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Someone’s having a very happy Krismas

Happy Krismas! by Kris P. Kreme

On the twelfth day of Krismas, it’s time for one hell of a happy ending. Jake is bored out of his mind at the most restricting company ever. Working in the tower should have been a dream come true with a sexy young female CEO, the cutest secretary ever greeting him everyday, and so many …

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Krismas is a good time for fitness

Christmas Corruption Fitbitched by Kris P. Kreme

On the eleventh day of Krismas, fitness gets freaky. Jack and Hazel are a young fit married couple looking forward to their first Christmas as husband and wife. Each of them has always had a passion for fitness, though Hazel is dominant and bold in her ambitions while her husband is quieter, more easygoing, a …

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The Elves are Naughty at Krismas

The Naughty Elves Extreme by Kris P. Kreme

On the tenth day of Krismas, getting naughty got extreme. This year Santa is considering closing down an entire division of elves, the ones who test naughty children to see if they can turn nice. Seeming a pointless venture with the state of the world, there’s only one way for the Naughty Elves to save …

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You’ll always find Mistletoe at Krismas

Mistletoe Mayhem by Kris P. Kreme

On the ninth day of Krismas, it’s time to be merry and make lots of mayhem! When Ty and his foster sons Stan and Steve buy what they think is ordinary mistletoe to earn some kisses, they might just get more than they can handle. An accidental mix-up has resulted in Mistletoe Mayhem from Trance-tory …

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Travelling is different at Krismas

All I Want: A Better Train Ride by Kris P. Kreme

On the eighth day of Krismas, Gabby made a wish she wasn’t prepared to come true. As a model, Gabriella poses in many places, and the latest gig has her modeling her beautiful flawless form alongside the contrasting rundown decrepit warehouses of the worst part of town. Riding the subway there and back late in …

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It’s better to be naughty at Krismas

Atnas' Walk by Kris P. Kreme

On the seventh day of Krismas, Atnas went for a walk… and Santa’s polar opposite is downright hot with rage after luggage with important gifts ended up across the Pacific and he finds himself in sunny southern California needing to replace those gift. But Atnas can flex supernatural muscles to turn anything into a good …

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Krismas has a thing for being Booby Trapped

Booby Trapped Milk and Cookies by Kris P. Kreme

On the sixth day of Krismas, Maggie has a new house and after an argument and then an unexpected phone call she may have a pair of something else new as well. Refusing to follow the ridiculous traditions that her mother always insisted on at her new house, Maggie upsets her mother and accuses Brad, …

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It pays to be naughty at Krismas

All I Want: Hypnotherapist by Kris P. Kreme

On the fifth day of Krismas, a wish came powerfully true. But for Dr. Emil Drake, a struggling hypnotherapist, his wish may just get twisted by an unfortunate series of events involving a cute new patient. Layla Lee is a shy coed who wanted more self-confidence, more pride in her appearance, and less shyness. But …

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Krismas has an odd sense of style

The Happy Bear Holiday Headband by Kris P. Kreme

On the fourth day of Krismas, plotting to turn his wife into a busty sex toy might just backfire on Owen. Owen was thrilled when he married Elise, a beautiful busty blonde… but he was somewhat disappointed to find a complete lack of expected bimbo behavior, the stereotypes totally wrong about a woman who looks …

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At Krismas there’s more than cookies to enjoy

Cookie Nookie by Kris P. Kreme

On the third day of Krismas, Nora discovers the cost of eating Santa’s cookies and milk. A hardworking mother, Nora is getting home very late, her children already in bed, having left a cute note out proclaiming the plate of cookies and the glass of milk For Santa. But when Nora finishes the late night …

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SINtendo makes tweaks to Krismas

SINtendo Self-Improvement by Kris P. Kreme

On the second day of Krismas, Jimmy gives his roommate Kyle the ultimate early Christmas gift. Figuring Kyle has focused on his flaws too much, and it’s bringing everyone down, along with Jimmy’s social prospects, Jimmy gives him a SINtendo Self-Improvement, a form of VR self-help where one can instantly become who they always wanted …

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Start Krismas 2021 with some decorations

Crazy about Inflatables by Kris P. Kreme

On the first day of Krismas, Aubrey just wanted to decorate her yard with all the inflatables she is known for. But storm damage ruined the old ones and supply chain woes are making replacing them impossible. Can her neighbor, Tanner, who found an old machine called The Inflatomaster 3000 in his dad’s workshop, save …

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Best be aware… Krismas 2021 is almost here!

12 Days of Krismas 2021 promotional Ad

There’s a lot of traditions in December and Krismas is no exception! Starting Soon!