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Last updated December 31, 2014.


The Merry Mindless Corset

The Merry Mindless Corset by Kris P. Kreme

The Merry Mindless Corset by Kris P. Kreme

There are bargains to be found shopping during the holidays. The bargain Brennan stumbles across on TV might be too good to pass up.

The Merry Mindless Corset, a sexy tight article of clothing that actually squeezes all willpower and personality from a woman promises complete control to the man in her life. Brennan has to get it for April, his domineering wife who’d be better off as a fantasy doll.

Once Brennan has control, will his every fantasy come true, no matter how perverse?

Brennan is a man who not long ago believed he had stumbled upon the jackpot in life, marrying the gorgeous April, a woman much younger than he is. However, as he soon discovered, married life definitely comes with changes and the changes all seemed to steamroll over every last fantasy he’d ever conceived of.

Slender, brunette, with model looks, April now runs the household, having wormed her way into an authority position Brennan barely even recalls happening. All he knows is that the bossy woman who looks hot as hell has poured cold water over the fantasy married life he had imagined.

Now, Brennan spends most late nights sneaking quietly down to the basement, where April banished his big screen television. He creeps as quietly as possible, thankful she’s a sound sleeper, and finally relaxes in front of the boob tube.

Naturally the holidays are a stressful time of year for anyone, but for Brennan it’s only extra stressful so the late night visit downstairs to the basement is even more welcome. Drifting to sleep in front of the big screen Brennan is surprised awake by the oddest product commercial he’s ever seen, a commercial for The Merry Mindless Corset.

According to the announcers, the corset is high quality, sexy, and hides a big secret. Disguised and shipped in packaging claiming it to be the Comfort Corset, the Merry Mindless Corset is specifically meant as a gift item for the woman in a man’s life who is overbearing and boring, uptight and generally unpleasant.

Once the corset is worn and while it is worn, according to the announcers, her personality is wiped away, her body a mere puppet, blank like a doll, ready to be played with. Whatever the man wants, the man gets from the woman who used to control and manipulate him instead.

Tired and too tempted by the impossible advertisement, Brennan quickly orders The Merry Mindless Corset, with free upgraded holiday shipping. A couple of days later, April brings in a package, one that has Brennan almost giddy to see what happens.

As soon as he has given April the Comfort Corset, a sexy red number that only makes her look hotter holding it against her, she is off to try it on. What happens next can only be described as a holiday miracle.

Brennan’s marriage is taking a definite turn, his wife seemingly under the manipulating squeeze of a powerful corset, his every fantasy and whim able to finally be indulged. As his fantasies and kinks get more and more humiliating for her, more and more extreme, and more and more out of control, will Brennan make this the merriest Christmas ever for his visiting brother and buddies by having a good old fashioned gang bang of the old ball and chain.

Or will Brennan discover that maybe his fantasies are nothing more than that? Find out in the final Christmas tale of 2014, a tale that proves sometimes Christmas wishes really do come true, and occasionally home shopping can really save an otherwise one sided marriage.

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Jingling Bella

Jingling Bella by Kris P. Kreme

Jingling Bella by Kris P. Kreme

Bella isn’t just good, she’s saintly. In seminary, studying to be a minister, Bella looks for the best in people.

After an accident ruins the bell she was planning to use bell ringing for charity, she finds kindness as a man offers her a replacement.

However, this bell is anything but normal and her day of raising funds for the needy will soon be spent raising more than just blood pressure of the male shoppers she sees.

Soon, there isn’t anything Bella wouldn’t do for a donation.

Bella is a good devout religious girl, a girl who proves that just because a young woman is busty and blonde she certainly isn’t a bimbo with little to no morals. She’s strong in her faith, to the point that she is currently enrolled in seminary, studying to be a minister.

As part of her training she has most looked forward to her service to the community during Christmas time, this year her very first as a bell ringer. She’s ready to spend time outside a local strip mall raising awareness for the needy and greeting everyone with a smile.

Soon enough, however, Bella might just be finding herself leaving those same people she greets with much bigger smiles and giving all new meaning to the term strip mall. It all begins with a seemingly unfortunate accident as she sets up her donation display, a delivery truck backing right over the most important tool of a bell ringer, her precious bell.

Luckily, Bella thinks, the truck driver is a very apologetic man, offering her a bell he happened to have in his truck, a nice fancy looking bell which seems just perfect for replacing the one she lost. Bella can’t be prouder of the giving spirit some people have this time of year.

As it happens though, this man is no truck driver and the bell he gave her is only the latest from a company renowned for products with rather particular devious effects on consumers. Needing a guinea pig to better demonstrate the product, this man has two potential investors watching from a safe distance as poor innocent Bella begins her day, ringing the bell and smiling at all the happy shoppers.

With each ring of the bell something happens within Bella, her mind changing where her thoughts tend to wander, her ideas about giving becoming quite clearly slanted in a more carnal way. As the ringing becomes almost addictive, the reverberations spreading up her arm, throughout her attractive body, Bella realizes that maybe the more of her body people see, particularly the men, the more those men might be willing to donate to such a worthy cause.

Escalating from a more flirty attitude to a more exposed body, Bella soon finds herself doing things she never did before, never dreamed of doing before, each time only justifying it all through the supporting of a good cause.

At the end of the day, a demonstration ends successfully, charitable causes have plenty of funds coming their way, and Bella has plenty of fun herself cumming her own way. While the bell might be ringing, Bella is truly the one jingled the most as she goes from seminary to semen obsessed.

Experience the holiday miracle of a holy girl willing to share her holes in Jingling Bella, part of Khristmas with the Kreme.

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Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights by Kris P. Kreme

Twinkle Lights by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone sees plenty of homes brightly colored and decorated for the season this time of year. As one home proves, tis the season to be pleasin.

Kent is finally ready to decorate his home, to put up the Twinkle Lights he purchased due to his wife’s insistence that they decorate like the neighbors do.

After one look at the twinkling lights, drivers passing by and Kent’s own wife are helpless to fight the lust and perversion that suddenly inspires them to truly make the holidays special.

Kent’s wife Gillian has always liked the way the neighbors lit up their street during the holidays. This year he’s finally going to take her rather domineering instruction to get with it and light their house up as well. As she primps and preens her gorgeous looks inside, Kent heads outside to hang the Twinkle Lights, lights that according to the box are Guaranteed to make your holidays Special.

Unknown to both Kent and Gillian though, these Twinkle Lights truly do make a holiday time special as is quite quickly realized by a blended family headed downtown to a restaurant.

With the interstate traffic snarled due to general chaos this time of year, Debbie instructs her husband Lester to leave onto the side streets and take the scenic way. There should be less traffic and that way they all can enjoy the pretty lights on the homes.

Lester is hungry, driven crazy by his older son Jack and Debbie’s younger daughter Kate in the backseat bickering most of the trip. As Jack continues to poke the eighteen year old stepsister’s buttons, leaning in to read her texts and telling Debbie in the front seat all her daughter’s personal actions, Kate is getting angrier and angrier, all three of the passengers paying little attention to just what frustration is building up in the man of the household.

Right as the boiling point of anger is reached, the car trip threatened by shouting, anger, and general craziness of Christmas stress, they pass by Kent’s home just as he is connecting the final power strip, illuminating his home with the twinkling Twinkle Lights.
After mere seconds of being strangely captivated by the pretty twinkling lights, Lester slows the car down, all his nerves calmed and his wife suddenly quite interested in a further way to calm his nerves. Ignoring the kids in the backseat entirely she pushes aside her long dark hair, instructing Lester to pull over.

As he pulls over, she leans over, his sexy wife instantly finding what she wants and giving him the happiest holiday surprise ever right there in the front seat. Meanwhile in the back, their always bickering kids find a common interest with no end of pleasure.

Some holiday lights inspire family togetherness but Kent and Gillian’s home this year is inspiring a whole new level of it, and Kent still remains clueless about the powerful meaning of just how Special these lights are, at least until he gets his wife out front to see how they look.

It’s truly the Christmas miracle as Kent finally gets to be the dominant one in his relationship and all who pass his home realize their own special little changes, and it’s all thanks to Twinkle Lights.

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The Naughty Elves

The Naughty Elves by Kris P. Kreme

The Naughty Elves by Kris P. Kreme

After nearly hitting two of Santa’s elves on the road, Rachel, Chloe, and Emily, discover getting given a gift is not always a good thing. In fact, it can be truly naughty.

All three girls have been pure, virginal, and sweet. They’ve never had a bad thought, a bad desire, but now, everything is about to change.

They must resist the most depraved naughty temptations for 24 hours, or else they will permanently become naughty girls who know no boundaries.

Rachel, Chloe, and Emily are three high school seniors, about to discover something truly mind blowing. Santa is real and just like the story always has gone, he’s keeping a list of who’s naughty or nice. Fortunately for the three of them, they’ve always been good girls, the best behaved, the most focused on their studies, the perfect angels all throughout their childhood, now eighteen and adults, preparing for divergent paths into life.

Winter break has just begun, the last winter break where all three best friends will be together. As Rachel plans on spending some time shopping online, collecting gifts for the homeless and less fortunate, Chloe plans a weekend at home, taking care of her stepfather while her mother’s away on business. Meanwhile their friend Emily has a potentially big interview with a man about going off to study dance after graduation. Each has only the purest heart and sweetest personality, but all three are about to quite literally have a run in with a pair of Santa’s elves.

Eyes off the road for a mere instance, Rachel nearly runs down the two little men, screeching to a stop barely in time. As she gets out to make sure they are okay, it’s quickly very clear that these men are not just strange little people in costumes. There’s something more to them, something all three of the girls at first find cute and amusing.

Explaining themselves, the men also explain that it’s fortunate the girls are eighteen, since no one under that age has the ability to see them, part of the magic of Christmas. They also explain that in order for Santa to constantly be keeping tabs on the children of earth, he has elves out in the field, some instructed to watch and report on the good little boys and girls, others instructed to report on the naughty ones.

These two men happen to be Naughty Elves, out on patrol, and they have a special kind of magic that other elves don’t. As one of the elves says, they have the ability to bestow a gift, one which tests them. Typically what they do is give the gift to naughty children and it gives them 24 hours of only the purest, sweetest, most inspiring thoughts. If those children act on the thoughts, change their ways, and become good little boys and girls, they get shifted over to the nice list. If they resist the temptations to be good, they remain naughty forever.

These elves are not terribly happy about the way they met these three perfectly pure good girls and so as they put it, they are bestowing a special gift for all three, and when their gift is given to good girls, it creates in all three of them only the strongest and most intense desires to be naughty. All three girls will have 24 hours of lust, perversion, chaos in their ordinarily pure clean minds. If they can resist acting on those urges, they will remain pure and good. If, however, they should give in and do just one thing truly naughty, they will be lost forever, naughty girls of only the most extreme and most sinful kind.

Leaving the girls behind, Rachel, Chloe, and Emily each immediately begin suffering the visions of naughty desires, the urges growing stronger and stronger by the second. Ultimately as Rachel drops off her two friends and heads home herself, each will find the battle quite futile to even have a hope at remaining pure and virginal good girls for long. The only question is how naughty each will be, how perverse they will become, and to what extreme they will take it.

As Chloe decides all new and more enjoyable ways to take care of her stepfather, Emily ponders her future in dance and considers stripping among other side benefits. Rachel, however, is trying her best to resist, the struggle only snapping back harder like a broken rubber band, resulting in depraved desires to give her body out instead of all the gifts she’d been planning this Christmas.

Elves have a lot of work to do each year, especially with more and more good boys and girls. Thankfully for two of those elves, they may have just discovered a sure fire way of making sure more and more good girls turn naughty just after those girls turn eighteen.

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Bimbo Bombed Holiday Fruitcake Edition

Bimbo Bombed Holiday Fruitcake Edition by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed Holiday Fruitcake Edition by Kris P. Kreme

A fruitcake nearly always leaves a bad taste, but the one Jennifer receives may just ultimately leave her a tasteless, brainless bimbo.

She always loved Christmas, the decorations, the lights, the thrill of opening presents. One present she wasn’t expecting was to find herself Bimbo Bombed with a tree to decorate. If just twelve ornaments break, the multi-layered attack on her otherwise sweet, successful body begins.

Will this be a happy holidays for Jennifer, or for every man she lays eyes on?

At thirty, Jennifer is sweet, sexy, and successful, qualities usually admired by all. Unfortunately she has rubbed many of her neighbors the wrong way with her perky attitude and her excessive love for all things Christmas. This year someone has chosen to strike back and how best to ruin someone’s holidays? By sending them a fruitcake of course.

Unfortunately for the always merry and mindful Jennifer, this sweet smelling package does not in fact contain a fruitcake. What it does contain is the very beginning to a Christmas like none other for her.

Upon opening the unexpected delivery, Jennifer is sad to see no Christmas goodies are inside. What is inside is a note, a note informing her that she has been Bimbo Bombed.

Someone is not happy about Jennifer’s success, her intelligence failing to prevent ignorance of many of her neighbor’s situations, such as the ones who have had their homes foreclosed by the very banking institution Jennifer works for. Always happy, always sweet and innocent, Jennifer is about to receive a multi-layered punishment for her crimes of ignorance. She’s also about to discover what being truly ignorant means as she ultimately is destined to become a bimbo with an unequaled sexual appetite.

All Jennifer has to do to prevent such a fate from befalling her is to avoid breaking just twelve ornaments, ornaments she has just happened to pull out ready to decorate her tree. Never was decorating the tree so deadly a task as Jennifer tries to convince herself that Bimbo Bombings are rare, something only occasionally reported about in the news, and always done by way of cell phones and computers, not fruitcake deliveries.

Will Jennifer decorate her tree successfully, maintaining her record of never breaking an ornament, since Christmas is her favorite time of year? Will she seal her own fate through clumsiness and suffer the very first multi-layered Bimbo Bombing ever, each layer peeling away what makes her sweet, successful, and smart?

Find out in the special edition of Bimbo Bombed: Holiday Fruitcake Edition, a Kris P. Kreme original.

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Talking Teddy

Talking Teddy by Kris P. Kreme

Talking Teddy by Kris P. Kreme

Khristmas arrives early!

The first of six brand new holiday tales by Kris P. Kreme finds Jessica, an otherwise cute redheaded eighteen year old babysitter with her whole future waiting.

That future gets twisted babysitting for the King family. Their child’s new stuffed Talking Teddy says the most encouraging things. His batteries low, Jessica replaces them only to discover that Talking Teddy has changed his tune.

He’s now only interested in encouraging Jessica how to become a real slut.

Jessica has always been a natural at babysitting, but when her most faithful clients, the Kings, call her up during the busy holidays for a last minute job, she might just end up doing a lot more than the usual sitting job requires.

The holidays are always busy and chaotic, but Jessica is happy to get out of her temporarily crowded home to spend what she expects to be a nice quiet evening alone at John and his wife’s home, sitting for their three and a half year old child, David. If there ever was an easier child to sit for, Jessica doesn’t know who it could be, but what she also doesn’t know is that David has a new best friend.

This new best friend might quickly become much more than a nuisance for the babysitter as there simply is no predicting what will come out of Talking Teddy’s mouth next. A fancy advanced learning toy, Talking Teddy spits out motivating and encouraging phrases each time he is squeezed, but when Jessica finds herself needing to give him a fresh set of batteries, those phrases take a turn for the extreme.

As soon as Talking Teddy tells Jessica she needs bigger tits, she knows something weird is going on and whether it’s her own imagination and the teddy bear is not saying the things she hears at all, or whether he really is malfunctioning, saying the most crude and suggestive things imaginable, her quiet night is about to become twisted.

From the strange looks given by Mr. King before he left with his wife to the even stranger things said by his child’s new fancy Talking Teddy, Jessica is about to experience a night of babysitting like never before. Is she going crazy? Is Talking Teddy somehow making her feel the very way he describes her in his kinky little words? Can a child’s favorite toy change the very fabric of reality for his babysitter?

Find out as Jessica goes from confident young babysitter to docile little slut with plans to be anything but little soon enough. Good little boys love Talking Teddy, but Talking Teddy has his eyes on one soon to be very bad little babysitter, leaving that babysitter with at least two enormous gifts this Christmas.

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The Kuickies Volume Two

The Kuickies Volume Two by Kris P. Kreme

The Kuickies Volume Two by Kris P. Kreme

Four Kuickies for one great price! A Kreme Kuickie is an appetizer of a tale, for when you just aren’t wanting an entire meal. Short, sweet, and always tasty, these tales take you to every kink imaginable. Sometimes though, especially during the month when all diets are challenged, you just want to stuff your plate with more than one Kuickie and you can give thanks to the Kreme that he has heard your requests.

A Kreme Kuickie is an appetizer of a tale, for when you just aren’t wanting an entire meal. Short, sweet, and always tasty, these tales take you to every kink imaginable. Sometimes though, especially during the month when all diets are challenged, you just want to stuff your plate with more than one Kuickie and you can give thanks to the Kreme that he has heard your requests.

Cummin’ Round the Mountain

Anna spends the day hiking on Mount Chawore, but finds herself lost in finding her way back to her car when the day grows late.

Will she find her way back, or will she meet some locals who change much more than her perspective on life and her purpose in it?

Fantasy Fashions: Selective Shopping

Stephanie’s shopping trip to the mall takes her to a new mysterious store called Fantasy Fashions, where the fashions not only fit the wearer but fit their deepest fantasies as well. What happens though when fantasies get a bit extreme, and Stephanie’s lust for being rather mechanized in her control creates a change even the store isn’t ready for?

Happy New You!

Mandy Fate has finally met the man of her dreams, an author of erotica that takes her own kinks and multiplies them until she’s weak in the knees. However, as Mandy Fate meets 2014 she might just discover that her own fate is to become just like the fictional characters this man writes about in his stories.

Les is Moore

Les Moore never got any, until the day he got everything.

A man with a life of suffering, where nothing went his way even down to his birth name, Les Moore is used to having bad days. However, standing in line at the bank one day, Les finds himself in possession of the one thing he never thought he’d experience, control.

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The Kuickies Volume One

The Kuickies Volume One by Kris P. Kreme

The Kuickies Volume One by Kris P. Kreme

Three Kuickies for one great price! A Kreme Kuickie is an appetizer of a tale, for when you just aren’t wanting an entire meal. Short, sweet, and always tasty, these tales take you to every kink imaginable. Sometimes though, especially during the month when all diets are challenged, you just want to stuff your plate with more than one Kuickie and you can give thanks to the Kreme that he has heard your requests.

A Kreme Kuickie is an appetizer of a tale, for when you just aren’t wanting an entire meal. Short, sweet, and always tasty, these tales take you to every kink imaginable. Sometimes though, especially during the month when all diets are challenged, you just want to stuff your plate with more than one Kuickie and you can give thanks to the Kreme that he has heard your requests.

Don’t hold your Breath: Sadie is the bratty eighteen year old daughter that came along with an otherwise wonderful marriage for Tim. Unfortunately her bratty attitude is threatening to ruin his weekend and Tim simply can’t have that. Not realizing the power her attitude might unleash, Sadie’s idle threat to hold her breath may cost her more than her television privileges.

Flash Photography: Todd has a new old camera to mess with, and he’s striking out to take some candid shots of people around his town. The only problem is that candid shots can be ruined by a bright flash bulb going off, and this camera seems to refuse to not flash everyone he aims it at. Will he find the controls to stop the flash, or will the flash continue controlling those blinded by its light?

Kremed Karaoke: What could be better than a girl’s night out at the local karaoke scene? Winning the grand prize for best crowd reaction, of course. Cameron, her three best friends, and her still fun and youthful mom are heading out dressed in their best. The performances on stage and the lyrics of the daring songs they find themselves singing will do more than rid them of their clothes.

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Green Eyed Gazes

Green Eyed Gazes by Kris P. Kreme

Green Eyed Gazes by Kris P. Kreme

A man with no name, but who needs names when you have the greenest pair of eyes, capable of not just reading anyone’s thoughts but using those thoughts against them? The epic tale of the green eyed man has never been brought together in one epic volume before and now you can read from origin to exit the story of a man with kinks he never hides and a definite preference for Asian girls.

Over 67,000 Words of Green!

Six tales from Kris P. Kreme that tell the story of the Green Eyed Man. A man with no name, but who needs names when you have the greenest pair of eyes, capable of not just reading anyone’s thoughts but using those thoughts against them? The epic tale of the green eyed man has never been brought together in one epic volume before and now you can read from origin to exit the story of a man with kinks he never hides and a definite preference for Asian girls.

Touchy Feel Lee: Joanne Lee finds herself facing a bank robber who touches a nerve teaching her a unique lesson about milking the most from life.

Shaking Things Up: Workers and patrons of Moonlit Coffee are about to find better reasons than coffee to stay up. Desiring only a milkshake, a mysterious man finds there are many more entertaining ways of shaking things up at the late-night coffee house.

A Good Sport: Susie, a disgruntled girl with inadequacies that only a mysterious stranger can change when he stops by the sporting goods store she works at.

Glowing Green with Flowing Cream: A man with glowing green eyes tells of how he nearly drowned in a tropical bay and survived to find himself empowered with the abilities he never knew he desired.

Green-Eyed Protection: Sato is the daughter of a powerful Yakuza leader in Japan, but she’s not in Japan and the gang she’s attempting to shape into a new branch of that respected and feared organization is about to show her the least respect ever.

Positively Glowing: After finally being tricked and manipulated himself, the man with the glowing green eyes is captured. Restrained, robbed of his abilities, he is taken far from civilization to an old converted farm.

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The Konversational Kollection

The Konversational Kollection by Kris P. Kreme

The Konversational Kollection by Kris P. Kreme

The Konversational Kollection: Nine conversations that take things in directions never expected. Sometimes they say talk is cheap.

Over 40,000 Words!

Now get all the talk you can handle for one low price in The Konversational Kollection, all dialogue tales by Kris P. Kreme where the talk is just as cheap as the girls soon find themselves becoming.

Konversationally Speaking
It’s the power of the spoken word when a man encounters a friendly college girl in a bookstore. She agrees to help him find what he is looking for but somehow as conversations often do, the topic veers off onto other subjects.

Going Down?
Sasha encounters a friendly man on an elevator one night and has a rather enlightening conversation, one where she ends up feeling entirely different about the direction she is heading.

Where are My Manners?
Witness a girl’s fear as her friends leave her alone in a bad section of town only to find that when she finally gets to her car and begins driving home through a downpour that her check engine light is on.

Trance-tory Troubleshooting
Discover the power retail markets have over the consumers of their products when a man calls to complain about the toaster he bought, especially why the toaster somehow seems to have made his wife and stepdaughter obsessed with each other in rather carnal ways.

Calling Collect
A studious college coed takes time away from the books to place a call to her stepdad on Father’s Day. Of course she’d rather not pay the fees for the call and so she chooses to call collect.

Dealing with Sperm Mail
Kerry is increasingly concerned about her friend Gabby, both of them college girls and while Gabby’s usually the more outgoing one, her chats seem to be increasingly growing more and more profane and depraved. Is it all somehow related to the spam mail Kerry has gotten?

The Waitress Game
The man with stimulating conversational skills continues his game at a restaurant. Trevor is more than willing to offer some friendly advice to a cute waitress who has provided excellent service.

Have We Had the Pleasure?
Striking up conversation with a friendly man on the commuter train one morning, Michelle finds herself opening up more than she ever expected.

Secretarial Positions
Jessica meets a man at the law firm where she works in a secretarial capacity. After a friendly conversation that grows a bit more and more overly friendly as time goes by, she discovers just how eager she is to try all new positions.

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The SINtendo Busty Bundle

The SINtendo Busty Bundle by Kris P. Kreme

The SINtendo Busty Bundle by Kris P. Kreme

Over 74,000 words of SINtendo action! Six tales of SINtendo gaming like you’ve never imagined, this bundle ensures you’ll be SINfully satisfied with the long lost original tale, Whee Hear and Obey.

Over 74,000 words of SINtendo action!

What’s Thanksgiving month without spending quality time with the family in front of the television? Forget football, forget parades, the best on television this month is video games and only one system puts the SIN back in gaming. Presenting the remastered bundle you never expected, The SINtendo Busty Bundle.

Including six tales of gaming like you’ve never imagined, this bundle ensures you’ll be SINfully satisfied with the long lost original tale, Whee Hear and Obey.

In this unreleased tale, a new family discovers the joys of SINtendo gaming at home when Jeff’s wife Tammy makes an unusual find at the local second-hand store. Seeking something to better bring the family closer together, Tammy’s thinking games, but the games the SINtendo Whee she finds in a dusty old black box plays are with the minds of the players.

Left in the store by a man claiming he had two and the other was being given to his nephew, the SINtendo Whee seems a perfect buy and everything Tammy could have asked for in her monthly bargain shopping trip. Before too long, Jeff has the game system set up and both of their kids are called to join in a friendly family competition.
SINtendo Says is the game and it all seems simple enough. Just do whatever SINtendo Says as long as those words begin the instructions spoken by the gaming device. The game quickly takes a turn from family friendly into much too friendly as SINtendo Says some fairly lewd instructions, offering penalties if the instructions aren’t followed.
One thing is certain, family gaming day at Jeff and Tammy’s home will never be the same again.

This collection also includes the SINtendo tales:

SINtendo Whee Yoo: Kyle has the new SINtendo Whee Yoo, an adult gaming system like no other. Together with gaming girl Kelly, Kyle begins a game of YOO-miliated, a simple game where you snap pics of real people to use as characters. The twist, what they see is real, and they chose a couple of popular sexy classmates. Playing with others gets a new meaning, and with humiliation as a goal, gaming gets graphic.

Petting YOO: SINtendo Whee began years ago with a kid named Kevin and now Kevin returns in an all new story that turns everything around. Kevin and his fiancee, Amber, are about to experience the pleasure and shock of SINtendo Whee YOO. Bored one day after rain spoils a trip to the petting zoo, Amber discovers Petting YOO, an interactive game that takes her desires for fun and adds a uniquely animal twist.

SINtendo Gaming on the Go: Pregnant Pauses: Casey was set to spend the weekend gaming but when his older brother Heath insists on having the house to himself with his girlfriend Veronica, plans change. Wandering angrily along a sidewalk, Casey finds a SINtendo handheld gaming device in the trash and so begins a day like no other. Playing on this handheld proves pregnant with possibilities and as perverse as gameplay can come.

SINtendo Gaming 2 Go: Pregnant Pauses Plus: Blaine never thought that crashing his skateboard into a trash can would be so rewarding. Of course, he never dreamed that he’d discover a real SINtendo gaming device. Now he has inherited a game, and even better, thanks to the previous player’s skills, he has inherited a Bonus Round.

Avatar Elly: Elly is a bored college girl with too much time on her hands and some unquenched longings. Will a simple free trial of SINtendo Whee cure both?

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A Klassic Kompilation

A Klassic Kompilation by Kris P. Kreme

A Klassic Kompilation by Kris P. Kreme

Bust out the latest sounds with A Klassic Kompilation, three tales sure to send more than your mind spinning.

In Success! Randall discovers the true dangers of successfully turning his hot girlfriend into a helpless slut.

In Sampling Candy, Candy discovers the dangers of being a mindlessly obedient store employee.

And in No means Yes, Rebecca discovers the dangers when positivity training leaves her incapable of saying no.

It’s time to give thanks to the Kreme, for this November he’s serving up extra helpings of the Kremey tales you can’t wait to taste. Sometimes though you just like the Klassics and here are three brand new Klassics never released before, three tracks on the jukebox of Kreme.

First up, in Success! the ever nerdy and brainy Randall has already won the jackpot in college by hooking up with super hot Jessica, but he’s always wanted more. Even his girlfriend supports his kinky desires, letting him continue to seek out the solution to making his hypnoray actually work.

All he wants is what every red-blooded male wants, a hopelessly horny slut to call his own. Jessica is to be that slut, if he can just figure out the science of turning her into one. His hypnoray is just the latest in his experiments and it’s clearly not working.

Something Jessica says though sparks an entirely new train of thought, an idea that modifies his experiment just enough to where it actually works. He can and does make the coed cutie his own personal slut, but something might just be too easy about success this time.

What is the unforeseen problem with having a cum addicted coed slut? Find out in the Klassic that shows all success comes with a downside.

Next up, Candy is a college girl who’s new in town and looking for a part time job at the Piney Woods Quik-stop. She’s nervous about her first day, unsure about her fellow employees, and eager to get started.

After meeting her boss, George, Candy is quickly shown the required training video for new employees and afterwards it’s straight to the floor to get started. Today she’ll be operating the free sample table and her job is simple, just be friendly and let the customers sample what they wish to.

Despite her first shift of a new job starting out entirely ordinary, things take a very unexpected turn when customers begin requesting to sample Candy, or at least parts of her. What’s even more unexpected is that Candy is not refusing, finding herself eager to be samples, always friendly to the customers that slowly go from simply using the cute coed to abusing her in more and more pleasurable ways.

Sometimes a job is more than a girl can handle but things might turn out okay at the Piney Woods Quik-stop as most of the customers are interested in Sampling Candy.

Finally, to round out this Kompilation, No means Yes introduces us to Rebecca, the exception to the rule that all tech support specialists were nerdy and unpopular. At her work, Rebecca is always turning heads, a woman who is gorgeous, brainy, and able to handle herself quite well.

Unfortunately for her, it’s mandatory that all employees attend a work-related social improvement exercise led by Mr. Secret. A successful hypnotherapist and writer of the book The Secret to a Productive Life, Mr. Secret is there to motivate confidence and teach that negativity is bad and where there is a no there can always be a yes.

As the event unfolds, Rebecca recalls how unusually susceptible to hypnosis she was back in college, a fact that comes back to haunt her as she goes fully under only to wake when the performance is over.

Returning to her cubical for what is intended to be an ordinary work day, Rebecca soon discovers that something has happened to her and anytime someone asks a yes or no question she is compelled if not helpless to say only yes and follow through with the actions that yes requires.

Witness the struggle against her own actions Rebecca handles as an unethical and jerky coworker tries to take full advantage of her, and see if the shy sweet guy who always had a thing for her steps up his own confidence and saves the day in this Klassic that proves sometimes even the most twisted tale can have a happy ending.

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Pushing the Veil

Pushing the Veil by Kris P. Kreme

Pushing the Veil by Kris P. Kreme

This Halloween forces are at work from otherworldly dimensions, dimensions where the dead live on to play with the living, dimensions where the flow of thoughts and actions can be randomly reversed, and dimensions where idle fantasies and the movies one watches can merge into delectable devilish reality.

The veil is thin on one night a year and that veil is about to be pushed in ways never imagined.

In every reality there are limits, limits to what is and isn’t possible. On one single night of the year the boundaries separating those realities is thinnest, the membranes stretched tight, the impossible closer than we may ever realize. Halloween is that night and this Halloween forces are at work, forces destined to bring impossibilities to life, forces only working to push ever harder at that stretched veil between worlds.

Many forces of chaos and evil can push the veil, and those forces can often be hidden in the very reflection one sees everyday in every mirror they encounter. Kari has always been a fun girl, long past her old high school and college days she still embodies the perfect look and that look has only recently changed thanks to a hair salon giving her ordinarily red hair a fresh blonde feel.

Unfortunately for Kari the body her new look embodies is about to betray her in ways she never imagined. They say blondes are bimbos but never did Kari suspect that once you go blonde you can’t go back. The veil for Kari is pushed to extremes she never dreamed of, her own mirror image bringing about the changes that go much deeper than a dye job.

Reversal of fortune is not uncommon in our own universe but reversal of thought process is. When every neuron in the brain fires opposite to what it once did, opposite thoughts and actions can occur, and on Tony’s weekly poker night everyone is going to find out just what high stakes can be.

Tony’s daughter Michelle is all grown up, or at least by the world’s standards. Tony never sees her as the woman she has become and due to her taking the car without asking and returning it dented, she is currently not allowed to leave the house no matter what age she is. Soon enough though, Michelle is going to find dents the least of her worries.

All dressed for a Halloween party, Michelle wasn’t prepared for the subtle leering from her dad’s poker buddies, but stepping in with the intentions of just saying hi to them quickly changes with the arrival of a strange aroma. Like the sharp smell of ozone, she and Tony never see the bubble forming, the veil pushed out around them.

Every decision they might have made, every ordinary logical choice of what to do or say on poker night is about to randomly get reversed and only chaos can result, a chaos where poker night may just become poke her night and Michelle is the her.

Finally, Kari’s good friend Kim is having a date night in with her longtime boyfriend Landon and Landon is distracted as always. While he’s always been the good guy, no pressure and no jerky moves, there is definitely one thing he’s been waiting a long time for and that’s to get a little action from Kim.

Conservative and near prudish, Kim prefers a very slow relationship, kissing and making out about as extreme as she will tolerate for now. Tonight’s date is a Halloween movie marathon of scary themed, though mostly ripped off plots.

What Landon never suspects is that the veil is thin and otherworldly dark forces can see into both his thoughts and his desires. His idle fantasies while watching the various movies results in chaos spreading to those he knows, chaos where movie plots get more twisted in ways only Landon could fantasize about.

A teacher, Landon deals with students all day, but two senior cheerleaders are about to find themselves trapped within a dream world where Landon is in charge. The lesson they learn is to never disobey a teacher and always be good little sluts like cheerleaders should.

Mary Mills, one of Landon’s fellow teachers is leaving a late night Halloween party when she gets a call on her phone in the middle of a dark parking lot.The voice, sounding oddly like Landon asks one question. What’s your favorite kinky movie?

Mary better answer soon because every delay only ensures that the movie she will soon be a part of is going to be kinkier and kinkier than she ever imagined.

Landon and Kim find themselves confronting the very veil that has been constantly pushed through his idle thoughts of the scary movies they have been watching. Waking up confused, having last been watching a movie about some guy that sets up elaborate traps to force victims to choose their own fate, Landon finds he and Kim are locked in her bedroom, steel barriers blocking any escape.

Kim is restrained to the bed, a metal brace around her waist and the bed slowly bending back, folding her back on herself as Landon receives instructions from an old tape recorder.

Landon has a choice, to save his girlfriend by doing something she was never ready for in such extremes she’ll never be the same again, or to refuse and be the responsible good patient guy he has been, sealing her fatal fate. In the end, this is one date night that both will be quite incredibly satisfied, if never the same couple they once were.

Pushing the veil is not uncommon, but only during times when it exists most thin can the pushing result in anything real. Halloween is that night and this Halloween, chaos is about to come crashing through into many lives, lives less ordinary from this point on, lives living out the perverse pushes and becoming something darker, something wicked, and something sinfully sinister.

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Donnie the Demon’s Costume Commercial

Donnie the Demon's Costume Commercial by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon’s Costume Commercial by Kris P. Kreme

He’s big with fiery red eyes, big leathery wings, and never far from a tray of mini-pizzas. That’s right, Donnie the Demon is back and just as dimwitted as ever.

This time he’s clueless to a plot by his old bullies from hell to create more costume chaos during a fifteen minute infomercial about his store’s success.

Witches, cows, and queen bees, all twisted in more and more perverse ways as the cameras catch all the action and that action quickly spills off stage.

In recent years costumes have been flying off the shelves at Donnie’s store, a lovable demon living among humans Donnie assumes that all that success is purely due to his passion for Halloween.

Now, thanks to that success, a local pair of news reporters are filming a very special fifteen minute infomercial about Donnie and several of the newest costumes to his store. It’s Donnie the Demon’s fifteen minutes of fame and what takes place may just earn an infamous reputation.

Unbeknownst to Donnie, his old bullies from hell, Melgrim and Grimmel, are actually behind the entire costume commercial. Up for a little more hands on chaos this Halloween, the pair of evil demons are disguised as camera operators, running the whole event even without the two reporters knowing it.

Too dimwitted to suspect anything, Donnie sits down with Dan Jennings and Caitlin Scott to discuss his passion for costumes, unaware that all new passions of a more explicit nature are soon to be released. As the models come out on stage to show off a few select costumes, new and classic ones, Melgrim and Grimmel hold their fate under their fingers, pressing a very special hell button while focusing in on them with the cameras.

The hell button changes the models into only the most perverse version of the costumes they are wearing, leading to some rather unfit for television moments and a definite interview of a lifetime for both Dan and Caitlin.

If they’re expecting Donnie to explain the madness that soon is spreading, they might just have to wait until he’d finished with his favorite snack on earth, mini-pizzas. As far as he knows, humans just love playing kinky games when wearing costumes and what happens during his commercial will make most Halloween games pale by comparison.

Put on your costume, pop some mini-pizzas in the microwave, and get set to experience the most over the top tale yet starring everyone’s favorite if simple demon, Donnie.

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SINtendo Surge

SINtendo Surge by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Surge by Kris P. Kreme

Many years ago, Kevin received a SINtendo Whee from his uncle, a powerful game system that nearly corrupted his entire family. A year ago, Kevin received the SINtendo Whee YOO before his marriage to Amber, nearly ending that wedding before it began.

Now Kevin will finally confront the sins of the past and put the spark back in his budding marriage after all new dangers present themselves one dark and stormy Halloween night.

SINtendo is back and this time it’s no game.

Roughly a year has passed since Kevin walked in on his father playing SINtendo with his then fiancee Amber. Even though the incident was purely accidental and he chose to push on with Amber, he now finds himself in a tense marriage. Amber is determined to make it work, to be a good wife, to put the sins of her past in the past, but fate has other plans this Halloween.

A violent storm is passing over their small suburban home, a storm that is disrupting power all over with massive electrical surges. Kevin is already trying to prep the home as the power goes dead and right now he has just the one problem to focus on, the problems of his past, the problems of a certain game system always in the back of his mind.

Amber has benefited from her past with SINtendo, her figure once ruined by its perverse effects now improved even beyond what it once was through rigorous exercise. She’s constantly trying to help Kevin, to do things for him, to look nice for him, but somehow it just isn’t enough. Tonight however, Kevin takes her help, asking her to head upstairs and find a box of old surge protectors in a closet while he heads out to the shed in the backyard to keep its roof secure.

As Kevin fights the wind and rain, the lightning so constant it’s a veritable spark show in the sky, Amber makes her way through the darkened home, their only working flashlight taken by her husband. She digs around, finds the box Kevin mentioned and returns downstairs to plug all the sensitive electronics into the surge protectors, potentially saving them from further danger.

What Amber never sees coming is the danger in her very hands, as one of these surge protectors is not a surge protector at all but in fact the power brick for the SINtendo Whee YOO. Disassembled by Kevin, he was certain the sinister game system was finally harmless but now that game system is revived as a single component is plugged in, held by Amber at the precise moment lightning flickers across the sky and the power returns.

Getting zapped by an electrical surge can be deadly but getting zapped by SINtendo can be much more intense.

Amber has received a SINtendo Surge and has less than an hour before overload. Only Kevin can decide his wife’s fate and to do so he’ll find himself playing an all new game, one with no rules and no score.

As it turns out, Halloween can be a scary night, but sometimes getting a good scare is all it takes to shake off past problems and put the real spark back in a budding marriage.

One thing is certain; this is one night neither Kevin nor his wife will ever forget. SINtendo is back for the man who first played it as a boy so many years ago, but this time it’s no mere game. Kevin is all grown up and doesn’t need a video game to have fun. After all, what good is having a smoking hot wife if he doesn’t enjoy playing with her?

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All Fear the Fear Fairy

All Fear the Fear Fairy by Kris P. Kreme

All Fear the Fear Fairy by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone shopping the crowded stores of the River Run Galleria this Halloween expected to find scary good deals. No one expected to cross paths with a Fear Fairy.

Feeding off making someone’s deepest fear real, this particular Fear Fairy has a kinky side and she isn’t afraid to show it. Satiating her appetite of random mall shoppers, she leaves chaos in her wake and a scary sexy time for all.

It has long been a tradition at the River Run Galleria’s Annual Halloween Haunt Shopping Spectacular that customers can wear their costumes and receive special discounts on select items in certain stores. Unfortunately it’s a tradition that in recent years has begun to wane.

A few shoppers wear costumes but most just arrive for the sales. This year there’s one costumed vixen who might be much more than she seems, even though most might have trouble telling what she’s supposed to be.

A Fear Fairy feeds off the fears of others, particularly when those fears come to pass and this mystery woman at the River Run Galleria is not here to shop. She’s here for a nice filling meal, courtesy of some select shoppers she chooses at random.

Her particular tastes are for making fears realized in only the most sexual way possible, upping the kink of her consuming appetite. Fortunately for her, the mall is crowded and there’s plenty of chaos to cause.

Older teenagers, Gary, Julian, and Julian’s sister Amie will quickly discover that hanging out in the mall to play spot the costumes might just get them spotted by a hungry Fear Fairy.

College freshman, Casey, will discover just how embarrassing it can be to run into some of his new college friends at the mall with his mom. Afraid of embarrassing her son, Rachel finds that fear coming true as she does depraved things right there in front of him.

Lucy and her horror movie obsessed coworker, Brett, find that a break in the food court isn’t quite as relaxing as they’d expected when the Fear Fairy stops by. Needless to say both will be finding freakish new ways to enjoy their deepest darkest fears.

It’s the time of year when creatures of all manner roam the shadows, but one particular sexy creature is choosing instead to roam the local mall and she leaves everyone both terrified and tantalized.

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Jack O’Lantern

Jack O'Lantern by Kris P. Kreme

Jack O’Lantern by Kris P. Kreme

Cursed by a devilish creature named Simon centuries ago, Jack became Jack O’Lantern, forever trapped within the indestructible form of a carved pumpkin.

As if that weren’t bad enough, he has to live with the fact that any pure virginal girl who glances into his flickering light will have the inescapable urge to defile that purity and do unspeakably naughty things.

Let this be a warning this Halloween. If you think carved pumpkins are harmless, you don’t know Jack.

Jack has a story to share, a friendly warning for all those pure virginal girls who might find themselves at some point drawn to the flickering flame within a carved pumpkin around Halloween.

Some centuries ago a man named Jack fell in love with a beautiful farmer’s daughter named Victoria. She was the kind of girl in fairy tales, pure and pious. Her beauty was the things great works of art are created to honor and everything indicated that Jack’s fate and hers were forever intertwined.

Like most tales though, this one had a twist and Jack would like to explain how he became what he is today, why he still even exists so many endless years later to share his warning.

Just as she had his, Victoria attracted another man’s eye, though this man would turn out not to be any mere mortal. Simon is the foe that tore Jack’s world apart, that took his love and defiled her, then cursed Jack to forever live on in the carved pumpkin he now occupies.

Tortured by suffering the curse of crushed innocence on any girl that dares look into his flickering flames, Jack hates what he has to witness over the centuries.

He’s only sharing a short tale of the three pure church girls this Halloween who happened to be walking to Sunday School one morning and looked over to see him decorating a neighbor’s front porch. Katie, Megan, and Kenya will suffer much more than a crisis of faith, and all three will find their pure virtues a thing of the past, seeking to outdo each other in only the most perverse pleasured tasks available to them.

Be careful all young ladies who are good girls out there. You never know when the carved pumpkin which catches your eye might just be catching a whole lot more with merely a second glance.

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The House of Xadr

The House of Xadr by Kris P. Kreme

The House of Xadr by Kris P. Kreme

John Dunne pays more than realty costs when moving his family across country.

A private home, thick with surrounding trees, rising high above, quite custom and amazingly affordable, no one in the Dunne family will ever forget this home.

Unfortunately the house is already occupied by a malevolent force of unending depravity. Xadr has slumbered far too many years, and he wakes with an appetite.

John, Bianca, and Emily needed a home. The House of Xadr is more than they ever would have ‘wished’ for.

John Dunne has always had a strong drive to provide for his family, working hard to ensure his lovely wife Bianca and their nineteen year old daughter Emily live comfortably and safely. His latest job advancement has challenged him more than he may ever know, the move across country soon to send all three of the Dunne family spiraling out of control.

Finding a perfect home has been a challenge and John thankfully has had an exceptionally helpful young realtor named Joselyn to lead the hunt. It isn’t until she shows him a remote large home surrounded by forest that he starts to feel this move might work out.

Bank owned during a large land purchase, the home is available for a fast below value sale, a true deal no one can refuse. John falls in love with the house just as he knows his wife and daughter will, but what John never could suspect is that this house is not at all what it seems.

This is the House of Xadr, a creature like no other, a dark being born of both fire and earth. Xadr is the only of his kind, both djinn and incubus. This demon must grant wishes to feed, but the wishes will never be anything but pathways to lust, to all new depravity, to corruption the Dunne family has never imagined.

The home is more than a mere structure for Xadr. As the Dunne family moves in, just a matter of some spoken words read by John’s wife and daughter begin Xadr’s awakening and soon he will be ready to feed. A djinncubus grants wishes, but possesses the rare and deadly ability to grant their own wishes as well, each one only making them stronger.

Can John discover the secret to saving his family from much more than just Xadr’s hands? Will the family descend into depraved wish-fulfilled madness? Purchasing a house at a price too good to believe can sometimes mean the true price of the purchase is your very soul.

Closing costs and insurance are the least of one’s worries when they find themselves moving into The House of Xadr.

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Halloween Hex Dolls of Salem

Halloween Hex Dolls of Salem by Kris P. Kreme

Halloween Hex Dolls of Salem by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone knows about Omega House, the oldest sorority in Salem led by three evil and manipulative sisters. Sisters Malerie and Valerie are new to Salem.

Seeking a social event, the attractive twin sisters show up at The Omega House Mischief Mass, a party the night before Halloween.

This party they won’t be able to sleep off, doing things they never wanted to do, waking after to find their bodies and desires betraying them.

Can anything save them, or are they destined to forever be Hex Dolls of Salem?

Valerie and Malerie are new to the University of Salem, transfer students that definitely warrant a second look. Most might think they are already getting that second look since Valerie and Malerie are identical twins.

Identical in every inch of their quite attractive bodies, Valerie and Malerie differ in many respects. Where Malerie takes things logically, seriously, analytically, and responsibly, her sister Valerie tends to be prone to flights of fancy, impulsive, generally the more creative of the two. One might say they are two halves to a whole mind, but that mind is about to find itself manipulated in a way neither girl ever expected.

Seeking a way to better get involved in student activities and learn the lay of the land, Malerie insists on taking Valerie to the student bulletin board where all the events are posted. However, when Valerie spots a posted sheet of paper advertising The Omega House Mischief Mass, their introduction to the University of Salem takes a rather twisted turn.

Omega House is a sorority and according to a friendly student named Ted who happens to bump into the sisters at the board, it’s a sorority best avoided.

According to Ted, Omega House is ruled by three elder sisters, sisters who are not what they seem, have apparently always been there, always the same, never aging, and somehow always ruling the campus. They pose a unique threat to any girl that pledges their sorority, but that isn’t the extent of the dangers in dealing with the Omega sisters.

Despite Ted’s warning of everything from ageless sorority vixens to innocent students turned into inflatable dolls, Malerie applies logic to the situation and changes her initial thought that a party is a dumb way to get to know their fellow students. She insists that Ted was just blowing smoke at them and they should check this Omega House Mischief Mass out.

A Mischief Mass it seems is a Halloween party the night before Halloween and once at the party Malerie and Valerie are unsurprised to see so many students. What they are surprised by is the odd collection of human like sex dolls inside the old sorority house, and strangely they are surprised to find the party not all that enjoyable.

Every girl there seems concerned, a look in their eyes, a reluctance to even be there. Every guy seems half drunk and half over the top horny and crude. For two attractive girls who happen to be twins that unfortunately draws them a lot of attention, but when Malerie and Valerie decide to call it a night and leave the party, everything takes a turn.

Crossing paths with the three elder Omega Sisters, Circe, Lilura, and Maeve, the twins discover that all rumors about them being quite powerfully strange and unsettling are very much the truth. After a short conversation, during which Malerie and Valerie find themselves unable to react as they would like, both girls are stunned to be called party favors, and even more shocked to feel like party favors as the guys at the party pass them around.

Waking back in their room on Halloween morning, all new sets of problems are faced, the sisters of Omega House having gained some sort of control, a power of unimaginable and for Malerie illogical means.

Controlled and manipulated by curses and desires not their own, Malerie and Valerie need to discover the truth about Omega House before it is too late.

Will research in the campus library uncover the origins of Omega House? Will Valerie’s American History lesson on the witch trials of Salem yield surprising insight into the elder sisters of the sorority? Can friendly student Ted who tried to warn the sisters away from the party possibly save them from a fate others have suffered before?

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I Think Therefore You Are

I Think Therefore You Are by Kris P. Kreme

I Think Therefore You Are by Kris P. Kreme

Popular news anchor, Andrea, is at the mall to get her nails done. Traffic is a nightmare and parking places are being fought for.

After Andrea cuts off a man in a beat up truck taking a spot, she learns a lesson in karma. Returning to her car, she fears an unsafe situation, the same man now parked beside her.

He has few words for her but those words change everything about Andrea, a sudden acceptance of her media whore potential and situations forever on will be more than just unsafe.

Everyone in town knows Andrea for Channel 11 News. To many she’s the only reason they tune in, and those viewers would predominantly be males of many ages.

Andrea fully knows why men tune in, why she’s the biggest reason Channel 11 has such great ratings, and without knowing it, she’s going to live up to her media whore potential in ways never imagined.

Fighting through a nightmare of parking at the local mall to keep a much needed manicure appointment before hitting the studio, Andrea is already frustrated by this day’s events. When she swoops in and just barely cuts off another driver from the one open parking spot in an aisle, she finds out that others deal with their frustration in different ways.

When she returns from her manicure appointment, Andrea’s shocked to see the same truck she cut off parked right next to her vehicle, and worse still, parked in reverse so that the driver of that truck is seated directly next to the driver’s side of Andrea’s car.

The gruff looking man seems as unkempt and threatening as his truck does, but Andrea is determined to play up her calm and on air demeanor, get in her car, and leave.

The man surprises her though by asking if he knows her from somewhere. Never one to be rude to a potential fan, Andrea admits she’s on Channel 11 News, to which the man simply asks her if she knows what he thinks.

Something about his voice, about the way he says everything leaves Andrea helplessly curious to find out what he thinks, what this bearded rough looking man in the truck thinks. After teasing and leaving her confused, the man grins and tells her “I think therefore you are… a fucking whore.”

Everything changes for Channel 11’s Andrea at that point, the words he speaks cutting deeper than a knife, changing her in ways she can’t explain, much less excuse.

Andrea never realized just what a media whore she was, her body being of more interest to most male viewers than her brain, and now she’s on location at the local mall, a great place for a surprise report, one in which she can use her skills just the way they were always meant to be used.

Some skateboarding teens in a nearby alley find themselves the subject of Andrea’s attention, and even if she is forty years old, the reputation she has earned of being a blonde goddess of television news are true.

Andrea’s about to ruin her reputation though, in ways her viewers will never forget.

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Ahead of the Game

Ahead of the Game by Kris P. Kreme

Ahead of the Game by Kris P. Kreme

Jeff is enduring a humiliating performance on television by his favorite college football team. Worse, he’s just finished his beer and really needs another.

Not wanting to leave his chair, to miss a second of the sucky game, Jeff begins trying to use the Womote 3000 from Trance-tory to make his stubborn wife Gina bring him a beer.

He’s about to discover just how sucky this day can truly get.

Fall has returned and with it Jeff’s favorite season, college football season. Unfortunately this year his favorite team seems destined to totally suck. As he settles in his favorite chair to watch the game, Jeff is about to unknowingly create one of the most sucky days ever.

Dealing with the game is bad enough but Gina, his incredibly sexy wife, is certainly not cheering him on or cheering him up. She won’t even bring him a beer when he asks, continually telling him to get it himself, that she has cleaning to do.

Thankfully he thinks, this is the perfect opportunity to try that new Womote 3000 from Trance-tory Technologies. He was half drunk the night he ordered it but as he recalled the big tagline was that it allows a man to “Always get Ahead” at least where women were concerned. There was some science junk about it being tuned to the female mind and her bio-rhythms or something, but all he cares about is that like a fancy sonic pet remote, it reportedly will have a woman behaving and following his requests.

All Jeff wants at the moment is a beer to help take the sting off this sucky performance on screen.

Jeff’s about to discover that more than the aim of his favorite team’s quarterback is off today as he just keeps missing Gina when pointing the remote and firing the little laser beam light at her. It keeps shooting out windows, reflecting one way or another and letting her go on and continue her obsessive cleaning routines.

Little does Jeff know that as those misfires with the Womote 3000 send that beam anywhere but Gina, the laser beam does in fact cross paths with other women.

Kimmy Wheeler bicycling down the sidewalk near Jeff’s home is blinded by one beam from the Womote 3000 and falls from her bike. Checked on by a nearby neighbor and her favorite teacher Mr. Lansing, her mind suddenly craves a thirst quencher like no other as the confused teacher is helpless to resist her oral advances.

Further attempts at simply getting his wife to bring him that beer have everyone from a flight attendant on a circling jet above to a couple of older girl scouts falling victim to desires they never realized they had. Yes, Jeff discovers, some days truly suck… though sucking might not always be so bad.

In the end, Jeff’s team may have no shot at scoring but Jeff sure does, even if Gina has company on the receiving end. As for his beer… well somethings might just remain a mystery in this fall Klassic.

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Matters of Perspective

Matters of Perspective by Kris P. Kreme

Matters of Perspective by Kris P. Kreme

A very unusual man named Mr. Samuels knocks on Jeremy Stanton’s door one evening as he and a couple of co-workers are putting in extra hours.

This man offers some unique words of wisdom about solving disagreements, particularly the one Jeremy has with his attention-craving daughter Kylie.

Sometimes making sure everything or everyone that needs to get done gets exactly that can be chalked up to Matters of Perspective.

Jeremy Stanton is having a couple of men from work over to go over some important papers. As they roll up their sleeves and get right to work, determined to keep an important account from going south on them, none can possibly suspect the twists and turns this tense night will take.

Beginning with a simple knock at the door, Jeremy finds a most unusual man there, a man wearing a raincoat even though it’s a perfectly clear evening, and one who simply identifies himself as Mr. Samuels.

Mr. Samuels is having car trouble, though his mannerisms and behavior seem to suggest he’s from much further away than mere driving distance. Either way, Jeremy isn’t one to turn away a person in need, no matter how strange they are.

It’s just after Mr. Samuels has finished his phone call for help that Kylie Stanton, Jeremy’s eighteen year old daughter descends the stairs, informing her dad that she’s going out and won’t be back until late.

As if the work stress wasn’t enough, Jeremy takes one look at how Kylie is dressed and all new frustrations arise. Lecturing Kylie on how she looks like a whore dressed as she is, a not unfamiliar argument arises, to which Mr. Samuels seems to offer a solution.

As the mysterious guest says, sometimes the resolution to a problem is all about perspective on the situation and soon both Jeremy and Kylie see the points their stranded traveler is making.

As Jeremy sees it, his daughter is only dressing this way for attention and clearly his two co-workers in the dining room are giving her more attention than she could ask for going out to some club. The problem is, those two workers are useless to him now that their minds are in the gutter staring at Kylie.

It’s all a matter of perspective though, whether the perspective is on solving an argument, getting some work accomplished, or getting the attention a girl needs. One thing is certain, discipline in the Stanton household was never so enjoyable and quite possible messy as it is about to be on this night.

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Eat, Drink, and Do Mary

Eat Drink and Do Mary by Kris P. Kreme

Eat, Drink, and Do Mary by Kris P. Kreme

Byron Pate created a problem when he gave his bratty daughter Mary a position in the company. His soon to be ex-secretary Stacy is about to solve that problem.

Using her biochemist husband’s unique talents, Stacy ensures Mary’s morning croissant will boost more than her energy for the day, and the men on the board will find their coffee extra stimulating.

This will be one conference no one will forget as Mary discovers just how much work she can take, from every possible angle.

Anyone working at Byron Media Firm could tell you just how much of a bitch Mary Pate was, though unfortunately not just anyone can do much to change that fact.

The daughter of Byron Pate, head of the company, Mary Pate is a contradiction. Eighteen, gorgeous, brunette, and that’s where the positives end and the negatives begin. Where her looks will turn a head, her words and attitude might turn a stomach. As with most entitled girls, no one has the nerve to speak their minds or set Mary straight.

At least no one does until Stacy, Byron’s personal secretary for many years decides to quit. It isn’t as though Stacy ever needed her secretarial job, her husband making plenty of money as a biochemist in food additives. The job was simply a way of passing the time and feeling useful, but Mary Pate changed any enjoyment Stacy ever found in such a position.

Stacy has a plan for her final day though, a plan where everything has come together just right. Using special additives her husband provided, she will change young Mary’s position with the company forever and show everyone just what sort of bitch she is.

Mary always sits in on the board meetings and now that her dad is out of the country on business, today’s board meeting is going to be stiff as a board and leaving the girl in no way bored. After some additives originally intended to promote aggressive breeding in livestock are slipped into Mary Pate’s croissant, the unsuspecting girl heads into the conference room where the men have been drinking their coffee.

This coffee has a special additive as well, one which stimulates virility and unmatched stamina for males, leaving them largely ruled by that one part of their brain which brings all eyes to Mary.

At the end of the day, Stacy may have left a job opening behind, but the openings most men in the company are interested in will be Mary Pate’s and they will all get a chance at ensuring those openings are properly filled.

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Hot Off the Press

Hot Off the Press by Kris P. Kreme

Hot Off the Press by Kris P. Kreme

An otherwise ordinary morning in Kristal Heights has newspaper subscribers all over town tossing aside inhibitions and morals, screwing themselves senseless mere moments after picking up the paper.

Chaos is erupting and S.M.U.T. is back, but will freshman reporter Julie have the brains to break the real story behind the story, or are her brains about to be a distant memory as she joins the masses getting Hot Off the Press?

In the growing town of Kristal Heights, one news story is creating quite a stir, and that stir has ordinary people acting like crazed and perverse sex addicts.

After glancing at the article on the front page of the Kristal Heights Times, Warren Hudson just has to share the shocking news with his wife. Barely seconds afterwards, the two are humping like animals in their kitchen. Across town, a school project takes a twist as David and his dad end up double-teaming his lab partner Brooke. Even when news of the spreading chaos reaches television, reporters on the air are incapable of restraining their pent up passions.

Freshman reporter for the Kristal Heights Gazette, Julie, is just sure that this is a story worth pursuing, one which could not only jump start her career as a reporter but land her on the path to a Pulitzer. All she needs is a simple way of viewing this mysterious story without becoming part of it herself, and she has an idea.

Finding the website for the Times, she scrolls down on their current edition, positive that the effects witnessed all across town are purely related to the newspapers themselves.

Will Julie break the story? What could be so shocking and wrong about a newspaper story that creates such depraved desires? Is the Times printing smut or might a forgotten organized criminal group named S.M.U.T. be behind all of this?

Find out in the latest Klassic to prove that sometimes news stories don’t just leave a reader heated, they leave them Hot off the Press.

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Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract by Kris P. Kreme

Opposites Attract by Kris P. Kreme

Club Trance is the newest and hottest nightclub in town, a place that brainy responsible Chloe would never find someone compatible.

Dragged by her roommate, Tricia, Chloe finds herself alone at a table listening to the punching bass, watching the bright neon lighting, and oddly finding herself desperate to prove that the owner of the club has an eye for her.

The Klassic that introduced Trance-tory is finally available, with all new extremes sure to bring new meaning to the term club hopping

Chloe is a modern woman, a student at a university who knows her priorities in life. Studying, achieving, succeeding; those are her goals, goals that further womankind and make sure the world is a better place for it.

Unfortunately for Chloe, her roommate Tricia has different priorities and one of those priorities is a night at the all new Club Trance, where more than the drinks are served perfectly.
According to bubbly blonde Tricia, Club Trance is upscale and exclusive, no annoying losers hitting on a girl all night, the best music, the best dancing, the best everything. Despite having an important bio-chemistry exam to study for and despite her best arguments against it, Chloe can’t fight off being dragged by Tricia out to Club Trance.

Nearly from the moment they have found a table, Chloe is regretting being coerced into this little nightlife expedition, her friend quickly asked to dance leaving her alone and more uncomfortable than ever.

Never having liked to show off her body, Chloe is hating the attention the outfit Tricia selected for her is bringing. More importantly, though, she is hating one particular man’s incessant visits to see her throughout the night.

Sure, he claims to be the owner of the club and just welcoming and making sure she is enjoying her time there, but Chloe knows there is more to it. He’s clearly interested in her… and even if he says he isn’t, she isn’t about to be proven wrong by this man.

Hardly even aware of it, Chloe finds herself doing everything she can to ensure the man named Tripp is in fact interested in her. He’s a tough one to read though and before the night is over Chloe will discover why.

Her efforts to gain interest might ultimately succeed, but will she prove that opposites like the two of them don’t attract? Will she do as she plans, gain proof of his interest only to break it to him that she isn’t?

Find out in the story that first introduced the world to a company called Trance-tory, the Klassic made new, Opposites Attract.

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Photo Sensitive

Photo Sensitive by Kris P. Kreme

Photo Sensitive by Kris P. Kreme

Today at the mall, famed photographer Henry Hallentine is selecting random patrons to be a part of his upcoming book Exposed.

As it turns out, being featured in the book will expose much more than their faces. As Eliza and her best friend Rachel discover, Henry has a unique method of directing his models and they might just be the new favorites he has to photograph.

Eliza and her friend Rachel are just another couple of coeds enjoying time at the local mall. In fact, today it seems, there are a lot of coeds spending time at the mall. The strange thing is, most of the girls their age don’t seem to be carrying around shopping bags.

Maybe it’s the guest at the mall, famed photographer Henry Hallentine who is reportedly visiting the mall shooting art portraits among the crowd for a new upcoming book titled Exposed.
Whatever the reason for the packed mall, Eliza and Rachel are just glad to be out together having a nice relaxing time. Relaxation turns tense however when they head to the food court.

Unable to decide whether her new glasses annoy her worse than the crowd of shoppers bumping into her, Eliza is fully unprepared for the topless woman running by. As the two friends stop and look at the central food court where an ornate fountain dominates the space, they first see Henry Hallentine, though more disturbingly they see Henry Hallentine’s subjects.

Everywhere they look, women are performing depraved acts, making slutty spectacles of themselves with various men, often in unexpected and downright unlikely pairings. The famed photographer is capturing it all, and before they can fully react to the shock each is feeling, Henry has turned and spotted two new subjects for his art.

Eliza is ready to leave, even after Henry Hallentine blinds her with the flash on his camera, but for whatever reason Rachel seems ready to model, ready to take whatever instruction Henry has for her, and ready to bare more than her artistic soul to the world.

Will best friends Eliza and Rachel escape the crude, lewd, and often nude artistry of Henry Hallentine, or will Eliza discover that even she can’t escape the quality of being Photo Sensitive?

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Screwed by the Economy

Screwed by the Economy by Kris P. Kreme

Screwed by the Economy by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone at Curious Collectibles is sad to see the final day of business, the economy having forced an end to their unique sales.

However on the day of the ultimate clearance sale where everything including the fixtures is open for purchase, Sarah will discover that those fixtures might just include her.

A mysterious man stops by several times, always leaving with a truck load of items, but obviously he has his eye on one or two particular items, and Sarah is one of them.

Everyone has been screwed by the economy in the past number of years in one way or another. Not everyone, though, has been screwed like a couple of employees at Curious Collectibles.

Sarah hates the fact the business is going under, even hates the feel of showing up for one final day of sales, a clearance sale quite simply proclaimed by the large banner going up outside.

Everything is for sale, and those are words that will come to mean a lot more than she thinks as they meet a new customer. The man shows up several times throughout the day, always friendly, always taking more items, fixtures, cases, and more with him when he goes.

He’s just slightly off, Sarah thinks, but not in the definable way her fellow salesgirl Tina is. Tina is the boss’ stepdaughter, not unfriendly but typical of an eighteen year old girl. She’s always off a bit in her work drive, but the man who keeps stopping by just is off some different way.

He visits one last time towards the end of the day, a successful day where nearly nothing is left from the once happy little oddities shop. However, as he points out, and has pointed out on occasions before, Sarah is still there.

Taking an assumed joke a bit too far, the man comments to Gary, her boss, how surprised he is no one took Sarah or Tina. Presumably kidding right along with his day’s best customer, Gary comments on their prices being higher.

Something though just isn’t right, and as Gary and the man begin actually discussing his final purchase of the day, Sarah realizes no one is kidding. As she and Tina are lined up, studied, their every attribute debated and used in a sale, they find themselves oddly cooperative.

Everything not nailed down must be sold and Sarah and Tina will find that they may get nailed, but they aren’t nailed down. One of them will be sold, but which one. Sadly, in a poor economy like this one, it isn’t easy to choose, and then there’s the whole haggling on the price.

In the end, Sarah discovers just how much the economy can screw a girl, and just what it takes to make a sale. The most Klassic of Klassics gets refreshed for Kreme Klassic Month.

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Labor Day’s for Working Girls

Labor Day's for Working Girls by Kris P. Kreme

Labor Day’s for Working Girls by Kris P. Kreme

A story, made up or true, about why a girl never wears white after Labor Day forever changes two sisters on an outing to the mall one Labor Day.

Teased about the clothing they have on, Paige and Zoey put up with the cruel humor of their friends Lisa and Erika. It’s all a joke, to get a reaction; but then why does the reaction seem to be happening whether Paige and Zoey believe the story or not?

One thing is certain, both sisters will soon discover all new ways of wearing white forever after this Labor Day.

It’s Labor Day again. Time for a day off work, out of school, shopping the sales at the mall, and for Lisa it’s time to mess with the heads of her two gullible friends, Paige and her younger sister Zoey.

As soon as Paige and Zoey get in the car with Lisa and Erika, the mind games begin, though just how serious are these mind games? Noticing that Paige is wearing a white top and her younger sister Zoey is wearing white pants, Lisa can’t resist messing with them by telling the horrible truth behind why you never wear white after Labor Day, but to wear it on it is even worse.

According to Lisa, white is symbolic of purity but to wear it after Labor Day signifies a girl is anything but pure. At least that’s what she says and Lisa is well known for making up stories. Worse still, she says that to wear white actually on Labor Day means the girls have no hope of ever being pure again, destined to give in to that inner slut, the whore inside them just begging to be set free.

It’s all a mind game, and Paige knows it, assuring Zoey that Lisa is only trying to get a reaction. The problem is, as soon as they arrive at the mall, every step thoughts of the story keep pushing into the sister’s minds.

They can’t resist imagining what if, what if it were true, and what if they did end up the way Lisa claimed? Splitting off to do their own shopping, hoping time away from the teasing Lisa and Erika, Paige and Zoey discover that sometimes being left to their own devices only hastens a problem. Of course by the time they are done shopping, they will have embraced much more than a new fashion sense.

They may no longer be wearing white but that doesn’t mean they are safe. Thanks to Lisa’s innocent prank, Paige and Zoey might never do anything safe again, but they will find out that Labor Day’s for Working Girls.

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SINtendo Arcade

SINtendo Arcade by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Arcade by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone who has heard of SINtendo knows the company first appeared publicly with the release of the SINtendo Whee gaming console.

What if everyone was wrong?

Donald Duke uncovers the truth in a backroom at his favorite arcade, Aces Arcade, when he stumbles on SINtendo Arcade, the most advanced arcade machine… from the 1980s?

One thing is for sure, Donald will be inserting much more than quarters into slots in his future and life will never be the same.

Donald Duke has lived a tough life for a kid of eighteen. From birth with the giving of his name he was destined to be the butt of jokes, but easily the cruelest of those who latched onto the joke was destined to be Desdemona Mason, a hottie who just so happens to be his own stepsister.

Desdemona and her mother Carissa entered his life unexpectedly years ago, his father obviously having excellent tastes when it came to women to share a household with. It’s too bad that Donald’s father never pays much attention to just who runs that household, spending most of his life staring at sports on television.

If the humor of his name and the cruelty of a hottie and a milf under his roof each night wasn’t bad enough, Donald has always suffered the worst luck in history, as recently as the past few days backing his car into a parked patrol car, where both cops just happened to be lifting hot coffee cups to their lips.

Yes, everything seems fated to ensure that Donald never get what he really wants from life, but sometimes fate can take a SINful twist.

Dropped off by the demon herself, Desdemona, Donald is ready for some relaxing time away from his tortured life. He’s naturally going where he always goes when stressed, to Aces Arcade downtown, the one haven for gamers to discover new and old gaming machines.

Wandering the main floor, ignoring the slacker working the counter who has a thing for the hot girls dancing at the more modern gaming machines up front, Donald wants to find the perfect game, the perfect distraction.

In a dimly lit backroom storage area, Donald discovers the last thing he ever expected to come across, a large red and yellow arcade console with the words SINtendo Arcade boldly written across it.

As a gamer who spends plenty of frustrated times online, Donald has definitely heard about SINtendo, but everything he ever read seemed to indicate the company first appeared with the launch of the underground cult hit SINtendo Whee. Apparently not, as this console dates back to the 1980s and when he inserts a quarter in to see what it’s like, nothing will ever be the same.

Donald Duke has just discovered a vintage gaming machine like no other, one that over the next couple of days will empower him like he always dreamed and finally change the balance of control in his house permanently into his favor.

After a trial game with Emma, the hot gamer girl in Aces Arcade, Donald finds that loosening up his uptight stepmother Carissa isn’t all that hard at all, though he certainly is. Finally though, it all leads to Desdemona, the girl who has spawned a thousand fantasies in all men Donald’s age, but only Donald will see those fantasies come true.

What sorts of games does this SINtendo Arcade machine offer? Where did it come from? And just what will become of the overbearing women in Donald’s life? Find out in the brand new book that proves gaming isn’t all about the graphics. Sometimes it’s about how graphic the fun can really be.

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Tagging Torrance

Tagging Torrance by Kris P. Kreme

Tagging Torrance by Kris P. Kreme

After standing in line at the department of motor vehicles, Torrance finally has her new car tag. Unfortunately the tag which is supposed to just be a random series of numbers and letters appears to be declaring her a slut.

Can anything be done to prevent the seemingly intentional message from changing how men see her… or will Torrance simply change how she sees men?

Find out in the tale that shows that occasionally something really fun happens at the most frustrating places.

Torrance Grant was always an easygoing girl, though after visiting the department of motor vehicles to get her new car tag, she might just be going easier than she ever imagined.

Never one to let things bother or frustrate her, Torrance even maintained a smile and pleasant attitude waiting in the long line at the DMV. When she finally reached the somewhat disgruntled looking overworked woman behind the counter she also was all smiles and perky, happy and sure to call the woman ma’am out of respect.

Something about Torrance’s perky attitude seems to bug the woman, though Torrance isn’t going to judge her. She quickly signs for her new tag, opting out of the personalized ones for the random basic one of a 2 letter five number combination.

It isn’t until Torrance is on her knees in the parking lot, attaching the new tag that she sees what it looks like. While the tag isn’t personalized, it may as well be with the somewhat obvious words it appears to read, words which are already being noticed by guys walking past towards the DMV.

After returning and waiting in line to ask for any other possible tag, Torrance is in a rare state of frustration as the woman informs her she opted out of personalized and so is stuck with that one for the remainder of the year.

Trying to make the best of it, as her positive perky attitude always has, Torrance returns to her car and barely has the tag back on before a man approaches her.

Is it the random combinations of letters and numbers on the tag or is it something else which is not only changing men’s perception of Torrance but changing her perception of herself?

Find out in Tagging Torrance, the story that proves a trip to the department of motor vehicles doesn’t always fuck up your day… but sometimes that might just be the best part of your day.

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Vision by Kris P. Kreme

Vision by Kris P. Kreme

Leah was all set for another day at school, ignoring her blurring vision and focusing all attentions on Greg, the school hottie who finally has eyes for her.

She’d worn the perfect outfit, sinfully low top, pushing the limits of the high school dress code. Then her mother surprised her with a trip to the eye doctor.

Always a worrywart, her mother has no idea that the exam she has scheduled with Doctor Goode might just leave her girl exhausted and open to all new depraved ideas no mother wants a daughter to have.

Leah only hates one thing worse than her mother being such a worrywart all the time, and that’s her glasses. It was bad enough transferring to a new school during her senior year, but glasses are not helping her quest for popularity, particularly with Greg, the hottest guy in the senior class.

Of course, Leah’s mother would blush if she knew why Greg had finally turned his head in Leah’s direction, and it has nothing to do with her lovely eyes, no matter how sharp her vision is.

She’s matured, passed her mother in the size of her breasts, something Leah couldn’t be happier giving hints of with her tight dress code pushing outfits. Unfortunately, the outfit she wore today was intended for Greg, not for some eye doctor her mother made an appointment with for her.

Leah refuses to wear her glasses in class, even if they do help her see the board; it’s just not in the plans for having guys admire her, having the attention she loves at her age.

As she heads back for her exam and meets Doctor Goode, Leah assumes this is going to be one of those typical eye exams, a dull way to spend her day where her outfit goes totally unappreciated.

A handsome man, Doctor Goode at least seems to notice Leah’s body, which is more than her mother ever would, the woman constantly assuming she is forever a little girl. Leah enjoys offering the good doctor a little thrill, but something about his examination seems unusual, different from any eye exam she’s had before.

It might be the equipment, or maybe it’s just the eye chart which spells out something most unexpected when she finally reads it. Something is different, far less dull than she expected and Leah finds herself educated in a way school never could had she been there with Greg.

Doctor Goode explains that his suspicion is Leah suffers from a condition many teenagers suffer from, one endangering her eyesight and one which can’t be solved by contacts. Afraid that her future is thick ugly glasses, Leah is willing to do anything to keep her face uncovered and the doctor definitely has a unique treatment option.

Will Leah’s eye exam open her mind to new options in eye health? Will those options lead her down a path of guys where Greg is only one in a number of names? Will Doctor Goode truly check out his new patient, thoroughly?

Find out in the story that takes an old legend about vision and twists it around where you’d never suspect. Vision by Kris P. Kreme.

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Positively Glowing

Positively Glowing by Kris P. Kreme

Positively Glowing by Kris P. Kreme

After finally being tricked and manipulated himself, the man with the glowing green eyes is captured. Restrained, robbed of his abilities, he is taken far from civilization to an old converted farm.

A small team plans to study him, to find out how his body processes the abilities he has, to reproduce those powers and use them for beneficial goals, to help the world, not perversely pleasure it.

Plans change in the blink of a green eye, and this team gets much more than they bargained for.

Some time ago, in a tropical paradise cove of unmistakeably green waters, a man nearly drowned after being stung by a most unusual school of jellyfish, larger than most, more brightly glowing than most. As the sun rose the following day, that man gave up more than just an old life where he was helpless to control anything around him. He gave up his very name.

For years he wandered, feasting on his new talents, the talents only evident by that special glow in his eyes, the greenest pools most had ever peered into. Their thoughts were open to the man with the green eyes and with that link he controlled and manipulated all for his perverse enjoyment, his depraved sense of justice and right and wrong.

The man avoided police justice, his crimes too impossible. He avoided the Yakuza, their minds turned to a lovely daughter of their powerful crime boss. The time has come though that the man can no longer avoid capture, and those who are after him know enough to finally take him down.

After an elaborate setup, the man with the glowing green eyes is finally captured, his abilities locked away by a neural inhibitor, cuffed and quickly whisked away to a private location, a laboratory facility located in the remnants of an old dairy farm, far from modern civilization.

Never refusing to smile, never changing his controlling persona, the man simply bides his time, knowing that the location is only too perfect for his kinks, the women who are studying his special mutated abilities of mind and body quite fitting to his interests.

A talented Asian woman named Linny Hum leads the purposefully small team of experts ready to replicate and control whatever abilities the green-eyed man has. Her goal, to provide the unique abilities to everyone from select military personnel to medical professionals, putting an abrupt end to all things bad through the use of mental influence and talents such that the man has used for mere pleasures.

Having already learned enough from the man’s mysterious past, a trail of victims with obvious similarities, Linny and her small team believe they have exactly what they need to manipulate him for a change. Even the fact they are all women was purposeful, only two highly trained male guards on site.

Although the man is quite surprised by Linny’s efforts, from her tracing the source of his abilities to the capture itself, he is never fully swayed and as soon as the doctor of her team has him alone, he begins his own plan, one which will forever keep him off the radar and give the world whole new threats to concern themselves with, threats in the form of all new green-eyed glows.

The facility which holds the man with the impossibly green eyes was once a dairy farm, and in the end, the exotic and attractive scientific minds working there will be milked of all things but pleasure, their goals changed, and quite possibly for some of them, their eye color finding an all new hue.

The man may be reaching his tale’s conclusion, but his future might just be Positively Glowing.

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Bimbo Baked

Bimbo Baked by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Baked by Kris P. Kreme

The final book of Reader’s Choice 2014 has arrived and with it comes all of the fine bimbo baking you could ask for!

Mistakenly mixing in a batch of Bimbo Powder, an old gag gift made in the 1950s, Pete’s new wife Elisha cooks up something quite irresistible in the kitchen.

While the meal might be one thing, it isn’t what has Pete’s eye as he discovered the joys of being married to a ditzy little bimbo who used to be conservative and smart.

Pete has just returned home from his honeymoon, marrying the sweetest girl, if not the most overly affectionate one, Elisha. Constantly teased by his buddy about Elisha being the wrong type of girl for him, Pete isn’t surprised to see that one of the wedding gag gifts waiting for him is some Bimbo Powder.

According to his buddy, Bimbo Powder is an old novelty from the 1950s, back when women were proud to be happy little bimbos for their husbands, when they were content to cook and clean and remain barefooted and pregnant, whatever pleased the man in the house.

As Pete laughs the idea of the powder away, he warns his buddy that Elisha would never find something like that funny, her conservative values and high intelligence far too high brow for such immature humor, even if it was more than half a century old.

Ending the catch up call from his buddy, Elisha arrives home, startling Pete as he quickly tosses the Bimbo Powder aside, not even thinking about it as the girl he married catches his eye.

Reminding him of some work he needed to go in and catch up on, Pete leaves Elisha to one of her goals, the girl always being goal driven and strong. Tonight she plans to tackle something new, the fine art of cooking Pete his favorite casserole.

In foreign territory such as the kitchen, Elisha quickly finds herself making a mess, knocking things over, spilling the various baking supplies. Only when she decides that maybe some spices will help her cooking venture succeed does she inadvertently find and mix the Bimbo Powder into what she’s making.

The smells of the powder soon get to her, calming her, ending her nervousness as the meal finally seems to be coming together. What’s more, Elisha finds herself having strange thoughts, not unpleasant ones, but very foreign to her.

Perhaps it’s the smell of baking, the experience transcending mere cooking and changing how she sees her new marriage entirely. More likely it’s the unknown powder pushing Elisha more and more into places where her mind has never been, her body seeming to swell and reshape slowly, ever manipulating itself as it does her ability to even comprehend what she is seeing.

By the time Pete gets home, dinner is smelling delicious, but the vision of perfection that greets him is not in the recognized form of his petite wife Elisha. She has changed, and not simply her clothing. Simpler, sweeter, dumber, this Elisha has only one appetite to satiate and that appetite calls for Pete buried deep within her.

Pete’s buddy may have been right; he may have been better off with a bimbo. Fortunately, and at least partly thanks to his buddy, Pete has a wife who can bake one right up.

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Blown Away

Blown Away by Kris P. Kreme

Blown Away by Kris P. Kreme

After a drunken blur of a night being hazed into a mysterious Salem sorority, Kelly and Penelope wake to discover something is happening to them.

They are changing, bodies stiffer, muscles working less and less, mouths opening into subtle O shapes. A night where dark robed sorority girls taunted them with realistic looking sex dolls has done something they never expected.

Needless to say, the boys in their lives will be more than Blown Away by these two fresh sorority initiates.

Kelly and Penelope were good girls, warned about pledging that one particular Salem sorority. They should have paid more attention to all the warnings, rumors of witches and certain rites which went far beyond normal hazing initiations.

It’s too late now though, especially waking up the day after an almost blacked out event neither can remember all the details of. Visions of drunk pledges being taunted by highly detailed inflatable sex dolls as the senior members chanted are about all either can remember. One thing is clear though, they got in and apparently the senior sorority sisters were blown away by their endurance.

For Kelly, who went back to the dorms, she wakes confused, mouth numbed a bit, drooling, feeling spaced out like never before. One look in the mirror at her perfect O shaped mouth and Kelly knows the bitches of that sorority must have spiked her drink or done something to make her look this way.

The way in which they taunted her and Penelope with sex dolls while muttering those stupid ritual chants, the way she looks now in the mirror, it all adds up.

Heading to the campus nurse’s office, she hopes someone there can correct the embarrassing situation of looking as she knows she looks, unable to barely even talk with her mouth constantly open.

Penelope isn’t having it much easier though her morning is playing out a bit different, having crashed at her boyfriend’s place. As he’s in the kitchen cleaning some dishes, she’s on the couch, struggling with a headache that feels like anything but an ordinary hangover.

As her voice tightens, her muscles stiffen, and she quickly finds herself unable to move, much less speak, Penelope realizes something very wrong is happening here.

Recalling little bits of the night before, she remembers the sex dolls, the way they looked so real and lifelike, their rubber flesh so true to life, Penelope finds herself wondering what it’s like.

She wonders what the sex doll could think if it could think, about a life dedicated to getting guys off, to being fucked and used, to having a body purely for their enjoyment.

Both Kelly and Penelope will soon discover what that is like as they each end up seeing their world change around them, no one seeing them as students anymore, only as the dolls they seem to have somehow transformed into.

The warnings should have clued them in, but now it’s too late. Now the sorority might have two more dolls for their collection, as they weren’t the only ones Blown Away by this year’s pledge class.

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Booking Brooke

Booking Brooke by Kris P. Kreme

Booking Brooke by Kris P. Kreme

Shy, bookish Brooke finds her desires shifting far from simply reading a book when one falls from a high shelf in the library, smacking her in the skull.

She suddenly needs to live out that book, to embrace the story in ways far more intimate, and that particular book just happened to be the Kamasutra.

Now Brooke will discover just what it’s like to be inside the book, not merely observing from the outside.

Brooke was as predictable as she was naturally beautiful, a young woman with one passion beyond all others. Ever since the day she could read, Brooke had been eagerly obsessed with reading as many books as possible.

It’s no surprise then that on a Saturday night when many of her friends might be out on dates or at a party, Brooke would be alone at the local library, reading until they closed and forced her reading to a stop. On Saturdays the library closed two hours later, meaning it was prime time to spend extra long stretches reading and pulling down book after book from the dusty old shelves.

Tonight, however the shelves might just prove a bit too dusty, the old books slipping from her fingers and oddly enough hitting her where she least expected it.

She’s wearing her favorite shirt, the same comfy green shirt she wore years before, though having adapted to age in creative ways, sleeves removed, bit more snug than it used to be. Brooke is comfortable with old things, and after climbing a ladder and attempting to retrieve an old book from a high shelf, Brooke might take that comfort to all new extremes.

The book slips, just from her grasp, her own balance thrown off as she tumbles and falls. It isn’t until the book smacks hard into the side of her skull that everything falls into place.

As it turns out the book which struck the girl is an old copy of the Kamasutra and that only raises the embarrassment at how she pulled it down from the shelves. Her headache spasms wildly, her vision blurring, the night definitely taking a toll on her.

This will be only the first Saturday night, Brooke has left the library before closing time and as she sits in her car outside, listening to rain pattering on the roof, Brooke finds herself compelled to do something she never did before.

Approaching a man who often has been seen taking shelter from the rain in a small tunnel next to the library, Brooke realizes what she wants, though isn’t even sure why she wants it. Quiet, bookish Brooke has an unbelievable need to live out every last sexual position in the Kamasutra and she has chosen him as her partner.

As Brooke discovers, sometimes you read the books and sometimes the books read you. She’ll certainly never forget the night she got hit on the head by the Kamasutra, the night Brooke got good and booked.

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Stereo-Typed by Kris P. Kreme

Stereo-Typed by Kris P. Kreme

After breaking a homeless man’s stereo, Amber and Maggie find themselves undergoing some striking behavioral changes, their every action re-tuned from what it once was.

As Amber rides the bus doing much more with her mouth than talking to fellow passengers, Maggie finds work quite stimulating in pleasant ways, eager to milk the most out of her shift.

Both girls will regret a simple prank gone bad, as the true going bad is left up to them and their newly stereotyped behavior.

Amber and Maggie are college friends home for the summer, but any summer plans they had might just be taking an immediate turn when they find that what is intended to be a harmless joke ultimately harms themselves.

They were out visiting the old shops and sights downtown, taking trips down memory lane, generally being silly and enjoying themselves. That was when they noticed the dirty homeless guy staring their way. He seemed disgusting and ugly, and other than leers in their direction only interested in an old boombox he kept close by.

The girls each had the same idea, an innocent trick on the man, give him a real show with a true kick of an ending. They danced around to the music from that old boombox, wiggling their curvy hips, acting flirty towards each other for his amusement. Then a perfect timed high kick in the bum’s direction sent not only him falling awkwardly to the ground but smashed his precious boombox.

It was played as a trick, a joke on a man who shouldn’t be staring at girls like them anyway. Besides, what harm could it do besides breaking a useless old stereo.

Amber and Maggie are about to find that sometimes a bum is more than a bum and a stereo is more than a stereo; they are about to be stereotyped in a whole new way.

After the angry bum had reached out and laid his grimy hands on their legs, chanting some strange words, each of them knew something was wrong. It wasn’t until the next day when Amber boarded the public bus that she realized just what that was.

She’s compelled to behave and dress a certain way, to be the stereotype she never has been, to live out the image many might imagine in their mind when they see a girl like Amber.

The men of this bus are about to find out just what that stereotype is and just how endlessly thirsty a newly slutty girl like Amber can be.

Meanwhile her friend, Maggie, is off to work at her summer job, the bookstore she has worked for some time. As a maturing college coed, Maggie has long been aware of the way her tits fit the uniform so snugly. She’s also been proud of them, despite sometimes garnering the wrong looks.

Today however, she is finding that the wrong attention is somehow just what she wanted. She’s drawn to the looks of Brad, a younger guy who is new to the bookstore and who hasn’t stopped staring at her remarkable rack.

For some unknown reason she finds herself behaving the stereotype of every big boobed girl, the longing for attention, the eagerness to be fondled, and the desire for them to be sucked on so hard that things happen only a stereotyped character in some written fantasy would let happen.

As Brad and she get cozy in the stacks, barely out of the sight of customers, Maggie finds her body responding like never before, the boy sucking more than just her tits, drinking of a quite violent letdown of milk, something women in her family have experienced but never to this degree.

Before she knows it, Maggie is dragging the boy away, eagerly embracing what a stereotype she has become, both girls paying ultimate prices for their actions that day.

For some homeless, the tuning of an old stereo can be an enjoyable skill. Take that stereo away though, and they may just re-tune you. Amber and Maggie would have been best to show some respect. Now they’ll find themselves stereo-typed like never before.

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Bimbo Bomber

Bimbo Bomber by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bomber by Kris P. Kreme

Three girls find themselves pawns in an attack like no other, one used against the other two, playing with their fates in ways most kinky.

Sarah has been Bimbo Bombed, chosen because of her ambition and drive. Will she give up that ambition to find herself a vapid bimbo or fate two of her best friends to be Bimbo Bombed themselves?

Discover the tense moments counting down each girl’s fate in the story where good girls go bad when they’ve been bombed by a friend.

Sarah faces a dilemma, one that terrifies her to her very core. She has just been Bimbo Bombed, and she has one hundred seconds to choose either her own fate or the fate of two close friends.

If she does nothing in response to the text, Sarah knows that if the message is genuine she will be nothing but a vapid bimbo in one hundred seconds, each second mercilessly ticking down slowly in her mind.

If she responds to the text with the email contacts of two of her friends then she will be spared that fate but those two will suffer something unknown and twisted.

Sarah has to choose whether to be the latest Bimbo Bombed or become a Bimbo Bomber herself and she isn’t sure what to do. As the seconds tick by, she sees all her academic achievements on the walls, knows she has already been accepted to a prestigious university come fall. She can’t lose all that, so she resigns herself to knowing what she is about to do and sends the contact information for two of her best friends.

Amy was already a bubbly easygoing girl, the brunette definitely always quick to smile, but her smile fades as the email comes in, seeming to originate from her friend Sarah’s account.

Why would Sarah send her a joke like this? Was it a comment on the kind of girl she thought she was?

All Amy knows is that the message makes no sense. Apparently she has been Bimbo Bombed, whatever that means, and she now has one hundred blinks before becoming obsessed with blow jobs.

The flashing colors behind the text of the message are causing her irritation that goes beyond what annoyance Sarah’s unfunny joke of an email might cause, and that irritation only does one thing. It makes her begin to blink without bothering to count.

Karen is well aware of the Bimbo Bombings, having followed the story when the original rash of attacks happened. She’s also the most conservative and quiet of Sarah’s friends, a redheaded girl with a reserved demeanor.

When she first gets the email from her friend claiming she has been Bimbo Bombed, Karen assumes it’s a joke, but then upon reading the words she knows that Sarah would never play a joke like this.

Karen knows somehow that the message might speak the truth, but her parents aren’t home and she has no one else in the house to call for help. Apparently she has one hundred steps before she becomes a depraved slut, eager for risky sex.

Her phone is in the car, her car at the end of the driveway. Karen has to reach that car and phone. They are her only hope not to take too many steps and find her life changed forever.

The only problem is keeping track of every step she takes out of the house and to the car.

Will Amy and Karen survive their Bimbo Bombings? Will Sarah pay the price for becoming a Bimbo Bomber? Find out in the follow-up to last year’s instant Kreme Klassic, the all new twist on an fan favorite, Bimbo Bomber.

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Pumped by Kris P. Kreme

Pumped by Kris P. Kreme

Normally uptight and routine-oriented Rebecca finds her world turned upside down after a wine drinking binge leads her to try out the old gag gift sex toy given to her by an old friend.

The breast pump like device definitely works as planned regarding the pleasure, but the side effects of overuse are somewhat severe and magnifying over time, leading the ever more top heavy woman through one embarrassment after another.

Rebecca’s one night of tipsy wine drinking may just change her life forever. A woman who all her adult life has remained rigorously routine-oriented, Rebecca rarely loosens up. Some wine will do that to any girl and finding herself turned on with no man in her life, Rebecca did what anyone might find perfectly normal.

Pulling out an old gag gift given to her by an old college roommate, Rebecca enjoyed some friendly manual stimulation, though the unusual breast pump like device has left her the following morning with the most sobering thing she could imagine. Her chest has swollen to somewhat large proportions, stretching out her shirt and causing the woman who plans out everything to have no plan on just how to handle this series of events.

According to the warnings on the box, the breast pump may cause localized swelling when overused. Further, it may affect thinking and behavior in addition to heightening sensitivity.

None of this makes Rebecca feel any better about the side effects possibly diminishing by the time she needs to face her coworkers at a tight knit professional place she has always garnered respect. Deciding no time can go by, she immediately goes to a doctor, one of the random doc-in-the-box places out of the way so that no one will recognize her.

Explaining to the doctor the embarrassing situation, she hopes he will have a cure, perhaps some injection or solution that quickly solves the most obvious two swollen remnants of a drunken self-stimulating night. She finds her thoughts running away with her even before seeing the man himself, and once she does, her humiliation is just beginning as he leaves puzzled, suggesting a nurse look her over and schedule a followup exam for Monday morning.

The nurse’s touch almost sends Rebecca completely out of her mind, spiraling into orgasmic pleasure, blushing as she leaves the office slightly more swollen than before, every touch seeming to further pump her up.

Deciding she could certainly use a drink to calm her nerves, Rebecca stops by a local pub where her old friend Debbie works as bartender. If anyone can take care of her situation delicately, it’s Debbie.

Unfortunately as things work out, the two get cozy together after sharing the lurid tale of how Rebecca didn’t in fact have breast implants, and the night winds up with each somewhat drunkenly playing with the pumping little sex toy.

Thoughts change, minds blown by the pleasures of the weekend, and by the time Monday morning rolls around, both Rebecca and Debbie are there to see the doctor, both pumped up beyond belief, both hopelessly horny and ready for much more than just an examination.

As Rebecca discovers, sometimes you can get excited over a drunken night alone. Sometimes though, you can get truly pumped about it.

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Hold Time May Vary

Hold Time May Vary by Kris P. Kreme

Hold Time May Vary by Kris P. Kreme

A little trouble with her cable leads Savannah Benbow into more trouble than she’s prepared for. Phoning the support line with Trance-tory Cable, Savannah soon finds herself dealing with bizarre automated voices, personal questions she is humiliated to answer, and live representatives accusing her of not being Savannah Bimbo but actually being a slut.

It’s just another day dealing with the all-controlling corporation that is Trance-tory.

Savannah Benbow is having issues with her cable and unfortunately the only solution is to deal with Trance-tory Cable’s incredibly annoying mostly automated tech support on the phone.

From the very beginning of the call, she is already bothered more than her beginning headache will put up with, the automated voice misunderstanding confirmation of her name as Savannah Bimbo. As though being insulted by a machine isn’t bad enough the automated system is tedious, slow, and repetitive to no end.

Savannah is tired of sitting there staring at her phone, dealing with this stupid tech support where she’s not actually receiving any support, but when the automated system asks her to answer a short series of questions, things really get strange.

From questions about her looks to very personal questions about how sexually active she currently is, Savannah has just about had enough from the Trance-tory help line. Of course nothing compares to the fact the automated machine she is speaking to apparently can use her cell phone’s camera to see her more directly.

Tired of putting up with all this nonsense, Savannah demands to speak to a live person, a request the automated system seems unusually compliant to offer, though of course at the cost of an exhaustively unknown amount of hold time.

The hold music might just be the last straw for Savannah Benbow as she sits there waiting for an actual human to talk to, just to report that her cable service is not working properly.

When human help finally comes on the line, frustration flies through the roof as very quickly Savannah’s cable troubles are blamed on one simple confusion. As the Trance-tory Cable operator puts it, clearly Savannah is no bimbo. Clearly she is a slut.

Discover the joys of modern phone support, the way only Trance-tory can provide. Will Savannah ever be taken off terminal hold? Will her cable ever function properly again? Will she find herself driven dumb by the insanity of automated phone support or will Savannah Benbow choose between being a bimbo and a slut so that television viewing is the least of her concerns?

Find out in the exciting all dialogue tale bringing Trance-tory back to life, Hold Time May Vary.

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Brushed Off

Brushed Off by Kris P. Kreme

Brushed Off by Kris P. Kreme

Zoey isn’t the type of girl to bother painting her face, never needing to as her beauty and innocence is quite natural. She’s a creative soul, dedicated to her art.

After buying some antique paint brushes she might just find that sometimes her art can be dedicated to her just as fully.

Painting something purely from impulse, letting the brushes guide her, Zoey finds herself losing control, losing her free will, and losing her innocence.

Zoey is a creative girl, unique among her peers in that she spends most her time painting works of art and not her face. In fact, Zoey is as perfect and unblemished without a spot of makeup as any of her friends are with hours of carefully applied colorings.

No, Zoey more cares for coloring and creating in her world, not one for parties, not one for having guys over or wasting precious hours flirting. She has an interest in guys, but her passion is definitely for her art.

That’s why her best friend Rachel is so confused when Zoey drags her down to the old section of town, where secondhand shops and antiques are found on dusty shelves in dingy stores. Zoey is on the search for something unique to spend her weekend home alone doing, Rachel more interested in a party she wishes Zoey would attend.

Spotting some antique paint brushes and paints in an old wooden box, Zoey feels like she’s just won the lottery, while Rachel says goodbye and heads on to do more normal stuff for girls their age.

The paint brushes are old, worn, unique, with a character and soul Zoey knows she can’t find in modern cheap equivalents. They are perfect for a weekend masterpiece, Zoey rushing home with her new purchase to paint the hours away.

However, sometimes creative inspiration comes on more strongly than expected and the painting Zoey begins creating with those brushes and paints definitely hits her full speed.

She finds herself unable to stop, slapping paint against the canvas, seeing forms appear, having no idea just what the image she is creating is until it’s just about complete.

Upon seeing what she has finally painted, Zoey gasps and can’t believe what she is looking at. Shortly after, she can’t believe how she is acting either, partying in ways Rachel never would dare, inspired to creative perversity like never before, haunted by her painting and the brushes that brought that painting to life.

One thing is sure, Zoey will find herself painted just as much as her canvas that weekend, and her parents will return to quite the surprise from their normally responsible daughter.

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SINtendo Shades

SINtendo Shades by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Shades by Kris P. Kreme

Joel just wants to find a pair of inexpensive internet glasses, those wearable devices that let someone explore the internet in the corner of their eye while looking cool and gaining popularity.

What he finds is the latest from a company called SINtendo, some gaming glasses called SINtendo Shades, which promise to offer full view control and interactivity with the world around whoever wears them.

As with most things SINtendo, the results are a bit more complicated and kinky.

Joel is a high school senior who wants to break into the elite, the popular crowd, the ones who everyone else in the school looks up to and envies. He wants to have something to break him into that clique but so far he has been beaten at every turn by Ben Harris.

Ben is the kid who showed up at school three days ago with the newest internet computer glasses, the modern gadgets so expensive they just aren’t seen on your average high school student. The popularity those glasses have brought Ben Harris is horrible and Joel is determined to find his own.

He aims to match Ben at every turn, to outdo if possible, even if it means sacrificing the money he has been putting away for a new car.

Unfortunately internet glasses just aren’t cheap, none of them, even the used ones cheaper than his tightly thin budget. Joel has been up all night searching, pounding his frustration to the annoyance of his twin sister Jeri in the adjoining room, eyes tired, body aching from staring at the screen.

That is when the popup ad appears, the one that unlike all before it actually halts him from immediately clicking it closed. The ad promises wearable winning, enhanced eyewear like no other. Linking to a page, Joel is taken to the all new SINtendo Shades, the latest in gaming and adult entertainment.

These amazing looking sunglasses offer a full field of vision, not simply some internet display in the very corner. They offer overlaid technology on the wearer’s entire world, and promise that everyone focused on through the shades will become part of the wearer’s own personal game. More than a game though, SINtendo Shades are a life experience, changing everything about the world they view through these technological sunglasses.

While Joel doesn’t fully understand much of what he reads, he does understand two key things. First, SINtendo Shades are impressively only $299 and second, they look so much cooler than Ben Harris’ stupid super expensive internet glasses.

He orders right away, paying in full and getting overnight guaranteed delivery. Since it’s the weekend, Joel knows that by Monday he will already be a pro using these new SINtendo Shades.

Arriving early Saturday afternoon, Joel is more than just excited as he tears into the box, pulling out the impressively cool looking SINtendo Shades. His sister Jeri and her boyfriend Robby happen to be in the room at the time, sharing an interest in what has Joel so worked up, so demonstrations seem in order.

To Joel’s surprise, these shades do much more than he ever anticipated, literally seeming to control those around him in ways he isn’t at all prepared for. His thoughts running away with him, Joel can’t seem to prevent Jeri and Robby from being manipulated by the shades, becoming pawns in a game they never imagined, even Joel unable to fully control his impulse thinking as he focuses on each of them.

From sweet sister to slut, Jeri gets quite openly affectionate with her boyfriend, saying and doing things so depraved, Joel can only stare. Even when his mother comes storming into the living room to stop them, Joel only looks her way, one look through the SINtendo Shades unleashing a wave of behavioral changes in her neither of them are prepared for.

SINtendo Shades clearly were intended for adults and Joel ignored that fact as he does many of the other warnings on the eyewear, taking them out into public as he leaves the chaos at home to go see his best friend, Nikki.

The more he wears them, the more the shades darken his desires, his fantasies, the world becoming his own playground in games no one will soon forget.

Shade your sinful desires, but darken your depravity, with the all new SINtendo Shades.

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Kreme-Squeezed: Dani Delicious

Kreme-Squeezed: Dani Delicious by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme-Squeezed: Dani Delicious by Kris P. Kreme

Dani is a grad student who would be the first to admit her first priority in life is herself, with pleasure and openly slutty behavior a close second.

Perhaps that is why the field trip to tour the Kremey Kake factory is so dull in her mind, or why she finds herself separating from the group to try out some of the delicious looking pastries.

By the end of her day though, Dani may just be the most delicious thing around, and her future will be decided for her, with pleasure sure to follow.

Dani isn’t like the other college coeds taking the tour of the Kremey Kake factory. She’s only taking the business classes to get her graduate degree, several years older than most the others, separated by more than just a lack of interest in this boring tour.

She’s a girl who always has known what she wanted, and went after it. Whether that control revolves around her grades and education or the guys in her life, Dani gets what she wants and enjoys it to the fullest. In fact, most girls might call her a slut, the way she goes through guys, the way she lets those guys use her in so many quite fittingly slutty ways.

She couldn’t care less what other girls thought, Dani always proud of her body, big boobed, blonde, and with kinks none of those other prudes probably even considered.

Dani is all about Dani, and Dani enjoys both her body and the men who enjoy that body.

The Kremey Kake factory is definitely a loud place, a place where a girl like Dani can easily hold back and let the group get ahead of her while she takes a closer look at all the little pastries on the assembly belts passing by. Were she to have paid much attention, maybe Dani would have wondered about the strict warnings not to touch any of the pastries or food products, but then Dani never has been about self control, only giving control up to whatever lucky stud she has thrusting away at her this week or that.

Dani’s a girl who never lacked for protein in her diet but one little Kremey Kake pastry won’t hurt her will it? One little Kremey Kake turns into two, into three, and before Dani can even fully comprehend the impossible orgasms these tasty treats are bringing her, she has lost all track of time, drunk on the pleasure of breaking the rules.

Once she’s discovered by the Kremey Kake employees, Dani is already well on her way to being the newest worker on the factory floor, her big boobs about to serve a purpose she never even fantasized about. It happens every time there is a tour, one girl choosing to separate themselves.

It’s no surprise though, and future pastry customers enjoying the products made at the Kremey Kake factory will have a whole new flavor to swallow, a little Dani Delicious.

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Brain Drain: Hacked

Brain Drain Hacked by Kris P. Kreme

Brain Drain Hacked by Kris P. Kreme

Journalism student Cameron has the biggest story ever, one so revealing it might pave the path for her career. She’s about to break the story on Brain Drain.

After a source provides her with direct access to the site believed by many to be nothing more than urban legend, Cameron finds herself viewing the same pink page many girls before her have seen.

Unfortunately her internet isn’t secure, meaning someone else will be seeing the same site and playing with Cameron’s future themselves.

College coed Cameron has just gotten the ultimate breakthrough on a story she has been working on for months now. A journalism student with a very bright future, Cameron is about to break the story of a lifetime. She’s about to find out the truth about the urban legend known as Brain Drain.

For years, there have been stories spread across college campuses about a mysterious website that promises everything a girl could want, everything her image could need enhanced, at no price, only asking her to make payment with aspects of her mind and personality.

The legend is sordid and strange, though somehow all searches for the Brain Drain site have failed, the site only seen by those who it wishes to be seen by. Cameron finally has the connection though, a disc given to her by a secret source, and this disc will provide a direct link to the constantly changing secure server where Brain Drain is found.

This is much bigger than the college newspaper, but Cameron knows every good journalist starts somewhere and she made a promise to Sam, her editor that she’d break the story in his publication.

After calling to share the incredible news that her source came through, Cameron leaves Sam to some prior plans and sits down at her laptop, eager to explore and go over the actual Brain Drain site.

Firing it up, she’s taken to a place, few before have seen and then accurately reported about, mostly due to their being so dimly intelligent after the visit. She’s taken to the bright pink site with the slider bars offering such magic as bigger breasts, wider hips, hair color changes without dyes, and plump lips to perfect a girl’s face.

It’s all so revealing, so bizarrely simplistic looking, Cameron is taking note after note, recording her thoughts, picturing just how many articles she can write on the urban legend website, maybe even plotting her entire grad thesis.

Everything is going perfectly and Cameron is rolling towards journalistic legend status herself, until network issues become more than just a problem.

The college dorms have always had issues with insecure internet connections, but this is the worst timing possible as Cameron quite suddenly finds her internet hacked, even the mouse refusing to respond to her movements.

She sits there, watching as someone somewhere controls her laptop, controls her mouse, and through purchase after purchase on the Brain Drain site, ultimately controls her very destiny.

Who is behind this mysterious hack; what will ultimately happen to the once bright and intelligent Cameron? Find out in the biggest chapter yet to the legendary Tale from the Kreme that has girls everywhere discovering the wonders of being a true bimbo, Brain Drain: Hacked.

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Narrated by Kris P. Kreme

Narrated by Kris P. Kreme

After waking one morning with a mysterious disembodied voice describing everything about her, Suzie panics, unsure what to do or who to tell, knowing anyone would think her crazy if she told them.

She goes for a walk, hoping fresh air will help, discovering that the voice doesn’t just describe or narrate, it controls and influences. Suzie finds herself helpless to resist being fully Narrated into the type of girl she never would have chosen.

Eighteen year old Suzie wakes up one morning with a voice in her head, and no this is not the inspirational voice many young girls have when they are maturing, driving them to positive goals or pushing them to choose their paths into adulthood.

No, Suzie has woken up with a narrator in her head, quite literally narrating everything she does or says, instantly freaking her out and causing her to face a choice. She can ignore the voice and hope it goes away, or she can tell someone and risk being thought crazy. Unfortunately for her, Suzie chooses to ignore it, knowing her parents who came from China and have raised her quite conservatively would think her mad to say that some disembodied voice is narrating her entire morning.

Choosing to hastily dress, according to the narrator’s direction, Suzie takes a walk, hoping the fresh air will clear her mind. What happens on that walk however clears a lot more than her mind, and results in a Suzie whose mind might be clear of worry but whose body is full of much more.

The narrator it seems is something more than merely a disembodied voice, describing her actions or words. The narrator somehow controls her actions and words as well, driving Suzie into acts she never would have imagined, much less enthusiastically partook in with strangers in a nearby park.

Suzie is a young girl becoming a woman, and Suzie finds herself helplessly Narrated.

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Lewis the Lecherous Lawnmower

Lewis the Lecherous Lawnmower by Kris P. Kreme

Lewis the Lecherous Lawnmower by Kris P. Kreme

Lewis was granted all the power of Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun, granting wishes in only the most twisted perverse way, though Lewis has adapted and learned to enjoy each wish, understanding that he corrupts himself further each time.

Typically he avoids conversations where the phrase “I wish” might come up, but after the Sanders family lets him go from mowing their expansive lawn, Lewis chooses to say goodbye with a special performance, one they may “wish” they’d been able to avoid.

Lewis is the closest thing to a legacy for Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun. Unlike Lenny though, Lewis doesn’t spend a majority of the year in hiding, keeping to the shadows. The hot summer sun doesn’t provide many shadows and Lewis is spending most of it as he usually does, mowing lawns in nice neighborhoods to earn some extra money.

This year, Lewis has one skill not advertised with his lawn mowing expertise. It’s a skill no one wants to experience but one family is about to take the first steps to doing just that.

Gavin and Dawn Sanders were always close friends to his mom, back before she mysteriously vanished and the new “doll” in Lewis’ dad life appeared. The Sanders family is wealthy, has been loyal to always having Lewis do their lawn, and even provided the enjoyment of both Dawn and her daughter Daphne being knockout gorgeous.

Lewis hasn’t had a complaint until the day Dawn asks if he’d come inside after he’s done mowing the lawn. It seems the time has come for Lewis to say goodbye to the plush pocket padding job that is the Sanders’ yard. Daphne has a new boyfriend and that boyfriend is starting his own landscaping service so naturally, the boyfriend is in, Lewis is out.

As angry as this all makes Lewis, the casual attitude of the Sanders makes it even worse and when Lewis has a grudge to hold, others best be warned to play nice.

Smiling, Lewis knows just the way to leave the Sanders’ residence if he’s going to have to lose their business anyway and that’s with an impromptu magic show, one where he uses his special talents to grant them each a wish.

Only Lewis and Lenny, the one who cast this cursed gift onto him, know just how these wishes will play out, but the Sanders are not taking Lewis serious at all.

After all the wishes are made, this is one family that will be much closer than ever, Gavin deciding that it’s time he paid much more attention to his stepdaughter, Daphne, in ways Daphne never imagined before, and Dawn suddenly realizing just how supportive she needs to be to both of them.

By the time Lewis tires of watching the wealthy family thoroughly enjoy their twisted wishes, Daphne’s boyfriend arrives to a rather unexpected sight. Lewis may not be their lawnmower anymore but he’s definitely still cutting them down to size.

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Exercising her Demons

Exercising her Demons by Kris P. Kreme

Exercising her Demons by Kris P. Kreme

Sometimes a deal too good to be passed up should be passed up. That is the lesson Tricia learns when she purchases second-hand exercise equipment that once belonged to a demon conjuring cult.

Upon the moment she powers the equipment on, there is a living and breathing entity at work she can’t fully believe, one she’s sure is all in her imagination until it is too late.

Tricia has always kept in shape, but exercising her demons might fully ruin all her efforts in ways she never considered.

Twenty-seven year old Tricia has always been a fitness nut, serious into exercise, heavily active at the gym in her old town.

Now she finds herself relocated, the new girl in town, and this town doesn’t have a gym. That’s how she finds herself at a large warehouse, perusing the widely assorted random items in a public sale, junk and other collected items from all over offered at reasonable prices.

Only one thing strikes Tricia as odd, and that is when she shows interest in some nearly brand new looking fancy exercise equipment in one quiet section of the warehouse. Everyone else seems nervous about her being there, the man who approaches and asks if she’s interested even keeping his distance.

Something strange is definitely going on, but Tricia never suspects that the source of all the stares and distance might be the exercise equipment itself. According to the old man, these three pieces of equipment came from a rather notorious local compound, in the hills outside of town. This compound was not too long ago raided by the feds, discovering a cult operating there and that cult was into all sorts of unsavory acts.

The most notable practice this old man reports went on at that compound was demon conjuring, the reputation of that compound and anything from there definitely hurting their repeated attempts to get rid of the exercise equipment.

Tricia finds the whole story rather silly, nonsense about demons or whatever. All she sees is one hell of a good deal on some high priced equipment. She might just soon find out what a truly hellish deal it is for her as she buys the items, gets them home and decides to try them out.

As the equipment glows to life with fancy high tech monitoring screens, it rapidly becomes clear that this is one workout Tricia won’t soon recover from, a presence alive and well within each of the machines, all three of them working together on her as much as she is on them.

Tricia conjures up all sorts of new desires as her perfect shape is twisted and abused, enjoyed and exercised like never before.

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Video Chit Chat

Video Chit Chat by Kris P. Kreme

Video Chit Chat by Kris P. Kreme

Kiera is running late to a meeting with her anthropology professor on campus. Unfortunately she’s not going to be making that meeting after she attempts to hastily video chat the professor and accidentally dials the wrong number.

Her video chat goes through but the man she is chatting with definitely is not the professor and he’s somewhat pleasantly surprised to see such a pretty young woman on the screen.

Apologizing for the mistake, intending to quickly hang up, Kiera delays when the friendly seeming man she began chatting to points out a smudge on her shirt. One simple somewhat awkward moment turns into a conversation which soon has Kiera no longer in such a rush to run out the door of her dorm room.

The professor has waited before and she’s already late as it is, so she calms down, relaxing, having a nice chat with the man who claims his day was headed to boredom before she came along.

As the conversation progresses, the man she’s chatting with alludes to her skills with starting up conversations with men she’s never met before, a definite social skill she has, along with everything else she has going for her. Kiera is more than happy to accept that she is a natural when it comes to talking online with all sorts of people.

When topics take a turn for potentially more embarrassing themes, Kiera is stubborn to say she can’t easily be embarrassed, which quickly escalates her new mystery man chat buddy to some friendly challenges.

Almost without knowing it, the challenges get more and more personal until Kiera no longer is thinking much about her anthropology professor or her studies, showing off in live video chat just what a truly unembarrassed coed slut she can be.

Sometimes all it takes to open up is a little video chit chat.

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Irregular Shoes to Fill

Irregular Shoes to Fill by Kris P. Kreme

Irregular Shoes to Fill by Kris P. Kreme

Ordinarily the man at the Shoe Shop in the mall personally assists customers in finding the best fit. Whether his assistance helps them discover their true passions or take steps into new dominance and confidence, sales always end up with the customer thoroughly pleased.

This time, however, no sales are made and the shoes which find their way into being worn were never intended to be sold in the first place. After discovering that a box of irregulars has mysteriously disappeared, the man consults with his top employee, the sometimes overstimulated Emily. Her explanation that she gave the box of damaged shoes to a couple of kids collecting for the homeless causes more than just his usual raised eyebrow.

This is a situation the man has never prepared for, knowing and soon explaining to Emily that the particular shoes the Shoe Shop sells are not typical by any means. They have unique abilities, unique properties, and those properties are completely warped on the ones tossed into the irregulars box.

Now they must track down the ones who took the box, recover the shoes, and hopefully prevent what is already going to be impossible to prevent.

Dean and his girlfriend Riley are not too thrilled about the punishment handed down to them, forced to go all over town collecting clothing and stuff for the homeless. Charity work was never their thing, each more interested in each other than everyone else.

While they might be rebellious seniors about to graduate high school, Dean and Riley are truly dedicated to each other and for the most part good kids. All that may change when they take a break from their chore of collecting clothing to go into the woods far from anyone else, to their special spot.

This is a nice private spot, a place the two of them can be alone, and naturally this is where Riley has the fun idea of looking through the shoes they collected. As they reason, it’s not like anyone else will ever know if they just take a pair or two for themselves before delivering.

Dean is all laughs when he mentions that his petite girlfriend Riley never had the real pair he’d be interested in, but after she finds some bright red sneakers, everything quickly takes a turn for the bizarre.

By the time the man tracks down the lost box of irregulars, three things are very clear. Riley will never be petite again, Dean will never lack aggression when it comes to being kinky, and neither of them will likely be looking into further education.

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Dig Doug

Dig Doug by Kris P. Kreme

Dig Doug by Kris P. Kreme

There’s something different about Doug. Everyone knows it the moment he transfers into Namco High after school has already started. What it is about him isn’t quite definable but what is clear is that Doug has a strange sort of charm on the ladies in his class.

No matter the fact they have boyfriends and ordinarily might not look twice at someone like Doug, the girls simply can’t help it. They just dig Doug for one reason or another, often falling all over themselves as he smiles their way.

Someone who quickly has a problem with Doug is top man of the school, Drake Fygar, a leader on and off the football field that everyone knows not to mess with. Doug hasn’t gotten the memo and definitely has an eye for Drake’s girlfriend, the sweet rather innocent looking Ella.

The thing about Doug is, he isn’t worried. Doug has a game to play, one he has played before and will play soon enough again. Even if the others aren’t aware of it, they are part of Doug’s games.

The game unfolds at an annual tradition for Namco High, where the high school elite party all night in the old mines outside of town. This is where Drake plots his revenge against Doug, planning to put the fear of God in him and make sure he cuts the crap with his incessant charming of every girl who lays eyes on him.

Little do they know that Doug has plans of his own for the mines and they will be finding that Doug’s charms aren’t all he has to use on the girls. A game of hide and seek with Doug being it is the plan, Drake planning the perfect way to get him alone and teach him a lesson.

Doug though has an entirely different plan for playing this game, making it his own, going and seeking out the girls one by one. Long ago, Doug was passed a special gift, an ability like none other in his very DNA and now he seeks treasure, seeking the tunnels of these mines for that particular treasure.

When Doug finds each girl, they aren’t just considered out, they are considered in, in his special game. It’s one game these girls will definitely feel for months to come, and one Drake and his tough buddies will never get back at him for.

This is the year Doug joins Namco High, and this is the year all the girls discover just why they really do dig Doug.

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The Flipping Fate of New King City

The Flipping Fate of New King City by Kris P. Kreme

The Flipping Fate of New King City by Kris P. Kreme

A year has followed the rise of New King City’s most menacing villain, born a genius nerd, destined for greatness at the flip of a switch. Mickey Morno developed a serum that literally flipped every switch in the human brain, his victims completely reversing their behavior, their priorities, their free will.

New King City was fated to be under the watchful protection of the Three Queens, but Mickey flipped that fate and turned the Queens into his personal seductress assassins. Now, one year later, rumors abound that the streets are less and less safe everyday, the future in doubt, the fate of New King City no longer shining so brightly.

Mickey has a plan though, a plan to ensure that the fate of New King City is permanently flipped in his favor, that he holds all the cards, even outside the district of Fairtrade, the ritzy upscale part of town he transformed into a whorish, sex deviant criminal haven.

Red Queen is the beginning of that plan, though her uses as assassin will be just the tip of Mickey Morno’s sinister serum-laced plan. He has every step mapped out, with the ultimate goal of reaching New King Academy, the elite prep school for New King City’s future leaders.

New King Academy is where the richest of the rich, the smartest of the smart, and the brightest young minds go from eighteen to nineteen years of age. They are the future of New King City and Mickey has a special fate planned for them. Of course to reach them he will need the assistance of a beautiful if bitchy city council woman, a milf of a PTA mother, and the Principal of New King Academy herself.

It’s time for tale two of the comic stylized epic that is Mickey Morno’s villainous takeover. It’s time for The Flipping Fate of New King City.

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The Kuickies #7 – Les is Moore

The Kuickies #7 - Les is Moore by Kris P. Kreme

The Kuickies #7 – Les is Moore by Kris P. Kreme

Les Moore has always been a man with problems, and those problems started at birth when his parents gave him the undeniably humiliating choice throughout the rest of his days to either go by Lesley or the more preferred though often punned Les Moore.

He never had the girls, never had the popularity, never had anything. His life was a joke as much as his name was, but a seemingly typical trip to the bank may change all that.

Standing in line, one of many in Les Moore’s life since nothing ever came without waiting as far as he was concerned, Les observes the surrounding people. The men and women, business professionals by the looks of it, the bank guard and tellers, even the teenage couple standing behind him, all have what he never has even possessed for a brief moment.

It isn’t women he wants, not power or money; no, all Les ever wanted is control. When a stumbling step forward results in him nearly shoving a man into one of the more attractive business women he’s ever seen, everything takes a turn for the surreal.

The angry woman rants and Les rants right back, telling her to fuck off. Her expression changes and Les witnesses the first ever instance of control, his words seeming to influence her behavior as she grabs nearby men and does exactly what he suggested in so many words.

Fueled by power, Les tries it out again, and again, making toys of the teenage couple behind him, thrilled by the chaos and perversity breaking out in a public bank. Such a formal quiet place turned upside down as no one seems able to control the ones he has somehow manipulated.

However who is truly being manipulated? Is it those in the bank or Les himself, and what happens when Les loses his control as suddenly and inexplicably as he gained it? Find out when less truly is more with the all new Kuickie, Les is Moore.

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Welcome to Kristal Heights

Welcome to Kristal Heights by Kris P. Kreme

Welcome to Kristal Heights by Kris P. Kreme

The scenic town of Krisburg has long been suffering diminished returns on the financial burdens keeping a city running. They’ve suffered along with many small towns in America but fortunately they have a young spitfire named Ginger Harris working tirelessly to find a solution to their problems.

Tourism is where everyone agrees the most potential exists for a town like Krisburg, having an abundance of mountains, valleys, streams, and nature. Of course how best to draw in the tourists when so many other more well known towns have similar offerings?

Young Ginger Harris, passionate about her town, as energetic and hopeful as her brilliant red hair might imply, has a rather unorthodox solution to the problems and with support from the mayor along with several key business owners in town, she is pushing that Krisburg change its name. Naturally the question of what to change the name to comes under debate but after exhaustive research only one single town in the United States has remained prosperous, popular, and still not too on the map to draw unwanted attention. That town, is Chrystal Heights.

Despite having some definitely unusual stories spread about it, Chrystal Heights has proven that towns can prosper in tough times, through unique measures and means. After some discussion, Kristal Heights is born and almost instantly tourism and general travel improves to the town.

Only one thing could possibly prove a stumbling block for Ginger Harris, the new director of tourism for Kristal Heights, and that is the original Chrystal Heights, who at first don’t seem pleased at all to see another town prospering off their image.

Surprisingly though one day a care package arrives from Chrystal Heights and as the letter accompanying it makes clear, they have decided to embrace Kristal Heights as a sister city, offering all sorts of products to assist with their new identity.

Everything from pens inscribed with the new name of the town, to new uniforms custom manufactured out of Chrystal Heights for the newly renamed Kristal Heights Diner, the gifts are too good to pass up. There’s new automotive gear for the service station, new vintage wine for the club in town, and as Ginger discovers, even stationary and office supplies to use around city hall.

Everything is looking up, and thanks to the support of Chrystal Heights, Kristal Heights is going to be just fine. Of course something strange definitely becomes clear as the gifts are dispersed around town, every item seeming to affect those who come into contact with them.

Subtly, Kristal Heights is changing, and there may be nothing anyone can do to stop these changes, not even Ginger Harris.

Discover what happens when worlds collide, quite literally as one small town gets bigger in ways the residents never expected, as the simple life of a tourism town gets dumbed down and prosperous in ways they never imagined.

Find out what happens when the world of Chrystal Wynd and Kris P. Kreme crash together in a mind and body altering way which only will have you booking the next trip out of town to either of their famous, possibly infamous, towns.

Welcome to Kristal Heights; leave your mind at home but don’t forget to bring your libido.

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Remote Destinations

Remote Destinations by Kris P. Kreme

Remote Destinations by Kris P. Kreme

Maple Street is where Alison O’Neil has grown up, though not in her parents’ eyes. Eighteen as of two weeks ago, Alison is already setting her eyes on college, a venture in life she hopes to be able to journey into away from her somewhat stifling parental units.

It isn’t that her parents are cruel or even all that restrictive; it’s more that no matter how much she has matured they simply can’t see her as anything other than their baby girl. An argument over all of this, over not being treated like an adult, over not being allowed to move out until junior year of college, causes nothing but stress to Alison on the night of May 19. However, when she storms out of the house to go for a relaxing drive, that drive may just take her to destinations so unexpected she’ll long to return to the home she’s grown up in.

Alison’s father Don O’Neil has always worked in product development, fishing his inventions out to one company or another, constantly tinkering in the garage. His workshop is a mess of partially worked on, frequently abandoned ideas, and one of those ideas strikes Alison in the head quite literally when she slams the door on her way out.

A remote control, looking like a standard television remote though having different buttons, falls off a shelf and instantly adds to the headache her parents are giving her. Unfortunately storming back inside to toss the offending device back at her father doesn’t help the matter any. As Alison goes right back and takes a drive to calm her nerves, her clueless parents settle in for date night, Don distracted by the fact that the jolt to the remote seems to have it actually working the way he’d intended.

A simple premise of a remote control that uses themes instead of numbers to change channels becomes a night of traveling their daughter never intended. Putting aside the argument with Alison, Don and his wife Nancy take their own trip down memory lane by snuggling on the couch in front of the television and trying out the remote.

With the first push of a button, more than the channel changes as simultaneously some distance away, Alison finds her entire reality shifting. Everything around her changes, all the way down to the very clothing she is wearing, as Alison is literally taken inside the movie, inside a fictional world she never imagined.

From a classic black and white movie to a modern teenage horror to alien science fiction and even animated anime, Alison finds herself hopelessly trapped in whatever button her parents just happen to be interested in pressing.

As the night continues, her only hope is to somehow get home, to reach the remote before any more buttons are pushed and she changes forever. Along the way though, many things will definitely be changing as slowly from each channel change to the next, Alison herself changes, the reality she finds herself in each time playing by different rules and those rules breaking more than her resolve.

What will happen when date night takes a positive turn for Don and Nancy, unknowingly changing the channel on their daughter straight into adult movies? Will they ever realize the star they have been watching is not just similar looking to their daughter but in fact Alison herself? Has Alison truly discovered what it’s like to get her wish of being treated like an adult?

Tune in to the wildest and most twisted Tale from the Kreme yet, where traveling the roads leads to something more dangerous than Fertile Fields. This time, get ready for some truly Remote Destinations.

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O Canada

O Canada by Kris P. Kreme

O Canada by Kris P. Kreme

Paul first met Elly after moving to Canada in 2010. While the relocation was mostly due to climate, needing a northern climate to better handle some medical issues, he never suspected the miraculous girl he’d quickly become infatuated with and just what crazy events would happen to prove that Canadian girls truly are hotter than their climate and twice as much fun to spend time in.

Elly was always a sweet, fun girl. She had a perfect blend of naughtiness that remained comfortably playful but never slutty… at least until the night of her 22nd birthday. That was the night everything changed and Paul witnessed it all firsthand.
He’d planned everything out, reservations for dinner at one of the finest restaurants in town, a table reserved in a place of prominence where everyone could gaze on Elly as he treated her to a fantastic birthday dinner. Naturally the restaurant staff had been made aware of what an important night this was.

When the waiters appeared with a very fancy cake for Elly, Paul never batted an eye and enjoyed the sweetly surprised expression on Elly’s always gorgeous face. Only when the man placed the special candle into the cake and lit it did Paul begin really noticing something unusual, but he would be far from the last in the restaurant that night to have eyes for Elly and enjoy just how famished the birthday girl was about to become.

It was a musical candle but instead of playing Happy Birthday upon being lit, it played the Canadian Anthem. Now as little as most Canadians paid attention to the Anthem, this one one time everyone around would be captivated by it, most notably Elly.

Paul watched as she stood from the table, staring into the lit candle, and as crazy as it seemed, Elly began to sing along with it.

With every lyric she belted out, her passion for the music turned to something else. Her O’s sounded like moans, her hands roamed her body, and it would be an understatement to say that Elly put some serious orgasmic oomph into this singing of the Canadian anthem.

Elly was only getting started though as she extinguished the flame. Her appetite was only beginning and quickly she was consuming the cake, finding that as she did, everything began to change. Paul witnessed it all, seeing that his lovely girlfriend was becoming anything but innocent looking and in no time at all, she would be getting much more than cake crammed down her throat.

To say that Canadians are friendly might seem a stereotype but Elly made sure every man in the restaurant that night helped her celebrate her birthday and they all were quite happy to help. Everything changed, and Elly changed most of all, and while she may have ended up curvier than ever, satisfied beyond belief, she owed it all to two impassioned moaned out words… O Canada.

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Cabin Pressure

Cabin Pressure by Kris P. Kreme

Cabin Pressure by Kris P. Kreme

In the world of friendly skies, senior flight attendant Stella Chen never sees too much friendliness. At least when it comes to her staff she doesn’t. Younger than many in her position, Stella Chen got there by traditional hard work, long hours, and thorough efficiency. She’s not flying the skies to have fun, she’s there to do her job and unfortunately that makes her seem somewhat stuck-up and overbearing.

There are two consistent annoyances she can count on during every single flight her crew works and one is the constant jabs or pranks by Shay, the woman who has passed into her thirties and been bitter ever since at taking orders from a younger girl like Stella.

Shay has Mika, the youngest flight attendant and fellow Asian on her staff eagerly following in her footsteps and the two of them are becoming more than just a nuisance, no help from Stephen, the final member of her flaky flight crew.

Still, for Stella, one nuisance rises above even Shay and her annoyances and that nuisance is the pressure changes of so many takeoffs and landings. Every one seems worse than the last and the amount of times in a week she goes up and down into the air, Stella is growing tired of the gum chewing sugar rush solutions that seem the only way to manage it.

Everything collides in what for Stella might be the worst air disaster never to happen in the air on a short stop in Hawaii one night. Awaiting a flight out at midnight to Tokyo, Stella realizes she’s all out of gum and makes a simple run to the various stores and shops in the airport to find some.

It seems fate has other plans though, or it would if fate’s name was Shay. A mysterious woman who Stella doesn’t hesitate to identify for a moment has purchased every last stick of gum in the place, ridding the entire airport of Stella’s one link to sanity during a flight.

Going everywhere, asking anyone, Stella is determined to deny Shay the satisfaction of her prank this time. This is the final flight in a string of flights all week before they each have some time off and can recover. She’s going to get through it one way or another.

Following a tip from a cashier in one of the airport shops, Stella finds a local vendor playing a late night card game with airport security and he seems to have the solution for her, as long as she doesn’t mind not having to chew or getting the sugar rush of gum.

For Stella Chen, a non-gum solution to pressure changes is everything she could have asked for, oddly a dream come true and all thanks to Shay’s pranking. The only thing is, the man is somewhat sketchy on this miracle supplement’s side effects, claiming she must not take on an empty stomach or else bad things might happen.

Walking away with the bottle of vitamin like pills, Stella feels assured she will survive the flight and prove Shay’s no doubt costly prank useless. Of course given Shay’s prior pranks, Stella technically hasn’t had a full meal in almost two days.

Popping several of the pills, Stella rolls the dice and prepares for takeoff on Tokyo Air, an flight with few passengers but the requirement to wear retro revealing uniforms. It’s all part of the fun as pressure starts to build as soon as the plane leaves the runway and Stella quickly discovers why she should have listened to the warnings.

This is one flight no one aboard will forget as Stella and soon all the flight attendants become so much friendlier than expected, providing beverages in a way never imagined. Sometimes the pressure on the job comes from outside but occasionally it swells outward from within and Stella Chen knows just how to handle the pressures of her job.

Cabin Pressure, the first Kreme adventure in the air.

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Beverly’s Bimbo Birthday Blowout

Beverly's Bimbo Birthday Blowout by Kris P. Kreme

Beverly’s Bimbo Birthday Blowout by Kris P. Kreme

David has the perfect girlfriend, sweet, smart, funny, everything a guy could ask for. Beverly is the girl of his dreams, and she fits every physical feature he could have imagined in a life partner, so it’s only natural that he make her 21st birthday something neither of them will ever forget.

He never imagines just how the surprise will go when he stumbles upon a new store called the Kremery and sets up a Birthday blowout like never before.

The Kremery seems interesting from the moment he walks in, the sales staff amazingly gorgeous, busty beyond belief and eager to help him choose from the many party supplies as well as custom made cakes.

With help from the man in white who runs the Kremery, David chooses the perfect cake, one guaranteed to make both he and Beverly very happy. He chooses some big colorful balloons, guaranteed to remain floating much longer than standard ones, since these use a gas other than helium. The only warning is to never let Beverly breathe in the gas. As the man in white puts it, this gas will not make her talk funny, but potentially have severe side effects as evident from some past purchasers.

The final touches are put on the perfect birthday surprise with Concentration Candles, trick birthday candles that must be concentrated on with every thought in Beverly’s head in order to extinguish. The trick is that once she manages to blow them all out, Beverly will be a bimbo. It’s all temporary of course, as is everything that happens from the birthday surprise, but of course David is too fascinated by even the prospects of a temporary bimbo girlfriend.

The big day arrives and everything is going perfectly. Beverly is thrilled with the cake, the balloons, the candles… of course things are about to get more interesting than David ever could have imagined.

After one taste of the cake, Beverly nearly shoves every last bit of it down her throat, rather instantly experiencing much more than just a sugar rush. David returns from the kitchen to find her more turned on than he ever fantasized about, her body full of the Kremery’s cake, and that cake changing her like never imagined.

It may be temporary but this is a surprise he himself never could have imagined. But what happens when Beverly the bimbo decides she wants to talk funny and David steps out of the room? Find out in the tale that proves sometimes a blowout of a party is made all the better by literally blowing out some candles.

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Secretarial Positions

Secretarial Positions by Kris P. Kreme

Secretarial Positions by Kris P. Kreme

Jessica meets a man at the law firm where she works in a secretarial capacity. After a friendly conversation that grows a bit more and more overly friendly as time goes by, she discovers just how eager she is to try all new positions.

Thanks to some tips offered by the man to her employers, Jessica and her bosses are getting along better than any secretary ever imagined.

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Jessica has worked as a secretary for Pierce and Rider Law for just over a year. She enjoys her job, is professional, and hoping to advance her position as time goes by. However, the part of her job where she greets people with appointments to see Mr. Pierce or Mr. Rider is about to bring a most unusual man into her life.

Claiming not to have an appointment, only stopping by to deliver a personal message on behalf of his employers, this man instantly strikes up a conversation with young Jessica. He’s charming and friendly, easy to talk to, but as the conversation continues, his language gets less and less appropriate for a serious professional environment and soon Jessica is questioning just why he’s talking to her so much about stuff like her position with the law firm and why Mr. Pierce and Rider really hired her.

Could they have truly hired her out of the candidates simply because she’s a woman. Further, could they have hired her because she has a nice figure, has a large chest, has nice red highlights in her hair? Mr. Pierce and Mr. Rider are friendly but not that friendly and certainly not anything like what this man insists they must be like.

Before long, Jessica is confused and the conversation takes a turn as Mr. Pierce and Mr. Rider come out to receive the message this man’s employers have for them.

Find out just how fast a secretary can move through positions once her employers are up to helping her along, and discover just how fitting the name Pierce and Rider Law is in this all knew, all dialogue tale from the Kreme.

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Don’cha Know?

Don'cha Know? by Kris P. Kreme

Don’cha Know? by Kris P. Kreme

John and Juliet Lipton are going camping. At least that was the plan when together with his twin daughters, John drove off in the family SUV. It’s the final family outing before Bree and Brenda head off to college, and John is determined to make it one they all will remember. What none of them suspect when John heads off the main roads, trusting his impeccable navigation skills to the rarely used back roads, is that where they are heading is somewhere travelers never return from.

Forests surround the old gas station John pulls into on a long and winding country road, the mountains closing in and reminding them all that they are a long way from the modern world. As John gets out to pump the gas, having to manually do so with the near ancient looking gas pumps, his family makes the best of an assured safe pit stop, finding out just what sort of people the locals are.

Inside the gas station, waiting to pay, Bree finds herself caught up in an increasingly uncomfortable conversation with a young man named Davey. His vernacular and casual manner of talking reminds her of some forgotten mountain country dialect, both putting her at ease and making her on edge. As he continues to use repeated phrases, Bree’s mind succumbs to desires she didn’t suspect she had and soon her father’s SUV isn’t the only thing being pumped into.

Meanwhile, Brenda and her mother are next door, visiting the old general store, a creepily dusty and overcrowded two story shop which features everything they can never imagine wanting to purchase. While Brenda stays downstairs, meeting none other than Davey’s dad, Juliet finds herself looking for groceries upstairs, where Jimmy, Davey’s brother offers her some very personal assistance.

Unknown to John, by the time he’s done filling up the tank in their SUV, all three of the women in his life have fallen quite willingly into the hands of the smooth-talking family running this roadside pit stop, and as soon as he walks in to find his daughter in the lap of Davey, everything changes for John.

Where has the Lipton family traveled? The destiny remains a mystery until the very end, but this is a town readers have clamored for from the Kreme, a town where the imagination is more than just fertile and many roads lead in but no roads lead out.
Take a trip and meet the locals, in Don’cha Know?

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Tramp-Ohhh-leeen by Kris P. Kreme

Tramp-Ohhh-leeen by Kris P. Kreme

First there was Kustom Kreme, then there was the Kuickie, a short tasty snack of Kreme, and now cums the Kustom Kuickie, where readers like you can have a Kustom created snack. In this first Kustom Kuickie, prepare for a bounce on the Tramp-Ohhh-leeen, Trance-tory’s newest adult product.

Victor has often regretted where life led him, his imagined promises of slutty rewards for working at the Palace of Porn never coming close to paying off. His boss Mr. Sleeburn cracks the whip and keeps him working but the work never seems satisfying until the day Victor unloads a truckload of dildos from Trance-tory.

The merchandise shipment includes a bonus box, a display sample item which promotes bouncing away inhibitions, resistance, and constant ceaseless orgasms to any girl who uses it. To Victor it simply seems a small pink trampoline but this is the Trance-tory Tramp-Ohhh-leeen.

Outside, good girl Katie is facing a tough decision, dared by her fellow freshmen friends Megan and Naomi to do something the virginal girl would never dare be caught dead doing. She has to go inside the Palace of Porn, spend at least ten minutes on the sales floor, and return having purchased three items of her choosing.

The dare promises popularity, a guaranteed invite to all of the frat parties Megan and Naomi’s boyfriends throw and to enjoy the dare the boys are there in the car waiting.

What no one suspects is that Katie’s trip inside the Palace of Porn will be quite literal as a misstep causes her to fall and the new display item bounces her from a nasty spill. Of course, nasty things still may happen as Katie discovers a whole new side to herself, and Victor finally sees the rewards he has only imagined.

Find out just what trouble a dare can lead to in Kustom Kuickies #1 Tramp-Ohhh-leeen.

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Korporate Kreme

Korporate Kreme by Kris P. Kreme

Korporate Kreme by Kris P. Kreme

The Kustom Kollections return with tales of Korporate Krime like never before, two tales told in such a twisted fashion, only the Kreme could be behind them.

In the first brand new tale, Proof of Life, Tyson Campbell returns from a business trip across the globe to find that his perceived imminent success may just be the turning point that changes everything in his wholesome family.

Tyson Campbell has worked as a public relations head for Bio-Gen, one of the world’s leading breakthrough companies in bio-engineering. They have always been a company that put safety ahead of risky moves, unlike some competing companies that Tyson has come across in his time on the job. Currently, the biggest breakthrough of Bio-Gen history is just days away from going public, a revolutionary anti-aging product Tyson and his family have been fortunate enough to test out for a while now.

Naturally there is no side effects, Bio-Gen engineering perfected and flawless as ever. Tyson would never endanger his lovely wife Veronica or two daughters Cordelia and Madison. However, returning home, Tyson finds an empty home with a message and a fairly explicit video disc waiting in his DVD player.

There is a note that lists three bizarre tasks Tyson must do or else he will never see his family again. The video discs including the one already in his DVD player will serve as nightly reminders of why he must follow the directions given to him and to show proof of life that his family remains unharmed.

Unfortunately Tyson knows exactly who is behind this from the moment he first plays the video disc of his oldest daughter, Cordelia. GenetiCorp is a dangerous company, one in the same general business as Bio-Gen but with none of the safety concerns. They are dedicated to controlling all manner of genetics and have chosen a seemingly random assortment of tasks which will add up too late for Tyson Campbell to recognize, ultimately ruining Bio-Gen’s public image and their supposed success in the near future.

As Tyson struggles to not go to the cops and watches the video discs, he not only sees proof of life, but proof that his family is being permanently altered in ways he never imagined, from his oldest daughter having her personality altered to that of a slut to his youngest daughter having her body altered to that of a moronic bimbo.

His family may be alive when he gets them back, but everything in his life has changed, including him.

Next up in Korporate Kreme, we find Donald Campbell, a man with everything including a super hot wife with expensive tastes and the talent to use all her assets to get what she wants, Miranda.

Fortunately, Donald is wealthy enough that it doesn’t really matter she always has to have the best. Her latest urgent need is a new cell phone, as hers has reportedly ‘glitched out’ on her. While Donald’s first impulse is to fix it, Miranda pleads to just go down to the local mall and see what fancy brand new cell phone they can replace it with.

Some unsubtle incentive later, Donald is driving Miranda downtown to see what fancy phone they can find to replace hers. The mall is a place they go many times, and while the stores might have only the best, an upper scale place, Donald’s thoughts constantly shift to his wife. Miranda wearing a short fitted white dress which shows off not only her figure but her incredible skin and perfect face definitely provides the material for Donald to be distracted.

At the large cell phone kiosk they’ve seen a number of times before, Donald lets Miranda browse, smiling and knowing she assured him that she’d be super happy for him doing this. Super happy means one thing to Donald and it only makes him super happy thinking of it.

Miranda ends up picking out a somewhat unusual phone with a brand that Donald has never heard of, one called Celliminal. Asking the thin lanky salesman about it, Donald is unsurprised to find that this particular cell phone is not for sale yet, only on display.

According to the man whose eyes keep shifting to Miranda, the Celliminal phone in addition to never losing a signal even in the deepest darkest caves will actually improve health and well-being. It releases constant subtle tones beneath conversations, phone rings, and more which are beneficial to the health of the user.

Donald thinks it’s a bunch of made up nonsense but Miranda insists that this is the phone she has to have and after her never-failing charm, Donald is making an offer on the phone that technically isn’t for sale. In the end Miranda and Donald leave with a new phone and Donald smiling looking forward to his earned rewards to come.

Unfortunately a call from work as soon as he comes home has Donald back out the door before Miranda can thank him. As Miranda settles in to wait on him and decides to get everything set up on her new phone, she receives a most unexpected visit from none other than the slightly creepy cell phone kiosk guy.

Will Miranda get her phone programmed to her liking or will she be the one who ends up getting programmed? Will Donald return home to find his super happy wife or a woman possessed by perversions even he can’t imagine? Who is the cell phone guy secretly working for?

Find out in the twisted tale of Korporate Kreme called, Celliminal.

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Kreme of the Krop 2014

Kreme of the Krop 2014 by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme of the Krop 2014 by Kris P. Kreme

Each year around the anniversary of the massive Kreme-spill which struck the internet and resulted in all the twisted torrid tales you salivate for weekly, the Kreme himself selects a number of truly special tales to offer up in one big volume for the dedicated reader. These volumes are known as The Kreme of the Krop, and the Krop for 2014 has finally come in.

This year, get the Krop while its fresh and read not only two of the biggest and best of last year’s brand new tales for a bargain price, but also three never before seen Klassics.

You’ll find yourself taken back to the mania when SINtendo entered the next generation of gaming with SINtendo Whee YOO! Kelly and Kyle love to game and Kyle is super excited over his brand new system the Whee YOO! After beginning the game, Kelly finds that she can finally get back at her own torturers Lana and Missy by literally using them as characters in a most perverse gameplay. What Kelly doesn’t realize is just how this game will affect her in the meantime. By game’s end, Kyle might spend quality time playing with Kelly in an entirely new way.

From gaming gone bad to bad behavior bombed, the Krop will take readers to the biggest new hit from 2013, Bimbo Bombed, where a new form of terrorism is on the rise with presumably no patterns and no predictability of who might be struck next. Women who have wronged others in a variety of ways are receiving emails, texts, and even instant messages telling them that they have been Bimbo Bombed. After a specified countdown everything will change for them and none will escape without discovering the joys of pleasing the men around them. In the vein of such Klassics like Brain Drain, Bimbo Bombed is one to watch for all new in 2014.

Finally, the three specially chosen Klassics, exclusively offered here in Kreme of the Krop 2014. These Klassics feature the rarely seen origin story of the secret corporation with a T in their name which has become infamous ever since. Featured in numerous other Kreme tales, this corporation has even made it to massive popularity in comics recently, but it all began with Opposites Attract, a short tale about brainy girl Chloe and her wild roommate Tricia. When Tricia drags Chloe out to a happening new night spot, Club Trance, Chloe never suspects that the atmosphere and attitude there will slowly eat away at her, changing her throughout the course of the night. A strange club owner seems uninterested in Chloe, but why, and why does she care so much about gaining his interest? Find out in the truly Klassic Opposites Attract.

Next up, the Klassic that proves just how dangerous a fantasy can be. Christina Carpenter never imagined a family dinner at a fancy restaurant could turn twisted. After settling into a nice private room, the waiter strikes Christina’s interest, driving her to idle thoughts of just what might be her secret hunger, a fantasy never intended to be anything but. However when the waiter suddenly sweeps her up and takes her hard right there over the table, everything goes from fantasy to nightmare as the blur between reality and her casual fantasy breaks down. What is behind this behavior and why are the men watching through closed circuit cameras so pleased with themselves?

Finally, the rarely seen all lesbian Klassic from the Kreme. Yes, Kreme flows both ways and real estate hottie Katherine, the true uptight shrew of her field, is about to discover that sometimes a shrew can be tamed. Eager lesbian Ally has eyes for Katherine, and after setting the real estate agent up, she captures, ties up, and torridly tempts her until claiming the ultimate prize. Taming the Shrew can be fun once in a while.

So there you have it, Kreme of the Krop 2014, featuring everything Kreme, everything Klassic, and everything you could want.

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Patty Caked

Patty Caked by Kris P. Kreme

Patty Caked by Kris P. Kreme

Choppered introduced us to Julia, a sweet and proper Sunday school teacher who taught her older teenage students the value of resisting temptation and remaining pure.

After Julia’s neighbor Matt got a classic stretch chopper, Julia’s own mind was stretched until it snapped, the rev of the engine giving her the first real orgasm in her life. Over merely a week, Julia became Julez, a tattooed biker slut with no morals and even less inhibitions.

After her most dedicated Sunday school student, Patty, came to check on Julez since she wasn’t in church, the Sunday school teacher gone bad introduced Patty to Matt and took her for one hell of a ride.

Now it’s time for the lessons to begin, for sweet little tempted Patty to get more than just choppered and inked, but to get caked in so much more than just brand new lusts, fresh ink, and depraved piercings.

Thanks to the corrupted influence from Matt’s powerful chopper, Julez and Patty will have a week like no other, and one that leaves Patty surprising her parents with just how fast a girl can grow up and strip down every shred of decency she has left.

Some choppers have a power and a thrust that can be felt between the legs. Some good girls just can’t resist getting caked. Patty is one of those good girls.

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The Gnome Net

The Gnome Net By Kris P. Kreme

The Gnome Net By Kris P. Kreme

Jenny Lee is definitely a strong-willed girl, and as of the day she first meets Mr. Otis at her new home, she is a fully independent girl at last. Having grown up in a family where she never had so much as her own room, getting the rental home with the option to buy is definitely the turning point in her young life. Unfortunately for Jenny Lee, she has no idea just where that turn will take her.

The home is a small place, nice and quiet, cottage like as are all the other homes in this remote mountainside neighborhood. The trees are tall and shady, adding a touch of mystery to the landscape, and every yard but hers seems covered in perhaps the oddest little yard gnomes she’s ever seen.

After Mr. Otis leaves, Jenny Lee begins the arduous task of unpacking and settling into her new life, the privacy and solitude definitely a new experience. She can’t get over the oddity of those yard gnomes though. They are stone little statues, but unlike any she has ever seen before these yard gnomes were apparently sculpted most perversely. Their poses are strangely sexual, their hands appearing to reach for her, to gesture towards her. It’s like the gnomes are watching but such a thought is impossible.

After an unsettling first night during which she hears mysterious screams of passion from her neighbor’s home, Jenny Lee walks out to discover much has changed, most notably every position of the dozens and dozens of yard gnomes spread around the neighborhood.

A single note in her mailbox warns, Beware of the Gnomes. Naturally Jenny Lee assumes this to be a hoax, some planned prank by possibly a kid in a neighboring home. Maybe it’s simply a welcome to the neighborhood hazing; though maybe it’s much much more.

That night, Jenny Lee is woken from her sleep by the sound of footsteps, and as she creeps through the dark to see who it might be, whether it’s simply her imagination or anxieties of being alone for the first time in years, everything changes.

What is the meaning of all the creepy perverse yard gnomes? Why does their position continue to change, their poses and their expressions never the same? Where is everyone else in this neighborhood and will Jenny Lee discover the truth in time?

Find out in the mystery tale which will keep you guessing and have you never looking at yard gnomes quite the same way again. Escape may prove impossible, from The Gnome Net.

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Paranormal Trilogy

Paranormal Trilogy by Kris P. Kreme

Paranormal Trilogy by Kris P. Kreme

The most hauntingly horrific tale ever to be told by the master of kreme is finally komplete.

For well over a hundred years, DeLiniac Tower stood, far away from the small town it was a part of, much more massive than any building in that town. A towering structure of such menacing presence, the building saw many stages during its life.

Originally constructed by Duncan DeLiniac, the tower housed and rehabilitated the criminally insane, but perhaps Duncan himself was the most insane, for it would take many years for the tower to fulfill its true purpose.

After over a hundred years of standing, largely abandoned, falling into disrepair, the power within its walls began to wake first with the construction crews turning it into an office complex. Several women working in data entry on one of the upper floors of the building met this power full force during a fluke storm which rose up in the surrounding mountains. They would soon discover just how twisted DeLiniac Tower can truly be, as well as the full meaning of getting screwed over by your work.

Less than a year after the women and what remained of the construction crew vanished, never to be heard from again, DeLiniac Tower was to receive a second course in its never ceasing meal to grow stronger.

Two women with the state inspectors never suspected the stories they heard were more than just true about the menacing looking structure in the wooded mountains outside town. Sent to determine whether the renovations should resume or whether DeLiniac Tower should finally be destroyed, they only found the ghostly presence of something within every wall dedicated to destroying them.

After resisting the pleasurable paranormal as best they could, these two never saw outside the walls of the tower again.

Finally, after much mystery and far too many unexplained disappearances, DeLiniac Tower was quarantined, access cut off but to a select few. Federal agents were sent in to supervise and see how progress was going for an international paranormal investigation team. What they ended up finding was the truth behind Duncan DeLiniac and his legacy.

From suspicions concerning demonic activity, ancient rituals, and all things paranormal to the secrets one member of this investigation hides, one thing is certain above all else.

DeLiniac Tower has been feeding and only just now is about to wake up and stretch the limits of a paranormal power like no one has ever witnessed before.

Proof that the paranormal exists, and its perversity knows no limits, Kris P. Kreme shows what quite possibly may be where the middle initial in his name comes from in all three individual stories compiled together for the first and only time, Paranormal Trilogy.

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Not a Second Time

Not a Second Time by Kris P. Kreme

Not a Second Time by Kris P. Kreme

A small town doctor shares the tragic tale of how he singlehandedly corrupted the world, though his tale has many twists and turns you will never see coming. For Doctor Robert Lane, life was as perfect as it gets. His beautiful wife Penny, an innocent soul with sweetness in every bone of her body, his friendly small town practice and the patients he knows by name, everything was perfect.

In one bizarre night, his American dream became the stuff of nightmares… or was it fantasies? After a particularly pleasant dinner, Penny asked Robert one simple request, a request that would topple his reality into a pile of debris and change the world. Taking out the trash turns out to be the one act Doctor Robert Lane would take to ensure that the world ended up truly trashed, every soul corrupted by perverse depraved desires and every desire acted upon.

Something happened in the alley behind his home, a struggle between two men, one of whom he knew quite well. This struggle was over a strange electrically charged cube, a device like he’d never seen before, but one he definitely would be seeing again.
Fate has many plans in store for everyone but fate had something special in store for Doctor Robert Lane. After witnessing the struggle between these two men, the sparking box explodes, leaving no trace any of what he witnessed ever happened. When his wife seems not to have heard or seen anything unusual while he was outside, the good doctor assumes he was just stressed, long hours being the town doctor.

The changes begin right away, first with Penny, her innocence lost as she reads up on filthy sexual things the two of them can do to better their marriage. On the way in to work the next morning, the quaint suburban bliss hides far too much wrong for Robert to miss noticing the changes. Girls in the neighborhood doing far more than playfully teasing the young men, men stopped at traffic signals getting eager oral attention from passengers, even his older office secretary acting and looking like a younger sluttier version of herself.

Something is wrong in the world, and as the extremes only push past the laws of reality as Robert has always understood them, he realizes he is the only one unaffected. Witnessing perverse pleasure like never imagined, Doctor Robert Lane sets out to discover what went wrong, what changed the world, and all clues lead back to an explosion which didn’t happen and two men who couldn’t possibly have been struggling in the alley behind his home.

Prepare for a Klassic you’ve never read, a Kreme Klassic from an alternate timeline where reading Tales from the Kreme can change your entire world. As Doctor Robert Lane discovers, sometimes you only get one chance to save the world and there just is… Not a Second Time.

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Caligula’s Control

Caligula's Control by Kris P. Kreme

Caligula’s Control by Kris P. Kreme

Three years ago, Roman Gaius released a film which changed the careers of everyone involved, a film he secretly plotted and planned to take fear over the legend of what happened to Caligula and twist it into a film the porn world had never seen before.

His twisted plans worked perfectly and Caligula’s Curse became a hit, though were the rumors of a real curse on set true? Only those involved in the production know for certain and ever since that day, Aggy has suffered a secret no one else can ever find out about.

Working on set as a technical and lighting expert, mostly handling the rigging, Aggy was changed as she came quite literally face to face with the curse, a very real perversion that spread like a disease. Jeff, a camera expert on the set that day had seen through the lenses something very different from reality, a twisted view into what might be. He made it happen, and Aggy enjoyed every last moment of it. She forgot about her husband, her son waiting at home, every rational reason why she shouldn’t give in to an impossible lust.

Three years have passed and in those three years her husband has run off, leaving her to raise his son, not hers by birth but from a very young age. Kyle must never know what happened those three years ago, what his stepmother did on the set of Caligula’s Curse. Unfortunately time might be running out as the curse seems to have been awakening within her.

Only one remnant of her work on Caligula’s Curse remains, a stone pillar which was gifted to each of the production crew, pieces of the stone used on the set that day. Aggy sees it everyday, walking down the spiral staircase in her lavish Hollywood home. While her work has changed, her memories of that day have not and those memories both haunt and pleasure her nightly.

A curse is something she knows exists, but does a curse grow, does it control you? Aggy has suffered an affliction ever since that day, one that is growing recently. Perhaps it is the stress of Kyle’s impending graduation, his finally moving out. All Aggy knows is that whenever she views someone in a reflection, the true image filtered through either a reflective surface, a pair of glasses, or any form of specialized lighting, she sees the most perverse and depraved possible reality.

Like Jeff those years ago with his own curse seen through the lens of a camera, Aggy suffers her own, the curse revealed through lighting, her own specialty. Lately the curse has been acting up, constantly showing her things she doesn’t want to give in to, fantasies involving her stepson mostly.

Aggy is losing control, or is the curse gaining it? When she suddenly finds that her witnessing these depraved acts in mirrors or through the filter of light is causing them to come true, everything will reach a climax like no mere movie could fictionalize.

It’s time for the second act in a Klassic, Caligula’s Control is unleashed.

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The Legacy of Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun

The Legacy of Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun by Kris P. Kreme

The Legacy of Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun by Kris P. Kreme

Ye all know the tales of Lenny, that’s true, though get ready for one tale that is quite brand new. In all of his lecherous years granting wishes, cursed to create havoc most luridly delicious; only once did Lenny let a human take over, granting magic as rare as a four leaf clover.

An all new epic tale featuring everyone’s favorite lecherous leprechaun tells of the legacy of Lenny, the passing along of his unique curse. Lenny the leprechaun was used to spending his years wandering, watching the humans, and facing a choice each St. Patrick’s Day. He could either hide it out and save them the fate of having their wishes turned into perversions which would forever change their lives, or he could live it up and face the chance of being discovered, of being seen and having to grant wishes with quite intense twists to whatever they received.

This was to be a year Lenny rested, weary from the travels, tired of the perverse and ready to just settle into a nice quiet hiding spot and take the day off. Everything seemed to be going to plan, a nice quiet suburb, a home with a large wraparound porch, a place he could hole up and wait out St. Patrick’s Day.

Of course fate had a different plan in store and when an eighteen year old boy discovers Lenny during a practiced magic trick, pulling a sheet off a table to reveal much more than he intended, everything is on track to be yet another typical day where Lenny grants wishes.

However this is the day of his legacy, a day when after witnessing the severe depravity Lenny’s magic causes on his friends and sister, the boy with a love for magic makes a special wish to be able to do everything Lenny can do.

Lenny is soon not the only lecherous one around as Lewis gets a gift like none other, the ability to grant wishes with his magic wand, the ability to perform true magic, but only one day a year and this is that day.

As Lenny finds his rest under the porch, Lewis goes off and quickly finds that a wish granted from Lenny always comes with a price, and the costs of being able to perform real magic might cost a lot more than he expected. He can’t control the ability, once anyone speaks the words “I wish” and as he comes to discover, those words are spoken more often than he might have assumed in casual conversation.

What begins as an unexpected wish granted on someone in his home quickly becomes a depraved passion he enjoys as Lewis takes a nice casual walk for St. Patrick’s Day, spreading more than a wee bit of magic and mayhem thanks to his new pal Lenny.

Watch what you wish for when Lenny’s around, though careful cause Lewis just might take you down.

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Choppered by Kris P. Kreme

Choppered by Kris P. Kreme

Sweet sandy blonde Julia is a Sunday School teacher, a young woman who is in school studying to be an educational teacher as well. One Sunday after consulting with one of the teen girls in her Sunday School class, Julia is about to get an education herself, one she never studied for.

Having been called a prude many times, Julia isn’t ashamed of the word. Words can’t hurt her and names are just words, so prude isn’t insulting. She knows that to turn out healthy and respected takes the proper upbringing, the proper behavior, and the proper attire and look. Her neighbor Matt inadvertently starts Julia on the path to all things improper.

Matt has just gotten a new motorcycle, a chopper in fact, 1969 custom stretch, a machine of power like no other on the block. He’s out working on the bike when Julia gets home from church and after noticing her checking it out, curiosity piqued by the incredibly loud rumbling growl of the engine, Matt asks her if she’d like to go for a ride.

He’s thrilled at owning his new toy, eager to share it with anyone else. As Matt puts it, every bike is either a him or a her and this chopper is definitely a ‘him’. Matt tries to convince her that a short ride around the block on ‘him’ would be fun, though he knows Julia’s conservative shy ways. Still, after some talking, Julia agrees to just sit on it for a moment, to feel the power of this machine Matt is so proud of.

As soon as Julia is on the chopper, everything feels different. As though she knows it was a mistake, Julia can’t put words to her fears until Matt offers to crank the throttle for her. That is when sweet sandy blonde Julia, Sunday School teacher and mentor to teenage girls, experiences her very first orgasm.

The thrust and vibrations, the growling, is all more than Julia can handle. She climaxes like she never imagined, the pleasure striking in tidal waves, one after another. As soon as Matt stops moving the throttle, Julia looks over seeing a stunned expression, embarrassment overflowing as she quickly runs home.

Her hope is to never speak of the incident again but unknown to Julia, Matt’s chopper is no ordinary machine. Something has been awaken inside her, a controlling desire and longing made real by the ‘him’ inside that chopper.

As she wakes each day during her week, Julia finds it harder and harder to resist becoming what her mind tells her to become. Innocently heading to a salon, Julia dyes her hair, a bold burgundy shade. Innocence is quickly lost as she soon is dressing more provocatively, eagerly pleasuring herself to thoughts of bikers and specifically Matt’s chopper.

It all takes a turn for the extreme with her first visit to a tattoo shop, the prudish dam broken and all the depraved desires of hell unleashed. Julia takes on a new name and more ink than any first timer ever has.

Julia has descended into a carnal chaos with two wheels, open road, and eagerly open legs. By the time Sunday rolls around again, the teen girls she mentors will never recognize her and Julia will be teaching a whole different lesson.

Some bad girls get inked, others get Choppered.

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Have we had the Pleasure?

Have we had the Pleasure? by Kris P. Kreme

Have we had the Pleasure? by Kris P. Kreme

A chance encounter Michelle has with a man on a commuter train changes everything about her intended destination. Having never ridden the commuter train downtown, Michelle knows she’s in for a new experience, on her way to an interview for a job. She’s nervous about more than just the train ride, but when a man approaches her in the lonely rail car and asks whether they’ve had the pleasure, she quickly finds herself enjoying a rather lengthy if spontaneous conversation.

The two of them may have never met before but he’s easy to talk to and after revealing his talents with psychology and the conversational arts, Michelle is fine with any distraction to calm her worries and fears. It turns out that through the subtle manipulation of conversation, this man reveals possibilities Michelle never considered about her career options, ones which might be much easier than traveling downtown to a stuffy office every day.

This turns out to be the first day of a new point in Michelle’s young life, the first step in a new career, but is it the type of job she would have chosen herself or is it simply something she was unknowingly swayed into by friendly conversation? One thing is certain; by the end of this train ride, no matter if she’s met them or not, every man on board will have had the pleasure of Michelle’s company.

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You Spin My Head Right Round

You Spin My Head Right Round by Kris P. Kreme

You Spin My Head Right Round by Kris P. Kreme

Alicia is a popular cheerleader with high ambitions. She’s looking to take a spin at politics, hoping to be the next senior class president. What she never suspects is just the kind of spinning her night will take when she invites a select group of students over to her house.

In order to win the votes she needs, Alicia is sure that she needs to be well-liked by a number of cliques, from the jocks to the nerds. To bridge the various groups into one collective friendship, she has asked four of them over to her house for a casual get-together. With her parents away for the weekend, there’s no rush to solve all their differences or be pushy.

There’s Seth, the quarterback who’s as confident on and off the field, Dana, representing the goth culture of school, dark and artistic. Additionally there is Juliet, the brainy girl holding the highest GPA in their class, and Chase, the class clown and general stoner slacker.

Surprisingly the evening is going really well, none of them failing to get along, everyone having a nice time. Apparently, it seems, Alicia’s Breakfast Club of an idea is a good one and she just knows she’s sure to be successful in her ambitions.

It’s only after a nice meal, after some shared stories and drinks, and after the evening had grown later that things begin taking a turn, both literally and figuratively.

At the rather spontaneous suggestion of playing a fun game of Spin the Bottle, Alicia quickly finds her night and her ambitions getting downright twisted. To play, they really only need one thing, a bottle, and the only one handy is an antique bottle her father brought back from one of his military peacetime tours in the Arabian desert.

While Alicia knows the bottle has a storied history and does everything she can to be careful in using it, what she believes is mere stories and history may be truer and more current than she ever imagined.

As the five sit down, an oddity of a gathering if there ever was one, the game begins. With each and every spin of the bottle, each of the diverse teens finds the night getting a bit more twisted, a bit more spun out of control.

While Alicia’s future as class president might be uncertain, one thing definitely becomes more and more certain as this not-so-innocent game evolves. Spinning the bottle is spinning their thoughts, their hormones, and their actions into more and more depraved territory.

Kiss everything you’ve ever read about Spin the Bottle goodbye. This is a Klassic game only the Kreme could come up with.

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The Kuickies #6 – Kremed Karaoke

The Kuickies #6 - Kremed Karaoke by Kris P. Kreme

The Kuickies #6 – Kremed Karaoke by Kris P. Kreme

Beth has always been the cool mom, the one her daughter and her friends don’t at all mind being seen with in public. Naturally for her daughter Cameron’s twentieth birthday, it all falls to Beth to choose the wild activity of the big night.

Having always had a wild streak, Cameron pushed for going to a club or a bar but despite all the coolness, Beth has to remain responsible. There’s no worries though as Beth has hit on the perfect compromise, hitting the local karaoke scene all decked out in their fanciest outfits.

It’s a girls night out that none of the five will ever forget, though equally after it’s all said and done, none may remember how life used to be before they got up to step into the spotlight and try some singing.

Almost immediately the lure of winning a grand prize by getting Best Crowd Reaction has the four girls as well as fun mother Beth intrigued. Considering there aren’t even all that many girls in the place besides them, the odds seem in their favor that one of the group might be able to entertain the audience enough with whatever song they have to sing.

As the girls step up to the stage either alone or in pairs, they quickly discover that the songs pre-programmed into the karaoke machine aren’t the typical classic songs and even as daring as they are in their selections on what might get the best reaction, none of them can possibly suspect just how much singing those lyrics will change them forever.

One thing is sure, the crowd is quite thrilled to watch each of their performances and too excited to remain seated as the girls soon have men climbing more than the stage to enjoy their songs.
It’s a birthday Cameron won’t soon forget and definitely proof that fun mother Beth truly lives up to her reputation. Just a kuick stop for some Kremed Karaoke.

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Preaching to the Choir

Preaching to the Choir by Kris P. Kreme

Preaching to the Choir by Kris P. Kreme

In the small town of Kindling Fields, Reverend Philip Stewart is more than just the popular minister. He’s the single father of perhaps the most social of young women, Mary Elizabeth. Like many preacher’s daughters, Mary Elizabeth walks an edge, a thin line between restrained good girl and sinful party girl.

She can always be counted on to make an appearance at anything social, any event where there’s a group gathered in Kindling Fields. The main problem for Mary Elizabeth has always been her father’s rigorous restrictions, his parenting at times bordering on overbearing and his work interfering in her total enjoyment of everyday life.

While no one would ever have called Mary Elizabeth a bad girl, her time of walking the line between party girl and good girl is over. With one simple mistake, she takes the plunge to one side of the line and it’s going to send out ripples that changes everyone who encounters the preacher’s daughter.

If there is one thing Mary Elizabeth learned growing up it was that there are many religions and practices in the world. Her father’s might differ from many of them but that in her mind does not mean they hold no power. She chooses a pagan ritual, one that might to some degree seem silly, but one that on the out chance it works will relax her father’s strictness and loosen his collar just enough to allow the man more vision to see the fun his daughter wants to have. Basically, in her mind, it will loosen the man up and he needs to be loosened.

Performing the ritual as required outdoors has a complicated and unexpected problem though, one that will change everything about Mary Elizabeth. A special burned incense potion, a crystal, and some incantations all combine to burn away everything holding back the soul, releasing unbound without worry of sin or morals. The problem comes with a simple gust of wind which shifts the target of Mary Elizabeth’s pagan ritual.

Overnight practically, Mary Elizabeth is feeling new desires, new emotions, finding that her own soul, already on the edge of daring has been pushed into a new extreme. Without the morals and inhibitions she’d had holding her back, the town of Kindling Fields is about to get a whole new look at the preacher’s daughter.

No one is safe to resist the tempting young sinful Mary Elizabeth, not the Deacons and youth of her daddy’s church, not the small town cop she encounters one night, and especially not the many boys she invites over to her father’s home for a very specific type of party when he is away. The real test will come when Reverend Philip returns and catches his new daughter in the midst of truly loosening up among her new friends.

It’s no secret that sometimes a minister has the toughest time with his own children. To say that about a girl like Mary Elizabeth would be Preaching to the Choir.

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Valentine’s Kandy

Valentine's Kandy by Kris P. Kreme

Valentine’s Kandy by Kris P. Kreme

Yet another Valentine’s Day has come and nearly gone for Jason, a somewhat bitter guy who spends most of these holidays working the late shift at a convenience store. Unlike many his age, Jason opted out of attending college, choosing to cut his own path in life, to seek his own place. He never imagined that his place would be stuck on Valentine’s night alone with Kelly, the girl who easily could have filled a year’s worth of fantasies.

Kelly is a smart girl, the type of girl who knows what she’s doing with her life, and has the college credits to prove it. She’s more organized, more focused, and easily slashes all rumors about blondes being dumb. This year it’s Jason who finds himself feeling dumb as he and Kelly work the registers of a totally empty store.

The boredom alone is enough to drive Jason crazy but knowing that he can always count on Kelly’s upbeat and always chipper friends to stop by as well as her twin sister Kylie makes the night that much more painful.

Fortunately his pains are about to be eased as Jason discovers one odd bag of candy among those he and Kelly idly organize at the registers. This one bag of candy seems out of place, looking similar enough to the standard message heart candies but with subtle differences beginning quite simply with the spelling of the word candy.

Valentine’s Kandy it seems is geared towards a much more adult consumer, and the messages written on the tiny colored hearts brings more than a smile to Jason’s face. With catchy little slogans like Silly Slut and Fill Her Up, Jason just knows that sharing these with a good girl like Kelly will be perfect for a laugh. The last thing he expects is that when Kelly eats one of the candies, the sugar rush will send more than energy flowing through her.

These candies it seems cause a very strong reaction in whoever consumes them, a reaction that makes them embody whatever message is written on the candy. As Kelly goes from brainy coed to silly slut, the night gets a whole lot more entertaining and Jason finds that sweet can chase bitter right out of his system.

When Kylie shows up with three of Kelly’s college friends, the Valentine’s party really begins, and no one will ever be the same again. Even the one customer of the evening gets caught in the crossfire and heads home to do much more than celebrate with his eager girlfriend.

What Jason and everyone at the convenience store that night never suspect is that all of this may have been conveniently planned by a certain underworld group dedicated to spreading lust across the planet. This is certainly no day off for Cupid as the Valentine’s Kandy creates a lust everyone loves to live.

Grab the all new holiday treat, fresh from the Kreme; have some Valentine’s Kandy.

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Hand Me Down

Hand Me Down by Kris P. Kreme

Hand Me Down by Kris P. Kreme

They say that growing up one discovers more and more about who they really are, especially about how much they might take after their mother or father. On Dakota Trent’s eighteenth birthday she may just discover that turning out like her mom is something she never would wish for.

Long after the gifts from friends at school, the party thrown by the only family she has known since being adopted years ago, a mysterious man shows up on the doorstep of her nice suburban home, a man with a special gift. This gift comes from her mother, her true mother who she knows very little about. What she does know is that her adopted parents have sheltered her from knowing what kind of woman her mom was. Now, on the night of one of her biggest birthdays, Dakota has been gifted a hand me down, a necklace once belonging to her mother.

The message to her from her birth mother claims that the necklace will help her become the woman she is meant to be, to share in what her mother enjoyed. It will lend the young woman a helping hand in becoming more like her mom.

Very soon after wearing this mysterious necklace, Dakota Trent is finding that self control is slipping, beginning with her hand which almost seems to have a mind all its own, steering her through ever more perverse actions. As these actions are witnessed by family and friends, Dakota struggles to discover just what is happening to her, soon realizing that her actions are just the beginning of the changes she is going through.

More and more control is being lost, less and less resistance is forming inside the young woman and soon Dakota Trent accepts that like her mother, she is destined to a very specific lifestyle, one often frowned upon but one she plans on enjoying thanks to the helping hand of her mother’s final gift.

A Klassic from the Kreme which proves sometimes a hand me down really turns the heat up in life, to levels some simply can’t handle.

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Repo'd by Kris P. Kreme

Repo’d by Kris P. Kreme

It’s Pete’s first day in the field as a licensed repo-man, a job he expects to be difficult and unpleasant at times. Alongside the experienced Trevor, he’s about to discover that their particular specialty in repossessions can actually be quite a pleasant experience… if not exactly for the debtors.

Spotting their first debtor of the day, Trevor assures his new partner that he has lucked out, an easy repo and one that will most certainly be a learning experience for the rookie. Alison Barnes never knows what turn her day will take, simply washing her expensive car out in the driveway, waiting on her boyfriend to stop by.

Approached by Trevor and Pete, their truck blocking the entrance to a nice private front driveway, the repo is underway, but as Alison finds out, the expensive car is not what these men are there to repossess.

She is six months in default on her student loans, a debt that the finance company does not take lightly and now she will have to face the consequences of her poor money management.

When you spend someone else’s money to get an education and find yourself a bright young 21 year old, you won’t believe what gets repossessed if you fail to pay your bills. Alison and her boyfriend will find that sometimes a repo goes bad for one but perfect for another.

Just when you thought there was no new story behind the bimbos wandering the streets, a new tale from the Kreme comes along and blows the lid off the truth behind an epic outbreak of poor spending and poor intelligence. Get Repo’d today.

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Mickey’s Sinister Serum

Mickey's Sinister Serum by Kris P. Kreme

Mickey’s Sinister Serum by Kris P. Kreme

The model of modern perfection is New King City, a metropolis where heroes still exist in many forms. Perhaps most notable of these heroic figures are the Three Queens, a trio of crime-fighting women even the police look up to. Red Queen, White Queen, and Blue Queen are constantly bringing justice to all who dare attempt villainous deeds in the urban city of tomorrow. However, all the cops and all Three Queens will never see the true threat that they are facing until it’s too late.

For many years, Mickey Morno, a nerd down to every last strand of his DNA has suffered the cruel fate of living in New King CIty, in one of the wealthier districts of Fair Trade. Currently he is finalizing the testing on his latest concoction, a cure for the humiliation and abuse he has suffered at the hands of the city’s square-jawed perfection and otherwise always beautiful people.

They may have looked down on him, thought him ugly, held nothing but disgust for him and pitied his pathetic life. After Mickey uses his chemically blended serum on them, spraying them, injecting them, doing whatever it takes to get the serum into their blood stream, everyone will be experiencing a true reversal of emotions.

Mickey’s serum works basically enough, altering behavior through chemical means. Simply put, whatever someone thinks, feels, or embodies will be flipped around, a complete 180 from their prior personality. Best of all, this reversal is as perfect as one might expect in a city of such perfection. It cannot be undone, anyone exposed to the serum permanently changed to suit Mickey Morno’s whims.

Very soon after testing begins, Mickey is seeing women who refused to look twice at him unable to take their eyes off him, cops who were fully dedicated to maintaining the law, entirely eager to corrupt it, and men who once pummeled scrawny men like Mickey cowering in fear and respect of him.

A truly fair trade has begun in Fair Trade, and soon it will be time for a new king to be crowned in New King City. With comic vengeance and with startling simplicity, Mickey takes over Fair Trade, the cops eagerly working the street corners instead of patrolling them, the formerly pure and clean dedicated officers dressing like strippers and bringing in plenty of money for Mickey’s growing empire.

Mickey Morno is the villain this city never anticipated and when the Three Queens finally get a scent for his wicked deeds, they never know what they are in for.

Will Mickey Morno truly take over the modern metropolis of New King City? Will any of the Three Queens be able to stop him, even using their highly advanced technology? Find out in the all new Kustom Kreme epic right out of the comic book pages, Mickey’s Sinister Serum.

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SINtendo Gaming 2 Go

SINtendo Gaming 2 Go By Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Gaming 2 Go By Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo gaming never ends, and when Casey was kicked out of the house by his older brother Heath and ended up discovering the SINtendo Gaming on the Go device, everything changed. His day of gaming took him to the depths of sinful perversions, using innocents as pawns in his game and creating chaos that resulted in the horny knocked up hotties outside his house that morning.

Of course those pawns he used in his game, Best of Breed 2, were only obsessed with him. No one ever noticed the abandoned gaming device he’d tossed out to get rid of. Getting rid of the gaming device didn’t get rid of the potential for further disastrous decadence in his small town, as unseen by anyone, two skateboarders stumbled upon the trash cans outside his house.

Now we follow along from the precise moment where those two skateboarders entered the picture as one of them, Blaine, finds so much more fun to be had than a day spent doing tricks at the local skate park.

Blaine and his buddy Jeff have always been out to impress girls, to win their attention, and hopefully more. After Blaine discovers just what this little gaming device can do, neither of them will be having troubles in that department again. The only issue is that due to Casey’s high score, a Bonus Round has been unlocked, one with rewards and abilities given to the player like never before.

Having heard of the legendary underground gaming company, SINtendo, Blaine isn’t about to let this opportunity pass him up. He uses his dad’s credit card to verify his age as over 21 and begins one of the most extreme rounds of Best of Breed ever, resulting in easily five times the pregnant pawns Casey ever managed.

Girls from a rival high school at the skate park, a young woman driving her car past it, some sorority girls vandalizing the walls in a nearby alley, and the hottest news anchor in the small town are no match for SINtendo Gaming on the Go.

As the score keeps rising, the bonus rewards give Blaine more and more abilities like he never dreamed, but perhaps there is one who can stop him. Casey’s mother who has been outraged at the apparent antics of her son sees the news report from the local skate park, and further sees just what happens when the newswoman becomes a pawn herself in what she was convinced could not exist, a game her son said he threw out.

Will she find Blaine and recover the SINtendo portable gaming device, or will she simply stumble right into the line of fire? Will this small town population be hitting a giant boost thanks to SINtendo? And what will Blaine’s dad think when due to his son’s deception, a bunch of surprises await him after work?
Find out in the all new Kreme Kustom Single, a sequel like no other that picks up with the very last line in the original story and takes the reader further into the game. Prepare for the Bonus Round.

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Paranormal Ending

Paranormal Ending by Kris P. Kreme

Paranormal Ending by Kris P. Kreme

The dark history of Deliniac Tower has almost as many stories as the tower itself, tales of twisted terror, paranormal perversions, and electric eroticism as powerful as the constant storms which plague the mountains where it is located. Those stories all have led up to one ending, one conclusion which may just be the beginning of something truly evil.

The forces at work within the walls of Deliniac Tower have claimed innocent lives in ways rumored to be obscenely perverse, yet all that remains of those who vanished inside are the rumors. Stories have surrounded the site for so long that finally the government is getting involved, the truth behind the paranormal soon to be uncovered.

When special agents from the FBI are brought in to check on the progress of a small group of international paranormal investigators, neither has an extreme amount of enthusiasm for the assignment.

Having been demoted and partnered up as punishment for attitudes unbecoming federal agents, May Chong and Devon Cainiled already have a bumpy relationship forming, and the bumps aren’t all due to the chopper taking them to Deliniac Tower.

Once there, the two meet an experienced team who are conducting highly sensitive and complex research to get to the bottom of all the ghostly activity possessing the structure itself. What follows is a very heavily escalating series of mishaps and mayhem which feed a presence within the forms of everything in the old building.

Suspicions of a lust demon may be closer to the truth than either federal agent suspects, or they might just be a red herring taking everyone’s focus off of the motives each and every member has in this paranormal study. Is someone hiding the truth? Will the researchers discover what drives the forces within Deliniac Tower? Or will they all find themselves suffering the same fates as those who came before them?

Discover the ultimate ending which may only be the beginning of a series first brought to you in 2013. This 13th unlucky Kreme Kustom Single is filled with the most twisted perverse paranormal yet and bound to leave you fearing the mysterious mountain tower which never stops consuming those who enter its doors.

Paranormal Ending will leave you guessing until the final scene, a mystery, horror, and action tale, all with the Kreme’s special blend of seasoning.

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Slut Farming

Slut Farming by Kris P. Kreme

SLut Farming by Kris P. Kreme

The last thing Kristen would have asked for at the age of eighteen is to be forced into a move with her single father. Even having to move though wasn’t as bad as where they had to relocate, finding herself transported from city life to the rough and crazy farm country back roads where everyone speaks with a twang and dialect and there’s simply nothing to do in town.

As Kristen quickly discovers and is assured by local boys, the best thing to do in town might just be her. Instantly Kristen takes a dislike to Lester, a boy her age who seems quite interested in the new girl who also happens to be a neighbor down the road. There’s talk from both him and his family about how everyone shares in the country and one thing they sure enjoy sharing is a nice slut now and then.

Assuming them to be insane, or just far too rural eccentric for her tastes, Kristen refuses to embrace the new life her father has established in such a bizarre quiet town. There’s something in the air though, something quite unsettling that Kristen can’t put her finger on to identify. Only the cologne that seems so popular with the local folk, an oddly floral scent, fits as the common link between odd behavior and downright crude comments.

Will Kristen possibly survive country life as a girl on the farm, or will she discover that she’s the best crop in town? Discover what they grow on certain farms and why it smells so irresistible in Slut Farming, a Kreme Klassic with a country twang to it.

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Walking The Bimbo

Walking the Bimbo by Kris P. Kreme

Walking the Bimbo by Kris P. Kreme

Cerina never asked to be the dog walker for her stepmother’s prissy little mutt. She only came home from college to visit her dad; dealing with his wife was part of the package deal and already this was one deal not worth taking.

Her stepmother’s stupid dog was like those bimbo pets, the ones seen in some ditzy celebrity’s purse on the tabloids. The little dog even had the fitting name of Fifi. Cerina could die of embarrassment walking this dog but her stepmother insisted and one thing Cerina never did was make her father’s life more complicated than it had to be.

So that’s how she ended up taking the mountain trails with Fifi, walking the dog where hopefully no one would see her, her a college genius with a straight path for success in her future, and her who almost felt dumber just walking the dumb little dog.

A freak storm of a kind Cerina has never seen before sets her day off on a much more confusing and chaotic path than any walking trail for Fifi as the lightning results in Fifi pulling away, running off, leading Cerina on a chase that only finds her taking a tumble down the mountain forest.

Coming to, the storm appears to have passed, the search for the stupid little dog leading her to a rather quaint strange little town in a valley among the mountains. Taking a walk, Cerina quickly becomes aware that this town is not like any other and the sole occupant, a man named Thomas, seems dedicated to escaping it.

Will Cerina find that escape is impossible from a town where every scent is somehow slightly off, where even the sun and sky seem not quite correct? Is this Thomas behind it all and leading her into a trap of some sinister design? What is the secret behind the town where time stands still?

Follow along with Cerina and discover the mysterious tale that serves as a lesson on proper pet care and how anyone can become a bimbo when they stop thinking about it. Following up the success of Bimbo Bombing, the twisted new tale of bimbo crimes, Kris P. Kreme brings readers Walking the Bimbo, a mysterious tale that puts the twist in twisted endings.

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UM, It’s a Typo

UM, It's a Typo by Kris P. Kreme

UM, It’s a Typo by Kris P. Kreme

Ashley hasn’t been having much luck finding the right job since moving to California from the Midwest. As her roommate Darla can attest to she’s a spunky, energy-filled girl whose worst flaw might be wearing clothing she shouldn’t have worn for over seven years just due to the size.

After finding the perfect job listing in the paper, Ashley may just find out that certain jobs require a lot of spunk and a girl just like her. The listing is for a CD Pster girl, clearly a typo she assumes, probably a poster girl for the music industry, like for CDs and stuff. Ashley has always wanted to get into modeling. It’s why she headed out west and she just knows they will love her once they see her.

Darla is skeptical but nothing can ruin the bouncy perkiness of Ashley as she heads in the very next day to apply in person at Mentality Studios. Once there, she is surprised to discover that she’s the only girl to respond to the ad, just as surprised as James Harper is, the man who runs the studio and put the ad in the paper himself.

As Ashley goes on and on about how this kind of job has always been a dream of hers, James is somewhat confused, offering her a plate of mints to snack on and slowly figuring out that something must not have been printed right in the newspaper.

Imagine Ashley’s surprise when James Harper explains that there was no missing O in the advertisement but that there was a definite typo that reveals the truth about the job Ashley has come in to apply for.

Discover just how much a simple typo can change a girl’s life and find out whether Ashley embraces the job with as much bouncy enthusiasm as she left home with in the Klassic tale of confusion, UM, it’s a Typo.

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