cheerleaders coaxed into pretending to like him only to be made a public mockery of to the standard wedgies, spitballs and other random annoyances, Chet was master of them all.

Today however, Billy was going to master his own fate, by blitzing the athlete who typically did so on the field of play, by walking right up to him and demanding humiliating tasks of him that everyone in the halls would witness.

And how is Billy to do such a thing; that part is simple, well simple to explain as he spent two years and all his savings developing the little modified speech device. Billy has always been the nerd, the smart kid, and thanks to Chet, the unpopular one. But Billy used that time and modified a device meant to hold against the throat and aid in speech to one’s whose vocal cords are damaged.

Yet Billy’s device does much more than merely allow his voice to sound robotic when he presses the device there. It allows him to manipulate others, most specifically Chet Matthews as that is the only one he ever intends to use the device on.

Confronting the hulking bully in a crowded hall before classes, Billy grins and pulls out his device, earning a flinch as Chet probably halfway expected his victim to pull out a gun, but this is not violence in schools, this is humiliation… for Chet.

Chet stops when Billy says stop. He blows kisses like an idiot to everyone around when Billy says blow kisses. And then… at the moment when everyone is laughing, everyone is going to see Billy get his revenge, a girl running late for class comes stumbling out of a nearby restroom and plows straight into Billy, knocking him down, sending that little device he worked so hard on skittering across the floor right at Chet.

As the angry bully stops blowing kisses, his rage is quite clear, and before Billy can pick himself up, Chet sees the device, puts it all together, and picks it up.

Simply telling Billy that he’ll keep the device, that Billy surely wouldn’t mind that, everything is reversed. Incapable of refusing a statement heard through the device from Chet, Billy can’t take it back even if he had the opportunity, but with such a device in the cruel selfish hands of an arrogant bully like Chet, the entire school, or town might be in danger.

Making sure no one ever saw his brief humiliation, that no one around will even remember the device, Chet and Billy part ways, leaving Billy to imagine the horrors of what humiliation Chet will at some random time lash out at him with, using his own device against him.

When the entire school day passes and nothing has happened, Billy finally discovers just what Chet has been using the device for, coming across a hot fellow student being eagerly fucked by Chet in a janitor’s closet.

On his way to the guidance counselor to report the stolen device, figuring it was his best option, Billy is stunned to see that like the alpha male jock he is, clearly Chet has let his dick do the thinking for how best to use that device, turning attractive student Christina Seacus into an incredibly cheap whore.

It’s in the shock of seeing Chet finish up with Christina that the bully spots his favorite victim and tells him to wait up, that they can see the counselor together. It’s unfortunate for Billy that he can’t refuse anything told to him using that device, and Chet clearly has worked out perfectly how it functions. But it’s much more unfortunate for Counselor Sara Summer, a young just out of college guidance counselor who is soon standing before the two students in the privacy of her office asking why they needed to speak to her.

Turning the intended plea for help recovering his device into something much kinkier, and far from ethical for young Sara Summer, Chet is quickly making the day of Billy’s intended bully blitz nothing short of a nightmare, even as to him it becomes a fantasy come true.

Can anyone help Billy? Is the young picked on genius smart enough to find a way out of the situation he got himself into? Can the police help… his parents? Or is Billy simply spreading the humiliation around by going to any of them for help when it merely takes a word or two spoken by Chet holding that special device to rewrite any thoughts, intentions, or personas they ever had?

Only one thing is certain, this will be a very long day, a very perverse day, and the day Billy’s Bully Blitz Backfires.


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Grab Bag #24 – Black Magic Friday & Going Down?

Grab Bag #24 - Black Magic Friday & Going Down? by Kris P. Kreme

Grab Bag #24 – Black Magic Friday & Going Down? by Kris P. Kreme

It’s November already… and more than just temperatures are Going Down!
But first, prices are dropping on bargain days so shop for that special someone.
With a little luck, and perhaps a little magic, you might just get the perfect someone!

This Grab Bag includes:

Black Magic Friday: Intending to shop the bargains and come out on top, Katherine never suspects that someone might be shopping her, and she’ll be cumming all the same. Boris, the security guard at a popular electronics chain has quite nefarious plans in store for the perky young redhead. She will be his guinea pig for testing some black magic symbols that once inked on her flesh make her his to control.

Going Down? Sasha encounters a friendly man on an elevator one night and has a rather enlightening conversation, one where she ends up feeling entirely different about the direction she is heading. Going Down takes on whole new meaning and Sasha has a very full night ahead of her. It’s all about conversation with this all-dialogue story, the semi-sequel you never expected to Konversationally Speaking.


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All I Want: An Action Figure

All I Want: An Action Figure by Kris P. Kreme

All I Want: An Action Figure by Kris P. Kreme

This Christmas season has brought all new traditions to this side of the globe, a very rare comet from a quite distant galaxy having cosmically ended an unknown journey to lock into a yearly orbit around the sun.

Each December for twenty-five days, the Santa Star will appear in the night sky, named by the scientists who first discovered it as a nod to the magical trails it glows through the December night skies, like Santa making his magical trip.

However the true magic of this comet is about to change lives, and may change them for the foreseeable future as word spreads of another new holiday tradition, making a wish on this very special shooting star. No one has any idea until a wish is made that unlike other bright shooting stars in the sky, the Santa Star can grant those wishes, but only in a truly twisted way no one can be prepared for.

Anna had already dressed for a party with her boyfriend when the Millers called her about Tommy. Even though Tommy’s certainly no baby, Anna has been babysitting him for years now.

A special kid, though eighteen, the same age as Anna, Tommy has what most would simply call a social disorder. He acts out sometimes, has trouble making friends, and generally thinks differently from most. Yet for anyone bothering to get to know him, as Anna has, Tommy’s a brilliant mind, special in his own way, and not deserving of the bullying from other kids in school.

It’s Anna’s unique patience and understanding which has her on call to sit with Tommy whenever his parents have to leave the house, and since the party is later tonight, she’s fine with stopping by and staying with Tommy for a few hours while his parent’s attend an important company dinner.

The Millers have a nice private estate, gated, their own lake, and so the Santa Star shines brightly down upon their property as Anna arrives, but she isn’t quite prepared for the troubles Tommy has been lately.

According to his parents, already leaving when Anna arrives, Tommy has been taking out his aggression on his toys lately, the kids on the bus being more cruel than usual, which Anna can imagine, since a senior riding the school bus is easy prey when he’s a harmless soul like Tommy

Yet inside the house, Tommy seems quite focused in his odd aggressive acts, always a smart one, seeming to be more into experiments and science regarding the elasticity of his various plastic action figures.

Sitting down with Tommy, chatting, trying to calm him and get to the bottom of things, Anna discovers that the kids on the bus made fun of him earlier over a wish he wanted to make on the Santa Star.

They claim he was wanting to wish for a doll, and Tommy became enraged at that because boys don’t play with dolls. As Tommy puts it, they are action figures, for guys, not dolls. None of this really explains why Tommy is using air compressor hoses and even water to test the expansive limits of his action figures, swelling up one toy soldier until he looks like a mutated freak.

Tommy has always related more to Anna than most anyone else, even his parents, but during her talks with him, Anna discovers that Tommy really believes in the power of wishing on the Santa Star, and somehow believes a wish has already been granted to him.

Humoring him, Anna hears of his constant torment by those school bullies for years now, how they made fun of him saying he didn’t like girls. So he wished that he could like girls more than any boy in school, and according to Tommy it came true immediately.

But Tommy has a new wish he wants to make, and the wish somehow involves Anna and his rather rough enjoyment of action figures. Is encouraging an imaginative yet different mind such as Tommy’s a good idea? Just how was Tommy’s original wish granted? And is the harmless boy she has grown up beside being supportive of truly harmless anymore?

Find out when wishes are made and action figures played in the beginning of an all new Kreme series, All I Want: An Action Figure, which may just have the cute babysitter seeing a lot more action than she ever bargained for.


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All I Want: Loads of Cash

All I Want: Loads of Cash by Kris P. Kreme

All I Want: Loads of Cash by Kris P. Kreme

The holidays have brought all new traditions to this side of the globe, a rare comet from a distant galaxy having cosmically ended an unknown journey to lock into a yearly orbit around the sun.

Each December for twenty-five days, the Santa Star will appear in the night sky, named by the scientists who first discovered it as a nod to the magical seeming trails it glows through the December night skies, like Santa making his magical trip.

However the true magic of this comet is about to change lives, and may change them for the foreseeable future as word spreads of another new holiday tradition, making a wish on this very special shooting star. No one has any idea until a wish is made that unlike other bright shooting stars in the sky, the Santa Star can grant those wishes, but only in a truly twisted way no one can be prepared for.

Brianne is college bound, and bound and determined to figure out her finances. When a last minute girls night at the movies results in her begging her parents for money yet again, Brianne realizes she no longer can play the little girl card and sucker her father into giving some much needed cash.

Her mother Sue is the financial manager of the family, and even if Frank was always an easy dad to charm into giving the cute young blonde whatever she desired, those days are apparently over.

Encouraged to find an odd job to earn extra money, perhaps something around their neighborhood, Brianne is sulking in frustration when she steps out onto the back deck that crisp December evening.

Always running hot, both literally and figuratively, Brianne can’t believe she’s missing out on going out with friends. She can’t believe it’s all over something as silly as not having the cash to get gas in her car or pay for her ticket to see a movie. But as she looks up into the frigid night sky, she also can’t believe all the fuss that has been made about the fancy comet showing up this year.

It’s not like it comes and goes in one night, staying visible for most of the month, but maybe the most unbelievably ridiculous thing about it has been the kids talking at school about making wishes on it.

Angry, desperate, rolling her eyes, Anna shouts out an impulsive wish to the Santa Star, and she wishes for loads of cash, endless loads of cash.

Naturally money doesn’t start raining down upon her right away, but her father opens the door having heard her shouting, and he has rather surprisingly good news. Telling her they can talk more about it in the morning, Frank mentions that Geoff and Craig next door told him they had a job she could do all day tomorrow and they’d pay generously for it.

Thinking there might just be a bit of magic in that Santa Star after all, Brianne is woken by taps on her door early the next morning.

Half asleep, Brianne can’t believe it when her father mentions how excited Craig and Geoff were to have her over there at their house working all day. Even though her dad seems oddly reluctant to mention specifics about why two mid twenties roommates would be so excited to have her helping them clean or do whatever, and even if her dad seems almost embarrassed about the whole arrangement, nothing prepares Brianne for the shock of just how much this odd job in the neighborhood might pay.

Still too tired to pay much attention to all the texts her phone has since last night, odd texts with strange questions about money amounts for services, Brianne definitely wakes when her father shows her the cash Craig and Geoff prepaid for her to come over and help them out.

One thousand dollars, ten one hundred dollar bills, Frank showing the cash just to inspire Brianne that the odd job is real, that Craig and Geoff were serious. What is stranger though is why her dad seems so reluctant to mention details and why he also seems rather sheepish about whether one thousand dollars is enough.

If anything could have shocked Brianne wider awake than the prospect of earning a thousand dollars in a day with some odd job neighbor deal, it’s when her father finally sighs and explains what they wanted her doing.

As he puts it, one of them wants to fuck her unconscious and the other wants to knock her up.

As bluntly as that, Brianne discovers that for whatever reason, everyone, from all those who texted her phone to her very own father, believes that she is a quite willing whore as long as the cash is good.

Assuming it’s the money that has Brianne confused, Frank offers to negotiate on her behalf, to double the price Craig and Geoff will pay for her young body all day long.

Confused, freaked out, as one might expect, the moment Brianne finally touches that cash everything changes. Breathing in the smell of the crisp brand new bills, fanning herself with it, thoughts unexpectedly pop into the college bound mind of a girl always obsessed with money, never managing it too well at all.

Will Brianne be bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘loads of cash’? Has her wish truly been granted and she’ll never be broke again? Is her father actually going to embrace all new perverse ways of being her pimp?

Discover the magic of the season once again, when another gets all they want thanks to the Santa Star, even if all they want couldn’t cum any harder or more repeatedly throughout every hour of the day.


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All I Want: Kindness of Strangers

All I Want: Kindness of Strangers by Kris P. Kreme

All I Want: Kindness of Strangers by Kris P. Kreme

A new comet in the skies each December has brought all new holiday traditions but these traditions might end up truly twisted for many years to come.

Each December for twenty-five days, the Santa Star will appear in the night sky, named by the scientists who first discovered it as a nod to the magical seeming trails it glows through the December night skies, like Santa making his magical trip.

However the true magic of this comet is about to change lives, and may change them forever as word spreads about making a wish on this very special shooting star. No one has any idea until a wish is made that unlike other bright shooting stars in the sky, the Santa Star can grant those wishes, but only in a truly twisted way no one can be prepared for.

Each year in her small town, Rhoda volunteered to be the bell ringer for the bank, a tradition she has been heavily involved in since her days well before graduating from college, back when she first started working for the bank as a secretary.

She never had any problems with wearing the sexy little holiday outfit, nor even about the whistles and looks some of the drunken fools leaving the nearby bar on main street let loose into the cold night air. All Rhoda cared about was embracing the magic of the season, feeling the kindness in people’s hearts, and of course collecting donations for the poor.

In a small town it’s always been simpler to know who was down on their luck, and lately the usually perky cheerful redheaded Rhoda is feeling less and less warmth from those who pass by.

Even if the town is decorated so colorfully, less and less are being kind and slipping even a coin into her shiny red canister.

It’s on a particularly discouraging night that old Mr. Samuels stops by and suggests maybe Rhoda needs to rebuild her spirit, her hope in the season. He suggests what the news has been on about lately, making a wish on the Santa Star. After all, it certainly can’t hurt, and she’s always so giving and positive about everything this time of year.

So as she is packing up her bell and her canister that evening, getting ready to leave the bank and return home, Rhoda makes a special wish she spent time planning during the hours after seeing Mr. Samuels. She wishes for the kindness of strangers, for them to donate and donate generously so the bank will have plenty this season.

As the next day is a Sunday, Rhoda at least can rest herself before coming in around dusk to ring the bell out front, but she’s surprised parking her car behind the bank. Mostly her surprise comes from the clear work being done to the bank, odd that such work would have started on a weekend.

No one is there to answer her questions, such as why the inside of the bank is so frigid and cold, actually seeming artificially cooled. The most frustrating question is just where her little red canister went, someone, maybe a workman clearly moving it.

Annoyed, still hopeful that maybe her wish for the generosity and kindness of strangers might have come true, Rhoda realizes she’ll just have to hold anything they might donate, figure out where that canister went later.

Out on the same colorfully decorated main street in town, Rhoda is soon giving a shake to her bell, but it’s that first ring of the bell that seems to somehow alter the reality she finds herself in.

Explaining to some interested men that she is collecting for the bank, to give to the needy, they are mostly shocked, asking if she’s really collecting for that bank, pointing behind her.

Ringing the bell again seems to reverberate inside her this time, a confusion, a warmth, the men no longer as confused but instead quite eager to donate, speaking of multiple donations.

It’s then that Rhoda notices the bank she stands in front of isn’t the same as the bank she has worked at for many years now. The building may be the same, but the cold refrigerated vault inside makes much more sense. Main Street Finance Bank is no longer engraved into the outside of the building, and instead it would seem she works for Main Street Sperm Bank.

Just another ring of the bell in her hands has Rhoda feeling that reality shift again, and suddenly she might be feeling entirely different about accepting as many donations as she can… for a bank she never used to work for.

All she wanted was a truly selfless giving act by strangers, and this year thanks to the magic of a season watched over by the Santa Star, Rhoda might just be feeling herself overflow with much more than the kindness of strangers.


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Merry Mindless Melanie

Merry Mindless Melanie by Kris P. Kreme

Merry Mindless Melanie by Kris P. Kreme

The unexpected sequel present to The Merry Mindless Corset

There is almost no chance this Christmas is going to be anything close to merry for Todd, and all of that is thanks to his new stepmother, Melanie.

The woman somehow wormed her way into his dad’s life over the course of a few weeks back early in the year, somehow managed to get a wedding ring on her finger in just a matter of months… and now life has been little more than a daily nightmare.

Melanie somehow charmed his father, Evan, but Todd sees just what the woman is, a control freak. She has berated their household eating habits, changed the television programs they watch, and least excusable taken all the fun activities he used to enjoy with his dad away. Even if she tries to act sweet sometimes, it’s mostly a show for Evan, the man clearly smitten by her hourglass figure, her long dark red hair, and her bright blue eyes.

As far as Todd is concerned, she’s evil, stepping right in and ruining everything he had with his own father in under a year, and now it promises to be the first Christmas together from hell, thanks to a last minute announcement by Evan that he has to leave town on business and won’t even be around for the holiday week.

Figuring it can’t possibly get any worse than being trapped at home, his college closed and nowhere else to go, Melanie criticizing everything he does, Todd can’t imagine the presents his dad says he has early will make any difference.

Ironically though it isn’t Todd’s gift which makes the holidays better, but the one Evan bought for Melanie, one he truly has no idea about just what it can do.

Letting them open the gifts before he leaves town, Evan is admittedly bothered that by some bizarre snag they shipped the wrong item to Todd, not the special fancy fishing reel he’d ordered, instead a studded dog collar and leash.

Yet Evan and soon Todd is thrilled by the gift Melanie opens, though for entirely different reasons. Melanie has always mentioned back troubles, a busty curvy attractive woman prone to such things. Yet the special corset he bought, something called a Comfort Corset, is anything but the solution to those troubles.

Only Todd recognizes the signature MMC emblem on the packing slip that comes from the package Melanie opens. A horny young typical college guy, Todd has seen the late night infomercials for the Merry Mindless Corset, something his dad clearly missed if he ordered this to help Melanie’s back.

As Todd knows, the Merry Mindless Corset is an adult product shipped in subtle packaging called a Comfort Corset, and that’s mostly to put the woman it is intended for at ease. According to the commercials, which admittedly seem ridiculously over the top, likely a scam, the Merry Mindless Corset once worn wipes out the woman who wears it, a blank slate ready to be instructed, to be told her new reality.

Anything told of her is fair game, a pretty much programmable woman for the man whose tired of being nagged or ignored. While Melanie certainly hasn’t rubbed his father the wrong way, she definitely has Todd… and seeing that Comfort Corset, the distinct MMC labeling, Todd wonders if maybe, just maybe, there are better ways Melanie can rub him while his father is out of town.

As soon as his dad is gone, with the promise of a week long hell ahead of him, Todd is convincing Melanie that he knows the manufacturer of the Comfort Corset, that they insist on returns within a small window if for any reason it doesn’t fit properly.

Unassuming, she goes to the privacy of her bedroom to try it on and Todd wonders if there’s even the slightest chance a genuine holiday miracle could be taking place, that the answer to all his problems might be found in a novelty adult fashion product actually doing what the outlandish advertisements claim.

When twenty minutes pass and she still hasn’t been heard, not a berating word, no complaints, Todd figures something has to be wrong, either that or she left. But no, there is Melanie, wearing her new fancy bronze toned Comfort Corset, standing so still she barely seems to be breathing, a suddenly blank look in her obviously mindless eyes.

Tempting fate by giving her an instruction, a simple jump up and down command, figuring his luck just can’t have taken such a positive turn. Yet bouncing reveals more than just his luck, and soon Todd is seeing just the charms his dad fell such easy prey to.

Inspired by the studded collar and leash his dad accidentally gave as a wrongly shipped order, Todd has an all new bitch to spend the holidays with, and thanks to her merry mindless attitude, she’s quite the bitch in heat for him and all his friends.

Nothing is off limits and everything including Melanie is on the table. No complaints about making messes, no berating voice grating on his nerves… only the moaning pleasure of a woman his friends all thought was a serious milf before they spent Christmas making her one.


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Orna-MENTAL by Kris P. Kreme

Orna-MENTAL by Kris P. Kreme

Angela is a great woman, and Travis is the only man she has dated in a long time that actually appeals not only to her but to her college age daughter Katie.

A former teacher of Katie’s, high school teacher Travis is probably used to handling stress, and this holiday season has been anything but stressful thanks to his willingness to help out around the house.

Out shopping for Christmas ornaments for the fancy big artificial tree Travis intends to set up at Angela’s place, the three never could suspect just where the ornaments they find originally came from.

As Travis explains, the best bargains around when it comes to holiday decorations are at the local thrift shop. After all, it saves money for the important things, the gifts. But among the donated items for sale at this thrift shop are a number of unopened brand new ornaments that even the stock boy questioned them selling.

It’s because these ornaments, no matter that they haven’t been used, came from an old asylum reported in frightening rumors to contain items that were cursed to inspire insanity.

Yet true or not, it’s these very ornaments in bright shiny colors that Angela and Katie spot immediately. They certainly stand out among all the secondhand generally dusty low quality items and considering the fancy home these women live in, it’s unsurprising they choose the fanciest ornaments available.

And so Travis is soon busy putting up their twelve foot tree, Angela and Katie going out to eat, bringing him back a burger.

It’s as Travis takes a lunch break, the girls back, burger much appreciated, that they first crack open those brand new ornaments.

With Travis far enough away that he’s clueless to what’s going on, Angela and her daughter begin decorating the new tree, but something has quite the pungent unexpected aroma… and it isn’t the tree.

Those ornaments are quite oddly scented, not simply the fresh brand new smell of opened plastic which sealed them in. There’s something else, something invasive as Angela and Katie each begin swaying a bit as though they had a few glasses of wine, each begin giggling a little at the strange thoughts they are having.

Totally unaware of how crazy their ideas are turning, Angela is taking Katie’s word that Travis would probably like her as a stupid little bimbo, and even crazier that smacking her head with the rubber mallet he used to hammer in sections of the tree would likely make her just that much dumber.

Decorating the tree never took a literally crazier twist than when the ornaments from a cursed asylum found their way into Angela and Katie’s home, but just what will happen when Travis walks in and sees the intelligent woman he loves doing something insane? And what crazy insane ideas will Katie get about making egg nog when she realizes they have no milk in the house?

Sometimes the holidays can really drive a man mental, but nothing comes close to one household this Christmas, as the residents don’t just decorate… they get Orna-MENTAL.


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SINtendo Santa

SINtendo Santa by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Santa by Kris P. Kreme

Johnny has been from the wrong side of the tracks all his young life, and as if that wasn’t bad enough it never helps that bullies in school generally liked reminding him just how unwelcome he always was around them or their families.

It happens to be Miles Price that rules Johnny’s nightmares, a spoiled rich punk that has two goons, Orson and Drake, always at his side. Held back a year so that Miles is in the same grade as his sister Kelly and of course Johnny, the eighteen year old is cruel well beyond his years.

While at the mall one day during the festive holiday season, Johnny is hardly even aware he was staring until Miles Price approaches with the goon squad, and what would he have been staring at… but Kelly Price, Miles’ sister and arguably hottest girl in school.

It seems the Price women have been doing a little holiday shopping, not that Johnny would know much about such things, his family always too poor to afford a lump of coal. it easily could have been either Kelly or her mother Madelaine that Johnny, or equally any man in the mall was staring at.

Gorgeous brunette hair on the both of them, Kelly wearing a classy sweater that shows off just a bit of her trim midriff, an equally classy skirt. Where the younger Price girl hasn’t achieved the chest up top, she’s slender perfection to her mother’s tempting curves, and Miles clearly isn’t feeling forgiving this Christmas.

After the goons hold poor Johnny in place, Miles delivers a nice one two punch, and so begins another dreaded day in the life of the perpetually bullied and abused.

Johnny isn’t even sure which is worse, the bullying in a public food court or the fact no one seemed to care what happened.

Frustrated he smacks his hand angrily into the large potted plant he’d been seated there leaning against, and that is when fate steps in for Johnny.

Hearing something rattle inside the large pot, Johnny digs through the decorative greenery and finds what he can only assume was dropped many many years ago, perhaps from a balcony overlooking this food court, a small handheld video game.

Just a cheesy little pocket game, Johnny is actually thrilled, the best gift he’s never gotten, especially when it powers up and actually works, the horribly low quality blocky graphics corny but fun looking.

Putting Miles out of mind, even looking away from Madelaine and Kelly Price, Johnny figures how much trouble can a little handheld game get him into? Little does he know that SINtendo Santa as the pocket game calls itself, is anything but trouble free, yet the troubles it brings might more be for everyone else.

The premise is simple, guide the little blocky red and white Santa figure around with the directional pad, letting other equally blocky figures, though mostly girls it seemed, sit on his lap and determine if they were good or bad little children.

Having fun, directing the little game character around, using a button to gain the attention of a potential character, then watching that character sit on the little blocky Santa’s lap, Johnny is actually almost happy he got punched.

He’d never have found the quirky little game otherwise, never seen the hilarious way such limited graphics distinguish good and bad little boys or girls, a skull and crossbones for bad, a smiley face for good.

It’s purely by chance that Madelaine and Kelly Price happen to cross nearby on their way to the stairs which will take them to the parking deck. But when Johnny looks up and sees that firm flat tummy of Kelly Price’s so nicely exposed and nearby, he momentarily loses his grip and the little plastic game goes skittering off his lap onto the floor.

The bizarre day he has only had a taste of is about to get truly twisted as Kelly picks up the game, friendly smile, hands it back to him, and then for whatever strange reason both she and her mother just stand there.

Unsure what they are waiting on, it’s when Johnny looks at the game screen, at those limited 8-bit graphics. That’s when he notices the single large smiley face. When he tilts the little handheld game even slightly from mother to daughter, two large smiley faces appear.

Baffled, Johnny presses the directional button down and Madelaine Price just drops her shopping bags to the floor, stepping forward, turning, and promptly taking a seat right on his lap.

It’s probably something men have fantasized about for many years even before Johnny was born, a woman like Madelaine Price nothing to frown at, particularly when she sits down and tells Johnny she has been good this year

Confused, he can only listen as she follows such an odd proclamation with what has to be her deepest darkest hidden desire.

Madelaine Price has been good this year, but she always wanted to cheat on her husband.

In the game, he pressed a button and the good little girls got what they asked Santa for, but nothing comes close to matching the weird thrill of seeing a woman like Madelaine Price treat him as the actual Santa, sitting on his lap, telling him what she always wanted, no matter how perverse.

With a button press on the handheld pocket game, Madelaine Price simply moans an affirmative and stands right up. Johnny then watches her walk over to grab a man away from clearly his own wife, have some seductive words with him, and very soon is hearing the grunts and moans from a barely hidden shadowy corner of the food court behind him where Madelaine Price is getting good and fucked.

Just what will happen when Kelly Price takes a seat on Johnny’s lap, especially with Miles and his two goons having noticed? What will possibly happen when she declares that she always secretly wanted to be followed down a dark alley and gang banged so brutally she passed out… that she wanted to be used as a disposable fuck toy over and over again by them?

Only SINtendo can bring out the deepest darkest fantasies even classy girls and women have, and only Johnny thanks to playing SINtendo Santa can possibly make those fantasies come true this Christmas.

He may not be getting so much as a lump of coal this Christmas, but Johnny is sure going to be getting what he always wanted… while ironically giving it to the prettiest girl in school. SINtendo Santa gives every Ho Ho Ho what they really desire, no games about it.


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Booby Trapped Blizzard

Booby Trapped Blizzard by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped Blizzard by Kris P. Kreme

For nearly three years, Teresa Simpson has been the lead emergency meteorologist for a remote region of her state, working tirelessly and efficiently from the rather industrial looking remote weather station in the hills.

This holiday season, a major blizzard is forming, the perfect winter storm, that already has roadways closing and quite possibly could trap her inside the weather station for several days, maybe even past Christmas.

It’s something no one really wants to do, but Teresa is dedicated to her job and from the looks of things she won’t be here alone, as the station manager Joel shows up rather unexpectedly.

Typically Teresa handles these situations fine on her own, but as Joel points out, work is work, and you get called in for different reasons, only tonight, when the white out conditions are at their worst, Teresa may get a call that changes everything about her promising career as a meteorologist.

Often kidded by Joel about her flaming red hair, just since the weather rarely feels as warm as she looks, Teresa knows she’s attractive, but unlike so many who might have her looks, she values her mind, studying hard to get where she is, to have the skills she has for weather monitoring and analysis.

She works well with Joel, a happily married man with kids who unfortunately might be missing time with them Christmas morning if this storm shapes up the way it seems to be doing. If anything there is only one blemish on the station, and that would be Sam, a country bum, quite different from city bums in that most city bums at one time had a job.

Sam has apparently never had one, redneck raised and once calling a trailer home, a trailer that blew away in a storm during the past year. Ever since then, Sam blamed the weather station, as though they could control the weather, and he’s been bumming around the dumpsters, living wherever he can close to the station.

Tonight, Teresa’s main job will be to monitor the radar and listen for calls on the NWA phone, the National Weather Advisory line that signals immediate warnings or alerts her station is to pass on through radio or other measures.

Since most monitoring was automated, and the storm is predictable if severe, she’s all but expecting a boring night, and then the NWA direct line rings.

Answering at once, Teresa is definitely not prepared for what she hears, a distinctly distorted voice which informs her she has been Booby Trapped.

Naturally she assumes it has to be some sort of prank, though who could ever have access to the emergency NWA line in is beyond her. The only one she could even suspect of playing a joke is station manager Joel and as the camera monitors near her computer clearly show, he’s currently about to drift off across the building at his desk, magazine in hand, phone nowhere near him.

Becoming quite aggressive, the mysterious distorted voice on the line informs her she has to complete three challenges, and for each challenge she fails to complete, her perky but small tits will undergo massive growth. If she fails too many assigned tasks, Teresa Simpson may go from brainy to emptier upstairs than the closed roads are outside.

Since the special NWA line is only a direct line in, no calling out, she’s unsure exactly what to do, since there isn’t much option of reporting to anyone but Joel and no reason to bother him over a crude prank. However when the first challenge is given, to simply strip off her sweater, she definitely knows she isn’t playing along with this sick game.

As soon as the severe pressure in her chest hits her, Teresa knows that somehow, beyond any science she understands, this is not merely a game.

Collapsing back in her chair, she can only watch as her small breasts bud out bigger and bigger, her flesh stretching her sweater impossibly tighter, stitches ripping, a feeling like heartburn warming hotter and hotter inside her aching breasts

Somehow, the caller, no matter how ridiculous and crude they might sound, speaks the truth. But she can barely accept what she just felt and saw before challenge number two is given, a challenge she can’t even imagine fulfilling, as it’s quite simply perverse.

Within the next three minutes, she must be on her knees with a dick in her mouth, or else those already large tits might just explode into massive udders, the kind no meteorologists have ever seen much less possessed, the kind no one would ever be capable of looking at and respecting.

Joel is married with kids, and yet he is the only man in the building. Can Teresa possibly even do what is being asked of her? More importantly is it even possibly to run across the building to his office and drop to her knees in under three minutes?

The clock is ticking, and even if she avoids this growth, there’s a final challenge waiting, but things aren’t looking good at all. Teresa Simpson is a bright vibrant intelligent young meteorologist, a confident redhead not swayed by the blizzard outside… and yet it isn’t the blizzard which has her trapped.

Will she see all new meaning to white out conditions? Will she discover who is really the mastermind behind this twisted phone call? And just what will happen when a Booby Trapped victim is trapped for days in a remote weather station?

Find out as more than the weather goes bust this winter.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #24 – Twinkle Lights & Happy New You!

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #24 - Twinkle Lights & Happy New You! by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #24 – Twinkle Lights & Happy New You! by Kris P. Kreme

Tis the Season… need no reason… for twice the Selfie pleas’n. There’s still plenty of pretty lights out there to drive by and see… but some lights might just drive you into urges you can’t control. And get set for a whole new year… a whole new you!

Two of the Kreme’s holiday specials!

Twinkle Lights: Everyone sees plenty of homes brightly colored and decorated for the season this time of year. As one home proves, tis the season to be pleasin. Kent is finally ready to decorate his home, to put up the Twinkle Lights he purchased due to his wife’s insistence that they decorate like the neighbors do.

Happy New You!: Mandy Fate has finally met the man of her dreams, an author of erotica that takes her own kinks and multiplies them until she’s weak in the knees. However, as Mandy Fate meets 2014 she might just discover that her own fate is to become just like the fictional characters this man writes about in his stories.


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Bold St. Nick

Bold St. Nick by Kris P. Kreme

Bold St. Nick by Kris P. Kreme

Nick has always been a very chill guy, and this Christmas as during recent Christmas’s he’s taking on the role of only the most literally chill guy out there, Old St. Nick.

Very little has gotten to him in life, not the fact he went prematurely gray in his thirties, and not the fact that in his forties people now assume he’s for whatever reason much older. It’s certainly nothing to stress about, nor is the daily challenge of posing for photos with hundreds of sometimes hyper children

In a way, he supposes he has it a lot easier than his yearly assistants, like Jennifer this year. They rarely repeat from year to year, but this year Jennifer has been quite helpful, even if it’s clear she doesn’t appreciate the looks her helper outfit earns from the fathers in line with their kids.

Dressed in a tight rather revealing red outfit with fuzzy white trim, it’s quite obvious why Jennifer has been frustrated. The occasional leers, the pinches from dirty old men, and the teenagers snapping video of her on their phones would certainly rub anyone the wrong way, but Nick definitely has it easier.

Nick’s never been so bold as to even bat an eye at such attractive qualities as Jennifer brings to being Santa’s helper, never one to push his luck with leers or blunt crude comments, but something… something quite unexpected for the both of them… is going to change all that this year.

It’s a particularly busy day at the mall, children already lined up and loudly waiting for Santa to appear. Nick is just about finished getting in costume and unlike some days further away from the big day itself, there’s simply no time for coffee.

Even as chill as Nick is, everyone needs a pick me up to get through the day, and that’s when Jennifer remembers the tray of cookies left for them by mall staff.

It may not be coffee, but Nick’s not one to complain and so he takes the tray of cookies with him, greeting all the kids with a hearty HO HO HO.

Eager to just get the day over with, obviously bothered by how her costume fits her, Jennifer doesn’t have the appetite for cookies, and so a busy day getting photos with Santa is underway.

It’s the caramel glazing, Nick thinks after having had a number of cookies in between photos with the kids. Either the caramel glaze or just something in the recipe for these cookies, something both sweet and a little tart, has Nick energized like never before, bright eyed and enjoying his day.

But quickly his idle thoughts are turning not just to smiling proudly for each photo but smiling at the young sexy helper snapping those photos.

As strange and unlike him as it is, Jennifer is preoccupying his thoughts, her long smooth legs, her supple chest that bounces a little as she bends in the costume she wears, and even the upturned nose between heavenly green eyes; everything is beginning to inspire thoughts Nick usually never has.

It’s during the lunch break they get away from the chaos of the mall that Nick finishes off the tray of cookies, asking if Jennifer knows who made them. Focused on her cell phone, she shrugs, assuming it was a mall vendor, saying something about a new recipe.

Even if Nick is still rather focused on Jennifer’s quite attractive body, a body he knows he shouldn’t be staring at since she’s less than half his age, he also can tell something has her upset.

As it turns out, Jennifer’s boyfriend keeps texting to ask for sexy pics of her in the Santa helper outfit they make her wear and she isn’t sure what to do, the whole thing bothering her.

Ordinarily Nick would never be so bold as to suggest she do something she’s uncomfortable with, but he’s been staring and thinking far too much and something in those cookies really has him far too energized to not crack a smile and give some advice, saying “Why not, he’s her boyfriend after all, show him the goods?”

While it’s totally intended as a lighthearted comment, even Nick notices how rather instantly Jennifer seems to take to the advice, and soon she’s snapping away pouty face pics, sexy selfies, various revealing poses of her in costume, sending them to her boyfriend.

It’s as though her attitude has entirely changed and every man in line with their kids for the rest of the day notices, but no one notices more than Nick, sitting there staring, watching the young helper, thinking thoughts he knows he shouldn’t be thinking.

After the day is done and the mall close to closing, when usually they’d both be far more interested in changing from their costumes and heading home, Nick makes a bold decision to suggest Jennifer hop up and down. He has to know whether his advice really altered her attitude that much.

When the sexy young assistant offers only a “Sure, Nick,” response and immediately begins hopping, Nick knows that something has given him more than just a pep in his step today, those cookies somehow giving the man a bold confidence that Jennifer simply can’t resist.

Just what will Nick do upon such a discovery? Who really made those cookies and why were they left for Nick and Jennifer? The only thing nobody can question, least of all the soon to be quite merry mall Santa and his helper, is that this year a very Bold St. Nick has quite the large package to deliver.


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Catching a Lift

Catching a Lift by Kris P. Kreme

Catching a Lift by Kris P. Kreme

For Christmas vacation this year, Mitch chose to take his wife and daughter to a fun filled ski resort, but sadly for Mitch, his family is making this vacation anything but fun.

Yet all that can and will change after some friendly conversation… the type only a special man taking his own vacation away from the tedium of office counseling and psychology can offer.

As though a Christmas vacation was meant to be taken anywhere but snowy mountains, Mitch can’t believe what a big deal his princess daughter Courtney and over-dramatic wife Lauren are making about how cold it is. They’ve done little more than complain, Courtney more worried about her manicure than actually making the most of a family vacation she’d rather have taken someplace tropical.

The ski resort was Mitch’s idea and despite all of this he’s still convinced it was a good idea, even if you’d think by the way Courtney is carrying on that her father wanted to torture her by bringing her into the wintery elements.

Unfortunately for Mitch there’s no winning an argument with two women so set on the cold being a Christmas nightmare, and the only hope remaining is that maybe, just maybe, they will change their mind once they try actually skiing instead of standing around ranting.

Oddly it would seem the resort has one operational ski lift, a volunteer mentioning that for safety they insist on no more than two at a time up the mountain, the volunteer accompanying guests.

As frustrating as it might seem, that means each family member must ride up to the top with this rather chatty volunteer working the resort in his time off. Anything is better than dealing with the women in his life for Mitch, and clearly his daughter Courtney is just ready to get moving and stop standing around.

It’s during the ride up the mountain that the chatty resort volunteer talks Courtney into re-evaluating her thinking about this resort, mostly into inspired new ways of keeping warm when the temperatures outside are quite frigid.

As it turns out, some men are waiting at the top of the mountain, men who already had some friendly conversation, men who are quite eager to help warm up a cute snow bunny like Courtney.

But just what will Lauren think if she discovers her daughter at the top of the mountain sandwiched between two strangers, getting thoroughly warmed up? Whatever it probably would have been… it’s different after a special conversation on the ski lift.

And yet what about Mitch? Sadly some seasonal shocks are harsher than the cold, and no conversation can change the rather alarming manner in which he finds his family embracing his chosen Christmas vacation destination this year.


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Santa’s Stuff

Santa's Stuff by Kris P. Kreme

Santa’s Stuff by Kris P. Kreme

There was probably never a time most husbands were quite so thrilled to be dragged out Christmas shopping by their wife, but then most husbands hadn’t lucked out with a kinky wife like Debbie.

Debbie was a church girl when they met, but ever since they married seven months ago, she has proven the myth quite false that religious girls can’t be kinky.

Even in the car on the way out to a late night mystery shopping destination, Debbie is pushing his buttons. Other than insisting on wearing about the sluttiest holiday outfit, a one piece tight red dress with white trim and accenting shoulder cape, Debbie is quick to inform him she’s wearing absolutely nothing underneath.

But just where is this mystery destination she has in mind? It’s none other than a porn shop, one a rather promiscuous friend of hers from the office mentioned she had to check out around Christmas.

Intending to pick up some sexy lingerie, Lance is practically ready to rip off what Debbie has before even arriving at the mystery destination.

About the last thing he’d ever expected was a slightly rundown inner city porn shop called Santa’s Stuff. It’s a strangely seasonally named place, but as they walk in, Debbie points out what her friend Tina had mentioned seeing advertised.

It’s a quite elaborate holiday display, a full recreation of perhaps the most famous throne in television history… though this display titled The Game of Bones, and bones definitely doesn’t refer to anatomy.

Completely made up of dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes, this throne is currently occupied by the most solemn looking Santa performer Lance has ever seen, and yet his young wife Debbie can’t get enough of the kinky tonight, insisting on a photo when one of the many sex dolls posed around this Santa bears a striking resemblance to her friend Tina.

Perhaps if Lance hadn’t been so incredibly turned on from the kinks in the car on the way over, he might have wondered more about all the fleshy yet rubberized plastic sex dolls around this throne. Maybe he would have thought more about some porn shop that hires a convincingly menacing Santa to stay still and silent on a throne of dildos.

As it is, nothing prepares either of them for the moment this Santa suddenly bellows out quite loudly a HO HO HOOOO, literally shaking the shelves of products around them.

Repeating his cry, something is happening, Debbie curling lips into a grin, proving how truthful she was as she pulls up her slutty holiday dress and backs up, taking a seat on Santa’s lap, quite openly cheating on her husband and eagerly impaling herself over and over.

As crazy as it all seems, crazy has no meaning until the true origin of the store’s name reveals itself, as the climax of all climaxes takes place and everything about Debbie is changing before Lance’s eyes.

There’s kinky wives everywhere but none of the stuff those wives are into can compare… to Santa’s Stuff.


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Kris P. Kringle’s Kuickies

Kris P. Kringle's Kuickies by Kris P. Kreme

Kris P. Kringle’s Kuickies by Kris P. Kreme

During the last days before Christmas, the mall is anything if not absolute chaos, but two tales are about to collide into one day of ultimate debauchery as impulse buys create impulsive actions and mall security gets securely enjoyed.

Some might call it a family tradition to shop the malls for last minute bargains around Christmas, but Alan would beg to differ, in that he always thought family traditions were intended to be fun… and technically involved actual family

Megan and Julie have never embraced Alan as anything but the guy their mom apparently wanted to screw, hardly even offering the respect a stepfather deserves. So it’s little more than a nightmare when Alan finds himself holding the gifts they picked out for their mother, with the fraternal twins from hell being nothing but snarky and sarcastic behind him in what seems to be a never moving line.

Trapped in a crowded aisle, only one register open at the store that offers a bit of everything, Alan can’t escape the snarky comments, the crude jokes, the girls always quick to push him to the edge of sanity, Christmas chaos easily toppling him over the edge. As though it weren’t bad enough to be dealing with Megan and Julie, the register apparently is having issues way up at the front of the line they all stand in, someone checking it, rechecking, generally seeming like a frustrated line of shoppers is no big deal.

Unlike the men standing behind Megan and Julie, content to idly pass the time ogling the teenage girls, there isn’t even anything for Alan to occupy his mind with, other than thoughts of what annoying comment the more aggressive sister Megan will come up with next to try and push his buttons.

The aisle to either side of them is filled with those last second impulse buy items, items no one needs but everyone gets tempted by, particularly when stuck in a non-moving line with the stress of the holiday season boiling one’s nerves.

Yet it isn’t Alan who gets obsessed with any of the impulse buys. He’s just trying to maintain some sanity, listening to the constant bickering of the girls, and that is when Megan and Julie begin fighting over the little sunscreen looking squeeze tube off the shelf nearby.

Julie wants to take a SnapChat with it because it’s hilarious, Megan just wants to read the label, and as usual neither sister can be patient or polite for even a half a second.

Losing his cool, Alan turns and snatches the little squeeze tube from Megan, tossing it toward Julie to solve the argument once and for all. Unfortunately he tosses it a bit more wildly than intended and much to the amusement of the men behind them in line, the little sunscreen looking tube lands perfectly right in Julie’s cleavage.

Naturally Megan is amused, her sister embarrassed and a whole new bickering begins as Julie tries to remove it from her chest, Megan insisting on moving in behind her and grabbing her chest, all of this providing endless amusement to those men behind them in line.

Yet when the inevitable happens and the girls shoving and pushing at each other uncaps the tube and white cream shoots out over Julie’s chest, Alan is going to be dealing with more than an unexpected impulse buy he now has to pay for.

As the girls continue to argue, Julie mostly about getting cream squirted on her breasts, Alan picks up the tube mostly since it’s his now… or will be whenever the line moves. Reading the label, he thought he’d seen enough craziness and chaos at the mall today, but nothing explains what Moo Cow Cream is.

On the shelf where this little squeeze tube came from are a random assortment of other creams, none having the same title as Moo Cow Cream, but all seeming the same, just different flavors of some bizarre skin cream product he knows makes no sense, particularly when Megan explains that Moo Cow Cream supposedly turns the girl that uses it into a human cow, filling their boobies with milk.

It has to be a novelty product, some crude little joke, but when Julie stretches unintended moans into moos and dark spots appear on her tight top, everything Alan knows goes out the window.

Will Alan finally snap from putting up with his snarky bickering stepdaughters and use another flavor of skin cream to put Megan in her place? Will Julie find herself becoming a dimmer dummer moo cow?

The answers may have to wait as mall security is on the lookout for a shoplifter, and this is the opportunity Ellen Shaw knows her mall security partner Reese Williams has been waiting for to advance his career.

They are instructed to cross the mall and watch for a man in a hoodie, one who has definitely not left the mall yet but was caught on camera stealing several items from Trance-Toys, one of the more popular toy stores.

Ellen has always been quite exceptional at mall security, even if it’s mostly just a job to her. On the other hand Reese has seriously been lusting to move up and be a cop, truly embracing the lifestyle of protecting and serving, to the extent he even carries a special taser he purchased himself, one he explains to Ellen is the Trance-Taser 2000 from Trance-tory, which happens to be the same company behind Trance-Toys.

As he puts it they make top of the line stuff, so catching this thief will surely go a long way for making his career advancement a reality.

Splitting up, each taking a side of the overly crowded central mall corridor, Ellen and Reese are on the lookout for their perp. However something about this perp may surprise them as he has stolen a very specific set of harmless toys, toys that when combined a certain way, when wires are crossed and Trance-tory tech is blended just right, creates a weapon that can truly alter their thoughts and actions.

Will mall security catch the Trance-tory thief? Just who is this thief really working for and what are his motives? What about Alan and his cream altered stepdaughters; will Reese and Ellen end up busting him for downright inappropriate behavior with the girls that always drove him crazy?

Find out as a day in the mall gets chaotically carnal with Kris P. Kringle’s Kuickies.


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Days Later… Adventures in Santa-Land

Days Later... Adventures in Santa-Land by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… Adventures in Santa-Land by Kris P. Kreme

It was just days ago that a family visited the holiday theme park Santa-Land, just days ago that two grown children discovered the magic of the season could be downright depraved. Now Days Later… the kinky Christmas chaos continues.

There’s stress at Santa-Land just days after Christmas, when usually the only stress would be packing things up to close down after another successful holiday season. This year though Jeff Pierson, the inventory and exchange manager for years at Santa-Land has a serious problem.

Irregular items never meant to be sold are missing, and only he knows just what dangers irregulars can pose. His entire work crew is desperately searching, doing inventory, seeking out the missing icicle stockings and matching gloves. He already suspects they were taken and worn at one point on the day before Christmas, mostly due to finding employees and other guests to the resort in a state of undress, so wiped out by sex that they barely remembered much more than a cute redheaded older teen.

But what Jeff doesn’t know, even when one of the more astute staff asks about it, is that the missing irregular clothing items are very much related to some unusual blood found in a section of the park called Christmas Carvings.

While the mystery redhead may have had nothing to do with that incident, her brother did, and little does Jeff Pierson know what perverse pleasures one family has been giving into ever since leaving the park days before.

For Belle, the once blonde, now redhead after slipping on a fancy pair of stockings and gloves, life has been one long fuck. Every man she bats her eyes at much less touches with the special icicle gloves melts into lusty desire for her, and that has naturally included the men in her own family.

When she’s not bouncing the bed springs with her brother, she’s seducing her old man, but just why does her brother have such a charm all his own?

in his mid twenties, Nick was always the big brother who put up with his brat of a sister, and then came Santa-Land, when women became the least of his troubles and the heights of his pleasure, thanks to an accidental splinter from a mysterious sculpture in the park.

It’s as though he slowly has been changing into Santa ever since, a magic within him, a twinkle in his eyes, his hair graying, but his lusty appetite growing. Every woman that looks at him, who locks eyes with him, immediately wants to show how naughty they are, and Nick is only too happy to enjoy such displays.

His sister Belle is definitely one of the naughty ones, even if she does always insist on wearing the strange stockings and gloves she got that day in the park.

It’s only unfortunate that their mother, the one actually responsible for insisting the family enjoy a holiday fun time at Santa-Land has been rather catatonic in shock for days now, ever since the innocent first fuck in the car Nick and Belle shared.

Intending to visit his old neighborhood buddy, Nick leaves Belle to her own devices for today, her only intentions to get Daddy doing quite dirty things to her. Little do any of them know that a search is underway, a search specifically for Belle, but one which Nick may ultimately intervene in.

Will Santa-Land recover the lost irregular stockings and gloves, the twisted nano-fiber smart clothing that makes a girl do really dumb things with every man around her? Will Belle get belly blasted so full she forever loses that slender little figure of hers? Just what might happen to her if the stockings and gloves are finally removed? And is Santa infected Nick to be the fly in the ointment that promises a new year of depravity all around?

Find out in the very first of an all new series that will explore your favorite Tales from the Kreme shortly after those tales took place. The action might be over with The End… but the fun is still happening Days Later.


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Keep watching for the latest Kreme to kome!