Jul 22 2019

Just follow the manual Readers

Trance-tory products are known for many things, but as Lauren has discovered, being easy to set up is not one of them. On the phone, Lauren is waiting to be guided through a tutorial to get the Harmonizer she purchased on a whim to work. The Harmonizer promises to use the already present electronic distortions …

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Jul 20 2019

It’s not always good to get a deal

Shopping for clothes that fit her better, Kiera ends up one of few customers at a department store having a big sale. But has this department store been targeted by a truly chaotic terrorist group with a penchant for the perverse? When a strangely quiet man enters and puts up a large HALF OFF! banner, …

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Jul 18 2019

Call now Readers… Kustomer Service is waiting

When a new mother on her first shift back from maternity leave gets a talkative friendly customer on the line, she may be the one getting assisted. Cindy has been a bit embarrassed dressed in something nice as her boss and coworkers invited her out to celebrate after her shift. She’s not as nervous about …

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Jul 16 2019

Readers can take a foto

When Abigail Jacobs gets word of a modeling gig arranged by her agent to be the face of an entire town on billboards leading into it, she knows that this is her big break. Only eighteen, she has modeled since the age of three, and now just in time she will be on the road …

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Jul 14 2019

It takes only three little words

Tony’s new job coding at a data consulting firm seems like a dream, but it may quickly become a nightmare after meeting his new bosses on his first day there. Oaker and Pines are two rather friendly odd men, but when they express appreciation at anything they’d suggest, Tony finds himself helpless to do it, …

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Jul 12 2019

The Coach can change your life Readers

Penelope Price has always been sure of herself, but faced with the prospects of finally breaking out into the real world, college behind her, she decides she could always benefit from a life coach. Meeting with Richard Rogers, or Coach Dick as he prefers to be called, Penelope, or Penny as she soon becomes known …

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Jul 10 2019

Minutes After SINtendo… nothing is the same…

Minutes ago, Ava became the perverse slut she’d inadvertently created in her online dating profile. Tricked by her twin daughters’ boyfriends she was quick to jump their bones the moment the boys brought the girls home from the movies. Yet now it’s time to set her daughters straight, to show them for the cute little …

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Jul 08 2019

The Shack welcomes Readers to Dock for a while

Anastasia Adams has been spoiled since birth. Now that she’s eighteen and soon to head off to college, she’s been manipulating and teasing a pair of wealthy brothers, deciding between them for who to allow the privilege of being her boyfriend. Yet when a poorly planned trip out on her father’s luxury speedboat leaves them …

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Jul 06 2019

The Zone awaits Readers this month

The strange and unusual are flowing in full force with this special Bonus Episode of Tales from the Kremey Zone, just in time for Readers Choice Month. Alison Chase is a responsible mother working endless hours, driving from place to place for her job this summer. But when she picks up a friendly hitchhiker named …

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Jul 04 2019

Readers like hitting the beach

Zoey thinks she’s found the perfect summer job for her and boyfriend Zane. A production company is looking for students willing to wear their beach best and perform in a safety film about the dangers of the beach. Showing up sexy as ever in her bikini, with Zane in tow, Zoey meets the men behind …

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Jul 02 2019

Reader’s Choice 2019 starts with SIntendo

When a shy art student is assigned a digital art project where taking a selfie and using filters will be required, she may just break out of her shell in more ways than she’s ready for. Jessica only intended to download Instagram, but paying little attention when downloading she ends up with something called SINtendo …

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Jul 01 2019

Reader’s Choice 2019 is about to begin!

It’s almost that time of year that Readers look for! In Reader’s Choice 2019 discover plenty of beach themes, summer themes, and some of the lesser known series revisited, like the Fantastical Features camera guys, who were in We’ve Got a Winner and Scary Moving in a brand new story! Three new Sintendo stories! New …

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Jun 30 2019

There’s a Grab Bag for the summer

The heat of summer has arrived, but nothing can prepare a struggling dad for the Hot Mess he’s about to have at home. And from one S.M.U.Ty tale of dealing with teenage rebellion to another, therapy can always help you get a handle on things… especially when what you’re getting a handle on is so …

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Jun 30 2019

The Selfies get styled for Summer

Time for a summer cut to cool your head, since summer is always a good time to take on a new look. However sometimes the cut can take more than Just a Little Off the Top as Kelly is about to find out. But if haircuts aren’t your thing, maybe getting a little ink will …

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Jun 25 2019

Toss the Ring

Facing tight budgets, a young married couple is struggling to make rent When Grace is told by her husband Norman that she could cut and sell her beautiful hair, she refuses to consider it. Faced with either sweet talking the creepy old lech of a building manager or going to the local shelter to see …

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Jun 20 2019

The Kremey Zone returns…

The Kreme Keeper finally breaks his silence of twisted torrid tales where the boundaries of reality and reason forever break down affecting the most unsuspecting individuals. Molly hates her husband Harris’ idea of a road trip vacation, the stuffy hot car certainly not putting her in the mood. But will some very special Animal Crackers …

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