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Sep 22 2017

It’s a shame that sometimes a cover is a SIN… tendo

It’s been some time since the last uncensored Kreme cover and this one’s a SINtendo. Here’s the uncensored cover for SINtendo Learning Undergraduate Techniques: Modern Orgasmic Farming for readers of the Kreme to enjoy!

Mar 20 2013

The first Krop is in!

In the orchard of orgasmic tales, only the most memorably moaning make it to market. Those tales are called the Kreme of the Krop. For this first annual Kreme of the Krop, six sensationally sexual stories are brought together for one unbelievable blast of bliss, a bargain seen once a year where for a price …

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Jan 04 2013

2013 – The Year of the Kreme…

It’s 2013 and the Kreme will be flowing this year like never before. Some old favorites will be returning with new stories! SINtendo will be arriving with a state of the art console! More rewritten and expanded Klassic Kreme! Reader’s Choice stories that you voted for! A Kollection of the best Kreme from 2012!  Lots …

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Aug 01 2012

All of the Kreme and nothing but the Kreme

Wondering what books the Kreme has published? Needing another heaping helping of Kremey goodness? Here’s a list of the books, short summaries of each, and links where you can find them! Newest books are at the top of the list! Last updated January 4th, 2013.   Kim’s Kountdown It’s time once again for the countdown …

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Jul 07 2012

Bubbling Up from the Abyss – A New Kreme Komic Series!

Newly released on the Giantess! The latest Kreme Komic arrives! Mystery! Thrills! Science and exploration combine into a tale of expanding proportions! What lurks in the depths of the Earth’s oceans? Who will be first to discover this mystery and what effects will this have on humanity? Part One of this comic book series …

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May 28 2012

Socks On The Brain – A Kris P. Kreme Comic Release!

From the mind of Kris P. Kreme, well known erotica author specializing in bimbos, breast enhancement, and mind control comes an all original comic book destined to curl your toes… right up into your socks. Socks on the Brain, the twisted tale of what happens when one brainy girl overlooks the needs of her girlfriend …

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Apr 29 2012

Kremed Komics

The Kreme Keeper has branched out into the world of comic books and here is a sample of his wares! Just click on the art here to see it larger and to purchase any of the komics from the Breast Expansion Story Club just click here! The Kreme brings you only his freshest!