Category: Melina the Mind Controller

On HallowKreme the costume makes the maid

Costume Chaos: Maid for Pleasure by Kris P. Kreme

Still angry from the first home she visited, Melina is on her way down the street to another, just wanting to trick or treat and get some candy. Of course she isn’t paying attention to her angry middle of the road walk and a car screeches to a halt, the driver quite enraged. Getting out …

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Some costumes are irresistible

Costume Chaos: Busting the Bride by Kris P. Kreme

Spending all year perfecting her Halloween costume, Melina doesn’t care that she’s a bit old to still trick or treat. She has the best costume ever, perfect backstory to establish the costume, and is ready for her candy. However the first house she visits has a most unfriendly young woman, Christina, who clearly hates Halloween, …

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