Frank tells all

Frank's Fun Time Full Set

Frank’s Fun Time Full Set

Over 51,000 Words of Kreme!

The entire Let’s Be Frank series in one massive collection!

The Frank’s Fun Time Full Set has everything you could bet is needed to have fun!

There’s one rule about entering Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort, you have to have fun even if your mind and body never asked for it. Over the years there have been guests who walked in the doors, stranded travelers who unexpectedly ended up there,and even girls who thought they would serve others there.

Frank welcomed them all and they discovered that visiting some places is more a gamble than they ever imagined.

This collection includes:

Let’s Be Frank About Gambling

Six young friends are about to discover there’s a lot more pleasurable ways to lose your shirt at the casino, and sometimes the most unlikely vacation can leave you changed forever. They’re barely in the door before one of them is already changing, and over the course of their vacation they will all have fun, whether they want to or not.

Let’s Be Frank About Bachelorettes

Desiree has planned the perfect road trip adventure for her best friend Katherine before her wedding. Along with their four closest friends, the ladies find that adventure going too far after a breakdown leads them to the closest place for help… a casino resort called Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort. Little do they suspect that Frank keeps the fun happening in all manners of depraved ways.

Let’s Be Frank about Charity

Fun is always happening at Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort, or is it? During the off-season, Frank finds himself with few guests and even fewer opportunities to use the Fun Time Fuckuator, a mind and body altering device.Warping the minds and bodies of strangers, guests, anyone who stumbles upon his casino resort, Frank makes fun part of his business. But this off-season is slower than most.


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