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Last updated January 1, 2017.


Return of the Naughty Elves

Return of the Naughty Elves by Kris P. Kreme

Return of the Naughty Elves by Kris P. Kreme

Traveling hilly roads with her mom and stepdad, Alicia never expects this family Christmas gathering to change her life.

Then she spots the shadowy figures darting into the road and screaming to her stepfather Rick has him barely avoiding hitting those figures.

But only Alicia can see the little men and those little men reveal themselves to be The Naughty Elves, offering Alicia a gift that is more a curse, 24 hours of pure naughtiness to resist if she ever wants to be a good girl again.

Can Alicia hope to resist being naughty with so many men around and nothing else to do? Kris-mas concludes with a very naughty, very happy ending.

For Alicia, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the drive out with her mom and stepfather to his family Christmas in the mountains. She’s always been a shy sweet girl, never dating, heading off to college soon enough with a whole world still to even discover.

Of course a chance encounter may just have Alicia getting a real load out of the world much sooner than she thought, and much more literally than the good girl ever could have imagined.

Passing the time listening to her stepfather Rick tell silly tales about his cousins, trouble making tales and funny stories, Alicia spots a couple of little figures dart across the road in the wooded foothills of the mountains they are surrounded by. Screaming out for Rick to watch out, he swerves off the road just barely missing them and unfortunately damaging the radiator.

It’s while Rick and Alice, Alicia’s mother, check the damage under the hood that these two little figures no one saw but Alicia come to greet her. They’re both dressed in about the most obvious Christmas elf costumes Alicia ever saw and they sure seem happy to meet her, even if they already know her name somehow.

According to the elves, they are the naughty elves, the ones who spend their time offering tests to bad little boys and girls, seeing if those bad little boys and girls can surprise even themselves and be promoted to the nice list. Naturally as they point out, Alicia has always been on the good girl list, but that doesn’t mean these two can’t thank her with a special gift, a gift they rarely get to give to good girls, much less good girls having just recently turned eighteen and only barely at that age where they still see and hear real elves.

But just what is the motivation behind these so-called naughty elves, and why are they always grinning so much as they simply give Alicia their gift without asking whether she even wants it?

A simple touch is all it takes for the naughty elves to bestow 24 hours of pure naughtiness into Alicia, every sweet desire and motivation temporarily turned on end inside the girl, but with the threat that should she act on her naughty impulses before the day of naughtiness is over, Alicia will forever be only the most naughty girl ever in anything she does.

Her clothing singed and smoking from their touch, ruined from the literal naughty touches, Alicia is quickly finding her thoughts wandering into places they never have dwelt before, dirty depraved places where she can only imagine what a nubile young thing such as herself can be party to.

Desires she never had, thoughts she never thought before, and the more wrong those thoughts are, the more depraved and perverse, the greater Alicia is finding the impulses with those thoughts.

Can she control herself once they reach Rick’s cousin’s home in the mountains? Can Alicia sooth the naughty impulses inside her young body? Or is this going to be a family gathering like no other, a gathering where Rick and his cousins and even his cousin’s sons can’t get enough of a naughty little slut willing to do anything… as long as it keeps her nice and naughty?

On the twelfth day of Kris-mas, nice turns naughty… there’s no turning back.

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Cloaked in Christmas Spirit

Cloaked in Christmas Spirit by Kris P. Kreme

Cloaked in Christmas Spirit by Kris P. Kreme

In his forty plus years, Ned has seen a lot, from the tempting older teen girls across one street to the hot young wife across another. But never has he seen anything as odd as the fact little Billy always gets what he asks Santa for.

Swiping Billy’s letter this year, Ned tests a theory, scribbling some additional requests for Santa, making it look like Billy asked them.

Imagine his surprise on Christmas morning when the magic manipulative cloak he asked for and the mesmerizing ornament which makes living dolls of people are waiting by Ned’s Christmas tree.

This is the Kris-mas a man like Ned has been waiting his whole life for.

Ned had never thought of himself as such a bad guy, just a guy in his early forties who’d given up on ever realizing most dreams after a life of being merely successful enough to keep the bills paid and work from home. Unlike most he supposed, he’d never reached that point where he settled down and had a family and forgot the young dreams a man has of women and power.

For most it seemed that women and power only came to either the truly fortunate or the truly ruthless and by all respects Ned was neither, just an ordinary guy who got up each morning and enjoyed his cup of coffee as he surveyed the goings on in his neighborhood.

Now despite being a heavily bearded middle aged man who didn’t expect much luck, Ned wasn’t without an appreciative eye and so even he could admit that in his growing years he’d become a bit of a pervert, at least in the fantasies he regularly played in the back of his mind.

It was in the mornings when sipping his coffee he’d notice the hot young wife across one street from his corner home, or maybe eyeball the hot teen girls at the other home across from him. A little fantasy never hurt anyone and it wasn’t like Ned was a harm to anyone, just a red blooded male with a sorely lacking sex life and plenty of imagination.

But was it Ned’s imagination that one of the newest residents in the neighborhood these past few years, little Billy, always got what he wanted for Christmas? Ned liked Billy because the kid reminded him of himself at that age, back before the harsh realities of the world crashed in and back before hormones and the constant fantasies to keep him going.

Still, Billy always got what he asked Santa for, never without fail. The little kid even had a complete set of 1952 baseball cards, every single one… something just impossible to find. What really amped up the mystery in Ned’s mind was the simple fact Billy’s parents were not all that well off, definitely not enough to spoil their son with his every wish on Christmas morning. Ned had even asked Billy how he got such neat toys each year and the little kid had just shrugged and said he asked Santa for it in his letter.

Maybe Ned was acting crazy in doing what he did, in thinking what he thought, but he had to know… had to test out a theory and hopefully it wouldn’t hurt anyone just to try.

Waiting until the morning he saw little Billy happily scurrying to his mailbox with the outgoing letter to Santa, Ned quietly sneaked across the street and stole it. Inside was Billy’s wish list of the year, the gifts he really wanted Santa to bring him, but Ned had something to try, and using an old crayon, Ned added a couple of silly sounding requests to the list, requests for some gifts delivered to Billy’s favorite neighbor.

Naturally Ned knew if there was even a remote chance of truth to the idea that somehow little Billy had a direct line to the big man in red himself, he needed the letter to sound believable. And so he asked for two simple things, first a magical cloak that would control others, and second a mystical shiny Christmas ornament that mesmerized all who gazed into it and turned them into living dolls.

They were just creative and silly enough to sound like a kid wrote them… and Ned had made sure it all looked flawless before resealing Billy’s letter and putting it in the mailbox himself.

It was silly, he’d thought, waiting until Christmas morning, silly and weird, but so was the bizarre way Billy got everything each year that he asked Santa for. Nothing came close to the shock Ned got as he found two most unexpected surprises Christmas morning, a long hooded red cloak with fluffy white trim and a small wrapped box beneath the cloak.

Sure enough, it seemed someone definitely got Billy’s letter, and somehow they’d delivered just what Billy supposedly asked that his neighbor to receive.

Slipping on the cloak, Ned feels empowered, though is it just an illusion? Has he really gotten everything he wanted and can now manipulate anyone simply by wearing the cloak and talking to them? What about the little sparkly ornament in the box; will it somehow mesmerize all who gaze into it and make them living dolls for Ned’s amusement?

Christmas morning is going to be a lot more fantasy than Ned’s regular mornings… except this morning and day he may just finally get what he has always wanted, or rather who he has always desired in ways even he never could have imagined.

On the eleventh day of Kris-mas, feel much more than the warmth of a cloak, and much more the chill of fantasies unleashed.

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Bimbo Bon-Bombed

Bimbo Bon-Bombed by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bon-Bombed by Kris P. Kreme

Laura is bitchy and frigid, but she couldn’t care less, just as she couldn’t care less about the sappy happy holidays mentality all her neighbors have.

She’s smart, fierce, and above everyone she ever met, but this year she’s getting an unexpected gift, a package left on her doorstep.

Opening it, Laura finds she has been Bimbo Bombed, and she must face a choice to either consume every last bon-bon in the package, each one adding a new fetish to her mind, or to throw them away and in doing throw away her intelligence.

Which will she choose, and what will become of Laura this Kris-mas season?

Laura has long been proud of the fact she’s somewhat of a soulless bitch, never caring how society saw the young intelligent brunette. People seem to think it’s wrong for an attractive brunette to be single, to be without a man in her life as she enters her thirties, as though it’s a crime she think for herself.

But then Laura has gotten quite used to dealing with frustrations herself and these days particularly there are many frustrations to deal with, and the stupid sappy seasonal nonsense lies near the top of the pile.

Laura can’t stand how stupid people can be, how immature about the holidays, wasting valuable electricity on Christmas lighting, acting all sweet and generous just to stroke their own egos. Unfortunately her neighborhood is all lit up, everyone just following along like sheep and no one smart enough or mature enough to waste her time with.

Having dealt with her neighbors more than enough times before, Laura knows everyone is well aware that if something harsh needs to be said, she will say it, never afraid to open her mouth and shout down an ignorant moron who crosses paths with her.

The only thing which might bother Laura worse than idiots is the stunts those idiots can pull… and that is the first thing Laura assumes when she sees the brightly wrapped but unmarked box on her doorstep during the Christmas season this year.

Naturally it has to be a prank of some kind, since it clearly didn’t get delivered by the mailman. Still, the bright red and green package doesn’t smell like a crude prank and so a while after getting it, Laura finds herself carefully opening the surprise gift.

Inside the box, Laura finds the oddest assortment of items, a basic white cell phone, a strange funnel, and plenty of fresh bon-bons placed in the funnel as though a part of some bizarre gift presentation.

Laura’s always one to skimp a buck and re-gift, but these are really odd items and the phone while unused is pretty bottom budget looking.

Checking the phone by pushing her thumb against the side power button, she regrets the decision instantly, sparks shooting into her thumb and the whole phone buzzing. But this phone doesn’t appear to have either burned her or malfunctioned as it instantly loaded what appeared to be a fresh text message.

According to the message Laura reads, she has been Bimbo Bombed and she new will face a difficult choice, one which may either cost her the valuable intelligence she has or her reputation… and quite possibly may have lasting effects on both.

Laura has to decide whether she will accept the gift and literally funnel all thirty-two bon-bons down her throat… each one she swallows adding a kinky fetish she will instantly obsess about to her mind. Or will she mouth off for the final time, refusing to swallow a single bon-bon and in throwing them away, throw away a bit of her intelligence with each one… permanently leaving her a bigger bimbo than anyone else she ever looked down on?

Time is ticking, the clock has started, and does Laura even have enough time to make a decision, much less follow the rules of that decision? Will the bitchy frigid woman find herself thawing and warming up to all new kinks? Will she be losing her mind in pleasure or intelligence?

Find out in the all new Kris-mas tale that proves on the tenth day of Kris-mas, there are no easy choices… only easy women.

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Impmas Time

Impmas Time by Kris P. Kreme

Impmas Time by Kris P. Kreme

Twenty years ago a stumble in Santa’s Letter Sorting Room left several letters lost behind a big desk.

Trying to keep the temp imps out of his way this year, Santa has them cleaning the room where that desk is… and after discovering the letters from children asking for wishes from Santa, Clyde and Seymour are going to grant those belated wishes.

Of course twenty years has passed and once ordinary wishes by little children are now twisted and kinky when granted upon the twenty something year old adults in the real world.

Kris-mas proves it’s never too late to get everything you ever wanted… and realize it was too much.

It was a chilly snowy blizzard of a night back in 1996 when Santa’s chief elf Fleevil was ordering Cadet Kindling to find the official Green Nice stamp which Santa used to separate the letters from good little boys and girls around the world. It was also the night when one little accidental stumble would lead to a true mess twenty years later.

Santa’s Letter Sorting Room was always a mess the closer to Christmas it got, and this year was no exception, Cadet Kindling finally locating the missing stamp in a precarious perched position way above his head. A short climb to retrieve it and some bad timing resulted in a stumble and fall which sent letters flying… and at least a few of those letters slipped hidden behind the corner of a large desk and the wall.

Now it is twenty years later, a year after The Night of the Temp Imps… when The Night as Santa calls Christmas Eve was forever ruined by a couple of bumbling temp imps who turned on the naughty with far too many humans they encountered riding with Santa on his deliveries. But this year Santa has a plan to keep temp imps Clyde and Seymour well away from any harm.

In the past couple of decades, Santa’s Letter Sorting Room has gone away, updating to modern technology, no longer stacking letters and stamping them by hand, and so the old forgotten cluttered room in a corner of the north pole has been in need of cleaning for quite some time.

Who better to clean… and to lock in the old Sorting Room, than temp imps Clyde and Seymour, the two evil little imps still baffled as to what they did wrong last year.

Unfortunately for Santa, plans never work out well when a temp imp is involved and while cleaning the old dusty Sorting Room, Clyde and Seymour move the old desk to find forgotten letters from good little children… letters never answered by Santa those many Christmases ago.

There’s nothing either temp imp would like more than to get out of the doghouse with Santa, to impress the big man with their magic and their skills and so it’s Clyde’s idea that they take this opportunity to go beyond the expectations Santa has for their cleaning job, to read the letters and answer them using their own special magic.

Sure, it has been twenty years for any of the children who wrote the letters, but as Seymour suggests, they can use their imp-adaptability in granting the wishes those unselfish good children had. It will ensure the magic adapts to give them each exactly what they wanted. Santa is sure to be impressed by that… and since they will have reached back through time to help good little children Santa overlooked, it will speak highly of the skills a temp imp brings to the table.

This year it’s not just The Night of the Temp Imps… it’s Impmas Time and for three adults in their mid to late twenties, they are about to get granted everything they once wanted and forgot about in ways they never will recover from.

Little David who just wanted girls to finally notice him will discover that being what every woman wants can quickly become too much to handle.

Little Lucy who once wrote Santa for a new baby in the family will find that there are plenty of ways of getting what she wants… by taking measures into her own hands.

And finally little Cindy who once imaginatively wrote Santa wishing to be a toy herself will discover adult toys are enjoyed in ways her young mind had never imagined.

It just wouldn’t be the ninth night of Kris-mas without nine times as naughty a time… Impmas Time.

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Grimmel’s Gift

Grimmel's Gift by Kris P. Kreme

Grimmel’s Gift by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon is away at a mini-pizza convention and this Christmas he has left his two best bullies in charge of the Costume Castle.

Of course Donnie is still under the impression the old bullies are now buddies, but Melgrim and Grimmel only have plans to bring all new meaning to costume chaos.

As complicated plots have never worked, a simple idea Grimmel has about remote activating the holiday lighting sparks the ultimate idea in humiliation, and this year Donnie’s hometown will have a Christmas parade so hot, it will be downright hellish.

Kris-mas is the time to Donnie your best apparel.

Ever since the unplanned success of a Pizza Popper promotion at Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle, Donnie has been under the rather clueless impression that his two old demon bullies are in fact now his buddies, and as such he has entrusted them with running the business while he heads upstate to an all important Mini-Pizzas of the World Convention.

So Melgrim and Grimmel find themselves running the show, running the shop, and at least in the case of the always plotting Melgrim trying to figure out some way of truly fucking with Donnie’s customers in a way they never have done before.

Melgrim has always been the brains of the outfit when it came to the pair of demonic bullies from hell, but every plot, every plan, and every trick they have played on Donnie in the past has somehow only helped the dimwitted simpleton succeed more in both his business and his personal life with the humans he pathetically loves so much.

This year has to be different, and since it’s the off season, a time when only the occasional customer is even by, picking up Christmas outfits, Melgrim knows he has to have just the right plan to finally succeed in bringing chaos to the Costume Castle’s front door. Even if Melgrim was always the brains of the outfit, that doesn’t mean Grimmel is without his talents and as Melgrim learns sometimes having a gift for the simple things can be the most inspiring plot of all when it comes to messing with Donnie.

It’s as Grimmel is messing around with the Christmas lighting that an idea is sparked, Grimmel having put together a little remote that should activate all the lighting whenever they want, making opening and closing the store that much easier until Donnie returns. But it’s the remote, a simple concept from a simple mind such as Grimmel’s which sets everything in motion.

Putting their heads together, Melgrim and Grimmel form a plan like no other, a way of really humiliating the humans, twisting not only their minds and bodies as has been done before, but doing so in an entirely new way which will forever haunt Donnie and the pathetic humans he loves so much, and might just ruin the reputation of the entire town.

The cursed costumes are old news, costumes changing the wearer to better fit a perverted theme loosely based around the costume itself. However, by connecting the remote to the curse, Melgrim and Grimmel can hand out the costumes, follow and let the wearers head out in public, and then remotely activate the changes those cursed threads will bring.

The perfect opportunity comes just as everything is ready, a few of Donnie’s personal friends, the youth minister of a local church and two of his senior youth stopping by to pick up Christmas costumes for the float they will ride in the annual town Christmas parade later that afternoon.

Each year Donnie has made sure the costumes are perfect, a Santa costume, an elf costume, and a Santa girl costume. Of course this year, Donnie’s away, and his moral upstanding friends, Pastor Stan, Eric, and Abigail, are about to be the test dummies for an all new brand of costumed chaos like never before.

It’s later in the afternoon when the parade gets going, but will all eyes be on the pretty floats or the pretty crazy stuff which centers around one single float. From a Santa who soon has a magic arousal inducing twinkle in his eye, to an elf with sex toys to toss out to the crowd, nothing will quite match the transition sweet virginal Abigail publicly suffers.

For Melgrim and Grimmel, they never quite figured out how best to mess with Donnie, but thanks to Grimmel’s Gift, this year they may have finally figured out the real way to mess with Donnie’s customers and friends.

On the eighth day of Kris-mas, there was one hell of a parade.

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Go Elf Yourself

Go Elf Yourself by Kris P. Kreme

Go Elf Yourself by Kris P. Kreme

Earl the mall elf is more interested in the young moms and hotties shopping or working the mall than anything to do with kids or helping Santa.

Everyone knows his arrogance and slimy habit of hitting on any woman that crosses his path.

This year however, things are changing as clueless real elves see him getting insulted and mistake him for a rarely seen elder elf, one clearly in need of help.

Magic dusting Earl without his knowledge, any insult tossed in his direction by a woman he encounters will be immediately reversed onto her and the results are something only a pervert like Earl can truly appreciate.

Every woman of nearly any age who is attractive and visits a certain mall around the holidays has suffered through an encounter with Earl, the mall elf that even Frank the mall Santa can’t stand. If there’s a bigger creep and a lower classed pervert around, no one has a clue where he might be because Earl takes the prize.

If it weren’t for the fact Earl’s rich daddy owned the mall he’d have been likely fired if not prosecuted many times over by this point but as it is, Frank the mall Santa is about as close to having the unfortunate responsibility in reining in the jerky loser of a lech.

Famed for his cheesy pickup lines, and equally famed for not caring what horrible comeback the women he uses those lines on toss back in his face, Earl is a carefree hapless misogynist who sees pretty women as little more than entertainment and each one a potential for a good time. What Earl has no idea of this particular year is that what’s really important isn’t how the women see him, but how a couple of unnoticed guests to the mall see him.

Vinnie and his cousin Grinnie are actual elves, young elves who have slipped away from their elf schooling at the north pole to learn about humans the best way possible, by observing them in their natural habitats. Of course the last thing Vinnie and Grinnie expected was to have a chance encounter with a rarely seen elder elf, and as tall and impressively clothed as this Earl character is, he simply must be a super elder elf.

What bothers Vinnie and Grinnie though is how harsh and disrespectful the women this elder elf speaks to are to him. They are horribly ungrateful for such an honor as Vinnie and Grinnie would both love to have, a meeting with this elder elf.

Watching as Earl is shot down constantly, as he happily goes on his way and as usual lets the insults and comebacks roll off his shoulder, Vinnie and Grinnie reach a decision. Naturally all elves have magic dust they use to both conceal themselves from being spotted and help in their work, but it’s completely prohibited to use the magic dust on humans. That unfortunately means they can’t strike back at the women verbally lashing and cursing this no doubt highly respected and honorable elder elf named Earl.

However, as Vinnie says, there is no rule about not using the magic dust on other elves, and even if Earl doesn’t know they are present to witness his brave resistance to using his own dust, he is an elder elf they can help out. Together Vinnie and Grinnie decide a simple reversal dusting should do the trick and help keep the disrespectful comments at Earl under control.

Meanwhile Earl the mall elf with an attitude as big as his erection always is has taken a break and is currently trailing a hot business exec up the elevator, tossing some lines at the woman. No one has any clue just what the magic dusting has done to Earl’s game until the inevitable happens and she tells Earl to go fuck himself.

It isn’t a line unheard often by Earl as aggressive and slimy as he can be, but the next moments are definitely moments unheard of and unseen by anyone in the mall as the woman he was just hitting on shaking and trembling, having an intense desire she can’t ignore to drop right there at the top of the escalator and do exactly what she told Earl to do… go fuck herself.

It may be only the beginning of a new chapter in Earl’s life, and for once he may have more of a love life than he can handle alone as anything shouted angrily at him is reversed onto the woman who shouts it, in only the most instantly satisfying way.

Just where will the day take him, what will Vinnie and Grinnie the young observing elves think, and will Frank the Santa have new reasons to be both angry at Earl and jollier than ever? Find out in the tale that tells it like it is… that tells you to Go Elf Yourself.

On the seventh day of Kris-mas, a depraved little man with no luck had a literal reversal of fortune thanks to some unknowing elves.

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SINtendo Companion APP

SINtendo Companion APP by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Companion APP by Kris P. Kreme

Surprised by his awesome if shy girlfriend Elise with an early Christmas present video game, Jim is all set to play while she leaves to go gift shopping.

But when the companion app for the game is unreleased and he can’t start without it, Jim will find other things to pass the time… mostly messing around with a ridiculous little app called the SINtendo Companion APP.

Thinking he is altering a photo to later embarrass Elise, he never suspects he is altering Elise herself, and she will be feeling those changes and much more as she is never shy again.

Kris-mas apps, free only from SINtendo.

Over 10,000 words of SINtendo!

Jim couldn’t be happier with a girl like Elise, and after she surprises him with an early Christmas present of a video game he’s been going on and on about for nearly a year, he knows there’s nothing that could make her any less perfect.

Of course Jim and Elise never could suspect that one single gaming company holds their fate in its hands, and it isn’t the company that made the video game she gave him.

After Elise leaves to go Christmas shopping for Jim, leaving him time with his brand new video game, Jim dives in like an eager kid, pulling out the Playbox Pro he only has had for a year now.

Mind Strangler is supposed to be an amazing experience, both from the standpoint of graphics and gameplay, but as he opens the box and is reminded by the little insert inside, certain limited edition versions of the game also have a downloadable Companion App for the player’s smart phone.

This app will offer clues to in game mysteries and even allow for exclusive bonus missions unavailable if starting the game without the optional app downloaded.

Immediately seeking out that app on his phone, Jim is devastated to find out that the companion app for Mind Strangler hasn’t been released yet, estimated to release anywhere from mid to late December. What he does find in his search is a strikingly similar title called the Companion APP to some game called Mind Scrambler.

This app is from a company Jim hasn’t heard of called SINtendo and just reading about it makes him laugh. According to the limited description, the Companion APP by SINtendo will make her the companion you always wanted, guaranteed to give companionship that not only makes a man work hard but play harder.

It seems to be from the preview pics some weird photo manipulation app, and somehow Jim just knows Elise will get a real kick out of it. He figures he’ll kid her about being so shy and reserved by downloading the app and altering a picture of her, then showing it to her when she returns from her Christmas shopping.

Of course Jim could never imagine that as soon as he downloads the SINtendo Companion APP, the photo it shows is not simply a photo it detected from the contacts in his phone or one on an online profile they have associated with his phone. The photo is actually Elise, now and then, at that exact moment out shopping.

For the free download, Jim can only do three alterations to his girlfriend, further ones or reversal of ones already done promising to cost him as paid additions to the app.

Laughing, bored because he can’t go ahead and start the game he really wanted, Jim spends some time browsing and choosing cutely named alterations, enjoying the photo changes and knowing it will drive Elise to blush seeing what he messed around with on this weird little free app.

Meanwhile as Jim is cracking up over choosing a ridiculously named and described alteration called Udderly Appreciated, he would never suspect that Elise is suddenly feeling that exact change happen, her tits rapidly producing milk each time a man so much as glances at her chest.

Unsure what is happening, freaking out, Elise calls the only one she can think of to help but even when Jim answers she can’t figure out how to say what she thinks is happening to her. She’ll sound crazy, and so she ends the call letting Jim just assume she’ll be texting preview pics of small parts of whatever she buys, a fun habit she has which he loves to guess about.

This is one Christmas though where the texts when they come will not be making Jim very merry because guessing won’t be required about the woman in the pictures, a woman he never even knew he was changing into the perfect companion… not just for him, but for any man.

Apps always have a tricky way of ensuring the user pays in the end, but no app ever made a man pay like Jim does when he downloads the SINtendo Companion App.

On the sixth day of Kris-mas, grab your kinky companion… and if you don’t have one, grab an APP and make her one.

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Cum-E-Bears by Kris P. Kreme

Cum-E-Bears by Kris P. Kreme

After hackers alter a wildly new popular technology site selling E-Bears, two college girls will never be the same.

Offering virtual screen jumping minute long e-card experiences with happy little animated bears, E-Bears are revolutionary fun… at least if you’re over twenty-one.

Jessica and her friend Leah are eighteen and due to the hackers, Jessica’s dad has sent her a special E-Bear greeting.

It will have her and her friend screaming in more than just the happiness of the season. Kris-mas can be more than some girls can handle.

E-Bears Incorporated has done what no e-card service ever could by breaking through a technological barrier long thought impossible. Of course no other e-card services have a brilliant mind like Craig Landry leading them. The latest trend, wildly popular in all sorts of apps and home entertainment is virtual reality, and Craig brought the world the E-Bears, minute long virtual experiences which leap from the screen when the E-Bear cards are opened.

The only problem is that someone has hacked E-Bear Incorporated and done the unthinkable… altered one tiny unnoticeable element of their website.

The E-Bear virtual experience is revolutionary, using advanced technology to tap into the viewer’s mind like never before, and only one danger exists, one flaw even the brilliant mind of Craig Landry and his team of tech geniuses couldn’t solve. E-Bears can simply not be viewed by anyone under the age of twenty-one.

Something in the developing mind of those under the age of twenty-one makes the E-Bear viewing experience quite dangerous, potentially leading to stunted development, unpredictable mental side effects, or even vast shifts in personality. As such every site page and ordering form makes it very clear that no one can purchase or receive if they are under twenty-one.

After a late night hack though, the quite professional hackers changed merely one thing, making the sales of E-Bears possible to only anyone over eighteen and to Craig Landry’s dismay over five hundred sales happened, any of which could be devastating if they happened to be going to someone between the ages of eighteen and twenty.

As it so happens, one of those more than five hundred purchases of an E-Bear came from a man named Carl, who as his wife puts it is just too good to the women in his life, splurging on the extra expense to send his daughter, Jessica, a special E-Bear Christmas greeting her first year away from home in college.

It’s only too bad that Carl and his wife are too busy to stop and read the urgent email E-Bears Incorporated sent them about NOT letting Jessica view that card.

Meanwhile at college, Jessica is about to head out with her roommate and best friend Leah when she gets a very special E-Bear greeting on her tablet. E-Bears are only the coolest latest thing, the thing everyone is talking about and wishing they could see for themselves, but Leah swears she read some article about them not being safe for certain ages.

Assuming her dad could never send anything if it wasn’t safe, not only does Jessica watch but she lets Leah stay with her and watch as well. E-Bears can only be viewed once, and Jessica doesn’t want Leah left out. Just as she pushes the button to play, E-Bears live up to the hype, dancing right out of the screen, literally blowing Jessica’s hair back, her sensations so real, the feel of them hopping happily around and even up on her tummy.

This E-Bear happens to feature a roller coaster ride, one so incredible both girls can feel the rises and falls, the wind in their hair, and the intensity of an experience they just couldn’t be prepared for. No one could ever have predicted that a young pair of eighteen year old minds would translate the experience of those virtual roller coaster hills into such mind blowing pleasure, orgasms beginning to overtake both Jessica and her friend.

It’s what happens after the E-Bear concludes, after the virtual Christmas greeting has been experienced which will ensure that everyone has one hell of a Merry Christmas, and which proves Carl is definitely not father of the year, even if he does give a girl everything she wants and more.

Kris-mas is the time which breeds hope and togetherness… and the E-Bears will get a girl well on her way to just that… one Cum at a time.

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Holly’s Daze by the Fire

Holly's Daze by the Fire by Kris P. Kreme

Holly’s Daze by the Fire by Kris P. Kreme

Angered by her girlfriends breaking the rules of a girl’s weekend alone at a mountain lodge, Holly finds herself frustrated by the fire in the lobby.

It’s there when the frigid woman finds herself drawn quickly into a spontaneous conversation with a friendly man claiming to be a psychologist.

Is he digging to truths she never knew about herself, or is this man twisting the conversation and Holly like she never could have imagined?

Kris-mas is the Konversation and the Konversation is hot.

Holly may look as hot as ever sitting by the fire at a mountain lodge, but nothing could be further from the truth. Only there for a girl’s weekend winter retreat, Holly is very upset to have been forced away from her room by the sex her girlfriends are having, each having broken the main rule of the weekend and brought their boyfriend along.

It’s bad enough that they are acting like sluts, but when the man who strikes up a conversation with her by the fire actually says Holly might be one too, the weekend seems like it may be totally ruined.

Seeming polite at first, the man simply tells Holly that a woman is like a good fire, sometimes difficult to get started but once warm only getting hotter and hotter, definitely easy to enjoy.

Laughing she assumes the older man is just the conversational type, but soon enough Holly might be discovering just what his conversations can lead to as he finds her admitting she has been called frigid, something she is quite proud of if it means she isn’t a skank like her girlfriends. But when he says she might be the type of woman who is denying a part of herself, given the way she dresses and is so pleasing to look at.

As he puts it a woman who is naturally frigid has no interest in men at all… not even to spark up a conversation with an older man by the fireplace in a lodge, but clearly Holly had that much interest. Perhaps she is hiding from a part of herself, denying herself something, and that is where the idea that Holly might in fact be a slut in denial comes from.

Definitely not liking the indication, Holly is even more confused by the suggestion her real anger comes not from her friends bringing boys, but from those friends refusing to share them with her since she didn’t bring her own.

It’s late at night, and Holly has had a lot on her mind and even more on her nerves, but somehow this random chance encounter with a man by the fire is leaving Holly more confused than ever, dazed as to just what truths he might be speaking.

Only one thing is clear, and that’s that no matter how frigid Holly may have been when she sat down by this fire, she’s soon going to be fully thawed and cooking hotter than ever with a burning need she never knew she had and three friends who will share whether they wanted to or not.

On the fourth day of Kris-mas, more than just the Kris-mas Konversation gets heated up.


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Wrap It Tight

Wrap It Tight by Kris P. Kreme

Wrap It Tight by Kris P. Kreme

Jason is an easy-going guy, much less stressed than the sales woman ringing up his purchase of a special sweater for his girlfriend Sadie.

But just what is the deal with the woman’s insistence that he have the store wrap that sweater extra tight? And definitely what is up when he wraps it himself loose and somewhat sloppy and Sadie seems to loosen up herself upon opening it?

Kris-mas gets kinky thanks to messy wrapping.

Jason is not one to spend extravagant amounts of money on his girlfriend Sadie, so many of the crowd of shoppers in the clothing store likely doing just that with no concern over budget or practicality. Fortunately for Jason, Sadie has never cared.

She isn’t the kind of girl to demand gifts, which given the amazing figure she has is saying something since it’s hard not to imagine guys going out of their way to gift her whatever she might take an eye to. And that is what has motivated Jason this year to be a truly loving and surprisingly attentive boyfriend. Instead of the usual coupons for free massages or cheap freebies like that, he noticed her commenting about a sweater in the window at a store and now is waiting to purchase it, a real surprise that should light her up.

Waiting in the long line to pay, Jason is as easy-going as ever, always a patient guy, which is why he’s been so cool with Sadie’s no sex rule, which is a rule he respects fully and figures is just another fun thing to anticipate in their lives together. However the woman at the register when he pays for the sweater throws easy-going Jason for a bit of a loop.

Assuring Jason it’s a lovely sweater and Sadie will be very happy, he can’t help noticing the way the woman checks the tags while removing the security clip, the way she seems almost uncomfortable about something, and even more the rather odd persistence of her insisting he has the boxed sweater wrapped there at the store… and wrapped extra tight.

Jason knows gift wrapping costs extra and he’s busting his budget as it is, but when the woman goes out of her way to offer a free voucher, completely free gift wrapping, he doesn’t know what to think. Finally agreeing to have it wrapped, Jason stepped aside only to find an even longer line for gift wrapping.

As patient as he is, it’s been a long enough day and maybe the woman just doesn’t know the kind of girl Sadie is, because he knows Sadie and she couldn’t care less how a present is wrapped. It’s the thought that counts, not the wrapping, and Jason has no clue what could be the reasoning behind a tight wrapping job.

Spending a little time at home, Jason wrapped the gift himself, and sure it wasn’t the neatest job by far, a rather loose sloppy attempt, he knows that Sadie will only appreciate him making the effort as it’s just the kind of girl she is.

It was on Christmas Eve when Jason couldn’t wait any longer and gave Sadie the gift, one which would surprise him far more than her as it seemed he had no idea just what kind of girl Sadie could be.

Dressed in her sexy Santa outfit, Jason was thrilled that she was so happy to be surprised, but as she began to rip into the loose wrapping, Sadie reacted quite unexpectedly with a gasp and a moan.

It seems that Sadie is thrilled more than he could have imagined with the sweater, but is it the sweater she is excited by or the experience of opening the loose sloppy wrapping?

Just why is she so grateful it has her forgetting any rules in their relationship she herself was so dedicated to preserving?

How many ways will Sadie thank Jason for a special surprise gift he wrapped himself… and will that wrapping be the only thing loose and messy before the night is over?

On the third day of Kris-mas, pay attention to the wrapping, because loose and sloppy is more than a way to wrap a gift.


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Pop Up Paula

Pop Up Paula by Kris P. Kreme

Pop Up Paula by Kris P. Kreme

After a hectic week during which a geeky boy declared his love and tried to kiss her, Paula now just wants to get her Christmas shopping done online without any surprises.

Unfortunately surprises like she never could have imagined are just a pop-up ad away, and they are soon coming faster than she can handle, each ad doing something much more devious than just forcing an advertisement on the college freshman.

Online shopping is supposed to be less of a hassle, but this Kris-mas, the dangers of it can be downright depraved.

College student Paula has always been a girl of both positive thinking and planning, and even if she has had a rough week she isn’t about to let the frustrations stop her from her meticulously planned online gift shopping for Christmas.

With her roommate already gone from campus and many students away, the dorms are nice and quiet, just the right time to sit with a cup of coffee and search out the best bargains, ordering and shipping all the gifts she knows will just make her family and friends so much happier.

Paula has always been a perfect combination of blonde good looks and yet sharp intelligence, but this year a little online shopping may change everything, thanks to a sudden barrage of persistent pop-up ads which stubbornly refuse to slow down.

She’d so recently had computer issues and awkwardly had to ask for help from Randall, the one boy in the coed dorms who took having a crush to a whole new level. He was creepy or odd to most but Paula was nice, as she was to everyone. In the past week though twice Paula had embarrassed or disappointed Randall, once when he unexpected professed undying love to her and she had to let him down, the other when he assumed her accepting his tech help meant she was open to a kiss.

Only Randall could have helped her even be able to online shop, his technical expertise great no matter what his awkward loner attitude was about things. So now she knows there is just no avoiding the pop-up ads, since she definitely isn’t calling on Randall again. After the awkward refusal of a kiss, Randall had ranted and raved, and she’d just let him, let him call her a blonde fluff and say horrible things she knew he probably didn’t mean.

Still, as awkward as all of that was, the pop-up ads which just refuse to stop popping up at the worst time are getting more and more awkward themselves, both in content and how she feels even looking at them. As though it weren’t frustrating enough dealing with a flood of spamming pop-up ads while trying to pleasantly shop for gifts, Paula also pricked her finger on some loose wire thing in her mouse while simply clicking X to close out the ads.

Just what is the deal with these pop-up ads? Why are they plaguing Paula this Christmas season? And more importantly why is she finding the ads changing more than just her passing thoughts as she reads them before X-ing out of them?

Pop-up ads are always annoying, but never were they more dangerous than poor Paula discovers, as soon enough Paula may be happily transformed into someone’s perfect Christmas present and she definitely won’t be too hard to unwrap.

On the second day of Kris-mas, online shopping can be downright mind numbing, but as fun as going from bright to bimbo in no time at all.


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One Whore’s Open Sleigh

One Whore's Open Sleigh by Kris P. Kreme

One Whore’s Open Sleigh by Kris P. Kreme

When Scott and his much younger wife Kelly take a ride on a sleigh which glides into their gated neighborhood, the ride may just take them places they never wanted to go.

Kelly has always gotten everything she wanted with a patented pouty look, but those lips may be more than pouting after this sleigh is revealed to conceal more than a few threats to everything she and her rich hubby know.

Kris-mas brings a new meaning to Ho Ho Ho to start the 12 Days this holiday season.

Scott is a successful business man with everything a man could want, but this Christmas season those other men may end up getting something he never intended to share.

Kelly is much more than just Scott’s trophy wife, she’s half his age and she has a habit of getting everything she asks for, including not so many years ago for Scott to break it off with his first wife and marry her. Whenever there is anything she thinks Scott is resistant to letting her have her way with, a simply pout and those big doe eyes and Kelly is getting just what she wants.

This year a chance encounter with something Kelly can’t resist might just have a town full of random men getting to have their way with her… at only the slightest cost. And it all starts a cold snowy morning in their gated neighborhood when Scott is reluctant to let Kelly wear such skimpy clothing out on their special day together.

Naturally Kelly pouts to get her way and comfort be damned she’s going to wear the outfit of her choice, which admittedly Scott knows shows off her best features. Still, it’s as they are about to leave home that a big beautiful Christmas sleigh glides into the cul-de-sac near them, large horse and mysterious bundled up driver. A mere pout and whine later and Scott is relenting to approach and ask about possibly a ride together around the neighborhood, something romantic and special for the wife who gets everything she asks for.

It isn’t until they are on the sleigh, sliding off through the snow, that something is clearly revealed to be not quite right. At first it seems Kelly simply goes silent, the slight content moan seeming fairly ordinary from a girl like Kelly. But then not far into the ride, Scott realizes the usually talkative woman hasn’t said a word, and is staring off into space, just the slight smile as the vibrations of the sleigh ride and little on board heater keep her comfy.

Someone has just come to the neighborhood for a very specific purpose, someone on a sleigh, and like it or not, that someone is going to be the ones having their way today. Is the mysterious woman driving the sleigh up to no good on otherwise merry couples like Scott and Kelly, or is this far more personal?

Just what has happened to his beautiful young wife and is the same thing happening to him? Only one thing is certain and that is that before this day is over Kelly will be getting much much more than she ever asked for, and every man she meets will be taking a ride, even if it isn’t on the sleigh.

On the first day of Kris-mas, have a Ho Ho Whore of a good time in this seasonal mystery which steams up the cold in record time.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #15

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #15 - Kreative Liberties by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #15 – Kreative Liberties by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Kreative Liberties, Rob has been living the good life ever since he discovered an incredible photo manipulation and scrapbooking computer program called Kreative Memories. His girlfriend Abby has enthusiastically embraced her new slutty side and both have enjoyed Emily, who used to drag Abby out to clubs in search of replacing Rob in Abby’s life. These days, Emily is a whore who Rob and Abby use to pay bills and take care of expenses. Of course life still can have complications even when you have it all.

Abby wants Rob to take care of just a couple of concerns she has in her new life. One is the tattoo he gave her. She’d like it toned down just a bit if possible. The other concern is that her mother is coming for a visit and is sure to notice her daughter’s transformation. So Rob has to make some changes meaning it’s time to add some pages to the Kreative scrapbook he created.

When Rob finds out that the program refuses to allow him to tone down previous changes, he has no choice but to push forward and take some Kreative Liberties of his own. In the end, everyone is happy, including Abby and Emily’s moms who pop in for a friendly visit. This story follows the previous Kustom story, Kreative Konsequences, found in Kustom Kollection #2.


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The Grab Bag #15

The Grab Bag #15 - The Naughty Elves & Twinkle Lights by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #15 – The Naughty Elves & Twinkle Lights by Kris P. Kreme

Almost time to stuff those stockings again and if you’re naughty enough maybe you’ll get a visit from Kris P. Kringle. Until then grab a pair of tempting tales sure to warm up those cold nights. Naughty Elves and Twinkle Lights start the holiday out right!

This Holiday Edition Grab Bag includes:

The Naughty Elves: After nearly hitting two of Santa’s elves on the road, Rachel, Chloe, and Emily, discover getting given a gift is not always a good thing. In fact, it can be truly naughty. All three girls have been pure, virginal, and sweet. They’ve never had a bad thought, a bad desire, but now, everything is about to change. They must resist the most depraved naughty temptations for 24 hours, or else.

Twinkle Lights: Everyone sees plenty of homes brightly colored and decorated for the season this time of year. As one home proves, tis the season to be pleasin. Kent is finally ready to decorate his home, to put up the Twinkle Lights he purchased due to his wife’s insistence that they decorate like the neighbors do.


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SINtendo Gobble Gobble Turkey

SINtendo Gobble Gobble Turkey by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Gobble Gobble Turkey by Kris P. Kreme

Left alone in the dorms as most students leave for a week long Thanksgiving holiday, Greg, Steve, and Kaylah discover something that will truly leave one of them stuffed.

As Greg and Steve break into their jerky resident adviser’s private stuff, they find that he has been hiding a pristine looking SINtendo game system and a bunch of games too.

One of those games is called SINtendo Gobble Gobble Turkey, and after being tricked into playing it, Kaylah will be gobbling everything in sight, truly packing away the pounds and giving the boys more than enough reasons to be thankful this year.

For most students on campus, the coed dorms are assumed empty during important holidays like Thanksgiving, but there are always a few students who, for whatever reason, remain at the school and this year those three students are going to find a hell of a fun game to occupy their time… even if one of them has no idea she’s been selected to play.

Chad was the resident adviser who most students hated, the arrogant obnoxious guy who ruled his coed dorm with an iron fist. If one thing had been certain the past year or so, he definitely didn’t like Greg and Steve.

Every holiday that Chad leaves the dorm, there are three students who stay behind, and Greg and Steve have made it a habit of causing trouble while he’s away. This year he’s laying down the law before leaving campus, making quite clear they know not to fuck with his stuff like they do every time he leaves.

Kaylah is the only one with a level responsible head on her shoulders, but then girls never were all that much trouble. Greg and Steve though have little respect for Chad, and even if he doesn’t know it, neither does Kaylah.

It’s hard to respect a guy like Chad who generally seems to like being in charge to an abusive degree, who treats women like objects and who definitely seems overprotective of his precious stuff.

As soon as he leaves for the week long Thanksgiving holiday though, Greg and Steve are already plotting and planning to really fuck around with Chad. This year they’re going to break into his secret stash of stuff, the stuff he’s so protective of for whatever reason that he bought and installed a fancy electronic lock on the closet in his room.

Greg never could have expected what he finds as he finally opens that closet, an actual pristine condition SINtendo game system, complete with a box of games.

Sifting through the games, Steve is quick to agree with his buddy Greg that they’ve just found the absolute perfect game to play with the always obsessively slender Kaylah, whether she wants to play it or not.

It isn’t long before Kaylah is being eagerly coaxed from her room down to the common room where Greg and Steve have already set up the game system and begun playing SINtendo Gobble Gobble Turkey, a very special game which requires at least three players.

Confused about what the game is, Kaylah barely has a moment to think it through before the game is scanning her and she is taking on the all important position of the Turkey in their game.

Gobble Gobble Turkey is a truly simple game, the goal to be the player who stuffs the turkey the fullest, by any and all means possible. Their bodies prepared by a scanning from the SINtendo, there is no limitation as the boys quite enjoy saying the magic words Gobble Gobble and giving Kaylah perverse little instructions, watching her eat a whole pie, guzzle down three gallons of milk, all packing away new pounds on the once skinny but sexy girl.

Kaylah definitely is only getting sexier, if a bit plump in all the right places as the extreme stuffings only get kinkier. Who will ultimately win Gobble Gobble Turkey? Will the boys be surprised by an unexpected player arriving? Will Kaylah put on the most weight of any girl on campus returning after the Thanksgiving holidays?

Find out in an all new SINtendo Selects Game of the Month!


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Fertile Feasts …and Where to Find Them

Fertile Feasts ...and Where to Find Them by Kris P. Kreme

Fertile Feasts …and Where to Find Them by Kris P. Kreme

Jake once fully respected his girlfriend Cammie, until a web cam created dominance like never before and using her became much more fun.

Sam once lusted after earning the pleasure of his strong willed girlfriend Sela, but after striking the right chord on a very special amp, he now just lusts after packing her full of babies… with help of course.

Dana was once a smart young woman but now gets dumber every time her new man Bill pumps into her.

All indulged in special feasts, and all are about to find this harvest season quite fertile to the depths of perversion and their imagination.

Fertile Feasts have been unleashed upon the world, or at least one small corner of it, and those feasts have done far more than inspire all new appetites for the truly depraved among otherwise once ordinary souls. All have received the invitation to what promises to be a new beginning, a final dessert in a meal they ravenously can’t get enough of.

The hunger is for The Fertile Feasts, but the mystery lies in Where to Find Them.

There was a time so recent when Jake fully respected his girlfriend Cammie, but those days are over, ended with a very special web cam he got online, one which allowed him all new dominance over his sweet younger girl.

A voice which projected to a degree Cammie had never heard before, she found herself willing to do anything just to keep him chatting, and in the end she truly did do anything, with anyone, as long as she was on cam when she did it.

Now they are traveling to a special place, a place which promises to be like no other on earth, at least if the rumors of such a place are true. Jake has rigged up his web cam on the dash facing him as he drives, the laptop secured facing Cammie in the passenger seat, and there is no limit to the humiliation and twisted perversions she will submit to as long as Jake asks it of her.
Half the journey is the ride there, and for Jake, Cammie will definitely be handling a full ride, particularly when some country cops happen upon them.

Equally amused on their own journey to the same ultimate destination, Sam and his once frustrated neighbor Tim are struggling with reading the map, figuring out the right route to the place neither has ever heard of.

Sam was always passionate about his music, but the music never created near the passion it did after he acquired a new guitar amp. To say it amped things up with his once sexless Sela is an understatement as both Tim and Sam are giving it to Sela nonstop in only the hopes of ensuring she’s the most knocked up nympho in the country this Thanksgiving.

Fortunately the windows on the SUV are blacked out, otherwise everyone in traffic would see the way one of them is always in back giving Sela’s plumping up belly a thicker battering.
It’s not the only part of her getting fatter, the amp having somehow given Sam the ability to play what drove Sela wild with pleasure and what somehow echoed her tits bigger and bigger with every strum of the guitar.

Now they all travel to what promises to be the final gig, the end all be all way to make it in the music world, complete with their very own gropie groupie.

Finally, there is Dana, the girl once destined for brightness in a future where she put her brilliant mind to good use for all. Currently she’s only being used by a man old enough to be her father, Bill Mathers who is quite familiar with the rumors and myth of this place they are traveling to.

Determined to see his dreams come true of making Dana his own personal blow up doll, Bill couldn’t care less about the once smart girl gone dumb.

As all find their way to a most unexpected location, a place not found on any maps but the ones they specifically were given, a new dawn is rising on Thanksgiving Day, and this is one season of harvest where the fields will be ripe with all new life like never before.

There are some places no one can seek out, but anyone can find, and this year there are Fertile Feasts… if you know Where to Find Them.


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Fertile Feasts: Cheery Chills

Fertile Feasts: Cheery Chills

Fertile Feasts: Cheery Chills

All senior cheerleaders are to perform a special cheer for a selected player at the homecoming game; Dana Sellers is the only one smart enough to figure a way around the frigid chills in the weather.

Hunting down solutions online, she stumbles across a warming skin cream promising to heat her up and allow the regular flesh baring cheer outfit the others can’t wear.

Unfortunately for her and fortunately for every man in town it seems, Dana’s heating up on the inside as much as the outside and soon she definitely won’t be as smart as she once was.

Fertile Feasts provides chills and then serves up extra hot.

Every November means many things to many parts of the world, but to those in America it means a time of changing seasons, crisp cool weather, and the promise of a Thanksgiving feast at the end of the month. This year, however, all new kinds of feasts are being unleashed for a very specific goal, one that may just lead to the most shocking revelation of all.

Dana Sellers has approached the crisp cold weather and the limitations such weather puts on her cheerleading with a sharp young mind few can match. Anyone in her high school, even the other three senior cheerleaders, would tell you that Dana is not the average student.

Taking cheerleading as an extra-curricular activity which both looks good on college applications and provides beneficial opportunities to serve the community, Dana may just find her latest brainy idea has her serving in ways she never did before.

The homecoming football game is coming up this weekend and each senior cheerleader has been assigned a senior football player on the team to honor with a special cheer when his name is called at halftime during the big game. It’s a little friendly competition to see who can inspire their player the most, put the best into whatever custom cheer they come up with.

Unfortunately the sudden freezing weather means they all are having to wear thermals beneath their cheerleading outfits, ones specially given to each with the number of their assigned player emblazoned in red on the front.

Only Dana Sellers could be genius enough to figure a way around such a movement restricting limitation, and naturally Dana has lucked into being assigned the star quarterback, Trey Mathers.

After hours of online research, Dana was lucky enough to actually have a product find her, an online ad appearing which offered her a totally free trial of a new warming cream, one that when spread over all exposed skin was guaranteed to prevent any chills.

Sure there was the promise of providing important feedback later, but Dana would have agreed to anything just to save having to actually spend any money for Trey Mathers, who as quarterbacks go was talented, but as guys go was generally working on being as big a sexist jerk as his father, the once great player Bill Mathers.

Nearly every game Bill Mathers is leering like a creep at all the cheerleaders, but Dana knows that this game will only have the spotlight on her, for more reasons than one as she is making a personal cheer for his son.

On the day of the big game, as the other girls get dressed to practice, Dana has to spend a bit more time in the locker room applying the special cream, but as she does, the warmth it spreads tingling throughout her flesh more than she ever would have expected.

Alone in the room, fingers rubbing the gooey stuff across her bare skin, Dana is feeling much more than just warm, her body actually lurching and shaking a bit in just how much pleasure the feelings tingling through her create. It isn’t until she literally crashes in a most unexpected orgasm from merely applying the cream that Dana begins to freak out.

It seems the cream doesn’t just warm the exterior, her interior burning like never before, and for whatever reason, Dana slowly gives in and begins a self pleasuring like never before, practically banging her own brains out writhing against her fist on the floor of the locker room.

When the most unusual banging sounds coming from the almost empty room attract the attention of a passing teacher, Dana’s once intelligence image is quickly ruined as she nearly assaults the poor man, demanding sex like only the dumbest cheerleader ever.

For her favorite math teacher, this just doesn’t add up… but Dana is no longer interested in adding anything, except his thrusting to her body.

By the game, most of the other cheerleaders are wondering where Dana had vanished to earlier in the day, but Dana is there and ready to give her warming cheer for Trey Mathers, a cheer that will definitely heat things up like never before.

It’s after the flesh revealing cheerleader steams up the chilly frigid night air that Dana finds herself eagerly sneaking into the locker room to overhear the end of an inspiring speech by the coach to the players. Luckily for her, Trey stays behind just a bit longer as the others head back for the second half.

Surprising Trey, Dana does what no smart girl would and walks right out, giving him the inspiration only her body can provide, begging him to literally fuck her brains out.

Caught in the midst of quite possibly having exactly that done to her, Dana finds herself alone with none other than Trey’s creepy father, Bill… and Bill promises to pack as much cream on the inside as she smeared on the outside and truly ratchet down her once blinding intelligence.

Is Dana destined to become the dumbest easiest cheerleader in school history? Will she even be smart enough to read the important invite to a special location she gets as a result of trying the free warming cream? Has perverted old dude Bill ever been this happy to help a girl out?

Find out in the tale that packs away all the protein of a thousand feasts, and yet only leads us into the final Fertile Feasts of the season.


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Fertile Feasts: Gropies

Fertile Feasts: Gropies by Kris P. Kreme

Fertile Feasts: Gropies by Kris P. Kreme

Sam had more passion than talent, until the online ad for a free guitar amp.

Promising reviews and feedback, he gets the ultimate rock star equipment. Skeptical as she is stubborn, his girlfriend Sela changes her tune when listening to his.

Losing her mind with pleasure, she goes past groupie into gropie, fondling herself more and more.

Confused, turned on, Sam sees his music filling Sela with more than just desires, her top tighter as his playing continues.

Where did this amp come from, and where will it lead Sam and Sela? Find out as another serving of the Fertile Feasts continue into a Thanksgiving like no other.

Every November means many things to many parts of the world, but to those in America it means a time of changing seasons, crisp cool weather, and the promise of a Thanksgiving feast at the end of the month. This year, however, all new kinds of feasts are being unleashed for a very specific goal, one that may just lead to the most shocking revelation of all.

Sam was always dedicated to his music, even if most would agree that music wasn’t so dedicated to him. Despite being called tone deaf, Sam would never give up the passion, but after he lucked onto a free guitar amp with only the promise to provide feedback and answer questions about his experience with it, Sam may just find that the passion is contagious.

Living in a cheap apartment with his girlfriend, Sela, Sam easily saw her as the proof that he was bound to have luck in achieving his dreams since anyone lucky enough to get a cute redhead like Sela in their lives definitely had to go somewhere. He never could have guessed that ultimately where he’d eventually end up would be a place no one came back from, not that they wanted to leave.

The only thing about Sela was that she definitely didn’t take Sam’s passion for playing guitar seriously, generally doing well to just put up with his attempts at being the next true rock star, and if there was one thing about Sela, she spoke and made clear her intentions or rather lack thereof many times.

So she wasn’t the most passionate girlfriend, Sam thought, as what musician ever achieved a real legacy by having everything they wanted in the first place. Sex with Sela would come, as would the freedom to call her baby or whatever pet names he wanted, just as soon as he had a chart topping song and the fame and respect rolled in from the music world.

Of course dreams were just that, dreams, and it took a bit of actual work to make them come true, which is why Sam had been seeking sites online to upload his latest demo. By some lucky twist of fate, a popup ad for a free trial of a new guitar amplifier appeared. The ad offered a brand new amplifier, even free shipping, all with only the promise he would give a review and be open to receiving future communications about it.

Strong willed Sela still doesn’t buy it, even if she naturally knows Sam never would have had the money to just go purchase it. Living in the rather crappy apartment proves that neither is exactly all that well off lately, otherwise there’s no way they’d live with paper thin walls and floors and a downstairs neighbor who liked to shout at them whenever they made even the slightest noise.

Assuring his girlfriend that she’ll see how epic he sounds once he’s plugged in and playing like the real professionals, Sam jokingly calls the muse for his music his future first groupie, but when he strikes a chord and launches into one of his random guitar riffs, he’ll discover that this new amp is definitely no joke.

For whatever reason anything he plays through it sounds nothing short of awesome to Sela, so awesome in fact she feels literal pleasure from the vibrations and reverberations of the amped up guitar.

Confused but certainly not one to deny a fan request, particularly a moaning writhing self fondling request from his girlfriend to keep playing, Sam keeps right on playing and that is when he notices more than just the simple fact Sela can’t seem to keep her hands off herself each time he strums the guitar.

Sela has always been sexy as hell, but she’s never been an exhibitionist, and definitely never had quite the top heavy form to show off like she seems to be getting the more he plays, the louder he plays.

He always heard it said that a rock star could drop a woman’s panties if they played the right song, but never had he imagined he could play in a way that popped a woman’s top… literally. Lost in the seeming magic of music, Sam almost forgets entirely about that pissed off neighbor downstairs, the loud amplified guitar riffs definitely not pacifying him the same way they do Sela.

Just what is the mystery behind this incredible guitar amp; will Sela go from strong willed to submissive in just one performance? And what will Sam ultimately do to calm the situation when his angry neighbor hammers on the door?

Find out in the tale that only begins with a hard rock case of the Gropies, and leads somewhere everyone will give thanks for this month.


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Fertile Feasts: On Cam Cammie

Fertile Feasts: On Cam Cammie by Kris P. Kreme

Fertile Feasts: On Cam Cammie by Kris P. Kreme

There are feasts and then there are Fertile Feasts, the kinds no one expects which take their mouth far beyond watering.

Jake was quick to snatch up the online offer of a free webcam, one he could use to actually see and hear his sweet girlfriend still in her senior year back home as he is stuck at college.

But just what is the way his voice sounds over webcam doing to sweet innocent Cammie, and is there anything she won’t do just to keep on hearing him speak?

Every November means many things to many parts of the world, but to those in America it means a time of changing seasons, crisp cool weather, and the promise of a Thanksgiving feast at the end of the month. This year, however, all new kinds of feasts are being unleashed for a very specific goal, one that may just lead to the most shocking revelation of all.

Jake had been with his girlfriend for nearly three full years when he graduated and found himself away at college while she finished her senior year in their high school. They were always the most dedicated and true of couples, chatting constantly, talking on the phone always, but when November came, so did an all new opportunity for Jake to really spend more quality time with his girlfriend, Cammie. Unfortunately for them, neither had a clue just what sort of quality this time together would have forever on them.

A college guy never has much more money than for pizza, so Jake was thrilled when he was browsing online and found an ad promoting a totally free webcam, completely his to try as long as he provided feedback and would be open to receiving messages pertaining to how he enjoyed it.

Naturally, missing a sweet and gorgeous girl like Cammie constantly, Jake was willing to take the chance of being conned if it meant he could not only hear her lovely voice but look into those beautiful eyes while speaking, just a step closer to actually being there in person.

When the Friday came and Jake had the webcam all connected and ready to go, nothing could excite him more than the first time Cammie connected and he could finally see her again. It was a natural given that he’d been missing her, but as most boys his age he’d also been lusting after just the thought of seeing her live and not merely in the photos he kept on his computer.

Cammie is thrilled as well, but as they begin to talk over webcam, Jake definitely notices something odd about the way she says he sounds. Cammie is usually not quite so eager to hear him talk, content to just gab away and enjoy their time together. Tonight though something in the way Jake’s voice sounds filtered through the webcam, something in the subtle distortion, something is making him just sound so… dominant.

Everything Jake says is fascinating, and truly sexy to listen to, and sweet somewhat reserved Cammie is quickly finding herself eager to do whatever he says if it means he’ll keep right on talking.

Unsure what is up with his girlfriend, Jake is only kidding around, but imagine his surprise when a subtle suggestion has Cammie stripping the bulky sleep shirt off so he can fully see his hot girlfriend in just her bra and panties. Imagine his further surprise when the girl who has always been loving is downright lusty, calling him sir, and eagerly enjoying the attention as he openly jacks off to her over webcam.

It’s a bit much to even figure out at the end of the night, and Jake just lets her know he might be on around midday the next day in case she is around. For whatever reason, by whatever fascination the distorted sound of his masculine voice creates, Cammie is quick to assure Jake she will drop all plans and be wherever he wants whenever he wants it.

Could it all just be a fluke the first night using the webcam? Jake isn’t sure until the next day reveals that Cammie is definitely not playing, pretending, or lightening up in her desire to be dominated by such a voice over webcam.

Will Jake take things too far, or is there even such thing as too far when you have a hot teen girl willing to do whatever you say with whoever you say? Someone is behind the power this webcam has brought into Jake and Cammie’s life, and someone may just be letting them enjoy the appetizers to an eventual Thanksgiving feast like no other, one that will truly change this world no matter what part of it you’re in.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #14

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #14 - Repossessed by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #14 – Repossessed by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Repossessed, meet Charlie, a friendly farmer who’s been down on his luck in recent years. Charlie prefers the quiet life, working alone on the family farm after the family has passed on. The main problem in Charlie’s simple if somewhat lonely life comes in the form of an overeager young banker named Vivian Grant who has taken over handling properties the bank has extended longterm loans on. She is pushing Charlie more and more, forcing him to make payments faster than any grace period and ultimately pushing for his farm and livestock to be repossessed and sold off for a more profitable gain to the bank.

Charlie has a problem though, one that hasn’t acted up since he was a young child. Charlie gets a pounding in his head, a near muscular reflex that always begins with simple agitation and progresses worse with stress. When Vivian Grant comes out to the farm with a real estate agent, Winnie Jarvers, and takes the two sources of Charlie’s income, his cows Bessy and Cleo, Charlie is finally pushed too far.

In the end it might just be Vivian and Winnie who find themselves repossessed and serving as replacements for the cows, and friendly farmer Charlie discovers his own ability to possess and embrace the power within as he lives a much less lonely life.


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Grabbing the Vote

Grabbing the Vote by Kris P. Kreme

Grabbing the Vote by Kris P. Kreme

Turning eighteen recently, this will be Jon’s first trip to the polls. Even if his dad isn’t voting for either candidate, his attractive young stepmother is there to encourage him.

As Laura drives Jon to vote they discuss the chaos surrounding this bizarre election event, but nothing comes close to how bizarre the day unfolds as Jon is told by a volunteer about an independent candidate.

Is it really true that merely casting a vote for Kristopher Pierce Kreme can earn one the freedoms to grab those they always lusted after? They say this year especially, voting is hard… but sometimes hard is good.

For many months the world has been watching as one of the most bizarre elections in American history builds up, but if you thought the candidates, the debates, and the bitter rivalry was crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet. Get ready for an all new election special straight from that keeper of Kreme who has all the ladies working the poles.

For Jon, this will be his very first presidential election, having only turned eighteen a matter of weeks ago, and being fully encouraged not by his dad who hates both candidates, but his dad’s young wife, a stepmother Jon has more than respected though admittedly lusted over in his idle dreams.

Voting early was the plan, but that plan has left Jon tired all the way to the voting place in their small town. Unfortunately sleepiness doesn’t exactly leave Jon in a frame of mind to weigh the hefty issues of the big election, and instead spending half his time staring at the hefty tits his stepmother Laura has nicely covered but somehow still begging for a fantasy or two.

As they talk about the election, Jon is well aware of staying awake, and only Laura can keep him up in more ways than one. She’s always been the encouraging one, a parent he knows more than eye candy. She also has no idea how to really advise him on his first time at the polls.

Voting is important, but with the chaos of this year’s vote, it’s really a tough choice even for the most experienced voter. In her opinion, the one candidate is a total jerk, a demeaning guy who has no experience, but then can she really say the woman running has no flaws?

It’s definitely not easy, but then voting is important and she just wants to be an encouragement, not a discouragement like Jon’s father, who chose to skip voting on the basis he hated both candidates.

Once the two are in the old church the small town uses for voting, discussion is hushed, and they will be filed in single file, one at a time, directed where to vote by the voting volunteer at the main door. Directing people based on their choice of republican or democrat, it is this man who brings a whole new thought to mind for young Jon.

The last in line at least for a bit, gaps in the voters not uncommon so early in the morning on election day, this man feels free to have a little chat with Jon. He takes a moment to not only point out that he noticed the subtle looks Jon was giving the attractive woman who was with him, but also that voting independent is always an option.

Jon had never thought about an independent candidate, or even a write-in one, but this man who volunteers, volunteers some information Jon definitely finds worthy of listening to. According to him, the one jerk running claims if you’re a rich asshole with fame you can just grab anyone you want, have the hot pieces of ass you always desired, but Jon certainly isn’t rich or famous so what good would that ever do him?

As he explains there is only one candidate on his options for write-in which truly stands for any guy getting to give the grab and more to whoever they ever wanted or desired, one man who can truly stand for what a boy like Jon can cheer for, and that man is the mostly unheard of Kristopher Pierce Kreme, a name like no other, and a candidate definitely like no other.

Tired, a bit confused, but realizing he has to hurry up because Laura will be done voting before this guy stops chatting, Jon just agrees, figuring what can it hurt, since independent candidates never win anyway?

Soon he finds himself casting his vote, checking the fortunately listed names of write-in options to ensure he votes for this Kristopher guy correctly. But when he goes to slip his filled out ballot into the box, something definitely unexpected happens, nearly blacking out and not from any lingering tiredness.

Jon finds that the vote definitely was worth it, no longer tired, no longer worried about anything at all. He’d heard it said that so many were stressed about this election that once it was over there would be a great sense of relief, but never had he imagined this.

Something about casting the vote, about merely writing in that name on the ballot has given Jon the key to everything he ever wanted, and when he returns to his hot milf of a stepmother, Laura, she’s going to discover that encouraging a young voter can really take a toll… at least it will on every inch of her body Jon can grab.

They say it takes a lot to grab those much needed votes, but this year more than ever, a lot of grabbing has been going on. Who needs a rich jerk with bad hair, when you can cast a vote for Kreme and get what you really want?

Tell your friends, call them, write them, email them… just not from a private server, and the country can collide together in a passionate democracy by truly Grabbing the Vote.


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The Grab Bag #14

The Grab Bag #14 - My, How You've Changed & Stuffing the Turkey by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #14 – My, How You’ve Changed & Stuffing the Turkey by Kris P. Kreme

Time again for the seasons to change and for everyone to be thankful… but in these two tales, you’ll be more than just thankful for where all those changes take you, and especially for some heated up bodies to keep you warm as the month turns colder. In this Grab Bag you’ll find that My, How You’ve Changed and Stuffing the Turkey are worth being thankful for.

This Grab Bag includes:

My, How You’ve Changed: Melinda is surprised to bump into Eric in the grocery store one day. They haven’t seen each other in years and things sure have changed. Where Eric used to be the picked on kid, awkward and unsure, today he is handsome and confident, sure of many things, most of all that Melinda has changed quite a bit. After confusion and conversation, Melinda proves she is still every bit as slutty as she was.

Stuffing the Turkey: Stressed by the unmotivated and completely irresponsible students in his special two week sociology course, Noah Pilgrim tries an unconventional experiment. Using a turkey stamp given to him by a bizarre man named Theo who helped him on the side of the road, Noah stamps the girls wherever they like to display the most inappropriate skin.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme Lucky #13

Selfies from Kastle Kreme Lucky #13 - Contracted Out & Dawn of the Zombie Sluts by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme Lucky #13 – Contracted Out & Dawn of the Zombie Sluts by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

Kreme Keeper here, and if you haven’t gotten lucky enough this Halloween with the Kreme, prepare to get even luckier. There’s just no way the Kreme can stand to take only one Selfie this month, when it’s a month of madness and the moon is as full as the Kreme vats.

That’s right, it’s Selfies from Kastle Kreme lucky number 13 and you’re getting not one special tale chosen to terrify and titillate but two tales guaranteed to frighten and fondle your kinky imagination. These two tales will remind you that sometimes the most dangerous place is right where you call home.

In Contracted Out, meet a young woman buying her first home, moving up in the world but finding that where she moves might just reshape her position in life, or more correctly offer her all new positions. Don’t worry though, her new life in the home of her dreams will come with a new wardrobe of clothing, outfits sure to fit the lady of the house.

Then In Dawn of the Zombie Sluts, the small mountain town of Romero is about to wake up to a misty fog, though what the innocent families in that town do not suspect is that this fog results directly from a horrible crash by a truck carrying highly dangerous government chemicals. These chemicals are within the mist, the strange cloud that has enveloped the entire town and one family is about to discover that something is in the fog, something that will change them like never before.


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Bimbo Bombed Milf Chocolate

Bimbo Bombed Milf Chocolate by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed Milf Chocolate by Kris P. Kreme

Elena Mitchell is the favorite teacher of male students at Hope High School. However, as she discovers on her favorite night of the year, Halloween, clearly her popularity doesn’t extend to all their parents.

Someone has Bimbo Bombed Elena, and if she gives away all her fresh baked chocolate chip cookies this year, she’ll be giving away a whole lot more of herself from that point on.

Can Elena escape the night with at least some of her intelligence and morality in check or is she destined to be a real Halloween treat? No one will doubt the flavor of Elena if she ends up a Bimbo Bombed Milf Chocolate.

Elena Mitchell isn’t all that young, but she certainly isn’t the old witch of the neighborhood, even if she is dressed in her favorite sexy witch costume for a night she enjoys each and every year. The truth is, Elena is a teacher, and easily the favorite among all males at Hope High School, those male students likely hoping beyond hope for their idle dreams of Elena to come true.

As an English literature teacher, she’s well aware of the imaginative plots going on in many of her student’s minds, but for Elena it’s nothing to worry much about. It’s flattery on one hand and at least a sign they are paying attention in class and hopefully being inspired on the other. But by far the most favorite day she looks forward to each and every year is Halloween.

In her neighborhood, Elena has earned the reputation of the woman who truly goes all out for it, actually baking chocolate chip cookies each year to offer all the trick or treaters. And yes, each year she can count on her students showing up, even if seniors in high school probably shouldn’t be collecting candy door to door.

This Halloween though someone has targeted Elena Mitchell with anything but a lustful stare at her witchy costume and nice mature body. A ring at the doorbell results in Elena seeing not a happy child in costume but a strange note left for her, one which informs her that she left her oven on.

Creepy and oddly accurate considering she was still baking the last of her fresh chocolate chip cookies, Elena has to assume it’s just a harmless Halloween prank. As popular as she is with younger boys, she knows she isn’t immune to such attention around this time of year.

However when she returns to her oven and flips it off, that is when her night of actual Halloween horror begins, a shock of some unimaginable strength surging through her hand into her body as she turns the little knob on the oven.

Elena nearly feels her blonde hair rise off her shoulders with the unexpected zap, but when her doorbell rings yet again, she may just be frightened about what she will soon be feeling. Another note left for her informs Elena that she has been Bimbo Bombed, and clearly the note was written by one of the parents of her students.

Accused of ruining their children’s minds with visions of her tight body and equally ruining their diets with her chocolatey treats each Halloween, Elena is told that her bowl full of cookies shall decide her fate. Each cookie taken will take some of Elena with it, her mind, her intelligence, her morality as a teacher. Should the night end with her bowl quite empty, Elena’s mind may be the same way and her body just the opposite as she becomes the milf of Hope High all her students have believed her to be for years.

It has to be a joke, she thinks, but after a couple of rings at her doorbell by actual kids in costume, and after feeling the definite effects of losing a small part of herself each time a cookie was taken from her bowl, Elena Mitchell knows that she has to do something to keep from being truly Bimbo Bombed for good.

Even though she is left feeling almost drunk from the sudden loss of bits of her precious intelligence and morality, Elena is smart enough to figure out the solution. All she has to do is sacrifice her favorite night of the year, turn off the porch light and not give any cookies away until midnight. The note said at the end of the night if her bowl was empty… but if she can just keep it from being emptied, she might make it.

Elena Mitchell nearly makes it, but what happens when later that evening she gets the annual visit from her male students, the predictable one where they likely just stopped by to say hi and check out her costume?

Can she avoid giving away her cookies… or is Elena now destined to give away much more than cookies? It’s Halloween with the Kreme, and only one treat could truly satisfy those with a taste for some seasoned sexy flavor, and it’s the rich bimbo flavor of Milf Chocolate.


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COINcidental Madness

COINcidental Madness by Kris P. Kreme

COINcidental Madness by Kris P. Kreme

When the power goes out on movie night with a couple of work friends, Brent discovers a dusty old game in the basement of his house.

Called COINcidental Madness, the goal is to flip a coin, move player pieces through an old house, and avoid madness. When they decide to play a game by candlelight during the blackout, they could never imagine that across town three similar people are actually sneaking into a strikingly similar old house.

Unaware of the pawns in their board game, will Brent and the others drive people they’ve never met into perverse degrees of madness? Or will they soon find themselves in the same state?

When a power outage strikes at Brent’s house while he and a couple of coworkers are watching a Halloween movie, a chance discovery may change everything… about some completely unknown individuals across town.

Brent has always gotten along like family with his buddy Carl and their blonde coworker, May, but when he heads to the basement to check on the breakers after the lights go out, Brent discovers something they may have all been fated to find.

Hidden in the old house, apparently there when Brent bought it not too long back, is a dusty old board game. It’s a surprisingly well made little game, though an odd one with the title COINcidental Madness. Seeing nothing else to do to pass the time in the dark, a candlelit attempt at playing the old game seems harmless enough, but just where will the madness of this game strike first? The answer may just surprise everyone.

The object of the old game seems to be using an included coin to flip and move individual player pieces through the ornately illustrated overhead floor plan of a house. The home is definitely creepy looking, the various rooms definitely adding to the mystery of this old game as both Brent and May see how similar it looks to an actual creepy house on the outskirts of town.

It’s probably coincidence, which in itself is ironic given the name of the board game, but the point of this little game is to avoid giving in to pure madness by flipping the coin, moving one space on heads and two spaces on tails. After each move, the players draw a card to read what happens to their character.

If only Brent, Carl, and May knew that their players were a bit more real than they ever thought. As it so happens, at the precise moment they are gathered in Brent’s dark living room beginning a game of COINcidental Madness, across town at the very old house they thought of when looking at the game board, three college kids are sneaking in as so many do during the month of October each year.

What’s even more of a coincidence is that not only do Brent, Carl, and May have similar colors on compared with their selected player pieces, but across town Brian, Conner, and Mary do as well. But there’s only so far coincidence can take someone before madness intervenes.

With each flip of the coin, Brent, Carl, and May move their pieces, sipping beers, never suspecting that across town, whatever they read on the game cards is happening to Brian, Conner, and Mary. As impossible as it seems, as coincidental as it might be, three college kids are descending into madness with each turn of a board game across town on a stormy October night.

Just where will the madness take them; just who if anyone will win the old board game? And is there more than mere coincidence behind it all? Flip a coin, find your fate, and discover this Halloween with the Kreme, that madness is closer than you think.


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Trance-tory Terror Treatment

Trance-tory Terror Treatment by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Terror Treatment by Kris P. Kreme

Geoff has been living with a certain terror in his life for too long, a terror named Michelle.

His wife is rarely home, a loveless marriage not making dealing with her daughter easier. Now Geoff is terrorized and mistreated by Michelle, the bitchy stepdaughter straight out of his nightmares.

But can Trance-tory treat that terror with a new product he spots on TV, a fancy virtual reality headset which uses his Trance-tory cell phone to give Geoff the control and freedom he’s never had?

Can even Trance-tory twist terror into something more manageable… or has Geoff never even imagined what a terror Michelle can be?

Geoff was never all that bad a guy, easygoing, fun loving, living life, but years in a loveless marriage will ruin any man’s spirit, and what really terrifies him is that he’s truly stuck.

He’s been stuck for so long that each day is a nightmare from which there is no escape, at least not much of one. His wife is rarely home, her daughter who he basically raised is turning easily as bitchy as her mother, demanding everything and getting it for the fear Geoff has of ever confronting anyone about anything.

Slumping down defeated as always, dreading the moment his stepdaughter returns home, Geoff sees what may just be the light at the end of his particular torturous tunnel. A commercial catches his eye for the all new Trance-tory Terror Treatment, a virtual reality headset which uses your Trance-tory branded cell phone to provide an unmatched therapeutic session during which you can go anywhere, do anything, but most importantly confront and deal with whatever terrifies you most.

According to the ad, the technology is so advanced you won’t be able to tell the visual difference, a true recreation of the world around you. It offers not just an escape to Geoff from a world where he has little to no control, but it offers a chance to truly say whatever he has always wanted to the terror in his life, a pretty looking redheaded terror named Michelle.

Just thinking about being able to confront the virtual Michelle, to tell her off, to smack her or treat her like she treats him, it’s almost too good to believe, and even more so after he orders the VR headset and it arrives looking a decent amount cheaper than advertised.

Hoping and hoping it will work and actually provide an outlet to years of frustration and daily terror, Geoff is thrilled to slip it on his head and see just how amazing everything looks. The world around him, his home, even the neighbors across the street outside, everything is so perfectly recreated and real looking, it’s hard to tell it isn’t.

Grinning, enjoying impossible strength and freedom, unleashing his aggression as he walks around this virtual world, Geoff is only too ready to confront Michelle when her virtual self arrives home. Shouting at her, finally, Geoff feels what it’s like to be on the other side, to be the one controlling and not feeling helpless and terrorized by such a spoiled bitch.

The words of the commercial spark an idea Geoff simply can’t resist, the words so clear. Are you tired of the world screwing you over? the commercial asked. Well now it is his turn to screw the world over, and why not start with his own household horror, the terror with the tits to tease every guy?

Demanding what he never would demand in real life, Michelle is quick to comply with anything he desires… but is all of this just a little too good to be true? Could Trance-tory possibly make a product so lifelike in the reality it portrays… or has Geoff overlooked something so important, so vastly crucial and yet so tiny and easy to miss?

Is the true terror in his life dealing with a bitchy stepdaughter, or could getting what he always wanted turn out to be where terror truly begins?

Halloween with the Kreme gives virtually limitless ways to twist terror into titillation, but is it all for real?


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Ritualized by Kris P. Kreme

Ritualized by Kris P. Kreme

It’s always common during the month of October for people to sneak into the old church, tell tales beneath the massive columns of bizarre rituals once performed there.

None are true, just ways to scare chills into girls, then find more enjoyable ways to warm those chills away. But just because the stories are never true, that doesn’t mean the place isn’t writing its own.

When a certain girl and a certain story combine with just the right mixture of belief and terror, something within these walls takes over… and for three young people this Halloween, their lives will be forever Ritualized.

The old church stood in a darkened corner where mountains merged with shaded valleys in the early evenings, but at night the building stood like a deathly cathedral, bait for daring young people to frighten themselves by entering.

It was more than just common during the time approaching Halloween to find teens breaking the chain at the foot of the hill approaching the abandoned church, and even more so to find them sneaking in through one of the entrances, sharing a spooky made up story about the place, perhaps tricking one or two among them with tales of just what happened there, just what the true story is of this dismal place.

Such is the case with Randall, teenage jock, ever popular with the ladies, and tonight angry frustrated and embarrassed youth with a grudge to bear. He’s dragged Drew and his step-sister, Amber, along for one reason, and the reason certainly isn’t dorky Drew.

Every guy in school has admired Amber in one way or another, whether it’s her sweetness, kindness, innocence, or as with Randall, her smoking tight little body that he always figured would be another notch on the bedposts. However when Amber shot down his advances, and quite publicly, Randall’s flawless rep with the rest of the jocks and in fact the whole school took a real hit.

Now he has the perfect plan of humiliation, a little terrifying torment of the girl who is just too good for him. Unfortunately tricking Amber on her own up to the old church was impossible, so Drew had to be invited as well. Unlike Randall, Drew has always been the respectful guy in Amber’s life, a big brother even if not by blood. She trust him and that’s why the plan is so flawless for Randall.

What none of the three could ever suspect is that the old church is more alive than the structural condition would lead anyone to believe, a downright demonic presence within the walls just waiting for the predictable ritual of horny teens putting scares into girls with crudely put together tales of what happened there.

Nobody could imagine that should a certain pretty face of pure innocence and a truly depraved made up tale spark the interest of this demonic presence just right, the story might just come true.

Once inside, Randall spins an intentionally insulting tale about the spot beneath the large columned arches, beneath the living eyes of this old sanctuary. He blends the feel of the place at night with the sweetness and fear budding in Amber’s timid yet attractive form. How could he ever notice the darkness overtaking her eyes, the blackness masking her pretty blue innocence.

Will Randall get the scares he wanted out of the pretty blonde or will the pretty blonde put some real scares into him? Maybe just maybe, Amber will be taking as much as she puts in, especially when all three find themselves a part of a story that never existed, a story where they have been Ritualized and there is no escape.


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Imps Just Wanna Have Funbags

Imps Just Wanna Have Funbags by Kris P. Kreme

Imps Just Wanna Have Funbags by Kris P. Kreme

Humiliated pledging the Zeta Pi sorority house, smart girls Leah and Katherine want revenge. After the wild idea of summoning an imp to humiliate and mentally torture the sorority actually works, they might have been too smart for their own good.

Now an imp awaits feeding, a specific nourishment required to perform their wishes of social harm, and that feeding comes from their rather small breasts.

Will they give in and see that feeding the imp reduces them to the bubble headed bimbos those Zeta Pi girls are? Or is there even more to what this imp truly wants?

Leah and Katherine are college roommates and easily the smartest girls on campus. Unfortunately book smarts hasn’t kept them from getting played by the Zeta Pi Sorority house where after going through hell pledging the sorority, they are the only two denied entrance into the sisterhood for no reason at all.

Now the two bright but humiliated girls find themselves drinking away the frustration and embarrassment in their dorm room, badmouthing the bitches of Zeta Pi and wishing little more than evil upon those sorority sluts.

It isn’t until Leah has a sudden thought, a thought well into drastic consideration territory that the two stop moping and begin plotting. Leah and Katherine are not the busty idiots that Zeta Pi tends to initiate, but they’d assumed the sorority wasn’t as shallow as their reputation. Now they have a score to settle and it only makes sense they use their brains and intelligence to take down the sorority in only the most humiliating way possible.

Pulling out a book the two girls did research on for their Advanced Cult Civilizations course. Naturally it was a senior level course that the two freshmen girls excelled in and far surpassed any expectations on such an assignment, but the point Leah has is that this book claims to provide near step by step incantation instructions for summoning an imp. Apparently once summoned, the imp will see through any harm wished upon the summoner’s enemies.

While even a bit drunk, the two bright girls would never wish serious harm, they know that even if this is merely a pseudoscience possibility, they can always wish humiliation on the Zeta Pi’s and that would definitely be like death to girls as shallow as them.

Following the directions, chanting in perfect Latin phrases, words the idiots at Zeta Pi wouldn’t even understand, Leah and Katherine successfully complete the ritual summoning, and as the light of their candle snuffs out from a breeze they naturally assume as suspected that the summoning was nonsense and nothing happened.

But then upon flipping the lights back on, there it is, the all black creature terrifying to behold, an actual imp which they summoned. In a menacing deep voice the little imp asks if they wish harm of others and after debating it, they decide that the Zeta Pi sorority house earned whatever humiliating punishment and social harm they will get.

Of course the imp with a sneer tells them that wishing harm upon others comes at a cost, and it’s a cost both will need to pay if he is to follow their wishes and do anything to an entire sorority.

According to the creature, imps must be fed, a meal of sorts to proceed with their wishes, but this meal as he puts it is nothing more than milk. Mothers milk to be specific, he says, and since neither Leah nor Katherine are mothers, the feeding may… just may drain a bit of their high intelligence in the process.

After fruitlessly searching for any method of sending the imp back where he came from, the girls face the rather frightening situation of either feeding the imp and getting their revenge or refusing and having no revenge and an unhappy imp who can make their own lives hell.

Just how will the two brightest girls on campus figure their way out of this one? Do imps even need to feed or is he lying? And will they ever really have their revenge? Find out in the twisted tale where we find out that imps are pretty predictable… after all Imps just wanna have Funbags.

Halloween with the Kreme busts through some intelligence… quite literally.


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The Freak Show

The Freak Show by Kris P. Kreme

The Freak Show by Kris P. Kreme

Carrie, Isla, and Tricia are the prettiest girls in school, even if their attitudes and arrogance are easily the ugliest.

After Tricia suggests a fun game of verbally abusing and mentally tormenting the freaks in a traveling Freak Show, all three of them might finally push things too far.

Confronted by an angry show manager, along with some of his freaks, it may just be these three girls who are stars of their own acts… in The Freak Show.

The bitchiest girls in school by far are the terrible threesome of Carrie, Isla, and Tricia, but in a month where the dark spooky scares are sometimes quite unexpected, will these bitches find themselves unable to handle the consequences of their attitudes?

They’ve ruled the school and inspired more than just a few cases of lustful stares, but Carrie, Isla, and Tricia have absolutely no compassion for the nerds and losers that constantly cast looks their direction. Dismissing them all as freaks, the girls see them merely as a side show to life, nothing worthy of respect or anything but contempt.

Carrie is always on the latest diet kick, currently an all liquid diet to supposedly better her already flawless skin. Isla is just living the good life as the girl with perfect curves, literally so perfect her shape couldn’t have been formed any better had she done so herself. For Tricia, it’s her smaller but somehow impressively perky tits that every guy wants a look at, but the truth is all three together make for quite the daily show, even if they see high school as a bunch of freaks they couldn’t hate more if they tried.

It’s Tricia’s idea to visit the downtown Freak Show one night, the show famed each year for always having new acts, new bizarre forms of humanity that three bitchy girls who take pride in their bitchiness can really unleash some insults upon.

It’s a traveling show and while it’s definitely not the place any of them would really choose to go, none can deny the amusement at dressing in their flirty clothes and letting the real freaks get a good look at what they’ll never have. If anything can make those freaks fell even worse about being who they are, it’s a few hot teens who know just how hot they are.

Choosing to up the stakes, all three girls wear just what they wore to school, but this time without bras and panties so that they can further attract all the stares they want. The trick to being a cruel bitch is to lure them in and then clash the insults and bitchiness so thickly into their skulls the poor freaks will never see it coming.

It’s all fun and games, insults flying, the excitement of being true bitches to total strangers making the night only more amusing to Carrie, Isla, and Tricia. But of course too much of a good thing only can be bad and it isn’t long before they have gained the attention of a most unhappy looking man in charge.

After escorting the three nuisances away from the crowd into a small trailer, they’re all prepared for a lecture about respecting others. But when the man has a small gathering in for their little talk, a freakishly tall tattooed man, a slender woman with shark teeth, and a chunky tiger striped man, it’s quite clear that things are about to truly get freaky.

Just what will happen to the three cruelest bitches in school? Will they learn their lessons or see just how freakish they themselves can be? Sometimes a girl can be so full of herself she feels like she runs the show… but just what happens if that show turns out to be The Freak Show?

Halloween with the Kreme gets a little bit freaky, and a lot bit fun with an all new tale of karma kicking cruelty to the curb.


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Donnie’s Pizza Poppers

Donnie's Pizza Poppers by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie’s Pizza Poppers by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon is thrilled his old bullies are now friends, and more so that they decided to help his business by giving away Donnie’s Pizza Poppers in the parking lot.

However, Melgrim and Grimmel are anything but friends, the plan of putting hellish ingredients in the pizza poppers that truly pop a part of anyone who tries them.

Mind, morals, or body shapes and sizes, something is bound to pop, but will this plan as usual backfire and somehow only make Donnie have a better Halloween than ever? Find out, with the all new Donnie tale, popping with more than just flavor.

Donnie the Demon has never been all that bright, but he’s always been the friendliest demon around, which is why he’s only too happy to see that his old bullies from Hell have chosen to let bygones be bygones and make amends for their cruel ways.

Melgrim and Grimmel are helping him this year, cooking up some very special pizza poppers as they call them, set up at the end of the parking lot out front of Donnie’s costume shop, the Costume Castle. But even though Melgrim assures Donnie that they finally have accepted him as a true demon, are their motives really to be trusted?

Naturally when you’re a mini-pizza loving demon as simpleminded as Donnie, you’ll always trust anyone who tells you they’re simply going to bake up an all new product called Donnie’s Pizza Poppers to catch the attention of people who otherwise might pass right by his store. However, Melgrim and Grimmel are up to their quite old and well played tricks, Melgrim having even practically fooled Grimmel with their supposed kindness to the dimwitted dunce that is their favorite victim, Donnie.

This year they are in fact baking Donnie’s Pizza Poppers, but Melgrim has slipped some very special quite hellish ingredients into the mix, ingredients which will truly put the POP in pizza poppers.

As he explains to his foolish friend, Grimmel, the ingredients once tasted by a human tongue, will pop a part of that person, whether it be their mind, their morals, or even things more tangible like their waistline or chest. It’s the costume changes without the costumes this year, because not everyone stops in to buy a costume, but no one can resist a tasty treat offered in promotion of the best costume shop in town.

Melgrim and Grimmel are going to bring some major chaos right outside Donnie’s doors and if that doesn’t shut down his business and ruin his dimwitted life, nothing will.

A cute couple of girls getting off the bus provide the perfect beginning to a fiendishly demonic plan, but when the curvy Molly and athletic Kendra take a taste of Donnie’s Pizza Poppers, just what part of them will pop… and will this clever plot somehow backfire as it always does?

Somehow you just know, despite their best efforts, Donnie the Demon is going to be seeing quite the boost in sales… and just possibly he might be getting lucky along the way, all thanks to a very tasty new treat, Donnie’s Pizza Poppers.

Halloween with the Kreme serves up something deliciously Donnie this month, and more than the flavor is going to pop.


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DocuMENTAL by Kris P. Kreme

DocuMENTAL by Kris P. Kreme

As a documentary film project for college, Beth has chosen to do a video story on the infamous Sound Asylum for the Criminally Insane. It’s a facility shut down thirty years ago, left to rot away, but with stories of everything from corrupt cruel guards to cruel mistreatment of the inmates.

Tales of the criminals running the asylum are mild compared to what went on within these walls, many of the acts sexual in nature.

What will Beth and her friends capture on camera? And possibly more important, what might just end up capturing each of them?

The Sound Asylum for the Criminally Insane once operated under the premise that mental illness could be treated and perhaps cured through sound, special music that played to calm the insanity within the inmates and patients. However it was an institution of such corruption, both within the ones running the facility and the inmates themselves, that the place has long been dead and gone, an abandoned and rotting remnant of the former horrors its walls saw.

As part of a college documentary film project, Beth has gathered her younger sister and a small group of college friends to spend one night in the asylum, heading off in separate directions from the main lobby getting plenty of footage, and hopefully capturing some evidence of the widely reported paranormal happenings at this facility.

Unfortunately Beth could never predict just how alive the walls can be within a dead asylum such as this. Reports of just what cruelty and criminal behavior went on at the Sound Asylum varies greatly, but as Beth narrates before her group disperses, everything occurred from random female inmates turning up pregnant to abuse of power by corrupt guards, to even massive sexual assaults on female staff and visitors that left them as mentally unstable as the inmates.

The night is beginning and four cameras are rolling, one carried by Beth herself, another by her younger sister, Amy, still another by Jackie and her always horny boyfriend, Peter, with the final camera held by their college pal, Roger. Each will explore a separate area of the old facility, and each may just face the memories of the past like never before, their own sanity on the line for a film project that truly is DocuMENTAL.

Halloween with the Kreme locks readers up and throws away the key. You’ll be quite insanely aroused… just like our young film crew at the Sound Asylum. One thing is certain, certain sounds can calm you, and other sounds, like the ones of pure mind maddening pleasure can only excite.


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The Strength of your Vows

The Strength of your Vows by Kris P. Kreme

The Strength of your Vows by Kris P. Kreme

Stopping on the way to his wedding to help a stranded motorist, Jonathan meets an appreciative old gypsy man. In thanks for his kindness, the man bestows a special blessing, ensuring that the strength of Jonathan’s vows will be absolute and unbreakable.

Unfortunately Jonathan’s best man plays a prank on him by handing him fake vows, purposely written to be insulting and perverse.

When asked to read his vows, Jonathan finds true horror, unable to stop himself reading those crude fake vows, and watching as they literally change his sweet young bride into a slutty variation he never imagined.

The month of October might be host to all sorts of frightening festivals and events, horrors and terrors beyond imagining, but for Jonathan the scariest part of the month might be supposed to be one of the greatest days in his life.

It’s Jonathan’s wedding day and he is traveling to the church, already a little late, worried he will be pushing back the pre-ceremony photos and possibly upsetting his sweet young bride, Jessica. Although the truth is what terrifies him into constant anxiety lately isn’t being late, and it certainly isn’t the lovely Jessica who is the kindest and most wholesome sweet girl he ever knew, someone he instantly knew he wanted to be with forever.

The most terrifying thing on Jonathan’s mind are the vows. They each wrote their own and he has to speak his first. He’s so worried about the vows he hardly can focus on the positives of the day ahead, and maybe that is what makes him swerve off and pull in behind some old man whose truck has broken down. Not only is stopping to help the right thing to do, it’s a time he needs to further prep himself, to not freak out about the vows he will soon speak in a church crowded with family and friends.

The old gypsy man is quite the character, friendly and highly appreciative for such a kind and giving gesture as Jonathan has provided, especially on his special day. Insisting that he owes Jonathan something, the old man asks if he would accept a special blessing for his special day.

Naturally Jonathan isn’t the type to feel owed anything but if it makes the man feel better to repay his kindness with a blessing, he’s fine with it. Clasping him on the shoulder, he looks Jonathan in the eyes and chants a breathy whispered blessing, one where the strength of Jonathan’s vows will be unbreakable and absolute.

As strange as it all seems, Jonathan has to admit, his encounter with the stranded gypsy on the side of the road has done some good. He’s feeling better, less anxiety about the wedding, and when he shows up, even discovers they have chosen to wait on photos before the ceremony to be more traditional and not let Jonathan see the bride beforehand.

Everything seems to be going well and Jonathan is wondering just why he was so worried, Jessica as beautiful as ever when she begins her walk down the aisle, not a single eye looking elsewhere.

Of course, Jonathan has been handed his vows by the best man, a somewhat notorious prankster friend of his, and as he glances over those vows, his eyes widen and all the nervousness from before returns.

It seems that Caleb, his best man, has seen fit to play one last little prank on Jonathan, swapping the vows he had asked Caleb to type up with crude insulting vows no man would dream of reading aloud. Obviously he knew Jonathan would hesitate when he first looked at them, and obviously it was never the intent the ridiculously over the top rude and perverse vows ever be actually spoken.

But when the time comes and the minister asks Jonathan to read the vows he wrote, something uncontrollable is possessing Jonathan with a calmness never felt before to part his lips and read the vows he holds, the vows that Caleb only swapped as a joke, the vows that send him into a pit of horror while he reads each and every perverse word about the lovely young Jessica.

Nobody seems shocked though, and Jonathan realizes that the words he reads are becoming absolute and true as he reads them, not only changing Jessica into the perverse slut Caleb intentionally exaggerated about as a prank, but changing everyone in the church but Jonathan to accept and even look past those qualities.

With each line he reads, more and more of the old Jessica is gone, and the new one is acting quite openly whorish, things taking place in this church that never should take place anywhere close to one.

But what will happen as Jonathan finishes his vows? Will the greatest day of his and her life be the worst, or will even Jonathan find that there is simply no escaping The Strength of your Vows?

Halloween with the Kreme takes a walk down the aisle, where the bride is definitely wearing plenty of white for her special day.


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SINtendo Shades Fun with Fear

SINtendo Shades Fun with Fear by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Shades Fun with Fear by Kris P. Kreme

As if putting up with her younger brother being a pervy nuisance all the time wasn’t enough, Cassidy now has to actually use the sunglasses he gave her after he breaks hers the day of a big date with her new boyfriend, Travis.

It’s weird enough he gave her the white rimmed sunglasses, but the day is just too sunny and their date takes them to an outdoor carnival at the old amusement park.

Cassidy never suspects until they are on her head that these are SINtendo Shades, and there is no stopping the game that is about to begin. Fear turns to fun, and Cassidy is just along for the ride.

If there’s one creature on this planet that terrified Cassidy Miller to be alone with, it was the sleazy loser that called himself her younger brother, Kyle. He was barely worth calling human in recent years since he’d gone through much of his teenage years, but today of all days, he was being particularly mind numbing.

Cassidy had just gotten the call, an invite for a date at the local Halloween carnival, a yearly event at an old amusement park where all the rides were given fun Halloween themes and the atmosphere was a fun filled fear fest for plenty her age. She’d only been dating Travis for a month now, and unlike most guys he had proven himself to be a truly rare gentleman, one that wasn’t dating a girl like Cassidy to try and get anything from her.

Unfortunately it was a very sunny day, and Cassidy needed her damn sunglasses to not fall victim to an actual headache which would certainly ruin her time with Travis at the carnival.

Kyle ruined everything, as he seemed so talented at in recent years, constantly perving on her, being a creep, though thankfully spending all his time locked away in his room playing who knew what sorts of video games. Today though, he broke her sunglasses, and when Travis arrives at the door to pick her up, Cassidy has little choice but to grab the only pair of shades she has, a pair Kyle creepily gave her claiming they were a gift in recent days.

She’d intended to ask her parents when they returned from out of town about the white rimmed sunglasses, assuming they either were ones he swiped from her mom or ones he even possibly stole. There was no reasonable explanation why the brat that annoyed her constantly would surprise her with an early Christmas gift like that.

Still, there was no choice, so that was how Cassidy Miller found herself slipping on a pair of SINtendo Shades, never suspecting until she sat in Travis’ car wearing them, that they were secretly nothing less than a video game meant to fuck with her.

Forced to wear them or suffer the glaring sun, Cassidy puts up with the apparent intelligence of the game, the fact it knows her name, and worse the fact it seems to know far too many personal facts about anyone she looks at through the glasses.

When they arrive at the carnival though, the nightmare is just starting as the SINtendo Shades begin a game called Fun with Fear, where every fear turns fun by unknown means.

Cassidy has no idea what she is in for as they get on the Ferris wheel, her fear percentage counting up, numbers floating right before her eyes, unknown to Travis. However when she hits 100% and achieves a fear peak as it’s called, the game twists all that anxiety and fear, all the terror of heights, into the very heights of pleasure a quite public orgasm overtaking her.

The game rules have been revealed, but will Cassidy manage to beat this game or will the game beat her. As humiliation after humiliation is suffered most pleasurably, something is beginning to change her, the slight addiction to the pleasure possibly even pushing her into more fearful terrifying activities, Travis clueless to his girlfriend’s strange behavior.

In the end, a little fun in the sun might have Cassidy seeing an all new side of life, where there’s truly nothing to fear but just how far she’ll go for her next bit of pleasure.

Halloween with the Kreme takes gaming to extremes, and you’ll never predict where this game tallies the final score.


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The InFUCtion

The InFUCtion by Kris P. Kreme

The InFUCtion by Kris P. Kreme

On an otherwise ordinary afternoon in a world where everyone worried about the state of the planet, the state of politics, and the state of society, the end of it all came quite climactically with a literal climax.

Pleasure and the obsessive mindless need to fuck was rapid, no one finding immunity unless they avoided contact with the ones afflicted.

Halloween with the Kreme explores the firsthand account of a man who struggled to survive in a world that had truly been fucked. His words tell the torture of attempting to understand and avoid The InFUCtion.

For many, the end of the world came hardly as a surprise, but the way it ended definitely caught more than a few with their pants down. Although to be quite fair that was how the world ended, not with a whimper, but with a screaming moan inducing bang.

I’d never been the popular ladies man you hear of, always been a quiet sort who while definitely appreciating women, never had the courage or just plain luck to fall into them like so many lucky guys did back before the world ended. After it ended, falling into women was as easy as closing your eyes and walking.

Everyone talked about the climate shifting, getting warmer, but nobody considered that maybe the earth like all of us, was just getting a bit hot blooded, and eventually we’d all lose control. For me, the end happened as I was watching the news, though at the beginning I was hardly paying attention to the reporter on scene at Briarfield High School.

Chet Cowell of Channel Two was simply interviewing a popular teacher who’d received an award in excellence, but for whatever reason Elizabeth Gantry had just been the recipient of The InFUCtion.

That was what we came to call it, a disease that was spread by unknown means, but pretty much flew through society, driving people mad with literally the need to fuck.

The inFUCtion had spread that day like wild fires in a dry forest and trust me, no woman was dry for long after that. Some of us took together, stuck it out in the neighborhood, holed up in the one home that had a high wall around the property. We assumed we could save ourselves the mindless inFUCtion if only to save some innocence and decency in the world, but all plans seemed to eventually find flaws, and so I ended up alone, with just a neighbor girl to look after, to ensure we both stayed free of that depraved inFUCtion that took over the planet.

I never knew what caused it to spontaneously begin, but how it spread was easy enough, physical contact, close touch of an inFUCted person. How could I have ever suspected we both were about to find out just what caused the inFUCtion to begin… and that discovery might end our fight against it?

Halloween with the Kreme visits a world torn by a plague that crashed society into a wave of orgasms, from which there might be no escape.


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Party Parrot

Party Parrot by Kris P. Kreme

Party Parrot by Kris P. Kreme

Bringing a parrot that belongs to an eccentric relic hunter to a college party, Cal never suspects that the tales told about the bird are anything but fluff.

An ancient wizard who once terrified a small village was only defeated after his own dark magic trapped him in the form of a harmless gray bird. Unfortunately many years have made him anything but harmless again, the words this parrot squawks changing everyone whose shoulder he perches on.

It was just meant to be a small gathering of friends, but thanks to the Party Parrot, this gathering is getting a bit more kinky.

Cal’s always been the super easy going stoner friend in the gang, the one who never takes things seriously but never really causes any harm. When his buddy Sam throws a small party at his place during the month of October, Cal can’t resist dressing in costume, even if no one else does, and the perfect complement to his pirate outfit is a parrot he borrows without asking from his boss who is out of town.

What Cal never could guess is that this parrot will do what Cal never could at this party… and that’s to do some serious harm, at least if changing everyone quite randomly with every series of random words squawked is considered harm.

As Cal explains to the small gathering when asked about the parrot, his boss is a world renowned relic hunter, a man who travels constantly and therefore needs a rather slacking college kid like Cal to check on his place while away, make sure things are all good.

The story of the parrot was one Cal always got a kick out of, a crazy old tale that the man told him probably just fucking around. It seems that some old Eastern European village a very long time ago had a problem with an evil wizard. He was unstoppable, unkillable, but ultimately they did find a solution, twisting his own black magic against him to forever trap the evil wizard in the body of something harmless… a little gray parrot.

It’s a silly story, but it’s certainly a fun thing to share at a party but little does Cal know that his rather peculiar boss was not just spinning a yarn. The parrot is meant to be caged, never let free, certainly never let free around others, because even if the wizard was contained and heavily limited, his magic still is quite menacing and effortless… as the small gathering soon discovers when the parrot decided to speak up.

Spouting out random insults, calling the various non-costumed guests quite the assortment of insulting names, the party is just getting started. Of course only Cal wears a costume that can be removed by the time this party is over, the others each changing instantly as the bird lands on their shoulder and squawks out a comment.

As clueless a stoner as ever, Cal simply goes along with the fun, somehow losing the parrot along the way. It’s only after the chaotically perverse party is over that Cal realizes, he’s going to have a very hard time explaining to his boss what happened to that parrot he always told such odd tales about.

Halloween with the Kreme demands a party all month, and there just isn’t a party without a Party Parrot.


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Talk or Treat

Talk or Treat by Kris P. Kreme

Talk or Treat by Kris P. Kreme

Anna is the brightest girl in school, but on a night such as Halloween, when the darkness is darkest, it won’t matter how bright she is.

Knocking on a door, just expecting a little candy, she and her two friends, Johnny and Bobby, get quite a bit more, and ultimately she may be giving more than she gets.

There’s never anything wrong with a friendly konversation… until the konversation gets kinky and Anna gets more than just friendly.

Talk or Treat… it’s Halloween with the Kreme.

Everyone’s favorite Konversationalist is back and answering the door to find some quite mature seeming children asking for candy. Naturally he’ll give them quite a bit more after a little chat, during which he debates with Anna about her slutty nurse costume.

It seems that at least according to her friends Johnny and Bobby, Anna here is the brain of the senior class, not only the smartest girl in school but the most well behaved. And even if she claims she only chose the slutty midriff baring nurse costume because she liked how she looked in it, the man whose door they stopped at has quite the counter point to make.

As he points out, boys’ costumes don’t change all that much from young to old, but clearly girls’ costumes change quite a bit, getting skimpier and sluttier and definitely only enhancing their maturing bodies, of which even Anna’s two friends are only too aware of on her.

It turns out that as usual, he’s quite accurate with his perceptions of the three, of their behavior, their desires, their motives in life, but Anna is quite willing to debate his assessment of her based on her costume. Even if her two classmates are seeing things from these newly presented perspectives, Anna refuses to admit that she is anything but a good girl, no matter how bad the costume seems to make her, nor how much of her good girl body it shows off.

As she puts it, a nurse takes care of people, so what is wrong with a nurse costume? However a slutty nurse might take care of people in entirely different ways, and there’s simply no arguing that point as the conversation twists and turns, confusing poor Anna.

The more and more the little chat goes on, the less and less Anna has a reasonable counter to the points this man is making. She never intended to be taken as just some slutty lusty object of enjoyment, but her costume clearly seems swayed that way, and she chose it because she liked it, right?

Fighting as fiercely as the independent intelligent young woman ever has when earning her high grades, Anna might finally be facing the one test she never studied for.
Ultimately it’s not the talk that does Anna in, and Johnny and Bobby are definitely interested in more than mere talk. It’s the treat that tricks Anna, the treat she doesn’t get from visiting houses on Halloween, the treat she is, particularly dressed as a slutty little nurse.

Halloween with the Kreme tackles the all important konversation everyone needs to have, the one about slutty costumes and whether the girl makes the costume slutty… or the other way around.


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Tentacle Toys of Taiwan

Tentacle Toys of Taiwan by Kris P. Kreme

Tentacle Toys of Taiwan by Kris P. Kreme

An American student in Taiwan, Tommy makes a frightening discovery when he finds his girlfriend Ren’s new Tentacle Toy on the counter one day.

Seeming like a bizarre little variation of a Jack-in-the-Box, Ren is obsessed and fascinated by the Tentacle Toy, and her behavior as well as that of many other women is becoming weird and uncharacteristically kinky.

Will Tommy discover the true terror behind these toys or will he mindlessly find himself joining Ren in what might be the final days of all mankind?

Tommy has adjusted to live in Taiwan just fine, an American university student living in a foreign land for the first time but finding it as natural as ever. Admittedly the adjustment is made much easier having found a girl like Ren, the hot Asian definitely well out of his league back home but with a real fascination for Americans and that isn’t anything he’ll complain about.

Living together in a small high rise apartment, Tommy returns one day to find the apartment oddly empty, feeling perhaps even emptier than it really is, and with a strange little colorful wooden box sitting on the kitchen counter.

Finding that clearly Ren isn’t home, Tommy takes a closer look, the little colorful ornately painted wooden box almost seeming antique, but yet definitely new and with only a little Made in Taiwan sticker on the back. There’s a small little hand crank on the side, one just like the old Jack-in-the-boxes back home, but something seems very unnerving about this little box.

When Ren shows up, Tommy first notices nothing unusual, certainly nothing to concern himself about as she explains that the box is a new toy, one popular with her girlfriends. However, as she turns the little crank playing a ghostly chorus of music, Tommy is definitely bothered by what pops out of the little box.

Ren seems mindlessly content as the little ugly blob of tentacles jumps limply out of the box, a smile that begins to bother Tommy almost immediately. Her assurance that it’s simply a neat little Tentacle Toy doesn’t sway his suspicion that there is more to it than simply a toy.

The next day he notices others obsessed with their own Tentacle Toy boxes, women oddly hypnotized and content, protecting the boxes like prized little pets. Tommy has always known there were distinct cultural differences from the part of the world where he grew up, but nothing can explain the brief glimpse he has walking in the apartment of Ren making out with the tentacles in her toy box.

Merely blinking and Ren is no longer doing anything unusual, so perhaps it was all his worried imagination. Still, Tommy can’t help feeling that something is very very wrong and he can’t seem to get anymore information about where all the little toy boxes are coming from.

As the next day finds Ren early in the morning pleasuring herself in the bathroom while Tommy swears the Tentacle Toy box watches, he’s only getting more and more freaked out, by what he sees or what he thinks he sees. Things take a twisted turn when he comes back from class to find his girlfriend across the hall getting tag teamed by the neighbors, a man and his teenage son.

Naturally Ren seems mindless as ever, simply saying she was busy but never knowing that Tommy witnessed it all. Day after day passes and clearly something is changing Ren from a sweet wholesome and loyal girlfriend into a bizarre willing slut eager to get quite filled up.

Will Tommy discover what the mystery behind Ren’s new behavior is? Will he realize the terrifying truth about the Tentacle Toys of Taiwan? Or will the tentacles take things to a level he never imagined… and are we all doomed?

Halloween with the Kreme gets twisted only as a tentacle can twist, with a tale that truly pops all new terrors into your imagination.


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Peter Geist the Amorous Apparition

Peter Geist the Amorous Apparition by Kris P. Kreme

Peter Geist the Amorous Apparition by Kris P. Kreme

Plotting and planning to put some friendly scares into their best friend Chloe, a girl Nick and Andy have secretly lusted over for many years, they trick her into visiting a reportedly haunted house.

This house though is the home of Peter Geist, a spirit who will put a lot more than friendly scares into all three, possessing their bodies and using those bodies in only the most kinky ways imaginable.

It’s Halloween with the Kreme 2016 and time for some hauntingly good fun!

The small town of Jacoby doesn’t have all that many residents living in it, but in a long empty home on the outskirts of town, there resides one resident who isn’t living at all.

Known only as Peter Geist, a name adopted well into existing as a spirit, he is a mostly harmless entity, alone across time within the walls of a decaying structure that rarely brings guests. However, Peter does have a special sort of power, a truly possessive trait that only certain uninvited guests can both inspire and bring upon themselves.

During the month of Halloween, brash young people often make the dares and follow through on a visit to the old haunted house outside the town of Jacoby, and should those young visitors bring with them a lovely young warm living doll of a girl, Peter Geist just might insist on a little play time of his own.

Nick and Andy have been friends with Chloe for many years, growing up on the same street together. While Chloe may never have known it, she alone is the reason both boys practically flew through puberty, and now as young adults the two pranksters have decided to put some scares into their sweet innocent friend.

The goal is simple, take Chloe for a little visit to the creepy and reportedly haunted house one night approaching Halloween. They’ll scare her, get some sweet photos of the frightened cute girl, possibly even a nice indentation of nipples through her perfectly lust inspiring green top.

All they want is the photos and a fun night, the photos making for plenty more fun nights on their own in the future. After all, they may all be soon heading out into the world, but that doesn’t mean Chloe won’t live on in their fantasies forever.

After successfully tricking Chloe into visiting the old house with stories made up about old paintings she might can salvage, the fun is about to begin, but is the fun truly going to be Nick and Andy’s?

One by one, Peter Geist greets his special guests, the boys’ eyes rolling up into all white as Peter guides their words and deeds. But Peter is quite the amorous apparition and he has quite a true taste for girls like Chloe… a taste that Nick and Andy feel as well once possessed by the need to squeeze that taste right out of her.

Chloe was a welcome if uninvited guest and that’s all thanks to her teasing friends who will be much more than friends thanks to the host of the home. Even if Peter Geist only can work his influence until the sun rises, that doesn’t mean Nick and Andy won’t have a certain willingness to rise on their own with Chloe for a long time after.

Halloween with the Kreme 2016 gets it going with a tale of paranormal possession where the influence isn’t anything if not amorous, and more than just the blood will be pumping and flowing.


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The Grab Bag – Lucky #13

The Grab Bag - Lucky #13 - Vicki the Voluptuous Vimbo, The Man in the Old House, Donnie the Dimwitted Demon and Happy Hallow-Kreme

The Grab Bag – Lucky #13 – Vicki the Voluptuous Vimbo, The Man in the Old House, Donnie the Dimwitted Demon and Happy Hallow-Kreme

What better month than the spookiest, scariest, downright sluttiest month ever to be as lucky as a bimbo in a boy’s school? This is your always friendly, sometimes frightening Kreme Keeper here to give you a very special treat, no trick, in your Grab Bag this month. Sometimes you just wanna grab more than a juicy pair… like two juicy pairs, and so it’s time to get double stuffed with all the Kreme you can handle.

Watch that sweet tooth as these four tales are so Kremey you might just go numb. From a vampire vixen who truly knows how to make sucking spectacular, to a pair of girls too old to trick or treat but plenty old enough to offer other services door to door. And who could leave out everyone’s favorite dimwitted doofus of a demon, Donnie, the first two tales he ever appeared in. Naturally it all ends with the tradition of the season… slutty costumes, or at least they will be after some girls apply just the right makeup, and make it a truly Happy Hallow-Kreme.

This special HallowKreme edition of the Grab Bag includes:

Vicki the Voluptuous Vimbo: Vicki was always the good student, the smart girl, the conservatively raised responsible one on campus. This is the story of how she became a creature of the night. Yes, this is how Vicki became a vimbo.

The Man in the Old House: When Natalie’s younger brother reveals that the man in the old house is giving out quarter rolls to trick or treaters, she can’t resist dragging her friend Jennifer on a quest for easy money.

Donnie the Dimwitted Demon: Some demons want pain and punishment for all mankind. Then there is Donnie, who’s always enjoyed his human friends more than any of the bullies back in hell. When Donnie invites his human friends over to a Halloween costume party, and later opens his own costume store, two hellish bullies ensure that every human will be perverted in the most extreme ways possible.

Happy Hallow-Kreme: Brianne and Katie were simply intending to try some of the latest fad product, Hallow-cream, a safe alternative to traditional Halloween makeups that leaves their skin feeling intensely good. They never suspected that as soon as it touched their skin, they’d be climaxing nonstop and doing anything anyone wanted in order to feel those climaxes again and again.

There you have it Readers! The lucky 13th Grab Bag!


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A Remote Chance in Hell

A Remote Chance in Hell by Kris P. Kreme

A Remote Chance in Hell by Kris P. Kreme

A sales rep for an electronics chain, Luke is used to visiting tech conventions around the country, but it’s one in Hell, Michigan that might just truly corrupt him.

After a freak lightning strike surges through the small TV in his room while testing out an inventor’s remote control, Luke passes out only to wake up with porn on the TV and a porn sized dick in his pants.

Walked in on by the maid, he discovers that no girl can resist it, their bodies and their minds twisting upon laying eyes on it, becoming perverted porn versions of themselves.

Is there a solution to all of this, or are the odds of such a thing little more than A Remote Chance in Hell?

While he’s certainly good at his job with the discount electronics chain Bust Buy, famed for busting the bottom on prices, Luke Berry never expected that his work would lead him straight to Hell.

However during an unusually hot late summer, that is precisely the destination, Hell, Michigan, where Tech Con is taking place over the course of three days.

Despite the location or the name, Luke couldn’t feel better about attending a tech convention, not when he’s always had a natural knack for knowing the next biggest trend, speaking with vendors, getting the dirt on new products to better boost his company’s sales.

A man rapidly approaching middle aged, single with a nineteen year old son back home, everyone likes Luke, the obvious exception being his ex. In truth he’s never had all that much success with the opposite sex. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Luke’s life is about to take a most unexpected turn in Hell, a chance encounter with a man who hammers on his door one morning at the hotel.

The bizarre little man seems like a nutcase, particularly when he tells Luke the reason for his visit, claiming to be an inventor and proudly proclaiming his product will be the next big electronics breakthrough, one that will change everything.

Looking at the completely ordinary television remote control, Luke barely raises an eyebrow wondering just why the crazies always seem to show up in places like this.

Listening to the man’s spiel, Luke discovers that maybe the guy has something, at least when he claims that this remote is truly universal, controlling every television simply by aiming it at them, no complicated programming, no anything, nice and simple.

When he further explains that it uses no batteries and the power cell built inside it will last an estimated 75 years, Luke definitely has some interest, at least in the potential of this weird man’s product.

So there Luke Berry is, Hell, and with a weird man offering him a product to run some trials on, take back to his bosses at Bust Buy. It’s not the first time an inventor has touted their product at these tech conventions, and likely won’t be the last, but the odds of any of this panning out for the guy are slim to none.

Testing the remote out after the man leaves, Luke’s genuinely surprised when it does seem to turn on the hotel room TV, and yet as Luke scans through channels he notes a distinct distortion in the picture. If the remote this man invented is causing it, there’s a problem, so pocketing the remote he leans over the small TV to check the cable connections in back.

A storm rolling in outside is the last of Luke’s concerns on a day promising to be another busy day at Tech Con, but his day is about to get a whole lot busier, and the business is going to be all pleasure, thanks to a fluke lightning strike outside, a power surge that either shocks or shoots one hell of a blast of static electricity straight from the little TV he leans over.

Falling back, momentarily blinded, Luke quickly yanks the remote from his pants pocket, tossing the still smoking little device across the room. He’s lucky it seems, that the remote took most of the charge, though clearly any further testing is done.

In all the craziness, Luke sees that the surge of power not only ruined the remote and gave him quite a scare, it also flipped channels to the one he always avoids, the adult channel. But as he goes to try and change off it with the regular room remote, Luke finds himself passing out.

It’s when he wakes up, to a pounding he first believes is in his head, that Luke begins his true descent into the madness of Hell.

Every man is used to waking with an erection, but the one Luke awakes to is massive, a freakish one only seen in the features of that channel the television is still tuned to. In a comical series of stumbling and dealing with a new quite impressive thickness in his pants, Luke finds the hotel maid walking right into his room, him on his knees with his pants undone and massive dick straining outward before the porn on television.

However as he locks eyes with the cute latina maid, Luke sees that his own shock at seeing his erection is nothing compared to the reaction a woman has. Everything from her expression to her body instantly seems to go through a rather extreme metamorphosis, the once attractive maid become the stereotypical latina slut, wearing a maid uniform no hotel would ever provide.

Her looks are only the least of what changes, the instant obsessive desire for him to do things only done in porn overtaking her.

After a freakishly passionate encounter, Luke runs from the hotel, desperate to get a grip on this situation, on whatever has happened to him. But the road back from Hell is paved with good intentions it seems, and Luke discovers more and more that every time he so much as sees a girl or woman that turns him on, his mind is falling more and more into the pit of lust and perversion on the plots of porn delve into.

Even worse, any woman who somehow sees his exposed dick, a monstrous thickness that never goes soft no matter how many times he uses it, those women instantly change, whether in body, mind, or both.

Will Luke find out what has happened to him after that remote got fried by a fluke lightning strike in his pants pocket? Will he resist the temptations found around every curve, particularly those curves on the supple young blonde girlfriend of his son’s? Or will Luke give in and enjoy the changes that only a twisted moment of fate and an odd little remote control can offer?

Whatever the case, Luke may have made it out of Hell, but he’s quickly finding his mind on the path right back, and this time there may be no returning.


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The Kreme’s Back 2 School Bundle – Book #2

The Kreme's Back 2 School Bundle - Book #2 by Kris Kreme

The Kreme’s Back 2 School Bundle – Book #2 by Kris Kreme

It’s that time of year again… time to study hard, get some head in the class, and make a pet of the teacher. Fortunately The Kreme’s Back 2 School bundles are your study guides to the joys of stimulating education. Remember, stay in school, because a mind can be a pleasurable thing to waste

This study guide includes:

Double-stuffed Kookies

Melissa Miller has a plan to make sure this year’s prom is the best in the history of her town. Selling cookies door to door is easy for a pretty face like Melissa’s, but after tempting fate visiting the one house no one returns from, her face may not be what most men see when they look her way. Sometimes cookies are filled with crème, occasionally they have something more; Double-stuffed Kookies.

Grope Therapy: Max Colby, school principal, has had to call Melanie in for bad behavior. Unfortunately Melanie is also his stepdaughter, meaning he has to share a home with her and the last thing he wants is to bring the stress home. Thanks to a mysteriously successful therapy session with Doctor Linus, Max has little to worry about and Melanie will be giving an all new positive twist to being a bad girl.

Booking Brooke: Shy, bookish Brooke finds her desires shifting far from simply reading a book when one falls from a high shelf in the library, smacking her in the skull. She suddenly needs to live out that book, to embrace the story in ways far more intimate, and that particular book just happened to be the Kamasutra. Now Brooke will discover just what it’s like to be inside the book.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #12

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #12 - Proof of Life

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #12 – Proof of Life

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Proof of Life, Tyson Campbell returns from a business trip across the globe to find that his perceived imminent success may just be the turning point that changes everything in his wholesome family.

Tyson Campbell has worked as a public relations head for Bio-Gen, one of the world’s leading breakthrough companies in bio-engineering. They have always been a company that put safety ahead of risky moves, unlike some competing companies that Tyson has come across in his time on the job. Currently, the biggest breakthrough of Bio-Gen history is just days away from going public, a revolutionary anti-aging product Tyson and his family have been fortunate enough to test out for a while now.

However, returning home, Tyson finds an empty home with a message and a fairly explicit video disc waiting in his DVD player. There is a note that lists three bizarre tasks Tyson must do or else he will never see his family again.

Unfortunately Tyson knows exactly who is behind this. GenetiCorp is a dangerous company, one in the same general business as Bio-Gen but with none of the safety concerns. They are dedicated to controlling all manner of genetics and have chosen a seemingly random assortment of tasks which will add up too late for Tyson Campbell to recognize, ultimately ruining Bio-Gen’s public image and their supposed success in the near future.

His family may be alive when he gets them back, but everything in his life has changed, including him.


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The Kreme’s Back 2 School Bundle – Book #1

 The Kreme's Back 2 School Bundle - Book #1 by Kris P. Kreme

The Kreme’s Back 2 School Bundle – Book #1 by Kris P. Kreme

It’s that time of year again… time to study hard, get some head in the class, and make a pet of the teacher. Fortunately The Kreme’s Back 2 School bundles are your study guides to the joys of stimulating education. Remember, stay in school, because a mind can be a pleasurable thing to waste


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This study guide includes:

Student Announcements

To save the girl he loved at first sight, Alan is prepared to use his skills of AV technology to spice up the morning announcements. Everybody knows the jocks and the cheerleaders can make life miserable for everyone else, but not many have the targeted subliminals that Alan has. Soon, the tides will turn and wrongs will be righted in this Kreme Klassic.

X those that Apply: Fawn is sick and tired of being tormented by four evil cheerleaders. Fortunately she finds a solution in a seldom seen store called Curses R Us where all problems can be solved with a simple curse. Soon the bitches of the spirit squad will become what they never wanted to be, bitches in heat, and the heat is specific and unique to each and every one of them.

Sticks and Stones: Everyone lashes out and calls someone a name now and then. Names like idiot, slut, even whore are tossed about in far too often. No one ever realized the power of those words like Ryan Jameson, who after receiving a mysterious fortune found that whatever he called people, they became. It’s Klassic Kreme with the romantic ending readers rarely see and with all the nasty fun they’ve come to enjoy.


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The Grab Bag #12

The Grab Bag #12 - Preaching to the Choir & Brushed Off by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #12 – Preaching to the Choir & Brushed Off by Kris P. Kreme

Two popular stories written by the Kreme now in a single book, at a very special price! Enjoy this bargain double-feature of extra special Kreme! What’s better than a good girl gone bad? That’s easy, and so are they, two good girls gone bad in this month’s Grab Bag.


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This Grab Bag holds…

Preaching to the Choir: Mary Elizabeth is the preacher’s daughter in the small town of Kindling Fields. She’s also the resident socialite, a young woman who always makes an appearance at parties and gatherings. She’s not a bad girl, but not quite a good girl either. Her days of walking the line between good and bad are at an end, when a pagan ritual she was trying backfired.

Brushed Off: Zoey isn’t the type of girl to bother painting her face, never needing to as her beauty and innocence is quite natural. She’s a creative soul, dedicated to her art. After buying some antique paint brushes she might just find that sometimes her art can be dedicated to her just as fully.


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The Lost Kreme Issue #4: Pill Popped

The Lost Kreme Issue #4: Pill Popped by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme Issue #4: Pill Popped by Kris P. Kreme

Sweet and wholesome, Jane still enjoys the desires of her husband, Craig. Surprisingly her desire for sexual thrills might get dirtier thanks to a routine dental cleaning.

Jane is supposed to take four pills a day for two days after the cleaning, but the side affects those pills will have are going to last a whole lot longer.

Alone at home for the day, each pill will affect her both mentally and physically in ways she never imagined, but soon can’t imagine living without. A clean smile definitely leads to a dirty mind in the latest issue of The Lost Kreme.

Sometimes a tale gets lost among the stars, and a Kreme tale is never as empty and lifeless as the vastness of space, though the same can’t be said about the minds of those poor vacuous women featured in such tales. This tale has been spotted in the night skies and reeled back in, bringing us the story of one such woman, the latest woman to find herself starring in issue #4 of The Lost Kreme.

They say a clean smile is a happy smile, or is that horny smile? For the sweet wholesome housewife Jane, the line between happy and horny will be blurring as much as her vision of just what she desires out of life, at least after a routine cleaning from her dentist leaves her taking a special antibiotic pill four times a day for a couple of days.
Popping pills was never so dangerous as it is when Jane discovers that each pill seems to have more than just side effects, and much more than just temporary ones.

Warned that the pills can have adverse affects such as changes in behavior, localized swelling, and appetite issues, Jane never suspects that the pills she is required to take will flip her entire world upside down, and at least a few times, flip herself into all manner of positions.

When her husband Craig has to work late due to an important meeting, Jane already knows she’s going to have to fend the day alone at home, assuring him she’ll have his dinner warming and waiting when he comes home. Craig, though, could never suspect that after just a day of popping her prescription pills, he’ll arrive home to a wife he never married, but one he can’t get enough of in the end.

Jane has never been aggressive, inside or outside the bedroom, but one pill has her feeling all new desires, ones she is eager to explore herself, losing herself to the stimulation her hands can bring her own nubile body.

One more pill and she’s already beginning to feel swollen in places her lunch definitely wouldn’t have filled. She’s also losing all control over just how turned on she is by every touch to her body.

Popping her third pill of the day has Jane seeing the changes and not just feeling them, as well as passing out only to wake up with quite clear side effects that are anything but on the side of her every conscious thought.

Will Jane make it through a single day of taking the followup meds to her dental cleaning, or will she become quite the dirty little bimbo every man desires? What will Craig think when he returns home to a woman he barely recognizes, but one he definitely receives a friendly welcome from?

Find out in the latest of the Lost Kreme, tales which now have been found and restored for the very first time in the Tales from the Kreme library of lust.


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SINtendo RObabe Repair

SINtendo RObabe Repair by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo RObabe Repair by Kris P. Kreme

A SINtendo/Trance-tory Takeover Crossover!

For Morti it’s a dream come true. In exchange for help with studies and tests, the hottest yet most innocent cheerleader in school, Taylor Kline, agreed to pose for some costumed pictures.

A rare vintage game offers the perfect costume, SINtendo roBABE, a costume based game with micro-circuitry woven into the modern threads. 

But after spilling some water, Morti freaks out and seems to have a broken roBABE in need of repair.

The only question is will Trance-tory technical support help or hurt the situation when they get a look at just how hot the girl wearing their roBABE costume is?

Morti has always been one of the nerds in school, but that doesn’t mean he’s without his talents involving the opposite sex. His latest brilliant idea may be the best yet, and he’s as expected nervous and excited to be awaiting the arrival of the one and only Taylor Kline.

Taylor is by unanimous opinion the hottest of the hot, the most gorgeous cheerleader in the school, a senior who will live on in the fantasies of students and teachers alike long after graduation. She’s the perfect girl, not slutty, but with a body that certainly defies her virginal innocence.

Morti, and to an extent his fellow nerds, has stumbled upon the perfect mutual interest agreement which will benefit everyone involved. Since Taylor Kline is the fantasy girl of so many, why not shoot some pictures of her in a sexy costume, then sell the Taylor Kline calendar, 12 months of her as not only nerds would enjoy?

Naturally Morti isn’t a creep and only intends to have her wear a form fitting modern roBABE costume which came with a rare vintage game he collected. It’s not even as revealing as her cheerleading costume but somehow she couldn’t look any sexier in his mind and he knows the others won’t complain. In exchange for agreeing to pose for him one Saturday while Morti’s parents are away from town, Morti has quite eagerly agreed that he and the other nerds will help the cheerleaders with their homework and remaining assignments before graduation.

It’s the perfect plan, one where nothing could go wrong, but perhaps Morti should be smart enough to anticipate the unexpected when the roBABE game costume comes from a company like SINtendo.

SINtendo roBABE was a very short lived game, one Morti never even played as he was always more into collecting. He knows the types of games SINtendo released and still releases but lacking the social skills to ever even have a girl in range of him for any time, Morti never exploited the perverse nature of those games.

Now he has the one and only Taylor Kline, blonde goddess and high school love of all men who ever see her. The game was meant to be simple, no real point to it as far as Morti ever understood. The wearer of the modern roBABE costume becomes a robot, blank, mindless, accepting any instructions and taking any position commanded by the player. It’s not only perfect to calm Morti’s nerves in getting Taylor to pose for him, but perfect because after it’s over she won’t even remember the poses or modeling she did.

Everything goes well, the pictures quite priceless and Taylor couldn’t look sexier as some futuristic human roBABE doll. Her breathless body instantly obeys his every pose idea, but when Taylor comes out of the roBABE control, Morti ending the game and offering her a glass of water… everything that could go wrong does.

Tripping over his own clumsy feet, Morti stumbles and spills the water right onto Taylor still wearing the costume. The same micro-circuitry that so recently turned her into a roBABE now short circuits and sparks wildly from her side, the beautiful cheerleader going completely stiff as a board and still as a broken lifeless doll.

The game is no longer activated and SINtendo game controls won’t bring her out of this state, the sparks still popping from the water drenched part of her sexy costume. Morti is completely freaked out, assuming the worst, that somehow he quite literally broke the one and only Taylor Kline.

Minutes that seem like hours pass as Morti tries everything he can think of to put life back in the blank faced roBABE doll Taylor has reverted to, but only after one of his buddies suggests it does he even think of checking the box the game costume came in.

SINtendo roBABE was a rare game collaboration between two companies and since the game itself isn’t the issue, Morti has no choice but to call the technical support number on the costume box… the number for Trance-tory Technical Support.

The man who answers seems knowledgeable enough, assuring Morti there is a reset procedure, that Taylor can be just fine. But as the man on the line taps into the SINtendo camera and gets a look at sexy Taylor, the broken roBABE, are his motives truly in helping Morti or might he be more interested in making things worse?

Morti was always a pretty upstanding guy, even if he was a nerd overlooked by girls everywhere, but what’s a guy to do when tech support tells him he has to do some fairly perverted things in order to save the sweet innocent and quite enticing girl every guy in school lusts for?

Find out how far one can go when trying to perform a SINtendo roBABE repair… especially when assisted and instructed by perhaps the only company more kinky than SINtendo, a company called Trance-tory.

The Trance-tory takeover concludes with the first crossover tale where the world of SINtendo collides in one kinky experience with the company that creates perverse products reaching far beyond mere games.


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Trance-tory Talk Show

Trance-tory Talk Show by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Talk Show by Kris P. Kreme

There’s much more than talk on the all new Trance-tory Talk Show. Unfortunately brand new fresh from college Beth has no idea she might be getting all the action this talk show has to offer.

From the clothing they have her wear to the makeup applied before hitting the stage, Beth will be doing much more than talking Trance-tory with the audience, and her co-host Adam definitely has no trouble selling the night’s lineup of unique offerings only from Trance-tory.

Daytime talk shows can be dull but after dark an all new program is taking over, Trance-tory Talk Show.

Beth is fresh from college, an early graduate with as stunning a grade point average as she has looks. Positive, upbeat, and quite charitable, Beth has no idea that her lucky break in quickly getting a job after college might just have her being more than just charitable with the audience.

Trance-tory Talk Show is the all new way of branding and promoting the products of a company that has fingers in every branch of daily life. Along with the highly experienced and even more highly energetic infomercial salesman, Adam, Beth will host a weekly program that explores multiple new and developing products in a wide range of themes.

Nervous as would be expected, the lovely Beth is possibly more concerned over the bizarre choice in wardrobe, a pink prom dress looking costume that Adam assures her is exactly what the show needs to succeed. It’s clear to see she matches the set, but just what is the secret of this material she is wearing and what will Beth find out about it when she realizes it’s made of Tranceon, an all new material that is just one of many products and innovations they will be telling their first audience about?

Whether it’s the clothing or the simple fact that the audience is all men, Beth isn’t sure what to think of this new job, but fortunately Adam has years of experience selling Trance-tory to much more reluctant minds than Beth, and he’ll talk her out of more than just her nerves as the first show gets underway.

Among the products on their agenda for Trance-tory Talk Show episode one are Trance-istic bio-chemical makeup, which is just fancy speak for man made makeup to make a man hard, at least according to Adam. In addition to the Tranceon material in the costume Beth is wearing, which sizes and shapes the wearer as it forms to their body, the Trance-istic bio-chemicals create emotions and sensations within the wearer. All this has poor nervous Beth feeling a whole new set of feelings before she can barely get used to her first night on the show… but that’s not a problem for the men of the audience.

More products are on the agenda, but will Beth even be aware of what those products are or will she even care that every man in the audience is getting free samples of some quite stimulating medicinal developments brought to you by Trance-tory?

Only Trance-tory can have a Talk Show where the talk leads to this kind of action, and only Beth can truly co-host the way Trance-tory needs her to co-host, thanks to the surprisingly stimulating benefits package that cums with taking a job like Beth took.

Check your local listings, late at night, because Trance-tory’s marketing team is taking over the airwaves with the all new instant hit, Trance-tory Talk Show.


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Shocking Obedience

Shocking Obedience by Kris P. Kreme

Shocking Obedience by Kris P. Kreme

Walter and Jennifer haven’t been married all that long, but that doesn’t mean Walter is a content man… not when Poopykins runs the house.

A tiny terrier terror, Poopykins is Jennifer’s precious baby of a dog, and to Walter the menace is little more than an annoying bitch, quite literally.

However, when Walter comes home with a fancy obedience shock collar from Trance-tory, will a series of unintended mishaps change his mind about which bitch in his life really needs to be trained?

Trance-tory takes over pampered pets in a true style any man can appreciate, doggy style.

Walter may not have the worst wife in the world, but that doesn’t mean his marriage is a completely happy one. And while his wife is a cute petite brunette most guys would call hot, it’s an even more petite little bitch that really is testing his patience since Jennifer entered the picture.

Jennifer isn’t near as bad as many of his buddy’s wives, not wasting his money, not bitching about every little thing, but with his wife came the ever nightmarish tiny terror named Poopykins.

Poopykins is Jennifer’s precious dog, more often referred to as their baby, and this baby is causing more damage than any animal ever should. Poopykins tears up the carpet, chews on every shoe in sight, and rips up anything unfortunate enough to fall down to her miniature stature.

The house has been all but destroyed and naturally Jennifer sees nothing wrong with the behavior, no discipline at all. So it’s for that very reason that Walter has decided today is the day it all stops, taking time out of his busy schedule to stop by The Pet Market and after consulting with the experts there choosing the latest in state of the art obedience shock collar technology from Trance-tory.

As he attempts to delicately explain to the always sensitive yet never submissive Jennifer, this collar is highly advanced, adjusting the amount of shock specifically to the weight of the animal it is on, ensuring no harm comes to the pet, but still assuring no misbehavior as well. Additionally this collar has built in behavioral sensors to determine when the animal knows it is misbehaving, even if no one is around, recognizing specific patterns of refusal to do what the owner would have them do or not do.

He is just sure this is the solution to the menace named Poopykins, and the end to the destruction of his home. Sadly Jennifer will hear nothing of it, going from concerned for Poopykin’s safety to irrationally irate in seconds flat. She’s quite known for her temper when it comes to any threat to her precious baby, and yet Walter also knows that she’s being ridiculous.

When the argument over the new shock collar takes a violent turn and Walter just tries to spin and hold Jennifer off, the collar inadvertently snaps in place around her neck and before he can have half a chance to take it off, Jennifer is angrily shouting, activating the misbehavior shocks raised up to a much higher level due to her being no small dog.

Will Walter calm his lovely young wife down and manage to remove the collar or will he have a change of heart about just which bitch in his life needs a little more submissive and obedient behavioral training? Find out when a man who never found his dominant side discovers all new tricks to getting the woman he lusts for to submit to his every whim and even better to want every minute of it.

Sometimes a little bitch is just asking for some truly Shocking Obedience, especially when Trance-tory takes over the situation.


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Deena’s Not so Dim

Deena's Not so Dim by Kris P. Kreme

Deena’s Not so Dim by Kris P. Kreme

CEO of Tech Co. Charles has everything to celebrate, having recently acquired all new contracts and seeing his company rise to the top of its industry.

However, his secretary Deena who might not be at the top of any IQ tests may have made a very serious mistake in allowing some new energy saving LED bulbs to be delivered to his office.

They buzz and with the buzzes comes all new thoughts, devious depraved parts of Charles’ mind brought to light quite literally.

The real question is, did Deena really make a mistake at all?

As the CEO for Tech Co. Charles is a busy man, but not too busy to be aware of the gossip that goes on about his secretary. Everyone in the building knows Deena couldn’t possibly have been hired for her intelligence or business qualifications, and the truth is Charles doesn’t care what they think.

The truth is that Deena couldn’t harm a fly. She’s a little dim, sure, but she’s friendly and sweet and her job doesn’t require the smartest girl on the planet. Basically she is a secretary and at that she hasn’t done too bad, even if Charles does admit her tendency to dress a little casually and show off a bit more of her body is a tad overboard.

It bothers him much more that the building is otherwise employing such discriminating people, some of them just plain mean to poor Deena. But Charles is a busy man, and lately he has much more reasons to celebrate than to worry about what the office thinks of his secretary.

They’ve just avoided more takeovers by competing businesses and acquired some significant tech contracts that will soon make Tech Co. the strongest company in the western hemisphere in their industry.

Greeting Deena, Charles makes sure to let her know that his wife Meg and her daughter are coming by to celebrate the contracts over an early lunch. Of course leave it to Deena to let her mind wander off talking about how great his stepdaughter Sadie is at picking out clothing and how she recommended she wear her hair the way she has it.
While braided pigtails isn’t the most professional look, Charles isn’t about to get swept up in a rather silly conversation where Deena confuses him nearly as much as he confuses her.

Deena’s sweet and always so very helpful, he thinks, and so what if she’s a little dim upstairs? She’s doing fine at her job, but she probably could be better at keeping him informed about what’s happening in his office.

When Charles enters to find all the lights off, opening the shades to outside in order to see, he discovers that the bulbs have been removed from his lamp fixtures and recessed lighting above. Asking Deena, she remembers that some helpful delivery men came and dropped off new energy efficient LED bulbs to replace all the ones and save the company money. Apparently though they didn’t bother to actually replace them, just left them for him to do.

Nothing much to do before Meg and Sadie arrive, Charles isn’t going to let replacing some bulbs mess up his mood, and in fact as he screws in those new LED bulbs, brightening his office back up, the strangest thoughts begin to seep their way into his mind, thoughts he never had before but oddly can’t quite imagine not having.
There is a buzzing that accompanies the new bulbs, not a bad one, but different, much different than he would have expected. Is it the buzzing which makes him think so wrongly about his stepdaughter? Is it something Deena said?

Sometimes a bright idea leads to some very dark thoughts, and sometimes no matter how smart you are, you just may fail to see the dangers lurking right under your very nose. Find out the secrets of saving energy in the office by finding all new outlets for that energy in the twisted tale that reveals a surprising truth… Deena’s Not so Dim.


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Wet and Wild

Wet and Wild by Kris P. Kreme

Wet and Wild by Kris P. Kreme

All Marilyn wanted was a fun night out with her boyfriend, Wes. Unfortunately he messes up those plans by impulsively stopping at T-mart on the way home, buying several price reduced Trance-tory products.

Insisting they can still make it a memorable night, Wes talks Marilyn into taking the new hose sprayer outside to water the backyard while he replaces some light fixtures inside, a home cooked meal to follow.

But when the new Wet and Wild sprayer accidentally sprays Marilyn right in the face, will she find herself hopelessly and helplessly getting so wet and wild she can’t control herself?

Wes promised his girlfriend, Marilyn, a special night but unfortunately for her, Wes is a bit of an impulsive guy and definitely prone to bargain shopping without notice. As he arrives home later than expected, the sun already beginning to set, she can tell by the bags he carries just where he has been and she’s not too pleased to see him wasting a bunch more money at his favorite store, T-mart.

Always the enthusiastic free spirited easy going guy, Wes is simply excited to show her what he picked up, whether it’s the new light fixtures to update the horribly outdated ones Marilyn has complained about in the hall, or it’s the fancy new water hose to finally fix the issues in the backyard where grass is constantly dying.

Marilyn is typically unconvinced of the quality these T-mart products always are, most of them made by Trance-tory, a company she’s almost positive is a gimmick company that makes cheap products with a wide report of dangerous or aberrant malfunctions.

Still promising his beautiful if pessimistic girlfriend a night she’ll remember, Wes suggests a compromise to going out. Since she’s already dressed for a nice evening in her favorite t-shirt looking stellar as always, she can take the new fancy state of the art hose sprayer out and water the backyard. While she’s finishing that up it should give him just enough time to change out those lights she hated for the new Trance-tory exclusive modern ones. He’ll be cooking her a nice dinner when she returns and the evening is a happy one.

Skeptical for sure, Marilyn isn’t going to argue how she finds it ridiculous to buy the claims on the new hose sprayer that somehow it can actually filter every drop of water that goes through it to apparently enhance the nutrients and result in a thousand times the benefits of normal water.

She also isn’t going to bother explaining why the name is stupid, the Trance-tory Wet and Wild Sprayer, supposedly guaranteed to get anything watered a thousand times as wet.

Hoping for a decent evening out of all of this, Marilyn agrees and soon finds herself outside fumbling with the old hose and attaching the new one, frustrated as well by the fact their lecherous older neighbor and his drunken idiot sons are on their back deck leering at her.

Nothing can make watering a pleasure, she thinks, like the box claimed, but then just what is so special about this Trance-tory sprayer anyway? Messing around with the spray options, Marilyn totally overlooks the fact she leaves it turned on and when she opens the faucet from the back of the house a blast of spray right to the face leaves her not just soaked but trembling and embarrassed.

Meanwhile inside, Wes has discovered that changing out light fixtures may not be as simple as he thought, with shocking twists and turns to the entire process.

Will Marilyn discover that sometimes Trance-tory’s claims are anything but overblown, the sprayer definitely making her wetter? Will Wes see the light, and find all new ways of making the pleasure in his home work for him? Will the lecherous old Mr. Grissle next door share more than a beer with his sons, something much more stimulating?

Find out when a stop at T-mart makes for one hell of a special night, the kind sweet Marilyn never could have imagined and one you’ll never forget.


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Spermbot by Kris P. Kreme

Spermbot by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory takes over the Tech industry with the latest of debug services for phone app bots. Unfortunately Paula, the fittest woman in the gym, fails to take the warnings of an invasive Spermbot seriously and she may just end up paying a thirsty price.

When her Fitness Form app informs her of a malicious Spermbot invasion, she’s too frustrated and annoyed to consider the debug service offered.

As a result, her workout today may just be ending with one hell of a bang, her thirst unquenchable but by a quite specific intake of fluids.

Paula may not be a native of California, but now that she has lived there for a few months she definitely is fitting in with the perfect bodies and beauty seen in the land of perpetual sun and good weather.

In fact nobody comes close to being as focused on their fitness as Paula. Having joined a gym nearly immediately after finding a place to live, most every day of every week Paula can be found earlier than most putting in the workout to end all workouts, and she’s made the most out of mixing things up, keeping the exercises fresh, and achieving every goal she sets out to accomplish… all thanks to her Fitness Form app.

The Fitness Form app is her go to convenience at the gym, her phone allowing her to constantly monitor everything from blood pressure to pulse rate to exercises done and in just the right order to perfectly tone the muscles in exactly the combination needed to stay as fit and perfect as most of the men in the gym think her to be.

Naturally since moving to California, Paula has dealt with the constant flirting lines from prospective men, but she has no room for men in her life, focused and intense about her fitness regimens. The Fitness Form app keeps her on point and always doing what needs to be done, but when her phone alerts her to a disturbing potential bot which may have infected her favorite app, Paula may just discover that she is what needs to be done.

Her ritual routine of exercise is delayed and interrupted one day by notifications that a spermbot has been detected within the Fitness Form app. According to the repeated warnings continued use of the Fitness Form app without a Trance-tory Tech debug may result in malicious and unpredictable behavior by both the app and the user.

Paula is quickly frustrated and finds the entire warning completely ridiculous, particularly because it’s obviously just some advertising spam bot and poorly spelled as an attempt to scare her into using this Trance-tory Tech debug service. Annoyed but not swayed from her regular gym routine of the day, Paula ignores the warnings and sure enough everything goes by fine… at least until the end of her time at the gym when Paula usually finds a bottle of cold water quite refreshing.

Today though the water just isn’t cutting it, each gulp only seeming to heighten her thirst, to give her more of a craving than she’s ever had before. Worried that she has somehow become massively dehydrated, a water fountain seems the immediate solution but something is not right.

Still perspiring, Paula knows deep down that she couldn’t possibly be dehydrated, and the water fountain isn’t helping at all, her body somehow going weaker and weaker every passing minute.

Her thirst is increasing, her endless need for a massive intake of fluids driving her mad… but just what are the fluids she needs because water clearly isn’t going to cut it today.

Only when a man offers her some help, concerned over the frantic looking beautiful woman desperately trying to quench her thirst, does Paula understand what she has to have, what she must immediately consume.

Some days the hardest workout in the gym can be a real pain, but for most of the men today, Paula is making it a true pleasure, in all senses of the word.

Remember readers, always check those bug reports on your phones, and always use Trance-tory Tech debug service, or else you might just find yourself the victim of a rogue Spermbot.


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The Pop-out Book

The Pop-out Book by Kris P. Kreme

The Pop-out Book by Kris P. Kreme

Working at a discount bookstore, Amelia is in her element. A shy bookish but cute girl, Amelia has no idea that the latest arrival for the special bargains table may make a bargain out of her.

The Pop-out Book is an error printing delivery to the store, meaning there were errors making the book so it isn’t to be sold in regular bookstores.

It’s a good thing too since what happens to both customers and Amelia when opening the book is anything but regular. The Pop-out Book lives up to its name, popping out passions and more that readers never knew they had.

Some very special books are arriving for the Special Bargains section of one cluttered discount bookstore and while Amelia is going to be unloading them, she may just be handling more loads than she can imagine before the day is done.

Amelia has been the shy sexy bookworm for years, working in the bargain bookstore and never complaining. Her boss Craig though may just have hidden motives for asking her back to handle the latest delivery, some printing error books from Trance-tory Publishing.

These are books which have been found to have some sort of errors during the printing process and Amelia isn’t surprised to see them arriving for sale at Craig’s store. They sell all sorts of books, old, used, rare, or ones with printing errors. However, she is definitely not prepared for the specific brand of error found in The Pop-out Book.

Robby is a college kid only a few years younger than Amelia but somehow seeming much younger with his immaturity, and he’s the one who definitely seems up to something, having discussions with Craig the entire time she is setting the books up on the special bargains table.

At Craig’s suggestion, Amelia takes her first break of the day after the new arrivals have been properly displayed up front and is soon in the break room opening The Pop-out Book.

Inside the book isn’t a creatively put together pop-up image or scene. It isn’t a fancy pull tab to create motion or other fun paper foldouts. No, inside The Pop-out Book is a mirror finish that reflects back whoever opens it and more than that, it does something they never could have expected.

The problem is that these are not flawless prints of The Pop-out Book. Each and every copy has an error and those errors lead to all sorts of literal and mental popping out.

As a mother and her unruly nearly college age son discover, sometimes The Pop-out Book can really pop out the buttons on a shirt, the two of them looking into one of the books on display only for mother Carol to experience quite the spontaneous and pleasurable growth up top, her tits literally popping out and overwhelming her mind and body with pleasure.

Of course as Becky, a student who stops by a short time later with a couple of old friends she grew up with, discovers, sometimes The Pop-out Book can take a little longer and pop a lot more. Starting with a simple pop out of her nipples to thick quite visible nubs that her old friends, a pair of brothers, can’t resist checking out, soon her mind is popping out of her comfort zone into complete and total depravity where anything is worth doing… especially her.

But as the customers have their encounters with the latest bargain book in the store, just what is happening to Amelia in the break room? Is she being affected as these women have by The Pop-out Book, or is it taking a much more severe toll on the intelligent shy young bookworm?

They say a good book enriches the mind, but as Amelia discovers The Pop-out Book may just leave you mindless. Trance-tory Takeover month begins with the latest publishing sensation, one sure to truly pop out the pleasure in reading.


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Selfies 11

Selfies 11 by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies 11 by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

A Good Sport introduces Susie, a disgruntled girl with inadequacies that only a mysterious stranger can change when he stops by the sporting goods store she works at.

Susie sometimes hates getting out of bed in the morning, especially to just drive to work and spend the day working at a sporting goods store. She hates the bland colors they make her wear, the fact she can’t even have her hair down. Most of all she hates not being able to dress and look like a girl.

She has plans though, plans to one day find a guy who is simple enough for her to manipulate, who is captivated by her gorgeous face and eyes and who she can basically use for all her needs. Today is a day that might change all those plans. A mysterious man, one with bright green eyes and a strange gaze in them, is stopping by the sporting goods store.

This man has not long ago visited a bank and made a large withdrawal, more accurately a liquidation of sorts. Now he has his mysterious eyes set on the sporting goods store and all the profits they keep locked up in their safe. All he needs is a distraction, one that Susie is perfect for, or soon will be.

Susie leaves her encounter with this mystery man and instantly has a change of heart, choosing to eagerly assist the customers, using everything in her power to make sure they leave satisfied, but also using a rather impossible talent she never knew she had to demonstrate the various products, in only the most perverse ways possible.

Proving to be the most popular sales girl ever, Susie finds herself simplified until Simple Susie is nothing but a desperate slut who knows sex sells and whose body is more inflated than her ego ever was.

Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to get out of bed, but then Susie is just being a good sport, and more than just a pleasant distraction.


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The Lost Kreme Issue #3: Black and White equals Grey

The Lost Kreme Issue #3: Black and White equals Grey by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme Issue #3: Black and White equals Grey by Kris P. Kreme

When a story falls off the twisted titillation train of Tales from the Kreme, it sometimes gets lost to readers. Those stories are now found and restored, sometimes never before seen.

A mysterious man named Grey moves into a new place, a constant traveler never settling in one place for too long. A writer, Grey needs his peace and quiet, but the two girls downstairs are constantly bickering and bitching and they have no idea just what kind of writer Grey is.

Whatever the black and white differences sweet Stacy and saucy Sasha have, they will find them swirled together in a place fittingly Grey as he solves his annoyances with them by writing them into new lives, into each others’ lives, and out of each others’ clothes.

Get lost once more in a rarely seen original Kreme tale.

Grey has been a writer for a long time, though most people just wouldn’t believe the kind of writer he truly is. Most people would also find it difficult to grasp that just maybe they are living what was once a figment of his active and powerful imagination.

The two girls in the building he moved into one day would have been best served in taking seriously the kind of writer Grey was but their story would serve as justice to bad neighbors everywhere. Stacy and Sasha were both young, likely related just by the slight similarities in their looks, but to Grey none of this was as important as his peace and quiet, something every good writer needs, even the writer who rewrites reality.

Stacy, the busty but sweet wholesome girl next door type, was the tamer fantasy most men had. She was young, sexy, but nothing sinful. Sasha however was the extreme. If men fantasized about busty, she was three times as busty, and if men fantasized about nasty she was three times that. Sasha was the porn version of a girl next door in body and attitude, and apparently Grey discovered the two girls’ attitudes conflicted about as much as their petty disagreements he had to overhear after moving into the building.

Despite each greeting him in their own ways, Stacy with a kind almost natural servitude of cookies, Sasha seeming practically ready to serve her own cookie up with a flirt, Grey had work to do and writers never liked distractions. In the basic sense of things, that’s all these young girls were, distractions and apparently they frequently hated each other for who they were.

Sure, it might have been assumed that if Grey could simply rewrite reality he could rewrite the reality of these two girls arguing so loudly and frustratingly, but that simply isn’t how it works. As anyone who knows anything about such writing would tell you, there are certain rules about rewriting reality, and one of them is you can’t rewrite conflicts or hostilities. Otherwise there’d be no wars, no tragic military conflicts in history.

No, the way to solve Grey’s little problem turned out to be quite entertaining and unfortunately quite permanent for poor Stacy and Sasha. They hated each other for who they were, but they couldn’t very well keep hating if they were each other, if they changed into what they hated most.

Thus began Grey’s simple black and white lesson for nuisance neighbors everywhere, a lesson that he began writing right away and one that would change the two girls most unexpectedly starting with sexy Sasha.

The bad girl for life who loved her huge tits was about to find her always dominate attitude cooling down to a sweet subservient nature, and to her own fear she’d not simply give in to the nerdy goof at work who flirted with her, she’d let that goof spend hours suckling her fat tits down a number of cup sizes.

Sweet Stacy would also find her work day twisted, the beautiful girl working at a tanning salon but finding her thoughts most non-wholesome as she slowly moved from smiling to flirting to all out demanding sex from her male customers.

Just how far will the black and white which divides these two girls be blurred? Only Grey can say and everyone knows that black and white meet in the middle to Grey. One thing is certain, noisy neighbors beware, especially attractive young women. That man who moves into the building and carries with him a special old looking word processor. He might simply be a writer, or he might be a re-writer of reality and yours might be his next novel.

Some tales take the wrong turn down the wrong road, but this tale has been found and cleaned off, yet it remains the dirty dirty tale it is, just one of The Lost Kreme.


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The Grab Bag #11 – The Depraved Doctor Darzula & Nursing a Hangover

The Grab Bag #11 - The Depraved Doctor Darzula & Nursing a Hangover by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #11 – The Depraved Doctor Darzula & Nursing a Hangover by Kris P. Kreme

The weather is still hotter than ever but the Kreme is scorching. Sooth those burns by seeing both a doctor and a nurse as only the Kreme can provide. This Grab Bag contains: The Depraved Doctor Darzula and Nursing a Hangover.

This Grab Bag holds…

The Depraved Doctor Darzula: Five friends trapped in tropical paradise. Jason is the only hope. Can he save Sarah, the smartest girl he knows before she finds out how dumb she can get? Can he save Reika, conservative girl from Japan before her values are lost forever? Can he save Nicole, love of his life, passionate redhead who might find new passions? Can Jason rely on his friend Blake to defeat The Depraved Doctor Darzula?

Nursing a Hangover: Working as a nurse for famed Cosmetic surgeon Doc Stacks, was not how Ivy saw her professional future, but she handles it as well as she can. Unfortunately handling work and a hangover when some girlfriends kept her out late, is not going to be easy. What Ivy doesn’t realize is that among the patients waiting for consultations is one man who will change everything in a way no cosmetic surgeon can.


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SINtendo Pokégirl on the GO

SINtendo Pokégirl on the GO by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Pokégirl on the GO by Kris P. Kreme

In the exotic country of Japan, Nate’s just hoping for a little more erotic from his supple curvy girlfriend, Morgan. Unfortunately Morgan is more interested in the sights and tourism while Nate is left quite sexually frustrated.

An unexpected cure to that frustration might come when Morgan makes Nate download the popular augmented reality phone game that has her friends back home obsessed.

A mistaken download gives Nate not the game he intended but definitely the game he wants, SINtendo Pokégirl on the GO, this month’s all new SINtendo Selects Game of the Month.

Vacationing in Japan was not Nate’s first choice but then he rarely got his first choice of activities since dating Morgan. She’s the dangerous type of girl that he should have not fallen for quite so hard, emphasis on the hard. But her dangerous nature lies not in what she does but who she is, and how she manipulates men so easily.

Morgan was the one who wanted to visit Japan, and it was Morgan’s idea not to even spend much time seeing the real country but instead falling into the typical tourist hot spots where there hardly even were any locals. That was how Nate found himself following her along at a somewhat lush outdoor paradise, the pathways filled with tourists, the trees rising high overhead into the mountains in the distance.

Were it Nate’s decision, the entire vacation practically would have spent closed off in a hotel room ridding himself of the near constant erection a lustrous brunette like Morgan could inspire into any man. Unfortunately this spontaneous trip during each of their senior years in college has not been near as spontaneous and kinky as he wanted.

Distracted by every curve of Morgan’s luscious body, Nate really isn’t all that interested in the sights she’s always pointing out, snapping pics of with her phone, oohing and ahhing when he’d much rather be inspiring her to more passionate cries.

A tweet from one of her friends back home literally changes the game for this whole vacation but Nate definitely isn’t prepared for just how. Jenny and Jason apparently have already caught ten of the little Pokey creatures or whatever the hell has Morgan and her friends so fascinated, as Nate puts it a dumb phone app game that has people hunting for invisible creatures all over the real world environment they walk around in.

The dangerous thing about Morgan is that as frustratingly hard as she can get a man, especially Nate, she can just as easily get him to do whatever she wants and sadly it isn’t the things he wants. No, Morgan just wants Nate to download that app game onto his phone and spend the day hunting those creatures while following her around. At least that way, she assumes, they will not be left out or fall behind Jenny and Jason when they return home.

Annoyed and much more in the mood to poke Morgan, Nate finds himself angrily trying to get past some glitches on his phone to find that stupid game. However the game he ends up finding isn’t at all the one she intended for him to play.

Only when he opens the installed game does Nate see that he has somehow instead gotten a weird little app game called Pokégirl on the GO by SINtendo. According to the somewhat odd instructions, the game allows you to hunt girls in the real world, the special glows around select girls only visible through the phone. Once spotted, these girls can either have their body captured, their mind captured, or their souls captured.

While Morgan wanders off on her own, Nate sits on a bench and tries to distract himself from the headache and erection in equal severity that his girlfriend is so skilled at giving him on a daily basis. Holding the phone up, he is surprised how clear the different colored glows are on various women and girls in the area. The game mostly seems to target specific ones, leaving out children or the elderly.

Spotting a seriously cute young thing that the game identifies as Pokégirl Leah, Nate really can’t resist trying the game out since supposedly all he is supposed to do is poke her on the screen. Poking her, the game announces he has captured a Pokégirl body and poking will permanently affect her body.

However, just what will happen when Nate gives a poke only to be rewarded with the quite audible pleasured cry from a somewhat surprised young girl named Leah on an opposite bench? Will Nate capture more Pokégirls and what will he do with them or to them? And just what will Morgan think when Nate finally gets his wish and captures something better than her heart, her Pokégirl soul?

Find out in this month’s SINtendo Selects Game of the Month, the all new hit phone app game that does so much more than augment your reality… it downright fucks it. Download and play today, capture a Pokégirl on the GO.


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The Kuickies #10 – Mouthing Off

The Kuickies #10 - Mouthing Off

The Kuickies #10 – Mouthing Off

The Kuickies have been simmering for well over a year… Now they return!

Evan is frustrated enough at 22 and living at home, but his bitchy sister Mikaela can always turn the screws even more.

After a wish that people take him fucking seriously inexplicably comes true, Evan is unaware of just how his words will be taken when he mouths off in anger to Mikaela and her best friend.

Pretty soon those two girls will be in a debate of truly dumb degrees over just who is the sluttiest around, and Evan might just end up being the deciding vote.

Evan had always known he was a hothead with a short fuse, though he never could say where he inherited that trait or just what set him off. Frustrations probably came from many places, not the least of which was the fact he turned 22 while still living at home and having zero prospects of a girlfriend or even too many regular friends.

Maybe his mouthing off was to blame, maybe it landed him squarely where he was for good reason, but one thing was certain even if it wasn’t clear to him yet. Mouthing off was going to be what changed his life, socially, and sexually, quite permanently in the coming days after his birthday.

Evan’s parents still treated him like a baby in his eyes, his mother insisting on throwing some surprise birthday party for him, complete with a cake and her specially found candles at some new party supply store. Maybe the candles were what did it, those candles she forced him to make a wish over. Although the truth is, Evan knew those candles didn’t control his words, or his actions later. It was all due to his tendency to mouth off without warning.

Making a wish that everyone would just fucking take what he said seriously, like the fact he didn’t want a party or some humiliating family gathering where his bitchy sister spent the time mocking him, Evan stormed off.

In the following days, his parents left on their yearly summer trip, leaving him and his sister Mikaela in charge of the house, and for Evan he naturally knew that meant it was a matter of almost no time before Mikaela’s best friend Ruthie showed up and the two of them annoyed the hell out of him.

Trying to enjoy some peace and quiet by the pool in the backyard, Evan’s lowest frustration in some time reaches a sudden height that puts his blood pressure through the boiling point when Mikaela and Ruthie come prancing out to make life miserable for him. Of course this is only the first time he has felt that urge to mouth off in days since his birthday and it’s quite the mouthful.

Angrily ranting for them to leave him the fuck alone and go argue about who the dumbest slut is or something, Evan is mildly surprised to see how quickly they both do just that, climbing from the pool and heading inside without another word.

Assuming that some humiliation and insults finally did the job of cutting through Mikaela’s bitchiness, Evan never suspects that inside the house the two best friends are now entering an argument like no other, one where the girls each insist they are not only the dumbest, but the sluttiest around.

Just what efforts will these bubbly beauties go to in order to prove they are the dumbest slut in town? Just what extremes will they entertain? And will Evan find out that somehow his wish has come true and everyone truly does take what he says quite fucking seriously… in literal ways he never imagined?

Find out in the latest brand new Kuickie, guaranteed to heat your summer up.


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Sex Slugs of Saturn

Sex Slugs of Saturn by Kris P. Kreme

Sex Slugs of Saturn by Kris P. Kreme

First came Plutonian Propagators, then Nymphos of Neptune, but nothing compares to… Sex Slugs of Saturn.

Vile parasitic worm creatures have arrived within frozen chunks of ice from Saturn’s rings. They have thawed quite nicely, particularly once inside the host body of a soon to be literally empty headed bimbo.

Shy innocent Elli is alone, her husband on a business trip, but the arrival of an old friend who’s no longer the friend she once knew means she may be destined to become a Sex Slug Slut.

Pleasure comes in all forms, but the Sex Slugs of Saturn are only interested in the cumming.

Chris and Elli are a fairly opposite couple, married not too long, and their differences only making for a more happy marriage. However, if nothing on this planet could ever shake their happy marriage, something from beyond could and will when Chris leaves town on his first business trip away from their happy home.

Elli has been called a flower by Chris, a very gorgeous flower with vibrant red hair and soft supple skin, a perfect figure, and yet the most delicate quiet persona of any woman with her looks he ever knew. She’s shy to a fault sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy some rather daring talk now and then. For the most part that’s just what it is, talk, Elli occasionally finding the nerve to tease him as boldly as he often teases her.

As he’s leaving home for the airport, one of these rare teases happens when Chris tells her not to go having a wild party while he’s gone. Elli manages to shake off the tease with one of her own, talk of a big sex orgy while he’s away.

Leave it to Chris to simply chuckle and raise the stakes of the teasing, telling her to be sure and use protection. Naturally the teasing victory is his, Elli blushing and embarrassed, even in these occasional jokes kept privately between the two of them. As he leaves and storm clouds roll in, Elli never could never suspect that in short time her teased plans may turn out to be quite tame compared to just what she is going to be doing.

The Plutonians once came and spread chaotic breeding at the pull of a trigger, the Neptunians following not long after with their own variation on the same technology, but both pale in comparison to the horrifying manipulation of creatures so vile, most of the solar system has forgotten they exist.

Only one creature is parasitic to an extreme, using host bodies to seduce and mate frantically, purely to provide a healthy environment for their own kind to live in and multiply. Those creatures are the Sex Slugs of Saturn, creatures banished long ago from most worlds and contained within the rings of Saturn, However when rogue meteors crash through some of the rings, fragments with Sex Slugs are sent hurtling to Earth and some of those creatures are already among us.

The Sex Slugs take over the host body, a woman, emptying her out quite literally and using her as a puppet, controlling and manipulating her to use her feminine charms on unsuspecting men and women. The men she mates with, and the women she converts with additional Sex Slugs into Sex Slug Sluts.

Only once the women are stuffed with seed, quite prominently mated and full, is their internal environment perfect for the Sex Slugs to procreate and further spread their species like a plague on any planet.

Poor Elli has no idea that the coming storm might just bring her shy self into a fit of cumming, and getting a lot more than her body can handle, at least before a Sex Slug wiggles its way throughout whatever orifice it chooses to enter.

It isn’t long after Chris has left, time alone at last and time alone she intends to enjoy, no worries over company or having to go out. She can stay home and clean or just stay nice and calm by her shy self. But then a knock comes, rather persistently and there at her front door is Dany, a friend she hasn’t seen in quite a while.

Back in their college days, Dany was the party girl, the one who singlehandedly made Elli blush more than anything Chris could say or do. Stunning and blonde and always pushing boundaries, they haven’t spoken in quite a while, but opening the door, Dany seems quite eager to see her.

The storm rumbling, Elli invites her in, but the somewhat oddly behaving blonde is grinning more than Elli ever remembered her grinning, and she definitely seems to be acting odd.

As crude as she ever was with her remarks, something else is off, something Elli can’t quite put her finger on. The blonde friend of hers was always curvy and gorgeous but was she always quite that curvy? Were her breasts always that big?

It isn’t until the timing occurs to Elli that she puts two and two together, Chris likely having put Dany up to this, finding her info, contacting her, setting his poor shy wife up for a pretty extreme gag. That’s the only explanation for how Dany is acting, and as Elli goes to get her old friend some coffee, she ignores the odd behavior, assuring herself it’s just some badly timed joke.

Dany has come with a purpose though, and with something quite unexpected in the bag she carries, something she intends to not just show Elli, but share with her.

Will Elli offer much resistance to becoming just the latest Sex Slug Slut? Will she discover that Sex Slug Sluts possess a unique ability to control remotely any female body they have touched? And will her body ever be the same again after Dany does everything possible to pleasure her will away, forcing her to give into the manipulation the parasitic slug within her wants?

Naturally, it’s a destined fate for poor Elli to end up quite over her shyness, or at least as non-shy as one can get when getting willingly stuffed with endless sperm and watching herself get used and bred repeatedly. The truth is, Elli isn’t going to be around much longer, because like Dany before her, the Sex Slugs of Saturn have come to make them cum, and unlike other alien invaders, these creatures don’t want anything but their bodies.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #10

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #10 - Touchy Feel Lee by Kris Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #10 – Touchy Feel Lee by Kris Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Touchy Feel Lee, Joanne Lee finds herself facing a bank robber who touches a nerve teaching her a unique lesson about milking the most from life.

Joanne Lee is a very young bank manager, and she knows how to handle the stresses of her job. She has always known that she is far superior to others, having an intellect, a style, and a grace that carries her through every challenge in life. She also has always despised those who choose to go through life milking others and not, as she sees it, providing their own milk.

For a young and successful Asian girl, Joanne hates to see people trying to milk her for sympathy, milk her for a free hand out, and milk the success she has enjoyed due to her own hard work and superiority. That’s why she hates working the teller window when a woman under her stays home months after having a baby. She knows the woman is just using the system, abusing some very open clause about taking time off and claiming that breastfeeding is some sort of issue that prevents her from doing her job. Joanne can’t stand someone like that and worse still, having to do that person’s job for them.

Some might call Joanne Lee touchy, a little full of herself, and possibly even a bit of a bitch. Perhaps those people are right but Joanne is about to have a man visit her teller window that changes everything and shows her just what it’s like to be truly milked by those around her, to be fucked over at her job in more ways than one.

Sometimes when a bank robber shows up he gets caught. Other times he steals more than just money and ends up stealing the show. In this show, Joanne Lee is the star and she’ll feel more than touchy about how her superiority can take a turn and just how twisted her metaphors can get.


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Wishful Inking

Wishful Inking by Kris P. Kreme

Wishful Inking by Kris P. Kreme

35,000 words celebrating over 333 Tales from the Kreme! Prepare yourself for a story which might just be 333 times as kinky, with all the Kreme you’ve come to expect and 333 extra servings on top. It’s an all new character, an all new Klassic, and a tale so epic you won’t believe how long it is.

Confiscating an adult DVD from one of the frequent troublemakers she deals with, Guidance Counselor Michelle gets a bit tipsy from wine and ends up watching it.

However, watching an animated character like Donk E. Dickthruster is one thing. Getting fucked by him is something entirely different.

Somehow, Donk has escaped his cartoon world and entered reality. Visiting each of her neighbors, he twists and transforms them through desires or wishes they never fully knew they had.

Will Michelle find a way of stopping him, or will this merger of reality and cartoon reach a conclusion no one sees coming?

35,000 words celebrating over 333 Tales from the Kreme! Prepare yourself for a story which might just be 333 times as kinky, with all the Kreme you’ve come to expect and 333 extra servings on top. It’s an all new character, an all new Klassic, and a tale so epic you won’t believe how long it is.

Michelle Nubbusser has never let the stresses of her job go home with her, but after a particularly frustrating Friday as a high school Guidance Counselor,she’s about to bring a lot more than stress home to her gated community.

Having stayed late to deal with one of the more famously troubled seniors, Michelle finds herself confiscating an adult DVD he was caught with in the halls after class. What’s most unusual is how nervous Kellan is about her taking the DVD, which is an animated adult feature supposedly about some giant square jawed lunkhead named Donk E. Dickthruster.

Kellan isn’t concerned about her going to his parents or even about this affecting his impending graduation. What has Kellan most nervous seems to be his fear that she will watch it. Begging and pleading, he tells her that Donk is dangerous, not the DVD, but the character himself, and to just not watch it.

Assuring Kellan she has a lot better things to do than watch some dirty cartoon, Michelle lectures him about focusing on the future, setting goals on what he wants from life. Unfortunately for her, what she wants from life such as a day or two off isn’t happening this weekend.

Parting ways with Kellan the troublemaker, Michelle realizes she’ll have to take the DVD home with her, as the office in school where confiscated student property is held has already been locked up for the weekend. She isn’t sure if that bothers her more than the simple fact there is an Local Educators Conference taking place in part of the school all the next day, one she has to attend which makes a weekend off seem out of the question.

Michelle has always been one of the ones the teens refer to as a milf, seriously attractive even if in her forties, and strangely the opposite to her brainy study obsessed daughter, Grace. Since Grace is away until the next afternoon at a Mathletes competition, the house she arrives home to is quiet and empty, one of many in a small gated community.

Even as upscale and gated as this small neighborhood is, Michelle is quick to note that all her neighbors have their problems. Whether it’s another senior at the high school, Tim across the street, and his current at home suspension for drawing dirty pictures, or it’s the constantly bickering polar opposite college twins, Zoey and Zelda next door. Even Alec on the other side of her seems to have some frustrations, the man raising a bright and thankfully well behaved girl, Rose. Maybe the most troubled is poor Joe, the hardworking plumber who owns his own business constantly berated by his wife for one thing or another.

A stressful day of her own, Michelle is perhaps too quick to pour a glass of wine and settle back into a soft couch in her living room, barely even considering preparing a dinner of some kind as tired as she is. Loosened up and relaxed by wine, Michelle finds herself giving into temptation and a morbid curiosity for the perverse, popping the DVD of this Donk guy in for a half drunken viewing.

The cartoon is typical stuff, freaky scenes of carnal passion only animation can make into reality, this Donk E. Dickthruster supposedly cursed to have a pen for a dick, possessing the power to grant deeply hidden desires and wishes by merely touching others with that dick, or more frequently fucking them or spewing a load over them.

It’s strangely entertaining, chaotic and pretty thin of any plot other than seeing how twisted and kinky the animated sex can get. The poor victims of Donk’s always grinning crazed libido seem to enjoy the after effects of his sexually perverting them more than they ever enjoyed the relatively normal scope of their cartoon lives before he came along, so Michelle is soon happily cheering him on, but it isn’t until she makes an unthinking half passed out wish that Donk was real when things really get twisted.

Waking up, seeing how late it is, Michelle barely has time to think about ejecting the DVD before the doorbell rings, but this is one unexpected late night visitor she’ll never forget, and neither will her neighborhood over the next 24 hours.

Donk E. Dickthruster is there, impossibly animated body as three dimensional as hers though retaining that brightly colored cartoon style and wearing a grin so much bigger than a real man could ever have. But what does this cartoon man want from her, and what are the powers of his cursed ink pen of a dick going to unleash now that they are free in the real world?

Neither Michelle nor each and every one of her troubled neighbors could ever predict just to what depths of true perversity the next day will take them, even as Michelle wakes the next day assuming it all had to be a dream and continues on with her Educators Conference as planned.

While she discovers lasting effects to an encounter with Donk, the man himself visits the neighbors one house at a time to bring animated chaos into their lives, one unspoken wish at a time.

To escape the insanity that grows, Michelle may have to rely on troublemaker Kellan for help, but more humiliating she may just discover the sinister secret of Donk E. Dickthruster and that she’s just one of the stars in his next DVD.


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The Lost Kreme Issue #2: Showers are Swell

The Lost Kreme Issue #2: Showers are Swell by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme Issue #2: Showers are Swell by Kris P. Kreme

When a story falls off the twisted titillation train of Tales from the Kreme, it sometimes gets lost to readers. Those stories are now found and restored, sometimes never before seen.

In this issue of The Lost Kreme, we meet Sienna, a horny coed who is currently angry with her boyfriend and seeking some manual stimulation of her own, thanks to a nice private late night shower in her dorm.

The discovery of a water spout sex dildo in one of the showers leads Sienna to quite the swell time, in more ways than one.

Sometimes when the train load of titillation that carries all the Kremey goodness to readers hits a bump on the tracks, a story falls off. These stories are lost for a time, only a few readers fortunate enough to stumble across them, but lucky for you, these Lost Kremes are being rediscovered one at a time and this month we have The Lost Kreme, Issue #2 which teaches a very important lesson in personal hygiene. That lesson is that Showers are Swell, and it’s a lesson you’ll be wise to take quite literally in this case.

Sienna is a college coed with a bit of a reputation for being quite slutty, something her boyfriend usually enjoys. Unfortunately arguments lately with him about money and frivolous things have Sienna punishing him with lack of sex.

The only bad part is that she is sharing that punishment, finding the needs and urges all too consuming. Without the always accessible cock of her boyfriend to use until she collapsed, Sienna is visiting the dorm showers late one night, ready to manually pleasure herself like never before. As she reaches a nice private corner of the showers where she knows she can scream in climax without being disturbed, Sienna finds something that truly will pleasure her like never before.

The shower still has a shower attachment of some kind, clear hose running to what looks to be someone’s personal dildo they left behind. As slutty and horny as Sienna is, she hardly needs any encouragement or thought to explore using this little unusual shower sex toy.

Turning the shower on, the end of the dildo sprays water out, and after spritzing her face and pretending it was cum, Sienna is shoving that dildo nice and snug inside her, orgasming instantly in mindless pleasure.

It isn’t until her overactive sex drive pushes her to turn the water up, to keep right on thrusting and impaling herself on it, that Sienna notices how bloated she is looking.
Developing a little pooch which quickly becomes a bulge, Sienna doesn’t care, losing control, horny beyond reasoning and deciding that she’s not stopping until she is stuffed.

But just what happens when her belly bulges so much she no longer can reach the little water sex toy? Will Sienna pop like a sexy water balloon? Will she find that the swelling moves into all new areas? Will her boyfriend ever live down the fact his girlfriend is becoming the biggest sex freak on campus?

Find out in the tale that teaches baths are boring, but Showers are Swell.


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The Grab Bag #10

The Grab Bag #10 by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #10 by Kris P. Kreme

Calculate your risks of beating the heat this summer with two full size tales for one budget price. Don’t get burned, get double stuffed. This Grab Bag contains: A Calculated Risk and Double-stuffed Kookies.

This Grab Bag holds…

A Calculated Risk: Jake is ready to have kids; unfortunately Mindy isn’t. She’s a young accountant soon to get her own office. While Jake’s buddy Brian is a perv, he does make a point. If Jake wants to keep Mindy around, he needs to support her choices.

A calculator is how it all begins, but before long an innocent gift leaves Mindy thinking a lot about getting saturated with something more enjoyable than numbers.

Double-stuffed Kookies: Melissa Miller has a plan to make sure this year’s prom is the best in the history of her town. Selling cookies door to door is easy for a pretty face like Melissa’s, but after tempting fate visiting the one house no one returns from, her face may not be what most men see when they look her way. Sometimes cookies are filled with crème, occasionally they have something more; Double-stuffed Kookies.


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Bimbo Beer

Bimbo Beer by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Beer by Kris P. Kreme

Summer pays for law school by working at Declan’s, a low class and poorly kept bar that is always looking for cheap ways to success.

The latest attempt might just be their best as it has Summer wearing the most embarrassing excuse for a bar wench costume and serving the most humiliating excuse for a beer, called Bimbo Beer.

It seems everyone loves Bimbo Beer, but even more love the lovely lass serving it, and so it’s quite fitting to end Readers Choice Month with the true taste of Summer, definitely a taste she will never forget.

A definite spitfire of a redhead, Summer has been studying pre-law, aiming to one day be as fierce in the courtroom as she is outside of it. Unfortunately school isn’t cheap and so she has taken to working behind the bar at Declan’s, a horribly dingy excuse for a pub run by the man himself, Declan.

Originally from Ireland, Declan lost all hint of an accent and respect for women years ago. Summer often points out the issues with his bar, issues of cleanliness, safety, of basic laws he is skirting by. Today though might just be the day Declan gets her back for all her know-it-all attitude.

In order to better promote the bar, Declan has taken to having weekend promotional events with new beer brands and for today he needs someone to leave the bar and serve the patrons in his rather humiliating excuse for a bar wench costume.

Lucky Summer is the recipient, and not only because she might just be the only one to fit the costume. With her length of red hair and gorgeous body, it’s a sure bet that she’ll help keep all the customers happy, but when Summer sees both the costume and the name of the ridiculously foamy beer she’ll be serving, she knows she will regret ever needing a pay check bad enough for this day.

Bimbo Beer is the worst name she ever heard of, but it also just happens to have the biggest foam head of any beer she ever saw, and during the rush of running to drunken patrons, dealing with their rather aggressive comments and stares, leave it to bad luck for Summer to spill some of that foamy beer on herself.

Declan isn’t one to let an employee leave when people are crowding his usually sparse bar, so Summer simply lets the beer dry on her, but what is happening as time goes by? Why is her chest not only feeling swollen but looking it as well? Even more disturbing to the always fierce intelligent girl, why is she finding herself being more and more flirtatious?

They say a busy shift at work can really drain a girl, but nothing comes closer to the truth for Summer as Declan’s has the most successful night in years and finally the know-it-all pre-law student is shut up and down quite thoroughly.

Readers Choice Month ends, so let’s all have a beer, and be sure and discover for yourselves why Bimbo Beer is a Summer ale.


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Konversational Kounseling

Konversational Kounseling by Kris P. Kreme

Konversational Kounseling by Kris P. Kreme

Determined to find out what can be done about her fiancée always greeting her as a slut, whore, or bimbo, Anna visits a very skilled therapist, but does a simple conversation with this man open her eyes to possibilities she never considered?

Is her fiancée the one with problems, or is Anna simply failing to accept that she is in fact all of the words he calls her? Find out in the first all business Konversation, Konversational Kounseling, where business is a pleasure.

Readers Choice Month takes the time to talk things out.

Visiting a therapist known for being expertly skilled with talking problems out, Anna may be unprepared for just how severe a conversation her problems can result in.

As she explains to the good doctor that her fiancée Jeffrey is a kind and sweet man, always honest and sincere with her, Anna also explains that those qualities about him make the one problem in their relationship that much more distressing.

It seems that Jeffrey is always calling her words she finds horribly offensive, saying them in greeting and never saying them with anger or resentment, simply tossing out a ‘Hey slut’, or ‘How’s it going whore?’ and continuing on as though saying such a thing is perfectly normal.

Anna is a very sweet girl, very wholesome and pure, and she knows Jeffrey loves her and respects her, as he shows it in absolutely everything else he does, but why does he call her these horrible things even briefly, or even jokingly?

Thankfully for her the conversation with the therapist is helping, though she isn’t sure how it is ultimately going to solve the problems until her therapist points out that she may be looking at the problems entirely wrong.

If Jeffrey is always honest and sincere, then could he possibly be speaking the truth when he calls her a slut or a whore? But what about him calling her a bimbo too? Can anyone really be all three? Is this really the problem Anna is facing, finding out which word best describes her, or if she is a rare fit for all three?

Sometimes therapy opens ones eyes to all new possibilities about themselves… but sometimes it opens their mind a whole lot more. Discover the work behind the pleasure as Anna experiences some truly Konversational Kounseling this Readers Choice Month.


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Booby Trapped: Busting the Glass Ceiling

Booby Trapped: Busting the Glass Ceiling by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped: Busting the Glass Ceiling by Kris P. Kreme

Today is the day for Madison, and even as her always supportive boyfriend, Stan, drops her off at the office, she just isn’t sure how well the meeting over her possible promotion will go with the board members.

While Stan is a rare guy, having been hurt by his past girlfriend’s cheating, appreciating a woman like Madison as an equal deserving of respect, the all male board members and in fact every man in the company seems to think little of women besides sex objects.

Everyday, Madison and the few other women fighting to climb the corporate ladder deal with the stares, the lusty whispered comments, and every other hardship that only a woman faces in the workplace. She knows she’s attractive, slender, blemish free pale skin, rich black and always well kept hair. Being attractive though isn’t what matters in the workplace.

She’s already passed all qualifications for this potential promotion, every requirement met, the only thing remaining to make it happen a meeting with the board members.

As she sits in her office, going over notes of what she might say, how she might say it, Madison isn’t in the mood for games, which is why her first impression of the rather odd phone call she gets on her cell phone is that it’s some idiot’s idea of a prank, and on the worst possible day for one.

According to the man clearly using a rather cheap old voice changer, Madison has been Booby Trapped. She must complete three tasks or face the penalties. The only thing at all which keeps Madison from just hanging up the phone is a threat made to her boyfriend, a threat made by name, proving that whoever it is on the phone, they know more than a little about Madison.

Any possible threat to a sweet guy like Stan, who already has been hurt enough in life, is too much to risk, particularly when Madison hears what the penalties of refusing or failing her three challenged tasks are. It’s insane and stupid of them to really think she will genuinely worry about her breasts growing massive for each failed task. So what risk is there really, at least in entertaining the caller?

Madison has worked exceptionally hard, been the brightest and most intelligent woman the company has ever seen, ready to bust that glass ceiling once and for all, but just what happens to change all that may be more than she can handle.

One simple failed task literally floors Madison with the unexpected, with the truly terrifying implications this mysterious caller has already made. Will she somehow manage to recover what little dignity remains and meet the challenges in time for her board meeting interview? Will she find out whether her suspicions are true and either a fellow employee or perhaps one of the members of the board are behind all of this? Or will Madison truly bring all new meaning to the term BUSTing the Glass Ceiling?

Find out in the latest greatest Booby Trap, taking Readers Choice readers back to the office for some corporate kinks.


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The Heat of June

The Heat of June by Kris P. Kreme

The Heat of June by Kris P. Kreme

For many the chance to join the summer study abroad archaeology program was purely exciting from an adventure standpoint, but it didn’t take very long at all for any of the almost all guys to realize what attracted Paul Stuart to it.

June Jones isn’t just the only college girl to be studying ancient lost civilizations in South America on this study abroad program, she’s the quite blatant object of Paul’s unrequited lust.

While no one would readily admit it, June Jones is very worthy of being lusted over, a highly intelligent and gorgeous blonde with the sweetest and prettiest eyes ever, she’s a girl who can catch any man’s eye. Unfortunately for Paul, he has become the butt of everyone’s joke, having joined the program last minute on an impulse, purely to follow along and hopefully get some time with June.

Where he’s open with his longings, he has seen others casting looks, particularly Professor Max Olsen, the supposed mature leader of this student expedition who casts longing glances at all parts of June whenever he has half a chance.

Of course June is clueless about the good professor, only aware that Paul is the creepy one, focused instead on the fascination with a recently uncovered ancient Cuajingo civilization.

Their job is simple, as a group they will uncover artifacts carefully, perhaps learning a thing or two not only about archaeology but about a fairly unknown ancient group whose history is still being actively written with each turn of the soil.

The heat of the month is getting to everyone but perhaps it isn’t the heat of the month of June as much as the heat of a girl named June that will ultimately bring this summer study program to a real climax.

As Paul is half gazing longingly at June, he is as surprised as anyone to actually dig up a genuine ancient artifact, and not just any artifact but one quite powerful to the long lost Cuajingo people.

As the professor explains, after studying Paul’s discovery, this artifact relates to the belief of Cuajingo that names possessed power over an individual, especially during the month of that name.

Every Cuajingo was named in some connection to one of the months of the calendar, and during whatever month their name originated from, the Cuajingo control stone could be used to manipulate that person.

At least that was the belief, but what’s truly amazing for such a small expedition is that they have found one of those control stones, and it’s nearly perfectly preserved.

Asking June if she will polish off the stone and place it with the other artifacts in a safe place, the professor goes back to the others, but Paul has an idea. Since June is quite obviously named after the month of June, and she now has the artifact in hand, what would happen if he asked her to do something?

Has Paul just discovered the real way to earn his place among his peers in this summer study abroad program? Will June be at all of their leering lusty mercy? And just how hot will June be… and we’re not talking about the month?

Find out fittingly enough before June ends and Readers Choice Month continues.


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Selfie Sluts

Selfie Sluts by Kris P. Kreme

Selfie Sluts by Kris P. Kreme

Three best friends about to graduate from high school discover that sometimes getting the right selfie can go very wrong.

While hanging out at Beth’s house, her two best friends Selena and Haley are in full agreement that they need a really good selfie to post to Facebook before graduation. There’s also no better time than the present since they’re dressed in cute tops they went shopping together to buy.

Beth has been hunting down apps to possibly make their selfie even more perfect and she thinks she may have found one worth trying. As she points out to her two best friends, it is a free app and claims to offer truly life altering selfies.

Willing to finally stop with their procrastination over when and where to take a new group selfie, all three agree to give this phone app a try and before they know it Beth is holding the selfie stick and snapping some pics, eager to see how they turn out.

Other than the flash seeming a bit brighter than before, none of them notice much different taking a pic using the app than just a normal one, but the real fun begins when they see the very unique set of filters that can be applied to better enhance the pictures.

Finding just the right picture, where all three are looking as perfect as they can together, smiling and cheery, the filters prove to be the challenge. Each one alters or tints the colors and hues in various ways, and none seem quite right until they come to the one filter all three can agree on. But then is the name listed really the name of the filter? And is there any way they could purposely choose to apply a filter called Slutty and Sinful to their final group selfie of high school?

Considering that Beth led the senior faith committee, Selena sang in the church choir, and Haley was president of the Abstinence Club, it’s more than a little ironic that the best filter they found was called Slutty and Sinful.

Still, it’s only a name right? What’s the worst that could possibly happen choosing a filter with a bad name for their selfie?

Say cheese, Readers, for your month is about to get a bit more twisted, as you take a lesson in photography from the Selfie Sluts.


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SINtendo Seductress

SINtendo Seductress by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Seductress by Kris P. Kreme

Kevin long ago embraced SINtendo into his life, and even after calming, maturing, proposing to his now wife Amber, SINtendo never released its grip. He pushed past the chaos and depravity and now embraces that aspect of life, but even with a slutty bimbo wife always ready for some kinky fun, a little vacation time is always nice.

The problem with vacation time is that Kevin really needs someone he can count on to house sit while Amber and he are away, someone who knows how critical it is that his valuable SINtendo gaming devices be kept an eye on.

That is where Jasmine comes in. Jasmine has always been Amber’s slutty sister, but of course that status was challenged when Kevin got a hold of Amber, or more accurately, when SINtendo got a hold of Amber’s mind and body.

Jasmine has a dominant personality, and loves anything kinky, constantly in battles with Kevin over just who has been the kinkier influence on poor dim bulb Amber. So who would be better to watch his twisted kinky gaming possessions than the kinkiest sister in law around?

As Kevin and Amber leave the house, plans of doing things to poor Amber’s body that she wouldn’t forget if she wasn’t a brainless bimbo, Jasmine can only smile.

She knows that only Kevin has the full arsenal of SINtendo technology under one roof, that only he can give her the access she needs to once again take the prize for being the sluttiest seductress in her family. Jasmine only wants to give herself the ultimate edge, to make it where no man can resist her at all, to where she can happily fuck her life away, literally, with anyone and everyone.

Barely before Kevin has left his street, Jasmine is starting up the newest SINtendo he has, finding just the disc she needs, one that promises to customize her personal player persona with quite explicit options to choose from.

After selecting an irresistible voice, which guarantees whatever she tells anyone, they will do or become, Jasmine chooses to have an impossibly pliable body. She can now stretch, twist, or pervert any part of her body and is only too happy to do so as she selects a final option to play with, twisted temptation.

With her mind dropping to new lows, the slutty imagination she always took pride in booming with all new temptations, Jasmine decides to take a walk in the neighborhood, take this SINtendo perverted seductress body of hers for a spin.

It’s all going perfectly, Jasmine truly fucking with everyone she encounters, both literally and figuratively, but what happens when she discovers that maybe, just maybe she may have gone a bit too far? Having to watch what she says for fear of being literally torn apart, having her limbs and body stretched until moving is difficult, Jasmine realizes she needs to get back to Kevin’s house, possibly tone down the severity of her alterations.

Will Jasmine manage to seduce her way back to Kevin’s living room or will she get sidetracked along the way by temptation? Will Kevin find out what his sneaky slutty sister in law is up to? Find out this Readers Choice Month, with SINtendo Seductress, the girl every guy wants to meet.


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Passing the Test

Passing the Test by Kris P. Kreme

Passing the Test by Kris P. Kreme

As roommates in college, there couldn’t be a pair of girls more different than Alice and Jamie. Where Jamie has always been the freer spirit, the wild child with the line of boys waiting for a chance, Alice is as focused a student as their ever was.

It would be a highly unusual sight to see if Alice were not nearly always pacing the room in concern over one class or another. This time however, Alice has good reason, and as she puts it, this time she may just be screwed.

In order to maintain her scholarship, she must maintain a certain average over all her courses, and an unfortunate B in Physics recently has pushed her overall average daringly close to the level where she may just lose it at the end of the semester.

Pacing and freaking out, giving Jamie a headache, Alice knows she has to ace every test, every exam, that she absolutely has to pass every test she faces from now until the semester ends or else she is totally screwed.

Knowing her roommate is not one to calm down easy, Jamie decides to help out, at least as much as a girl like her can. She suggests that Alice go and see Dr. McDonnal, the hypnotherapist who assisted with Jamie quitting smoking.

While Alice definitely knows that her roommate hasn’t touched a single cigarette since the sessions with Dr. McDonnal, she also is well aware that her oral obsessions remain, though possibly better used at least according to a number of guys on campus.

Whatever the case, Alice is desperate. She absolutely has to pass every test, and while she has always been excellent at knowing the material in every course, she has been plagued by a total panic when it comes to testing on those materials.

Dr. McDonnal can help. He has to, Alice thinks as she immediately sets up a session with the reputed doctor. After discussing her problems, her fears, and the needs to pass her tests, Dr. McDonnal comes up with what he believes will be the easiest solution, provided Alice is true to her word and knows the material needed for actually passing her tests.

After putting Alice under, she is given the simplest instructions, that any test she is faced with from now on, she will not feel stress, only the acceptance that she do whatever it takes to pass that test.

Everything goes great, Alice leaving feeling finally prepared and free not to constantly pace a room or freak out over keeping her scholarship, but then her plans of a night spent reading over some test material change as soon as her roommate asks her to put the card for Dr. McDonnal back in her purse.

Just a casual glance into the purse leads Alice to a test she never imagined, a test even the doctor never considered. A girl like Jamie has something of a reputation on campus, particularly with the guys, and as Alice slowly pulls out the pregnancy test and reads the words over and over, something clicks in her brain.

Will Alice focus and study and be the responsible sweet girl she always has been, or will her new acceptance that she do whatever it takes to pass a test push her into naughty acts never before considered to pass this ultimate test?

Find out in the twisted tale of hypnosis humping known simply as Passing the Test.


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Bimbo Bombed Besties

Bimbo Bombed Besties by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed Besties by Kris P. Kreme

Wila and Mona have been besties forever, only the closest of friends, never even having so much as an argument. They’ve often gotten along so well with each other that they failed to notice how their frequent flirting with boys was anything but harmless.

As the flame haired Wila would often point out, a girl will flirt, but it didn’t mean anything unless she chose it. While neither of them ever intended to be cruel, they were the types of girls who couldn’t possibly realize how boys and men wanted and lusted over girls like them to a point that pointless flirting only frustrated them more.

Unfortunately for the two beautiful besties, everything was about to change on the day they were downtown at the busiest time of day. Used to receiving constant texts from boys that didn’t understand the teases these girls were, Mona wasn’t expecting what she saw looking down at her phone.

It had to be a bad joke, particularly with the little timer that began counting down after she had shared the message with Wila and they had scrolled it down, reading the elaborate looking text.

According to the text, both Wila and Mona had been Bimbo Bombed. They had exactly two minutes to decide their fate. Either they chose to violently turn on each other right there in the middle of a crowded city sidewalk, fighting complete with clothing ripping and kinky groping… or they would forever after truly turn each other on.

As the message explained every look, laugh, or casual touch they shared would further and further arouse them, to levels never imagined. They’d become so turned on they would fuck anyone in any way, the more twisted the better, each seeking to outdo each other with just how horribly brutally depraved they could become with their own body.

It had to be a joke, right? Wila and Mona were besties, but just what happens when that timer reaches zero and they haven’t begun fighting? What happens when a new message appears, warning each of them about how much contact they have with each other, the more they have the more lust will burn away their brain cells?

Find out just how close besties can really be in the Bimbo Bombing that spreads lust faster than it can spread twisted desires. This is one Bimbo Bombing nobody will forget, least of all the lovely young Wila and Mona.


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Thread Bare

Thread Bare by Kris P. Kreme

Thread Bare by Kris P. Kreme

Pastor Mann wasn’t even sure why he was nervous as he waited with the six members of the church’s senior youth group in the shady parking lot at the back of their church.

It was probably for the same reason anyone would be taking the delivery they were going to be unloading from the truck which currently backed up. It certainly wasn’t that the truck was full of clothing, but more where that clothing came from.

Everyone in town had heard stories about the house, whether any of those stories were true or not couldn’t be pinned down. The house had supposedly vanished, but before that were tales of all sorts of sin and debauchery, a family corrupted in ways never imagined, even the realtor that sold the house falling victim in truly twisted ways.

Surely they were all stories though, and Pastor Mann wasn’t one to believe in such ungodly evil. As the driver left the trailer for the weekend to be unloaded, the pastor knew he had to entertain some unique and pushy questions from his six youth members, a few of them definitely trying at times.

Explaining that the clothes came from that family, left behind wherever they went, he told them that the church would be storing them in the basement as none of the usual donation options work for such fancy if unworn articles of clothing. He also explained that there was the potential to use some of the clothing as costumes for future youth performances and plays at the church, which was why they were helping to unload the truck.

Of all the group, only Jennifer was truly shy and meek, the one sweet wholesome girl who Pastor Mann knew wouldn’t push boundaries or challenge him on more discussion about the reported crude debauchery of that home where these clothes came from. Still, with others like Sanders and Jake, the troublemakers in the group, it probably wasn’t going to be the easiest day at the church.

Opening the back of the trailer, leaving the youth to handle the unloading, Pastor Mann knew he was better off inside the church, but he could never have imagined just what sort of loads those youth would be exchanging and handling before too long.

As soon as the trailer was open, Sanders and his buddy Jake vanished off into the dark recesses of the back of it, lost behind endless pitch black shadows of clothing which seemed to somehow block out all light. When they never returned, the others assumed it was a joke, but when hands reached from the darkness and grabbed poor Jennifer, the joke was clearly over.

Sanders and Jake had changed clothes, putting on something from the trailer, and soon they were rather violently assaulting poor Jennifer, forcing her to slip on a floral print dress.

It became quite obvious soon enough that more than the threads were bare in this old dress, her very soul bared and beaten before giving in to total wickedness that a shy girl like Jennifer never would have imagined.

Just what is the secret behind these mysterious clothes? What house did they come from? And will anyone, even Pastor Mann, ever be anything but sinful and depraved again?

Find out in the tale that truly twists to feed readers what they have been wishing for.


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The FLICK Puppet

The FLICK Puppet by Kris P, Kreme

The FLICK Puppet by Kris P, Kreme

Samantha is easily the sweetest and most genuinely happy girl most have ever encountered. As she puts it, she loves life, and has the attitude to prove it. For an eighteen year old girl ready to face the world with the best attitude possible, she might not be ready for what dark corners of that world she is going to face on one particularly bad day.

After an encouraging conversation with her closest neighbor, Mr. Hank, Samantha is happily heading to her car to go and visit a new shop that opened not too far away from their rural home.

Curious Curiosities is a place that just from the name has Samantha quite fittingly curious. She’s always been a carefree girl, sweet to all ages but especially kind to the older generation. Perhaps that’s the reason she loves antiques and oddities, knick knacks and conversation pieces. She knows as soon as she has walked through the door that this is definitely the place for her.

Even if the old man operating the register is kinda rude and seemingly more interested in reading his magazine than greeting his redheaded new customer, Samantha is never one to judge. She’s just enjoying the crowded and stacked items, the dusty old antiques, the many remnants of the past this place offers.

She’s there to shop for a gift to surprise her mom when she returns from out of town, but until Samantha spots the old looking puppet in the corner, she never imagined she’d stumble upon something so perfect.

Her mother used to do little puppet shows back in college when both her parents were hippies, and this old puppet carved from wood and still having all his strings is just perfect.

The only label on the dusty old puppet is a single word partially faded on his chin, the word FLICK, but whether it’s a maker’s mark or a name, Samantha doesn’t care. This is the gift she has to get, even if the old man seems somewhat shocked that she wants it.

He’s nervous and constantly trying to talk her out of it, but offering no reasons why, and only when Samantha begs to buy it, explaining why she wanted it, does the man relent. He’ll sell it, as it is for sale, everything is, but she must promise to never look too long into the puppet’s eyes.

Samantha has never been the type of girl to question her elders but is as carefree as always, commenting about how pretty his eyes are.

Purchasing the old puppet and taking him back home, Samantha awaits her dad getting off work later that evening and just knows he’ll agree how perfect a gift for her mom this is.

In the meantime, thinking more about the old man’s warning, Samantha can’t help but disagree that anything is bad about this puppet. He looks nice, and with the little word FLICK on his chin, she decides to call him, Mr. Flick Puppet.

Staring into Mr. Flick Puppet’s eyes, she realizes just how suddenly tired she must have become from the morning’s activities, and before she knows it, Samantha is nodding off flat on her bed, face to face with the supposedly sinister puppet.

In the afternoon, Samantha awoke, but the face of the puppet she wakes staring at is not the same as the one she fell asleep to. Even worse, Samantha can’t move, unable to even sit up on her own.

Whispering, barely able to even speak on her own, Samantha discovers that something else is now quite literally pulling her own strings. With the invisible sensation of literal strings lifting the girl up from her bed, walking her over to the mirror, Samantha takes a long look at herself.

Before she even has a chance to realize how wrong her smile seems, Samantha is feeling the manipulation of not just her body’s movements but her words as clearly Mr. Flick Puppet has decided to pull her strings and make her do very very bad things.

If what she says about herself isn’t bad enough, things definitely will get worse when she is forced to change into skimpy clothing and head outside only to greet Mr. Hank on his afternoon jog with the vision of a sweet carefree neighbor girl who is suddenly up for some very nasty fun.

Find out just how far a girl’s strings can be pulled in the tale that reminds readers to always read a word several times before assuming it simply says FLICK.


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Brain Drain Bullhorn

Brain Drain Bullhorn by Kris P. Kreme

Brain Drain Bullhorn by Kris P. Kreme

Mary has always been a corporate boss worthy of the title Boss, but unfortunately in the company she works for, the CEO is no stranger to nepotism, forcing Mary to wrangle in quite possibly the stupidest bimbo of a secretary to ever enter the building.

When that bimbo just happens to be his nineteen year old daughter, Elise, tensions are only higher since shouting and yelling about poor decisions as a secretary are just about the only method Mary has of getting through to the girl. Obviously firing her is off the table, and with a majorly crucial merger happening with the mysterious BD International, Mary needs this day to go off without a problem.

Elise trying to run and get coffee while literally laying a phone off the hook with someone waiting on the line is stupid decision number one, but hustling back she literally runs right into her boss, dousing Mary with scalding coffee and definitely pushing her already tense nerves about the day ahead over the edge.

Shouting, screaming, it just isn’t enough, but as the genuine dumb blonde Elise goes back to her desk, Mary is simply thankful to always be the smart one, carrying an extra blouse in her office for just such an unfortunate occasion.

But what is the mystery package sitting on Mary’s desk? Elise doesn’t seem to know where it came from, not that Mary would give the idiot girl too much credit for remembering anything.

Assuming the easiest way to find out is to open it, Mary does, and finds a fairly ordinary red and white bullhorn. Loaded with batteries and ready for use, the bullhorn is a very odd delivery to have ended up on Mary’s desk, but even odder are the labeled buttons on the back of the bullhorn, and the single instruction sheet doesn’t make them any less odd.

According to the instructions, this is a Brain Drain Bullhorn, and it will among other functions allow the user of it to literally shout someone stupid. Of course the instructions claim a price, that pushing the button on the back of the bullhorn labeled Boobs for Brains will allow Mary to shout someone stupid, yet at the cost of constant boob growth herself. Additionally, there are functions such as Arousal for Boobs which will allow her to shout someone else’s boobs bigger but at the cost of increasing arousal for herself.

The final two buttons she could press have even crazier functions, according to the clear joke of an instructional sheet, but Mary isn’t all that interested in the joke. What she is interested in is the simple fact that beyond all the nonsense, this is in fact a working bullhorn.

When the already frustrated Mary calls out for Elise to phone down to the mail room and find out who sent this package up to her office, the fact her idiot secretary only mutters a faint “what?” forces Mary into a snap decision.

Grabbing the bullhorn, pressing the button, she shouts as loud as she can at Elise. Instantly it’s quite obvious that however possible, this bullhorn does what that instruction sheet claims.

Elise looks dumber already, staring with empty eyes, and Mary realizes her chest has just spontaneously swollen up. She may not know how it actually works, but Mary knows one thing, it’s definitely worth any price the instructions listed to finally get some real payback at the CEO’s idiot daughter, and soon enough Elise is most definitely a bimbo above all else.

Will Mary’s hunger for revenge go just a bit too far? Will Elise be the most brainless bimbo Brain Drain ever encountered? And just who left the mystery package on Mary’s desk and why?

Find out in the Brain Drain tale you’ll want to shout about to all your nubile friends, Brain Drain Bullhorn.


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FusterCluck the Chicken

FusterCluck the Chicken by Kris P. Kreme

FusterCluck the Chicken by Kris P. Kreme

Tim and Laura have been living the good life since their marriage, fortunate in all ways, he with a strong college bound son, Sam, and Laura with an equally college bound and always sweet daughter, Beckah. They’ve all lived well together, even the kids getting along throughout their high school years, and perhaps the most obvious sign of their comfortable life as a family is the place they call home.

Not just anyone can live in the very private neighborhood, surrounded on all sides by lush and beautiful forest. The lots or nice and large, the homes quite luxurious, and best of all the Home Owner’s Association is always there to ensure that the neighborhood is kept peaceful and cozy for everyone.

Sadly, the HOA has missed out entirely on Tim and Laura’s new neighbor, the quite out of place redneck named Billy Bob. While there are definite oddities to the man, it isn’t Billy Bob that is solely responsible for completely ruining everything Tim, Laura, Sam, and Beckah have. They may all have a lot and be quite fortunate, but for the past two weeks none of them have had a bit of sleep and it seems they just aren’t fortunate to have the HOA on their side in this matter.

Billy Bob brought one single nuisance with him when he moved to the expensive neighborhood from the country, and that would be his pet chicken, recognized by the Home Owner’s Association as his one allowed pet and so slipping by all regulations about nuisance animals. The problem is, Billy Bob’s chicken isn’t a chicken at all. It’s a rooster and this particular annoying rooster crows constantly, for no apparent reason other than to drive the only neighbors within earshot out of their mind.

On a particularly stressful morning, when Tim is already ranting, Laura doesn’t have good news to share, their petition to the HOA falling on deaf ears, which are the only kind Billy Bob’s chicken wouldn’t keep up at night. Tim has had enough and is ready to confront their recently arrived neighbor and make it quite clear that either he gets rid of the rooster or the gloves come off. Encouraged by his wife to snap some pictures of the offending chicken, just in case Billy Bob refuses any help, she has a good point since the HOA simply believes the pet is a chicken, reported by Billy Bob upon moving in, and not the rooster he clearly is.

With the exhausted and mind numbed Sam and Beckah in tow, Tim crosses through the small wooded section at the back of their property, finding the cheap chain link fence Billy Bob also managed to skirt past the HOA rules. There, on the other side, is the damn chicken that has ruined their comfy lives so effortlessly, and as always he’s jumping around and squawking like crazy for no apparent reason.

Spotting his neighbors, Billy Bob waves and joins them with his always casual and charming simplicity but he’s quick to warn them about his pet, the fittingly named Fustercluck the Chicken. As he puts it, Fustercluck is the one no one in this neighborhood really wants to annoy, because once Fustercluck has been annoyed, things go to hell in a hand basket quite fast.

Assuming it’s just a game to his ignorant redneck neighbor, Tim pulls out his phone, snapping away some pics of the angry Fustercluck, but when the chicken clucks and hops around more animated than ever before, managing to lunge at the fence where Beckah leans, pecking her on the thigh everything just becomes one big clusterfuck of epic proportions.

Tim is fuming, Beckah is dazed, and Sam is baffled when suddenly his stepsister is lunging at him. One bite leads to more bites, leads to all out chaos for the upscale family, who descend quite willingly into purely animalistic actions and all while Fustercluck the Chicken seems to finally have gone calm.

Just what will they finally do to solve their bad neighbor problems, or will Tim, Laura, and their kids become quite bad themselves? Find out in the story that introduces a new Kreme character to the craziest mix around, Fustercluck the Chicken. (No chickens were harmed in the writing of this story… in fact no chickens were even in it. It’s a rooster.)


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Just a Little off the Top

Just a Little off the Top by Kris P. Kreme

Just a Little off the Top by Kris P. Kreme

Kelly has terminal shyness, never going anywhere new, at least not until her roommate talked her into going with her brother to an upcoming social dance. But before that dance, Kelly is going to have to have a haircut and this time her roommate has recommended a place, instead of letting Kelly simply head home where her mom can cut it as she usually lets her.

It’s all new for Kelly, all stressful and intimidating, and the salon she’s at definitely isn’t making it much easier. Run by all guys, similarly dressed in black, they definitely seem to know their trade if the other ladies having their hair done are any examples.

Waiting and watching the others, Kelly shyly is amazed by the transformations, from housewives to models, young girls to mature beauties, it’s all a bit overwhelming for the terrified introvert, but then comes her turn towards the end of a busy day.

When asked what she wants, Kelly can only stammer that she wants just a little off the top, but is the man about to cut their hair reacting a bit oddly to such a request? Are the other men who consult with him? Or is this all just part of Kelly’s embarrassed and uncomfortable imagination?

Upon the first snip of scissors, Kelly feels something she has never felt before, as though the man is not simply taking off excess hair but taking off her anxiety, her nervousness, the parts of Kelly which make Kelly the way she has always been.

While the final look Kelly will have might remain uncertain, one thing definitely isn’t and that’s the definite fact that her roommate’s brother will quite satisfied with their social date… at least after the men in this salon truly take the new Kelly for a test spin.


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Trance-tory T&A

Trance-tory T&A by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory T&A by Kris P. Kreme

Anyone would say that William J. Harrington the third had it all, and they’d be right. He’s quite wealthy, with a very attractive wife, two beautiful twin daughters about to head to college and one son already there on a full athletic scholarship.

He’s blessed with a fantastic private estate home and has his hobbies and tinkering with gadgets and projects around the house to occupy his time. After finishing up his latest household project of installing a network of security cameras all over the property, William is quite thrilled to hear his wife Tessa inform him that a package has arrived.

Of course William would never tell Tessa that his thrill comes not from the promise of another piece to his ongoing projects, but to the latest Trance-tory product he ordered and has been waiting to add some serious spice to his man cave.

William isn’t about to risk his family, having done all the research and taken many precautions when it comes to Trance-tory. His sweet wife, Tessa, his girls Jamie and Jackie, they simply don’t understand why William insists on doing all work around the private estate. For William, sure he enjoys the projects, but he also knows that Trance-tory products and services can be found everywhere and they always lead to disaster with loving families.

By doing all the work himself, William knows they haven’t been mistakenly exposed to Trance-tory’s notorious influences, but he also knows that a man has needs so this latest product is just for him, only to be used in the privacy of his man cave.

The Trance-tory T&A remote control doesn’t simply change channels, it adds the one element every man would like to see more of when flipping through channels and that’s a bit more sex and perversion.

By simply finding a channel, like a sappy family drama television show, one can simply press the T&A button and activate the unique technology Trance-tory is famed for, the performers in the show changing to steer all drama straight into depraved directions.

It’s the perfect solution William thinks, the one way he can enjoy that visual stimulation without risk to anyone actually changing as there have been so many reports of occurring after Trance-tory products are embraced.

Unfortunately for William he gets a bit caught up flipping channels and changing everything he sees on television. When Tessa practically barges right in, he’s unable to stop her from grabbing the remote and changing over to Channel One where their newly installed private security feed from around the house can be found.

Concerned that their twin daughters may be smoking again somewhere, Tessa simply wants to spot them, but imagine her surprise and William’s when the still active T&A filter instantly changes the innocent girls into desperate sluts with much more than an oral fixation.

Before William can even blink away the horror, the security camera feed has cycled through and there he is on screen in his home theater… both he and Tessa feeling the changes as they occur.

When William brought a bit more T&A into his lavish household, he never expected it to be quite so severe, but with Trance-tory what’s a man to expect?


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Konversational Konnie

Konversational Konnie by Kris P. Kreme

Konversational Konnie by Kris P. Kreme

Demi and Daphne are best friends, Daphne the truly timid one that always tags along on Demi’s dates with Jimmy. Tonight it’s a movie date, but thanks to a rather talkative girl seated behind the three, none of them will find the action on screen anywhere near as exciting as what quickly becomes somewhat of an obsession for them.

Whispering first to Daphne, then to Jimmy, and finally to Demi, the mysterious and talkative Konnie shares observations of human behavior that she’s picked up from her dad, a therapist famed for such Konversational cues.

For instance, she observes that simply from Jimmy’s subtle glances over at Daphne that obviously he is into the redheaded shy friend of his girlfriend. Or there’s also the simple fact that by making Jimmy sit between her and Daphne, Demi clearly is wanting to push her shy friend into a little potential threesome action. Naturally it’s also obvious that Daphne must not be so shy after all, trying to flirt as she obviously is with Jimmy right under Demi’s nose.

Is Konnie truly trying to help the three friends, or as it slowly becomes more and more apparent throughout the movie, is Konnie just playing Konversational games with them, whispering and speaking to one at a time, watching them slowly understand and accept the observations their talkative mystery girl is making?

One thing is absolutely certain for all in the theater this night. The movie will be the least restricted thing audiences need to worry about seeing and the three friends will be closer than ever by the time they leave their seats.

Sometimes the chit chat in a darkened theater can make one lose their minds… and other times it can simply change them.


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The Booby Trapped Threesome

The Booby Trapped Threesome By Kris P. Kreme

The Booby Trapped Threesome
By Kris P. Kreme

An instant new Kreme Klassic, three tales of titillating telephone calls called Booby Trapped now available as a single collection!

Booby Trapped
Zoe’s at the beach with her parents, enjoying time away from her studies in molecular physics at college, something that surprises most about the attractive young blonde. Everything about this vacation may take a turn for the twisted when Zoe gets a phone call walking on the beach one morning, a call that claims she has been Booby Trapped.

Booby Trapped: Teach or Be Taught
Brianne’s new stepson happens to be in the biology class she’s substituting for, though he seems to be more interested in studying her biology. Still, would Sam really disguise his voice to call and threaten her that her tits are going to grow should she refuse his tasks? Only one thing is sure. This is one lesson no one will forget.

Booby Trapped: Brenda’s Bowls are Full of Jelly
Brenda definitely isn’t crazy about the outfit her job as Santa’s assistant at the mall has her wearing. She’s even less crazy about the perverted older man playing Santa, Todd. Todd has been staring at her far too much, and in her mind he has been trying to cop feels of her too. She’s ready to complain to management… but a phone call might change everything.


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SINtendo Chess Burster

SINtendo Chess Burster by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Chess Burster by Kris P. Kreme

Dana hasn’t liked the living arrangements ever since her mom suggested them, rooming in an off campus apartment with her younger stepbrother. To put it simply, the two of them are polar opposites in every way possible.

Where Eric prefers partying, babes, and playing mind numbing video games, Dana always prefers more intellectual pursuits, only playing perhaps the most brilliant and challenging game around.

Of course when Dana plans to spend her day practicing for the upcoming university chess tournament, leave it to her always bratty stepbrother to have sabotaged her plans. He’s always hiding some of her chess pieces, most of the time just to annoy her and always in places she never enjoys finding them, but with Eric out for the day, how is Dana going to practice sharpening her skills of strategy in a mind fueling game of chess?

After an inconvenient network error leaves all thoughts of finding online chess tournaments to practice on off the table, Dana is practically ready to give up her pursuits and seriously considering hiding Eric’s precious and perverse video games out in the dumpster.

Browsing through the many bizarre titles though, Dana sees a light to the dark shadow of annoyance he is constantly casting over her. The game is called Chess Burster, and according to the back of the box the goal is simply to beat the challenges or face the consequences.

As far as Dana is concerned a chess game is a chess game, no matter the challenges, and she’s willing to give it a shot since the only other option remains waiting for Eric to return and demanding he give her chess pieces back.

Firing up his weird game system, Dana isn’t at all prepared for the title screen that comes up, SINtendo Chest Burster. Apparently it seems that there was an unfortunate typo on the game box, and this is simply another perverted game which offers challenges a player must complete within five minutes or else their chest will expand. Should they fail too many challenges their chest will burst and Dana definitely isn’t up for playing juvenile little depraved games like this.

Ready to give it up, frustrated by the false hope for intellectual pursuits, Dana barely misses the game system warning her that player initialization is occurring, burned by the controller heating rapidly in her hands.

When no burns are found Dana is in for quite the shocking game play as she has just entered a game of SINtendo Chess Burster and there is no way to back out other than to play the game and win.

How many challenges will Dana be able to bring herself to complete? What all debauchery will those challenges entail? Just how many times will she face the penalty of a suddenly red hot burning and swelling chest? And will she ever be the same intelligent coed again?

Find out in this month’s SINtendo Selects Game of the Month, out now for players eighteen and up.


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Dolls of Salem

Dolls of Salem by Kris P. Kreme

Dolls of Salem by Kris P. Kreme

Now collected in one massive volume, the entire Dolls of Salem collection from the beginning. Three tales of what happens when joining a sorority means getting more than you expected…

Blown Away
After a drunken blur of a night being hazed into a mysterious Salem sorority, Kelly and Penelope wake to discover something is happening to them. They are changing, bodies stiffer, muscles working less and less, mouths opening into subtle O shapes. A night where dark robed sorority girls taunted them with realistic looking sex dolls has done something they never expected.

Hex Dolls of Salem
Everyone knows about Omega House, the oldest sorority in Salem led by three evil and manipulative sisters. Sisters Malerie and Valerie are new to Salem. Seeking a social event, the attractive twin sisters show up at The Omega House Mischief Mass, a party the night before Halloween. This party they won’t be able to sleep off. Are they destined to forever be Hex Dolls of Salem?

Valentines Vex Dolls of Salem
On Halloween, coed twin sisters Malerie and Valerie crossed paths with real witches, ones leading their own sorority in Salem. Now Valentines Day has arrived and the twins have been working on a plan, to escape the control and daily humiliation. Will their plan work or are any chances at freedom truly vexed forever?


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Pinking the Punk

Pinking the Punk by Kris P. Kreme

Pinking the Punk by Kris P. Kreme

Mathew’s sexy coed girlfriend Amber has always been a rather kinky punk girl, and for the longest time they enjoyed every kink to the fullest. The punk girl with the purple hair and piercings was always outdoing herself as Mathew was just enjoying all the fun ways of doing her but things have changed lately and Mathew’s beginning to need a fix of the old Amber.

He’s always been cool with Amber’s choices in the relationship but the choice to put sex on the sidelines as she focuses purely on passing her college classes has Mathew aching for some punk girl fun one on one.He respects her, would never cheat on her, but really wants to somehow ease her stress which has made a once do anything anywhere girl into almost a repressed version of her former glory.

One night everything changes for Mathew with the accidental discovery of some bimbo pills online, his obviously pent up arousal to blame for even purchasing these joke pills.

The little pink pills promise to turn any girl into the perfect bimbo but it isn’t the false advertising gag stuff that has Mathew excited to slip them to Amber while she is studying one night. It’s the promise that these pills can have rather immediate sexual side effects of the uncontrollable arousal kind. He’s only hoping those effects might amp up the old Amber, get the kink back in the punk he loves.

Unfortunately after slipping more and more in drinks and food over the course of an evening, Mathew realizes his fears that the little pink pills are merely sugar pills and do absolutely nothing at all might be confirmed. She’s certainly not acting differently, until of course the most spontaneous transformation he ever could have fantasized about.

Dramatically Amber doesn’t just get aroused. She gets beyond kinky with massive breast growth, immediate lightening of her hair beyond the purple dye to a soft and fluffy blonde. Her hips curve outward, her eyes get ditzy, and Amber literally becomes a fuck hungry bimbo, the one of Mathew’s every dream.

When the following morning finds Amber returned to her old punk girl self, both she and Mathew can’t deny the rather beneficial release of stress such an evening had on them, although Amber is certainly not pleased at being slipped pills by her boyfriend.

To make it up, he promises her an evening out at a very fancy restaurant, but before that comes a full day of classes and focus on the source of all Amber’s stresses. It’s during the first class of the day that the relapses start to occur.

What’s a girl to do when randomly during class after class she finds various parts of her relapsing from punk to pink? Her tits growing in the blink of an eye, her hair seeming to just fade to blonde, and her slender frame growing all new curves from head to toe are only the beginning. When the arousal returns, will Amber even make it to dinner with her boyfriend or will she be feeding all new hungers with random strangers and classmates?

Find out in the tale of a punk girl gone bad… very bad, Pinking the Punk.


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Grab Bag #9

The Grab Bag 9 by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag 9 by Kris P. Kreme

Summer is just around the corner, the weather heating up and nothing beat the heat like a double dose of Kreme. Take some time off to exotic beaches with these two tempting tales, together for the first time. In Vacuous Vacations and Resorting to Extremes it isn’t just time for a tan, it’s time for fun.

This Grab Bag holds…


Vacuous Vacations

Alison Anders never had to think twice. Being offered a paid vacation to private beachfront property in the first year of her job was unexpected, but she needed the time off. The strange vacation spot may hold secrets that will forever change Alison and greatly diminish any thinking she does from now on.


Resorting to Extremes

Graduation and winning a contest brings best friends Emily and Hoshi to a tropical resort. Both have focused on their minds, but find sometimes it’s best to focus on their bodies. Especially when the resort offers entertaining chances to display and use those bodies. Along with Emily’s fun mother Meredith, they will come away from this vacation quite fulfilled and possibly just as filled.


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The Lost Kreme issue #1

The Lost Kreme issue #1 by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme issue #1 by Kris P. Kreme

Every so often a Kreme Tale goes wandering off alone, before readers have a chance to enjoy it, before ever reaching you, the reader. Those tales often are found sneakily hiding in the forest, but thankfully, look at the cute little tale we’ve found for you this month. She thought she was lost but now she is found and fun, and this tale is called When you Wrath upon a Star.

Everyone may have had different experiences in high school, but no one can deny that it is a wrathful time of wild mood swings, bitter jealousy and anger, as well as hormone fueled rages best left in the past. For Jenny, her high school ambitions are about to meet with the wrath of the two biggest bitches in school, a couple of cute yet evil cheerleaders who may just bring about Jenny’s own wrath upon themselves.

Always wanting to be a cheerleader, Jenny finally thinks she is fully prepared for the rigorous week long tryouts. She’s trained all summer, worked harder than ever, and is in the best shape of her life, but none of that may matter when Elisha and Megan are the ones in charge, co-head cheerleaders who may have their perfect looks but lack anything close to perfect when it comes to attitude and compassion.

Whether it is the blonde untouchable and likely untouched virgin Elisha or the raven haired Megan, putting up with either girl is worse than bullying. It’s sheer torture with their snarky comments, cruel jokes, and arrogant bitchiness famed throughout the school.

Jenny is put through her paces, knowing the routines well but always found to have a fault or flaw by one of the two bitches. Ultimately it comes down to jealousy disguised behind the two cheerleader’s claims that Jenny is just too busty to be a cheerleader, that she’d be better served off campus in a strip club. From Elisha ridiculing the poor Jenny with comments about her sucking the attention away from the others with her bouncing boobs, to Megan calling her cow tits, there is barely enough self control to have Jenny refraining from beating them up just for the humiliation.

Being the bigger person though, Jenny holds her anger in, and the night after tryouts ended in an epic fail for her she sees a shooting star and lets that anger out, figuring in truth what are the odds that a wish can really ever come true, no matter how awesome it would be if it did?

Sometimes though, just sometimes, a wish comes true and for Jenny, her specifically stated wishes about Elisha truly learning what it is like to suck the attention out of a room and Megan feeling what it’s like to be a genuine cow tits kinda girl are about to change the fates of two otherwise perfect looking girls.

Wrath unleashed like this has never been seen in any high school, but for Jenny and the others at her school they may never even see their bullying bitches of the cheerleading squad again as it merely takes one weekend for Elisha and Megan to embrace a new passion for an entirely different set of ‘sports’.

As Elisha wakes up on Saturday morning, she feels a strange rumbling, a hunger which grows and grows until the poor girl can’t control herself or what she is eagerly sucking and taking over and over from the most inappropriate people. As Megan wakes, it isn’t so much a hunger as a thirst, which when quenched isn’t enough and only starts to pack on some pounds in two very specific places.

No one escapes the wrath of angry teens during high school, not even the two queen bitches who thought they had it all, until they truly did take it all in quite the multiple positions and styles, something neither of them ever would have wished for.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #9

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #9 - Justice is Served by Kris Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #9 – Justice is Served by Kris Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Justice is Served, meet the Justice Sphere, a team of superheroes who have finally made the world safe again after a five year battle against all kinds of crime. Villains are no more and everyone wants to be a hero. Everyone that is except one man, a man whose life the Justice Sphere has been a part of in many ways and who has been left ignored and hurt by their heroic reign. Will this man take down the Justice Sphere in a way only the mind of a comic book writer can concoct or will Justice ultimately prevail?

It’s an epic tale over 14,000 words in length and only the first of many adventures featuring these original superheroes created by the Kreme himself.


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Paying for the Prank

Paying for the Prank by Kris P. Kreme

Paying for the Prank by Kris P. Kreme

Pete and his girlfriend Hanna are always playing pranks on one another. So much in fact, that they’ve achieved some online fame thanks to a hundred thousand and counting subscribers on Pete’s YouTube channel Prank You Very Much.

Naturally Pete is totally aware that a lot of his fans may be fans simply because Hanna is most certainly eye candy. The sharp witted hot as hell redhead is definitely worthy of the views his prank videos get and of course their back and forth banter about the pranks each plays on one another get some laughs.

It’s for the very fact that Hanna is always fun to get reactions out of that Pete has elaborately planned the latest for his YouTube videos, a prank that will terrify poor Hanna into thinking she’s about to be arrested for attempting to pass counterfeit currency.

His buddy Craig runs the small convenience store where it will all play out and Hanna has never met Craig so she’ll never suspect he’s in on the prank. Pete found some high quality paper and even higher quality printing ink online, purchased them, and printed a fake hundred dollar bill, so fake in fact that neither he nor Craig can touch it before ultimately passing it to Hanna for fear of smearing the ink.

The goal is simple, get Hanna to take the hundred with some bogus story about it being all Pete has, having just cashed a paycheck or some such. After she has it, she will need to be encouraged to run in real quick, get something from the convenience store, where the prank will play out.

It all seems easy until Pete’s sharp girlfriend thinks it through more than Pete had counted on. She’s asking all sorts of questions, like why he wouldn’t have gotten smaller denominations from the bank, why he can’t go make the purchase. But when Pete suggests she can keep the change if she’ll just do him the favor, everything takes a turn.

Fumbling over his words, Pete tries to cover up how important it is she be the one with the fake hundred by saying her keeping the change is just a gift, payment for her company. He regrets it immediately as she jumps on him suggesting he called her a prostitute.

Of course Hanna is only kidding, getting a rise out of her always fun poking boyfriend Pete, but as she takes the fake hundred into her hands from the bank envelope he planted it in, everything changes.

The ink smears instantly into her fingers, a somewhat immediately overwhelming sensation at just the touch of it, one that makes her slur and sway like Pete has never seen before. Rubbing the bill, Hanna seems to completely change her attitude, not only eager to take Pete’s money but eager to take anything else Pete would like to stick to her, and stick to her hard.

Teasing him like she never has before, quite explicit about herself, her body, what Pete can pay for that body to do, it’s now Pete who’s sweating this whole prank, but then maybe that is exactly what his girlfriend planned he thinks.

It makes sense that Hanna might somehow be in on the whole thing, his buddy Craig pulling a fast one by calling her, getting the prank reversed so that Pete would be the one freaking out. It wouldn’t be the first time and one thing about pranking so much is that you start to suspect everything.

As Hanna suggests she just go inside and see if his buddy Craig will enjoy the payment of her company more, Pete is sure of it. Hanna is playing a prank, but playing one far more severely than he ever would have given her credit for. She’s saying and doing things, she should know he can’t post on his channel but he can’t just let Hanna go in the convenience store alone the way she is acting.

Just what is the prank, and who is ultimately paying the price? Is Hanna simply smart enough to twist Pete’s own trick to backfire against him or is Hanna truly about to get herself fucked stupid and not by her boyfriend? Find out the price paid and just what caused it all to go down when a couple of online pranksters are more than just Paying for the Prank.


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SINtendo Gimbo Game Girl

SINtendo Gimbo Game Girl by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Gimbo Game Girl by Kris P. Kreme

Nothing is worse than being left with Lizi, at least for Lane and Gavin. The two are well over the age of needing a babysitter, but then neither was ever accused of being the most mature for their age. After a house party the last time his parents were out of town nearly destroyed several of his dad’s high dollar toys, Gavin now has to put up with Lizi, the family friend no friend to him and his best buddy Lane. She’s as depressing to their fun as she is to her own clothing, constantly wearing the least flattering baggy all black outfits that cover so much of her skin there remains a decent chance she might be a vampire.

All kidding aside, Lizi really isn’t helping matters and isn’t allowing Gavin or Lane even a tiny bit of fun. But when Lane arrives with a very special game system he swiped from his cousin’s house, things are about to change for all three of them.

SINtendo is a name Gavin has heard of but not Lizi, no surprise as boring and rather drab as she is. Still, the game that Lane found is no less than perfect for their mid twenties babysitter. Gimbo Game Girl is a simple game as is anything SINtendo, requiring at least two players and one game girl to play with. The goal is simple, earn transformation rewards for each YES response to a player chosen question asked of the selected game girl. Naturally with a title like Gimbo Game Girl, the transformation rewards are going to ensure that Lizi is soon embodying both a goth girl and a bimbo in ways she never imagined.

The only trick to this game is that the chosen game girl will remain totally unaware of the changes until a winner is announced, retaining the attitude and annoyance both boys have grown to dread. Naturally that means tricking Lizi into playing by convincing her it’s a trivia game where they come up with their own trivia. Her attitude is sharp and initially resistant but what’s a little attitude when Lizi is soon revealing more supple sensually swollen pale skin than either ever imagined seeing and doing things to keep both gamers quite stimulated until the very end of their gaming session?

Ask a question, get a YES. Seems simple, right? It’s not near as simple as Lizi will be once both boys are done with her. Each question made up to direct Lizi into saying yes offers transformation rewards, three options the boy asking the question can choose from to claim and inflict on poor Lizi. Soon enough their babysitter might just be behaving more like a baby maker in ways most humiliating, much to Gavin and Lane’s amusement.

Every boy plays mental games with the babysitter, but older boys play much harder, thanks to SINtendo.


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Kreme of the Krop 2015

Kreme of the Krop 2015 by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme of the Krop 2015 by Kris P. Kreme

The Kreme of the Krop for 2015 brought to you by Kris P. Kreme! The following four tales represent some of the very best and most popular tales of 2015, as well as one very special brand new tale exclusively written for Kreme of the Krop readers. Heads I Win… Tails You Lose, Blessed Swell, My How the Family has Changed and the new Kreme tale The Dangers of Casual Reading are the best of 2015!

The following four tales represent some of the very best and most popular tales of 2015, Klassics, Kustom requested stories which wouldn’t be possible without reader requests and feedback, as well as one very special brand new tale exclusively written for Kreme of the Krop readers like you. It’s that time of the year again, time to bring in the Krop and binge on every last drop of Kreme-y goodness.

Up first, enjoy a brand new tale which demonstrates quite explicitly The Dangers of Casual Reading. When Cassidy discovers her boyfriend might be a big fan of an author named Kris P. Kreme, she quickly finds out that simply reading the stories may have quite the impact on her relationship… with any and all men everywhere.

Up next in the Krop this year is the Klassic that combined two Klassics into one, a tale which told of two fates one coed faced meeting a man outside the campus library. She’d either end up a brainless bimbo or sexy smarty all on the flip of a coin. This is the type of tale that proves not all Kreme vixens are dumber than they look.

Our next filling tale comes from a Kustom Kreme Single, requests made by readers like you and pitched to the Kreme, given the special spin of Kreme originality, and then written into existence. They’re always a bit unique and can go anywhere. The three girls in this tale went places they never imagined and found themselves in a frightening and yet pleasurable place called Blessed Swell where nothing was at it seemed.

Finally, we finish out the Kreme of the Krop 2015 with another Kustom request, but this time, a requested sequel to a Klassic. In the original Klassic My How You’ve Changed we met Eric as he met a girl he hadn’t seen since high school. Through the course of their reconnecting in a grocery store we witnessed how things truly had changed… or were they changing as Eric pointed them out on the once sweet girl? This time we follow along as Eric still has more high school acquaintances to revisit, more severe changes to point out, and for Eric more twisted revenge to dish out for bullying and abuse he left long in the past. It’s fun for the whole family… at least as far as Eric is concerned when stopping by once bully Jeff Foster’s home.

And so yet another year’s Kreme of the Krop has been taken in. Until next year, be sure and enjoy all the fresh Kreme, never knowing which fantastically freaky tales this year may last forever in Kreme of the Krop 2016.


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Spa Sucking

Spa Sucking by Kris P. Kreme

Spa Sucking by Kris P. Kreme

Chris always loved Elly as she was. After all she was the woman he fell for and got married to, and he accepted her completely despite her shyness. However even Chris, who never expected too much, expected a bit more openness in the bedroom after the honeymoon.

Elly was the kind of woman who kept the lights off to get dressed, preferred holding hands to anything else, and blushed at the mere mention of a public kiss. She was terminally shy, inwardly trapped in her own world where she not only kept Chris at arm’s length from so many desires but also never met a new person or made friends.

At first it was okay, but months into the marriage Chris is starting to get desperate. He’s feeling the pressure build, his desires for Elly true and yet unrequited in many ways. He knows she just needs to relax, to calm down and let the stress out, and after a night of drinking in the local pub with his friends, the suggestion is made to send Elly to a spa for a special treatment.

Even as harsh as his friends can be, and even if they were drunk when making the suggestion, Chris has to admit a spa day might just be what Elly needs. It’s sure to be relaxing as otherwise what would be the point of visiting a spa, and even if it doesn’t loosen her up more to some alone time with him, it might win him a few points and at this point he needs anything he can get.

Of course if he’s going to pamper his wife with a special spa visit, it has to be just the right spa and unfortunately Chris knows of no such place. Fortunately, or possibly unfortunately for him, his buddies Stephen and Clyde know exactly the place, a rather unconventional spa known as Le Spa Le Suck.

Laughing at the name, assuming it to be a joke, Chris is assured that this spa is the real deal, testimonials and all from very satisfied clients. They reportedly are foreign, not French at all, as the name is clearly made up, but they practice a very special technique no other spa in town does.

Through the use of special oils and lathers, they offer a soaker tub with mechanized suckers beneath the water which promise to clean and massage every inch of the body simultaneously.

It all makes sense to Chris, and even seems like the best kind of spa treatment for Elly, one where she need not worry about strangers touching her as everything is done automatically by the mechanized soaker tub suckers.

Elly however is not pleased, not angry of course, but not excited either. She’s shy, and shyness always means she’d rather just stay home and relax not go somewhere new, especially not some spa where she’ll be away from Chris the entire time.

The spa is unusual as she’s taken away to the back, and while at first the self application of special creams and pre-rinse skin treatments seems nice, actually disarming to the usually shy girl, everything quickly escalates to a point she is not comfortable with, climbing into the large soaker tub.

The combination of the soak in the warm bubbly water, the suction cups mechanically attaching to parts of her body beneath, and the creams warming and bringing all new sensations to her body is too much. Elly finds herself struggling not to give in, to fight from letting her shyness loose, from becoming something and someone she never has been.

This spa is clearly offering an amazing treatment, she realizes, but is the treatment cleansing and relaxing her, or changing her somewhat permanently and in ways most extreme?

When midway through she glances beneath the bubbles in the water and sees what is happening to her body, all new curves and all new sensations, Elly knows that this spa might just be sucking away much more than stress.

Forced to endure the entire treatment, will the same Elly step out of the tub that stepped in or will the woman who leaves be putting an all new suck in Le Spa Le Suck and thanking their all male staff in ways Chris never could have imagined his tragically shy wife conceiving of?

It’s certainly never a dumb idea to offer a day at the spa, but some spas might just leave a woman dumber for having taken the day there in the first place. Discover the magic of relaxing and see if Elly can resist giving into all new desires thanks to a little day of Spa Sucking.


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Nympho N-vestigations of Neptune

Nympho N-vestigations of Neptune by Kris P. Kreme

Nympho N-vestigations of Neptune by Kris P. Kreme

A number of months have passed since Ethan’s life took a turn for the bizarre, since he found what appeared to be some children’s toy ray gun and quickly determined it to be the genuine article.

The Plutonian Propagators once sought to dominate earth for demoting their planet to dwarf status, and their choice of punishment was to overpopulate the earth in massive lustful attacks, turning innocent women into little more than breeding obsessed animals, the men into equally eager animals of a different nature. And then came the Neptunians, humanoid green skinned aliens with a passion for passion, so much so that they were called the Nymphos of Neptune.

In a ploy to earn greater respect than the Plutonians, a head scientist of Neptune named Gleewad created the Nympho Knocker Upper, a gun that would enslave any woman fired on to obsess about mating with whoever fired it to a degree well beyond common sense and reason. The gun equally prepared the male firing it for just that task and Gleewad set out to conquer the earth, or more specifically to get some of that very fine human female forms for his own nefarious enjoyment.

Naturally plans never went as they should and Gleewad was struck by a car on earth, his gun lost, and that was where Ethan entered the picture, until then an everyday slacker who could only dream of having a woman begging him for sex.

By the end of Ethan’s tale, he not only had all the sex he could handle, he held both Gleewad’s NKU gun and his sexy niece Talina. Of course this was not the end of Ethan’s tale after all and months later, his story would be unfolding into quite the literal cluster-fuck of interplanetary proportions.

Ethan knows that someone with the government may eventually track him down, take seriously the rumors of some man with a ray gun in the park that day. They may somehow find the man who somehow ramped up a population spike like never before in his small town, and so Ethan has been a very busy breeder.

Thanks to the generous and sexy Asian hotties, mother and daughter, that he met that first day, he has a place to hide, living there with them and Talina, the Nympho from Neptune who stayed behind with her earth lover. Equally thanks to Yuki and her daughter Rei, Ethan has been able to throw off the scent, spreading the rash of unexplained pregnancies all over the country.

However deeply hidden from the public exists a small and elite all female squad of former soldiers with one highly skilled teenage hacker, and their combined skills have investigated the unexplained, ultimately leading them right to Ethan and his alien ray gun.

Of course, Gleewad has been busy himself, developing a Reversal Ray to undo the damage done, particularly to both his reputation and his niece Talina. As both the elite military squad and Gleewad arrive on the same night outside the home where Ethan hides, all hell is about to break loose, and it’s going to be truly a hot and steamy night where nobody can predict just what will happen.

Will General Ivy Towers and her small stealthy squad take down Ethan? Will Gleewad save face for all Neptune? Will Ethan have a whole new bevy of Neptunian Nymphos to enjoy? Find out in this all new epic adventure of comedic chaos from beyond the night sky.


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Grab Bag #8

The Grab Bag #8 by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #8 by Kris P. Kreme

In this Grab Bag, Good or Bad, these tales tell the tragic journey from high and mighty to low and slutty. In Time off for Naughty Behavior a superhero faces exposure and in Wanna Bet? a good girl finds herself changing.

This Grab Bag holds…


Time off for Naughty Behavior

Fighting crime in Empire City, Darkira has put dozens of perverse men behind concrete walls at the Striker Institute for the Criminally Insane. One of those men is about to turn the tables from within. Doctor Deprave has a power to control others, a dangerous power not fully understood and now focused on revenge. Will Darkira find her mask removed, her identity exposed in more ways than one?


Wanna Bet?

Elisha has just led the youth of Oak Chapel as preacher for Youth Sunday. Now she’s leading a mystery man, Eric, on a tour of the church, though while his interests seem to be expressed towards the building and architecture, he clearly has more of an eye for her. Think a pretty young blonde leading a man on a tour of a church is dull? Wanna Bet?


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Trance-tory Telecommunications

Trance-tory Telecommunications by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Telecommunications by Kris P. Kreme

Emma Michaels is a student at West Elmer’s High School and like every eighteen year old girl, Emma just loves the freedom of her own cell phone. Unlike many though, Emma has been selected at random by Trance-tory Telecommunications to participate in a signal check to ensure she is getting the best and most reliable service possible.

What Emma doesn’t know is that Trance-tory is a notorious company with their hands in all sorts of nasty business, emphasis on the nasty. Even during the first conversation Emma has with the helpful sounding man on the phone, she’s almost positive she hears him say things no one should say. However when he repeats himself, the bizarre crude things are perfectly ordinary everyday questions so clearly her cell phone signal isn’t up to speed.

All Emma needs to do in order to correct the situation is cooperate in a signal check, putting her phone on speaker, setting it down and listening to some tones. Afterwards she is asked how many tones she heard and that determines the quality of the signal.

On the first night she hears just two tones, and after the call feels inspired to download some new music, oddly discovering that while the lyrics might be more crude than she is used to, the songs aren’t that bad.

The following night, Trance-tory Telecommunications calls back, this time having applied some modifications and seeking her cooperation for another signal check. After hearing three tones, Emma decides that the next day she simply has to shop for better clothing, resulting in some rather unhappy parents at her choice of indecently revealing outfits.

Another night and another call from Trance-tory, this time the signal check resulting in four tones heard clearly. Again, after the call is over, Emma is feeling quite invigorated, seeing in herself what her boyfriend and others have always hinted at, a hot sexy young girl.

After a passionate self-stimulated night, the following day is when Emma discovers the joys of teasing, walking around town and the mall in her skimpy outfits, loving the looks men give her.

That next evening, the final call comes in from Trance-tory Telecommunications and this time they’re sure they have resolved the signal issue. One last test confirms it as Emma quite clearly hears all five tones and somewhat immediately decides that it’s well past time the always good girl virgin got herself good and fucked.

Thanks to Trance-tory, her calls will never be clearer, both her mind and legs will never be more open, and everyone who crosses Emma’s path will be smiling the smile of quite satisfied telecommunications customers, no matter what service they have.

Finally the Klassic Kreme original that inspired the hit web comic Trance-tory Takeover is available, and no signal check needed to read and enjoy as many nights in a row as desired. You might hate dropped calls, but the only thing dropped by Trance-tory Telecommunications is panties.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #8

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #8 - Reading Up and Bedding Down

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #8 – Reading Up and Bedding Down

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Reading Up and Bedding Down, meet John, a man who has it all. He has a gorgeous girl named Alicia who is funny, sexy, and young, a perfect dream come true for a man like John and nothing is getting in the way of their lives moving forward together; nothing that is but Alicia’s rather silly concerns over starting a family together. Alicia has read all the articles, many of them holding minuscule amounts of truth.

From what she has read or heard, Alicia is worried she’ll become a hormone-crazed nympho slut, with tits that only get bigger and bigger, a girl who is so into getting knocked up she becomes a brainless bimbo, to use her own over-anxious words. John has placed a call to a fertility clinic, the only one in their neck of the woods, and has taken off early from work to stop by and pick up some literature for her to read, something to alleviate her concerns.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you read it, John has stumbled upon a very unique clinic, one where the pamphlets don’t just solve the concerns. They might just make them come true. Reading Up and Bedding Down is a friendly tale of family ambitions gone wild where the only worries are how big the family will get.


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SINtendo Womannequinizer

SINtendo Womannequinizer by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Womannequinizer by Kris P. Kreme

Adam has been a game tester for as long as he and Erica dated, but ever since they moved in together, she’s been nearly nonstop bitching about everything he does or doesn’t do with her. She’s high maintenance to a degree even a gamer can’t play with without becoming frustrated and on the day his latest game to test arrives, things in their relationship might be either crashing or reaching a whole new level.

Thanks to SINtendo, Adam is quickly swayed from ending it all and playing more than just a game with his cute girlfriend. The rush order came in and he has to test and review the follow-up to one of SINtendo’s lesser popular titles, Mannequinizer. Where in that game a man changed into a mannequin when facing penalties during the game for incorrect button presses, this one does the same but only to a woman holding the controller.

As is typical with all things SINtendo, the game is bizarre, extreme, and in this case not even much of a game, offering no points, scores, or leveling up when playing. Still, thanks to the serious bitchy rant and threat to end everything just for wanting to do his job, Adam suspects that this game might just solve everything about his relationship.

Having spent more cash and plastic on Erica than she ever spent on herself, it’s well past time she earned a little cash and what better way than to make her plastic and sell her out.

A little trickery and Erica has the game controller, angry up until the moment she presses incorrect buttons mere seconds after taking it. At that moment she freezes, literally becoming nothing more than a hollow plastic shell, a very lifelike mannequin that Adam is more than willing to exploit for some perverse enjoyment, chalking it up to just a thorough testing of the game.

From her hard plastic shell which remains strikingly warm to her kinky detachable head which puts all new meaning to the terms getting head from your girlfriend, Adam is having a literal blast and making a mess of poor Erica. But then what’s the fun about having a sexy mannequin if you can’t earn some extra income with her, repay all the debts she has run up in their life together?

Fortunately an inner city somewhat underground Sex Fest with booths offering kinky toys, pornos, and more, is just the place to take Erica’s humiliation and plastic form to the final level.

Playing games has always paid the bills but playing Erica is what truly makes Adam’s job as a game tester definitely satisfying. It’s all in the SINtendo Selects Game of the Month, out now for mature players with an immature sense of fun.


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Desda the Demoness – Eggs-cellently Evil

Desda the Demoness - Eggs-cellently Evil by Kris P. Kreme

Desda the Demoness – Eggs-cellently Evil by Kris P. Kreme

Ever since Desda came along with the full intent of ruining Donnie the Demon’s earthly amusement, things just haven’t been going anywhere near as satisfying as they should.

Sure, her ex is a complete dimwit, but the damn demon just doesn’t seem to let anything get to him, though most of that could simply be because he believes every lie and somehow even the tricks she plays on him work out just fine for Donnie.

It’s the off season now, Donnie’s Costume Castle never all that busy around this time of the year and so of course the opportunities to fuck around with Donnie are few and far between. Currently he’s off somewhere, doing who the hell knows what because Desda successfully suckered him into believing there was a mini-pizza convention out of town.

As hilarious as it is to put one over on the dimwit, now Desda is stuck managing the store and with no customers it’s duller than any date she ever had back when she and Donnie were dating. As a cruel hellish demoness, Desda needs some evil enjoyment from life now and then.

It isn’t until the jingle of the entrance bells that Desda realizes she might just get that enjoyment after all.

Charlotte Long has been a customer of Donnie’s for several years now, practically from the first year his Costume Castle opened, but until today she’s never actually set foot inside the store, always placing the order for the Easter Bunny costume her church needed over the phone and having it delivered.

The sickeningly sweet Sunday school teacher and faithful wife and mother has chosen this year to surprise Donnie, to finally meet the always friendly man who she knows is quite famed for wearing his demon costume so frequently.

Unfortunately, Donnie’s not here and the friendly greeting she gets from Desda will almost instantly take a turn for the worse. If anything is worse than humans, Desda thinks, it’s a religious human with all that pure hopeful cheer that they are always throwing about.

Pretending to help Charlotte, Desda does two things, knowing full well that both will completely ruin the attractive sweet redhead. First, she steps into the back and swaps out bunny costumes, grabbing one of the bunny costumes she knows Donnie’s former bullies cursed, the costumes that in the past have warped innocent minds and bodies like never before.

The second thing Desda does will catch poor Charlotte by surprise and send her running in humiliation from the store. Ever since coming up to the world of the humans, the world Donnie pathetically loves so much, Desda has had a bag of tricks, cruel methods of torture she intended to use. What better time of year than Easter to use the carton of colored eggs she has hidden behind the register counter?

When Charlotte is most unsuspecting, having taken the wrapped up bunny costume and nearly about to leave, Desda pulls the carton of evil eggs up and begins throwing them at the poor woman. These eggs are ruthlessly twisted methods of torture, each one splattering into Charlotte body and saturating her very soul. The ones hitting her chest bring on instant and continuous swelling, the ones hitting her head lock Desda into her thoughts so that the demoness not only will drive her mad with depravity but direct her like the perverted puppet she is soon to become.

Running home, horrified, Charlotte is feeling so many confusing sensations, assuming the swelling she is suffering is some sort of severe allergic reaction. Showering, attempting to wash away the evil, Charlotte is slowly beginning to feel that nothing will clean her soul no matter how cleanly the splattered eggs are washed away from her skin.

Desda has corrupted and controlled her, and despite the support of a concerned husband, there is no stopping a demoness with evil intentions.

It isn’t until the following day, getting dressed, and having Desda quite suddenly speaking within her mind, refusing to shut up, refusing to leave her alone, that Charlotte truly gives into the temptations that Donnie’s evil ex is offering.

After being influenced to wear the skimpy bunny costume, every twisted physical and mental urge is multiplied and the faithful Sunday school teacher’s resolve and resistance is rapidly fading.

Compelled to hop like a bunny, Charlotte feels more and more wild, more and more uninhibited, and between the cruel demands by Desda in her head and the cursed desires released by the costume she wears, Charlotte soon will be desperately seeking to defile and corrupt every supple inch of her curvy fertile body.

Desda may be dealing with a pretty dull time of year for costume sales, but one thing is certain, both she and every man Charlotte Long encounters will be having a very Happy Easter.


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Convincing by Kris P. Kreme

Convincing by Kris P. Kreme

While Annie has never been the bookworm super shy girl on campus, she also never was much for partying and living it up over Spring Break. The ritual of throwing herself at boys and acting ridiculous was just too much for Annie and so most Spring Breaks she just went back home to her folks to supposedly enjoy some time off from studying, to get away from campus and relax.

Unfortunately for Annie, each Spring Break has become more and more difficult to relax around her parents. They constantly harass her about not having a boyfriend, about how at her age her mother was very popular with boys and how Annie is gorgeous and certainly should have no problem finding one.

As her mother puts it, Annie is missing out on an important part of life, not having a meaningful romance of sorts, a passionate encounter during her college years but Annie hasn’t been all that ready for relationships and now another Spring Break has returned and already, just calling home to tell her mom she’ll be home by dinnertime, she’s already getting harped on.

And then the solution occurred to her, right there in the middle of the education building talking on the phone with her overbearing mother. All Annie needs to do in order to have a stress free week at home without the worry of being constantly complained to about her lacking interest in boys… is to bring a boy to dinner and convince her parents that yes, she does in fact have a boyfriend.

It’s the perfect plan, just requiring some boy to act out and pretend to be her boyfriend long enough to convince her parents, and then she’ll be free of the headaches she has suffered in recent years thanks to parents who obsess over their daughter getting in some healthy dating time.

The problem is that most boys are leaving campus, hitting the beach or wherever most of the girls go. But there is Jimmy, and Jimmy seems pretty cool, popular with girls for sure as there are rumors he somehow dated every single freshman girl his first year on campus. He’s a loner and tends to rarely if ever leave the campus so naturally he’s the perfect one to ask and a short conversation later, Jimmy is on board.

A free meal and some simple convincing of a hot girl’s parents that he’s her boyfriend certainly seems a pretty decent way to spend the evening, but then is there more to Jimmy than Annie knows?

Along the drive back home, Jimmy talks strategy and the plan seems to be falling into place, Annie just sure her parents will be fully convinced that she’s with Jimmy, dating, passionate, involved, no doubts at all left in their minds.

Of course as Jimmy points out, a girl really into her boyfriend might dress a little more sexy for him and while it’s a bit odd, it makes sense. Annie has seen many girls go out of their way to dress in revealing outfits around their boyfriends, so if that’s the way to play this game, a short stop and a change of clothes midway home is nothing of a problem.

Finally at home, everything seems to be going to plan, but is there doubt in her mother’s eyes? Does her father really buy the story Annie lays out? Even the kiss that Jimmy suggested might not be enough since kisses can be forced and faked.

It’s all about convincing her parents, and as she soon finds out Jimmy is full of suggestions and ideas to further convince her mother and father that she and Jimmy are a couple, that the two of them are serious about each other. As dinner begins Annie is getting desperate to make sure that there remains no doubt, that her parents are convinced and she’s willing to take any suggestion Jimmy has since clearly he knows a lot more than she does about dating, fake or real.

This Spring Break, Annie’s diving right into the debauchery she always sought to avoid, but it’s all good since she’s just trying to be more Convincing.


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Lenny the Lewdly Lascivious Leprechaun

Lenny the Lewdly Lascivious Leprechaun by Kris P. Kreme

Lenny the Lewdly Lascivious Leprechaun by Kris P. Kreme

The legend told the tale of a lecherous leprechaun by the name of Lenny, once banished from the Leprechaun kingdom into our realm, where he was cursed forever to grant wishes should he be spotted on St. Patrick’s Day. Those wishes never turned out quite right for Lenny himself just wasn’t quite right. He was a lech of course, drawn in and fascinated by the female human form… but forever was cursed not to touch such a form himself until a mall event one St. Patrick’s Day led him to Colleen.

Colleen, a sweet if somewhat naughty girl made the wish that Lenny never had dealt with in eons of living out his curse. Her wish left her a leprechaun herself, though naturally without the extreme powers that made Lenny so lecherous and lewd. Together they lived and for quite some time, they shared quite the amorous adventure and this is the tale of Lenny lost to Kreme readers until now.

On an otherwise average day where Lenny and his Leprechaun bride found themselves holed up in the bell tower of a small town church, little did anyone below suspect that this small town was about to face big repercussions thanks to a simple little wager among the twisted twosome.

Every year around this time, for one cause or another, the senior cheerleaders at the small Tralee High School got together and washed cars. Naturally they competed among each other to wash the most but just as most of the men in town who brought dirty cars had dirtier motives hidden to most, these girls had their own agendas. This year, only four seniors, a decent number in a town as small as Tralee, New York, were sudsy and skimpy, captivating to not just those who owned the cars they washed but the twinkle eyed Lenny far above, watching them bounce and shimmy all wet and lathered.

When Colleen notices the interest, her wickedness arises and so she challenges her new leprechaun hubby to a bet, that even if her leprechaun powers are new, she can still outdo Lenny at wrecking these supple girl’s lives with twisted wishes gone awry. Even though Lenny’s curse restricts his wish granting to those who see him, Colleen is quick to point out that she is not cursed and so will grant Lenny’s wishes for him in whatever manner he chooses.

The wager is on, one wish a piece, each creatively granting them in ways most foul and fun, but just who will win? Is Lenny to be proven second fiddle to the redheaded lass he turned green with lust or is Lenny the undisputed lascivious leprechaun to never fall short in perversions aplenty? Find out when the small town of Tralee rises to new heights of depravity never before seen but soon quite clearly apparent to all, and not just Lenny and Colleen.

Enjoy the lost tale that proves just how lewdly lascivious Lenny can be with a good woman at his side.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #7

 Selfies from Kastle Kreme #7 - Matters of Perspective

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #7 – Matters of Perspective

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Matters of Perspective, Jeff always liked taking the easier of two paths, coasting through life, even coasting through relationships. Surprisingly he has been unusually fortunate with how things turned out, stumbling into a relationship with a very attractive younger woman. The problem is, Katie is a go-getter and always has been, definitely the flip-side to Jeff’s coin.

Marrying Katie was a great thing, convenient to Jeff, allowing him a relaxing life where he expects to get all a man could want. Unfortunately, Katie wants more and so the topic of counseling with a therapist comes up. Therapy is not only expensive to Jeff but the very thought of it is inconvenient, pouring out his personal problems to some guy who rakes in the dough for listening.

So Jeff tells of the unusual solution he came up with, the bizarre pop-up ad he clicked on innocently just wanting to find the easy way out of his problems. The product advertised seems perfectly reasonable, an all-organic mood enhancer for those who stress or have problems and as Jeff sees it, Katie is having those stressful problems. It isn’t like he has changed since she met him. He just wants to avoid lengthy hassles and therapy or counseling would be a hassle.


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Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell by Kris P. Kreme

Highway to Hell by Kris P. Kreme

It definitely isn’t that Derrick doesn’t love his wife, more like it’s really difficult to best recall such love when she’s giving him nothing short of hell in one of the most hellish places for a breakdown on the planet.

Susanna is red hot, more than just attractive, from her red hair down, but right now she’s red for other reasons and the scorching desert sun above is not one of them. It was all her idea, Derrick thinks, her idea or her sister’s to have a spontaneous trip for the weekend, a trip that required her and he traveling by rental car across the desert to meet up for some supposed fun little gathering.

Derrick has always been loyal to his wife, and they’ve had good times, but when Susanna isn’t getting her way, when things aren’t going absolutely flawlessly, she can be a serious pain to be around. All she has been doing since the rental car broke down and they began the desert hike back to a bus station Derrick remembered passing is bitch and bitch and bitch. Thankfully, just when he’s quite close to choosing the circling vultures over the nagging wife, Derrick and Susanna come upon the bus station.
It’s late in the day, the sun finally setting but that certainly isn’t going to cool down Susanna, particularly when Derrick breaks the news that it seems the only bus heading west in the right direction doesn’t leave until midnight.

The hours pass and Susanna seems to cool, if only by chatting up the other passengers waiting for the bus, Derrick getting several tongue lashings for his admittedly fascinated repeated staring at the cute young goth girl, Zoey as Susanna finds out.

In some distant corner of his mind, Derrick always had a thing for goth girls though he isn’t entirely sure it’s not simply because goth is about the most extreme opposite of Susanna. She’s feisty, sexy, mind-blowingly intelligent, and all redhead, but there are days when the bad outweighs the good and today has definitely been one of those days.

As time comes to board, Susanna is continuously outraged by the creepy slob of a driver leering at her, somehow blaming Derrick for that as she blames everything. Derrick is distracting himself and calming himself with idle thoughts of Zoey, and the remaining passengers compile their little oddball assortment. From the all business, no time to talk, high maintenance blonde who seems more than a bit racist to the cute pair that seem like siblings but mostly aren’t though it’s complicated, everyone there has a story.

Their stories are about to get rewritten as this bus is going to hit a bump in the road which spins the route off on a direct path to hell, thanks to the mysterious arrival of an additional man on board, not there one second, there the next, calling himself simply Mr. Bub.

Mr. Bub has come to punish just two of the passengers, the rest as he calls them friendly fire unfortunately.

Who are the two? Why are they being punished? What sorts of chaos await all passengers aboard the midnight bus through the desert? And of course the ultimate question… just what destination is this bus now going to reach?

Find out and take a trip on the wildest bus ride of your life with Mr. Bub as he leads everyone down the Highway to Hell.


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Grab Bag #7

The Grab Bag #7 by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #7 by Kris P. Kreme

It’s that time of year again, Easter time, and this Grab Bag is just stuffed with Bunny busty beauties and their eggs-cellently twisted tales! This Grab Bag includes: Benny the Bumbling Bunny and Through the Looking Glass, two stories that tell of the fun that happens around bunnies…

This Grab Bag holds…


Benny the Bumbling Bunny

Everyone knows the Easter bunny. During the fertile time of year known as Spring, those wishing to add to their families receive special visits by Easter bunnies, visits they never are aware of, unless that bunny is named Benny. Benny is a bumbling bunny, a loveable character who does well at delivering the passion for fertility, even if he makes more than a few wrong deliveries.


Through the Looking Glass

When you stare into a mirror, who stares back? That is the question a shy woman named Alice faces when she purchases an antique mirror from a yard sale. She finds herself imagining this mirror version of herself, opposite in all respects, and begins to enjoy the alternate world where she isn’t so shy, isn’t so pure, and definitely isn’t so innocent.


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Leap Day

Leap Day by Kris P. Kreme

Leap Day by Kris P. Kreme

It’s Leap Day and while a group of friends are skipping class and hanging out in one of their basements, their lives are about to take a most unexpected leap into the twisted and bizarre.

Always the cool headed and reasonable one of his small circle of friends, Sam is as usual doubting the reasons why he’s even still buddies with Travis and Cole. The two are slackers and while he’s definitely one himself, hosting this little impromptu skip day, Sam never takes it quite to the extremes they do.

Having drained the last of his dad’s stash of beer, Travis and Cole are barely even able to stand much less form logical thoughts, and yet it’s Travis who somewhat proudly announces that today is Leap Day and according to his slurring drunken wisdom and knowledge, on Leap Day any wish one makes will come true, as long as they follow three bizarre and unrelated seeming steps.

If it wasn’t for Emma, the only girl in their little foursome, Sam probably wouldn’t be having anywhere close to a decent time, Travis and Cole constantly making them both roll their eyes and sigh. But it’s a nice day off from the monotony of school and Leap Day or not, he’ll stick with the plan of doing nothing.

Of course Travis’ little announcement about Leap Day being the day one can have whatever they wish for meets with sarcasm and disbelief, to which Travis is only too happy to stagger and perform the little ritual he says is needed in order to fulfill his every wish.

According to him, three hops, a full spin around, and then a simple wolf whistle will unlock the ability to have whatever wish is spoken next granted. It’s typical Travis, Sam thinks, and Emma is right there with him, explaining that Leap Day is only special because it’s an extra day that happens only once every four years. It isn’t magic though and wishes are not coming true no matter what little acrobatic dance and whistle one does.

When Travis successfully does his little hops and spin, following with a wolf whistle and an inebriated wish focused on Emma, their ordinary skip day slowly begins to descend into chaos, one wish at a time.

Sam, assuming at first that Emma must be just playing along with the first wish is shocked when she tells him something is wrong. But it isn’t until Cole makes a more extreme wish, in drunken competition with his friend, that Sam sees just how seriously wrong all of this is.

Somehow, by some inexplicable reasoning, Travis, the ever goofy stoner teen, has actually revealed a true method of making wishes come true. As he says it only happens on Leap Day and for this Leap Day the wishes are getting out of hand, particularly with two stumbling morons making drunk wishes at the expense of their oldest female friend, a girl they have grown up together with but now find themselves watching grow in entirely new ways before them.

With the world in his own basement around him falling into impossible chaos and Emma suffering humiliation and pain like never before at the hands of their drunk friends, Sam is doing everything he can just to keep level headed. When the two start to drag his mom in on it, having always lusted after the supposedly hottest milf of any mothers they know, Sam finds that the only way to fight back against the depraved wishes is with some creative wishing of his own.

Will Travis and Cole ever truly sober up? Will they finally get some action from Sam’s hot milf of a mom? Will Emma ever be the same again? Are these questions making you thirsty for some refreshing milk? You’re in luck, because all these questions and more are only to be answered on the one day of the year that otherwise never exists, the one day that hasn’t existed so far for any Kreme reader. Get ready to have one hell of a day; get ready for Leap Day.


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SINtendo suDIKu

SINtendo suDIKu by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo suDIKu by Kris P. Kreme

Kari is a hot prospect in her company, in more ways than one. She’s tenacious, young, and risen to division head faster than anyone before her. She also has just recently led her team to unanimous success in a highly profitable account, a success that has unfortunately led to a bit of downtime in the office.

While downtime to most would be great, Kari knows that it isn’t ever too great to be letting things go too smoothly, taking it too easy. There are other accounts to prep for, other jobs waiting to be done, especially if her three man team she heads up is to remain at the top of the company’s leadership board.

As Kari remains fierce and focused, the same can’t be said for her three talented but diverse workers. The older Pete is as nervous as he is caffeine addicted, practically jumping whenever Kari so much as speaks a demanding word in his direction. Ben is more of the middle of the road, focused on work but equally focused on whatever anyone else wants to chat with him about. Which of course leaves Victor, the troublemaker whose brilliance on the job is about the only thing keeping his attitude from leading to quick termination.

Kari never shied away from arrogance and men like Victor, the guy always making comments about her, always offering totally unsubtle leers at her, and today when she interrupts his loud water fountain conversation with Ben about some lurid sounding video game, she’s not about to back down.

As Victor puts it though, they’ve just had a huge success. It’s no harm to cut loose, relax a little, but Kari is quick to point out that all his dicking around is going to get him fired no matter what successes he has enjoyed.

Naturally it comes as a pleasant surprise when Kari is bored by lack of things to do, sitting in her office, and an email comes from none other than Victor, offering both an apology and a link to something he thinks she might enjoy.

She’s glad he’s finally getting with the program, but then nothing Victor ever did was fully humbling, or genuine so it’s a bit surprising he would send her a link to some sort of Sudoku gaming online.

Anyone in the company could tell you that Kari absolutely loved Sudoku, spending her lunch break everyday filling out one book or another. She’d mastered them all, traditional and non-traditional, but as she’s about to discover, this Sudoku is very non-traditional.
It’s obvious why Victor would link her to this, some company called SINtendo putting out a game they couldn’t even spell the name right to, calling it SINtendo suDIKu and featuring graphically rendered numbers that looked like little figures or parts of the human anatomy.

As angry as she is at the little ones that look like cocks or twos that look like women on their knees, Kari realizes one thing. It’s still Sudoku and she’s certainly more willing to accept some puzzle challenges than waste her time berating Victor for this when it’s obvious he just wanted to push her buttons and get a rise out of her.

Of course she’s easily able to solve the first puzzle, and even the second, third, fourth and so on. But what is with the strange amusement she’s suddenly feeling toward the congratulatory animations that happen when she completes a puzzle? Why is she actually enjoying the way the little number shaped figures move and grind against each other?

More importantly, Kari realizes soon enough, maybe… just maybe… there are better uses of company time than playing sexy puzzle games in her office. After all, she’s always been hard nosed in riding her team to succeed. Could it be time the team finally rode her?

Find out in the very first of a new monthly series sure to help every player get his or her game on. SINtendo Selects game of the month presents… SINtendo suDIKu.


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Kimmy’s Big Debut

Kimmy's Big Debut by Kris P. Kreme

Kimmy’s Big Debut by Kris P. Kreme

Kimberly has always had a bright future, full of talent that she knows will take her far in life. Her biggest goal is to make it in Hollywood one day, to perform for audiences the way she has practiced and honed her creative endeavors for her church at home.

Of course now that she is eighteen and soon to be heading off on her own, Kimberly is facing the biggest changes of her young life. She’s also about to face the biggest challenge performing that she ever took on, volunteering for the lead role in an upcoming play for her church.

Kimberly will play a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who has a breakthrough and realizes who she has always been, a performance that will push her to bring emotional and positive response from the audience.

With a natural talent for all things theater, from acting to singing, Kimberly knows that the best way to prepare for a role is to create the character, be the character, and learn how that character is to give the most natural presentation. One thing that of course is key, is the right costume and it conveniently happens to be what she has planned for a nice dose of inspiration one Sunday after church.

A good girl never goes to the seedier part of town, especially to a place like Fetish Fun, a store in a rundown building that specializes in cheap leather, latex, and PVC clothing for the lower class members of society. Kimberly though has never shied away from awkward situations when it came to preparing for a role. The people are just that, people, and she can face some unsavory characters and conditions in the search for not only inspiration in her upcoming performance but a perfect costume to wear during the beginning of the play, before her character goes through the transition and epiphany of realizing who she is and what she is worth.

As bright, intelligent, and talented as young Kimberly is, she isn’t quite prepared for the sheer overwhelming atmosphere Fetish Fun offers as she walks through the door.

The stench of cheap leather, the smell of all things raunchy, the leers of dirty looking men, the sounds of metal music over speakers above, it’s all quite dominating and Kimberly really has to focus to get through the experience.

Of course something else is happening, and Kimberly might not realize what until it’s too late. Is she truly being inspired into what her character is, the role coming to life in her mind as an alternate version of herself? Is Kimberly discovering the Kimmy inside her, a simpler girl with no self-worth but how many dicks she can take inside her? Is she finding the mental place she will need to be at to convince an audience that her acting is flawless… or is Kimberly discovering something much more shocking?

Kimberly was planning to act like a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who finds out her true value and transforms in an inspirational moment… but in visiting the wrong side of the tracks, has an innocent girl taken the steps to discover that she never had any value at all, but a cheap leather wearing slut who does anything for a good dicking?

Good meets bad in one delightfully sweet little package but this is no act; it’s Kimmy’s Big Debut.


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Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid's Arrow by Kris P. Kreme

Cupid’s Arrow by Kris P. Kreme

Like most teenagers, Clay is in a moody transitional phase of life, eighteen and poised on the cusp of heading off into life with little to no experience. Unlike most the classmates he knows however, Clay is missing one particular experience they all seem quite excited over this Valentine’s Day.

Clay has never experienced love, or what passes for love among teens, the animal passion and exploration that comes from hormonal rages. It seems that everyone is excited about Valentine’s Day but Clay, because Clay is spending it alone, at home, killing time anyway he can, and easily driving his mom up the wall with his attitude.

While the girls at school are excited by the prospect of a day dedicated to guys giving them gifts and doing everything they want, the guys at school are equally excited by the opportunity to get some action from those girls they do everything for. It’s a typical ritual this time of year and Clay is as angry as ever to once again be left out.

Mulling about the house, stewing in his own despair, Clay’s mother Isabelle has just about had enough of the angst. Offering little alternative she pretty much kicks Clay out for a while, ordering him to get outside, find something to do to occupy himself. On a day when everyone else is either getting ready for the big Valentine’s night or spending the day with their sweetheart, little is left to do but just cool off with a walk in the woods behind his house.

Kicking at rocks, angry at life and particularly love, Clay happens to kick a certain rock in a certain gully where something quite powerful and dangerous washed along only to be forgotten who knows how long ago. A small bronze looking arrow offers Clay the only excitement he has seen in any Valentine’s Day of his life, and that excitement is the chance possibility that maybe, just maybe it is worth something and he can cash it in for a new video game.

Rushing back to the only source he knows for gauging value, his mom, Clay unknowingly is about to begin a series of events from which many will never recover from, including himself.

As Isabelle is annoyed with their neighbor, angry eyes on the man and his chainsaw out in his yard, Clay is annoyed to find she just won’t even so much as look at the arrow he found. Poking her with it to get her attention only leads to something quite bizarre as she seems to blink, turn around, and walk right past Clay over to the neighbor she has held in volatile disgust for so long.

Is she really coming on to the man she hates? Is Clay really witnessing his own mom doing things he never would imagined with the last man on earth she’d ever show interest in? And just what is behind this sudden interest?

As filled with angst as Clay is, he isn’t too dumb to figure out the secret lies in this mysterious arrow he found and accidentally poked his mother with. Where that poke was unintentional, after seeing the rather instant effects, Clay is off on a quest for something so much better than the game he had thought this arrow capable of providing. He’s out for some good old fashioned teenage rebellion against morality and order.

It seems that Cupid’s Arrow has been found, but after decay and time in a water worn gully, have the intended effects of infatuation rotted away into pure lust and depravity? Will Clay have the fun he really wants, or will Clay discover that some power is too great not to end up stabbing he who wields it?

Find out in the spectacularly sinful and sensually seductive new story from the Kreme this Valentine’s Day. Find out whether you too should keep an eye out for Cupid’s Arrow.


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Mickey Makes a Move, the Flipping Finale

Mickey Makes a Move, the Flipping Finale by Kris P. Kreme

Mickey Makes a Move, the Flipping Finale by Kris P. Kreme

Mickey Morno was once a simple everyday loser, particularly in the grand scope of a metropolis like New King City. Frequently called Mickey Moron, he clawed his way to the top with something the square jawed perfection of many New King City citizens never bothered to cultivate, genius. Sure, it was admittedly a mad genius, inventing a serum that when introduced to a person literally flipped every neuron in their brain, reversing their thoughts, their dreams, their ambitions, and most every mental quality about them. Mickey’s serum worked though, a sinister serum like none other.

In a city like New King City, protected by the Three Queens, literal super-heroes in the form of three bad ass and super hot crime fighting babes, a villain was borne. Not just any villain though, as Mickey would soon climb the ladder of power, taking over district by district, until finally his criminal empire was reigning supreme over politics, the police, and even the young minds of their future.

Of course, all good things come to an end and Mickey’s motives, while not very good at all, met with a roadblock when the government stepped in. As was usually the case in any major American metropolis, only so much chaos could go undeterred before the men in suits stepped in to ruin the fun. Developing a serum that countered what a faceless villain known only as MM had dosed a majority of the populace with, the government began taking back New King City for the people.

Mickey faced losses including two of his Three Queens, only Red Queen managing to have enough of his serum inside her to prove immune to any attempts to reclaim her. He lost most of his criminal empire, the men he’d made lackeys of, the women he’d made eager sluts and whores of. It would have seemed that Mickey was about to be made the jester in his once flipped kingdom of New King City.

However, Mickey Morno never gives up without a plan, and this time his plan has flipped to all new extremes. Having paid more attention to the news just because of the meddling government and their re-flipping serum, Mickey, along with Red Queen and another highly skilled criminal vixen still in his power, have learned of a tropical paradise, a wealthy island country ruled benevolently for generations and only just now spreading their commerce and trade more openly, thanks to a new young Queen who intends to largely reverse the male dominated society in her land.

Queen Ferara is easily one of the world’s most beautiful leaders, a sinfully perfect blonde with a brain and generosity to match. She’s the leader of Seranico, an island nation that until now has largely remained private and mysterious. Fortunately for Mickey though, a regular milf of a mature woman, Ambassador Kaleen, is in New King City to show support for their recovery and advancement beyond the days of true super villainy.

With a plan in place, and his key chess pieces still in the game, Mickey will use this uptight milf ambassador to gain entry to her private plane back to Seranico, he will meet with this young Queen, and Mickey Morno will finally have the flipping finale to his rise to power.

New King City might be losing a villain, but from that loss the world is gaining a literal New King in Mickey Morno, and travelers will feel the wrath of villainy and depravity in a wealthy tropical locale like no other. Fates will be flipped, but this is one finale every fan of heroes and villains should flip over.


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Selfies #6

Selfies #6 by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies #6 by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Passion Fruit, meet Mike, a man who has a job in the tropics but spends most his days locked in a stuffy office. When the company Mike works for plans a Corporate Adventure, a retreat where randomly selected employees will join together in a team building weekend, he wonders just who he might end up with. Naturally Mike briefly fantasizes about ending up out in the wild with two tropically steamy female employees. However reality is cold but not as cold as the one female employee who ends up leading he and fellow employee Jim out into the exotic landscape.

Cherry Long is nowhere near as tasty as her name might indicate. Outside she’s attractive, nothing over the top, but inside her small chest beats the chilled heart of an icy queen who has only ever gotten by in the office using her looks. Cherry is an exotic beauty that every man fears being trapped with and so a weekend of team building might just be a test of survival where nature is not the primary force to deal with.

After a grueling slave drive by Cherry, Mike and Jim end up on an island, forced to work together to build shelter and find food, all while the leader of their group lounges and does nothing but spout off orders. It’s during the scavenging that Mike discovers an ancient looking fruit tree surrounded by even more ancient ruins. Is it all the heat and exhaustion causing him to hallucinate or is the encounter with a mysterious entity within that tree real? Find out just what holds the power of the passion fruit and just what that fruit can do to thaw the inner ice of a tropical girl like Cherry.

Passion Fruit cums in many flavors and all of them might taste delicious.


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Grab Bag #6

The Grab Bag #6 by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #6 by Kris P. Kreme

It’s the season of love… or is it lust? You decide with the latest bargain bunch in the bag, a special Valentine Grab Bag just for you from the Kreme. This Grab Bag includes: Cupid’s Day Off and Valentine’s Kandy, two stories that tell of the surprises that February brings!

This Grab Bag holds…


Cupid’s Day Off

When the one and only Cupid decides to take a day off, Carl, the cupid-in-training steps in to take over. Unfortunately where Carl has a big heart and good intentions, he fails to think through the details, leaving lustful chaos in his wake.

Valentine’s Kandy

Bored working the night shift on Valentine’s evening, Jason finds a cure for boredom in a most unexpected place. He assumed sharing the adult brand of Valentine’s message hearts with his coworker Kelly would be good for a laugh, her goody goody attitude bugging him to no end. He never suspected her eating a message heart would change her to match whatever kinky message was written there.


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Hitting the Speed Hump

Hitting the Speed Hump by Kris P. Kreme

Hitting the Speed Hump by Kris P. Kreme

In the small town of Wholesome Cove, progress has things not quite so wholesome, at least when it comes to the peace of mind their most famous citizen enjoys. Verona Vincent is a name no one can help but know, as the town was founded and funded by the Vincent family, generation after generation keeping the town on a path to a bright future.

However the town has grown beyond a boundary Verona Vincent wasn’t prepared for and so when it is announced that the state will be taking a portion of her prized family land for an access road to provide travel to the new high school, Verona Vincent is in little less than a full uproar. Fighting and arguing like no other citizen could get away with before the judge, Ms. Vincent is adamant that they find another way, that they not ruin her privacy, her peace, and that in no uncertain terms, they not fuck with her land.

When the judge refuses her complaints, explains that progress means the road is necessary, that emergency personnel need a better direct path through the forest to the new high school, fate is sealed, both for Verona Vincent’s land, and for the town her family gave the name to, Wholesome Cove. When the road finally opens a month later, anything but wholesome is about to happen to those who travel on Vincent Avenue.

A put upon wife driving her husband and his son doesn’t realize just what she needs to shake off the frustrations of daily life. Only the speed hump midway along the curving road shakes her new reality into place, a reality where the always responsible and faithful Missy decides that if her husband and his kid are going to treat her like property, she might as well let them truly own her, and use her however they wish.

When friends of Missy’s stepson Cory come along, they slow before even reaching the speed hump in the road, the humping taking place quite publicly more shaking than any hump in the pavement. Of course friends Gwen and Nathan are about to become much more, the car bumping up and down beyond the speed hump, Gwen deciding quite suddenly that she could definitely use a little bump of her own, and the best way to get it… naturally a little humping.

Of course the next car to travel Vincent Avenue is quick to call in a report to Wholesome Cove PD, but is this anything the police can handle? By the books hardcore cop Ace and his lovely partner Morgan are about to find out, and before he think twice, Ace will see that his partner Morgan can handle things easily as hardcore as he can, more so in fact when they too pull up just over the speed hump.

No one is wholesome in Wholesome Cove, especially those that travel Vincent Avenue. No one will be the same once they travel the private curvy road and find all new appreciation for curves of a different kind. Most of all, no one will ever get over Hitting the Speed Hump.


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ZigZag by Kris P. Kreme

ZigZag by Kris P. Kreme

The story of Rose is one of many directions, life hitting her hard at an early age when she was saved by tragedy from a beloved dog named ZigZag. Never quite finding the right path, never fully recovering from the sacrifice ZigZag made for her, Rose found herself pregnant at a young age, but pulled her life off the zigzagging path and dedicated everything to making sure there were no zigzags and only a straight path to happiness for her daughter, Amy.

This is the tale of how that plan nearly went wrong, on the day when Rose and her college bound Amy found themselves in a downtown federal bank as masked gunmen entered.

However this is not the tale of bank robbers, and not the tale you might be expecting. One thing is quite obvious from the moment the masked men enter and their leader orders everyone to the floor. They aren’t there for money, and the guns they carry are definitely not normal.

Each of the guns are ultra-modern and silver with clear cylinders on top holding a strange glowing green liquid. As the leader, a shorter man Rose came to calling ‘Shorty’ explained, they are there for recruiting purposes, and they have quite the specialized means of gaining their recruits.

The guns when fired don’t physically damage anyone, but they definitely hurt whoever they hit, in extreme cases leaving the individual an empty shell of their former selves, mindless and drooling. Two settings choose the fate of whoever is hit, one setting called Mindwipe leaving them empty and forever vacant of any thought or personality. The less extreme setting called Mindwarp isn’t much better with a whole host of customized choices Shorty and his kind can use to warp the minds of whoever they shoot.

Demonstrating the settings seems little more than enjoyment for the masked men and soon bank tellers are turning bimbos and faithful wives of bank patrons have become money hungry whores. It’s a day of chaos Rose hasn’t seen since the tragedy of her youth but today she will find that a lesson she learned from a loving dog named ZigZag is about to give her a choice and an opportunity… one to sacrifice everything for the future of her daughter.


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Criminal Whims

Criminal Whims by Kris P. Kreme

Criminal Whims by Kris P. Kreme

Kiera Dent is a sharp detective, tougher than she looks. Having led the hunt for criminal, Lawrence Voss, she’s about to interview the man, hopefully finding a pattern to his depraved crimes.

Unfortunately, Lawrence Voss has a way of getting in ones head, of messing with their mind quite literally, and Kiera may find that all his random whims have been leading right to her the entire time.

Will Kiera discover that playing good cop leads to her being a very bad cop or worse, will she find that in getting her man, she might just be getting a bunch more men in the process?

Lawrence Voss is a criminal like no other Detective Kiera Dent has ever dealt with in her young and yet seasoned career with the police force. She knows that sharply vivid memories of his depraved crimes will forever live on in the back of her mind, but the last fear she has when stepping into his holding cell to interview the man is where the front of her mind will soon be focused.

Clearly insane, Lawrence Voss is not the sort of insane whose ramblings make no sense, whose personality seems permanently disabled. He’s cool, calm, and oddly relaxed, trapped within a barred cell surrounded by the strongest bulletproof lucite. There is no escape for him, and yet Voss carries a demeanor as though everything is going perfectly according to his plans.

Kiera knows that Lawrence Voss is a man who must answer for his crimes, her lead of the manhunt for him perhaps the biggest of her acclaimed career in law enforcement. She’s always been fierce but even her determination and strength pales a little under the oddly blue eyed gaze of such a criminal.

As the interview gets started, Voss is immediately pushing buttons, particularly when it comes to her partner Carl, whose hot temper seems to amuse the criminally calm man in the holding cell. Kiera plays up to the criminal whims of the depraved man, taking charge and leading the interview to hopefully get to the bottom of perhaps the most bizarre series of crimes ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.

When questioned about the high school senior, the innocent and upbeat girl Lawrence Voss had a conversation with, only to send her off into her final class of the day with much more than studying on her mind,he simply chuckles and calls it a whim he had upon seeing her. His whims however and by some bizarre twist a very brief conversation with the girl sent her back into class demanding to be fucked, demanding to be used and abused by everyone in the class, including her teacher.

When questioned about the group of young men Voss casually spoke with in a mall, those men he sent into a nearby store on a whim telling them that the women who worked there were slutty whores, Lawrence Voss is again amused, no hint of conscience, no worries at all about the depraved things those men somehow did with no more than the inspiration to do so after barely speaking with this criminal of persuasive charm.

Between questions, Voss makes little requests of Kiera, halfhearted efforts at getting to her, at making her just the latest in his criminal whims, but Kiera has dealt with the worst and she is far stronger than her lovely face and exterior may indicate. Her partner Carl though is barely maintaining the hold needed not to rip through the impenetrable cell and beat the shit out of Voss. The man is sick and twisted on a level even sick and twisted isn’t accurate enough to describe.

Kiera isn’t getting far, but then she never thought she would with a criminal like Voss. The man speaks clearly, calmly, and yet his words are insane, his actions depraved, and the only pattern she is seeing to his crimes are his perverted whims.

However, Lawrence Voss is a man with a knack for getting inside people’s heads, and while Kiera is shaking off every lewd comment and effort to get a rise out of her, maybe she’s focusing on the wrong man in the room.

Every subtle request, every push of Voss in showing Kiera for the sexy young woman she actually is, it’s all affecting those around her and while Lawrence Voss might be locked up, her partner Carl isn’t and neither are the detectives and policemen watching from behind the mirror glass nearby.

Will Kiera close the book on the worst series of crimes the city has ever seen, find a logic behind the apparent chaotic and random criminal whims of Lawrence Voss, or will she discover that all of those whims lead straight to her, and she is about to be the centerpiece in a final act of true depravity and perversion?

Find out in the latest tale of crime and punishment, where every whim is a crime and getting to the bottom of them might just mean one promising detective gets a punishment most perverted.


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Selfies #5

Selfies #5 by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies #5 by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

In Celliminal, Donald Campbell, a man with everything including a super hot wife with expensive tastes and the talent to use all her assets to get what she wants, and she wants is a new cell phone.

Donald Campbell, a man with everything including a super hot wife with expensive tastes and the talent to use all her assets to get what she wants, Miranda.

Fortunately, Donald is wealthy enough that it doesn’t really matter she always has to have the best. Her latest urgent need is a new cell phone, as hers has reportedly ‘glitched out’ on her. While Donald’s first impulse is to fix it, Miranda pleads to just go down to the local mall and see what fancy brand new cell phone they can replace it with.

Some unsubtle incentive later, Donald is driving Miranda downtown to see what fancy phone they can find to replace hers. The mall is a place they go many times, and while the stores might have only the best, an upper scale place, Donald’s thoughts constantly shift to his wife. Miranda wearing a short fitted white dress which shows off not only her figure but her incredible skin and perfect face definitely provides the material for Donald to be distracted.

At the large cell phone kiosk they’ve seen a number of times before, Donald lets Miranda browse, smiling and knowing she assured him that she’d be super happy for him doing this. Super happy means one thing to Donald and it only makes him super happy thinking of it.
Miranda ends up picking out a somewhat unusual phone with a brand that Donald has never heard of, one called Celliminal. Asking the thin lanky salesman about it, Donald is unsurprised to find that this particular cell phone is not for sale yet, only on display.

According to the man whose eyes keep shifting to Miranda, the Celliminal phone in addition to never losing a signal even in the deepest darkest caves will actually improve health and well-being. It releases constant subtle tones beneath conversations, phone rings, and more which are beneficial to the health of the user.

Donald thinks it’s a bunch of made up nonsense but Miranda insists that this is the phone she has to have and after her never-failing charm, Donald is making an offer on the phone that technically isn’t for sale. In the end Miranda and Donald leave with a new phone and Donald smiling looking forward to his earned rewards to come.

Unfortunately a call from work as soon as he comes home has Donald back out the door before Miranda can thank him. As Miranda settles in to wait on him and decides to get everything set up on her new phone, she receives a most unexpected visit from none other than the slightly creepy cell phone kiosk guy.

Will Miranda get her phone programmed to her liking or will she be the one who ends up getting programmed? Will Donald return home to find his super happy wife or a woman possessed by perversions even he can’t imagine? Who is the cell phone guy secretly working for?


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Grab Bag #5

The Grab Bag #5 by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #5 by Kris P. Kreme

Ring in the New Year with a Grab Bag of Celebratory Goodness. Two twisted tales in one sensationally sinful selection, just for you.

This Grab Bag holds…


Kiss Free Will Goodbye

The end is cumming on December 21st, 2012 and not from major disasters or epic events. Thanks to a professor at a small university there may yet be hope in the form of a warning. His message, avoid kisses from horny coeds. It begins with a kiss and soon free will is gone.

Kim’s Kountdown

Time for the countdown to a new year, one which will remind Kim of all the friends she lost. She isn’t sure why she even attended this party, why she is sipping the pink champagne and sticking around until midnight. Her friends all became eager sluts, a fate only Kim escaped. As the clock strikes midnight, will her fate change?


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Keep watching for the latest Kreme to kome!