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Thoughts of the Kreme

A note for Amazon Readers

Those Readers who are using Amazon to search for my books, or erotica in general, may have noticed something odd is happening. It appears that Amazon is no longer listing on a general search in their Kindle store, anything which the authors have marked as being erotica. However, if you search by author name, then …

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Sooner than you think… the 900th work of Kreme

Sooner than you think… the 900th work of Kreme Koming in January 2022.

Meet Abel this February and see what he’s able to do…

ABELbodied Ad

Meet Abel, a real down to earth ordinary harmless guy with typical fantasies and desires who one day has a strange encounter, after which… anything can, and will, happen. Look for the ABEL series all month long, a five book limited series from the Kreme!  

Thirsty for an uncensored cover?

Thirsty Uncensored Cover by Kris P. Kreme

The rules for book covers means that there are, from time to time, a cover that isn’t acceptable to Amazon or Smashwords because it shows off a little too much. For readers of the Kreme, here’s the original book cover for Thirsty to enjoy!

HallowKreme 2016 begins tomorrow!

Halloween with tbe Kreme 2016 Cover Banner

Hallowkreme is almost here, but what does the Kreme Keeper have in his goodie bag for this year’s tricks and treats? New SINtendo as SINtendo Shades returns! An all new Donnie the Demon! A new Trance-tory tale! A special Halloween Konversational goodie as well! Along with old favorites, all new stories from the Kreme, dripping …

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The month of mystery is approaching… HallowKreme 2016 is almost here!

HallowKreme 2016 Tease

It comes but once a year… The time of sexy succubi and not-so innocent angels. The appearance of glamorous ghosts, slutty spirits and bimbo curses unending. The moans from the Kreme Keeper’s vault warn that more tales of HallowKreme… …are just around the corner. The month of mystery is almost upon us readers… Are you …

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The Takeover begins with a Pop-out Book

The Pop-out Book by Kris P. Kreme

Working at a discount bookstore, Amelia is in her element. A shy bookish but cute girl, Amelia has no idea that the latest arrival for the special bargains table may make a bargain out of her. The Pop-out Book is an error printing delivery to the store, meaning there were errors making the book so …

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Read up with another Lost Story from the Kreme

The Lost Kreme Issue #3: Black and White equals Grey by Kris P. Kreme

When a story falls off the twisted titillation train of Tales from the Kreme, it sometimes gets lost to readers. Those stories are now found and restored, sometimes never before seen. A mysterious man named Grey moves into a new place, a constant traveler never settling in one place for too long. A writer, Grey …

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Kustom Kreme Kommissions

Kreme Kustom Tale pic

Would you like to have a story kustom written by the Kreme? I offer a kustom story service for my fans! I have certain rules which are that whatever the story is about, there cannot be any themes involving murder or death, nor should any of the characters in the story be under 18 years …

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Are you ready to get your game on?

SINtendo Selects promotional Ad

SINtendo is one of the most popular series that I’ve released over the years. There have been many requests for more SINtendo, more often. SINtendo Selects is a new monthly series starting this month which will focus on stories in the SINtendo universe. Look for the first game in the SINtendo Selects series, SINtendo Sudiku, …

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Reader’s Choice 2015 is coming!

Reader's Choice 2015 is coming!

It’s almost here. The one month of the year when all of the choices Kreme Readers have made for new Kreme stories come true. Fifteen stories that have everything that you, the readers, have voted for, emailed about, and sent comments on. More SINtendo, more Brain Drain, more Donnie! More clothing stories, bimbo stories, hypnosis …

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200th Release – Fifty Shades of Kreme

Fifty Shades of Kreme by Kris P. Kreme

Welcome to the 200th book, welcome to Grey Manor. No Kreme epic has dared to take readers on a journey so massive in scale, to a destination so mysterious in nature. After a bus carrying fifty seniors breaks down, they find themselves at the home of an eccentric billionaire named Mr. Grey. This man has …

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The 200th Kreme Release is Koming

The 200th Kreme Release is Koming

It’s been a long time in the making. It’s koming sooner than you think. After so many stories, so much Kreme… The 200th Kreme Book is almost here. The most massive work of Kreme in history. Not 30,000 words. Not 50,000 words. Not even 75,000 words. Almost 100,000 Words. So much Kreme that your mind …

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New Year’s Greetings from the Kreme

New Year's Kreme

Look for new surprises from the Kreme in 2015! New series on offer! Old classics made new! And of course many surprising Kreme specials that you’ve come to expect! Happy New Year to One and All!