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Virtually Innocent by Kris P. Kreme

Virtually Innocent by Kris P. Kreme

Shy virginal Autumn liked living alone in her apartment before the creepy new guys moved into the building. Now she just wants to escape their leering looks.

Virtual Escape offers the solution, a newly available advanced program that connects someone to a virtual world like never before.

It all seems fun until Autumn encounters her virtual duplicate in the imagined computer generated world and witnesses what a whore she can truly be.


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Autumn has always been a shy girl, especially as long as she has lived in her apartment. Most of the time, these past three years, she just keeps to herself, quiet and content, but after her closest neighbors moved in recent months they were replaced by men who give her the creeps.

There’s Burt, the creepy guy old enough to be her father but unafraid of being caught leering at her or smiling a very unsettling gaze in her direction every time she comes home. Then there’s Billy, more subtle, in her age range, but unnerving in the lengths he will go to just to be alone with her.

For the most part, avoiding the men is the best reaction, and the least confrontational which Autumn prefers, having never been one to just aggressively deal with fears or troubles.

It’s this very thought process which has Autumn so excited as she gets the mail one brisk October day, a brand new computer program arriving that she has been eagerly waiting on. Avoiding anxious and fear inducing situations can be easy cooped up in her apartment but it also can be boring.

Virtual Escape offers the solution, a program she found out about online, having always been a bit of a techie despite her model good looks. Autumn read about it originally being for military use, applied to advanced virtual world training, an advanced form of virtual reality never before seen on the home market.

Using Virtual Escape, one simply runs the program while connecting medical monitoring pads to their temples and closing their eyes. The virtual reality comes in the form of lucid dreams activated while awake and connected to the program. Basically Autumn can literally take a trip inside her mind, go somewhere, anywhere she can imagine, without ever leaving the apartment.

It’s the perfect thing for a girl with creepy neighbors who stare at her like a piece of meat all the time. She is safe in her apartment and ready to explore new worlds.

Firing up her laptop, connecting the medical monitoring pads, Autumn dives right into the virtual world, finding herself on a street in a city, a true sense of being outside. It’s so real, so incredibly vivid with only the barest hints that it’s just a composition of electronic virtual environment and her own imagination.

She can talk, interact, go anywhere she wants and the variety of seemingly real characters to see is amazing, no repeats of the same person which definitely is impressive for a computer program.

As she walks along from the city streets to a park, Autumn suddenly becomes nervous as she hears a woman cry out. For the most part the virtual characters seem silent, but one of them is out there screaming, and the closer she gets, the more she realizes the screams are moans and this woman isn’t in distress at all.

Around the back of a virtual building in the virtual park, Autumn is shocked to find a virtual woman getting somewhat violently fucked from behind. As she stands and just watches, the man finishes up his climax and rather stiffly steps aside with lifeless eyes as another man takes his place, the woman getting one fucking after another, only moaning and crying out for more.

It isn’t until Autumn gets a close look at the woman’s face, mostly hidden behind her thrashing hair, that her virtual reality comes crashing down around her.
The woman is the mirror image duplicate of Autumn herself, doing horrible perverse things an innocent shy girl like Autumn never would dream of… at least she doesn’t think she would. The world is supposed to come from her own mind and thoughts, but could this really be somewhere locked inside her?

As the duplicate Autumn notices the genuine article watching her, taunting begins, continued depraved acts impossible in the real world, actions clearly intended to further abuse Autumn and make her only more shocked and horrified.

What began as a fun escape is quickly becoming an escape from sanity, but will Autumn survive it? Find out just how real the changes from a virtual world can be when Readers Scare Month frightens with the advancement of technology and our own hidden fantasies.


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