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May 08 2021

There’s some urges in the Grab Bag

Spring is in the air, and so is something else… a taste, a scent, an indefinable urge. Some urges may push a normal man to singlehandedly boost the population of a small town. Other urges may fall back to old fashioned values and new fashioned ways of keeping the family growing. Get all you can …

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May 08 2021

Don’t twitch during the Selfies

Easter is over but you can still dress up, though if you find bunny ears, undressing might become MUCH more fun. And before April ends, be sure and enjoy April Flowers… in ways that might end her forever. No need to hunt, another fresh batch of Selfies is here for your Easter basket! This Selfies …

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Apr 24 2021

SINtendo knows who sucks

Tobias returned from the most anxiety inducing year of college ever… only to find his hometown back under temporary stay at home orders. But when inspiration results in him taking to VR gaming to escape the boredom at home, games hacked onto a thumb drive by his buddy Gage may turn a year that sucked …

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Apr 18 2021

They’d better pick the right lane

Perverted buddies Bob and Bill were Changing More than Lanes when they had to drive the old teal bus of a van at a snail’s pace all the way to a garage out in the rural wilderness. They passed the time as they always did, telling sordid stories about those they passed along the way. …

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Apr 10 2021

The Dungeon takes an unexpected turn

Nathan’s mother was sucked into a game she never intended to play. Once in the immersive world of SINtendo Dungeons and D Cups, his friends took advantage, using his mother Marissa like they’d always wanted. But games have consequences, permanently changing once innocent Marissa. Enraged, Nathan stopped playing the good guy and began a quest …

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Apr 04 2021

Easter at SINtech isn’t what you’d expect… or is it?

Julie James has been to a virtual hell of her own making, and this Easter she aims to rise again! Unfortunately for the VR vixen who once graced the cover of gaming magazines, she has an impenetrable firewall standing in her way, but when that firewall bounces Julie James off into a group VR gaming …

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Apr 03 2021

Selfies can cause madness after March

You thought the Madness was over, but there’s one last bit of madness to endure! Dawn was always the smartest but has there been a truth the world ignored that even a smart woman can’t understand? A mysterious rash of mindless vanishings couldn’t possibly be connected to reality television turning women into zombies, could it? …

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Mar 27 2021

Grab some monsters in March

March Madness is still upon us, and the Madness of the Kreme has yet to end! Will readers fear the monstrous madness Kreme creatures can unleash; can they even handle it? Victoria was a sweet conservative girl, until she encountered a surprisingly dumb creature of the night. She then became a variation of vampire you’ve …

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Mar 20 2021

Be careful when someone asks to help with your interview

Sofia has an important interview, hoping to get a secretary job to boost the income she and her twin sister Sasha need to stay in the old home their grandmother left them. But thanks to the opposite personality of Sasha and her kinky boyfriend, Sofia may be having the interview from hell as her body …

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Mar 14 2021

The SINtendo Dungeon Crawl Continues

When their dungeon master couldn’t make it, Nathan tried to save game night. Angry at his friends for leering at his redhead milf of a mother Marissa, he wanted to destroy them. But after finding an App called SINtendo Dungeons and D-Cups, his friends destroyed Marissa after they got sucked into a game world becoming …

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Mar 07 2021

It’s more than hot on Mercury

Elizabeth just wanted time away from her husband and toddler, but she had no idea that freeing her mind of the pressures of being a young mother would quite possibly mean losing it entirely. Her somewhat slutty friend Danielle picks her up, picks up their two friends, Nicky and Ursula, and it’s supposed to be …

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Mar 02 2021

The Residence is getting twisted

Evil resided at 696 Wiccan Way for a very long time before Simon and Maddie moved in. But in the attempts to scare them off, an evil spirit ultimately found a better place to call home, Maddie’s sexy little and soon quite enhanced body. Now Simon gets all the sex he can handle, and Spirit …

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Feb 28 2021

It’s going to be March Madness

There’s March Madness and then… There’s the Kreme’s March Madness… Coming Soon!

Feb 27 2021

Selfies warm things up

Spring is nearly here, but are you ready for the heat? Get ready and get fit fast with an exercise program sure to shape you ladies up, Nine Month Abs. But the heat might be too much to handle for Amy when one mistake leads to another, ending in quite the religious experience with Hot …

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Feb 27 2021

There’s something cooking in this Grab Bag

Remember readers, we’re still facing a pandemic, so here’s to staying healthy. One way might be to make sure you get plenty of nutritious milk to drink… but is there such thing as too much? Stephanie was just a horror fan heading to remote locales to work as a maid, but the real horror might …

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Feb 16 2021

That’s really odd Candi

When a mysterious bag of candy hearts with little messages on them shows up on Candice’s desk one Valentines Day, she wonders who could have possibly left it… and did they actually leave it for her? But one glance at the words in those little messages convinces Candice this has to be a mistake, or …

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