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Name: Kris P. Kreme
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  1. The Residence is getting twisted — March 2, 2021
  2. It’s going to be March Madness — February 28, 2021
  3. Selfies warm things up — February 27, 2021
  4. There’s something cooking in this Grab Bag — February 27, 2021
  5. That’s really odd Candi — February 16, 2021

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Mar 02 2021

The Residence is getting twisted

Evil resided at 696 Wiccan Way for a very long time before Simon and Maddie moved in. But in the attempts to scare them off, an evil spirit ultimately found a better place to call home, Maddie’s sexy little and soon quite enhanced body. Now Simon gets all the sex he can handle, and Spirit …

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Feb 28 2021

It’s going to be March Madness

There’s March Madness and then… There’s the Kreme’s March Madness… Coming Soon!

Feb 27 2021

Selfies warm things up

Spring is nearly here, but are you ready for the heat? Get ready and get fit fast with an exercise program sure to shape you ladies up, Nine Month Abs. But the heat might be too much to handle for Amy when one mistake leads to another, ending in quite the religious experience with Hot …

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Feb 27 2021

There’s something cooking in this Grab Bag

Remember readers, we’re still facing a pandemic, so here’s to staying healthy. One way might be to make sure you get plenty of nutritious milk to drink… but is there such thing as too much? Stephanie was just a horror fan heading to remote locales to work as a maid, but the real horror might …

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Feb 16 2021

That’s really odd Candi

When a mysterious bag of candy hearts with little messages on them shows up on Candice’s desk one Valentines Day, she wonders who could have possibly left it… and did they actually leave it for her? But one glance at the words in those little messages convinces Candice this has to be a mistake, or …

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Feb 14 2021

This sucker is mesmerizing

Some guys are in it for the sex, but Ted was never that guy. Taunted by others, Ted is what they call a sucker, mostly because he puts effort into making every date special, especially Valentine’s Day. Maybe Jessica is as cold as her ex claims. She’s definitely taking things at a snail’s pace. Still, …

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Feb 09 2021

The Kaos is back

Bella has always been a fiercely independent woman, training women how to box, little to no interest in relationships, with a lot more respect to women than men. While she’s not strictly a lesbian, she may as well be, and perhaps the only friend who has ever understood and supported her unique tough girl attitude …

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Feb 03 2021

That’s an odd Trance-tory stream

For years Curtis has worked from home doing product testing for a company called Trance-tory. He’s kept the details of many of their products secret from his sexy fit wife Helen, but thanks to the pandemic those secrets and more may be fully exposed. Since the pandemic began, his always exercising wife Helen took her …

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Jan 30 2021

The Selfies return for a New Year

It might be a new year but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some old troubles, and up first this month we have the tale of an old being with less than angelic ambitions. And if that doesn’t leave your anxiety elevated, next there’s a literal tale of getting stuck… in an elevator. But at …

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Jan 23 2021

8 Dreams for the 800th Tale from the Kreme

Jeff and Amy have handled being quarantined in their rental home just fine, even if the months and nearly year have resulted in a lot of boredom. Fortunately Jeff is a fiction writer and has still managed to work from home, but Amy, a college graduate barely before the pandemic began was left with little …

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Jan 19 2021

You can’t run from this circus

Kellyanne has never been the wild one, though her best friends Dina and Nelly couldn’t make such a claim. That’s why it’s no surprise when Kellyanne forbids them from planning a bachelorette party with adult entertainment, the two friends find a way of still having fun. Dragging Kellyanne and her conservative married friend Uma to …

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Jan 09 2021

Some Residences are just Evil

Maddie and Simon have moved into the house of Maddie’s dreams, a historic old structure that has stood in one form or another for 169 years. But this new home may already have a resident that neither are aware of, an evil spirit eager to get rid of both of them. The spirit of a …

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Jan 07 2021

New year brings new Grab Bag

Welcome to a whole new year, and good riddance to the last one. In fact last year was just criminally not fun… so let’s start out by grabbing some Criminal Whims. You’re bound to lose control when you look into some eyes, though the second grab this month will flat out bring new meaning to …

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Dec 31 2020

Krismas 2020 ends by entering the Zone

In a year where everything has seemed well outside the boundaries of normal, one romantic couple has avoided most of the stress. But Landon and Laurie may find themselves changing most of all when they inadvertently bring a bit of The Kremey Zone right into their home. Getting a fancy large wreath from a downtown …

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Dec 29 2020

There’s something odd about that Krismas Stable

Madison and Courtney are college freshmen who have found the perfect winter break job. At least it seems that way at first, the chance to work for Santa’s Stable, a reindeer themed seasonal park out in the middle of nowhere not far from campus. But EHI has rented the park for the three-week winter break …

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Dec 27 2020

There’s nothing quite like Krismas Candi

On the way to shop for some last minute Christmas decorations while his wife cooks an early Christmas meal, Anthony has just about had enough of the bickering between his supposedly grown children. Ellie has always been an easy target for her big brother, the college guy enjoying every chance to annoy the childishly sweet …

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