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Dec 23 2020

It’s easy to be naughty at Krismas

The Naughty Elves are back, this time checking in on a perennially naughty young boy who happens to be upstairs from the sexy innocent Addison. When she spots them trying to sneak across some skylights above her head, sweet Addison has no idea just what the chance encounter will permanently do to her pure virginal …

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Dec 24 2019

The elves are being naughty at Krismas again

Naturally Nutrition with Kayla and Rachel discusses important topics like keeping nutrition a priority through a popular series of blog videos. But the videos they make might get more popular after an unplanned encounter with two little men claiming to be naughty elves. The naughty elves usually test bad boys and girls by limiting them …

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Dec 29 2016

The Elves return to make Kris-mas extra naughty

Traveling hilly roads with her mom and stepdad, Alicia never expects this family Christmas gathering to change her life. Then she spots the shadowy figures darting into the road and screaming to her stepfather Rick has him barely avoiding hitting those figures. But only Alicia can see the little men and those little men reveal …

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Dec 15 2014

Khristmas can be very Naughty

After nearly hitting two of Santa’s elves on the road, Rachel, Chloe, and Emily, discover getting given a gift is not always a good thing. In fact, it can be truly naughty. All three girls have been pure, virginal, and sweet. They’ve never had a bad thought, a bad desire, but now, everything is about …

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