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The curse of Caligula returns in one Kollection

Caligula Komes by Kris P. Kreme

One can never be sure of whether there is such a thing as a curse. Tempting fate can reveal more than the truth, it can open the unexpected to be rediscovered. The stories of Caligula are just that, stories… aren’t they? Find out in Caligula Komes, the Complete Caligula Series Caligula’s Curse Caligula was infamous …

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Caligula returns to take Control

Caligula's Control by Kris P. Kreme

Aggy was a lighting technician on the set of Caligula’s Curse, a nerd girl grown up, loving her job. After the curse of Caligula spread throughout everyone involved in the film, everything changed. Now, three years later, Aggy and her stepson Kyle are at the center of a reemergence of the curse and this time …

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Caligula’s Curse returns for Halloween 2013!

Caligula's Curse by Kris P. Kreme

Halloween with the Kreme 2013 continues with some Klassic time of the season Kreme! Caligula was infamous in his day as the honorable emperor struck down into depravity by an unknown illness, a man who gave in to base desires, spending time at a castle retreat now destroyed. The original stones from that castle are …

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