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Dec 31 2020

Krismas 2020 ends by entering the Zone

In a year where everything has seemed well outside the boundaries of normal, one romantic couple has avoided most of the stress. But Landon and Laurie may find themselves changing most of all when they inadvertently bring a bit of The Kremey Zone right into their home. Getting a fancy large wreath from a downtown …

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Oct 26 2020

It’s Hallowkreme in the Zone

The forces of logic, reason, and sanity can quite often be thrown right out the window. If 2020 has proven anything, it has proven that. But every so often someone finds themselves escaping into a place where perversions become normal, and the normal becomes perverse. When that happens, they have entered The Kremey Zone. This …

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Jul 22 2020

The Zone awaits Readers

Outside time and space exists a place where the unexplainable happens every day. It’s where idle fantasies give way to realities we never imagined, where the laws of logic cease to function, and where Martin just happens to work, whether he knows it or not. After Martin is given the fateful task of getting three …

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Apr 10 2020

Enter the Easter Zone

A pair of longtime church friends collecting for the needy at a downtown street festival are about to find that Easter this year will send them down into the pit of pleasure and sin like never before. April and Tony have always been close, and more than a few times they have done what they …

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Feb 17 2020

Season Two of the Kremey Zone is twisted

A place outside the limitations of time and space where reality is warped and everything you understand is turned on its end… where the Kreme melts minds and bodies. Your host The Kreme Keeper is back for Season Two. An obnoxiously arrogant womanizing dick of a guy has found plenty of success sucking in powerful …

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Feb 12 2020

Before Season Two begins… Check out all of The Kremey Zone Season One!

There exists a balance in nature, a stabilizing force that keeps reality and logic flowing along the channels of reasonable calm. When such balance is off, the oozing chaos that alters what you might perceive as a concrete permanent reality can change everything in the blink of an eye. These are the tales of those …

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Oct 08 2019

Get into the HallowKreme Zone

On an October trip away from the stresses of work and daily life, Kyle and Amber seek only a quiet place in the mountains to rekindle the passion of their young marriage, but they might get more passion than they ever expected thanks to an unintended pit stop in… the Kremey Zone. There’s something odd …

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Sep 19 2019

SINtendo is very tasty

A special trip into the Kremey Zone gets literally Kremey with a mysterious box of doughnuts delivered on the day of a monthly meeting among the four heads of Gluttony Gaming. Will things turn gluttonous in a very literal way among the four men and their ever helpful dedicated office girl Kaitlyn who delivers the …

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Jul 06 2019

The Zone awaits Readers this month

The strange and unusual are flowing in full force with this special Bonus Episode of Tales from the Kremey Zone, just in time for Readers Choice Month. Alison Chase is a responsible mother working endless hours, driving from place to place for her job this summer. But when she picks up a friendly hitchhiker named …

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Jun 20 2019

The Kremey Zone returns…

The Kreme Keeper finally breaks his silence of twisted torrid tales where the boundaries of reality and reason forever break down affecting the most unsuspecting individuals. Molly hates her husband Harris’ idea of a road trip vacation, the stuffy hot car certainly not putting her in the mood. But will some very special Animal Crackers …

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May 15 2019

You’ve just entered… The Kremey Zone…

The Kreme Keeper finally breaks his silence of twisted torrid tales where the boundaries of reality and reason forever break down affecting the most unsuspecting individuals. From the tale of Leonard, just struggling to deal with all life has dealt him lately, needing a desperate thirst quencher to stall the allergy tickle in the back …

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