Dec 31 2020

Krismas 2020 ends by entering the Zone

Tales From the Kremey Zone: Wrath of the Wreath by Kris P. Kreme

Tales From the Kremey Zone: Wrath of the Wreath by Kris P. Kreme

In a year where everything has seemed well outside the boundaries of normal, one romantic couple has avoided most of the stress. But Landon and Laurie may find themselves changing most of all when they inadvertently bring a bit of The Kremey Zone right into their home.

Getting a fancy large wreath from a downtown building his buddy is doing demo work on, Landon knows Laurie will love it. And she does, using it to fill the empty space above their bed. But each and every night the wreath seems to invade their dreams and soon the both of them have changed.

On the twelfth day of Krismas, Kreme Keeper gave decor… a wreath that slowly changed a woman right into a whore.


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In every normal year there exists a balancing force that keeps logic and reality firmly locked into a stable place where facts are facts and things are things, but when things become more and facts become fiction, everything changes… and one has entered The Kremey Zone.

2020 has been one long trip inside a place where facts become fiction and fiction twists the very fabric of what everyone once considered normal. Landon and his beautiful wife Laurie know that well, and have managed to avoid the virus and any disruptions to their romantic marriage.

They are the sweetest couple ever, Landon always bringing Laurie flowers every week, always doing everything to make his wife the happiest ever, and of course always keeping her safe.

How could either of them ever imagine that the real danger won’t be that virus everyone is talking about, but instead something as simple as a large fancy old wreath Landon gets from a buddy Jackson who is doing demo work at a fancy old building downtown.

There’s a reason no one in town wants anything from the old building, a reason no one else claimed the fancy wreath that Landon knows Laurie will just love. And Laurie does love it, as soon as she sees it, the large wreath actually nice enough she thinks they could just leave it up all year, the perfect filler for the space above their bed.

But when strange dreams start to plague both of them each and every night, the days and weeks leading up to Christmas bring about changes in their behavior, in their passion, and in their marriage like neither ever imagined before.

Just what is the wreath doing to the happy couple, what is it making them do, and what will they end up becoming by Christmas day? The answer to everything lies somewhere beyond understanding, beyond The Wrath of the Wreath.

As the 12 Days of Krismas close, remember the craziness in the world continues, but how can you really be safe when even the safest steps may lead straight into the Kremey Zone.


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And so Krismas 2020 comes to a close

and we can look forward to the coming year to be a better one.

Take care, be well and thank you for being Readers.