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Last updated September 15, 2018.


The Grab Bag #25 – Stuff-her Stockings & Bimbo Bombed: Mistletoe Mayhem

The Grab Bag #25 - Stuff-her Stockings & Bimbo Bombed: Mistletoe Mayhem by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #25 – Stuff-her Stockings & Bimbo Bombed: Mistletoe Mayhem by Kris P. Kreme

December brings a chill in the air, but get ready for a doubly hot treat. First put on your stockings and prepare to get stuffed, then face a little merry mayhem with the mistletoe. Thanks to the Kreme, there are plenty of ways to keep warm this winter!

This Grab Bag includes:

Stuff-her Stockings: Christmas time in the tropics brings all new heat as Travis and Selena decide to visit one of the local beach vendors for some unique gift opportunities. The huge friendly Theo offers many items from the back of his truck, from fancy looking festive capes to exquisite pearls, and even holiday stockings, but just what are these things doing to Selena as she tries them on?

Bimbo Bombed: Mistletoe Mayhem: When a terminally shy cute young blonde gets an unexpected email directing her to her front porch, she finds a most unexpected thing taped to her door. Carissa knows what mistletoe is for this time of year, but is shocked to find she has been Bimbo Bombed.


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Days Later… A Remote Chance in Hell

Days Later... A Remote Chance in Hell by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… A Remote Chance in Hell by Kris P. Kreme

Something happened to Luke Berry on what was intended to be a weekend tech expo hosted of all places in Hell, Michigan. It wasn’t something hellish though, and since the day he finally accepted the blessing of a curse he was given, life has been full of reasons to get up each day.

Of course mostly what gets up is Luke’s massive cock, the once ordinary everyday friendly sales rep for the tech store Bust Buy changed forever by the unlikely combination of lightning, a cheap old television, and an experimental universal remote control.

He struggled at first to resist the influences, the fact that merely one glance at his impressive nude cock would instantly rewrite a woman into the pornographic version of herself. He eventually gave in, enjoying the spontaneous porn his daily life could become.

Whether it was the average everyday maid in that hotel becoming a slutty French Maid, or whether it was his son’s busty blonde yet smart as sin girlfriend becoming a brainless bimbo, Luke Berry quickly grew a passion for the changes as much as the pornographic extremes of the sex he was having.

Now.. just days later, he is finally returning to work, back to Bust Buy, where from now on, Luke aims to bust a lot more than low prices, particularly with the women who shop.

Will Luke Berry whip out the charm in his pants to sell a mother and daughter on more than just a boombox? Will he have a lot more than words with the twenty-two year old cutie working the service desk? Or will Luke find the stamina for everything, even taking a break to visit the friendly threesome running a charity church car wash across the street from the store?

Luke Berry’s life is porn now, and if you’ve seen porn, you can probably imagine the answer heard most often of all… yes, yes, and yes.

Days Later explores favorite tales just days after the original story ends, when the action is fresh, and the action is far from over.


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Days Later… Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex

Days Later… Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex by Kris P. Kreme

Will and Mitchell weren’t bad guys, at least not seriously bad before they shopped at Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle right around Halloween that fateful year. It was the year that Desda the Demoness showed back up, Donnie’s ex and an ex on a mission to pervert and cruelly ruin his precious human customers.

Will and Mitchell had simply been college roommates thrilled at the chance to take the three nature loving coeds hunting for costumes, even more thrilled at what ultimately became of those three cuties after Desda worked some truly twisted demonic magic on them.

Innocent Lynn had somehow become a freakish half frog girl, sexy as she was slightly green and more than eager to get some tadpoles fucked inside her. Ivy went from a tree hugger to a human tree, firmly rooted but in need of only the most perverse daily feeding ever from any man willing to stuff her. And poor Shay was the last to hold out, the strongest willed, yet ultimately having that will sucked away as her costume was chosen by the vacuum cleaner she simply stood near in the costume store.

Now, just days later as Donnie’s incessant goofy innocence is driving Desda crazy at the shop, Will and Mitchell have embraced and capitalized on the demonic evil Desda breathed into both of them, their once collegiate ambitions turned to thoughts of profit, the three friends of theirs part of earning that profit.

By setting up a Pay Cam show starring Froggy Lynn the Frog Fuck Freak, and hiring desperate anonymous actors to stop by and give the hopping horny girl what she wants, they’ve already almost earned enough to leave their apartment behind. Naturally they divide duties of the lighting and camera and hiring the actors, but one daily chore that isn’t anything but a pleasure is watering their new houseplant, Ivy.

So when the two ambition demonically evil college pals aren’t fighting over who gets to stuff Ivy with seed, what costume the hired actors will wear next for perverse little internet broadcast skits with Froggy Lynn, they are letting their new live in maid, and human vacuum cleaner, Shay run errands, pick up tarps and other necessities when dealing with such sticky messy performances, and of course sucking up all the excess.

Shay has proven as capable as she was before her changes just days ago, though in a very different way. She still handles a lot, clean up, running to the hardware store, all sorts of production assistant jobs. But thanks to her freakish stretchable lips, which can form into a literal elephant trunk of demonic sucking ability, she can suck her way out of any trouble.

Just what troubles will Shay encounter on this particular day? Will Froggy Lynn hop onto all the cocks she can get? Can the boys sufficiently feed their houseplant? Most important, and the one thing readers surely have wondered days after Donnie the Demon and Desda the Ex… will Donnie run out of mini-pizzas?

Days Later explores favorite tales just days after the original story ends, when the action is fresh, and the action is far from over.


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Days Later… Anime DNA

Days Later... Anime DNA by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… Anime DNA by Kris P. Kreme

There was a time as difficult as it is to believe just days ago that Keith had a very stressed life, his girlfriend Courtney and her equally bitchy sister Lauren responsible for most of that stress.

He’d never dared upset Courtney since even he could admit she was out of his league, but a fateful day he had just put up a new poster of a hot purple haired anime babe changed everything.

The girls had stopped by unannounced and their overly innocent values had been so horrified by the curvy huge busted purple babe that the poster hadn’t survived for long. Yet in the anger and frustration of tearing that poster off the wall, Courtney and Lauren each got paper cuts… and those simple cuts infected them over the following week.

They’d changed with each passing day, until the day after a long tired week Keith answered his apartment door, he’d been shocked to see his living anime babe, Courtney, complete with purple hair and massive tits like she never had before.

What Keith never suspected was that Courtney’s mind had permanently changed as well. She wasn’t just his eager anime slut… she was everyone’s. Now just days later, Keith never suspects that when he goes to work, Courtney still goes to her work at the bank, but her work has dramatically changed.

No longer is the silly slutty purple haired girl a responsible bank secretary. Now, after nearly being fired for her wardrobe and ditzy slutty attitude, Courtney has taken on what her boss calls exclusive deposits… mostly meaning he and the other employees are free to deposit as much sperm inside her as they humanly can each and every day.

And when she isn’t taking deposits at work, she’s frequenting the mall for new fetish wear, an anime girl always ready for dressing the part. Yet naturally with curves defying reality, paying for those clothes is just another happy humpy encounter.

As for her sister Lauren, there’s still plenty of time for bonding with her sis, meeting up and discussing all new fun to be had at a local neighborhood bar.

It’s only Days Later… and yet everyone in town is enjoying a couple of girls who have embraced the desires that can’t be explained. Every girl changes now and then, but some just find the thrills buried deep down, in their very DNA.

Days Later explores favorite tales just days after the original story ends, when the action is fresh, and the action is far from over.


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Days Later… SINtendo Arcade

Days Later... SINtendo Arcade by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… SINtendo Arcade by Kris P. Kreme

It was just days ago that Joe came in to find the slacker employee at one of his properties, Aces Arcade, screwing a local girl senseless right there at the counter. Naturally with his nephew Kevin in a rant about all the chaos SINtendo had caused for their own family the last thing he needs is this kind of problem getting worse.

Joe had tossed and turned in the days after firing that employee. He’d quickly locked and bolted the door to the backroom, to that large storage area where malfunctioning old arcade consoles were kept, but more importantly where his prize possession, the one and only still existing SINtendo Arcade console from way back in the 80s.

Yet bolting the door isn’t enough, not when Joe still isn’t sure just how the slacker kid employee of his found the thing in the first place. Little does Joe know that it was never the slacker employee, that one of his frequent gamers settled an old score in his own family using the console that makes a game out of fucking around. And even less does Joe possibly suspect that his perfect plan to further secure the SINtendo Arcade machine will in fact settle an all new score for a guy named Brian.

Joe wasted no expense on the elaborate security install he arranged with the local Geek Gang. They’ve sent their best installation expert out to handle everything, keypad coded secure door, variety of cameras monitoring the back room, and more. But Brian is not that expert.

Kari has risen up the ranks at Geek Gang, barely into her twenties but already the boss on installation jobs, highly intelligent, highly attractive, and even higher of a total bitch.

A stunning busty redhead is far from the expected when most think of the Geek Gang, wearing their standard yellow top and blue pants, arriving at Aces Arcade in the Geek Gang van with her employee Brian, an older man she absolutely despises. Unfortunately for Kari most employees avoid install jobs with her like the plague, since her attitude is so much uglier than her body.

For Brian he’s always just put up with the bitchiness, the cruel names, the demeaning attitude she has in every venomous word she spits at him. The truth is he’s content to lock away the fantasies, and he has plenty of nasty fantasies when it comes to Kari. A girl that hot who’s constantly bitching and moaning only has a man imagining better ways to make her moan, kinkier ways, truly twisted ways, and Brian never lacked for imagination.

About the last thing he imagined though was that when Joe leaves them alone to handle the all day install in his arcade, Brian would stumble upon something that couldn’t possibly be real in the back room.

Like any straight male worth his manhood, he’s read about SINtendo, the company that supposedly puts the sin back into gaming, a company out of Japan whose famous advertising campaign demonstrated just how adult their gaming was. The one thing he never had heard of was an 8-bit Arcade Console that took quarters in exchange for old style video game fantasies.

Sent to be out of her sight while Kari handles the complicated keypad install, Brian finds himself on camera setup duty in the backroom of Aces Arcade and naturally comes across the one piece of gaming equipment that doesn’t seem dusty and dated, a machine that he can’t resist wasting some time and a quarter at.

Offered a game called Beastly Beauties, where Brian can direct his custom chosen character through several beastly encounters with the ultimate goal of taming that beauty, Brian already is grinning before the cheesy arcade music begins and he takes control of the buttons and joystick.

Entering the name Kari, he’s shocked to see an exact blocky little replica on the old tube monitor of the very redheaded bitch he came on this job with. Somehow the game even shows her represented in an 8-bit version of the front of Aces Arcade, as though it knows exactly who he wants to play with.

Among the many fantasies he had about defiling bitchy Kari, watching cartoon monsters stalk and assault her definitely wasn’t one of them, but for today it will definitely do.

Playing the game there’s just something so awesome about seeing the Kari character get violently enjoyed, watching those monsters grab her and lift her like a feather, watching them shove her face first into the wiring of the wall she was working on, seeing the electricity cook her stupid and plump her like a hotdog. But what Brian never imagined in any fantasy was that while he games, Kari is dealing with everything on screen.

Simply working an install, Kari is helpless to defend herself as invisible but quite clearly male monsters grab her, squeeze her, do such depraved things again and again to her. No voice, no time to scream, she’s violated again and again in crude impossible ways, never seeing a thing but feeling everything, particularly the shocks from those exposed wires.

All games have to end, but how will this 8-bit encounter climax? Will Kari be a Geek Gang bitch or a bitch in a Geek Gang bang? Will Brian finally get what he always fantasized about and more once his game is over? Will Joe have a secure arcade once more?

It’s time to slip a quarter in the slot, and see what else slips inside the slut. It’s time for Days Later… SINtendo Arcade


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Days Later… The Flipping Fate of New King City

Days Later... The Flipping Fate of New King City by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… The Flipping Fate of New King City by Kris P. Kreme

Just days ago, the fate of New King City was sealed. Once a destination of progress and hope, protected by actual heroes, their fate has been flipped upside down at the hands of Mickey Morno.

The once nerd finally hit on the ultimate in solutions to his destiny of going nowhere and getting nothing but disrespect. A formula, a very potent formula he developed and perfected solved everything. Once exposed to this formula, all the little metaphorical switches within a human brain switched, toggled from good to evil, from virtuous to whorish, from one interest to the very opposite interest.

Just days ago, Mickey Morno with the help of a flipped counselor at New King Academy, the beautiful Jillian Ross, took down the future of New King City. She reveled in her lustful pride at exposing the fellow teachers and students to Mickey’s formula, watching chaos descend into the halls as prep school girls were eagerly violated, as there became no more room for learning and only for fucking in the halls of the once prestigious academy.

Yet days later, a few stragglers have returned. Out of town for a week long Educational Elite Competition, three of the best and brightest New King Academy had to offer have just exited the cab from the airport, standing at the foot of the steps to their school, steps littered for some reason with trash

Jessica James, youngest and unofficial leader of their educational challenge team will find her academic brilliance overwhelmed by a problem all three, herself, Marissa, and the introverted shy boy Casey, face. The mystery only grows once they enter the school, discovering no one, only chaos, signs of rather thuggish struggles, discarded condoms by the dozen.

Something happened to their school while they were away, but exactly what could have happened to explain what they see now? And why on earth is the biggest surprise threat they face, a roving crazed group of once nerdy chess club members, now grunting horny cavemen that seem about the most opposite to the way they once were?

Casey has always sought to protect and defend his two fellow geniuses, but in the end will Casey discover a flipped side of himself with zero interest in protection, particularly for the plans he has with Jessica and Marissa involved?

The Flipping Fate of New King City has left a chaotic world where education fell, but can the most educated among the former New King Academy students somehow think their way out of the situation they find themselves trapped within?

Find out in an all new Days Later… and find out just how few days it takes to truly flip out.


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Kastle Kreme #25 – The Magic Behind the 8 Ball & Not a Second Time

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #25 - The Magic Behind the 8 Ball & Not a Second Time by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #25 – The Magic Behind the 8 Ball & Not a Second Time by Kris P. Kreme

Another year another dual serving of Selfies. With all the craziness in the world you might be tempted to think you’re crazy also. Here’s a twisted twosome of tales that proves you don’t have to be crazy to enjoy the craziness. Enjoy The Magic Behind the 8 Ball & Not a Second Time!

This Selfies includes:

The Magic Behind the 8 Ball: When he purchased the ordinary looking toy on vacation, Joseph was warned that anything asked of it would become true for those it was asked about. He didn’t believe it until the bus trip one day when his car was broken down. Asking questions about the sexy little redhead across from him proved an addictive entertaining descent into depravity that the entire bus would soon enjoy.

Not a Second Time: Read the tale that twists and bends inward on itself creating an ending like never imagined, where even the laws of reality and time itself can’t be relied on. Doctor Robert Lane, small town physician breaks his oath and does the most harm the world has ever seen, though all he was trying to do was save it. Witness corruption and depravity spreading like never before in Not a Second Time.


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A Maid made Thirsty

A Maid made Thirsty by Kris P. Kreme

A Maid made Thirsty by Kris P. Kreme

The sequel to Thirsty… Over 12,000 words of Kreme!

In a remote part of the world where mystery and darkness lay shrouded beneath the towering limbs of a fittingly named Dark Forest, the scenic town of Victoria has always drawn plenty of tourists.

Travelers flock to the town and locals tell the tales of the Dark Forest, rumored to hide all sorts of supernatural dangers. It’s the absolute perfect place for a sharply independent young woman named Stephanie to start out her self-made career ambitions.

Fascinated growing up by all sorts of spooky scary movies, Stephanie alone calls the Dark Forest a noose hanging over the mountain town of Victoria, a noose that waits to ensnare unsuspecting victims. Little does she know that despite all her intelligence and know how concerning the plots of frightening flicks, she’s about to be ensnared herself in the oldest mystery around.

Always having been a realist, Stephanie never sought fame and fortune with her ambitions, only to make her own way, to be the modern day hero for people too busy to handle their own daily tasks. She’s seeking to be a maid, but not just any maid, a literal self-maid woman, her own boss, keeping lives cleaner, organized, and doing so to start out in one of her favorite places in the world, outside the town of Victoria, among the Dark Forest which was made for fright enthusiasts like her.

Posting an ad for what amounted to a young buxom blonde willing to work as a live in maid had resulted in quite the number of perverted responses, but Stephanie felt she’d truly lucked out by weeding out the one reply that felt honest Not only did that response come from the wooded forests outside Victoria, it came from a woman as well. It seemed an attractive young woman named Vicky needed some basic maid services while running her family farm, a business that reportedly had seen generations of success in the Dark Forest.

So now, after a train ride into the mystery of her new career, Stephanie the buxom blonde is traveling headlong into the unknown, a thirst for adventure and a thirst for success… but the ultimate thirst she might face remains truly outside her expectations.

From the moment she steps off the train in Victoria, Stephanie is finding herself the sole star of a truly twisted tale, one quite fitting for the theaters. A strange old woman meeting to take her to the wooded farm where Vicky waits, the unusual limitations never to venture into the barn at this supposed milk farm that seems oddly remote and run solely by the beautiful Vicky, so many unsettling thoughts start to occupy Stephanie before her job has even begun.

Offered a place to sleep, a schedule of somewhat simple to understand tasks, and only the rule that the barn is off limits, Stephanie finds the rather mundane daily grind offering her too much time to over think things. The most important daily task seems to be mixing in a half cup of milk just right with Vicky’s coffee, but just what is so special about that milk? Obviously it comes from the barn, but why are the cows in that barn so quiet, and what makes them so much more special than any other cows?

Just one taste of that special milk after Vicky goes to see to her tasks in the barn one day starts Stephanie down a path to all new thirsts, ones which will quickly drain her of ever escaping the mystery she has become ensnared within.

Stephanie has always been so driven and goal oriented, but at night she is finding herself driven by an all new passion, one for her own body and the pleasures it can feel. Something in the milk has unleashed desires she never had, and while she tries to discover what in milk could make one an addict upon tasting it, she quickly finds that the milk seems to have more affect than mere addiction. Her skin is more flawless than ever, her body never as abundantly curvy and perfect, and is it her imagination or are her clothes fitting tighter around her chest?

Vicky is hiding something, and it’s much more than just what is behind those barn doors. Will she tie all the loose ends together into one cohesive sane and rational story before she loses her mind to lust? Will Stephanie discover what is so special about the cows in the barn? Or will this maid clean up in only the most dirty depraved way, finding out just who Vicky really is?

There’s always a thirst for mystery when the thirst is both addictive and unquenchable, and Stephanie is a beautiful young Maid made Thirsty.


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Valentine’s Vex Dolls Go Wild

Valentine's Vex Dolls Go Wild by Kris P. Kreme

Valentine’s Vex Dolls Go Wild by Kris P. Kreme

At a certain foggy and always mysterious college campus in Salem, students have reached the cusp of another Valentine’s Day, and two particular students are unprepared for just how wild their sorority party will get.

Malerie and Valerie were never prepared a few years ago for joining Omega House, for discovering that the house was run by three ancient yet always young looking witches, Circe, Lilura, and Maeve.

Those evil witch bitches used their magic manipulation on their pledges to transform helpless coeds into lifeless sex dolls, but something changed when twins Malerie and Valerie came along. The twins proved to have unique powerful properties once changed, the ability to heal and recover no matter what abuse and enjoyment their doll bodies took.

Ever since that fateful freshman year, Malerie and Valerie have struggled against what Circe and her witch companions have done to their lives, taking innocent virgin girls and now making it common place for them to fuck anyone and everyone, to get twisted and abused, inflated and played with like dolls, only to recover and remember it all, unlike the men the witches always use for the magical manipulations.

It was last Valentine’s Day when Malerie and Valerie decided to use the help of the Kappa house, smartest girls on campus, to finally break free of the control Circe had over them, and yet that plan quite literally blew up in their faces. This Valentine’s Day Circe is still holding a grudge and has planned an Omega house Valentine’s party that will go literally wild.

It seems that a new foreign transfer student is coming to their old and storied university, a boy by the name of Jamir Jacoby, but this boy is no mere boy. Circe has found out he’s a powerful warlock, and what better way for a trio of witches to impress and ensnare a warlock than by impressing him with a torturous and pleasure filled party where they put their two dolls through some serious twisted paces?

Malerie and Valerie have seen it all over their college years, inflated with sperm to near explosion, sent brain dead with fuckings to kill an ordinary girl, and yet they always recover, but will they recover from an all new magic that has them changing into sexy cat girls in heat? Can they handle the wild within them… and will that wild streak only serve to ruin Circe’s plan at laying first claim to the power this Jamir Jacoby has within his essence?

It’s another year for Omega house, the witch bitchiest sorority on campus, and play time is over… but the dolls are not done, and they may change the game forever.


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SINtendo ContactHIGH

SINtendo ContactHIGH by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo ContactHIGH by Kris P. Kreme

About the last place Steve had planned to be today was stuck nearly alone on his floor of his office in a frigid ice encased downtown building most are avoiding during his company’s annual February winter break.

It’s a regular yearly time off, during the harshest cold, when family is what warms more than employee’s hearts, when a little togetherness soothes work time stresses for the rest of the year.

Unfortunately a last minute conference meeting demands his attendance, since a majority of employees are traveling, nowhere near home, nowhere near the cold urban landscape Steve has found himself in. Even more unfortunate, his wife Mary is tending to overreact as usual to his being off at work.

Trying to calm her far too worried fears about being stuck all day at home, alone with his eighteen year old son, Mary just isn’t getting the innocent jabs at humor, something Steve is quite known for, a general easy-going guy who knows as Mary does that his son Harry has more than a bit of an obsessive crush on her.

Ever since they were merely dating, and Steve’s son entered puberty, Mary has served as a fantasy for the boy, a shy kid who never says more than he has to and certainly is no real worry for her to have. He’s likely to be cooped up in the warm house all day playing video games, maybe having friends over, and sure Steve knows that Harry is at that desperate age where anything turns the kid on, a real ball of hormones, just as he was at eighteen, but Mary really needs to lighten up. One might think she was the one having to drive through traffic downtown, head up a nearly abandoned building, sitting alone in his private office waiting for a conference meeting to start.

If anything could make the day worse that freezing winter temps, a bit of an overreacting if beautiful blonde wife back home, and all the promised excitement of a dull conference meeting… the coffee maker is broken.

So now Steve has nothing to keep him awake while waiting for this meeting, nothing at least until his phone alerts him to a free trial offer of an all new adult only app game.

Maybe ordinarily he’d have no interest in such a thing, but if coffee can’t keep the blood flowing, perhaps this application game can. It’s called SINtendo ContactHIGH, and has a fitting premise for a cold day. The game reportedly works easily enough by allowing Steve to select multiple contacts from the list on his cell phone. Those contacts and their little photos are then incorporated into the adult game as avatars and the goal is to raise their ContactHIGH temperature levels.

Figuring his wife has earned a bit of sneaky revenge on his part for complaining and acting as though she was the one suffering through this day, Steve is quick to select her from the contacts on his phone, and figuring a little karma is in order he chooses the biggest thing she overreacts about, her infatuated stepson, his son Harry, as the second avatar character to play with.

Beginning the game, it’s actually nothing extreme at all, impressive graphics considering it manipulates the contact photos, and a somewhat sexy sounding game voice that directs him, but nothing all that over the top, nothing strictly adult in nature.

The remarkably simple game mechanics involve choosing from a limited list of options geared to arouse the other character, turn based choices going back and forth from Mary to Harry. Obviously the name says it all about how best to raise the temperature thermometer above each playable contact character. Contact is key, whether visual or physical contact.

Soon Harry is directing his wife to reveal more of her figure, to display herself to Harry, heating up Harry and having him do things like walk around the little game simulation home without a shirt on, all methods seeming to work somewhat on the both of them. As one might expect, he realizes, it’s far easier to raise Harry’s ContactHIGH, boys, especially boys that age, just simple to manipulate and arouse. Mary is a bit more of a challenge.

Options like rubbing shoulders soon elevate as the ContactHIGHs rise to ones such as openly masturbating in front of the other character, and Steve is definitely seeing the appeal of this little trial app game on his phone.

However, Steve never could imagine that at his home, at the very moments he is playing with those little avatars from his phone contacts, the real people those avatars represent are in fact doing every single choice he chooses, clueless as to their own increasingly distressing behavior, starting to freak out at what they are almost supernaturally influenced to say and do around each other.

Harry is soon forcibly saying farewell to his shyness but not to his hidden crush on Mary as that crush is soon crushed into much more than infatuation. Mary is soon forgetting all about her fears and realizing a lot more than them with the young stud who is becoming the apple of her ever more lustful stares.

And when Steve begins getting reward options for combination ContactHIGH increases in his game, everything might literally inflate beyond recovery.

Just how hot can a cold winter day get at Steve’s household, and what about when his son Harry’s gamer friends pop over for a visit? Will Steve ever maximize both his chosen character’s highs and win the game? And will winning the game mean losing something much more important… or in fact gaining something he never realized turned him on?

Find out in the all new twisted tale from the Kreme, one where playing around with the contacts on your phone can literally reach out and touch someone in all new ways.


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Darwin’s Unfortunate Law

Darwin's Unfortunate Law by Kris P. Kreme

Darwin’s Unfortunate Law by Kris P. Kreme

Darwin Darius has been a wealthy man with power and influence over the markets and his lifestyle for many years, but nothing makes up for his total lack of success with the one mystery that still eludes him… women.

Money just can’t buy everything, and Darwin has learned the hard way that sometimes a pretty face hides a mean soul, women just as capable of being conceited and cruel as any man. However those women that cross paths with Darwin discover a most unfortunate law that in his own twisted way says their minds and bodies are just not fit enough to survive the encounter in any resemblance of the way they were.

Yes, Darwin Darius has a temper, a nasty one, but unlike men who lash out and get physical, Darwin takes a most unusual approach, as he has always had a temper that once flared up opened the unique door to unbelievable power over body and mind, particularly the lovely bodies and minds of those bitchy selfish and otherwise unpleasant women he attempts to make connections with.

He’s been having a good streak though, keeping himself calm, doing the best to manage his anger, no major temper losses or twisted punishments dealt out in months, since he attempted to simply find a lovely Asian woman to potentially date or find love with. Ever since that night when he left a couple of quite transformed minds and bodies, Darwin has done his best to focus and keep cool… yet all that changes on an ordinary day that gets extraordinarily frustrating.

On the way back from the city, Darwin is taking the side streets, always avoiding the interstate since naturally anger and frustration can flare up way too easily there. Sadly the roads are just not in great shape in one not so great part of town, a place with more abandoned and closed down businesses than actual open ones.

With two rather shredded flat tires, stuck in a warehouse district, Darwin can already feel the twitches of anger before roadside assistance arrives, but when his innocent pleasantries are harshly judged as creepy and pervy by the somewhat tomboy redhead who shows up with her daddy’s tow truck, it starts off a day where no one will be safe from following Darwin’s Unfortunate Law.

Certainly not Bella, the cute young tow truck driver, nor Jamie and Lindsay, the coeds he encounters at a bus stop shortly after, a couple of generally bitchy girls more caught up in their own lives than being polite or respectful to anyone else. But it isn’t until Darwin passes by an Asian Fresh Groceries store that he fully lets loose in ways so epic one attractive employee and another similarly frustrated male customer will never forget.

Spotting Cynthia in the soon to be closing bought out Asian Groceries store, Darwin is reminded of his quest to meet a lovely exotic woman like her, yet almost from the onset of speaking with her, Cynthia is revealed to be a total bitch. Gorgeous as ever, working in a somewhat unusual store with colorful boxes of food items meticulously organized and even a huge aquarium central to the store with all sorts of very fresh fish and seafood inside, Cynthia has no time for more rich assholes.

But Darwin is not the rich asshole that bought out her business and soon will have it to demolish or re-purpose. Darwin is the rich asshole who is going to re-purpose her body, and quite possibly ruin that vision of perfection if only to teach her a lesson that should be law… Darwin’s Unfortunate Law.


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Pregnant Pauses Professional Problems

Pregnant Pauses Professional Problems by Kris P. Kreme

Pregnant Pauses Professional Problems by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo… the gaming company that has bordered on myth for many an aroused frustrated boy entering manhood It may have originated in another country as a seemingly knockoff imitation of another company making games for kids, but SINtendo has left more than a few expecting kids of their own.

This is a part of the predicament Casey found himself in after a series of events led to him finding a tossed out portable gaming device in a trash can. Having been kicked out of the house by his big brother so he could spend quality alone time with his hot as hell but bitchy girlfriend Veronica, Casey had a lot set to ensure his day was pure hell. In the form of that little handheld, SINtendo turned hell into heaven.. a game called Best of Breed 2: Pregnant Pauses, one that miraculously allowed him to select random women and play with their minds and bodies to seduce and betray their morals in the hopes of ending up fully knocked up.

Everyone from the hot redheaded jogger Becca to several virgin girls from a church charity carnival to Christine, the milf mother of his most hated high school enemy, became his pawns to play with… and all ended up doing nasty things in public with the same end results.

However SINtendo can often leave a player twisted in just where life will go from there, Casey discovering that after end game, all pawns belonged to the player… seven horny obedient knocked up girls and women showing up at his doorstep much to the horror of his own mother.

So now Casey finds his problems as serious as before, though where before he dealt with a cruel bullying older brother, now he has the hot horny girlfriend of that brother that he knocked up… and where he had a total lack of women flocking to his gaze now he can’t escape the other six who accompany Veronica into his home, his own little harem he never asked for but is solely responsible for their nine month journey they are eagerly entering into.

When his mother went off in search of a news story covering reported vile public sex acts taking place, the very story he assured her had to be because of the same gaming handheld he played… she never returned.

Now Casey is alone in a house, quickly overwhelmed by the women waiting ceaselessly to get in at him, and he has some serious problems to handle.

For an eighteen year old gamer slacker, this isn’t the way he expected to face adult problems… but will the very problem itself offer the ultimate solution? After all is it so bad to have hot horny, and sure pregnant, women all over him, dedicated to competing among themselves for his affections, desperate to do whatever whenever however he likes?

With his brother off stewing about losing the hot college cheerleader girlfriend, with his mother who knows where, doing who knows what… or who… Casey now will have to man up, in more ways than one. He will have to get a hold over his women and his problems, and thankfully his women are only too eager to fall in whatever line he thinks will lead straight to a solution to those problems.

Will Casey stumble upon a profession that can be run right out of his home, a profession that puts problems aside in the light of pleasure? Will he figure out some way to cover the obvious startup costs of such a professional venture? You’ll have to read and find out. The only definite facts are that too much of a good thing can quickly become bad… and life after SINtendo is definitely no game.


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Stuck in Bimbo Limbo

Stuck in Bimbo Limbo by Kris P. Kreme

Stuck in Bimbo Limbo by Kris P. Kreme

After a late night study session on campus, Cassandra is about to find her simple tired drive home leading her anywhere but where she intends.

Talking with her boyfriend Jeremy on the way from the group study session, the brainy young Cassandra is reminiscing about how long they’ve known each other, from days on a playground before either had much interest in relationships to the bond they have now, but even the best bonds come with occasional cracks in the foundation.

Tina Finch would embody the most obvious on this night, Cassandra bothered when she catches Jeremy innocently glancing at the rather slutty notorious girl on campus, a girl who is much bustier than Cassandra, much easier, and rumored to be sleeping with professors for passing grades.

Even if Cassandra knows that Jeremy has no interest in a girl like Tina, a simple glance or two nothing to stress over, the tired late night has her mind rolling over all the endless worries an intelligent if slightly nerdy glasses wearing girl like Cassandra can imagine when comparing herself to near feminine perfection like Tina’s.

Whether it’s that distraction of worries or simply her mind overdue for rest, it’s not as much a surprise when Cassandra finds her focus away from the road just off campus, away from the large jackrabbit that happens to dart at the worst possible time in front of her car… leading to her wildly swerving, losing control, and spinning several times to end up quite badly wrecked in a ditch.

As the jackrabbit hops off unharmed, Cassandra can’t say she feels the same for herself, passing out slumped achingly over the wheel.

Yet when she awakens to loud wrenching metal the next morning, rescued from her destroyed car by ambulance workers, is everything right with the world or has she slipped into a place between the folds of what she always knew and what she never imagined?

Loopy, assuming everything is just from injuries she may have sustained in the wreck, Cassandra is taken to a nearby small hospital, one she has never heard of, one where she encounters an immensely busty nurse, a mysterious rarely seen doctor, and finds herself on an unwanted road to recovering from being a small chested brainy coed with books on her mind.

Is Cassandra really where she thinks she is; just what are the medications they give her by IV doing to her? Or is all of this some sort of exhaustion dream her unconscious mind is creating?

Find out in the original tale from the Kreme that takes you beyond consciousness into the subconscious, beyond brainy into busty… the one tale that will leave you like Cassandra finds herself, Stuck in Bimbo Limbo.


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Yo’ Mama

Yo' Mama by Kris P. Kreme

Yo’ Mama by Kris P. Kreme

Seth and Kyle have been hired on as extra waiting staff at one of Alexis Beltrane’s famed charity events, the Beltrane Ball at a remote local country club, but they certainly aren’t having a ball.

Having grown up with Alexis’ son Lance, they both are dreading any contact with the guy tonight, even if they very much appreciate scoping out his ultra hot milf of a mother. The reason Lance drove away nearly any friend he ever had is as simple as his sense of humor. Lance has a ridiculously lame obsession with Yo’ Mama jokes.

For years he has annoyed nearly everyone he gets into a conversation with through constant random Yo’ Mama jokes that mostly just he finds funny, and at their most effective are merely insulting and crude.

Tonight is no exception as shortly after guests have just begun to arrive Lance is catching up to Seth and Kyle, laying on some horribly new Yo’ Mama jokes and making the whole event seem regrettable no matter what the pay for working as waiting staff the two boys might get.

Yet when Seth and Kyle get a fortunate break from Lance, his joking mood as always doesn’t quit and a rather oddly accented mysterious guest to the charity ball sparks up a conversation with him. The strange little man comments about such unusual humor not being mastered where he comes from, feeding into the arrogant spoiled rich ego Lance has always had growing up.

When this man introduces himself as Gullieval Tribn, Lance simply can’t resist one of his classically bad Yo’ Mama jokes about this man being named after a bad Scrabble hand his mama had one time.

Whether this guest from some far off land understands or not, he does gather that the humor comes from the insult, and is quite entertained, wanting to try a Yo’ Mama joke for himself.

Already bored at having to be present at another of his mother’s charity events, Lance never suspects that the moment this bizarre little man begins attempting Yo’ Mama jokes, his own ‘mama’ will be soon living every insulted word of them out.

Meanwhile Alexis Beltrane was always the sweetest and most dignified woman in town, generous and kind, loved by all, leered at by Seth and Kyle and just about any younger boy who admired her impressive body, particularly in the red dress she wore for this event. But Alexis was never anything but classy… until after those first insulting Yo’ Mama jokes are spoken by Gullieval Tribn in a conversation with Lance at the back of the ballroom where no one else can even hear them.

Something is removing all dignity and class from the gorgeous mother of the charity event; something is even making the impossible possible in truly twisted ways, ways which in the end may finally insult and humiliate Lance the same way he has always laughed about in his jokes towards others.

But just who is Gullieval Tribn, and was he even an invited guest to the Beltrane Ball, or did he crash the party from further away than anyone can imagine? Find out in the all new tale that is no joking matter, Yo’ Mama.


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GOing with the STOPwatch

GOing with the STOPwatch by Kris P. Kreme

GOing with the STOPwatch by Kris P. Kreme

Davis learned early in his marriage to the gorgeous Jessica that there is always a healthy give and take in a fittingly healthy marriage. Unfortunately being fit is exactly the idea Jessica is expecting Davis to go with.

She’s constantly encouraging him to join her in her routines, advising as her track coach once advised her, that routines make meeting difficult goals easier, and nothing could describe Davis ever enjoying a morning jog better than difficult.

He supposes the only reason he’s been so willing to go along with his attractive young wife is her penchant for never wearing sports bras, her thoughts that the tightness is too restrictive on steady strong breathing. All Davis knows is that when Jessica is jogging in her revealing little red tank top, her impressive breasts can bounce so hypnotically that it could easily sway a lazy man into fitness.

The latest kick she has to try and shake Davis into actually enjoying the jogs with her each morning is something her old track coach mentioned, something that will require a basic stopwatch… but the stopwatch Davis finds in a discontinued bin at a local store near his office turns out to be anything but basic.

Instructing Davis to pick a moment each morning during their regular jog, through the neighborhood, through the park, and back again, Jessica explains that he simply needs to start the stopwatch at a familiar point each day, like a lamp post or fountain. He then should stop it at another chosen point, and each day keep progress of the time, slowly and steadily dropping that time.

But when Davis chooses to press the button on the bright yellow stopwatch he purchased, more that time will be dropping. The bright glowing red STOP says it all, and Davis comes to realize that somehow, through some bizarre function he never could have imagined, this stopwatch literally stops everything else in the world.

Whether it is time that stops or just everything but the one holding the stopwatch, Davis doesn’t really care as he discovers that anything stopped can be posed, moved, and in the case of his sexy sports bra free wife… enjoyed.

What begins as a little kinky thrill during the frozen endless moments of having pressed that stopwatch button soon becomes a routine Davis can definitely get behind, just as long as he keeps getting behind Jessica, doing more and more depraved little things with her frozen form.

However, is the stopwatch affecting him in ways Davis couldn’t possibly be aware of? Each repeated use of it has Davis thinking less and less of his lovely wife as a person, more as a mere sex doll he can pose and enjoy. Each repeated time after such use has Jessica less and less focused, more and more pleasured into less and less thought.

They say a lasting marriage requires both to occasionally stop and go with each other’s ideas, but Davis may have actually discovered the ultimate way to keep his own marriage truly timeless… by going with the stopwatch.


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Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification by Kris P. Kreme

Instant Gratification by Kris P. Kreme

Even though Spring is in the air, birds chirping, the air warming, and many of her fellow college students spending more time outside enjoying it than inside with their studies, Katherine remains as dedicated as ever to her academic future.

She’s determined to one day be the most groundbreaking journalist ever, one that will expose media exploitation and report the news people truly need to hear about how deceiving and downright manipulative the media can really be. Katherine has been working for months over the cold winter on a story that might just shoot her straight to very heated success.

It’s on the way into her coed dorm that Katherine happens to run into Eric, tossing the ball around on the sunny warm quad with his buddy Wes. Eric may not even realize it but his father helped quite a bit with Katherine’s college thesis. The man had been in news broadcasting back in their home town for many years and when she’d decided upon her focus in journalism he’d been an excellent source for contacts on some of the latest underhanded practices.

Ignoring Eric’s friend Wes who clearly has a less evolved mind than his buddy, staring at Katherine’s pretty red hair, her nice figure, never considering the mind inside, Katherine heads inside, knowing that this is probably the day she has been waiting on most, working hardest for. The most groundbreaking evidence has been sent to her, and all she needs to do is look it over on her laptop and record her experiences with it.

Calling her thesis Instant Gratification, Katherine intends to expose how the media uses covert manipulation of viewers in everything from advertising to news broadcasts. It’s nothing new, a practice going back many years. Media, politicians, everyone had studied up on how flashy lights, certain tones of voice, music, anything is capable of affecting the response a viewer has to some form of media persuasion, but the latest reported development is nothing short of a crime against humanity.

As Katherine has discovered, there is an all new digital filter, planned to be released privately sometime in the next year for use in advertising and media manipulation. This digital filter apparently can be applied to any commercial, any broadcast, anything at all, and the filter subconsciously affects the viewer, enhancing their acceptance of what they see and hear dramatically.

It’s an unconscionable action and Katherine has just been sent some sample ads she can watch privately from her laptop both with and without the filter in place, to record firsthand her own experiences, add those notations into the final part of her sure to be groundbreaking college thesis, and become a modern day hero in doing so.

It’s all about Instant Gratification, she knows… media, politics, everyone wanting the instant fix, the instant results, and now thanks to this supposedly miracle digital filter, that instant gratification may soon be literally sold to any advertiser, to any company or world leader who has the funds, regardless of any ethics or integrity.

It’s in the privacy of her dorm room that Katherine gets her first look at the digital filter, watching through just a half dozen or so sample minute long ads, watching once as a regular viewer would, then applying the filter and watching the same ad again to record the differences she feels or experiences.

From ads about soft drinks to ads for vitamins, they may all seem typical at first, only as extreme and biased as one might expect from advertisers, but will the digital filter enhance those ads too much for Katherine to handle? Are there potential dangers the intrepid future journalist has not imagined? Could there be a motive behind her source sending her these ads that she never suspected?

It’s all about getting to the fun without having to work for it, and someone, maybe even someone Katherine knows, might be after a little Instant Gratification.


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Easter Fools

Easter Fools by Kris P. Kreme

Easter Fools by Kris P. Kreme

Despite being totally devoted to his girlfriend of four years, dating since high school, respecting and loving everything about her… Isaac has one day of the year that brings the biggest smile to his face. It just so happens to also be the day he revels in coming up with more and more clever ways of making her squirm.

That day of course… is April Fools Day. Considering the day literally has her name right there in it, Isaac couldn’t smile more at making a silly fool of April by pranking her each year. But this year is truly special, because this year she’ll definitely never see it coming, since April Fools Day just happens to also be Easter.

April is a seriously sweet virginal good church girl, always up for church activities, remembering fondly the days when she was a little girl and the Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny were as thrilling to her as anything. After searching around months in advance, Isaac managed to find the ultimate prank on a website that sold everything from classic trick gum to whoopee cushions.

The site sold much more though, and some of their twisted prank items were downright devious, the perfect degree of extreme Isaac wanted to bring to this special dual holiday. He’d never heard of the company that made all the items on the site, but the feedback online for Trance-tory Tricks was quite high, somewhat embellished with ridiculously over the top oddly sexual sounding claims, but still no bad reviews at all.

And everything built up in his mind until the day itself, both thrills at finally getting to pull off the ultimate April Fools Day prank on his special little April, and chills at worrying just how much he may suffer the consequences later for potential embarrassing humiliation April may feel being pranked at her church of all places.

As they head to the church early, a big event planned with Easter Egg hunt for the kids, a communal outdoor breakfast on church grounds, and then the morning worship service, Isaac knows that the best part of the prank will be how cleverly disguised it is as little more than a sweet gesture on his part.

After all, innocent trusting April would never suspect that the colorful Easter basket he gives her holds anything more than nostalgic colored little fake eggs. She couldn’t possibly imagine that those eggs according to the site he bought them from are called Gullible Goofs Gag Gift Eggs.

Gullible Goofs eggs reportedly had a slight adhesive quality in their decorative shells, one that not only adhered just slightly to the skin but apparently created enough tactile sensation that when anyone pressed an egg to their lips, intimately touching their mouth to the eggs, they would believe the outlandish effect those eggs were written to have upon a woman.

Coming with a little card Isaac kept with him, each egg supposedly created a psychosomatic effect when pressed against the lips, from believing that a pink egg drained their intelligence to believing that a green egg made them a whore.

The only thing is, Isaac knows April, and she’s far too virtuous a girl to even listen to the crazy card he intends to read, explaining what each egg does after somehow tricking her into kissing or holding the eggs with her lips. He knew well in advance that it would take a bit more to have her truly afraid and freaking out.. and that is why he also has the fuzzy little white bunny ears on a headband.

Found on the same website, the bunny ears equally received high reviews and reportedly when worn make the wearer much more susceptible to suggestion, believing anything they are told.

So at the church breakfast, intentionally over at a private little picnic table away from the crowd near the church bell tower, Isaac presents his surprise gifts to April… and naturally she’s so trusting she falls right into line with the prank. All thought is on it being Easter, no thought at all about just what day Easter happens to fall on this year.

But something very unexpected happens when Isaac tricks his girlfriend into puckering her lips and holding that pink egg up with no hands… something that definitely takes pranking to all new extremes, and may just take their relationship well beyond the boundaries any decent loving relationship has.

Somehow… some way… the Gullible Goofs Gag Gift eggs when used in combination with the bunny ears are having no mere psychosomatic effect on April She’s physically feeling the effects, actually becoming a bimbo, actually becoming a whore… and it’s too fun to pass up for Isaac, especially since reading the card that came with the eggs provides him an easy escape.

The white egg supposedly restores virtuous virginal values. So he can have the ultimate in fun, yet reverse course at the end of it all, can’t he? If there’s one thing neither April nor Isaac know about Trance-tory, it’s that their products can make fools out of anyone, and this year, at the end of the day both may be forever changed and forever a true pair of Easter Fools.


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Stuffing Bunny

Stuffing Bunny by Kris P. Kreme

Stuffing Bunny by Kris P. Kreme

When Bunny moved to the small country town, everyone noticed. But it wasn’t exactly just because she was a very pretty young redhead in her twenties. It wasn’t even anything she necessarily did that drew a bit of mystery to her. The reason friends and neighbors grew most curious was the little stuffed animal she always seemed to have with her wherever she went.

No matter if she were driving, shopping, or out for a stroll, it was uncommon to see Bunny without her rather poorly stuffed, worn and aged stuffed bunny at her side. The light green fuzzy exterior had seen better days, the small tears had resulted in loss of stuffing, and yet for whatever reason Bunny seemed quite attached to it, but almost with a sad nostalgia no one really understood.

But when Bunny’s new circle of friends all get drunk on wine one evening, one of them finally has the nerve to just come on out and ask Bunny about her little poorly stuffed friend.

As Bunny explains with the occasional oddly lingering glance at the stuffed floppy eared friend, she has had the little bunny since she was born, literally every day of her life. As she puts it, they share a very special connection, and both have seen better days.

While her friends Kelly, Jessie Lynn, and Polly can’t get much out of her, they learn that both Bunny and her little stuffed friend share the same name, and both have seen better days although none of the girls imagine their attractive new friend Bunny is anything close to being in bad shape. Yet Bunny is quite assured that she is happier now, new town, able to forget her more colorful past, a past she simply hints at doing things she wasn’t so proud of, thoughtless things.

It’s during the night of sipping wine with her friends that Bunny is encouraged about getting out there, maybe meeting one of the actually decent men in town, and as they point out the best time to do that just happens to be Sunday night at the local church on Main Street.

As they put it, only the decent guys show up for the evening Easter service, and it would give Bunny a good chance to at least see them. They even offer to come over to Bunny’s little rental home while she’s at the church service and watch over her stuffed animal friend, since as Bunny puts it, she’d hate for some man to assume she has some childish persona or anything the first time they see her.

So a plan is set, but what Bunny doesn’t know is that Kelly has concocted a special surprise for their new friend that may literally blow her mind.

As the three gather at Bunny’s house, they have brought along all the material needed to breathe new life into the stuffed little bunny. They know now how special the bunny is to Bunny and figure the slightly sad look she always has looking at it would be much improved once the tears have been stitched up with nice freshly packed stuffing inside.

Unfortunately despite good intentions, no one may realize just what a truly unique bond Bunny has with her little friend. At the exact moment that Kelly is shoving new stuffing up into the little plush animal, down the street at church Bunny is struck by a quite sudden shocking revelation.

She’s watching her belly plump out, witnessing what she assumed she never would witness again, knowing that her friends are clearly messing with her stuffed bunny, and knowing more that they are entirely unaware they are messing with her.

Just what is the unusual bond Bunny shares with her little stuffed friend? Will she make it through the church service with her decency intact? Or will this be one Easter service that leaves a sweet redhead named Bunny stuffed with a whole lot more than the spirit of the season?

Readers voted and asked for an all new character; introducing Bunny, who is sure to wish everyone a very Hoppy Easter.


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The Grab Bag #26 – Cupid’s Arrow & The Pop-out Book

The Grab Bag #26 - Cupid’s Arrow & The Pop-out Book by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #26 – Cupid’s Arrow & The Pop-out Book by Kris P. Kreme

Lust is in the air and it’s getting difficult to breathe… as we enjoy a double dosing of Kreme guaranteed to bring cupid chaos and something Trance-tory.

This Grab Bag includes:

Cupid’s Arrow: Clay isn’t like many of his classmates in the senior year of high school. He isn’t eager to see another Valentine’s Day purely because there’s the prospect of experiencing more than just love with a supple young girl. A chance discovery of a forgotten relic in the woods behind his house will change everything though, and Clay himself may or may not be prepared to handle all those changes.

The Pop-out Book: Working at a discount bookstore, Amelia is in her element. A shy bookish but cute girl, Amelia has no idea that the latest arrival for the special bargains table may make a bargain out of her. The Pop-out Book lives up to its name, popping out passions and more that readers never knew they had.


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SINtendo Grading on Steeper Curves

SINtendo Grading on the Curves by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Grading on Steeper Curves by Kris P. Kreme

The sequel to SINtendo Grading on the Curves!

Back before this year of high school began, upstanding young attractive teacher Haley was tricked by her husband into using a very special SINtendo educational application to give five star athletes at the school a pop quiz. The pop quiz pretty much popped poor Haley from moral ethical educator to willing slut for the football team.

It was all done in order to help keep those players on the team, to potentially win yet another state championship, and now the end of that school year has come, more trophies in the cases, more awards for a quite well motivated championship football team.

But trouble has been brewing for over a month now, trouble in a very attractive young form. Rose was sent by the school board barely a month or so back, and she is a student teacher assigned to look into potential allegations of grade manipulations.

Her specific target has been Haley, the teacher all the football players seem to get along best with, though thanks to some stealthy hook ups, Rose has no idea just how well the players and their favorite teacher get along. Still, she has caused a real problem, and been nothing but a nuisance, and this time Haley is going to borrow a play from her husband’s depraved playbook to ensure that sweet student teacher Rose gets a real breakthrough in her investigation… one where she ultimately gets broken.

Plotting a plan that even her husband Thomas can’t suspect the end result of, Haley borrows his special tablet, the one he installed the SINtendo Grading on the Curves application on so many months back. She then calls all five of the star athletes who took that quiz and then took her in so many ways back before school began.

They’re soon to be graduating seniors, at least unless some little redheaded student teacher fucks with their grades, and so this time Haley is giving a cheat sheet, answers to all ten of the randomly selected trivia questions the boys will be given, and she is letting Rose give the pop quiz, just so she can witness that the boys really are smart enough to have earned their grades.

As before, Grading on the Curves offers rewards for each correct answer, and with a cheat sheet just in case, the student athletes are guaranteed all ten rewards, rewards that may leave Rose nothing but a cum bloated bimbo slut with less education than anyone around.

But what is the end result Haley is plotting to enjoy; what is the surprise she has for her husband Thomas? Find out in an all new surprise sequel that proves education is no game. This time the questions are as hard as the students answering them, and the curves are much steeper.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #26 – Lip Service & Kremed Karaoke

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #26 - Lip Service & Kremed Karaoke by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #26 – Lip Service & Kremed Karaoke by Kris P. Kreme

Temperatures are finally warming, but the real heat is doubling up with Selfies. It’s not just Lip Service to say that sometimes a new look for a new season can unleash the sin within. But if you’re wanting to keep it tame with friends and your mom, a girl can always sing a new tune, unless the tune sings her.

This Selfies includes:

Lip Service: Kayla isn’t comfortable in the clothes she has on, old clothes that are tight and torn in places, showing a bit much for such a public place as the mall. Thanks to some persuasive techniques from a store girl offering free sample makeup and lipstick, Kayla will find herself revealing only more and more, sinking from highly religious to lowly goth girl slut in record time.

Kremed Karaoke: What could be better than a girl’s night out at the local karaoke scene? Winning the grand prize for best crowd reaction, of course. Cameron, her three best friends, and her still fun and youthful mom are heading out dressed in their best. The performances on stage and the lyrics of the daring songs they find themselves singing will do more than rid them of their clothes.


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The Welcumming Committee

The Welcumming Committee by Kris P. Kreme

The Welcumming Committee by Kris P. Kreme

In the exclusive gated community of Kinton Estates nothing dangerous ever happens, and no one ever moves in that isn’t welcome. But a smart young coed still living with her parents has strong suspicions that there is something strange about the new neighbors.

Her suspicions may be proven too true too late after her mother Meg organizes a little welcoming party at their house with the other neighbors in their little corner of Kinton Estates.

Only four homes occupy the large lots in this particular cul-de-sac, and together with neighborhood wives Kelly and Tammy, Meg has established the unofficial welcoming committee. But on the night that they intend to welcome new neighbors Braxton and Juliette by having a backyard barbecue, daughter Amy has no intentions of sticking around.

Fiery redhead Amy believes something is weird about Braxton and Juliette, and of course it has nothing to do with Braxton being a muscular black man or Juliette being an exotic Asian woman. Her fears go far more logically than mere race in an exclusive gated community. Amy has seen the strangely large moving truck that sits outside Braxton and Juliette’s new home, the truck which no one has seen being unloaded after the new neighbors moved in during the middle of the night.

Of course Meg and her husband Kent, a local police officer, dismiss the over-imaginative worries of a teenage daughter, having a fun time grilling out on the new grill, their closest friends and neighbors there, Braxton and Juliette the guests of honor.

Unfortunately for all of them, sometimes a little paranoia is a good thing, since Braxton and Juliette are more than just moving into Kinton Estates. There’s a plan underway, and what these two do for a living is far more sinister than anyone could suspect.

Claiming they are in sales, Braxton and Juliette are really product testers for a company neighborhoods like Kinton Estates were built to isolate themselves from. This company makes products used in all walks of life by everyone, but all of their products have certain twisted side effects, certain maliciously perverse intentions… and tonight the welcoming committee has unknowingly provided the perfect opportunity to unleash more of those products in one location than ever seen before.

The chaos all begins as Kent walks in on his wife Meg giving Braxton a quite enthusiastic oral welcome to the neighborhood in the kitchen… and after a little subversive ploy Braxton soon has his two hosts quite deviant and depraved. From then on the rest of the neighbors get separated one by one, finding themselves alone with either Braxton or the beautiful Juliette, finding themselves the lab rats to an all new level of market research for products intended to satisfy the public by new extremes.

Will good Officer Kent be laying down more than the law? Will his neighbor Dr. Frank, a dentist, find himself more than just orally obsessed? Will business man, Jake, discover the funny business going on all around him or be sucked right into it? And finally, will young Amy, the intrepid future detective already hot on the case find herself ending up hotter than everyone?

Something sinister is taking place tonight in Kinton Estates, but don’t worry… no one will feel left out, thanks to new levels of enthusiasm from The Welcumming Committee.


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The Grab Bag #27 – You Asked For It & Spa Sucking

The Grab Bag #27 - You Asked For It & Spa Sucking by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #27 – You Asked For It & Spa Sucking by Kris P. Kreme

Spring has sprung and it’s time to feel the heat. Just be careful what heat you ask for… you might not be able to handle it. But if your wife isn’t feeling the heat, always remember a trip to the spa. It can do wonders for mind and body, and never sucks… in a bad way.

This Grab Bag includes:

You Asked For It: Warning his friend Lena about the cursed jars in his great uncle’s collection of oddities only brings out her teasing sarcastic nature. As she puts it, curses are ridiculous and especially the one Franklin mentions, a curse the one struck by the curse chooses for themselves. She intentionally opens a jar, releasing only a dust cloud as far as she is concerned… But it isn’t.

Spa Sucking: He needs to spice things up, to put some magic in the relationship at any cost, and he really needs to find a method of moving past her shyness. After his drunken buddies suggest a visit to Le Spa Le Suck, Chris is all for trying. The unique treatment of self applied creams and oils followed by a soaker tub with underwater suction massages seems perfect but can Elly resist the side effects?


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MOOdern Mysteries

MOOdern Mysteries by Kris P. Kreme

MOOdern Mysteries by Kris P. Kreme

The sequel you never expected to Midnight at MOO Mall!

There exists a small island in the South Pacific, popular for tourists, even more popular for mysterious disappearances.

Long long ago the main concern may have been early ships that vanished along the coasts; even more recent the supernatural spirits surrounded stories of strange goings on at Moon Mall, a shopping district built in just the past two decades on recently cleared jungle ground near ancient tribes.

Now a popular international investigation television show has chosen this island as the locale for it’s latest greatest feature show, but with only the three of them venturing into a rumored cursed valley in the middle of the jungle is there any chance they won’t become part of the legend themselves?

Modern Mysteries has become a famed supernatural sites investigation series out of Asia, mostly in part due to the appeal lead investigator Joanne Wong has to her throngs of male followers. As gorgeous and exotic looking as she is fierce and bitchy, Joanne plays her role well, looking both professional and sexy no matter what part of the world their television show takes them to.

With only two others at her side, the popular mystery show has gotten in some great locations for episodes, and this time they are on the popular tourist island very far away from the tourists, up in the thick jungle mountains, destined for the Valley of the Vines.

With producer and makeup expert Sandy at her side, the sole man of the little expedition is Jacky Cheong, a genius with the camera, and generally unappreciated grunt of the team. Little does Jacky know that this particular episode of Modern Mysteries will solve for good the mystery of what might happen if he finally had the chance to get back at the two nearest bitches in his daily life.

It was reported in legend and whispered about by local islanders that the Valley of the Vines was where an ancient tribe would exile those with selfish desires, those whose ambitions outweighed the good of their fellow community. Presumably the vines of this valley would take them, never to be seen again, but little is known about just what happened then, about how long they survived or what exactly fate they suffered.

When a conceited self obsessed cruel woman like the lovely Joanne Wong enters the Valley of the Vines, accompanied by her equally arrogant if more shy producer Sandy, Jacky may be capturing firsthand footage of exactly what power lays within the Valley of the Vines.

In Midnight at MOO Mall you first witnessed the supernatural spirits of this tropical island, an island where selfish arrogance and bitchy attitudes are most thoroughly drained during the night of a full moon. Now see what happens when another mystery of the island proves too intense for television viewers but intensely pleasurable for the cast of MOOdern Mysteries.


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The Lost Kreme # 7: Snuffed Out

The Lost Kreme # 7: Snuffed Out by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme # 7: Snuffed Out by Kris P. Kreme

Beverly was a highly intelligent coed, not to mention a brunette, before something happened on her 21st birthday that her boyfriend David will never forget. Sadly for Beverly now, she has forgotten almost everything and everyone, just part of the side effects from some trick birthday candles David got for her cake.

Shopping at the Kremery, David purchased some candles that promised to not only perplex anyone blowing them out, but to cause such extreme concentration in the effort of blowing them out that the person literally blew out their own intelligence in the process.

Additionally some balloons purchased at the same time created a unique situation where the temporary mindlessness was anything but temporary, and now Beverly has been left massively inflated like some curvy blow up doll with faker than fake big tits and a seemingly ceaseless appetite for all things sex.

While unintended, most guys might not mind having their brainy girlfriend apparently permanently turned into a brainless bimbo, but when he gets an unexpected call the next day from Robert, Beverly’s father… a man he always has both feared and respected, complications to his getting all a young man might ever wish for are rising faster than even Beverly can get his cock to rise.

After Beverly grabs the phone and makes the mistake of saying something totally unlike the old Beverly, David tries to just come clean, explaining that what was meant to be a harmless birthday prank somehow forever changed the once good girl, now fuck doll slut Robert calls a daughter.

Needless to say Robert has no patience for whatever has happened to his precious little girl, and isn’t about to believe on the phone that some trick candles and balloons along with a special cake made her dumber than a brick and easier than a cheap whore. He demands David bring Beverly over, that he explain himself in person and show just what has happened to once sweet intelligent Beverly.

Yet will David ever be able to convince Robert what happened wasn’t intentional at all, that he’d always respected as much as loved Beverly? At least will he convince him without ending up in traction himself? And what about more complications such as Beverly’s friends from the neighborhood or her mother, Julie?

Beverly’s Birthday Bimbo Blowout is over… and no matter how fun her new body may be, all parties have to end and everyday complications arise. Can David deal with the consequences, or is his future as Snuffed Out as Beverly’s hopes of graduating college have become.


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Autocorrected by Kris P. Kreme

Autocorrected by Kris P. Kreme

Meredith has never gotten the hang of texting as well as her outgoing oldest friend and college roommate Kelly. But when her new phone begins acting up, she might find that what she texts is getting the hang of her.

Confused by a text Kelly sent her about embracing being a BBB, Meredith gives up on trying to text back since the autocorrect feature has been acting very strangely on her new cell phone. Laughing at the fact she had to call, Kelly simply teases her that she was reminding her studious coed friend how she’s a busty beautiful blonde.

Meredith definitely never felt comfortable in her own skin, but never less comfortable when reminded that in recent years she really has matured to blonde perfection in many men’s eyes.

Getting set for her first class of the day, walking across campus, and dealing with the always sex obsessed Kelly on the phone is not going to make the day any less embarrassing, but after ending the call, things take a truly frustrating turn Meredith has found bothering her more and more on the cell phone recently.

Receiving a text to make peace that Kelly was only kidding around, Meredith thumbs in a quick response, which is immediately upon pressing send autocorrected into something she did not intend to say.

Leave it to Kelly to find the mix-up of silly autocorrected words amusing, but nothing about this is amusing to Meredith who finds more and more every text she sends getting autocorrected and actually made wrong.

When her Print Advertising 101 class is canceled and a rather good looking guy from her class informs her that they are to use to the time for their final assignments of the semester, Meredith assumes her focus of the day has taken a welcome turn away from her phone annoyances.

Unfortunately this guy, Todd, is a bit freaked about the upcoming class critique, where they all will display the print advertising campaigns they came up with for whatever random assigned product or service. Fifty percent of the grade on the final will be based on feedback from fellow students, so he humbly asks if he might get her number to bounce some ideas off of, calm his nerves about his own final project.

Figuring it always might be nice to have someone else in class to check her own work, Meredith shares her number. It helps that Todd is one of the nicer guys on campus, seemingly not ogling her chest or acting arrogant or anything. The problems arise when Todd informs her he’ll text in a short while about the final assignment.

The last thing Meredith needs is someone who doesn’t know her as well as Kelly getting the autocorrected texts. Unfortunately Todd is over his minutes for the month already and texting really is all he can do.

Since he already has her number, there’s not much to stop the first of his texts from popping in a short while later as Meredith uses an empty study room on campus to go over her Print Advertising assignment. As expected, attempting to send a simple text back about funky fun colors he used in his work autocorrects and the message he receives mentions fucking fun, which she is horrified by and he merely finds amusing.

But just what is actually going on with Meredith’s new phone? Why is every further text she sends in this exchange with Todd becoming less and less a funny malfunction of autocorrect and more and more strangely specific perverse remarks on her part?

More than embarrassment at what she sees getting sent in text to Todd, Meredith is starting to feel a tingling in her fingers. At least it begins there, but before this day is even halfway over, she might just find that somehow the phone has autocorrected much more than her educated morally dignified words.

She was always a smart blonde, a responsible focused student, and a good girl… but all that may change when Meredith finds herself, more than any words, quite thoroughly Autocorrected.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #27 – Tree Hugged & The Doggy Days of Summer

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #27 - Tree Hugged & The Doggy Days of Summer by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #27 – Tree Hugged & The Doggy Days of Summer by Kris P. Kreme

Spice up your spring by spending some special time with the hubby in these two Selfies.
Just be careful what your hubby’s motives are if you find yourself assisting medically in a foreign place where the men are stiffer than trees, and especially take everything he says with a shade of doubt or else you might find stepping out of that shade into the sun truly heats things up.

This Selfies includes:

Tree Hugged: Something isn’t right in the village where Doctor Trent Matheson finds himself working alongside his girlfriend Abigail. Putting aside his inability to help the villagers, Trent suggests they visit a park where the trees are very rare. Abigail is excited, but will an encounter with those trees leave her more than just crazy excited… and maybe just crazy?

The Doggy Days of Summer: Inspired by her body and dedicated to keeping her to himself, Dave uses Courtney’s gullibility against her, making up a story about The Doggy Days of Summer, days the sun is very deadly for Courtney. Gullibility is powerful these days, but not as powerful as The Doggy Days of Summer.


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Kreme Kleaning

Kreme Kleaning by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme Kleaning by Kris P. Kreme

This freshly dusted Kollection of Kreme includes:


A Maid made Thirsty: The town of Victoria has hidden a mystery for centuries, one locked tight within the shadows of the Dark Forest. Stephanie knows there’s more being hidden than just what goes on in that barn, mysteries such as the strangely powerful and addictive milk Vicky likes to have in her morning coffee.

Elevated Anxiety: Dressed as a sexy maid, Harmony was just sneaking out to a costume party some cool kids are throwing from school. Of course sneaking out from a high rise apartment can be difficult, especially when you become trapped on a broken down elevator with a stranger. Is the stranger, a man named Randall, as friendly as he seems, or will Harmony soon find herself becoming much more friendly?

The Waitress Game: The man with stimulating conversational skills continues his game at a restaurant. Trevor is more than willing to offer some friendly advice to a cute waitress who has provided excellent service. After discussing how she can earn better tips, Miley finds that everything he says makes perfect sense and thanks to his advice, all of her male customers will be much more satisfied with her service.


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The Grab Bag #28 – Busted & Secretarial Positions

The Grab Bag #28 - Busted & Secretarial Positions by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #28 – Busted & Secretarial Positions by Kris P. Kreme

Summer is just around the corner but don’t get Busted sneaking out for some fun or the fun might just get more out of you than you can handle. And while some are outside, others are cooped up in stuffy offices, so have a rewarding konversation with a friendly secretary. It’s time to Grab the most from another double stuffing of Kreme.

This Grab Bag includes:

Busted: Samantha Jeffries simply wanted a night out with her boyfriend, a night to go sit under falling stars. What begins as romance ends in anything but.. Sneaking out, an eighteen year old girl always has to watch out for her overprotective father. What Samantha didn’t watch out for was the chemicals in his basement lab. Now she finds new meaning to the term Busted when things quickly get out of hand.

Secretarial Positions: Jessica meets a man at the law firm where she works in a secretarial capacity. After a friendly conversation that grows a bit more and more overly friendly as time goes by, she discovers just how eager she is to try all new positions. Thanks to some tips offered by the man to her employers, Jessica and her bosses are getting along better than any secretary ever imagined.


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SINtendo Grading HIGHer Curves

SINtendo Grading HIGHer Curves by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Grading HIGHer Curves by Kris P. Kreme

The conclusion to the SINtendo Grading Curves trilogy!

Education is never a game, but try telling that to one time by the books teacher Haley. It was not quite a year ago that Haley was faced with a difficult decision, looking the other way and passing a number of failing football players who would lead the school to another championship… or doing the right thing and making them ineligible to play.

It was Haley’s husband who ended up making the decision for her when he talked her into using a special educational testing application reportedly guaranteed to prove once and for all that the athletes in question had what it took to get passing grades and qualify for the team. Unknown to Haley, she was the one about to be educated.

SINtendo Grading on the Curves offered random educational questions for each of the athletes, but with a reward for correct answers like Haley could never imagine. In one afternoon she went from ethical teacher to every athlete’s favorite slut in the classroom, offering incentives to keep them performing their best both inside and outside the classrooms.

Yet troubles arose when by the end of the year another championship was in the trophy cases and the school board sent a young student teacher named Rose to investigate allegations of grade compromising. Haley had accepted and eagerly enjoyed her time on her back and was looking forward to only more of it, but there was a thorn to contend with named Rose.

In the end, all things worked out, thanks mostly to SINtendo and a once moral upstanding young teacher named Haley who’d only educated herself on just how depraved she could be, both with herself and others.

And yet the school year is over, Haley’s on a most obvious pregnancy leave from her job, and yet trouble is rising to potentially spoil everything all over again.

Thomas is more than happy with the temporary sub-slut Rose as his wife Haley rests to pop out a future star athlete, courtesy of one of her star pupils last semester. But he’s definitely not happy, nor is his wife, to hear that three talented football players transferring from other schools around the state may not be eligible for admission to his old high school where he once played, where he now gambles quite successfully on how well the team still plays

These are three recruits personally brought in on transferring to this specific school for their senior year, all thanks to the promise of something quite motivating to any teen, a hot slutty reward for on the field expertise. They may well be dumber than hammers, but in football they are geniuses, and now the state has questions about them mysteriously wanting to transfer in to a school that already seems to have far too many athletic advantages over other schools.

In order to approve their transfer and put the final stamp of approval on these new students joining both the school and the team, a passing test to show their academic basics is needed, and naturally the state has contacted Haley to handle arranging such a test.

Of course Haley is unfortunately in no condition to handle the testing herself, and any other likely candidate is probably going to fail those four without a second thought… unless Haley chooses just the right candidate to recommend.

Emily is perfect, a young teacher who literally is fresh out of college, passing all her qualification exams to become a teacher, awaiting her very first assignment. She’s so new to being a teacher she still lives at home, and barely has four years age on the very students wanting to transfer in and play championship football.

Those students will find themselves playing something a lot more fun, but just as physical, when Haley arranges the testing one summer Saturday, informing Emily just how the educational interactive application works, assuring her the test practically runs itself.

All Emily needs to do is show up, meet the three students, and sync up the teacher’s instructional tablet with the ones each student is provided. What poor Emily never could imagine is that she never has a chance to leave that classroom the same once she enters.

Haley has made some special modifications to SINtendo Grading on the Curves, enabled cheat modes, provided all answers if needed, and even enhanced the normal testing with non-educational personal questions and special bonus rewards… all of which will soon have young Emily starting on an entirely different path in life than the one she was eagerly anticipating.

Emily isn’t going to have her ambition or her intelligence stolen. No, Emily is going to actually retain all knowledge, if not actually becoming more intelligent, and she’s going to become exactly the teacher Haley needs her to be, whether she wants to or not.

The importance of education is high, but for one young motivated teacher fresh out of college she’ll discover that nothing grades that importance like Grading HIGHer Curves.


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Kreme of the Krop 2017

Kreme of the Krop 2017 by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme of the Krop 2017 by Kris P. Kreme

Every year there comes a time when all the plowing, all the dirty sweaty work, and all the generously planted seed from last year gets sifted and sorted, the very choicest juiciest tales hand selected and offered up in one giant feast… and that time has cum once again.

It’s the Kreme of the Krop 2017, only the very best from last year, headed off by a Brand New tale that tells of a young ranch girl named Laney, who certainly brings in the Kreme of her own Krop.

Buck Torrance never thought he’d be packing up bags, loading up his dual cab truck, and leaving the family ranch. Of course even if it’s only for a week vacation, the first vacation in decades, it still feels strange to be heading off before the new ranch hands are hired for the upcoming summer.

Still, Buck has one thing no one has in the tomboy daughter Laney. Even if she acts as tough as a boy, no one in town ever has seen anything but perfection in a country girl, the vibrant beautiful Laney not only an excellent ranch girl but a skilled horse rider, something she does each and every morning before watching the sunrise from an old wooden platform at the edge of her father’s ranch.

Buck knows that the ranch couldn’t be in more capable hands than Laney’s while he is away, and he even took out an ad in the local Gazette, one that will have plenty of ranch hands stopping by for interviews and jobs while he’s out of town.

It isn’t until his neighbor from miles down the road, Caleb, walks in as he’s nearly done loading up his truck that Buck has any reason to second guess his vacation plans. Caleb’s an chiseled old guy like himself, having seen Laney grow up as much as her father has, but Caleb seems to have something of concern on his mind about leaving her to handle things at the ranch.

Buck assures Caleb that there’s nothing Laney can’t handle, that she’s just going to be meeting the new ranch hands, offering various ranch hand jobs, making sure the place is all staffed up for another year by the time Buck gets back from his trip.

Yet Caleb seems unsure, worried about something in the morning copy of The Gazette he clutches. While Laney walks up in the morning sun, her gorgeous red hair and country smile interrupting anything Caleb had been thinking of saying, Buck makes sure that Caleb knows the ranch is in good hands, and Laney will handle everything.

It isn’t until Buck drives off that Caleb finally speaks up, expressing concerns over an apparent misprint in the Gazette ad Laney’s father took out. As he puts it, the Gazette has a bit of a reputation, and this reputation is best summed up by their slogan ‘We Only Print the Truth’.

But just what will Laney think when she sees that an add for Ranch Hand Jobs was misprinted to read Ranch Handjobs? Will she be able to handle herself as well as she handles the ranch… and just how extensively capable are the lovely young hands this ranch has been left to?

One thing is certain, by the time Buck returns the sexy young ranch girl that is his daughter will have given plenty of jobs, to plenty of enthusiastic men about town.

And from 2017…

A focused young coed named Marie learns the hard way that pop-up ads can be more than just a nuisance to her study time on the computer in her dorm.

A sexy milf of a mother learns that sometimes being the mom all her son’s friends wanna screw can totally screw up her once wholesome happy family.

A bitchy girlfriend learns a lesson about what’s inside when she gets a mysteriously large stuffed bear from her long distance boyfriend, a bear that may just ultimately leave her and her roommate more than just stuffed.

Another sweet girlfriend finds life less sweet when she wakes up from a nap to hear her life being narrated by a disembodied voice that takes her life in more twisted directions.

And finally some bitchy queens of a high school campus play the wrong prank on the right girl when they swipe a supposedly cursed red dress and trick an innocent sweet girl into wearing it… releasing the truth behind the curse upon themselves.

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Darwin’s Law and the Audacious Auditor

Darwin's Law and the Audacious Auditor

Darwin’s Law and the Audacious Auditor

There was a time when Darwin Darius tried to manage his anger, if only because his anger brought out the worst in him and the most depraved in others. That time is long past now, as independently wealthy Darwin has finally embraced his own unfortunate law and ever since the day he had car trouble in the wrong part of town he has been laying down that law for almost every woman he encountered.

Women are fascinating creatures, often so perfect and gorgeous, but equally as often that beauty creates a monster of selfish manipulative egos, women using and abusing poor saps everyday. But every poor sap deserves a hero and Darwin Darius is that anti-hero, the man with the power to truly lay down the law, and get laid doing it.

Money was never a problem, success in business a breeze, but getting a woman to actually care for him seemed impossible no matter how nice he tried to be. Early on in life, the frustrations built and his anger surged, and Darwin discovered that once his anger triggered just past a certain point, he could unleash his every whim, every fantasy, every cruel manipulation upon the minds of those around him.

Some had an explosive temper, but few had tempers so explosive that everyone around suffered collateral damage quite mind numbing. It’s Darwin’s Law that he lives by, the law of basic respect and decency, and when a woman or women attempt to manipulate or trample over that decency, they can get downright indecent thanks to his cruel whims

When his car needed to be towed to a garage those months back, it had been Bella that kept the car from getting fixed… Bella who he’d given an attitude adjustment to and Bella who’d ended up getting adjusted quite nicely on every cock in the garage. From then on, one garage after another ended up failing to get Darwin his car back, but mostly that was his own fault since nearly every place had at least one woman with a chip on her shoulder, a chip he was more than happy to chisel away at.

So now, Darwin may be wealthy but he still needs ride shares to get around the city, to check in on his corporate office downtown, and it’s after a particularly frustrating ride share service to his high rise office tower downtown where we find Darwin Darius dealing with yet another day of annoyances.

Heather had insisted on stopping to pick up her teenage daughter Leah, but Heather hadn’t cared that Leah was a big girl who should have handled her own problems. Now Heather was earning a real tip, nice and fat thrust into her throat over and over, and Leah was about to learn a lesson that her mother was a milf… and soon enough she’d be a milf too, just as soon as some nearby city workers made her a mommy.

But Darwin has business to attend to, and most unpleasant business at that when he meets a fairly forceful young woman named Eunice insisting she step into his office to meet with him, much to the frustration of Darwin’s faithful secretary.

Allowing her inside his penthouse office, Darwin is bothered to learn that Eunice Lee is an auditor and she’s there to warn him that she has taken it upon herself to dig up some inaccuracies and misfiled assets in his accounts, some numbers that could cost him dearly if she went to her company with them.

Eunice is an auditor but she’s not playing by the rules, only her own rules as she intends to try and scare some money out of Darwin to keep quiet about what she knows.

Infuriated and definitely angry from a frustrating ride into work, Darwin certainly doesn’t mind that Eunice just happens to be a very attractive and quite busty Asian, his own personal favorite woman to lay the law down with. She’s clearly done this before, but Eunice definitely has never dealt with anyone like Darwin Darius.

When she suggests sitting down and crunching the numbers, seeing just how this can all work out in her favor, Darwin feels somewhat inspired and soon poor Eunice will be doing some crunches like a fit woman has never imagined, standing and flexing more and more rapid standing crunches as her fat tits slap ever more wildly, oozing and growing and becoming only more freakish.

More than her selfish intentions end up deflated, but Darwin has a talent for inflating more than just his numbers and assets, and before Eunice staggers out from his office to a whole new career, he’ll make sure she’s very well altered to straddle a pole and earn every dollar she tried to blackmail from him.

It’s just another day in the life of Darwin Darius, the man with the talent for setting bitches straight, the man who takes every manipulative woman of classic beauty and twists her freakishly into the stuff of depraved fantasies… all thanks to his own unfortunate law.

No one can break his law and get away with it, especially not an audacious auditor with a knack for truly crunching the numbers.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #28 – Blessed Swell & AbracaBOOBra

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #28 - Blessed Swell & AbracaBOOBra by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #28 – Blessed Swell & AbracaBOOBra by Kris P. Kreme

If the Summer heat is draining you dry, be sure and have a downright magically blessed time with these two specially selected Selfies. A few close girlfriends have a plan for facing the changes that post college life will bring, but they end up having a far more Swell time than expected. And Jeremy catches a quite magical break at getting more than a shot with his sister’s hot friend, though sometimes real magic can be downright deflating.

This Selfies includes:

Blessed Swell: If there is one thing furthest from the minds of college coeds Olivia, Jamie, and Kate, it’s being a mother. They are faced with the real world just a short two semesters away, a real world where careers may succeed or fail, but where the option of choosing motherhood isn’t considered. Taking a road trip, the three find themselves at the Blessed Swell Hospital and their future is going to change.

AbracaBOOBra: Friday the 13th wasn’t all that bad for Annie but Saturday is going to be a complete bust. Out with her best friend Lola and younger brother Jeremy, Annie is forced to play the responsible one. Her brother is always in so much trouble, a big lumbering clumsy oaf she can barely keep an eye on much less control. When Jeremy gets frustrated in a shop and jokingly grabs a magic wand things… happen.


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SINtendo Sitter

SINtendo Sitter by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Sitter by Kris P. Kreme

Cassie has been babysitting for Mr. Kevin and Miss Amber all year and it’s really a pretty sweet gig since the babies never wake up and she really only needs to just hang out and enjoy herself while at their house. Unfortunately, her friend Layla is about to push Cassie into being a bit too greedy for more pay.

On the phone with Layla, hanging out at Kevin and Amber’s house, Cassie is rolling her eyes at the ideas she comes up with. Like the idea that Kevin is the one always calling her to sit multiple times a week because he secretly harbors naughty fantasies about her.

As Layla puts it, every married man who has a cute teenager spending time in their house probably fantasizes about them. All Cassie needs to do is exploit the fantasy a bit more, exploit Kevin’s weakness for younger girls, and milk the most out of a three time a week babysitting gig so she can buy a new car before college in a few months.

After ending the call, Cassie has to admit, it would be nice to be on campus with a nice car. She’s just not sure about Layla’s recommendations. As Layla put it, men always have a stash of porn videos or something, and if Cassie happens to stumble upon it, she can play the sweet innocent girl act and Kevin will be so embarrassed he’ll up her pay, maybe even pay her more not to say anything to his wife Amber.

Snooping around in closets is usually something she wouldn’t consider but it is just the closet between the living room and kitchen. It’s not like a bedroom closet or anything, she thinks. Yet innocent intelligent Cassie has no idea just how stupid a decision she is about to make searching through that closet.

She finds a stash alright, but not of porn… of Kevin’s extensive SINtendo video game systems and games. As one of the first in this country to ever even see SINtendo when his uncle sent the system to him back when he was Cassie’s age, he has many years worth of exceptionally kinky twisted game titles.

Disgusted and bothered by all the game art, Cassie has convinced herself by the time he and Amber return home that confronting him about it would serve him right. He clearly has more deviant desires and creepy weird interests than even Layla suspected, but what Cassie couldn’t imagine is that Kevin has just been waiting for the opportunity she is about to present.

He may have no plans to cheat on his SINtendo bimbified baby obsessed wife, but that doesn’t mean Cassie isn’t going to be the pawn in a very special game he has been saving, a game called SINtendo Sitter.. and a game that definitely will help her with future babysitting jobs, while accomplishing her goal of milking the most of a good situation.

Readers Choice Month 2018 begins with the name behind the original SINtendo story making a return to teach a snooping sitter a lesson she won’t ever forget. It’s always fun to play games on SINtendo, but never play games with the man who owns one.


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Whore-th of July

Whore-th of July by Kris P. Kreme

Whore-th of July by Kris P. Kreme

When sweet housewife and mother Cassandra wakes up on the Fourth of July she has no idea just where the day is going to take her… or more specifically where the day already has taken her.

Waking in a strange bed in a strange house with no memory of how she got there, the noisy kids shooting off fireworks outside the barred bedroom window are the least of her worries.

She remembers watching a DVD with her husband, relaxing, hardly anything unusual. They’d spoken about how he always had to work on the Fourth and never got time to spend with the kids… but there’s nothing she can recall after watching the movie… not even the end of the movie.

And now Cassandra finds herself nude under the covers in a strange bed, and for whatever reason there is cash all over that bed. Realizing how sore she is, realizing how bad this all looks, Cassandra is about to find out that something very serious is happening, something she has absolutely no control over.

When the large black man who clearly owns this house returns and finds her awake, he’s friendly but reveals a shocking realization which Cassandra can’t possibly believe… that he picked her up past midnight working the streets and they had quite the eventful night.

Confused, horrified, in flat out denial, Cassandra assumes the man is a criminal and wants to escape, but when in the process of trying she inadvertently touches some of the cash laying on the bed everything changes.

In an instance, Cassandra is grinning and begging for everything she just was terrified of imagining, wanting this man Ivan to do so much to her, to pay her and send her out to do even more.

Yet after willingly whoring herself out, even getting bought and sold to those kids shooting off fireworks outside, Cassandra once again can’t imagine what has happened to her, why she is doing such things.

Only when trying to sneak back into her own home in a better part of town, accidentally colliding with the neighbor’s lawn boy who’s counting his cash does everything become clear.

For whatever reason, Cassandra has somehow gone from good wholesome wife to eager depraved whore, at least once she has any contact with cash. Readers Choice Month reminds you to celebrate responsibly… with a bang this Whore-th of July.


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Seated by Kris P. Kreme

Seated by Kris P. Kreme

Ryan’s girlfriend Beth is literally one of the sweetest most innocent girls around, which makes the prank he has planned for her all the more exciting.

He knows she probably never suspected before they began dating just how into little pranks and jokes he was, but it’s something Ryan has long been enjoying with jokes on family members, friends, and fellow employees.

It just so happens that a fellow employee hooked him up with the catalog where he found the item that will surely make for a hilariously blushing moment for poor Beth.

Having been away as counselor to kids at a summer church camp, Beth knew that Ryan was going to be refurnishing his apartment, getting a new modern look going with things like a new TV, couch, and more. Yet when Ryan saw the prank chair in that catalog he knew it was absolutely perfect for giving Beth a real surprise she’ll never forget.

Far more than a mere whoopee cushion, this chair has a built in vibration function that is specially tuned to the weight of any woman that sits on it. Called a Sex Seat, the joke is really simple. When Beth sits down, her weight on the finely tuned springs will create ultimate comfort, putting her at ease. Yet the little remote Ryan has once activated will cause special built in nano speakers to resonate exactly the right frequency based on her weight in the chair and according to instructions give her a quite unexpected orgasm.

It’s the most elaborate prank he ever bought into, the chair not cheap looking, and not cheaply made as far as he can tell. But when Beth shows up and takes the bait, sitting on the chair… is Ryan going to be the one getting truly surprised by just how his sweet conservative church loving girlfriend reacts?

There’s something relaxing about taking a seat, unless the seat is taking you, and pretty soon Beth may be forever losing her good girl values thanks to the mind numbing pleasure of more orgasms than she can count. It’s just what happens when you order a prank chair from Trance-tory.


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Ya’ Know

Ya' Know by Kris P. Kreme

Ya’ Know by Kris P. Kreme

Every boy in Jenny’s 12th Grade English Lit class is quick to agree that she’s the best looking teacher in school, and sure to inspire any boy to pay attention in class. Yet after a new late transfer student, Jamal, arrives, Jenny may soon be inspiring them to do a whole lot more.

On Monday Jamal arrives and is introduced, though he’s quickly embarrassed by having a bad speech habit of his pointed out by both the teacher, Jenny, and that teacher’s pet, top student, Amy.

It seems that Jamal is guilty of using ‘lazy phrases’ as Jenny called them last semester, interjecting the words ya’ know multiple times whenever he is speaking publicly. As Jenny puts it, everyone uses them from time to time, space fillers like um or like. But Jamal seriously does not like feeling ridiculed his first day, and the bitchy princess Amy and her goody goody teacher Jenny are soon going to pay.

Each day Jamal arrives to English Lit with special plans, and each day his plans unfold slowly through the use of his ‘lazy phrase’ changing more than just the attitudes of Jenny and her students.

But will anyone think anything of just what has become commonplace during class time by the time Friday rolls around? Will Jenny be bringing all new meaning to the phrase pop quiz? Will Amy go from top of her class to bottom of morality?

Read this all new Readers Choice tale and you’ll surely find out the answer… Ya’ Know?


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Brain Drain Delivery

Brain Drain Delivery by Kris P. Kreme

Brain Drain Delivery by Kris P. Kreme

Alec Kent has always had a very healthy relationship with his daughter Zoey. Now that she’s away at college for the first time, he’s keeping in touch and making sure everything is good. But thanks in part to his own actions, she may soon end up being very very bad.

With her mother out of the picture for most of Zoey’s formative years, and just the two of them at home, both Alec and Zoey were quite the pair. They kidded and joked about everything, Zoey definitely getting her dad’s sense of humor.

However now that Zoey is at his old college all the way across the country, Alec is already anticipating the phone pranks they might play on each other. Chatting about how it is to be away from home, Zoey inspires Alec with an idea, one that unknowingly will lead to quite permanent consequences neither will be joking about.

Suggesting he send over some boxes of items from her room back home, some old books of his when he attended the same university, Alec just knows it’s the perfect way to help Zoey feel better being so far away. And Zoey is quite appreciative, even if she knows it will take some time to have anything shipped across the entire country.

Yet it’s when she puts an end to the sappy talk by playing one of her characteristic over the top jokes that has Alec thinking of some sorta payback. Kidding about an all night Frat party with a theme she has to get ready for, Zoey makes up the theme Bimbo Breeding, her typical little smile quite visible in her voice, Zoey getting Alec all bothered.

Still, Alec knows his daughter is just hiding the anxiety of being so far away and he definitely is going to send her some boxes of stuff to help her both inside and outside the classroom. Collecting some things from her room, adding in a number of books, Alec soon has three big file boxes ready to ship.

The only problem is the shipping. With boxes as big and heavy as these, it will either take forever to get there or cost a fortune to ship… at least he thinks until he sees a shipping option he has never heard of called Brain Drain Delivery.

According to the website, Brain Drain Delivery can deliver a big package no matter the tight budget, and they even offer free overnight shipping.

In disbelief at such promises, Alec is even more confused by the way things are worded, the shipping calculator making mention of determining how much of the receiver’s brain needs to be drained in order to ship for free.

Alec quickly figures out that this site clearly is some sort of elaborate joke, especially when the site offers totally free shipping on his three boxes if he uses the interactive sliders on the site to supposedly make adjustments to his daughter Zoey.

Figuring she is owed a little payback for the frat party joke on the phone, Alec decides to go ahead and use the sliders to print up these obviously fake shipping labels, then tell Zoey all about it.

But after snapping some pictures of the boxes with labels on them waiting to be picked up on his porch, Alec is surprised to find out that apparently Zoey has heard of Brain Drain before and sounds oddly freaked out about him even messing around with such things online.

Assuming she’s trying to turn the joke around, Alec hardly pays attention to the sounds of footsteps on the porch, to the man from the pink delivery truck picking up each box and scanning the labels.

Yet when each scanned label seems to somehow change how Zoey acts on the phone and what she says, is Alec going to discover that he unknowingly just made his smart young daughter into exactly the bimbo all the boys on campus are gonna love breeding? Or is it just another prank?

Readers Choice Month is delivered all over the world, but fortunately it doesn’t cost the minds of those closest to you… at least unless you use Brain Drain Delivery.


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Writer’s Blocked

Writer's Blocked by Kris P. Kreme

Writer’s Blocked by Kris P. Kreme

There can be nothing more frustrating to a writer who has the energy and motivation to write but simply can’t find the inspiration for what to write. It can truly drive a man crazy, but for one man, when his inspiration finally comes, even crazier things may happen to those who inspired him.

Known the world over as online erotica author Krass B. Krude, he isn’t known to his neighbors as such. A fairly quiet guy, he’s for years made his living by exploring the truly twisted and perverse, giving those fantasies life in his fun little sexually crazy tales. But on a day when he just can’t find the inspiration, even if the arousal is there, this struggling author is getting desperate for some sort of idea.

For a story to be a Krass B. Krude tale, it has to have a twist, a hook, something that lures the readers in and of course a sinfully cute lead character never hurts. For the man known as Krass, he has to find some inspiration if his day of planned writing is ever going to go off well, and that is why he finds himself looking out the windows at his neighborhood.

Sometimes inspiration can come from those around him. Not long ago he’d been inspired by the son of a neighbor’s girlfriend when he caught her wearing a bikini top on a visit to his house. Unfortunately it had seemed that they broke up soon after that fun tale of the breast swelling bikini had been written. So now it really looks as though nothing will solve the writer’s block and it’s a shame too because the creative juices are flowing.

It’s when he notices the neighbors across the street sitting on their porch reading the newspaper that he realizes today must be one of those free newspaper days, where everyone gets one to try and spur more readership. Sure enough one on his porch has him assuming there is plenty of inspiration to be found among its pages.

However stepping out for the paper, greeting his neighbors across the way, inspiration comes as it most often does from the most unlikely sources. As they are talking, that neighbor’s beautiful young daughter pulls up, having been making trips of taking her stuff off to college, leaving home for the first time at eighteen.

Bella was always a beautiful sweet girl who had a smile for everyone and an innocent face that could melt the toughest guy’s heart. And when he sees her happily hopping out of her car wearing the pure white little summer dress and carrying a stuffed animal she mistakenly had packed and wants to put back in her room, writer’s block is cured.

Grinning, heading back inside right away to hit the keyboard before the ideas slip away, the next Krass B. Krude masterpiece is becoming reality. It’s a tale where for many years a demon was punished for being too weak when it came to cruelty, punished by being trapped within a stuffed little bunny.

The demon had watched Bella grow into a beautiful yet sadly innocent young woman, of age now and off to discover her own life, but not before he had some words with her. The demon that lived within Mr. Hoppy knew that a virgin sacrifice would be the way to most impress his peers and Bella was a sweet virgin, just not for long. He’d been a childhood toy, but childhood was over and it was time she become the toy for men everywhere.

It’s the beginning to a great story, truly twisted, one that will have the inspired innocence and beauty of Bella truly ruined in all sorts of perverse little supernatural ways. It was a common trait of Krass B. Krude’s writing, but what he never suspects is that as he is busy typing away the tale of the fictional Bella, across the street as she puts Mr. Hoppy away, fiction may just be merging with reality.

Will Krass B. Krude write another popular tale inspired by innocent encounters? Will young Bella decide to make sure every man in the neighborhood knows just how much she’ll miss them now that she’s going away to college? And will Mr. Hoppy show just what a depraved demon he can be?

It’s Readers Choice Month so find out in the latest mini-masterpiece by Krass B. Krude… er… Kris P. Kreme.


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SINtendo SlothFULL

SINtendo SlothFULL by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SlothFULL by Kris P. Kreme

Jake fully accepts that he’s a confirmed slacker, in every sense of the word. He’s the most easygoing generally lazy guy anyone could ever meet, content to take his morning nap, afternoon nap, basically finding new ways to nap and do nothing quite frequently.

It’s quite the opposite for his longtime best friend and roommate Nick, as well as their female roommate who just happens to be Nick’s girlfriend, Hannah. The two of them have been quite driven in their goals, going for Masters Degrees after graduation, where Jake has just been cool chilling around their place most days.

On a day like any other when Jake is trying to get his morning nap in, something clearly is disturbing the perfect happy life Nick and Hannah supposedly have together, their arguing really harshing the usually mellow attitude Jake has.

As their somewhat loud argument reaches a climax, Hannah kicks Nick from her room telling him to go study at the library on campus, that she’s gonna stay in her room all day, and Jake’s nap has officially been ended at least for the moment.

It’s a few minutes later, popping the cap of a soda, chilling out with Nick before he leaves to go study that Jake finds out what the big argument was all about.

As Nick puts it, the whole thing was just an overreaction Hannah had to some kinky roleplay he’d thought up to spice up their alone time. Hannah has never been too loose when it comes to having fun and Nick famously has always liked playing little kinky games, but this one apparently went too far it seems.

All because Nick wanted to play the burglar who broke in and killed Hannah, then had a little not so innocent fun with her dead body. Like he explains to Jake, it’s not like anything was real about it, and all she’d have to do is play dead and lay there. Since Hannah is such a high strung always demanding personality, the idea of her laying there and taking it is definitely a turn on.

Still Hannah freaked the hell out and now everything is ruined. It’s shortly after Nick heads off to the library that Jake is disturbed from yet another nap by someone hammering at their door. With Hannah refusing to leave her room, Jake reluctantly breaks with his code of truly doing nothing and goes to open the door.

Only nobody is there, only a little primitive looking handheld device leaning on the floor against the door frame. Picking up the little item, Jake quickly realizes it’s some sort of handheld gaming device, and it has a strangely amusing title considering he’d already been referred to as a sloth several times for being so lazy all the time.

SINtendo SlothFULL it seems is a game for adults only, one where the game player must re-energize the dead lifeless corpses of any woman they choose to play with. The woman will become sloths, and the goal is to fuck them FULL of life.

Jake’s oddly fascinated that such a primitive looking little handheld gaming device which looks as though it would have been made for kids actually printed out the word fuck on screen when explaining how the game works. But he’s a lot more surprised when he inadvertently pushes the start button and a wave of intensity flows throughout him, muscles tensing, energy flowing, and all desire for a nap vanishing.

What’s stranger is that he suddenly has the biggest erection he thinks he ever had, and with all this energy he might as well see what this SlothFULL game is all about. But things quickly take a bizarre twist when the little game behaves like a GPS device and locates the nearest available sloth, an icon blinking right about where Hannah would be studying in her room.

Just what will happen when Jake touches that blinking icon, and just where did the game come from? Most importantly, if Hannah drops dead, can Jake fight off his natural inclinations to do nothing all day and spend the day fucking life back into her beautiful dead body?

It’s an all new twisted game that has an equally twisted ending for Readers Choice Month. Remember not to spend the summer laying around doing nothing, otherwise you may just end up truly SlothFULL.


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Spring in Summer

A Spring in Summer by Kris P. Kreme

A Spring in Summer by Kris P. Kreme

Summer’s never been the typical college coed, at least according to her rather prissy and slutty friends, Nadine and Mindy.

The two of them were doing their best to get Summer out of the dorms, to get her to loosen up and have some fun, though they had only intended her to maybe go to a party or something, not get the three of them lost in the middle of the forest.

Summer has never had much interest in boys, even if as Nadine points out, plenty of boys would have an interest in her since she’s got a great body. She’s far too mature, too focused on the right things, and just too respectful of herself to spend her time worrying about guys. But just because she’s shy and prefers not to be around guys doesn’t mean Summer has no interests outside the dorm.

That’s why she has led Nadine and Mindy on a traveling trip upstate to a large forest preserve where they currently have been seeking out a natural spring to make camp near for the night.

Nadine and Mindy couldn’t be less interested in hiking, in fighting off the bugs or heat. They simply had encouraged Summer to get out of her shell, leave the dorm some and that’s just what all three of them have done, civilization far away, and most satisfying to Summer all those simpleminded college boys with one thing on their minds far away as well.

By the time the three finally come across the mystery spring in the middle of the forest, Nadine and Mindy are just ready to put up tents and climb inside, exhausted and frustrated by the trip they never wanted to go on But Summer is ready to enjoy a nice evening swim, and that is where an otherwise relaxing time in the woods may get a bit tense.

Entirely unaware of just what spring they have happened upon, Summer could never imagine that this is the very spring that serves as source water for Trance-tory Tap Water, the bottled water with the kick that is at least according to labels ‘guaranteed to get you tapped’.

It begins with tingly sensations as Summer is swimming, a drunken sensation as the spring water laps against her, an even more extreme disconnect with her surroundings as she drifts aimlessly and ultimately ends up on shore half dressed, seated on a rock slipping into sleep.

It’s Bobby and Cletus who find Summer the next morning, and as employees of the Trance-tory Tap Water processing facility down the old dirt road, they know exactly why she is the way she is.

Unfortunately for Summer, though fortunately for the both of them, she was directly exposed to Trance-tory Tap Water at the source, which is a powerful exposure, and now she needs to be processed.

But just what will this processing involve, and what will all of this mean for Summer’s future? Will she ever see Nadine and Mindy again? Will she find a new future in the processing plant for a most refreshing bottled water?

It’s summer, and nothing beats the heat like a good natural spring water. So grab one Readers and witness one shy coed forever changing as she gets A Spring in Summer.


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All Dolled Up

All Dolled Up by Kris P. Kreme

All Dolled Up by Kris P. Kreme

The month of July starts as most months do for Harris, with the landlord of the home he rents walking in and demanding rent. Though things are not always what they seem as the demands quickly get squashed by Harris’ fiancée Bethany.

Such things should be expected when Bethany’s dad just happens to be the landlord and that landlord Ryan is really just there for the monthly ritual of cooking a batch of bacon on the first.

Everything in life has been great for all of them since Harris met Bethany, the beautiful brunette daughter of his landlord who owns the home next door as well. In fact the only downside to their situation any of them could see probably has to do with Harris’ unfortunately immature roommate who still lives there even if Bethany has moved in.

Manny has never been the best guy for impressing Bethany’s parents, or really any parents, since Manny has no filter on what he says and spends most of his free time at a strip club place out on the coast.

Yet this month is different, Manny amused by something he just won’t spill the details on, making all sorts of seemingly lewd comments about Bethany getting all dolled up for the wedding in a number of months.

It isn’t until days later when Bethany has been bothered by all the comments of doll or getting dolled up that her fiancée Harris gets to the root of what has Manny so amused lately. And shortly after that is when he sits down and shows Bethany the rather weird advertisement sheet Manny found recently at that adult entertainment venue on the coast.

It’s a page advertising a brand new new top quality silicon sex doll, one of those dolls that looks so real it’s downright freaky. The problem is, this doll is called a Good Time Bethany Doll, and it happens to look exactly like Bethany, down to almost every detail.

It’s nothing Harris says, just a funny coincidence no one will remember in a few weeks or so, and even if it is remarkably bizarre it shouldn’t bother Bethany so much. Only that’s exactly what it does. Something about the ad sticks with her, the fact men are probably getting off to some sex doll that looks exactly like her, the fact that she is starting to feel more than a bit disturbed whenever she even hears the name of that doll.

As the days of July pass, Bethany keeps getting reminded of that sex doll, nearly every time Manny opens his mouth to make some crude or suggestive comment, and as she finds herself zoning out, feeling nearly numb to the realization of such a duplicate being out there, she also notices strange changes in her fiancée Harris, or more specifically in how he speaks to her, how he acts around her.

Is this all in her mind, or is something happening to forever change their relationship? Could any of it have to do with the Good Time Bethany Doll… or is it even within the realm of reality that she herself is somehow slowly becoming nothing more than a living sex doll?

The answers may ultimately lay at that place on the coast, the increasingly popular strip club and restaurant, the place only Manny has visited… a place called The Seamen Shack.


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Stressing the Point

Stressing the Point by Kris P. Kreme

Stressing the Point by Kris P. Kreme

The stress of college never dies, even in the summer, but a couple of college roommates may end up wishing they were dead after trying to play a prank on their uptight third roommate, Allison.

It’s Jodie who decides to screw around with Allison’s favorite stress balls one day while she’s in one of her summer classes. The redhead has always had a most pronounced hatred of Allison, mostly because of her intense attitude towards everything.

Where their brunette roommate Sasha would prefer to just let Allison live her life no matter how quirky and weird she can be, Jodie is determined to drive her away, to make Allison so upset she leaves and finds a new place to live with new people to annoy.

Hiding her stress balls is clearly the perfect way of doing such a thing, since they both know Allison has a fairly rigorous relaxation routine both morning before classes and when she gets home from classes.

It’s supposed to be some sort of hypnotic trance situation where Allison goes into her room, falls into her little trance listening to her therapy music, and crushes the hell out of her stress balls to remove all annoyances, all the little nuances of a tense day that otherwise can stick with her.

As Jodie puts it, she’s crazy, and what better way to get rid of the crazy roommate than driving her up the wall with no release from all that tension she apparently has all the time. With the stress balls hidden away in the forgotten cabinet above the fridge, today when Allison returns home she’ll have no method of stress relief, and that will push the poor girl over the edge, finally getting her to go off on her own or something.

Unfortunately it does push Allison over the edge as she practically goes nuts tearing the place apart looking for her stress balls later, much to the amusement of Jodie who is planning a special double date with her boyfriend, Sasha, and Sasha’s boyfriend chilling on the couch that evening.

While the two fairly slutty roommates get to having a some fairly frisky fun with their boyfriends, Jodie always quick to push Sasha into loosening up a bit too much, Allison is in her room steaming mad, angered by all the stress which is overwhelming her mind.

Yet when she ends up going ahead with her hypnotic relaxation ritual music, Allison quickly finds an unconscious substitute for her missing stress balls… and also unknowingly begins to cause permanent damage and pleasurable stretching to her own breasts in the process.

While the two more social roommates are getting downright kinky in their group activities in the living room, Allison is going beyond kinky with the freaky heavy sagging tits she is giving herself behind closed doors, and ultimately her stress induced stretching situation may collide with Jodie and Sasha’s in ways none of them ever could expect.

Waking from her relaxation exercise to see what she did to her once perky breasts, a new extreme of stress rises, and when the moans of pleasure reach Allison’s ears, she knows that Jodie and Sasha probably caused all of this.

Just what measures of revenge will Allison take in her clearly crazy state of mind? Just how will the evening progress for Jodie and Sasha? And is there such a thing as going too far when simply Stressing the Point?


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We’ve Got a Winner!

We've Got a Winner! by Kris P. Kreme

We’ve Got a Winner! by Kris P. Kreme

Jennifer isn’t all that surprised to hear someone at the front door a matter of minutes after her husband Liam has left. She’s busy cooking a pasta dinner with help from Liam’s son Nelson, and ever since they married some years back Liam made it a fun romantic habit to occasionally pop back in pretending to forget something just to have a moment at the door alone with her.

It’s silly and sweet, and Nelson simply thinks his dad is always forgetting something, but today when someone appears at the door, Jennifer isn’t so sure it’s Liam. For one, he’s never been quite gone so long, nearly ten minutes. It’s usually a short gap of time before he pops back pretending to forget something and greeting her with a kiss. And of course her hunch turns out to be correct as Nelson keeps watch in the kitchen and Jennifer is rather stunned to see two men she doesn’t know, one with a big bunch of balloons.

Stan Gibson and his cameraman holding the balloons, Jarrett McKane claim to be from a local movie studio called Fantastical Features, and as Stan enthusiastically tells Jennifer, “We’ve Got a Winner!”

Confused, Jennifer is told that they are randomly choosing homes and if the right person answers, they have won an exclusive chance to appear in their own scene of an upcoming motion picture.

Trying to politely decline, having no interest in whatever ridiculous scam these two are up to, Jennifer can’t get rid of the men before Stan wants to tell her exactly what she has won, though when he grins that fake happy grin and explains the scene Jennifer can partake in for their new Fantastical Features production, she definitely is caught speechless.

As Stan puts it, Jennifer is absolutely perfect for a special scene of her on her knees sucking his cock, following up with a quick titty fuck for cameraman Jarrett.

Shocked and horrified, not to mention very insulted, Jennifer is quick to try and push the men away, holding in her rage as much as she can. It’s creepy and weird enough that Stan is describing her as having large breasts in such crude terms, since obviously as anyone can see, she has fairly small breasts, incapable of the insulting scenario he describes. But it’s worse when Stan keeps right on further and further describing her in ways and positions no self respecting woman would ever be caught in.

However when the men refuse to leave the porch, Jennifer turns to call out for Nelson, figuring her stepson soon to be college athlete can take care of these two creeps with one hand behind his back. He’s clueless about her husband’s funny romantic games, but definitely not about how to tackle the shit out of losers like this.

But just as she is calling out, just as her temper has reached the final lit fuse of anger, that is when cameraman Jarrett presses the large red record button on his fancy movie camera. Almost instantly Jennifer is dropping to her knees begging for exactly what humiliating act she’d just heard narrated by Stan as the scene she won a chance to be in.

Yet as she’ll soon discover, the scene has changed, and will change even more once Nelson comes rushing out to the front door to make sure everything is alright. Just who are these two strangers insisting on offering door to door acting roles, and what will be the ultimate role Jennifer plays in her new life at the end of their short visit?

It’s lights, a very special camera, and plenty of action brought right to your door… it’s Readers Choice Month and the best entertainment might already be right there in your home.


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Flotation Devices

Flotation Devices by Kris P. Kreme

Flotation Devices by Kris P. Kreme

When Lydia and her daughter Becca board a sparsely occupied early morning flight a little late, they never imagine just how the man assigned a seat on their row will forever change their thoughts on airplane safety.

He’s clearly agitated as they arrive, arguing rather emphatically with one of the female flight attendants, seeming quite bothered by something. Damien as he introduces himself, explains that he’s on his way to Vegas for a conference of like minded associates. Lydia and Becca are simply passing through Vegas on their way home from an Academic Conference Becca attended across country.

Yet even with friendly greetings done, and with Becca soon falling fast asleep in her seat by the window, Damien is very much not over whatever he’d been discussing so bothered with the flight attendant.

Curious and figuring a slick looking businessman like Damien is bound to feel better talking about it, Lydia soon wishes she had gone on not knowing. As Damien points out, this is an older smaller plane and there just aren’t the safety measures there really should be. The seats for example can’t be used as flotation devices in case of water landing.

While a water landing on a flight to Vegas seems unlikely, what doesn’t is some rather severe upcoming turbulence as Damien insists he was told about. Turbulence can mean knocking passengers around and if the seats are hard and provide no padding they can in effect cause injury.

It’s after Damien mentions that Becca particularly seems susceptible to injury sleeping as she is doing, buckled in but still easily capable of smashing into the seat before her.

Bothered by the sheer convincing way Damien describes all the dangerous scenarios, just what will Lydia do when they just can’t manage to wake Becca up? Will she resort to things which moments before her flight would have seemed beyond ridiculous and inconceivable to try? Will Lydia be the best mother possible by ensuring her sleeping daughter’s safety on the flight, or will she unknowingly become the worst mother ever by freakishly enhancing her daughter’s built-in flotation devices all in the name of basic safety?

It’s Readers Choice Month, so let’s fly the friendly skies… the very friendly skies. Just remember that safety is sometimes anything but safe… and a mother can occasionally take watching out for her daughter way too far.


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Konversationally Fit

Konversationally Fit by Kris P. Kreme

Konversationally Fit by Kris P. Kreme

When a certain friendly doctor visits a local gym for the first time, he accidentally bumps into a lovely young woman named Jessica who’s digging around in her gym bag.

Quickly striking up a friendly conversation about the gym, this doctor informs Jessica that she may have a fairly serious medical issue which she should be aware of. Even though he tells Jessica he’s only a therapist, the news she might have something wrong with her is distressing and she wants to know more about it, appreciating his genuine seeming show of concern.

But could it really be possible that she’s too thin… or that being too thin she may have a rather aggressive protein deficiency?

He certainly seems convinced and he claims to have gone to medical school just like any other doctor. His friendly warnings though are quickly concerning Jessica and she’s feeling worse than ever about being so clueless to such clear visual signs that she may have such issues. After all she has always done everything she can to stay fit, but if she has been avoiding eating meat and exercised too much to burn off the needed nutrients, has she made herself unfit?

When the conversation turns to possible treatments Jessica can start immediately to turn things around, to gain just the right weight and solve all protein deficiencies while still remaining as fit as ever, how far will the always driven Jessica find herself going?

It’s Readers Choice Month, so remember to get that workout in between brand new Tales from the Kreme. You don’t just want to be fit… you want to be Konversationally Fit.


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Public Displays

Public Displays by Kris P. Kreme

Public Displays by Kris P. Kreme

Samantha is an investigative journalist working on a big story which may ultimately end up striking much closer to home than she planned.

Everyone knew that something very strange was happening when the prettiest Channel 7 news anchor seemingly went into heat at a local coffee shop one morning and soon was grunting as the more than friendly staff tried to add her own milk to the coffee.

It was clearly not just a sudden breakdown of stress, and for Samantha it was only the first of many incidents, each one happening in totally random public places, each one only affecting attractive women of certain ages. Whether it was the DMV office two towns over which left once innocent girls impossibly bloated from aggressive sex or other similar incidents at a doctor’s office waiting room and a school, something is definitely happening out there.

As far as Samantha can tell the only real pattern is the fact that all places were places open to the public, which is probably the main reason she is so concerned when her daughter Katie wants to get out of the house for a bit and go browse the local mall.

As Katie puts it though, the attacks or whatever they are have not happened near the mall and she’s her mother’s daughter, very much aware of her surroundings and who to avoid. She’s innocent but not stupid, and Samantha knows she can handle herself.

Yet even if Katie denies being a beautiful girl, anyone would be a fool not to notice a cute redhead out at the mall, and there are plenty of unsavory details Samantha has kept from her daughter.

Worried that there is just something she is missing, an obvious link between the seemingly random events, Samantha knows that in many cases what happened to the beautiful women of all ages seemed downright physically impossible. She also knows that no matter where or when, whoever is behind the cases of carnal chaos will strike again. Fortunately she is determined to get to the bottom of it and save further girls a depraved fate.

Yet when Katie notices something in an electronics store at the mall that clues her into a pattern her mother had totally missed about all the attack sites, will she even get the chance to call and warn her?

It’s a Readers Choice Month mystery. Someone, perhaps some nefarious group is out there causing chaos… and this is purely just the chaos of little more than smut. It’s all about Public Displays, but these are much more than mere displays of affection.


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Days Later… SINtendo DevilDOLL

Days Later... SINtendo DevilDOLL by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… SINtendo DevilDOLL by Kris P. Kreme

It seems like a lot longer ago that Kyle experienced the birthday shock and surprise of a lifetime, getting given a SINtendo Whee game system by his girlfriend Deanna. Yet it is only Days Later he finds himself still strangely horrified about just what it did to irreversibly change his relationship with both her and her teenage daughter Victoria.

Victoria had always been a cool kid, though now thanks to inadvertently becoming a pawn in a game called SINtendo DevilDOLL she literally is carrying his kid, and has seemingly embraced getting downright slutty at every moment with Kyle.

Shortly after she’d had the Devil fucked right out of her and woke back from her sex doll form, Victoria had seduced Kyle into doing doubly what was done to her to her mother. It only seemed fair of course, and so now with Deanna on quite unexpected maternity leave from her job, he’s spending a lot of time at her place, just trying to make peace with what all happened.

Kyle hasn’t even touched the SINtendo system since that day but it isn’t him who will start the next unfortunate game of SINtendo DevilDOLL, it’s none other than Victoria, the sexy smart high school senior who is ready to take drastic steps to protect her future as Valedictorian of the graduating class.

Naturally everyone at school would have had to be blind not to notice her sudden preggo belly upon returning to class after Halloween, but only one was smart enough and devious enough to wiggle the truth from Victoria. That girl is Bree, the cruel but sexy blonde who happens to be both the smartest girl in school besides Victoria, and the principal’s daughter.

When Bree threatened to go to her mother the Principal with the truth behind some older guy knocking up the class valedictorian, Victoria knew the time for games was over.

But poor Kyle definitely isn’t prepared when he hears the familiar game music from the living room and rushes in just in time to witness Bree forever changing into a blank eyed lifeless sex doll as the latest pawn in SINtendo DevilDOLL.

The game options are obvious, written right on the screen, the DevilDOLL has taken a life, but more than that. It has taken the entire existence of that life, meaning that outside of Victoria and Kyle who saw Bree transform, no one on earth remembers her ever existing.

He has no choice but to once again fuck the Devil right out of another sexy teenage girl… or does he? It’s Days Later.. but this may be the one SINtendo game no one can see the ending of, least of all the man forced into playing it.

Readers Choice Month ends with yet another all new SINtendo tale, where the games often get dirty and not every game ends with a winner. The only winner this time, may be you, readers.


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The Grab Bag #29 – He’ll Talk your Bra Off & Lewis the Lecherous Lawnmower

The Grab Bag #29 - He’ll Talk your Bra Off & Lewis the Lecherous Lawnmower by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #29 – He’ll Talk your Bra Off & Lewis the Lecherous Lawnmower by Kris P. Kreme

Summer time, time for taking a trip and keeping the lawn under control. Just be careful about the friendly talkative stranger you sit beside on any trips, because if you’re young and pretty, his talking could be truly mind numbing. And never disrespect the boy that keeps the lawn under control, because he might control a whole lot more about your family.

This Grab Bag includes:

He’ll Talk your Bra Off: Katie was just traveling home for the summer, out west attending college, looking forward to seeing the sights during the long bus ride. A fellow traveler named Roger with a bad habit of talking too much might just ensure that everyone sees a lot more of Katie than she sees of the sights.

Lewis the Lecherous Lawnmower: Lewis was granted all the power of Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun, granting wishes in only the most twisted perverse way. Typically he avoids conversations where the phrase “I wish” might come up, but after the Sanders family lets him go from mowing their expansive lawn, Lewis chooses to say goodbye with a special performance, one they may “wish” they’d been able to avoid.


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Rubbing More than the Lamp

Rubbing More than the Lamp by Kris P. Kreme

Rubbing More than the Lamp by Kris P. Kreme

Greg’s a typical loner of a college student, spending most of his summers and spare time at home, but it isn’t as though he has no interests… only that those interests happen to be a somewhat forbidden fascination with a petite Asian named Courtney.

The fascination wouldn’t be forbidden if his dad, a curator for a locally based traveling cultural world history museum hadn’t lucked into marrying Courtney a few years earlier. She’s everything a man or boy could want, even if she is rather prohibitively shy and reserved.

Courtney’s shyness has only made things worse for Greg over recent years, too shy to go to a gym and enjoy her passion for constant working out and exercise. Instead she spends much of her days down in their home gym, obsessively trying to stay trim and maintaining the most flawless figure Greg can remember.

But a decent guy, Greg would never let on about his admitted crush, and the fascination of catching himself watching her during the workouts. He may be as frustrated as ever but he’s not going to let it get to him, and that’s what begins the craziest week ever in their happy home.

Since his father frequently has to go out of town to wherever the traveling world cultural museum is headed next, setting up featured items, making sure all goes smoothly, it’s not unusual for Greg and Courtney to be left behind. What is a bit unusual is for a new museum acquisition to arrive by parcel barely after Greg’s dad has left town.

It’s a curiosity of checking out what ancient relic arrived for his dad to look over and incorporate into future exhibitions of the museum that offers the perfect solution to Greg’s problems.

Frustrated and horny, and Courtney too shy to even understand how she only makes it worse for him, Greg goes and decides to open up the box which reveals an antique oil lamp.

It’s a good distraction, a way to keep his thoughts and fascinations in check, but when Greg inadvertently rubs the lamp, everything he ever believed possible is about to change.

In a puff of smoke, just like the old stories and movies, a huge apparition of a face informs him that he has just been granted three wishes. It’s the solution to his problems if he isn’t hallucinating, so Greg wishes he could be a big success and popular with women.

However just like the plots of the fiction he has read or seen on late night television, the wishes seem to have a knack for getting twisted and he is immediately granted a somewhat massive cock that spews nearly a gallon of cum each time he climaxes.

Massively hard and to the point of immediate suffering, Greg wishes he had someone around to test the new equipment on whenever he liked… and at that moment down in the home gym exercising, Courtney starts to get more and more aroused every passing second.

Shyness taking second place to a growing desperation, it isn’t long before Greg has everything he ever fantasized about, Courtney nearly attacking like a wild animal in heat… yet thanks to the wishes, when Greg cums, he instantly ruins her flat tummy.

And so begins a cycle during the week of carnal chaotic coupling and obsessive efforts to flatten and tone back up for Courtney.. yet there are more wishes to be had before life at home reaches an all new normal.

Will Courtney end up shaped more like the exercise ball she frequently uses? Will Greg get too much of what he secretly always wanted? Just what will his dad come home to find his young Asian wife doing and how will he respond?

It’s all about working out problems for this blended family, and the solutions are more enjoyable than they could wish for, as long as they keep Rubbing More than the Lamp.


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In Sanity

In Sanity by Kris P. Kreme

In Sanity by Kris P. Kreme

A Klassic Kreme tale explores the shared story from an all powerful being that has largely been screwing around with the minds of humans for eons, and he’s never tired of the amusement.

In an alternate realm, one called sanity, this being has existed longer than most humans can understand, and his kind has been creating chaos again and again, influencing human development and civilizations in ways we could never imagine, all for little more than a laugh or two.

Today he’s sharing both a recent experience and a warning. There are those unlike him who hold no interest in humanity anymore, those we should be concerned about… but this is his tale, and he has always had a particular fascination with the human female.

So on a recent visit to our mortal world, he stopped by an utterly ordinary suburban supermarket. Outside some girls were washing cars for charity, inside individuals, couples, even families were going about their ordinary everyday lives, never suspecting that ordinary was about to get downright insane, thanks to a godlike being from the realm of sanity.

Whether it’s the truly ‘udderly’ ridiculous fate of those car wash girls outside, or the new meaning to ‘family friendly’ shopping inside, it’s a day where plenty of random strangers will have an unknown and unnoticed encounter with a playful powerful being whose very thoughts and whims can change everything about their lives.

Checking the melons for freshness in the produce was never so enjoyable, solving blended family dilemmas was never so thrilling, and a little friendly competition among twin sisters was never so unfriendly. They’ll be grunting cavemen searching the aisles, talking babies, and plenty of laughs before the tale is told, but of course, there’s a lesson to be learned, a reason for this powerful creature from an alternate realm to share the story with us mortals.

Find out everything and more in an all new Klassic from the Kreme, find out In Sanity.


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SINtendo Social Stats

SINtendo Social Stats by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Social Stats by Kris P. Kreme

Hank and Reese are old friends and longtime gaming buddies, each now seniors in high school, but neither has really achieved the social status they may have once dreamed about.

While enjoying a gaming session at Reese’ house, they both have time to reflect on the reality never quite living up to the fantasy. The perfect example is Stefanie, Hank’s girlfriend, and the one girl they both used to fantasize about constantly in high school, until Reese’ dad went and ruined his own chances with her by marrying her mother last year.

Now Reese lives under the same roof as a gorgeous petite brunette every guy would kill to date and his best buddy lucked out and got to date her But as Hank points out, the reality is nothing like the fantasy, Stefanie being more of a cartoon princess, great to look at but nothing remotely adult in nature on any of their dates.

As a relatively unintended stepbrother, Reese can definitely relate to the frustration, and he knows a lot more about Stefanie these days, thanks to living under the same roof. She’s obsessed with several things, most notably documenting and posting photos of nearly every moment throughout her day, her online social profile easily the most important thing besides always looking flawless and perfect, which admittedly she doesn’t have to try hard to do.

They both agree though that Stefanie is great, not a bitch, not a horrible attention whore, truly perfect in all ways, but sadly for Hank not in the ways to boost his own social stats.

Constantly getting social stat updates from every picture Stefanie posts of herself, Hank can’t help but fantasize about the life with Stefanie both buddies had once imagined and competed for, and Reese doesn’t really care who his dad married, even if he knows it means he just keeps his thoughts in his head. But when Reese gets a message on his own phone from an online gaming buddy who in the past has offered him the hook up on cool gaming patches and download content, he finds his mind turning to an unbelievable opportunity.

According to the message, he can use the all new SOCIAL STATS application to finally get the social status they always dreamed of. It works simple enough, just take a photo or use a photo and post it online with whatever headline or status tag you can imagine. The exclusive proprietary artificial intelligence will then expertly modify the picture to fit your imagined headline and status update.

Not quite sure he follows what Reese is concocting in his horny perv mind, Hank doesn’t see the point until Reese points out the examples of using the App.

Anything, any picture, the most ordinary in the world can be modified to fit whatever status or headline they could create. In the example shown, the first photo is just a stock photo of some cheerleader, then the headline post and status tag of ‘met the hottest most aggressive kisser ever. #CHEERKISS. In the next example the same photo has been incredibly well manipulated to show the same cheerleader now grinning and slobbering a passionate kiss onto some random guy.

After some beer and some planning, both Hank and Reese have a downright devious little plan, one that if it works out will change Hank’s social status forever and give Reese a little thrill in the process.

Since Stefanie already sends out a stream of photos throughout every activity during the day, the next night during a planned date of dinner and a movie with Hank, Reese will use the photos she constantly sends out to her social followers and apply the SOCIAL STATS App filters to them, giving each photo a particularly kinky or warped perverted twist of a headline and status update.

The ultimate goal is entertainment, seeing just what this proprietary AI does to alter Stafanie’s look in the photos, something both guys can keep and enjoy. And since Hank knows Stefanie has always been obsessed with her body, obsessed with being a good girl, and generally been flawless in all ways, he’s more than willing to let his more pervy buddy Reese create the headlines and status updates to ensure that the AI will alter Stefanie’s pics in freakish depraved and lusty ways.

So a plan is set, but like any good plan, everything is about to go wrong. First of all when the next day at work for Hank drags on and means staying late to get some mindless tasks done, he has to inform Stefanie that he won’t be able to make their date.

Unfortunately he doesn’t tell Reese who assumes the plan is still a go and is only waiting on Stefanie’s stream of pictures to begin the night of Social Stats App fun. Disappointed and sad, having found the perfect new dress for their dinner date and movie, Stefanie is rescued unknown to either Hank or Reese by Victor, Reese’ dad who just dropped her mother off at the airport and has the whole night free.

So when Stefanie and her new stepfather, Victor, head on the already planned date, her first posted photo of the evening begins Reese’ copying of those photos with all new kinky twisted headlines and updates.

But something nobody knows is that SOCIAL STATS is an App from a very influential gaming company with a predilection for perversity in all new extremes. Each depraved little status post Reese makes does a lot more than merely alter the photos he uses… it happens to simultaneously alter the girl in those photos as well.

Will Victor be prepared for what his wife’s daughter becomes, how she behaves? Will Reese realize just what he is doing to the sweet virginal good girl under his own roof? Is Hank going to end up getting the girl he and Reese always fantasized about… even if she has been thoroughly used by the time he gets her?

Find out in the spectacular 50th Kustom Kreme Single, a new dimension of SINtendo gaming and an all new extreme for Social Stats everywhere. You can play the game of social networking, but in the end only one name rises to the top… and that name is SINtendo.


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Selfies from Kastle Kreme #29 – A Calculated Risk & One Giant Leap

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #29 - A Calculated Risk & One Giant Leap by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #29 – A Calculated Risk & One Giant Leap by Kris P. Kreme

The summer days are still heating things up, so it’s time to take some chances. The risks are definitely worth the rewards in the first Selfies selection this month, and the second one is just out of this world with big big Kreme kraziness.

This Selfies includes:

A Calculated Risk: Jake is ready to have kids; unfortunately Mindy isn’t. She’s a young accountant soon to get her own office. While Jake’s buddy Brian is a perv, he does make a point. If Jake wants to keep Mindy around, he needs to support her choices. A calculator is how it all begins, but before long an innocent gift leaves Mindy thinking a lot about getting saturated with something more enjoyable than numbers.

One Giant Leap: Three explorers, one giant planet, endless unleashed passion and needs; it all adds up to one thing. In space no one can hear you Kreme. Thrill as mystery unfolds in a landscape of epic scale. Witness as something unseen changes the crew, driving them from educated explorers to animal passion. This is one small step for Readers’ Choice Tales but One Giant Leap for readers of the Kreme.


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The Lost Kreme #8: Remote Possibilities: King of the Boob Tube

The Lost Kreme #8: Remote Possibilities: King of the Boob Tube by Kris P. Kreme

The Lost Kreme #8: Remote Possibilities: King of the Boob Tube by Kris P. Kreme

In the King household, no man was ever really king, a home under the control of the women who lived there, but thanks to the arrival of a very special new product ripe for testing, and an incredibly bored teenage boy, everything may just change for the better.

Lawrence King was a modern scientist, not mad, but equally as zany and off the wall with how he kept his home office. His son Casey was rarely let into the windowless room but on a day when it seems destined to be another dull example of why life sucks sometimes, Casey finds a package for his dad on the doorstep, and even though his dad explains that it’s a top secret prototype from where he works, one Lawrence has been selected to test the functionality of, Casey only sees a pretty standard remote control.

When a call comes in that the entire technology division has been shut down by a glitch in the system and Lawrence needs to head into work for a couple of hours, opportunity strikes to finally change the balance of power in the house. It may just be a remote control, Casey figures, but with his annoying stepsister Willow watching her stupid sappy recorded teen drama shows on television, the remote offers him the perfect power to literally ruin her fun.

It isn’t like the stuck up cheerleader hasn’t ruined his fun plenty of times, insisting on always getting her way, never letting him play his video games when he wants to, occupying the television with truly mind numbing ridiculous dramas. After realizing this universal remote works simply by pointing it and pressing select to choose what it will control, Casey enjoys the frustrated rants as he selects the TV and turns it off in the middle of Willow mindlessly watching it.

But he’s never prepared for what happens during her angry rant when he points the remote at Willow, pressing select. Just like any other lighting or electronic device, the remote actually recognizes female subject – Willow as something it can control. So after pressing mute and laughing as the angry cheerleader keeps silently shouting at him, unaware of anything, Casey has an all new set of options for where his day can go.

Just what will happen when Casey gives in to temptation, using the tint option on the remote to change Willow’s hair color, and is it possible to alter more features of her? How far will Casey take the addictive fun of having a remote that lets him truly be king of much more than the boob tube? And finally what will Lawrence King say or do when he comes home to find his prototype piece of technology not in his private lab of an office?

It’s a Kreme tale lost between the couch cushions of time, but now everyone can get lost in the power of a remote control that really turns on the heat.


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The Grab Bag #30 – SINtendo Whee YOO & SINtendo DLS

The Grab Bag #30 - SINtendo Whee YOO & SINtendo DLS by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #30 – SINtendo Whee YOO & SINtendo DLS by Kris P. Kreme

As Summer ends and Fall begins, it’s time to play some last minute games. What better company to assist in those games than SINtendo with a double dose Grab Bag during SINtendo September? First up, it’s a serious warning of a tale, sharing the dangers of playing SINtendo Whee YOO. Then discover the real meaning of the D in DLS… and it’s not Downloadable, though plenty of loads might be involved.

This Grab Bag includes:

SINtendo Whee YOO: Kyle has the new SINtendo Whee Yoo, an adult gaming system like no other. Together with gaming girl Kelly, Kyle begins a game of YOO-miliated, a simple game where you snap pics of real people to use as characters. The twist, what they see is real, and they chose a couple of popular sexy classmates. Playing with others gets a new meaning, and with humiliation as a goal, gaming gets graphic.

SINtendo DLS: Terrified not just of making a bad impression, Nate is scared of his girlfriend, Miranda’s father. The man gives good reason as a hard nosed cop. However, after Miranda clicks on what she believes is downloadable content sent to Nate while he’s getting cleaned up to leave, she might just find herself more interested in getting her nose in a hard cock than anything remotely law abiding.


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SINtendo Virtual Vixen

SINtendo Virtual Vixen by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Virtual Vixen by Kris P. Kreme

It’s far too early for April, but as Madison’s best friend she isn’t a stranger to being nearly dragged out of her house and off to some seriously important location, said location and seriousness decided by the always impulsive and somewhat obsessed Madison.

This time though they end up in a mall two towns over, one neither have ever been to, and one that hardly anyone has shown up to as it literally just opened its doors. Their reason for being there, Madison explains, is that a very advanced virtual reality experience has been set up in the center of the mall, free for everyone to try a brand new immersive level of technology with any game or VR experience they can find.

Madison has always been into horror movies, and horror is her intended theme for this VR experience. As she explains to April, she’s always had a sort of kinky thrill at imagining herself as the victim in any number of horror movies. Not at all would she like to actually be hurt, killed, or in a real dangerous situation, but to get to step into those stereotypical teenage victims shoes would be the ultimate for any true horror fan her age.

Not seeing it, not understanding it, bothered at being dragged out of her house for a day trip to a mall she doesn’t know, April is confused. But as Madison explains, this Virtual Reality technology she intends to spend all day trying lets you experience any VR game or experience, anything that can be downloaded online, and she found the absolute perfect one, a horror victim experience called Virtual Victim.

Unfortunately for young excited Madison, she’s a little too excited when filling out the forms for this VR experience and the two men operating the equipment read her chosen VR experience as Virtual Vixen, which just so happens to be an actual downloadable VR experience from a company called SINtendo.

While one of the men is concerned because he swears they were told never to use this advanced immersive equipment with SINtendo VR files, the older man figures it was probably just some falling out the programmers had and it’s not worth ruining the experience Madison chose.

But just what is this Virtual Vixen experience, and will Madison realize she’s actually becoming a victim of her own excitement by experiencing the wrong reality? Will this virtual experience awaken a new reality of desires in both men operating the VR equipment? And what about April who’s bored waiting on Madison, never realizing what a victim she is becoming?

Find out as SINtendo September gets underway with ten brand new unique tales of gaming gone wrong.


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SINtendo STOP by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo STOP by Kris P. Kreme

Aiden Everette has never had it easy, and the one thing he used to have to carry him through the day was his regular lunch break out of a stuffy office in the fresh air of a nearby park. That was where he met Lillith five years back, and by sharp contrast, that was where he witnessed Lillith cheating on him just last month.

It wasn’t just that Lillith had cheated, but it was how and with who, the woman his age having been seemingly eager to triple stuff herself with several inner city boys who frequented the park basketball courts. She hadn’t even been that apologetic and so naturally the relationship had ended.

Unfortunately for Aiden, the memories and frustration never did, and so now he finds himself remembering how time stood still and how it always seems to do so in the most horrifying moments, how they never really leave you. If anything could have made what happened worse, it was Kacee, Lillith’s eighteen year old daughter who was apparently a younger version of her mother, openly laughing and mocking Aiden right out the door of that relationship, calling him a loser.

In ways, Aiden supposed he always was a loser, but on a particularly nice day in the park everything may turn out to be a win for finally putting things right with the world, and truly stopping the pity party Aiden has been living.

Discovering a strange little bracelet band like piece of technology, similar to a fitness band, Aiden is reminded of those smart watches he has seen others wear. Curiously though when he reads the tiny print on the inside of the band, he is shocked to read the words SINtendo STOP, Prototype Gaming Bracelet.

Aiden remembers back in college hearing something of a company called SINtendo, an adult gaming company that reportedly rearranged reality to fit the perverted games they created.

Confused, but intrigued, Aiden figures out how this prototype gaming bracelet works, and it seems basic enough Supposedly once worn, the user simply has to press a button on the band and shout the word STOP whenever an available game pawn is nearby. The pawn to his game will then be frozen in that moment of time for one hour and he has that hour to rack up as many humiliation points as possible by doing anything and everything possible to his frozen game pawn.

Almost as though fate has set him in just the right place at just the right time, Aiden overhears a very familiar and horrifying voice talking loudly on her cell phone nearby, and while it isn’t Lillith, it’s equally as perfect a candidate to see just what this device does, if anything.

Kacee, it seems, is being picked up in the park near the basketball courts in an hour, and the arrogant teen with the attitude is about to have a real STOP put to that attitude when Aiden confronts her.

Giving her every chance not to be a total bitch, Kacee seals her fate and Aiden finally gets to put a stop to something bad in his life. Amazingly the prototype device actually works and Kacee is completely frozen, but like a doll she can easily be positioned however he likes.

An hour has begun, and Aiden already has a very fun plan in mind, a way of putting both the younger bitch and her cheating mother in their places once and for all, and it will all ultimately end up in the same spot where Aiden witnessed such shock and betrayal one month earlier.

Time will stand still for some kinky fun with a frozen human doll named Kacee in this all new Tale from the Kreme, but where did this prototype SINtendo device come from, and was it just chance that Aiden happened upon it? Find out in the story that reminds you to STOP and enjoy the good times.


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SINtendo Sore Loser

SINtendo Sore Loser by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Sore Loser by Kris P. Kreme

For Jake, Debra was a very mixed blessing and curse of a girlfriend. On the surface, she was perfect, a visually flawless curvy attractive woman with naturally red hair, who actually enjoyed playing video games with him.

The problem was, Debra always won, and worse still, she really had an arrogant way of celebrating those wins, usually with a little celebratory dance and endless fist pumps in the air as though to remind him just how big a loser at that moment he really was.

It’s been a sore spot to the point that Jake honestly has thought about just breaking up with her, to finally never have to see that bitchy attitude of hers when she not only defeats him but rubs his face in it with her mocking actions. At least it would be great to not see that fist pumping dance of hers again.

Fortunately Jake might have the ultimate solution to his troubles, something suggested by a buddy of his who hooked him up with a little universal cheat card he installed in his old game system’s manufacturer port.

Apparently at the push of a special series of buttons on his controller, this cheat card will activate and give him control over the opponent player on screen, ensuring a win no matter what.

Settling down for the game to end all his losses and finally not result in her fist pumping celebration, Jake is a bit unsure about Debra’s suggested wager, one where if she wins, he’ll call his gaming buddies and describe in detail how he got beat by a girl again, but if he wins she’ll be maid and cater to his gaming buddies every need next time they are over.

Still, there’s no losing this time, except for the fact that Debra is seriously quick on the buttons and has actually won the chosen boxing game by KO before he can even enter the cheat code to activate his control over her character.

Seriously pissed not only at losing but at Debra getting up to do her little arrogant bitchy dance of celebration, Jake enters the code anyway, and with one wiggle of his controller he realizes that somehow he doesn’t just have control over her character, but Debra herself.

Realizing he can actually move her around, can move her hands, Jake gives Debra a truly fist pumping celebration, one her body may not soon recover from, and that’s only the beginning of calming his anger.

Will this gaming couple take gaming to all new extremes thanks to a special cheat card made by a company called SINtendo? Will Debra still be catering to every need Jake’s gaming buddies have, and then some? Find out in the all new tale that reminds readers to always be a gracious winner, or you might just become a very Sore Loser.


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SINtendo SEEmen

SINtendo SEEmen by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SEEmen by Kris P. Kreme

Gorgeous Latina coed Sophia is definitely up for a week long cruise, but what she isn’t up for is the incessant reminder from her brother Manuel that this is a study cruise abroad, a class from their college taking a very refreshing cruise in the tropics to learn about seafaring on their own time, with a quiz on what all they learned upon reaching port on the last day.

Always the brainier rule book following sibling, Manuel is only trying to remind Sophia that she needs to download the App their professor told them about, an App called SeaMEN that allows them to type in any questions they have or any part of seafaring they may be unsure about and the App answers using facts and statistics from famous old seafaring men around the globe or throughout history.

Annoyed by the fact that Sophia is more concerned with sunning herself and showing off her curves and exotic appeal to just about everyone on board, Manuel is even more annoyed that his slacker sister hasn’t even downloaded the App yet, mostly bothered by the fact it will make him look even worse or have their parents berating him for not keeping her in line on the admittedly tempting free college cruise.

Focused more on making sure everyone notices the flawless curves, beautiful Latina skin tone, and brilliant soft dark hair she takes pride in, Sophia rolls her eyes to download the App, but holding her phone up to prove that now she has downloaded the App and Manuel can get off her case, it’s Manuel who stares in shock at the App she inadvertently just clicked to download to her phone.

As focused on doing right and studying hard as he is, even Manuel knows that an App called SEEmen is not the correct App, and definitely their required App is not made by SINtendo. Trying to warn her, asking her to lay the phone down, stop holding it as the little progress wheel finishes and the App has fully installed to her phone, Sophia assumes her uptight brother is just overreacting yet again.

Only then does Manuel refuse to even look at his sister, looking off the deck of the ship at the passing clouds in a big beautiful blue sky. He tells Sophia that now she’s done it… and there’s simply no undoing the horrible mistake she just made.

Manuel explains he can never look at her again, to which Sophia is just amused and saying that’s not gonna be a problem for her. Yet Manuel goes on to explain that the App she just mistakenly downloaded is a fate she can’t escape from anymore, especially on a cruise ship with half the passengers on board being men.

Trying to tell Sophia that SINtendo SEEmen is an App for extreme fetishes, she isn’t believing a word he says. She of course doesn’t believe that simply installing an App on her phone will make any man who sees her incapable of thinking of anything else until after they have thoroughly stuffed her full of semen.

Shaking his head, already worried about what his parents will say, Manuel heads off just as another student aggressively steps up and grabs Sophia, spinning her to him.

But Sophia is very quick to realize that Todd’s aggression is not mere college flirting and bold moves, moves she ordinarily wouldn’t mind all that much given how cute Todd is. Something clearly is on his mind that no boy, no matter how aggressive should have on their mind, particularly on a public deck of a cruise ship with plenty of others around.

But then at least half of those others witnessing Todd’s actions also are looking at Sophia with similar hungers, with similar obsessive thoughts, and this may be a cruise like nothing she ever imagined.

Just what will happen to Sophia over the course of their seven day educational cruise… and quite possibly how educated will she be by the time her parents are waiting at port for the cruise ship to return? Take a literal trip on the wild side and learn all about SINtendo SEEmen. It’s a truly well rounded education waiting to happen, and that’s no game.


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