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The Dude’s back and looking to dance

A Dance with the Dude by Kris P. Kreme

First he showed up and had fun with a wealthy family of Indian heritage, then their Asian neighbors. Well he’s back uniting the nations his own special twisted kind of way. Every mansion in one neighborhood has a Ukrainian flag at their gates to show support, except one, a luxurious home belonging to the Petrov …

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It’s a sure bet the Dude is back

All Thanks 2 the Better Dude by Kris P. Kreme

Living in a mansion near Sanjay and Lakshmi, Liu and Hana have a good life with their brilliant eighteen year old daughter Jasmine. But this Thanksgiving, an unexpected guest will shake up their plans for a family gathering. When an unexpected knock comes at the door, the Asian couple is shocked to meet a hulking …

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You can bet it’s time for Thanksgiving

The Better Dude by Kris P. Kreme

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Sanjay and Lakshmi have everything to be happy about. They’ve raised two college kids soon to visit home and nothing can change how perfect their romance is, can it? When a stranger shows up claiming to be the handyman they put out an ad for, something seems wrong. While Sanjay knows he …

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