Jan 25 2020

SINtendo is still making contact


SINtendo ContactHIGHER by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo ContactHIGHER by Kris P. Kreme

John’s a man who has it all, a huge home, a successful business, and the hottest younger trophy wife ever, a woman named Harley who has a kinky lust for life in all the ways John does.

One of Harley’s favorite hobbies is teasing men, getting them all turned on, especially Kyle, the college kid they rent their pool house too. Over the last few years Kyle has become more like family and he’s wholesomely adorable to mess with.

But after John goes on a business trip and discovers a game called SINtendo Contact HIGHer that uses his phone contacts in a game of flirting to extremes, Harley may ultimately go far beyond teasing as she and Kyle become pawns in her husband’s game.


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John is the kind of guy every man envies, especially the college kid he rents out his pool house to. John and his trophy young wife Harley both are well aware of just how stumbling with his words and actions Kyle can be around the sinfully hot Harley.

John has been successful in business and in life, a very hot young wife that is closer to Kyle’s age than his, a home so big he has the room to rent out a pool house to the hopelessly clueless around women Kyle, and plenty of spice in his marriage.

Easily the most fun his wife Harley has is teasing poor Kyle, usually by dressing sexy and making sure Kyle sees her, the teasing always a thrill for John who likes seeing his sexy wife turn men on. But away on a business trip, and sadly away from the sexy entertainment of a hot wife, John accidentally discovers a game that may take his already kinky love life to a whole new extreme.

Settling in his hotel room, John figures he might as well see about local hiring contacts since it’s always good to network with businesses while on such a trip to the city, but when he punches in hiring contacts into the search on his phone, one of the results that pops up catches his eye.

Like a tiny lava lamp, high definition colors oozed and flowed on the screen when he clicked the link for something called SINtendo Contact HIGHer, an apparently newly improved game where the goal is to raise the bar for your very own contacts.

Reading it over, John is more than just amused, the game supposedly taking images and contact information from your phone to incorporate the contacts as players in a very adult game where the player makes choices for words or actions that will embarrass, humiliate, arouse, and ultimately raise what the game calls their Contact HIGH bar from green to red.

This version of the game apparently also has something called player feedback between rounds that raises the bar for the player as much as for those being played with. While John doesn’t fully follow the crazy explanation of this game, he does love the idea of any game using Harley’s sexy contact photo and turning her into a game character for some supposedly adult rated phone game.

It’s when he chooses Harley and Kyle, always loving how his wife plays games with their poor hapless younger tenant, that John gets the biggest surprise. The graphics are amazing.

The game has Harley and Kyle in photo realistic graphics, apparently some randomized setting, a lingerie store of all places, and there are so many things that John knows he could make Harley do or say that would have poor Kyle’s blood boiling with arousal.

What he could never imagine is that what he views on his phone is precisely what is actually happening back home, Harley having gotten playful without John around and deciding to totally mess with the head of Kyle a little just to pass the time. She intended to take him to the lingerie store mostly because the place offered no escape for the ever awkward Kyle. No matter where he looked, sexy mannequins and skimpy lingerie were everywhere.

Soon enough however Harley is feeling both a thrill and a chill at the fact her hands are moving on their own, reaching up and pulling in the sides of her dress to show off plenty of side boobs to poor Kyle. On the one hand it definitely gets the blushing startled reaction she wanted but why did she do it? And more importantly why can’t she stop doing more and more?

John has always had the kinkiest ideas about Harley, and Harley about him, but their marriage will soon be taken to crazy new degrees and John won’t even know it as he uses his wife and Kyle in a game that very quickly goes beyond mere teasing. With rewards for successful Contact HIGH achievements, Harley is getting only sluttier, only hotter, and only more curvy than ever. And Kyle is soon unleashed of the pent up frustration a college guy has around a hot as sin woman like Harley.

Will John ever realize that he’s literally playing around with his wife, taking her past even her own limits? Will Harley go from sexy to freaky hot, all emphasis on the freak? Will Kyle enjoy every bit of it? Find out in the surprise sequel you never saw cumming… but you will, SINtendo Contact HIGHer.


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