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Kris P. Kreme is an author of online erotica, having written hundreds of stories in every theme imaginable for the past twenty years. His work, like his name, is fresh and hot daily, leaving readers often glazed to their seats with what twist and turn the tale will take next. Comedic stories or tales of horror, you will find something of all genres to appeal to every possible mood or kink.

The stories here will be a special blend of new as well as revitalized and edited original stories from Kris, who is most famously known not just for mind control erotica, but breast expansion, bimbo-creating, slut-making, and even giantess tales and comics. To explore more into the Kris P. Kreme online library, visit the banners found on this site where you can find professionally rendered illustrated stories and comics written by the author himself, or visit any of the other links provided.

Like a good box donuts, the samplings are free as well as any of the visual images and manipulations to be found added here from time to time. Like any sampling, the temptation might well prove too much to resist purchasing the full feast, however no need to worry. Price is always to be extremely reasonable and well worth the cost of admission. So whether you are wanting a simple story of overwhelming seduction of innocence or a tale with legend and myth, where everything from demons, leprechauns, or even the Easter Bunny make an appearance, you can find a bit of everything served up from Kris P. Kreme.


    • Sean Barnett on January 6, 2015 at 3:35 am
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    Any plans to finish Stans Severence Sand loved the first three stories.

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