The Elves are Naughty at Krismas

The Naughty Elves Extreme by Kris P. Kreme

The Naughty Elves Extreme by Kris P. Kreme

On the tenth day of Krismas, getting naughty got extreme.

This year Santa is considering closing down an entire division of elves, the ones who test naughty children to see if they can turn nice. Seeming a pointless venture with the state of the world, there’s only one way for the Naughty Elves to save their jobs.

They must find and corrupt the most pure virginal innocent girl on earth, a girl at the tip top of Santa’s nice list, someone about to roll off that list as she just turned eighteen.

If they unleash all restrictions and make her extremely naughty in mind and body, the Naughty Elves are saved, but this will involve naughtiness on a scale seldom seen before.


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In an undisclosed location, two little men are being given an especially significant assignment this year. Their entire future and the future of a division of Christmas surveillance may depend on just how extreme they are willing to take things. That’s right… the Naughty Elves are back, and this time they mean business. When they are pulled aside by an elder elf and told that the entire Naughty Elves division is facing an early grave unless Santa sees proof that there is rampant naughtiness in the world, the two little men have questions, but are willing to do whatever it takes to help the cause.

Despite the rampant hate all over the world, people fighting, chaos, guns and all sorts of crazy violence, that isn’t sufficient to warrant keeping the Naughty Elves division in service. After all such hate and fighting has gone on for centuries in one form or another… but what needs to be proven beyond any doubt is that innocence is still being corrupted on a scale well past any seen before… naughtiness to an extreme.

Santa has nearly given up on testing naughty children to see if they can turn nice, a primary goal of the Naughty Elves. He’s seen the world going to hell in so many ways that naughty is nice and nice is naughty, close to just giving it all up. But if the Naughty Elves can prove such pure naughtiness still exists, then the opposite must exist too… and they might just save Christmas in their own twisted way.

And this time, the Naughty Elves will have all restrictions removed, the ability to do much more than just instill naughty thoughts. They can inspire such unfiltered pure naughtiness that more than the mind can be corrupted, the body can be manipulated and transformed in ways Naughty Elves rarely if ever get to do. Best of all, this mission is off the books, no record will ever reach Santa except what ultimately results from their actions.

Yet what are these actions? How can the Naughty Elves save their division and ultimately save the balance of nice and naughty in Santa’s eyes? It all will involve one special girl, a girl who has been at the top of Santa’s nice list every single year and who has only just turned eighteen meaning she is rolling off the list forever. If that happens with her reputation, she will prove to Santa that pure kindness exists and the Naughty Elves are no longer needed.

And so we find our two little men headed off on a mission, hiding out in wait for a very specific target this year, a sweet beautiful virginal girl named Angela, a fitting name for a fitting wholesome pious young woman. She’s the kind of girl who gets up early on her own just to cook a special breakfast for her daddy and brother who are going hunting with friends. But after a visit from the Naughty Elves in her bedroom will Angela be giving much more to the friends, will she be perverting her young body before them in order to corrupt their minds, making them think dirty naughty thoughts about her?

Angela was always an angel until someone inspired quite devilish desires in her ripe young body, a body that may change before she ends up hunted by those who once saw her as sweet and innocent. Those desires, those changes, they all come from The Naughty Elves Extreme.

Krismas can be a nice time to discover naughty desires.


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