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Name: Kris P. Kreme
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  2. Taking a dip in this pool leaves an impression — February 9, 2019
  3. New Selfies for a New Year — February 2, 2019
  4. You start rubbing the lamp somewhere — January 26, 2019
  5. The 600th book of Kreme arrives! — January 17, 2019

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Feb 16 2019

Some dares leave an impression

Beth is determined to solve a mystery, to break the story behind Theta Nu sorority. Pledging along with fellow freshmen best friends, Melanie and Willa, Beth gets more than she bargained for as a night of mysterious hazing has the girls howling by dawn. Belinda is Queen Mother Bitch of Theta Nu, and sadly hazing …

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Feb 09 2019

Taking a dip in this pool leaves an impression

Fate left Dave a loser who missed out on any breaks in life. Yet this college loner gets the break he never expected when a tiny meteor hits him on the head during an evening jog. Waking up, shocked to be alive, he only finds a slimy remnant of anything hitting him, a tingling as …

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Feb 02 2019

New Selfies for a New Year

A New Year brings all sorts of transformations, and the most unexpected are the ones you never see cumming… So sit down with a heaping pair of Selfies sure to give you a transformational smile all year long. This Selfies includes: The Wager: Dana and Ethan are well matched for kinks, each one quite willing …

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Jan 26 2019

You start rubbing the lamp somewhere

Before it was about Rubbing More than the Lamp, a certain ancient artifact was a quirky wedding gift from Brennan’s eccentric Aunt Mary May. Marrying a sweet girl named Kim, Brennan makes the mistake of wishing improvements to her big day. From wishing she’d never argue and get along with her pig of a stepfather, …

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Jan 17 2019

The 600th book of Kreme arrives!

Get ready for the chaos to return, get ready for some serious S.M.U.T. Kendra is a smart dedicated graduate student working on a news breaking final thesis paper that will shed light on the terrorist organization known simply as S.M.U.T. But while hacking into their server collecting details of their organization, Kendra is caught, and …

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Jan 12 2019

Grab some fireworks before the Kreme’s 600th book arrives!

A new year means new opportunities to grab everything you can… online or off, so let’s start the year off right with a juicy pair of online tales you can’t resist grabbing. A coed named Kiera discovers it doesn’t take a long chat to have lasting consequences, while another coed named Paula lets pop-up ads …

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Jan 06 2019

Beware of a Kustom Wish from Santa after Krismas is over…

While running a truly tight ship, news station manager Angel Yew has quickly earned a reputation as a cold heartless bitch. But an after Christmas before New Years party may just thaw her out more than she can handle thanks to the magic of Santa. Flying over on a test flight, Santa fires a rude …

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Dec 30 2018

Always take a Selfies at the end of the year

The weather outside may be frightful, but these tempting tales are delightful. Enjoy a Cookie left by Santa, and then get downright shaken. Tis the season, twice the reason to enjoy… This Selfies includes: Milk’n Cookie: When a girl named Cookie finds herself trapped in a living nightmare, on an elevator with some demented opposite …

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Dec 30 2018

A Grab Bag at Krismas can be a treat

Jingle Bells, Krismas smells like thick lust in the air, whorish wives and chatty guys are tales that you can share! This Grab Bag includes: One Whore’s Open Sleigh: When Scott and his much younger wife Kelly take a ride on a sleigh which glides into their gated neighborhood, the ride may just take them …

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Dec 30 2018

This elf was too naughty…

This Krismas there was one cover which was a bit too naughty for Amazon and Smashwords… But the elf appears here for Readers to enjoy!

Dec 26 2018

The Imps have something to say…

It’s a Krismas Kross-over like never before when the ousted temp imps Clyde and Seymour try to regain favor with Santa by heading to a human mall, intending to prove themselves to Santa’s helper there. Meeting a talkative man dressed as Santa, the three share a serious conversation which turns into a walking interview where …

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Dec 24 2018

It’s a holiday Booby Trap

After a previous party mistake led to Amy accidentally drinking alcohol and denting her expensive car, the teenager is grounded while all her friends attend the senior Christmas party. Bored and alone in her father’s lavish home, Amy gets a call that quite possibly is from someone she knows, their voice electronically distorted. She’s told …

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Dec 22 2018

Tis the season in Fertile Fields…

All across the country town of Littleton, colorful postcards are arriving. There are no addresses, no stamps, and these postcards show a bright cheery scene from a much different season. But little could the farmer’s daughters in town ever know that these postcard holiday greetings come from more than a different season… they come from …

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Dec 20 2018

Krismas can be… draining…

When a shopping addicted young woman wants to get the absolute perfect gifts for her new blended family this Christmas, she discovers the ultimate way to spend without spending. Brain Drain Bucks is an online shopping experience like none other, awarding her credits for personal information about everything from IQ to measurements, but she may …

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Dec 18 2018

SINtendo’s home for Krismas

SINtendo has been in Kevin’s life since his uncle gave him the corrupting game system as a child. Now he’s learned that his wife Amber’s older brother is bringing his daughter to stay with them for a week. When his new niece he never knew about turns out to be the hottest redhead around, it’s …

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Dec 16 2018

When you wish upon a Krismas star… be careful.

Living and working in the small town of Christmas Lake can be hectic with tourists around the holidays, but thanks to the Santa Star in the sky, a comet named because it revisits the earth around Christmas each year, it’s only more hectic than ever for young coed Hester. Fending off unwanted advances, working at …

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