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BeWere Readers! Fertile Fields returns for Halloween!

BeWere the Wolves of Fertile Fields by Kris P, Kreme

Dragged by her friend Shana on a camping trip, Jessica is not looking forward to this little escape from their troubles. Stopped and warned by a local sheriff on the way, they might find that for some troubles there is no escape. Fertile Fields, the sheriff warns, was a town that appeared and took sanity …

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Readers might want to Tweak things…

Tweak R Teats by Kris P. Kreme

Erin and Morgan are pledging Zeta this year, suffering hell week and approaching the final task to be initiated at midnight on October 31st. The problem is that this task is the most humiliating one yet, both of them told to wear only too tight underwear and collect candy by trick or treating door to …

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It’s Pump-Kin Time Readers!

Pump-kin Time by Kris P. Kreme

Readers Scare Month takes readers on a family road trip, where the family is about to find that sometimes a little drive into the country can bring everyone closer than they ever imagined. Fear of the unknown is far too common, and Ryan is taking his blended family to an unknown destination. Found on a …

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Readers should look for the Hot Spots

Hot Spots by Kris P. Kreme

A small ghost hunting team led by the bold redheaded beauty, Erica, and backed up by the equally levelheaded  dark haired Justine is about to have a very successful investigation. They always fear failure as a team but tonight they’d best get ready to find frightening fear in the success of finding undeniably paranormal evidence …

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Are you Pumped for Halloween Readers?

How Pumped Are You? by Kris P. Kreme

Two men in suits are outside the Halloween Haunts specialty store, surveying random shoppers with only one simple question. “How pumped are you?” These men may not be what they seem and the question certainly is far from simple as upon answering each finds that being pumped can be taken so many different ways, but …

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Jack is back Readers!

Jack is Back by Kris P. Kreme

Jack O’lantern became who he is countless years ago, cursed and trapped within the innocent looking form of a jack-o-lantern. Now he corrupts all innocence with a glance, women driven into immediate fits of depraved perversity as they lock eyes with his glowing flame. This year he is decor for an otherwise ordinary Halloween festival, …

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The Neighborhood will never be the same Readers!

There Goes The Neighborhood by Kris P. Kreme

Three best friends are chatting outside their homes one evening, ignoring the crazy lady across the street who always watches from her window.

There’s much more than gossip in the air tonight though, a meteor or something scaring them all and crashing in the woods nearby. Chasing it down, to their amazement they find aliens, but …

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Check out the VR Readers!

Virtually Innocent by Kris P. Kreme

Shy virginal Autumn liked living alone in her apartment before the creepy new guys moved into the building. Now she just wants to escape their leering looks. Virtual Escape offers the solution, a newly available advanced program that connects someone to a virtual world like never before. It all seems fun until Autumn encounters her …

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Get stuck in an elevator Readers and see what happens!

Elevated Anxiety by Kris P. Kreme

Dressed as a sexy maid, eighteen year old Harmony was just sneaking out to a costume party some cool kids are throwing from school. Of course sneaking out from a high rise apartment can be difficult, especially when you become trapped on a broken down elevator with a stranger. Is the stranger, a man named …

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Getting caught in traffic can be fun Readers!

Traffic Bombed by Kris P. Kreme

Traffic alert message boards are intended to help those on the road, but for a bunch of motorists in standstill traffic on the freeway the message boards are about to carry a very special alert. You have been Traffic Bombed, and everyone from kids headed to a fancy party to a blended family heading for …

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Readers can get a charge in more than one way…

Revving Her Engine by Kris P. Kreme

Many avoid the interstates altogether for fear of breaking down there and so Readers Scare Month takes readers on a road trip to madness and mayhem with Winnifred J. Vandamere. She was simply heading to a meeting for her father, treated as little more than the eye candy to distract while he talked business with …

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Beware the Zimbos Readers!

Dawn of the Brain Dead by Kris P. Kreme

Dawn is having one hell of a morning, particularly after the intelligent woman receives an urgent plea to chat online from one of her more nutty friends. Her friend Greta claims that the unexplained disappearances lately of successful intelligent women all over the world is caused by reality television. Apparently television has finally become so …

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Strike a Pose for SINtendo Readers!

SINtendo Camera by Kris P. Kreme

Constance is prepared for the unwanted task of cleaning up her stepson’s room while he’s at school. What she isn’t prepared for is an unexpected appearance on his television, thanks to inadvertently kicking his video game controller. She’s caught on the SINtendo Camera, and curiosity gets the best of her, impressive changes she makes to …

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Readers! Donnie’s back for Halloween!

Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex by Kris P. Kreme

When Donnie’s ex, a demoness from hell, shows up ready to help sell costumes during his busiest season, dimwitted Donnie is fine with it. Trusting and clueless, Donnie never imagines that her true motive is revenge on Donnie the best way she knows how, by torturing and ruining what he loves most, humans. This Halloween …

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