HallowKreme 2016 begins tomorrow!

Hallowkreme is almost here, but what does the Kreme Keeper have in his goodie bag
for this year’s tricks and treats?

New SINtendo as SINtendo Shades returns!

An all new Donnie the Demon!

A new Trance-tory tale!

A special Halloween Konversational goodie as well!

Along with old favorites, all new stories from the Kreme, dripping with HallowKreme evil including new stories universes starring Peter Geist the Amorous Apparition
and a mystery called the Parrot Party.

Halloween with tbe Kreme 2016 Cover Banner

Tales are told of cursed gifts, ghosts, demons, possession, aliens, the fear of scary amusement parks and rides. Gasp at Freak Shows, imps, witches, evil wizards and the fear of the unknown. Face a fear of public speaking, playing ghostly games and an infection that ends the world as we know it. Asian tentacle creatures, zombies and insane asylums
will haunt your reading throughout HallowKreme.

Everything from humor to pure horror yet with the kinky twists Readers expect from the Kreme.

Remember Readers!

Starting October 1st!

HallowKreme 2016 is here!