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Feb 09 2017

Meet Abel this February and see what he’s able to do…

Meet Abel, a real down to earth ordinary harmless guy with typical fantasies and desires who one day has a strange encounter, after which… anything can, and will, happen. Look for the ABEL series all month long, a five book limited series from the Kreme!  

Feb 07 2017

Thirsty for an uncensored cover?

The rules for book covers means that there are, from time to time, a cover that isn’t acceptable to Amazon or Smashwords because it shows off a little too much. For readers of the Kreme, here’s the original book cover for Thirsty to enjoy!

Sep 30 2016

HallowKreme 2016 begins tomorrow!

Hallowkreme is almost here, but what does the Kreme Keeper have in his goodie bag for this year’s tricks and treats? New SINtendo as SINtendo Shades returns! An all new Donnie the Demon! A new Trance-tory tale! A special Halloween Konversational goodie as well! Along with old favorites, all new stories from the Kreme, dripping …

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Sep 29 2016

The month of mystery is approaching… HallowKreme 2016 is almost here!

It comes but once a year… The time of sexy succubi and not-so innocent angels. The appearance of glamorous ghosts, slutty spirits and bimbo curses unending. The moans from the Kreme Keeper’s vault warn that more tales of HallowKreme… …are just around the corner. The month of mystery is almost upon us readers… Are you …

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Feb 29 2016

Kustom Kreme Kommissions

Would you like to have a story kustom written by the Kreme? I offer a kustom story service for my fans! I have certain rules which are that whatever the story is about, there cannot be any themes involving murder or death, nor should any of the characters in the story be under 18 years …

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Feb 21 2016

Are you ready to get your game on?

SINtendo is one of the most popular series that I’ve released over the years. There have been many requests for more SINtendo, more often. SINtendo Selects is a new monthly series starting this month which will focus on stories in the SINtendo universe. Look for the first game in the SINtendo Selects series, SINtendo Sudiku, …

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Jun 30 2015

Reader’s Choice 2015 is coming!

It’s almost here. The one month of the year when all of the choices Kreme Readers have made for new Kreme stories come true. Fifteen stories that have everything that you, the readers, have voted for, emailed about, and sent comments on. More SINtendo, more Brain Drain, more Donnie! More clothing stories, bimbo stories, hypnosis …

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Apr 19 2015

Did you know that there are Kreme Komics?

You might not be aware that the Kreme has been writing comics for several years now. You can find them at the BE Archive, the BE Story Club, Giantess Club and the Bimbo Story Club. Currently, the Trance-tory Takeover is being released on the Bimbo Story Club as an ongoing series and you can see …

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Mar 27 2015

200th Release – Fifty Shades of Kreme

Welcome to the 200th book, welcome to Grey Manor. No Kreme epic has dared to take readers on a journey so massive in scale, to a destination so mysterious in nature. After a bus carrying fifty seniors breaks down, they find themselves at the home of an eccentric billionaire named Mr. Grey. This man has …

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Mar 21 2015

The 200th Kreme Release is Koming

It’s been a long time in the making. It’s koming sooner than you think. After so many stories, so much Kreme… The 200th Kreme Book is almost here. The most massive work of Kreme in history. Not 30,000 words. Not 50,000 words. Not even 75,000 words. Almost 100,000 Words. So much Kreme that your mind …

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Jan 01 2015

New Year’s Greetings from the Kreme

Look for new surprises from the Kreme in 2015! New series on offer! Old classics made new! And of course many surprising Kreme specials that you’ve come to expect! Happy New Year to One and All!

Aug 22 2014

Lifting the covers from Reader’s Choice Month 2!

The Kreme would like to thank all of the Readers that voted for the ideas that became the stories for Reader’s Choice 2 in July. There are two uncensored covers which were rejected by Smashwords and Amazon for being a bit too risque. First, there is the cover for SINtendo Shades that had a bit …

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May 21 2014

Korporate Kreme under the cover

As a bonus for the Kreme’s readers, here’s the uncensored cover for Korporate Kreme!

Mar 02 2014

The Kreme serves up specials for Read an eBook Week!

It’s time once again on Smashwords for the Read an Ebook Week special! This year the Kreme has some of his works on special at discounted rates from March 2nd to March 8th, 2014! The following Kreme works can be found at attractive discounts, but for one week only! Anime DNA – Kreme Klassic #1 …

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Feb 16 2014

An uncensored Paranormal Ending

Every so often there is a cover that just can’t be used for the Kreme’s books. While they cannot be used as the official cover, they can be seen here. Here’s the uncensored cover for Paranormal Ending and look for a new release this week!

Jan 10 2014

Petey’s uncensored cover is a little bit pervy

One more slightly late Christmas present, the Kreme shares with his readers the uncensored cover of Petey the Pervy Elf! And in the next few days watch out for the newest of the Kreme’s bimbos! Planning to arrive this weekend at Smashwords and Amazon!