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Oct 29 2017

It’s surprisingly Fertile on HallowKreme

Leaving a costume party, Jessica wonders why Alan didn’t wear the devil costume to her sinful angel, but thanks to a surprise destination, both may feel devilish soon enough. Fascinated by exploring closed carnivals and haunted houses, Jessica is thrilled that Alan found The Fright House, an abandoned inner city multi-story fun house with a …

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May 27 2017

The Kreme’s Krop is in for 2016… and it’s very Fertile

Over 27,000 Words of Kreme! The latest Krop of Kreme has been kollected! The following five tales represent some of the very best and most popular tales of 2016, a perfect blend of the Klassic, the Kuickie, the twisted, and the tempting. You’ll find something happy, something humpy, maybe even something sad though ultimately as …

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Nov 24 2016

Feasting on Thanksgiving

Jake once fully respected his girlfriend Cammie, until a web cam created dominance like never before and using her became much more fun. Sam once lusted after earning the pleasure of his strong willed girlfriend Sela, but after striking the right chord on a very special amp, he now just lusts after packing her full …

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Oct 31 2015

BeWere Readers! Fertile Fields returns for Halloween!

Dragged by her friend Shana on a camping trip, Jessica is not looking forward to this little escape from their troubles. Stopped and warned by a local sheriff on the way, they might find that for some troubles there is no escape. Fertile Fields, the sheriff warns, was a town that appeared and took sanity …

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Jun 05 2015

The Final Fertile Fields of Imagination

Riley Sloane has taken a journey through depravity in the small town of Fertile Fields. He has witnessed innocence corrupted and purity drowned in lust. He has seen impossible technology and lurid fantasies made real. He hasn’t seen anything yet. Fate has led him to Niles Loarey, a man every bit as mysterious as Riley, …

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May 04 2015

Breaking Down in Fertile Fields

A breakdown of a bus diverted onto the seldom traveled Fertile Fields bypass is about to leave everyone on board trapped in a town where the laws of reality frequently break down. As Riley Sloane journeys onward and upward to a mysterious mountain inexplicably located within the city limits of Fertile Fields, his trip is …

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Apr 03 2015

Going to the Diner can be Fertile

Picking up right where Downtown Fertile Fields left off, appetites will grow, fantasies will become reality, and only one place can satisfy both hungers, The Fertile Fields Diner. More unlucky travelers find themselves getting lucky in ways never imagined. More importantly, Riley Sloane finally arrives in downtown Fertile Fields, just in time to glimpse the …

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Mar 03 2015

Visit Downtown Fertile Fields

Fertile Fields is a destination no one chooses, where an unleashed uncontrollable power rules over all through the fantasies unspoken. Only Riley Sloane seems separated from the influence, but even he is overwhelmed by this town. Meanwhile, Sam, Richie, and the younger Alice have arrived in downtown Fertile Fields. For Sam and Richie, more than …

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Feb 03 2015

The Fertile Fields Drive-In is Open

Fertile Fields, a town not found on any map is a destination whether travelers know it or not. Ethan and Dana simply wanted to join their friends already in downtown Fertile Fields. Their trip is about to hit a pothole… literally. After a flat tire, Ethan and his girlfriend find their only source of help …

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Jan 06 2015

Welcome… to Fertile Fields.

In all the years that the Kreme has been bringing readers to the edge of their seats and quite possibly the edge of orgasm, there exists one tale that was never finished, one tale that since then has been constantly asked about, requested, hundreds of times over the years. That tale tells the story of …

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