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Something to Grab during summer

The Grab Bag #63 - I’d Appreciate It… & Massaging Away the Migraine by Kris P. Kreme

The heat is here, and there’s nothing hotter than the pressure of a new job, but Tony finds his wife and daughter feeling the pressure of his job more than him, especially since that new job involves Trance-tory and his bosses show their appreciation. And this is a Grab bag after all so what would …

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March comes in with a Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #62 - Astral Erection & the Inheritance by Kris P. Kreme

The seasons are finally changing, and change is just what perpetual nerd Jacob could use. But when the brainy guy with more dreams than disappointing reality tries an experiment, his days ignored on campus may end in a climactic way no guy ever dreamed of, not even him. And twin sisters Beverly and Bethany thought …

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In the middle of winter there’s something to Grab

The Grab Bag #61 - Massaging up Morale & Party like a Rock Star

The chill of winter is cold and cruel, and so is Courtney, the new office manager. But a fancy massage chair may have her boosting morale in hot new ways. And Stan has everything he could have wished for with a girl like Hoshi, at least until a genie has twisted ideas in mind for …

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There’s always something to Grab

The Grab Bag #60 - Stressing the Point & We’ve Got a Winner! by Kris P. Kreme

A new year can bring new stresses, but some stresses may put a squeeze on three coeds. Playing a joke on their tightly wound roommate Allison leaves Jodie and Sasha paying the price. Maybe you’ll win a contest you never entered to be in a movie this year, just like Jennifer. They say the camera …

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A last Grab at Krismas

The Grab Bag #59 - Dreaming of a White Christmas & Santa’s Stuff by Kris P, Kreme

It’s that special time of the year again, when you better be good at being naughty. So grab up some Krismas cheer and pay attention to your dreams because they may cum true. Then take a visit to Santa and grab the Stuff you really want this year! This Grab Bag includes: Dreaming of a …

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Grab some HallowKreme before it’s all gone

The Grab Bag #58 - Be Scareful What You Wish for & Lorelei and the Locker of Lecherous Lust

Halloween never has to end, whether you get a special gift that keeps on giving or find yourself in a spooky new school. Dorothy and Dan just intended to go to a late night party, but after picking up a hitchhiking witch, Dorothy will become the party. And Lorelei was nervous about her first day …

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Grab some SINtendo this month

The Grab Bag #57 - SINtendo Sock Puppet & SINtendo Spokesmodel by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo September means plenty of games but not everything SINtendo is just a game. Take the quirky sock puppet Megan gets from her pen pal, because it will certainly be taking Megan. And what about advertising? Everyone knows that sex sells, but with SINtendo selling might mean a lot of sex for their spokesmodel. This …

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Get grilled by the Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #56 - If it Pleases the Court & The Life Coach by Kris P. Kreme

If the heat isn’t getting to you from outside, it might start from within. Everyone knew Helen Hill brought the heat to the court room, but can that heat lose her more than just the case? Penny Price just wanted to follow her own rules, but ended up being ruled by The Life Coach. This …

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There’s some heat in the Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #55 - Air Conditioning & Whore-th of July by Kris P. Kreme

The summer heat can be dangerous, just not in the ways you imagined. If you’re like Natalie you may find that air conditioning conditions you to be a real doll. And a lot more than fireworks will be going off when Cassandra wakes to find cash motivating her into a new line of work. This …

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There’s some urges in the Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #54 - Population Inflation & Smells like Success

Spring is in the air, and so is something else… a taste, a scent, an indefinable urge. Some urges may push a normal man to singlehandedly boost the population of a small town. Other urges may fall back to old fashioned values and new fashioned ways of keeping the family growing. Get all you can …

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Grab some monsters in March

The Grab Bag #53 - Vicki the Voluptuous Vimbo & the Boobeyman by Kris P. Kreme

March Madness is still upon us, and the Madness of the Kreme has yet to end! Will readers fear the monstrous madness Kreme creatures can unleash; can they even handle it? Victoria was a sweet conservative girl, until she encountered a surprisingly dumb creature of the night. She then became a variation of vampire you’ve …

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There’s something cooking in this Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #52 - A Maid Made Thirsty & Milk’n Cookie by Kris P. Kreme

Remember readers, we’re still facing a pandemic, so here’s to staying healthy. One way might be to make sure you get plenty of nutritious milk to drink… but is there such thing as too much? Stephanie was just a horror fan heading to remote locales to work as a maid, but the real horror might …

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New year brings new Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #51 - Criminal Whims & Horny by Kris P. Kreme

Welcome to a whole new year, and good riddance to the last one. In fact last year was just criminally not fun… so let’s start out by grabbing some Criminal Whims. You’re bound to lose control when you look into some eyes, though the second grab this month will flat out bring new meaning to …

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Grab something before Khristmas begins

The Grab Bag #50 - Thread Bare & The Wager by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag returns just in time for the holidays, so remember to dress well for them. What you wear says a lot about you, but it can change even more, especially if it’s Thread Bare. And if you’re staying home this year, cooped up with the wife, why not make a friendly wager to …

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Grab a little something before fall begins

The Grab Bag #49 - Stuck in Bimbo Limbo & Instant Gratification by Kris P. Kreme

College is back in session and if you thought there was enough to worry about with the pandemic, think again… although Cassandra may find herself unable to think about much of anything after getting Stuck in Bimbo Limbo, and when Katherine working on a thesis of how the media is manipulating viewers gets a sample …

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Grab something in the heat of August

The Grab Bag #48 - Half Off! & Darwin’s Unfortunate Law

You don’t need safety precautions to Grab these two special tales… there’s nothing safe about them! Kiera only intended to hit the store early, find some good sales… but she never counted on a terrorist plot selling her. Darwin Darius never had much luck charming the ladies, but when he gets angry it’s most unfortunate …

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