April brings some moovement

How to Be a Cow by Kris P. Kreme

Bessie’s boyfriend Scott always has a special kind of lazy plot for the weekend, usually some crazy bet he or his buddies make, inventive, sometimes almost clever, but never worth focusing her attention on. This weekend especially she has other things to focus on, mostly researching a humanities assignment, and so Bessie will be spending …

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It’s entirely ABELbodied

ABELbodied - The Entire Story Series by Kris P. Kreme

Over 25,000 Words of Kreme! The entire ABEL series in one massive collection! Brought together as originally intended for the very first time are five full length tales about a man named Abel, just an ordinary guy with typical problems in a marriage that has settled to the point of routine. But when he stumbles …

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March brings a Selfie

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #61 - Devilish Deceptions & Scared Stupid by Kris P. Kreme

March means things are heating up, and warm can become unbearably hot Heat can turn devilish for a mysteriously powerful man talked into a massage at a mall one day. And a brilliantly intelligent young woman may feel her own heat after watching a very stupid movie on a date with her boyfriend, who has …

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March comes in with a Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #62 - Astral Erection & the Inheritance by Kris P. Kreme

The seasons are finally changing, and change is just what perpetual nerd Jacob could use. But when the brainy guy with more dreams than disappointing reality tries an experiment, his days ignored on campus may end in a climactic way no guy ever dreamed of, not even him. And twin sisters Beverly and Bethany thought …

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A wish needs a Lamp

Cumming Together in Harmony by Kris P. Kreme

All Harmony wanted was a happy marriage and a decent sex life with her husband. But everything got worse when they took in Cameron’s twin brother Mason after he fell on hard times. Cameron and Mason never get along, arguing about everything. The tension and stress in what should be a happy home means Cameron …

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Being Frank means being generous

Let's Be Frank about Charity by Kris P. Kreme

Fun is always happening at Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort, or is it? During the off-season, Frank finds himself with few guests and even fewer opportunities to use the Fun Time Fuckuator, a mind and body altering device. Warping the minds and bodies of strangers, guests, anyone who stumbles upon his casino resort, Frank …

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A Kollection for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day by Kris P. Kreme

A Kollection of the Kreme’s Valentine’s Day themed stories of the past! Over 43,000 Words of Kreme! Even though Valentine’s Day has passed, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking for late deliveries, and there’s a big bunch of more than just love in this special Kard from the Kreme. Valentine’s passed but this is …

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They’ll do anything for views

Hypno Hosed by Kris P. Kreme

Dane and Duke have a YouTube channel where they post challenge videos and other mindless forms of entertainment. They found success after Dane got his brainy girlfriend Megan involved in one of their videos. Even if she supports her goofy boyfriend and his dumber half, Megan is determined not to be embarrassed again or made …

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It’s colder without Selfies

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #60 - Spell It Out & Konversational Kolors

Selfies gets freaky fun for February! Start out your selfishly succulent stories with a witchy tale about motivating the team at school. Dani and the cheerleaders thought a new routine might do the job, but thanks to the class freak, they may be doing much more than they ever thought. And then enjoy a short …

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In the middle of winter there’s something to Grab

The Grab Bag #61 - Massaging up Morale & Party like a Rock Star

The chill of winter is cold and cruel, and so is Courtney, the new office manager. But a fancy massage chair may have her boosting morale in hot new ways. And Stan has everything he could have wished for with a girl like Hoshi, at least until a genie has twisted ideas in mind for …

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It’s finally here… The 900th Tale from the Kreme

The Unknown 900 by Kris P. Kreme

When a friendly talented network repair technician named Jenson Jones has to fix his own diagnostic on-the-job computer, he relies on swapping the hard drive from a laptop he got paid with in trade years earlier. But the laptop originally came from a somewhat notoriously known internet author whose words possessed a power of manipulation …

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SINtendo has its quirks

SINtendo SatisFUCtion by Kris P. Kreme

Jim and Olivia may seem like the perfect happy couple, but then on one particular day at a healthy grocery store, they seem a bit ridiculous to every guy that catches Jim’s eye. That’s because Olivia not only insisted they dress alike to supposedly relate better, but also walk around the store not even shopping, …

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You should follow instructions carefully

IKremA by Kris P. Kreme

Craig hoped high school would be much better than the pandemic made it. Having spent his final two years home instructed by Inga, a Swedish instructor his dad hired and managed to fall for and marry in the past year, he just wants it all to end. But Inga has been a serious bitch, ugly …

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There’s always something to Grab

The Grab Bag #60 - Stressing the Point & We’ve Got a Winner! by Kris P. Kreme

A new year can bring new stresses, but some stresses may put a squeeze on three coeds. Playing a joke on their tightly wound roommate Allison leaves Jodie and Sasha paying the price. Maybe you’ll win a contest you never entered to be in a movie this year, just like Jennifer. They say the camera …

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Selfies start the New Year

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #59 - Pregnant Pauses Professional Problems & SINtendo Sitter by Kris P. Kreme

It’s a new year, which means there are plans to make, things to pause and consider. Maybe you can start a new career, start a new family, or do both at the same time. Or maybe you’ll just learn to milk the most from the job you already have like Cassie the babysitter did thanks …

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Sooner than you think… the 900th work of Kreme

Sooner than you think… the 900th work of Kreme Koming in January 2022.