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Dec 12 2018

Santa always knows…

Alison Bradford is a logical married woman, but she never told anyone about the fetish she had for Santa. Now a website she discovered offers the ultimate release for her obsessions. She can write a letter, as kinky and twisted as she wants, to Santa. Shortly after, an advanced AI will custom reply with a …

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Dec 10 2018

The Elves know Naughty…

Hurrying to get donations and his wife’s favorite Santa hat to her for a television interview, Kenneth Manders collides with more than fate in a hospital stairwell. The two strange little men claim to be Naughty Elves, and they’ve heard of his wife Victoria, a gorgeous woman with a charitable spirit. The elves offer Kenneth …

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Dec 08 2018

At Krismas use Orna-MENTAL

Home for the holidays, Cora is a psychology student getting her first real world lesson in what is and isn’t real. Bumping into an old classmate at a thrift shop, Cora is told that cursed items were donated from an asylum near where she grew up. She’s told that merely a sniff of these cursed …

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Dec 06 2018

There’s something about that clock

At first glance Andy might be the envy of most boyfriends out there, his girlfriend Kaya a hot busty Asian. Yet appearances can be deceiving as Kaya is a virginal good girl who even insists on separate bedrooms living together with him. But more than just appearances will be deceiving when Andy blurts out that …

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Dec 04 2018

Krismas 2018 begins with a Konversation

A familiar talkative man makes more than pleasant conversation with a stunning mother and daughter at the community Christmas party this year. Spotting the pair wearing oddly quirky blue party hats, he is intrigued to learn that today happens to be the birthday of Haley, who is turning eighteen… the very age her mother Helen …

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Dec 02 2018

It’s not too cold for the Selfies

There’s a chill in the air… but maybe that chill is from fear as this month’s Selfies takes readers on a terrifying ride, whether it’s a ride spinning a magical bottle or a bus ride straight to Hell. This Selfies includes: Getting Spun: On Halloween, teens gather for a friendly version of Spin the Bottle. …

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Nov 30 2018

It’s definitely looking like Krismas time…

It’s that time of the season… When all good bimbos can’t wait for Krismas to arrive! Starting sooner than you think!

Nov 28 2018

Always read the label

Battling seasonal allergies as she has long been prone to, Beverly and her husband Bryan are in the pharmacy trying to find any possible solution that doesn’t have potentially deadly side-effects. Finding the most promising, called Allergoner, Beverly is fine with the very minor and highly unlikely side-effects listed, even if Bryan is a bit …

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Nov 21 2018

Give thanks for a new Kuickie

When the stuffing calls your name and there’s too much to eat, enjoy a nice small portion of Kreme. In a brand new Kuickie, we find frustrated restaurant owner David meeting with his staff of waitresses before Thanksgiving, informing them of an 8 day motivational program they will be trying. Motiv-8 is a subliminal program …

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Nov 17 2018

They just can’t stop rubbing

First Greg discovered the genie in the old lamp. Then Caleb tasted what his son enjoyed, his exotic wife Courtney. Finally they shared the lamp with an old friend Derek, whose wife Liz lacked in the curves each always wished she had. Yet Derek thought the lamp a joke, and he wished while Liz was …

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Nov 13 2018

Changing channels can be a Grab Bag

Fall has arrived, so tune in the big game with our first tale, but it may be the commercials that have you cheering most. And much more than the leaves are falling this Fall when a lovely young studious librarian is visited by a man with a plan.   This Grab Bag includes: Badvertising: Some …

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Nov 08 2018

Rub it some more…

Caleb is the curator for a museum and when he left town a new artifact arrived. An ancient oil lamp, his son Greg cleaned it and discovered an actual genie that granted three wishes, just not in the way he intended. Now thanks to their wishes, both father and son are enjoying downright freakish kinky …

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Oct 30 2018

It’s Whore-able when HallowKreme 2018 comes to a close

On a spooky abandoned beach with the moon overhead, four close friends are about to get even closer, whether they want to or not. Asking why her three best older brother-like friends call the place Horror Beach, Katie is told about mysterious lights in the sky and people vanishing and coming back very different. She …

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Oct 28 2018

On HallowKreme you get Tricked and Treated

Installing a new fancy product called a Trance-tory Trick ‘er Treater, Jonathan hopes the special hypnotic lighting can do as it claims and influence the visiting kids to only take a couple pieces of candy each. But while it works flawlessly on the children, what does it do to those over eighteen who are exposed …

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Oct 26 2018

Better get moving on HallowKreme

When Marianne gets a job she never expected to get, she’ll need to find movers who can expedite an immediate move for her and her Great Dane Jaws. In her excitement she misreads Two Men and a Movie Van for Two Men and a Moving Van, calling up none other than Stan Gibson and his …

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