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Readers can improve their writing skills

The PENis Mightier by Kris P. Kreme

Zoey has a brilliant brainy mind, and where others like her roommate have a passion for men, Zoey prefers date night at the old town library researching. She’s fascinated by the concept of research, a true lust for knowledge. But will Zoey discover an entirely different kind of lust spilling out after she buys some …

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June will be manipulated

Flattening the Layers by Kris P. Kreme

June lost all self-control after the last story, and it led to some of the most intense pleasure she ever felt. But will she survive another story; can she ever hope to finish her work this month and retain her professional self-respect? Casey has been manipulated and mistreated by his bitchy older stepsister one too …

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Note from the Kreme

There was an upload error on SINtendo Safety Setttings. The correct file was uploaded to Smashwords as of 3 PM Eastern on September 28th. If you have purchased this book prior to this, please reupload with my apologies. Amazon is correct as well now.     Kris

Valentine’s get Grabbed this month

The Grab Bag #6 by Kris P. Kreme

It’s the season of love… or is it lust? You decide with the latest bargain bunch in the bag, a special Valentine Grab Bag just for you from the Kreme. This Grab Bag includes: Cupid’s Day Off and Valentine’s Kandy, two stories that tell of the surprises that February brings!   Find it on Smashwords …

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Get all of the Konversation in November

The Konversational Kollection by Kris P. Kreme

The Konversational Kollection: Nine conversations that take things in directions never expected. Sometimes they say talk is cheap.   Find it on Smashwords now! Now On Amazon!   Over 40,000 Words! Now get all the talk you can handle for one low price in The Konversational Kollection, all dialogue tales by Kris P. Kreme where …

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November is Thanksgiving Kreme Stuffing Month!

Thanksgiving Kreme Stuffing Month

Everyone knows about Black Friday, but what about Thanksgiving Kreme Stuffing Month? This month the Kreme is releasing collections of some of his best works for much less than you would have to pay to get them all! Klassics! Konversations! SINtendo! and many more! Special collections of many of the most popular Kreme stories with …

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