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Oct 12 2019

Selfies return for Hallowkreme

Halloween with the Kreme is the perfect event to take your selfies, readers… but as the weather chills, you might just find how you look more chilling. Especially if you get as truly twisted as the girls in these two tales. Demonic costumes can be as frightening as the freaks! This Selfies includes: The Freak …

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Aug 31 2019

August brings the last of summer Selfies

As summer slowly starts to fade and temperatures cool, it’s time to enjoy another Summer fading while only getting hotter. But enjoy a stop by a very special spa first to put some excitement back in the marriage while taking a little intellect out of it. Selfies returns again to bring readers twice the tantalizing …

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Jun 30 2019

The Selfies get styled for Summer

Time for a summer cut to cool your head, since summer is always a good time to take on a new look. However sometimes the cut can take more than Just a Little Off the Top as Kelly is about to find out. But if haircuts aren’t your thing, maybe getting a little ink will …

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May 11 2019

Fashion always means Selfies

Temperatures are rising and it’s time to change your clothes to fit the season. But what if your clothes could change you? Anyone knows selfies are nothing without a little passion for fashion, so salivate over a stylish sequence of selfies like never before. This Selfies Includes: A Mind for Fashion: Terry Taylor was laughed …

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Apr 27 2019

Any time is a good time for a Selfies

Spring has arrived and temperatures are warming, but you never know what a little spring cleaning will uncover. You might find a pair of silly looking costume devil horns that really turn up the heat on anyone who sees you wearing them. Or you might find that the normal heat is nothing to adjust to …

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Mar 14 2019

Selfies in spring start to warm things up

As Spring arrives, there’s bound to be some much needed heat and no company brings the heat quite like Trance-tory. So try not to spend too much time on Hold, and put on your most obedient collar, it’s time for a whole new Selfies. This Selfies Includes: Hold Time May Vary: A little trouble with …

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Feb 02 2019

New Selfies for a New Year

A New Year brings all sorts of transformations, and the most unexpected are the ones you never see cumming… So sit down with a heaping pair of Selfies sure to give you a transformational smile all year long. This Selfies includes: The Wager: Dana and Ethan are well matched for kinks, each one quite willing …

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Dec 30 2018

Always take a Selfies at the end of the year

The weather outside may be frightful, but these tempting tales are delightful. Enjoy a Cookie left by Santa, and then get downright shaken. Tis the season, twice the reason to enjoy… This Selfies includes: Milk’n Cookie: When a girl named Cookie finds herself trapped in a living nightmare, on an elevator with some demented opposite …

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Dec 02 2018

It’s not too cold for the Selfies

There’s a chill in the air… but maybe that chill is from fear as this month’s Selfies takes readers on a terrifying ride, whether it’s a ride spinning a magical bottle or a bus ride straight to Hell. This Selfies includes: Getting Spun: On Halloween, teens gather for a friendly version of Spin the Bottle. …

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Sep 30 2018

SINtendo doesn’t miss the Selfies

Cooler weather is coming but the gaming will always be sizzling with SINtendo, so this month prepare for a whole new level of Selfies with a pair of games where even the losers are winners. This Selfies includes: SINtendo SuDIKu: Kari is as business minded as they come, enjoying success with her team of three …

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Aug 25 2018

Selfies go exploring in August

The summer days are still heating things up, so it’s time to take some chances. The risks are definitely worth the rewards in the first Selfies selection this month, and the second one is just out of this world with big big Kreme kraziness. This Selfies includes: A Calculated Risk: Jake is ready to have …

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Jun 23 2018

The Selfies size things up

If the Summer heat is draining you dry, be sure and have a downright magically blessed time with these two specially selected Selfies. A few close girlfriends have a plan for facing the changes that post college life will bring, but they end up having a far more Swell time than expected. And Jeremy catches …

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May 18 2018

The Selfies are getting heated up for summer

Spice up your spring by spending some special time with the hubby in these two Selfies. Just be careful what your hubby’s motives are if you find yourself assisting medically in a foreign place where the men are stiffer than trees, and especially take everything he says with a shade of doubt or else you …

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Apr 14 2018

It’s the time of the season when the Selfies heat up again…

Temperatures are finally warming, but the real heat is doubling up with Selfies. It’s not just Lip Service to say that sometimes a new look for a new season can unleash the sin within. But if you’re wanting to keep it tame with friends and your mom, a girl can always sing a new tune, …

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Jan 31 2018

Get a start on the New Year with Selfies

Another year another dual serving of Selfies. With all the craziness in the world you might be tempted to think you’re crazy also. Here’s a twisted twosome of tales that proves you don’t have to be crazy to enjoy the craziness. Enjoy The Magic Behind the 8 Ball & Not a Second Time! This Selfies …

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Dec 20 2017

The Selfies leave a naughty surprise for Krismas

Tis the Season… need no reason… for twice the Selfie pleas’n. There’s still plenty of pretty lights out there to drive by and see… but some lights might just drive you into urges you can’t control. And get set for a whole new year… a whole new you! Two of the Kreme’s holiday specials! Twinkle …

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