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Abstract X-pressionism by Kris P. Kreme

Abstract X-pressionism by Kris P. Kreme

Miss Julie is the sweetest, most dedicated art teacher Kingsbury High School ever had. While most may see her as prettier than any art, she’s fully involved in inspiring talent when she sees it.

That’s why she convinced Principal Douglas to get the art department a new tablet called Abstract X-pressionism. She has after-school lessons with the most talented student she has seen in years, an awkward loner named Simon.

But as dedicated to art as Simon is, he’s a teenage boy and not blind to the fact Miss Julie is very hot. So when he discovers this revolutionary new tablet can somehow change more than his art, will he paint Miss Julie in a new light she won’t escape from?


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Everyone at Kingsbury High knows Miss Julie, the most dedicated, sweetest, and probably the hottest art teacher any student has ever had. But beyond her pretty eyes and long red hair, Julie is highly focused on giving her students the best ways of expressing any artistic talents they might have… and she is convinced Simon has a talent that comes along once in a generation.

For a time now, at the end of his final semester in high school, Miss Julie has been offering after-school art instruction to help Simon put together a portfolio as exceptional as his vision of the world is… but things haven’t been working out as well as she hoped.

Simon has always had amazing talent, an eye for unique portrayals of the world around him, but he got into art a bit late and his focus during the after-school time with Miss Julie has taken away from his other class grades. Yet Miss Julie is as convinced as she is about his talent that she has found a solution in something called Abstract X-pressionism, a revolutionary art instructional tablet that helps unleash creativity in ways never seen before.

Persuading Principal Douglas to assist with a highly limited art teacher budget to acquire the tablet isn’t the easiest, but Miss Julie is willing to flirt a bit and use the fact that it’s difficult to say no to a pretty face since she knows it is worth it. As she reminds Principal Douglas, it would be worth the extra expense to one day say that a famous artist graduated from Kingsbury High School under a principal like him. And Miss Julie knows that beyond the socially isolated awkward loner of a teen, Simon is a good kid and highly talented, able to see things and imagine things no one else can.

But will Miss Julie be sealing her own fate in ways she herself can’t imagine by getting this tablet for Simon to use?

Simon, like any boy has often lost himself staring at Miss Julie, but true to her belief in him, art really does open him up like nothing else and even if he is enamored by extra after-school alone time in her classroom with her, Simon is purely creative, and when Miss Julie surprises him, showing him the fancy new Abstract X-pressionism tablet, he is pretty excited to try it out, putting together the perfect portfolio of art to impress colleges and build a successful future out of.

As Miss Julie explains from what she learned, Abstract X-pressionism is an intuitive tablet that will learn based on his sketching style, opening up additional features to not only visually create something based on what he sees and captures using the tablet camera, but also allow him to further explore filters and enhancements to his imagery, expanding the way he can create art. Through something called Augmented Reality Training inspiration or A.R.T. inspiration, the tablet should allow Simon to take elements of the real world into his art, working them into final creations to add to and build up a digital portfolio of work.

Yet what neither know as Simon gets started with the tablet at his desk is that Abstract X-pressionism is yet another uniquely powerful and not quite flawless product of a company called Trance-tory. Simon first discovers the true power as he spots a bird landing outside the classroom window. Having been playing around and sketching, he decides to try incorporating the bird into his art, and tapping the camera icon, a flash later that little red bird is perfectly worked into his art. But when Simon sees new customization and artistic options appear, he changes the feathers of the bird to a very alien purple with subtle tones of teal. It’s really cool looking he thinks, until the flittering of the real bird in the window got his attention and he shockingly saw that the actual bird had somehow changed colors.

That is when Simon turned the tablet over, spotting the fine print proclaiming it a product of Trance-tory. Simon has heard of them mostly through countless unbelievable claims that were more creative and out there than even his imagination.

Looking around for another subject to try the tablet on, to see what other art he can create… Miss Julie sitting at her desk reading presents too much of an opportunity. And after Simon captures a perfectly rendered image of her on the tablet, sketching and drawing an indecently short skirt on his always sweet professional art teacher… seeing her actual clothing change to match releases more than just creative juices.

From turning Subject Awareness off, to getting more up close and personal with Miss Julie than every guy probably dreamed of in school, Simon is soon creating a whole new kind of art… as well as a whole new sexy art teacher, altering Miss Julie in ways that should be confined only to horny young imaginations.

But could Abstract X-pressionism be changing Simon as he uses it? Could each change he makes to his favorite new art subject be in effect corrupting his talent, turning Simon bad?

Find out in the all new Kustom Kreme that frees your creativity like never before, and makes all kinds of art out of the hottest young art teacher around… all using Abstract X-pressionism.


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