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Things get hard around Ivy

Path-illogical: Poison Ivy by Kris P. Kreme

Ivy has had it with the men her mother dates inevitably being perverted and either putting moves or playing around as they turn their eyes to her. It’s bad enough her mother keeps getting betrayed, but she is starting to feel like the poison her mother once drunkenly called her. Storming off into the wilderness …

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You can’t be logical at HallowKreme

Path-illogical Running Scared by Kris P. Kreme

Emily is a promising track star with a secret training ritual that may become so much more than mere training one day. Fear is the motivation, the idea of perceived danger inspiring her to run longer, stronger, and to be the success on the track she has become. She dresses the part, looking slutty, looking …

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It’s a new Path Readers

Path-illogical: Fantasy Film Fears by Kris P. Kreme

Julie Jenson hopes the latest Terrance Tomlin picture is her big break in acting. But after filming on Mount Madness, the beautiful redhead may be completely broken. Instructing his lead actress on the plight of her character, a prom girl transported to a fantasy forest and ravaged by all sorts of impossible creatures, Terrance is …

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You might become rooted to the Path

Path-illogical: Blooming Mad by Kris P. Kreme

Daisy has been getting more and more agitated the entire thousand mile journey to some mysterious mountain in the middle of nowhere. Her brilliant boyfriend Vincent is wanting to prove some crackpot theory about plants and animals sharing a common DNA at some point in history, which has led him to the crest of Mount …

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The Path can take you off track

Path-illogical: Getting off Track by Kris P. Kreme

Chase has spent hours hiking behind Lindsay as she attempts to befriend him. She’s barely seven years older but dating his father and Chase can’t stand the fact she’s probably playing his dad for a fool. Chase soon realizes he was foolish assuming Lindsay knew anything about hiking the trails of Mount Madness, the both …

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The Path is swerving

Path-illogical: Pine Punched by Kris P. Kreme

When Tom takes his teacher girlfriend Cindy on a morning hike around Mount Madness, he’s trying to help her de-stress before summer school begins. All Cindy can think about is the summer school she shouldn’t have to teach, the boys who don’t care to learn. She’s always been a rigid woman, hard on herself with …

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You can be Path-Illogical in June

Will you walk the Path as summer begins during a special Path-illogical event series? Three twisted tales take readers on the path of madness. When anyone walks the ancient path alone on Mount Madness, their inner conflicts, their frustrations, their desires, and their fate may lead them down a path they never imagined. These are …

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The Path is twisted

Path-illogical: Artificially Filled by Kris P. Kreme

After moving Kira doesn’t fit in, not how she dresses, not her thoughtful mature demeanor, and certainly not the fact she refuses snacks to avoid artificial fillers. But she’s determined to change that, so when popular kids invite her to a gathering at an ancient path in the woods, a dare may offer the chance …

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The Path Continues

Path-illogical: Rain Drained by Kris P. Kreme

Take another walk down the path of perversion, this time with a hot-blooded country coed named Katie. After a failed romantic sunrise date leaves her feeling insulted for her somewhat sexy clothing, Katie storms off in a building rain down an ancient path. While she intends the walk to cool off, Katie finds the rain …

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The Path begins here

Path-illogical: A BREATH of Fresh AirHEAD by Kris P. Kreme

A month after a crew on Mount Madness uncovers what may be a storied supernatural ancient native path through the wilderness, Anna may provide truth to the myths surrounding it. Her stepbrother David has always been obsessed with the occult and supernatural, dragging along popular jock Kyle and his girlfriend Trisha on little outings that …

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It’s going to be… Path-Illogical

Path-Illogical Series Ad

Are you ready to walk the path? Do you dare walk the path? Starting soon!