Some people are really Frank

Let's BEACHeating by Kris P. Kreme

Let’s BEACHeating by Kris P. Kreme

Welcome to a beach resort so hot you’ll need shades to hide the lust in your eyes. It’s run by a surfer dude named Jay who happens to have an Uncle Frank who runs a certain notoriously fun casino.

Using handed down tech from Frank’s Fun Time Fuckuator, Jay has spent the last number of weeks opening a beach resort for all, especially couples young and old.

But just because you check in as a couple doesn’t mean you’ll have fun together. Everything changes in a blinding flash of light brighter than the sun, and soon you’ll realize the free adult features available in the rooms might soon be starring your wife… your girlfriend… or your innocent daughters.


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Over 23,000 Words of Kreme!

The newest exclusive beach resort is just in time for when the weather starts turning hot… but the sun is nothing compared to the heat this resort will offer. Owned by a buff surfer dude named Jay, this resort comes with benefits and amenities no other one does… but there is a certain casino out there featuring the same attractions. That’s right, Jay happens to be the nephew of a man named Frank, and his Fun Time Casino now has a place to recommend for those looking to enjoy a bit more fun under the sun.

A couple are taking in the tropical evening air at the tiki bar out back of Jay’s resort, just watching the other guests, when suddenly spotlights and the owner himself appear to celebrate the Sunday Night Bikini Bash, a weekly event Jacob and Lisa have no idea is about to change much more than just their intended week stay at the resort.

As Jay hosts on a makeshift stage on the beach, spotlights randomly choose women who before the confused couple’s eyes seem to magically change more than just attitudes, their bodies losing blemishes, years rolling off, clothing transforming to bikinis and any reluctance or embarrassment fading as they join Jay on stage to see who the best bikini babe can be.

But what will happen to short skinny Lisa when the final spotlight lands on her? And how did Jay’s resort get to be like this in just a matter of weeks being open?

As Jay reminisces about the beginnings of his fantastic new beach resort the next morning, Lisa enjoying her new body, he has plenty to look back on fondly. But which memories will be the hottest?

Could it be the family that visited as guests on opening day, the mother and strict father of two teenage sisters only a year apart, girls who’d brought their boyfriends but certainly were far too mature and responsible to try anything with their parents there?

Amelia and Camille are always bickering, as sisters can do, but when their mother Helen suggested they get out of the resort, go enjoy the fresh air, take a walk on the beach, she never knew she’d be sending her daughters to a fate she herself might get a taste of first back in the room.

Walking along, not dressed showy or revealing, Amelia and Camille happen upon a man catching up to them, a man with a camera… and that man is Jay. After mentioning that their parents said he’d find them there, Jay asks about taking some pictures, and soon he’s snapping away pictures of all four of them.

Is there something wrong with the flash or is it just usually that blinding, and are the boys imagining things or with each picture are the innocent teenage girls somehow changing, everything from their clothing to their bodies?

One thing is certain, the parents certainly won’t have to worry about those boyfriends getting too friendly with their daughters… Amelia and Camille will be far too busy with Jay for that.

But maybe one of the better memories was a week after opening day, when Jay had the resort limo driver take him to pick up two happy couples at the airport, one a newly married couple, along with their married friends.

Thomas and Sawyer might be a couple whose names sound funny together, but they make an adorable couple, the slender curvy redhead Sawyer a bit overly affectionate as they plan to begin their honeymoon at the fancy beach resort. And while Christina and Roger are feeling like extras on this honeymoon, the voucher to stay there required two couples.

Of course how could any of them know that those vouchers are to ensure there are couples to have fun with, and that Jay greeting them with the limo will be having most of that fun?

Relaxing in the limo, new husband Thomas finds himself every bit as sleepy and exhausted as the fancy lighting flickers, but unlike Roger he doesn’t pass completely out.

Just what will Thomas wake to see the girls becoming as the limo takes them all to the resort? Just what will his sweet bride be doing, and will their marriage barely begin before she’s enthusiastically cheating on him all night long?

But not all memories have been perfect, like those two couples with the men who truly showed what jerks are really like, demanding to speak to the manager because the rooms didn’t look identical to the brochures.

Ren and Miki are cute Asians with not so cute acting husbands, Alex and Henry. But Jay is going to make sure his guests end up more than just satisfied by more than upgrading their room to a penthouse suite. When Jay offers to show the wives the suite just to make sure it is up to their standards, Alex and Henry will find their wait on the wives ending with a surprise they never expected. But when the wives wanted a plush bed to sleep on, did they ever have the idea their husbands might become that bed and very little sleep would be taking place?

Maybe dwelling on the past is nothing compared to the new guests each and every week? Jay is a casual fun-loving guy, so when Jacob and Lisa’s friends, the churchy Sofia and her boyfriend Quinn, show up the day after that life changing Bikini Bash, their stay will heat up faster than the sun on white hot sands.

From the family of Let’s Be Frank comes an epic tale 23,000 words in the making, one where it’s just not worth doing as a couple if you can’t say Let’s BEACHeating!


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