There’s something about that smile

Grin and Bare It... Again by Kris P. Kreme

Grin and Bare It… Again by Kris P. Kreme

The Sinister Smile returns ever hungering for a certain smile. But the modern world has proven more jaded than the one it once knew.

Uncomfortable smiles seem less and less common, especially among those with flaming hair the one color it depends on in order to possess and control, to feed through corruption and manipulation of minds and bodies.

Even so, the Sinister Smile may stumble upon a feast in the form of a virgin studying for finals with her overly affectionate boyfriend.

Will smiling to calm her horny boyfriend turn poor Anna into the most depraved girl in town? And will the potent virgin corruption spill off on everyone around her in ways none of them ever imagined?


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The Sinister Smile is back, and today its appetite is particularly salivating for universally cruel and crude transformational corruptions. It would seem that after eons trapped within the deepest pits of its own personal hell beneath an old fountain, the world has grown more jaded, a place where far too many women no longer put on the smiles of politeness, the smiles of situations where they don’t feel the natural enjoyment of their smiles.

These days most girls and women merely smile when they feel it, and that is the one smile The Sinister Smile can’t possess. Only reluctance, only frustration, only the instant of knowing a situation has no other solution than to smile away that frustration, those are the moments this demon lives for, and it has hungered ever since its first meal in the park that day.

Unfortunately for a virginal sweet and soon to graduate high school girl named Anna, a bright future may be reduced by becoming the next meal of The Sinister Smile.

Studying at home one day for her final exams, a dedicated ambitious senior in high school, Anna is kept company by her boyfriend Brian. But as much as Brian had promised to actually help her study, his comments are making more and more clear that he really just wanted to have some time alone with her while her parents were out doing some weekend shopping.

Reading a book she needs to finish for a final AP literature assignment, Brian is left nothing to do but watch Anna, making less and less subtle comments about her sexy long legs as she perches on one of the arms of her living room sofa reading by the light of a nearby window. He’s a typical horny teenager, but Anna hasn’t been as annoyed before as he is starting to make her, especially since he is well aware of her rules about no sex until she is ready.

But Brian is clearly bored, and pushing his boundaries more and more, and Anna is wearing an incredibly short dress, somewhat pulled up by her seated position. Even if her dress covers her chest completely, not giving him a peek at her admittedly large breasts, the nuisance of her body having matured quite a lot their senior year is not lost on anyone Anna knows.

As much as Anna can feel the frustrations with Brian building, at least the fresh breeze from the window behind her is helping. Or is it? Even Brian is pointing out how unusually hot the breeze feels, the air like it came right out of an oven. And with Brian constantly making comments that make an innocent girl like Anna uncomfortable, unneeded heat is the last thing to help.

It’s at the point just past frustration when Anna realizes she needs to just focus beyond the distractions, to do as her mother always suggested when finding herself annoyed with things that are out of her control. When a situation is getting to her, slow down, breathe, and just grin and bare it. That is the instant Anna looks over to her boyfriend and offers a smile.

It is one she intended to convey the message of having patience, of thanking him for his obvious attention and admiration, but of merely asking him to be quiet and let her finish reading the one section she needed to go over in this book. And yet as Anna looks over, smiling, she feels her entire body tingle as something surrounds it like an invisible second skin. Captivated by her unusual smile, poor Anna may have just been captivated herself by something she never imagined.

Frozen in that smile, it becomes a literal grin, a sexual look Anna has never dared to give. She can feel her self control instantly vanishing, all control leaving as she lets the book drop to the couch between her suddenly spread long sexy legs. And Anna helpless inside her innocent mind can only watch and witness as she is manipulated like a puppet, a human toy for a demon she never knew existed, a demon which had waited outside that window breathing a hot impatient breeze of a breath, waiting for this pretty young redhead to smile a very certain kind of smile.

Horrified at what she is saying, Anna is making lewd comments to Brian like she never imagined, like any teenage boy always fantasized about their sweet girlfriend saying. She is touching her body, flipping up her dress, sliding down her panties, bending over the arm of the couch and asking for more than just a study break… asking to be broken.

Yet this time the Sinister Smile has happened upon truly an exceptionally rare meal in modern times. Innocence of a certain kind is always required, but not purity, not virginity, and Anna being such an unusually rare kind of absolute innocence is providing a meal like never before, as The Sinister Smile takes over fully, possessing every part of her… even those potent hormonal pheromones her stunned but eager boyfriend is breathing in.

When those demon possessed pheromones are breathed in, any male can be similarly possessed by a cruelty, an eagerness, an only growing desire to corrupt and abuse whoever the Sinister Smile possesses. It’s what may just turn this meal into an absolute feast for the ages.

But what is to happen when after finally fucking like he always wanted, Brian surprisingly finds he is ready to go nonstop? What is to happen when poor Anna finds her body truly is manipulated into nothing but a place of pleasure for any man to enjoy? And perhaps most intense of all, what is to happen when her parents come home and catch their promising innocent eighteen year old daughter doing something she never would have done… in ways that shouldn’t even be possible? Corruption has been unleashed like a flood and everyone may just be washed away from all things innocent and good.

The Sinister Smile is back, and this time the grins will hurt so good.


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