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Better keep track of the time at the beach

Save the Date, It's Time to Mate by Kris P. Kreme

First there was Frank’s Fun Time Casino where the glitz and glamour of the lighting could truly transform your experience of gambling away more than mere money. Then Frank’s nephew Jay began a beach resort where partying in the sand could wash away thoughts and inhibitions while cheating poor slobs out of the hotties they …

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It’s a really odd flight

Let's Fly the Friendly Skies by Kris P. Kreme

When their friends Pete and Jessica surprised engaged couple Heath and Beverly with a flight on a private jet to tour the coastline before landing at a mystery destination, none of them imagined how traveling may change them. Jay’s uncle Frank first proved the power of what he calls the Fun Time Fuckuator at his …

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Some people are really Frank

Let's BEACHeating by Kris P. Kreme

Welcome to a beach resort so hot you’ll need shades to hide the lust in your eyes. It’s run by a surfer dude named Jay who happens to have an Uncle Frank who runs a certain notoriously fun casino. Using handed down tech from Frank’s Fun Time Fuckuator, Jay has spent the last number of …

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Frank tells all

Frank's Fun Time Full Set

Over 51,000 Words of Kreme! The entire Let’s Be Frank series in one massive collection! The Frank’s Fun Time Full Set has everything you could bet is needed to have fun! There’s one rule about entering Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort, you have to have fun even if your mind and body never asked …

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Being Frank means being generous

Let's Be Frank about Charity by Kris P. Kreme

Fun is always happening at Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort, or is it? During the off-season, Frank finds himself with few guests and even fewer opportunities to use the Fun Time Fuckuator, a mind and body altering device. Warping the minds and bodies of strangers, guests, anyone who stumbles upon his casino resort, Frank …

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Frank’s back to guarantee a good time

Let's Be Frank About Bachelorettes by Kris P. Kreme

Desiree has planned the perfect road trip adventure for her best friend Katherine before her wedding. Along with their four closest friends, the ladies find that adventure going too far after a breakdown leads them to the closest place for help… a casino resort called Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort. Little do they suspect …

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It’s always a gamble

Let's Be Frank About Gambling by Kris P. Kreme

Six young friends are about to discover there’s a lot more pleasurable ways to lose your shirt at the casino, and sometimes the most unlikely vacation can leave you changed forever. Heading to a place none have heard of or been to, Frank’s Fun Time Casino Resort, Jake, Lonnie, and Kyle could never imagine that …

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