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Apr 03 2021

Selfies can cause madness after March

You thought the Madness was over, but there’s one last bit of madness to endure! Dawn was always the smartest but has there been a truth the world ignored that even a smart woman can’t understand? A mysterious rash of mindless vanishings couldn’t possibly be connected to reality television turning women into zombies, could it? …

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Feb 27 2021

Selfies warm things up

Spring is nearly here, but are you ready for the heat? Get ready and get fit fast with an exercise program sure to shape you ladies up, Nine Month Abs. But the heat might be too much to handle for Amy when one mistake leads to another, ending in quite the religious experience with Hot …

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Jan 30 2021

The Selfies return for a New Year

It might be a new year but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some old troubles, and up first this month we have the tale of an old being with less than angelic ambitions. And if that doesn’t leave your anxiety elevated, next there’s a literal tale of getting stuck… in an elevator. But at …

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Nov 26 2020

Selfies get stuffed for November

Selfies returns with some very strict rules… but as Annabeth discovers, Bending the Rules can truly break all the barriers, along with one’s mind. Another important rule to remember is to always look one in the eyes, unless you’re more interested in something else, and want them to be too. This Selfies includes: Bending the …

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Sep 30 2020

Selfies are ready for the fall

As the weather starts to cool, are allergies heating up this year? Be sure you find the right relief or it May Cause Swelling… and speaking of a growing problem, the population of a small town called Seeder’s Grove is about to reach all new highs when a traveler gets altered by some hazardous fertility …

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Aug 08 2020

Selfies get warmed up

Summer isn’t over and it’s time for more Selfies to pass the time in this very strange year. First up, have you caught up on your television watching? Because you might have missed Modern Mysteries. A cult hit is about to squeeze the most out of ratings like you’ve never imagined. Next up, feeling like …

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Jun 28 2020

Clean up with the Selfies

Selfies From Kastle Kreme #46 - The Pop-out Book & Kreme Kleaning by Kris P, Kreme

Summer is hotter than ever, and whether you’re braving the heat to try and be social or staying indoors, there’s plenty of time to read as Amelia discovers when a pop-up book with printing errors shows up in her bookstore. But maybe you’re just focused on staying clean, and the next THREE tales are sure …

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May 09 2020

Selfies never get cancelled

Spring may have been cancelled this year but Selfies never forgets a season… and neither do the flowers. But the roses Olivia finds as a gift to her mother might have her finding herself a mother soon enough. And while you’re stuck at home, marriages may be put to the test, but that doesn’t mean …

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Mar 31 2020

Selfies spring up again

Maybe March Madness was cancelled this year but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of true Madness to go around. Best friends Wila and Mona get Bimbo Bombed while out. If they don’t have a public fight, things may truly go crazy in public for the both of them. And a little thrill around Halloween …

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Feb 25 2020

Selfies are always on the job

February has come and it’s right back to work as usual for the Kreme. But work can be play if you know how to get the most out of your job! Take Jessica for instance, who’s first day on a temp job comes with permanent benefits. Or get taken in by Sebastian, a simple man …

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Jan 30 2020

It’s New Selfies Year

A new year of the Kreme means change… but maybe not as much change as these two twisted tales. Jackie’s moving to a new place with her daughter, but she milked her ex dry in the divorce and now it’s be their turn. Terry Taylor invented the most advanced nano-technology programmable clothing in history, but …

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Dec 31 2019

On the last day of 2019 don’t forget to take Selfies

For street smart Nick Christmas isn’t the time of getting everything he wanted, but he is good at getting things. He finds all new ways of making Naughty Nice when he swipes a fancy unlocked cell phone with a fun little App on it. And for emergency meteorologist Teresa, a white Christmas may just mean …

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Nov 10 2019

In November, make time for the Selfies

Cold weather is here, but that doesn’t make the Kreme any less hot. Working out can burn some calories but that fancy workout App may leave you thirsty… especially when your App gets infected by a Spermbot. If that’s not hot enough, maybe a little romance on the big day is in order. Just make …

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Oct 12 2019

Selfies return for Hallowkreme

Halloween with the Kreme is the perfect event to take your selfies, readers… but as the weather chills, you might just find how you look more chilling. Especially if you get as truly twisted as the girls in these two tales. Demonic costumes can be as frightening as the freaks! This Selfies includes: The Freak …

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Aug 31 2019

August brings the last of summer Selfies

As summer slowly starts to fade and temperatures cool, it’s time to enjoy another Summer fading while only getting hotter. But enjoy a stop by a very special spa first to put some excitement back in the marriage while taking a little intellect out of it. Selfies returns again to bring readers twice the tantalizing …

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Jun 30 2019

The Selfies get styled for Summer

Time for a summer cut to cool your head, since summer is always a good time to take on a new look. However sometimes the cut can take more than Just a Little Off the Top as Kelly is about to find out. But if haircuts aren’t your thing, maybe getting a little ink will …

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