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It’s good to make Contact on an Anniversary

SINtendo Contact High Anniversary Edition by Kris P. Kreme

Colin has a hot busty blonde as his wife. Heather’s everything a man could want, and to her he’s just as perfect. Even her sister and friends say Colin’s a good guy, but when Heather plays a game called SINtendo ContactHIGH, all of them may be nothing but naughty. For their anniversary, Heather wants to …

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SINtendo is still making contact

SINtendo ContactHIGHER by Kris P. Kreme

  John’s a man who has it all, a huge home, a successful business, and the hottest younger trophy wife ever, a woman named Harley who has a kinky lust for life in all the ways John does. One of Harley’s favorite hobbies is teasing men, getting them all turned on, especially Kyle, the college …

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SINtendo warms up February

SINtendo ContactHIGH by Kris P. Kreme

Steve has to attend a conference meeting at work since he happened not to be traveling with his family over the annual company winter break. Waiting alone in a cold office, no coffee, Steve tries a free trial adult phone app to keep the blood flowing. SINtendo ContactHIGH lets you choose characters based on contacts …

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