The Kreme’s Krop is in for 2016… and it’s very Fertile

Kreme of the Krop 2016 by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme of the Krop 2016 by Kris P. Kreme

Over 27,000 Words of Kreme!

The latest Krop of Kreme has been kollected!

The following five tales represent some of the very best and most popular tales of 2016, a perfect blend of the Klassic, the Kuickie, the twisted, and the tempting. You’ll find something happy, something humpy, maybe even something sad though ultimately as fun as any Kreme tale. You’ll also find something infectious but the freaky fun needs no convincing. Finally you’ll find one very special brand new tale exclusively written for Kreme of the Krop readers like you. It’s that time of the year again, time to bring in the Krop and binge on every last drop of Kreme-y goodness.

This year’s bounty includes:

Leap Day: Every four years there comes a special day, a day that four friends will only see once during their entire time in school together. On that day, they are skipping class and hanging out in a basement, beer and little else on the agenda. When Travis tells how Leap Day can grant any wishes one makes if they make them the right way, Sam and Emma will be much more than just shocked.

ZigZag: Rose has lived a life that went many directions, from a happy childhood crushed by loss, to a rough and often zigzagging series of mistakes and troubles. Finally content and dedicated to her daughter’s future, masked men with mind altering guns holding everyone in a bank hostage may just bring her life full circle..

The InFUCtion: On an otherwise ordinary afternoon in a world where everyone worried about the state of the planet, the state of politics, and the state of society, the end of it all came quite climactically with a literal climax. Pleasure and the obsessive mindless need to fuck was rapid, no one finding immunity unless they avoided contact with the ones afflicted.

Convincing: Every Spring Break, Annie avoids coed chaos at the beach and heads home to relax, to de-stress from studying and books. It’s only too bad that her parents are getting more and more obsessive about her lack of a boyfriend. They harp on her every year, harassing more and more, but what if she had a pretend boyfriend, a boy brought home from college? That’s the opening Annie needs.

Fertile Fears: Finally, enjoy a brand new tale which reminds you of the dangers of seeking what you just aren’t ready to find. Dylan, Veronica, and Kelly are graduate students looking to separate truth from fiction about the widely spreading urban legend that if you get lost on back roads you just might find yourself trapped in a town called Fertile Fields. But what if the truth is more terrifying than they can imagine, turning their fears into fantasies?


But you readers, you know you want to know more about the new Fertile Fields story don’t you?

Veronica has always been a fierce woman, and everything about her demonstrates that strength, whether it’s her dark hair, intelligent eyes, or the choices she makes with her education.

As a grad student, working on a group thesis with her friends Kelly and Dylan, Veronica is as fierce as they come, taking on a wild theory about an increasingly popular urban legend. The story goes that there is a town people find themselves trapped in when they lose their way on back roads. This town… is known as Fertile Fields.

Veronica’s working theory is that perhaps the town has always existed, since man first set foot upon the continental United States, and that Fertile Fields was previously responsible for such infamous unsolved mass disappearances like the lost colony of Roanoke.

Together, the three grad students have done the research, have spoken to every potential witness or those lucky enough to somehow have brushed past encounters with this mythical town. Now the only part left is the actual field work, though none of the three students may be prepared for what Fertile Field work can truly prove the existence of.

Veronica is the brains of the team, the leader, and the pixie haired Kelly has provided the SUV they are traveling in, her father having hooked up a very advanced GPS location beacon in the engine compartment should they actually somehow find themselves lost and yet found within the supposed Fertile Fields.

They have been blindly driving off maps, off back roads, in the middle of nowhere, following the pattern of those who famously have vanished without a trace, and yet soon they may discover that all the preparations in the world cannot prepare someone for what goes on within the borders of a town that doesn’t exist.

Having gone along purely because he needed the credits and Veronica and Kelly are hot, Dylan is not as serious about the truth being anything more than legend. However even so he has paid attention to Veronica’s warnings that they have to control their thoughts, focus, and not let fear dictate anything since fear is a weak emotion and according to witness accounts, Fertile Fields preys on such base feelings, turning them into something more.

Swerving, flying through dusty trails, unpaved barely cleared roads, it isn’t until they stop to set up some GoPro cameras, to get their equipment just right that Dylan spots the first evidence they have found.

The odds of them happening upon a very elaborate hand painted sign that actually seems like it grew up from the trees it is made from are slim to none, but when that sign reads Welcome to Fertile Fields, this research graduate project has just taken a turn for the surreal.

Climbing out and studying the sign, the surreal only grows, the sign discovered to seem both very old and yet somehow new, what was first assumed to be hand painted letters actually letters formed by living roots which incredibly grew into the shapes almost supernaturally.

Dylan is the first to feel the effects of being there, of documenting this evidence, having increasingly distracted thoughts, thoughts mostly centered around his two fellow grad students, and more fittingly what he’d like to do to their nubile supple bodies.

Fighting off the distractions, chalking it up to his own mind playing tricks on him, Veronica is first to notice that despite all her warnings and practice, repressing fears and fantasies isn’t so easy for all of them, the strongest among them physically falling victim to the perverse powers Fertile Fields was rumored to possess.

Rumors and myth give way to absolute truth, the reality of the situation breaking down as quickly as their ranks do, and ultimately these three may just be the newest residents to an all new Fertile Fields, a place reborn again throughout the ages, a place there is no escape from, no matter how prepared one is going into it.

Beyond the fields there lay the fears, and Fertile Fears are about to thrust deep.


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